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Heaven's Memento-A

August 18, 2023
By kenichisasaki21, Kota, Other
kenichisasaki21, Kota, Other
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The tale takes place way before modernization when warfare was still in the form of sword clashes and the roar of chivalry. The mysterious events in the Arab nation of Eblistan and the intervening Talks of Britain and the imperial legion led to an event that gave mythical power to the beings of that world. Now as the middle east and European empires are in an uproar. Candidates from different lands step forward to defend their loved ones and their land from the certain outbreak of power and delve deep into the battlefield to find the truth behind their powers, their destiny, and their existence. Experience the history of the world from a different lens in a magic-filled fantasy 'Heaven's memento'


Heaven's Memento-A

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