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The death bringer

September 9, 2021
By keirond, Mangonui, Other
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keirond, Mangonui, Other
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The haphazard tower stretched up in front of us. We were about to go in when I noticed it was guarded by corrupted machines, elite bandits and mercenaries with bows and axes ready to chop down any stragglers that happened to come this far north. They were digging up a lot of metal and putting it outside in a haphazard pile. With A shock  I saw the rickety guns on both sides and the slowly revolving body and instantly I knew this was not a haphazard pile but a great big  machine it was called the…DEATHBRINGER!! We loaded our bows with our heavy headed arrows ready to hit its weak spots  which are the two guns and cooling-rods.  As we ran and hid in tall grass it let out a burst of steam. We slowly shot and reloaded and waited until it started to ignore us eventually it was destroyed. We then cleansed off the bandits and other machines and ascended the tower looking for clues on the mysterious woman that shared 99.78 percent of the DNA in my body: Who was she and why did the eclipse (the bandits) want to kill her?

We found a machine that can voice some recordings. We conferred about the machine: should we fix it or leave it? we agreed to fix it but when errand stepped up to the scanner it said: 

“if you try again you will be deported to the bottom thank you for your compliance”

 “damn” he replied 

he stepped down, I tried and it worked he expressed his gratitude mixed with annoyance  with a good nugen

 “you... how do you…? Ehh”

 As we listened we learned a lot that the machines were forced to go crazy... We started on a journey to the banuk home lands to investigate some strange stuff people were saying about machines and demons. The big death bringer had moved so it was a bit dangerous but we made it. but then the eclipse must have noticed the movement and had come to look he spotted us. He let out a shrill cry of surprise and the other eclipse came running towards us firing arrows and  bullets in our general direction. “Where did these reinforcements come from?” As we forged our way through the mass of bodies hacking and stabbing and firing arrows I noticed a glint on the ground under one of the bodies, I kicked away and saw an automated shell launcher. I picked it up and mowed down the eclipse when we made it through to a lake nearby. I saw where they had come from. A massive barge was moored 100 metres from shore with a fire bellow back mounted in the centre of the ship. I loaded a fire bomb into my sling and launched it then knocked a blunt arrow and launched the arrow at the bomb launching it further towards the barge BOOM! The barge exploded in slimy green goo. Blaze! We charged through the other growth to our next mission: The cut.

DISASTER! As we approached I noticed something new… A giant fire breathing dog?... nooo! A SCORCHER!!!! This creature is very scary, the friend I had brung long was saying his prayers and as we charged towards it firing arrows across the gloom of the cut waiting for the monster to be condemned to a pile of scrap and be free of all transgressions, he put the tip of his spear through his body finishing it off. We entered the abode of the banuk we noticed that the locals were not consoled with everything. We then noticed that they were performing a death ritual for three people but no bodies were visible… strange as the banuk where this was extremely strange.

As we talked, a merchant came up and said hello wondering whether we would buy his wares. He noticed we were outlanders. “Find some young banuk hunters by a thermo pool in the north hunting some machines and I’ll pay you handsomely”. When we arrived where he told us they were there, we noticed the banuk hunters watching their prey, it took a while but eventually they decided they could do it with some help. We talked about our enemies and strategies. When the sun set, we started hunting. The Snapmaws were hanging out with some thunder fish which would let out an electric charge when we got too close to them. We decided to jump from a height to a small but deep pool in the vicinity of the Snapmaws. Next we had to defeat a stalker. It took time and cost us many arrows but eventually it fell to the ground, dead. When we arrived back at the banuk in the cut we came back filled with parts of the machines which was all we needed but it came with a cost: My friend had been lost in the battle with the stalker, condemned to nothing but a memory. We gave the man the parts and in return he gave me a box. When I opened it Millions of little boxes spilled out on the floor. Each one was filled to the brim with money: metal shards. In the end I earned 1132 shards from those boxes and that was the end of that. I walked over to a inn because slee-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

When I awoke I screamed incoherently: stooping above me was my old friend, Ted, I still remember saving him from some watchers and striders. I grabbed for my spear not noticing who it was. As I lifted up the spear to impale him I noticed who it was and yelled  “ I Could have killed you!” Ted shut up his blithering and looked chastised at my retort. His reply was a mumble “sorry but...” I noticed he looked gutted and he mumbled something insensible. “What” he repeated what he had said to me “The deathbringer is rising, we need you to take it down!”I said I’d do it but that I would need some nora braves with me to take down the deathbringer, he corrected me “deathbringers” “ wait there's two??” “yep” “damn, ok as long as you get me braves I’ll be good and I will be able to clap them both”.

The next day I awoke to chanting: The Nora braves had arrived. As I went about collecting my stuff a knock sounded on my door. And Varl came in closely followed by his lieutenant gauline. “Anna, how are you?” “fine” we embraced “ right, we need a battle plan” as we decided the best way to deal with the 2 deathbringers ted sneaked in unnoticed and stole the map of the area of the battle. We organised the braves for battle and told them the plans but when varl went to get the map he came back and said it disappeared so we had to make do.

   When we set out to bring the death of the terrible machines I continuously heard Russells of some sort coming from behind so I activated the focus, GASP, we were being stalked by 2 vibrant green stalkers walking stealthily through the overgrowth. How had I not noticed them? I told everyone to get in a defensive position to stop the stalkers. The first stalker noticed our change and attacked but was impaled on varl’s (my best friend) spear. The next went to strike, it took 2 strikes before it fell screaming in pain. I dealt the last blow and it crumpled. We continued on. When we reached the edge of  devils blair we reorganised and went over the plan once again.

We advanced to the heart of devils blair and charged at the eclipse shouting our battle cries. We ran our razor sharp spears into their hearts and took them down. We were wondering where the deathbringers were when I saw ted on top of a building cackling like mad “I led you into a trap anna. Prepare to die!” He pulled a lever and the doors opened and 5 deathbringers crawled out and wreaked havoc on us throwing bodies up into the air we scrambled for cover. Then a fire and freeze bellowback appeared through the mist and ¾ of our braves were defeated by fire and ice. 

The last ¼ finally destroyed the 4 deathbringers and  the 2 bellowbacks. The remaining deathbringer had disappeared. Then… BOOM!! The wall  exploded and a giant machine stalked through: A souped up rockbreaker with some deathbringer parts! We cleared to a defensive line and it charged. We struck it many times with arrows and spears till it fell defeated onto the ground. We cheered and celebrated.

Later that day we found Ted cowering in a deathbringers crumpled structure. “Deal with him!” varl called “No I will interrogate him” I told him. Hours later Ted finally gave in and told us everything how he had visited a mountain to the east of the noras settlement and had talked with a metal devil called hadres and how he was promised a place in the new better world and how he had been put to torture until he finally agreed to help. He jerked suddenly and a voice that wasn't his poured out in a complex language until finally reaching english it was coarse and I was unable to understand at first then after some static it managed to speak

“You anna shall die a painful death if you even try to stop me” it called “just like earth is suffering I shall wipe the world anew and cleanse the humans off the planet”

To be continued...

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