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As the Winds Blew Past

August 23, 2017
By Ayanman18, League City, Texas
Ayanman18, League City, Texas
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As The Wind Blew Past is the written narrative of past experiences of Isaac Cheatham, a free black captured and taken from his home and his family from Illinois. He was forced in to slavery in Louisiana at the age of just fourteen. He was too young to enjoy his freedom, and before he had the chance to, it was snatched away from him. Not one day, did he lose hope, although it was all he had left. He saw many terrible incidents on that plantation, but never once lost sight of the beauty of life. He soldiered on, through all kinds of misery and trauma, and he still believed that he would arrive on the other side as a free man. Even through the most difficult of times, he stayed resilient, and never broke. Contrary to what others thought of him, he was a thinker of the highest order. He brings in to detail, the culture of the South, the nature of man, and the beauty of life in his narrative. He had a feeling of child-like wonderment that forced him to constantly ask questions and think. Isaac Cheatham wrote his most memorable accounts of terror, unity, the beauty of freedom, and his encounters with the many colorful men and women he met there.


As the Winds Blew Past

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on Dec. 8 2019 at 2:19 pm
SheressofPower, Arverne, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Progress, not perfection

It’s very obvious that you put a lot of effort into this book. I love how you developed Isaac as an honest person who longs for freedom but sympathizes with those who are forced into the cycle of owning and buying slaves because of their birthplace. But although I like Isaacs narrative I wish there was mire dialogue. Keep up the good work!