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The Lost Cause of Events.

July 9, 2021
By FA_2507, Dubai, Other
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FA_2507, Dubai, Other
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One dark evening Antonio gets arrested by the Sherrif of Verde, right after getting engaged to his maiden Melissa. The Sherrif hasn't given him a reasonable cause for the reason of his sudden arrest on an auspicious day. Melissa was devastated as she looked at the Sherrif to take Antonio to the royal prison. Melissa begged her dad, King Chevalier, the monarch of Verde to release Antonio or even better, give an appropriate reason for his sudden arrest. The king stood, speechless as we watched the sight of the goldsmith disappear. Amongst all the hustle, a smirk donned on the governor's son, Achille. Perhaps, it was all a conspiracy.

Melissa didn't waste any time in requesting bail for Antonio. It was a situation of confusion, but Melissa was wise enough to take the matter into her hands despite leaving it to her father, the king, after the infamous rivalry between Antonio and her father. On the other hand, dried raisins and moldy bread were fed to Antonio when he was held hostage in prison. He knew his sudden arrest was a planned conspiracy between Achille and King Chevalier. Three days went by, and Melissa couldn't persuade a single lawyer in Verde. Desperate to bail Antonio, she consulted the sorcerer named Gabin who lived in the woods. 


 Gabin: "Welcome, the princess of Verde, Miss Melissa."

Melissa: "Gabin, I need your help. Can you-"

Gabin: "Cut it, Melissa. I know what you're here for and why you are here for too."

Melissa: "Well then please help me, I haven't heard about Antonio in three days. Father won't tell me how he is doing."

Gabin: "My dear, he is all well, very stable and-"

Melissa: (slams the table) "That's not what I want! I want you to come to court and speak up for him."

Gabin: "Relax, Melissa there's no need for me to advocate for him. Just go home and go to the prom arranged by your father."

Melissa: "What? My father arranged a prom? Why?" 

Gabin: "If I tell the truth, my dear, you won't see Antonio again."

Melissa: "Gabin, please tell me or advocate for Antonio. I am worried and confused about what to do."

Gabin: "Trust me, Melissa. Just go the way you came in. Everything happens for a reason. I can see your destiny what I am saying is for your good."


Melissa leaves with more confusion. Once she reaches the palace, she lays down to weep and eventually falls asleep. 

Melissa: "Amélie, don't tie the corset too tightly."

Amélie: "Madame, your outfit will be perfect if the corset is tight."

Melissa: "But I can barely breathe."

Amélie(zipping the corset tightly): "Done."

Melissa: "Thank you so much. Here are your 200 silver coins."

Amélie: "Thank you madame. I shall take your leave."

Queen Élise(knocking on the door): "Melissa darling, come out of your chamber. It's time for the prom."

Melissa: "I'm coming, mom."

Queen Élise: "Oh my, you do look gorgeous my little princess."

Melissa: "Mom, I need to know something, why has dad arranged a prom all of a sudden?"

Queen Élise: "I am not allowed to tell that, dear. Whatever it is it sure is a good surprise."

Melissa: "But mom-"

Queen Élise: "No buts or ifs. Just walk down the royal staircase."


The king, queen, and Melissa walk down the royal staircase donning their silk-velvet attires.


King Chevalier: "Behold the citizens of Verde. I am excited to announce my daughter's wedding with none other than my dear friend, the governor's son, Achille."


The crowd starts whispering as Melissa had already been engaged to Antonio in a public ceremony three days ago.


Melissa (whispering to her mom): "Mom, what is happening? I am already engaged to Antonio."

King Chevalier: "Along with this news of joy, I would like my friend, the governor, to make an important announcement."

Governor Blanche: "Good evening to the citizens of Verde. It is confirmed that goldsmith Antonio has been stealing from the royal treasury ever since he was in love with Maiden Melissa."


There was a moment of gossip and gasps between the crowds.


King Chevalier: "That was the reason for the sudden arrest of Antonio. I did this not only for my security but also for yours. Would you want a traitor to be the future King of Verde?"


The crowd starts shouting "NO" repeatedly. Tears rolled down Melissa's eyes as she knew this was nothing but a conspiracy between Achille, her father, and Governor Blanche.


Priest Wills: Achille and Melissa are officially engaged in the presence of the citizens of Verde.


Achille had always had feelings for Melissa. He was a part of this conspiracy as he was envious of Antonio, a goldsmith winning Melissa. Melissa, on the other hand, had always despised Achille for his arrogance, rudeness, and most importantly his threatening behavior.


Priest Wills: Your Highness, I request you to escort the couple to the sea for praying for the welling being of the couple.


They reached the Fortress of Good Will, a place that was once a church but now it was turned into a fort because of superstitions stating that the Fairy of The Good roamed there, bestowing and making any wish come true. They climbed to the highest point in the fort.


Queen Élise: "Melissa, are you okay?"

Melissa: "I can't- I can't breathe."


Melissa suddenly faints and falls into the water. Little did the royals know, it was all an act.

Melissa manages to take shelter in Gabin's home. She stays there incognito and leaves her family in desperation and sadness.


Meanwhile, in the royal prison, Antonio is constantly nagged by a malck by the name of Lazslo Roux. He happened to be a roommate more like a prison-mate. A malck is a person used by the higher officials to poison someone to death by just touching them.


Roux was hired by none other than Achille himself.


Roux: "Hey mate, listen up I can get you out of this cell in no time. You can resume your life."

Antonio: "I don't need your help Lazslo. I-"

Roux: " IT'S ROUX! And how long are you gonna stay in this pile of junk?"

Antonio: "Melissa will let me out. She'll give me justice. Yes, she will."

Roux(mumbles softly): "What a jerk! Doesn't even know that she jumped out of the Fort."

Antonio(grabs his collars): "What happened to Melissa?!"

Roux: "She jumped from the Goodwill. Wasn't able to breathe. Fell straight into the open arms of the sea."

Antonio: "Oh Jesus!"


Tears start traveling down Antonio's eyes. This incident just added more to his helplessness. But he doesn't let Roux observe his sadness.


Antonio: "Okay, I shall help you. I want to get out of here as soon as possible and find Melissa."

Roux(smirks): "What will you give me in return?"

Antonio(sighs with frustration): "Why are you so stingy? If you do someone some good, God will automatically bless you with-"

Roux(gets up and walks to the entrance of the cell): "We don't believe in God. Pirates don't believe in God. I ain't askin' you for gold, silver, or diamonds."

Antonio(follows him to the entrance): "Then what do you want?"

Roux(pins him to the wall): "Help me conquer the Black Swan and revenge the death of me by killing Mack Calabran."


Antonio stands in shock, unable to process what he said. He slowly falls to the ground. He feels the world swirling around him, it gets faster and faster. He could not breathe. He faints to the ground, dead.

What a good fabricator was Lazslo!

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