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To Be A Slave

January 15, 2013
By Sarah1517 GOLD, Vashon, Washington
Sarah1517 GOLD, Vashon, Washington
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Amanita never seemed to have her way in life: her brother was always the strong one, her sister the beautiful rose, while she was cast as the boyish, impatient young girl. So when the slave traders come to separate the family that has only just begun to come together as a whole, Amanita can't help but feel that she is not meant for the life that will accompany her at her new occupation: that of a slave. The young black girl will soon find that things are more than they appear on a plantation , that a broken promise could mean a broken limb, and that freedom is always within reach if you only have the courage to search for it.

Sarah R.

To Be A Slave

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