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MARVEL'S WHAT IF... Zombies part 2 story re-written

September 16, 2021
By IanWR8CC, San Diego, California
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IanWR8CC, San Diego, California
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The battle of Wakanda was fought between the Avengers and the Wakandan allies. However, in this universe, the avengers were never there. All of earth’s mightiest heroes were left to Spider-Man, Black Panther, Antman's head and Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation. As they managed to escape Camp Lehigh and travel to Wakanda in hopes of transmitting the Mind Stone's power around the world. Thanos has contracted the virus and managed to gather the five other Infinity Stones. Our heroes are unwittingly bringing him the last one he needs to gain ultimate power. The Outrider, led by the black order, Proxima Midnight, all however have contracted the Quantum realm virus. They are outside the Golden City.

In the Quinjet, Parker, Lang, and T’Challa gasp at the myriads of Children of Thanos monsters. Along with scabious, bluer versions of the Outriders. More mindless than before, more bloodlust than before. The Outsiders obey simple commands given by Thanos, but now only a little more on the fringe. Yelps and screeches are heard from these single files of beasts clawing at Wakanda’s force field. With some of them dying in the process.

“Ebony Maw said, ‘If I were to reach our rendezvous on Titan with a time stone still attached to your vaguely irritating person, there would be judgment.’ He means Thanos would collect the stones from Earth in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum, after he was done collecting his stones outside the planet in the universe. Pre-bitten Thanos would know to look in New York since he was planning on punishing Ebony Maw,” the Watcher narrates. He is far in the cosmos. His shaded silhouette in the sky.

A week after Antman, Scott, and T'Challa leave camp Lehigh: Thanos detects 2 stones from his spaceship. In it, a hologram of the Earth displays the mind stone and the time stone on the map. The Mad Titan analyzes it and punches in the coordinates on his vessel’s control panel. 

Thanos steps from a red portal as he bends it with the lambent space stone. He sees Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian lying breathless, their gray skin now looking white. A contrast to the human dead flesh. Flesh Thanos observes. Tony Stark, Steven Strange, and Wong have all become zombies. Their skin is as blue as molten yogurt. Their skin is filled with fuzzy sea-green spores. Strange has the eye of Agamotto in his necklace, so Thomas grabs his remains by the leg. Hold it up high with his right hand. With his left, he picks up the necklace from Strange's chest and lashes the time stone away. He crushes it to break the golden artifact, leaving only the raw crystal. After dropping yet another body from his grand quest, he inserts another stone in his gauntlet.

Returning to his ship, he navigates to Camp Lehigh. The ship levitates just above the city. Out rains supreme, the Titan. He lands capturing one knee bent on the floor and the other up high. He could feel the Mind stone trace was here, but nothing was in sight. All was uninhabited and noise was barely perceptible. 

Thanos laughed, unperturbed, “Come out, Your savior is here. Do not hide in the shadows!” 

Thanos and the power stone smash through Camp Lehigh’s barriers. He continued to walks in the streets. A far in the distance, something peculiar catches his eyeshot. There were what seemed like people. Thanos uses the space stone to get a closer look, walking cautiously towards the people. He realized these people were not what they seem. The zombies started attacking him. The repetitious tries at closing their teeth and gingiva on his skin. He gushes with the power stones releasing energy blasts. He takes out acre by acre, the army of the undead. With the time stone he dices up zombie heads, using the green spell circles as frisbees. Green circles slice up the necks of dozens. With the reality stone, he sends the earth’s level crack inward, dripping the dead under the darkness below. Reality once again is altered to form a rock boulder staircase down to the ground. He re-configures the ground back to a structure with standability. He finds a decimated Zombie-Hulk running towards him. Thanos throws 7 stomach jabs and an uppercut right below the chin. He finishes the sparring match as he did before on The Statesman spacecraft in Infinity War. He swoops Hulk's body up and plunges it to the floor. He sees a furious pale Wanda Maximoff. They exchange energy blasts, floating earth cement and boulder stones. Zombie Wanda wraps her red energy onto Thanos like a burrito. She mounds rock on top of Thanos as he orders his ship, “Rain fire.”

The Sanctuary II fires down blue beams at Wanda on planet Earth. Scarlet Witch pulls him closer to her. Thanos aches in pain as she chomps down at his arm. She takes a full extensor digitorum chunk and pieces on the delts. One claw slash just below the right shoulder. When she finishes her feast, the Mad Titan once known as Thanos is now a yellow eyed, lipless, corpse. The corpse stands, looking down at Wanda feasting on his left arm. He uses the reality stone to plush her into red water. His aggression is still active. 

Even as a slave of my own body decaying, I am but an advancing projectile to sustain life and clean the Galaxies’ overpopulation, I still must find the last stone. He re-centers his mind so as to not be distracted from the unanticipated side trail of his new appearance.

Present Day: Thanos went back to planet Titan and there, he waited for his Black Order to return the mind stone to him. To his confusion, none of his members showed up. Thanos assumed that the heroes of earth might have killed his black order. But how could that be? They were just humans. His black order had some of the most powerful members in the universe. Thanos didn’t waste his time. He wields the gauntlet to teleport to Wakanda. The yellow eyed monster stands before his fellow zombie bodies scratching and pounding at the force field. None of their efforts succeeded though. Thanos understood now his Black Order's tardiness. It was because of this force field as impenetrable.

Our heroes set a hole on the tip of the force field to enter the Wakanda. To find shelter in Shuri’slab in Mount Bashenga. The five avengers walk into the trial  leading to the stairs. Mount Bashenga which is named after the first black panther millions of years ago. Where the meteorite hit 2 million years ago. The storage of Wakanda’s vibranium, and the operations chambers of the Wakandans is kept here. Where the Great Mound rests underneath the palace. A standing 14.5 feet tall statue of a panther roaring at you when you first set eyes on the summit. 

Black panther leads them to the base laboratory. It is neon purple blue glowing. In lines. The walls are silver from a coat of vibranium. In Shuris lab lays a Theatre size window for the sight of the miles of grassland below. The walls are outlined in fine details of black technology. The stairs spiral into the medical room, where Strange works on the Mind stone. The last hope of the avengers, encircle, banner as they talk about the process of sending the cure worldwide. 

Spiderman, Antman and black panther watched from the inside of the mountain seeing something drew closer. The gleaming of the light shine amplified. The brute stomped closer.

Strange urges with anxiety, “See if you guys can find a radio or something.”

Peter being a computer and chemistry nerd responds,“Lights are transverse waves. Light travels in straight lines. Unlike sound waves, light waves can travel through a vacuum or empty space. They do not need a substance to travel through, but they can travel through transparent and translucent substances.“

Strange, “Like a flashlight and a glass to admit it through. Does anyone have a flashlight?”

“I’ll get it. And oh, we’ll need a source of light.” Peter follows commands of his elders.

“Shuri had the vibranium cannon blasters in her lab. I should also join you to check to see he does not break anything,“ T'Challa follows

“Okay, '' Peter says, helping him walk.

Lang says, “We just need a headlight, Haha.” He floats down the stairs in search of Shuri's other lab.

In this other lab, Again the winding stairs. This time there is a large white emitting halo acting as a chandelier. On the exterior of the stairs are African artwork . Art seemingly influenced from American graffiti, traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean calligraphy and painting, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, manga comics, indigenous symbolism and lore, and design. However, in reality it is pure Wakandan because of the location. In the window wall are three blue rectangular beams lighting the ground. The floor is a white grid on a black tiling. Peter rummages through different technology.

“Shuri had a prototype unmanned Rocket to launch extraterrestrial exploration. For disease research. In space, she and her team focused on discovering different kinds of space radiation that alter living tissue. Vibranium medical equipment helps us develop ways to prevent damage to healthy tissue and repair damaged ones. Knowledge gained through space radiation research. It will contribute to understanding how radiation causes and cures cancer.”  T'Challa directs peter.

“Outside Nasa and spaceX?”

“Yes, we Wakandans feared the outside world.” 

T'Challa limbs to a white table carrying silver statues of what look like cherries glowing purple. He picks up a Vibranium blaster on the surface. He gestures to Peter, “The console is located on the instrument dashboard near the window.”

 Peter begins searching for the controls. When activated, the dossier is displayed. T’Challa leads Peter to a white table with a black microbots. This table sifts down into the floor, leaving a leather seat behind.  

Peter helps T’Challa in the seat. The vibranium powered VR capsule begins it’s boot up sequence, flowing pixels into the panoramically. Opening the door, Peter hands T’Challa the mind stone.

Outside the gates of the golden city, Thanos watches the ship launch into the Earth’s outer atmosphere. 

Once close enough to the radio satellite floating, surveilling the Earth, A robotic rover ejects from the belly of the rocket. It drives to the end of the nose of the rocket. From there, it bursts its jet, then finally it’s limb extends to the lens of the Satellite. In its claw is the yellow diamond of Vision’s ambience. A tool turns from his hand mechanically, and sprays a white gelatin on it. The container of the substance spells: GLUE. T’Challa surges the vibranium blaster onto the glass with the glues stone, sending the code to cure the Limbic systems of the earth's population. Since he must keep the surge going he will have to commit to the mission and remain in space.

T’Challa reestablishes his set course back to earth when he determines the cure has been passed down. He plans to remove the stone from the satellite after he sees the world is free from the virus. Buttons beep and turn as he commands the aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with two thrusters.

When T’Challa returns, he is confounded about how the zombies entered the force field and are wreaking havoc on his palace. Rocks, trees, bodies, and gravel flew everywhere. Thanos used the power stone to shoot energy lasers to the buildings.


He hears Scott over coms,” Hey get me outta here.”


“Where are you?” asks T’Challa


“Floating on level 35.”


T’Challa flies near the mountain where Scott thankfully left the premises before being eaten. Scott swooshes inside the plane.

Spiderman opens a door to an upper level, to jumpstart a wall crawl in order to obtain a perched eagle’s eye view. At the scene, he saw Thanos was infected. Thanos uses the reality stone for a hallucinogenic projection of himself pre bitten. He does so to trick Peter into conversing with him. 


Thanos tells Spiderman, “All I need is the mind stone and it’s in Wakanda somewhere.”


Peter laughs, saying that, “This is my only chance at saving all these people. It would mean using the mind stone. I can't just give it up, especially since you are not even a real person.”


Spiderman webs at a tall tree swinging with feet to kick Thanos below his midsection. The purple skull giant grabs Parker by the throat, choking him. His raw strength smashes him in the dirt. Peter suffocated and felt tenuous with his efforts to release himself. Peter turned his head, watching Thanos’ hallucination warp back into a brain-eating musculature. Zombies dragged themselves towards him. Thanos easily turned the tide against Spiderman. Thanos notices the levitating Scott, and Black Panther manual steering the aircraft. Thanos raises his hands and uses the time stone to freeze time. Or at least he tried to, but before he could T’Challa discharges his vibranium gauntlets and is assisted with the Cloak of levitation. He wrestles Thanos’ neck in an attempt to snap it. T'Challa, and the cloaks both use all their vigor to break Thanos’ cerebral vertebrae. The nerves of his spinal cord take on damage. The cerebral vertebrae loses alignment, or you can have a break that causes the bone to go through his skin. These bones are: the axis C1, the styloid process, the axis C2, the Stylomandibular ligament and the C3 vertebrae. ultimately ultimately it's these bones' fracture that ceases Thanos' life. 


As Thanos' body falls, all is in disbelief and silent. All but T'Challa whispering: “Wakanda forever.” T’Challa feels lactic acid cleanse his body as he becomes overridden with exhaustion. All around him bodies fall as the cure starts to spread. Those once bitten, now forever in the the ascendance of heaven or the ancestral plane.

The rest of the survivors on earth, in the decades to come rebuilt what they could after continuous strife in the zombie apocalypse.

Peter returned to Queens and visited the Sanctum Sanctorum. He spent months in a metal training retreat there. Studying whatever he could get his hands on. Soaking up information on dark magic, the cosmos, the multiverse, variants, nexus events, transportation, telekinesis, invisibility, astral projection, teleportation, temporal manipulation, demon summoning, relic or historical weapons. and the Ancient one’s philosophies. The books informed how to harness energy drawn from the multiverse to manipulate enchantments, How to use the sling rings to create orange halos for transportation. 

Spiderman becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. He floats in a meditative stance, his arms hosting numerous spells. His arms multiply.

Scott and T’Challa seek to restore the earth’s remains with the Wakandan reservoir of assets. They will provide shelter, money, materials, staff, vibranium to restore the earth’s housing, infrastructure, and hospitals.

T'Challa holds a press conference in the UN. Scott’s floating head stands next to him. A tie snugly fit onto his glass jar’s metal stand. T’Challa, recorded live in front of millions of reporters, announces the call to action for Wakanda’s Reconstruction Program. The US Agency for International Development (USAID), an independent agency responsible for providing programs such as the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Peace Corps, the Department of State, and the Department of Agriculture. In addition, the federal government pays a share of the funding for multilateral aid agencies, including the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, and African Development Bank. 

“We will be sharing our knowledge and resources of our work. We will work as an example of how we should treat one another. In times or crises we will help one another because we share one world. We must protect it. It is our responsibility to efficiently conserve our world. Wakanda is giving out Bilateral aid: a transfer of resources from one country’s government to another. Multilateral aid, Project aid, such as helping a school or a hospital. And charity organizations. We will work with the UN to build back the nations after such a devastating Quantum Virus outbreak.”

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