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Dezriel and Jassie

November 6, 2013
By Shalibear, huntsville, Alabama
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Shalibear, Huntsville, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
-Edgar Allan Poe

Author's note: Supernatural gave us the idea of writing this. Offspring of Dean and offspring of Castiel.

Chapter One

I'm a Winchester. A demon hunter... I might even be the best one since my father and uncle: Sam and Dean Winchester.
My name's Jassie. I'm eighteen years old, and currently the only Winchester alive. I hunt demons, and I will for the rest of my life. I never had a choice to be different.. Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to do anything.. All I know how to do is track and hunt demons.
I've been trained since I was just a little girl.. At first, I learned what demons were. My father showed me at age seven, what a demon was. After that, I learned what kinds there were, and ways to kill them. Then came the tactics to staying hidden, and then tracking. Last came throwing knives, shooting shotguns, and creating my own bullets.
I guess you could say that I was made to be a demon hunter. Hell, I come from a long line of them. My father, who's mother was a hunter, who's father was a hunter, who's-
Anyways, my father and uncle had been the best at what they did, and they were known world-wide by angels and demons. They were the notirous "Winchester Brothers" who saved the world numerous times, and rised their lives saving others.
At only age twelve, I saw my whole world come crashing down before my eyes. I witnessed, from a cabinet under the sink, the only thing that would ever truly scar me for life.
That night, I remember my father getting me from my room and taking me downstairs and hiding me under the sink. He told me to stay in, no matter what, to keep the door closed, and to say nothing. He kissed me on the forehead one last time before saying "I love you" and closing me in the darkness.
That's the last time I saw my dad.
From peeking through the door of the wooden cabinet, I watched my life change before my eyes. I bit back cries as I watched my uncle get brutally murdered by a demon. Only seconds after that, I watched the strongest man in my life get torn to shreds in only seconds.
I fell to sleep, crying and clutching the stuffed moose Sam gave me. The morning after, the cabinet opened and arms pulled me out. My godfather, Bobby Singer, saved me from the slaughter house my home had turned into.
He took me to his own house. I fell asleep crying that night into his arms.
It took me a day or so to realize that I really was alone..
That I was the last Winchester.

Bobby took me under his wing and trained me further. He watched me train, telling me every now and then that I reminded him of Dean, my father. He said that I had the jackass mouth he had.

That was six years ago..
In six short years.. Alot has happened...

Age thirteen, I ran away from the home I had with Bobby. I heard him talking with one of his demon hunter buddies about how I had dangerous and bad things in store for me. And he had said things about my father I didn't like..
So yeah, I ran away I guess.

Chapter 2
My name is Dezriel, but my dad calls me Dezzie or Dez. I live Kansas with my Dad, who teaches me how to fight for some odd reason. I’m 16 and living the dream. I party a lot with my friends and love going to Rock and Screamo concerts. My friends think I’m weird and all because I have flawless skin and a tiny belly button. They think I’m unnatural. Yeah… Even my Dad tells me I’m not normal. He seems to use the word ‘supernatural’ a lot. It gets annoying sometimes.
So, right now I’m getting ready to leave for a concert from Falling in Reverse. I step into a warm shower and quickly wash myself and my hair. I step out of the shower minutes later and wrap a towel around my thin frame. I dry my hair with another towel and begin putting hair gel in my hair. I smile at my Adam Lambert flip and spike the back of my hair. I apply a thick line of eye liner and little mascara. I find a pair of ripped, black skinny jeans and one of my FIR tee with a hoodie to go with it. I grab my keys and run down the stairs, putting on my black vans.
“I’ll be back around midnight, Daddy!” I scream, running out the door. I check my wallet for my ticket and slide into my car. I hit the gas and head out to the highway. I crank my sound system to The Drug in Me Is You.
I get to the concert and step out into the cold. I can hear screaming fans all over the place. God, this is going to be so awesome. I run into the crowd and watch as Ronnie Radke steps up to his mic. I got here just in time. His seductive voice pours out of the amps, sweeping over the crowd. I begin jumping as the bass kicks in and the crowd roars in excitement.
“I heard a knock upon my door the other day. I opened it to find death staring in my face.” His voice swoons me, making me go further into the crowd and to the front stage. “The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates. Everywhere I go, I drag this coffin just in case.” The song goes by and another starts.
I walk away from the stage and to the bar. I pick up a beer and crack it open, taking a swig. I smile as I hear Not Good Enough for the Truth Cliché blast through the amps. I bob my head to the music until my head is buzzing from the bottles of beer I drank.
I walk backstage, taking my hoodie off so I could get it signed by Ronnie. My feet are mechanical as I see him step down from the stage. He smiles as he sees me coming towards him. It’s like he was expecting me. Well of course he was, you’re a fan who wants an autograph.
My feet reach his and stop, my vans touching the toes of his combat boots.
“Hi. Can I get your autograph on my hoodie?” I ask, holding it up to him. He smiles crookedly, reveling straight white teeth.
“Sure, anything for a pretty girl like you. What’s your name?” He voice is slow and seductive in my head.
“Dezriel, it doesn’t matter where you put it.” I smile at him and him my always handy sharpie. He signs it on the chest above his head and smiles wickedly back at me. My insides melt as he hands me my hoodie back, our hands touching. He doesn’t move his hand from mine; instead he strokes my wrist smoothly. Is he really doing this? He is, isn’t he?
“Thanks for signing it.”
“No problem. Like I said anything for a pretty girl like you.”
I don’t have time to doing anything before he grips my wrist in a breaking grip and, with quick movements, pulls my hair back in a ripping grab. What is he doing?! “What are you doing?” My voice is cracked by the sudden pain through my scalp of his grip on my hair.
“Don’t worry. You’ll be fun to work with.” He laughs wickedly. Work with? What is he talking about? He drags me away from the spot I was in.
“Where are you taking me?”
“You’ll be fine baby. Stop worrying. It’s getting annoying.” I try to jerk away, but couldn’t because his grip was too tight. He pulls me into a dark room. Oh no! Nonononono! I try to wrench away only to be push back onto a bed. No this can’t be happening! He lays his body weight on mine. He tears his hands under my shirt, ripping it over my head. I try to scoot away as he begins trying to tear my jeans off. I hear the door crash open and a female’s voice sneer.
“I’m crashing this party bitches!”

Chapter 3
So here we are, present day. As of right now I’m hunting down a male sex demon, otherwise known as an incubus. From the information I’ve gathered, the incubus has been targeting young teenagers and seducing them for sex at a local concert bar. From what I know, one band named Falling In Reverse, has been playing ever since. The teenagers who were seduced have all killed their family and friends for the lover they met at the concert. They all explained the man as their dream-boy, everything they ever wanted, and their life.
So what did I come up with as a demon to hunt? An incubus.
So my mission was to go to this concert for this band and find this particular incubus. So that’s exactly what I intend to do.
I first got a shower, hopefully banishing any and all trace of demon that I had on me. Once I got out, I put on a pair of acid-wash skinnies, a red band tank, combat boots and jewelry. I tamed my main of thick blonde hair and teased it slightly before applying make-up. I didn’t even think about leaving the house until I had holy water, the Colt, and a demon-knife safely with me.
I hop onto my Ducati and pulled the helmet over my head. I pushed the keys into the ignition and drive from the hotel to the concert.
I got there thirty minutes early. First thing I see? My main suspect, the vocalist. I could clearly see his eyes flash a deep purple when he flirted with fans of his. Obvious right? Some demons aren’t so bright.
I hop onto the bar counter and wait for the concert to end. I was accompanied by my left hand wrapped around a whiskey bottle. I sat and waited for my prey to come out and play.
After the concert ended, I watched a girl walk up to him and ask the vocalist for his autograph. I watched from afar as he pulled her hair and drug her off into a room. I followed silently behind, my combat boots falling silent against the hard-wood floor leading up to a dark mahogany door. Once I heard her screams, I busted in.
“I’m crashing this party, bitches!” I exclaim, strolling into the room calmly like I own the place. I’ve been in these kinds of situations plenty of times so I’m used to it. I smirk at the demon.
“Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in, the daughter of Dean himself.” He smirks and moves away from the girl. “How does it feel to be the last Winchester?” I ignore the comment and lock eyes with the frightened girl. I’ll save you, I think before my gaze moves away and narrowing my eyes at the demon.
“Unfortunately you’re going to be what the cat drags out.” With swift movements my hand shoots to my back and to gun the tucked in the back of my pants. I grab it in my hands and aim. “Asta La Vista, b****.” I squeeze the trigger, expecting him to scream as I shoot, but instead, I get a face full of hard wood. I hear tons of footsteps around me. The whole gaddamn band. Dammit. I assess the damage quickly. My head hurts, my lip is busted and my nose broken. Just great.
“You really thought that it was only me, you stupid girl? You’re really screwed, Winchester. Just like everyone else in your family.” S***! I really did screw up this time. I really slipped up. I should’ve known that the vocalist wasn’t the only incubus. It was the whole f*ing band. I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable.

Chapter 4

Winchester? Where do I know that name from? What’s happening? What are these things? I grab my shirt and slip into it, wincing as pain shoots through my now bruised wrists. I jump as Ronnie slams a wooden bar into the girl’s face. He did not just hit a girl! Sudden rage runs through my veins. My body moves like lightning, slamming my shoulder into his side like a football player.
“What the f***!
“He screams as he knocks into the wall. How did I just do that? That was amazing! I can hear the others growling viciously behind me. Suddenly arms wrap tightly around my waist and nails rip through my skin. I scream silently in pain. “NO!” The arms release the dying grip. I spin around, watching the guys fly back and slam against the wall like Ronnie did. My eyes widen as I watch it all happen.
“How did I do that?” I ask, looking over at the girl. “What did I just do?” She shakes her head and pulls out a long gleaming dagger. My eyes widen and I back up. “What are you going to do with that?” My voice wavers as she walks towards me.
“Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you.” She walks over to an unconscious Ronnie and raises the blade above her and plunges it into his skull. I gasp as blood spurts over her face. She smears it and wipes away the blood from her brow. I just watch her kill him, or am I just hallucinating? My blood freezes as she does the same to the others. A gust of wind enters the room and my Dad appears in the corner.
“Dad?” He turns and walks towards me. When he stands in front of me, he presses his first two fingers to my temple. “What are you doing?” Dad looks over at the girl and drops his fingers away from my temple.
“Jassie?” His voice is surprised as he walks over to her slowly.
“How do you know my name?” her voice is a growl. How does he know her?
“We’ve met before. You were a little girl. You and Dean had come to visit us. Do you not remember?” Her eyes widen at the sound of his name. Dean. Dean Winchester. Jassie shakes her head and looks down at the floor.
“You were almost ten years old and Dezriel was eight.” His voice sounds like it’s pleading her to remember something I can’t even remember. I just want to go home. I’m tired and confused. How did he get here and what are those things that had attacked. They’re not human for sure.
“I’m sorry, I don’t remember. I don’t like to think about anything past the age twelve.” She sighs and wipes the blood off the dagger. “I really should be going.”
Dad rushes up to her and grabs her arm. Then he has mine and puts his fingers to both of our temples. The next thing I know is that we’re sitting in the living room of my house. What? How did he do that?
“And we really should talk, too.” His voice is calm as he stands up and begins pacing the floor.
“Talk about what? How you did that? How you just transported us to your house? What are you? I know you’re not human. Are you a demon?” She stands and looks around, dagger tight in her hand.
“You’re not leaving until I say so. I knew your father better than anyone. Better than his own brother. I risk many lives to save him. We need to talk about what’s in the future.” Why Dad’s gone all military. This is a new side of him I didn’t know about.
“What do you mean what’s in the future?”

Chapter Five

Are you f*ing kidding me? This dude somehow teleports me to his damn house, claiming that he knew my father better than anyone. Seriously, this guy’s got to be bullshitting me.
“How the hell do you know my father? What are you? Why am I here, And… WHAT THE HELL?” I cross my arms and shoot daggers into this guy.
“You are just like your father, Jassie Winchester.” The man says, his eyes sparkling as they hit the light. This guy does somewhat look familiar… Whatever.
“And you look like Godzilla’s porn baby.” I remark, rolling my eyes and huffing. This is pissing me off. “Now if you don’t mind… I’ll just be leaving now.” I glare at the man once more before trying to make a break for the door.
“I wouldn’t do that.” He says, and suddenly the door is lit with fire. He looks at me, his eyes seeming to bore into my soul, seeing every bit and piece of me. My eyes lock with the girls and I raise my eyebrow at her. She seemed familiar too.
“Answer my f*ing questions you d*** head.” I sigh and lean against the wall.
The man sighs. “Stubborn as an ox. Just like Dean.” He looks at me again. “I knew your father because I saved him once.” He looks at his daughter. In that split second I can see a brick wall inside of him crumble, letting the sadness spill out. “I saved him from hell.”
His daughter and I gasp at the same time. “You saved him from hell? I thought that only-“
“Yes, only angels can do that.” He confirms my observations.

“Daddy, what are you talking about?” The girl asks, stepping a few feet away.
“Dezriel, there are a few things I haven’t told you… The supernatural world is real. I am an angel. I’m Castiel.” He says, wiping a tear away from his eye. Angels can cry? Wow.
My heart hammers against my chest at the name. “Castiel… Cast…” My eyes glaze over and my mind spins in circles.
He nods and walks up to me. He stares into my eyes. As he breathes, I can hear his breath grow ragged. He reaches out his hand and presses it to my forehead, sending me vaulting into a vision.

My uncle, Sam Winchester is standing like a wasted island in the corner of a room. My father, young and healthy, is tied down to a table. Man… I really do look like him don’t I? Lone, thin-framed, blonde and white-eyed smiles at Sam. She must be Lilith. Dad told me about her.
“I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you, Sam Winchester.” She smiles seductively at Sam and presses her lips to Sam’s. Sam’s face screams out pure disgust as the demon tries to kiss him.
A few minutes later she finally gives up on Sam and looks at Dean. She smirks evilly.
“You’re going to be puppy chow, Dean.” Her eyes are trained on my dad as she walks to a door nearest to her. “Sick'm, boys.” Her hand twists the nob of the door and slings it wide open. A gust of cold air, that I can also feel, spreads through the room as barking and growling erupts. My father is suddenly pulled off of the table and onto the cold hardwood floor as the hellhounds start to rip his leg to shreds.
“No! Stop!” Sam exclaims, his face pure terror as he watches his brother helplessly get torn to shreds.
My father’s chest is torn to nothing but red meat. Thick red blood bubbles from the gashes in his chest. Lilith raises her hand at Sam, her eyes turning white as a sea of light seems to come out of her hand.
Lilith disappears and Sam is left to mourn his fallen brother.
I look over at Castiel, who seems to be in as much pain as Sam is.
“Get me out of here you f*ing b****.” Tears spring to my eyes as I glare at him. He nods and presses his palm to my forehead again.
My eyes burn as they adjust to the light in the room.
I look up at Castiel, the tears stinging my eyes.
“You saved him… Thank you.” I whisper, my voice so soft and vulnerable I’m afraid that he doesn’t hear.
He nods and smiles weakly. “Your father taught me a lot about life. I became more mortal than I had ever expected. He taught me how to love, to laugh, and to have fun. I fell in love with your father.”
“Y-You what?” His daughter, Dezriel squeaks, her voice almost inaudible.
Castiel nods and sighs. “Jassie… Dezriel… You two are destined for great troubles. I have reasons to believe that you two are the variables in a time of darkness that soon awaits the earth. Dezriel…” He looks at his daughter. “You’re not safe here anymore. Demons have started targeting you. Jassie…” He says, training his depressed eyes on me. “Will you take care of my daughter? Keep her away from troubles. You, Jassie, are the greatest hope for humanity at the time. A demon hunter like you can almost save this world… And together, both of you can save it.”

Chapter 6

Holy S***! I did not know my Dad was gay at some point. That’s beside the point though. Apparently I’m not safe at my own house anymore and there’s such thing as angels and demons out there in the world. Dad says that the demons have already started targeting me, too. Well what the f*** am I going to do? I didn’t know about this stuff until now. I bet that’s why he made me learn karate and self-defense classes. Then he asks Jassie, a girl I faintly remember, faintly, to take care of me and keep me as far from troubles as possible. Does he think he can’t take care of me? Or that I can't take care of myself? And to top all that he says that we, Jassie and I, together, could save the world. CRAZY!

“How can we save the world when we’re just kids? What if I don’t want to leave here? Can you not protect me? Why have you never told me about this?” I shoot questions at him with a huff.

“I never wanted you to grow up into a life of knowing that the things under your bed are real and very dangerous. And you’re leaving tonight at midnight whether you like it or not. And, no I can’t protect you because it’s not safe for me to do it since I’m an angel. You’ll figure it out once you’re ready. Jassie and you are very valuable to the world.” He sighs and sits down in a chair, running his finger through his hair.

“How am I supposed to take care of her when she doesn’t know how to even hunt? She’ll just get in my way and get hurt.” Jassie sneers at him. Hunt? Does he want me to learn how to hunt demons?

“Teach her then. She’s a fast learner. She’ll be fine.” He stands up and stretches. “Dezriel go pack a duffle bag of clothes and stuff you’ll need. You won’t be back here. Ever. If you come back here, there’ll be consequences.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I sigh and walk upstairs to my room. When I get inside, I shut the door and look in my closet for my duffle bag. I pull out a brown leather bag with the initials D W stitched into the leather. Must stand for Dean Winchester. I pack five pairs of jeans and t-shirts, packing my favorite hoodie and black leather jacket with them. I stuff my journal and sketch pad inside a backpack, zipping up the bags and walking back downstairs with them.

Jassie and my Dad are sitting down at a table across from each other talking about demon hunts. They turn when they see me and stand up. Dad walks over to me and envelopes me in a tight hug. “I’ll miss you, Dezzie. Be careful and pay attention to your surroundings. I’m going to get you some angel blades in case you run into some angels who might target you.” He lets me go and opens a closet door, pulling out a bulky bag. “These are all useful weapons I want you and Jassie to use.”

I nod and take the bag from him and walk over to Jassie. “I’m sorry you’ll have to put up with me. I’ll try to stay out of your way and to learn as quickly as possible.” I sigh and run my fingers through my soft, short, flipped hair.

“I’ll get over it soon,” Jassie copies my sigh and grabs the weapon bag from me. “Where’d you get these?” She turns to my Dad and begins shifting through the bag.

“Dean. We used them when we would hunt together.” He looks like he’s about to cry at any moment. “You guys should leave now. I’ll transport you to the concert grounds since that’s where your car is.”

I don’t to say anything before he puts his first three fingers to both of our temples and sends off. When will I ever be a normal person? Never, not ever. I find out my Dad’s an angel and there’re demons and monsters out there all in one night. That’s a lot to take in.

We land on the ground a little unstable. My car sits in the same spot I parked it in when I got here. I walk over to the driver side door and open the unlocked door, popping the trunk while I’m at it.

“We can put our bags in the trunk,” I tell her, setting the bags inside.

“We’ll need some ammo up front with us in case we get attacked.” She pulls out a rifle and a dagger, setting them in the front seat. “I’m going to drive since I know where we need to go. First we need to go to my motel and pick up my things. Then we’ll leave here.” She holds out her hand for my keys, stepping into the car.

“Okay… But tell me when you get tired.” I hand Jassie my keys as I sit down in the passenger seat. She puts it in the ignition and backs out of the concert grounds. The drive is silent other than my A Day to Remember CD blaring through the systems. We pull into a motel parking lot and park.

“You stay in here. I’ll be right back.” She steps out of the car and goes into a dark motel room. I tap my fingers against my leg and bob my head to the music softly. The lyrics swim inside my head as I whisper sing to myself.

“Pop the trunk,” Jassie’s voice breaks through my singing silence. I do I she says and pop the trunk. Seconds later she’s sitting in the driver’s seat again and backing out of the parking lot.

“So where are we going now?” I ask, pulling my feet into the seat and pressing my legs as close as they can get to my chest.

“You’ll find out later.” Jassie shuffles through the CD and picks a song, cranking the music up a little louder.

After a while of no speaking I close my eyes, worn out by the knowledge I now know, and fall asleep to the rhythm of the song.

Chapter 7
"Wake up. We're here." I say, shaking Dezriel gently as we arrived at our destination: Bobby's house. I take the keys out as she wakes up, yawning and hopping out of the car. I got the bag full of weapons and my suitcase full of clothes and drug them in the house with Dezriel following closely behind with her own stuff. I knocked on the door impatiently.
Finally, the door open and I was met with a riffle in my face.
"Bobby, it's me you dumb-ass." I say in annoyance, pushing the tip of the riffle away and walking inside.
"Well how could I have known you idgit? You came in here sounding like a herd of demons... Who's your friend?" He asks, putting the riffle up and sitting down in a recliner.
"You wouldn't even guess..." I look at Bobby and set my stuff down. Bobby looks at her for a moment.
"No... Castiel's daughter?" He asks, standing up and walking over to her.
She nodded shyly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Yeah... I'm Dezriel." She smiles. "I guess you're Bobby Singer? Dad's told me about you a few times." He nods and sits back down.
"Did you get the case done, Jass?" Bobby asks, glaring at me.
"Yeah... Well I didn't... She did." I say, pointing at Dezriel, who turned red immediately. "Apparently she has the same powers as angels do. Oh yeah... It wasn't just one incubus. It was a whole nest." I laugh nervously. "I guess I was too stuck up in the party to even notice. Castiel sent her with me, claiming that she would be safe with me." I huff and snort. "She'll only drag me down." I meet eyes with her.
"Jassie, give her some slack... She's new..."
"And she's gonna get me killed!" I snap.
"Just like your father... Go get some sleep."
I huff and motion to Dezriel to follow me. We walk upstairs and to the bedroom wing. I stop in the middle of the last hall on the floor.
"You sleep there, I sleep here." I say with a stern voice. "I swear, if you wake me up before 7... Your ass will be hanging on my mantle." I raise a challenging eyebrow at her before turning into my room and slamming the door. I walk over to my dresser and turn on some music: Escape the Fate "This War is ours" I slip my tank top off, my shoes and my jeans. I pull on a pair of short-shorts and jump as there's a knock on the door. "Come in."
Dezriel walks in and notices I'm half-naked. Her face turns red as she backs out of the room. "Uhh... I'll just... Wait." She says.
"No, what do you want?" I say, turning and resting my hands on my hips. I glare at her.
"I need... Uhh... Pads." She blushes a deeper red.
I nod and laugh. "Come in then." I walk into my bathroom and bend over and open the cabinet below my sink and get a few pads. I hand them to her.
"You like Screamo?" She asks, shoving them in her pocket.
"Yeah. Good music." I laugh and pull a band tank on. "You know... I'm sorry for being such a b**** out there. It'll take me a while to get used to a demon-hunting partner. I'll be the biggest b**** you know until you get good at it."
"Well, it's my fault for invading your life like this. Heck, I didn't even know about this side of the world until my father told me." She sighs and backs out of the room.
Before the door closes, I say "Oh yeah, be up at 7:30 sharp. No later. We're going to the target range."
Before I go to bed, I wet my hair and brush through it before actually lying down and staring out of the window before I finally fall asleep.
In the morning, I wake up at seven. I brush my teeth and my hair, get all of my make-up off and tie my hair up in a pony tail. I slip a pair of black jean short-shorts on, my converse and leave on my band-tee. I look in the mirror, seeing my tattoo of "Winchester" splayed across my collarbone. I smile and grab the weapons before stepping out of my room and knocking on Dezriel's door.
"You ready?" I ask, leaning against the door frame. The door opens and a rather sleepy Dezriel walks out.
"Yeah... Been awake since... Three...” She says dreamily, wobbling after me as we head down the stairs and to the back yard.
I set the bags on the ground in the wet grass and grab a simple demon blade out. I look at the human-shaped targets and smile.
"Now watch and learn." I smirk at her and raise my arm, the dagger gripped firmly in my hand. My arm moves in a perfect arc, letting go of the blade and sending it flying into the middle of the target's head. "Now you try." I say, handing her a different demon blade and going down-range to get the blade. When I pull the blade out of the target, a knife goes whizzing by my head. I look at the other side of the range and see Dezriel laughing.
"You b****! You could've killed me! Don't throw when I'm down here!" I say, storming across the grass.
"See? I'm not so bad am I? I was throwing at you and nearly took off your head!" She snorts and keels over with laughter. I pick up a riffle and without aiming, shoot and hit the target in the center of the chest, which shuts her up quickly.
"I can do that easily to you." I smirk.
"That would be bad for my health. No thanks."
I roll my eyes. "God, you're going to be the worst partner ever."

Chapter 8

I watch Jassie and I throw knives at the dummy for a while until my stomach growls. God I didn’t eat this morning. Well I don’t really think I could have since I don’t know where anything is. Jassie turns toward me after my hungry stomach bites at my spleen.
“You hungry?” Her voice hints bitterness all over the place.
My face flushes and I nod. “I didn’t eat this morning.” She nods and begins picking up the knives.
“If you’re hungry, you should be helping me instead of just standing there.” I nod quickly and pick up a rifle. It slips out of my hand, landing on the ground with a loud gunshot following behind it. A bird in the sky lands somewhere in the woods, dropping with a hard thud. Jassie looks at me with daggers.
“B****, you’re going to get me killed!” Her face looks as if she’s about to kill me. Oh god. She moves quick with grace and is soon in front of me with her hands on her hips. Somehow my mind escapes the moment and travels to last night. I blush at the sight and shake my head. Skin. Her skin was tan and shined against the light of her room. Why am I thinking of this? God her skin was so beautiful.
Her growl brings me back to the present. She stands so close to me that my nose is just a few inches from hers. She has a snarl across her lips. God her lips… My face flushes and I turn away.
“Don’t ever pick up a gun again.” Her voice is stern and rude. I nod and back away, heading into the house. Before I cross the thresh hold I hear her mutter insults about me. This is going to be hard to get used to.
“Bobby? You in here?” I call out. I stand still and listen. No answer. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I call out again and begin walking through the house. Scratches cover the walls as I walk into his study. I knock on the door and wait for an answer. When I don’t get one, I open the door only to see a bloodied knife a few feet from me. My eyes follow the blood droplets and land on a pale, blank eyed Bobby. A scream escapes my lips as I watch the blood spill from his neck. I clench my eyes shut and run blindly down the stairs.
“Jassie! Jassie! Where are you!?” I scream as I walk out to an empty backyard. My eyes scan the grounds and see nothing but the dummies. I turn and run to the front of the house. Nothing. Where is she? Panic rises in my stomach as I race to the house again. She’s not there either. Dammit where could she be?! I run out the door again and turn a corner, barreling right into something.
“B**** watch out!” Jassie puts her hands on her hips and glares down at me. I stand up and wipe the tears away from my face that I didn’t even know I was shedding.
“Bobby…” I’m interrupted by a sob. I try to speak again, but I keep sobbing.
“Bobby what?” Jassie’s glare disappears and turns wide-eyed. “What’s wrong with Bobby?!” She grabs my shoulders and shakes me hard.
I feel terrible right now. “De-Dead…” is all I can manage to say before a set of sobs rack my body. She stands there and looks at me for a moment as if she’s trying to adjust what I just said to her.
“What do you mean he’s dead?” She says it as if I’m lying to her. As if it’s all a joke.
“I saw him lying on the floor of his study, dead. Blood everywhere. His throat was slit and the knife was lying beside him.” I spit out and grab her hand, pulling her around and into the house. I stop at the door of Bobby’s study, not sure if I should open it.
“B****, get out of my way.” Jassie growls and pushes me out of the way. I catch her face before she opens the doors and see panic shadow over. I hear her gasp quietly as she sees him.
“Jassie are you okay?” Stupid question. I can’t tell since I don’t know her that well. If only I could read her emotions.
She turns and glares at me. “You think I would start crying like a baby if I saw the only person I had left lying in the floor with his throat slit?” Bitterness spills out at every word, making me feel like I’ve been stabbed in the gut. She snarls at me and turns back to Bobby’s body. I don’t know what to say to her. She has so much closed emotions it’s hard to say the right thing to her.
I stand there for a moment and think. Should I try to comfort her? What can I do? I want to help her. I just don’t know what to do. “What can I do?” I ask, walking over to her.
She stands and glares at me. “Nothing. There is nothing you can ever do.” She hisses at me and stalks off. I replay her hurtful words over and over in my head. I was trying to help her. All I did was ask if I could help. I sigh and walk upstairs to my room and sit in a ball on the bed. Why did Dad think I was better off here? All that is happening is me getting insulted by a b**** from hell. My eyelids droop from no sleep. I try to move my body, but I’m overcome by sleep. Finally the lights in my room go black and I drift.

Chapter Nine

I sling open the door to my room violently and stalk in, my feet clapping hard on the hardwood floor. I open my closet door and get out as many of my dad’s bags as I can. I throw open the drawers to my dresser and stuff every piece of clothing I can into them. I zip up the bags and throw them on my bed. I grab two bags and run into my bathroom and throw my hair-products, tooth products and my straightener and throw that bag onto the bed as well.
I hustle downstairs and into the kitchen and begin shoveling cans, poptarts, alcohol bottles and Gatorade into the bag and leave it on the floor of the kitchen before going back into my room upstairs. Once I get into my room, I walk back into my closet and pull up a floor-board. I kneel down to the floor and grab one of my dad’s old boxes rest it on my lap. What lies inside is my best used weapon that Bobby said should have never fallen into my hands. That should never be used.
I throw the lid off of the box and pull out what’s inside. The gleaming angel metal of the whole claw glove shines at me. These are my souvenirs from my first angel kill. I pull them on and flex the claws, smirking at the burst of power that I feel. I stand up and take them off and shove them into my bag just as the door opens.
“J-Jassie?” Dezrie says, trudging into the room. “What are you doing?” She asks, rubbing her eyes with her fists.
“Leaving. Get everything together. We’re not staying here.” I pull my shirt off and slip on one of my band tanks that are shredded in the back. I glance over at Dezrie’s red face. “Get out and go pack.” I say, shooting daggers at her and slipping out of my shorts and into a pair of sliced white jeans that look like they’re stained with blood. Heck, they might be. I pull on my combat boots and dig through my drawer one last time, finding my father’s pendant and pulling it around my neck.
I grab all of the bags and haul them downstairs and to the front door. I look at Dezrie who’s already got her stuff packed and ready. My mind snaps into place. I almost forgot.
“I’ll be right back.” I smirk, turning and walking downstairs and into the basement. I grab Bobby’s demon book and reach under his desk to grab what he’s always kept from me: The keys. My hands close around something cold and metal. I rip them from the dresser and practically jump in joy. I can’t believe I have it. It’s been my dream to even see this set of keys.
I run back upstairs to Dezriel and grab my bags. “Come on. And grab the weapons bag. We’re taking a special ride.” I smirk and wrestle the bags through the house and into the garage. I open the old door to the garage and flip the lights on, showing a silhouette of a car with a tarp draped over it.
“What’s that?” Dezrie asks, raising an eyebrow at me.
“The Impala.” I pull the tarp off of the car swiftly, showing the sleek black car underneath. “My father’s car. After all the years, I thought Bobby had gotten rid of it.” I grin and unlock the trunk. “Hopefully… It’s still in here.” I lift up the trunk and lift up the weapon’s compartment. Shotguns, ammo and knives all glare back at me. “It is.” I laugh and shut it and stuff my bags inside. I wait for Dezrie to put her stuff in before closing the trunk and walking to the driver’s side. I unlock it and hop in the smooth and cushiony seat. I close my door just as Dezriel closes hers. I sigh in annoyance and put the keys into the ignition, turning them and receiving a growl from the engine.
“I’ve waited for this moment forever.” I push the shift into reverse and back out of the garage. I push it back into drive and speed off down the road, spitting rocks in my wake. As we pull onto the highway Dezriel decides to speak up.
“Where are we going?” She asks, sighing and laying her forehead against the window.
“I don’t know. Somewhere at least a two day’s drive away. Might as well take a nap. It’s going to be a long ride.” I glare at her and turn on the radio to AC/DC’s highway to hell. Within a few minutes, I hear Dezriel’s breathing slow down as she begins to snore lightly.
Hours later, we cross the border and into Cheyenne, Wyoming. I pull over at the side of the road and turn the Impala off. I unfasten my seat belt and pull my feet up into the seat and lean over against the door resting my head on the glass of the window. Within minutes, I’m fast asleep.
I wake up inside of a dream in the middle of a field standing in front of a lake. The wind blew my hair into my face as I looked around, seeing nobody I sighed. This is probably just one of those stupid dreams I always seem to have where nothing happens.
I close my eyes and let myself relax for the first time in a long while. I let the wind tug my hair and sweep along my face. I jump when I feel a hand on my shoulder.
“I see you have my baby.”
The familiar voice stings as I process it through my mind. I turn around and see a face much similar mine. A face that I lost a long time ago.
“D-Dad…” I stutter, my eyes beginning to water as I look at him. “Dad.” I collapse into him, enveloping the familiar and warm presence into a hug.
“Jassie.” He laughs lightly and strokes my hair softly, kissing my head. “You’ve grown up since the last time I saw you. You’re acting more like me every day.”
I shake my head and laugh through the sadness that overcomes me. “Yeah… I’ve missed you so much. You wouldn’t believe it… So much has changed in the past two days… I met Castiel.”
“Cast?” He smiles warmly. “I’m glad you have.”
“Yeah… He has a daughter named Dezriel. She doesn’t even know how to fight demons yet.”
“She’ll learn quickly. Like Castiel did. Just have faith, Jassie.” He smiles and kisses my forehead again.
“Dad…” I take a deep breath and look at him. “Why did you have to go?”
“It was just my time to go, I guess, Jassie.” He says, squeezing me.
“Well I never wanted you to go Dad. I have nobody. Everybody’s dead. I don’t want to be alone.”
My dad takes a deep breath and speaks again. His voice is in so much pain that it even hurts me. “Remember, I will still be here as long as you hold me in your memory. When your dreams have ended, just remember me.” His voice cracks as the sadness overcomes him. “I am the one star that keeps burning so brightly. It is the last night of normalcy, tomorrow something will change.”
He looks at me in the eyes. “I’m with you Jassie, wherever you may be. I’ll be that voice in your ear that whispers. And if you listen, you’ll hear me calling you. As long as I can reach out to you, I will never truly die. Remember, I’ll never leave you if you only remember me. I will still be here as long as you hold me in your heart.” He grits his teeth as his eyes start to water.
“I love you Jassie. I’m so proud of you. As much as I don’t want your life to be like this, I’m proud of you for demon hunting. Your life will change soon, Jassie. Be prepared. I love you…” His voice dies into a whisper as the dream slowly starts to fade away.
“Dad! No! Don’t leave me! No!” I scream, the world going dark around me. I wake up back in the car and look at the clock. It’s two in the morning but it seems like it’s been ages. The emotions I’ve kept in for so long come spilling out. I open the door and get out of the car. I lean against the hood and let the tears fly.

Chapter 10

My eyes open to the sound of soft whimpers. I see Jassie siting on the hood of the car, slumped over with shakes. What’s wrong? I step out of the car, not sure if I should bother her. I’m not a coward. I’m not just going to sit here and watch her cry. When I’m at the front she sits up slowly, wiping away her tears.
“Jassie are yo-“ I don’t have time to finish my sentence before I’m in her arms. Her face is buried in my chest, tears soaking my shirt. “What’s wrong?” My arms wrap around her small frame, my hands smoothing back her hair. She shakes her head, heaving a large sigh. “Something’s wrong, Jassie.”
“Nothing’s wrong. I don’t know what’s wrong.” She pulls away from me, sniffling. She looks at me and I could see a blush creeping to her face. “Sorry about that.”
“Sorry about what? I still don’t know why you were crying.” She reaches out nervously and wipes away the tears that stained my skin. “What happened, Jassie?” Again she just shakes her head sighs.
“We should really be leaving. We have to be in Devil’s Gate, Wyoming by sundown.” Her mood has changed back to its normal self. When I don’t move, she glares at me and points to the car. “Car now.” I nod and sigh, heading inside the car. Bossy as ever. Only known her for a few days and I feel the wrath of her bossiness. I buckle myself in and watch her as she sits down.
“How far is Devil’s Gate, Wyoming from here?” She puts the car in drive and pulls back onto the road. I watch her for a minute or two, admiring her features. I look away when she catches my eyes on her.
“I don’t know. Maybe three to five hours. Not sure. It mostly deepens on how much we drive without stopping . We should get some food for the road.” I nod and sigh, focusing myself on the trees that fly by. My stomach growls to show approval.
“Guess we’ll have to get something to eat. Bacon Cheeseburger with some kind of pie is what I’ll eat. I can eat that every day.” I say, looking over at Jassie with a smile.
“I knew someone who ate his life away on those.” She sighs, not looking at me. “My father used to eat apple pie with a cheeseburger packed in bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” She smiles to herself and turns onto the interstate.
“How old were you when he died?” I can’t stop the words from spilling out of my mouth. Jassie looks over at me like I shot her with her own bullet.
“That’s none of your business.” I can hear her voice crack the slightest bit. I know I said something wrong. I should have never asked that question. I couldn’t help it. It’s been bothering me for a short while now.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that. It’s too personal. I didn’t mean to be rude to you. It’s been bothering me for a little while n-“ I stop rambling and sigh, shaking my head. I can feel Jassie’s eyes on me, probably boring into my soul. I try to shake the feeling away, but she keeps staring. “Do you mind not doing that? I said I was sorry.” I mumble from the sleeve of my sweatshirt.
“I had just turned twelve when Sam and my dad had been murdered by a demon. I didn’t know until Bobby called me and told me about it. I didn’t know what to do. That is until I had this sweet feeling for revenge.” She laughs lightly to herself as if the story was funny. I listen closely as she tells me what happened for the past few years. Suddenly she stops talking about what happened just a few minutes ago and shakes her head. “Never mind.”
What just happened there? She was opening up to me. I know I’m not a shrink, but I was listening to her. I nod and dismiss the conversation. She sighs and shifts gear, picking up the speed. I pull my knees to my chest and sigh.
The ride is silent until I can’t handle it. “God dammit!” I press a button on the radio, letting Falling in Reverse scream through the speakers. “Finally.” I grin and sing along to The Westerner. My head bobs to the music lightly as Ronnie’s voice come over the radio. Why am I even listening to this? After what he did? What he is? I shake my head of the thoughts and sigh. It’s just music. Not like it’s going to harm me in anyway.
I can feel Jassie’s eyes on me and try to ignore them. Why is she staring at me? I focus on the sharpie writing on the toe of my converse, hoping that she’ll look away. I think she does, but I can feel them lingering. I relace my shoelaces over and over, trying to get the feeling to go away. It doesn’t even move a muscle. My mind flashes back when I walk in on her changing, half-naked. I blush at the thought and shake it away.
“We’ll be in Devil’s Gate shortly. Just a few more miles.” Jassie’s voice is soft, unlike any of the other times she’s talk to me, and tired.
I nod and look at her. “Do you need any sleep?” I ask, staring at the yellow lines that pass by. One, two, three, four, I lose track after the fourth one and sigh.
“No, I’m fine. I’ll sleep when we get there.” She sighs and focuses on the road. You need sleep though, I think still looking at her. “Staring isn’t polite. Hasn’t anyone taught you that?” She glares at me, her voice back to that grudey tone she always has with me. I blanch and look away quickly. I mutter an apology and sigh, falling asleep.
I sit on a gravel road that goes in four directions. Mhmm must be the crossroads. I look at the windmill that stands tall and old. I’ve heard many stories about this place. Brad Pitt sold his soul to the devil here to get a better acting career. I laugh and smile. What an idiot. Never sell your soul to the devil.
“Dezriel?” I jump when I hear my name and spin around, seeing a tall man in his late twenties. Let me rephrase that; a fine, tall man in his late twenties, brown hair, bright blue eyes, tall, muscular build. He walks up to me, bringing me into his arms like he knows me. I’m too shocked by the action that I don’t push him away. Who is this man?
He pulls me away and holds me at arm’s length. “You’ve grown. A lot.” Who is this guy?
“Do I know you?” I ask, seeing no recognition in him.
“Oh that’s right. You were too little to remember me. Just call me Sam, Sam Winchester. It might ring a bell.” He grins in approval of my widening eyes. The Sam Winchester? Little brother of Jassie’s dad?
“You’re Jassie’s uncle.” My voice is a whisper for some odd reason. It’s like I’m trying to keep it to where people can’t hear me. I sigh and look up at him. He nods to me and smiles.
“I am and I have very, very, important advice for you.” He grabs my shoulders and kneels to where we’re both at each other’s eye level. “You have to protect her from the demon that wages wars inside of her. Only you can save her from going into the state of mind that I went into a long while back.” What? What is he talking about?
“What are you saying?” I ask, trying to comprehend what he just told me. ‘Protect Jassie from the demon that wages wars inside of her.’ How am I supposed to do that?
“You and Jassie are part of a big situation in the world. A major change in the world is soon to come and Jassie and you are the only ones who can prevent it from happening. But you two can’t do that when Jassie is trying to fight with the demon in her while protecting the world.”
I nod and sigh silently, looking down at my converse. This is a lot to put in my shoulders. And I mean a major load of s*** on my shoulders. Does Jassie know about this? I’m about to ask when I look up, seeing that he’s nowhere in sight. Well that’s just great.
“Dezriel, wake up.” I feel a nudge on my shoulder and open my eyes slowly. It’s dark out. Very dark, that is except for the dull glow of the moon.
“What?” I ask, turning towards Jassie.
“We’re going to stop for a night. Grab a pair of clothes and the necessities you’ll need.” I can tell she’s tired by her voice. I do as she says and follow her into the room she purchased for the night. Ugly wallpaper covers the walls in a fuchsia. I gasp when I see the bed in the middle of the room.
“Where’s the second bed?” I ask, setting my stuff down on the floor. Jassie turns toward me and sighs.
“It’s one night. Plus we can share the bed or we can choose who sleeps on the couch? “ She smiles tiredly at me and sets her stuff down on the bed, stripping down to nothing but her skin and a thin layer of underwear. My face flushes madly and turns the color of blood. I can see battle scars across her body from the years of hunting. I tear my eyes away when she slips into a loose band tank.
“I’ll sleep on the couch.” I tell her, grabbing my hoodie from my bag and put it on. I curl up on the couch after a while of thinking while also listening to the soft tired breaths of Jassie. How am I supposed to help her? Hell, I barely know how to kill a demon. That knife throwing was probably just luck. I sigh and just lay there, not falling asleep till I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Chapter 11

I wake up looking up at the ceiling, my legs the only thing to be still on the bed. I'm tangled in the bed sheets, probably from thrashing around from the nightmares that haunt my dreams constantly. I sigh and untangle myself from the covers. I stand up and look at my watch. 3:00 A.M. We need to get going. I look at Dezriel sleeping soundlessly on the couch. She really looks like an angel.
I sigh and ward off the thought. I'll never find love. It'll rot like my father's and uncles did. Demons have got my loved ones in the past. And I won't let them get anyone else.
I walk over to my bag and pull out my old water gun. It was the first thing my dad taught me how to shoot with. I smile and fill it up with water in the bathroom before walking out and cover myself up in the covers, with only the barrel of the gun peeking out. I pull the trigger and let the water run.
At the moment she screams and jumps up, I act like I'm sleeping, snoring heavily. I try to trap my laughter in my throat.
"Jassie? I think the roof's leaking." She says; her voice tinted with annoyance.
I can't hold it anymore. I just can't. I howl with laughter and clutch the gun to me as she rips the blanket off of me. Her eyes bore into me as I look up at her, still laughing.
"You're an ass." She says sleepily, rising up a lazy hand with the middle finger up.
I grin. "I know I am, b****. Being an ass is my job. Get up. We need to go." I tell her, rolling off of my bed, still clutching the water gun. "Get dressed. Get showered. Get freed of pee. Do whatever." I sigh and slip on a pair of my "blood stained" white skinny jeans. I strip out of my tank-top and pull on a torn Suicide Silence tank. I pull on my combat boots and tie them tight. I grab my bag and throw it onto the bed, searching through it until I find a hair band. I throw my ugly dirty blonde hair into a messy bun and put a little eyeliner on.
Dezriel grabs a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt before slipping into the bathroom, blushing a deep red. God, I'm never going to get used to having a partner. I've been on my own, hunting, for years. And she has no experience what so ever.
I walk into the small kitchen of the hotel room and fix a pot of coffee. I pull out the coffee jug and drop it on the floor, the glass shattering at my feet. I bend and pick up the shards of glass. My palm begins to sting and I look the thin line of blood spilling out of the wound. I stand up, feeling an odd attraction to the blood. I bring my palm closer to my face, wanting to taste it. It smells so good...
"Jassie, what are you doing?" Dezriel asks, walking into the kitchen.
I pull the hand away from my face quickly. "Nothing. Just broke a coffee pot... And uh...” I look at my palm again, staring at it. I shake my head, pushing the weird hunger out of my mind. Dezriel walks up to me and looks at my hand.
She catches me staring at the blood, licking my lips. "What are you doing?" She asks, raising an eyebrow at me. She takes my hand and looks at the wound.
"Nothing." I shake my head and snatch my hand away from her. I walk over to my bag and grab a roll of bandages. I wrap my hand up and zip the bag up, throwing it over my shoulder.
"Let's go. Get your stuff." I order, walking out of the hotel room door. She walks out behind me.
I look up at the still dark sky, feeling a weird sensation in my body. What's happening to me? I frown as Dezriel calls my name.
"Shut up." I tell her, sighing and shaking my head. I take the keys from my pocket and unlock the car and hop in. She hops into the passenger’s seat. We both close our doors at the same time, making me huff with annoyance.
"What the hell's wrong with you Jassie? I've only been here for a few days and I'm already fed up with your crap." Dezriel says, glaring at me.
I glare back at her. "You're really asking me what the hell's wrong with me?" Well first off, I'm stuck in a world where I don't have a will to choose for myself, where humans can f*ing flittle around while not giving a care, unaware of the nightmares that I have to deal with. Secondly, I've lost every f*ing person that I've ever loved; I'm completely alone in the world. And one more thing. I'm stuck with a f*ing pu**y of a girl who can't even defend herself, who I have to f*ing protect, and attempt to train as a demon hunter when I swear; there isn't a drop of strength in her." I tell her, practically screaming. Tears are falling down my cheeks in anger. My eyes bore into her soul, challenging her to say something.
"Excuse me, Jassie. I'm the one stuck with the b**** of a girl, who apparently, my father trusts, when she can barely even get along with me or anyone else for that matter, who is supposed to be "a strong hearted girl" but is really just a cold-blooded, heartless, shell of a girl. She can't get over the fact that she's alone in the world and she can't f*ing realize that there's people out there who still cares about her. F*** you, Jassie. I'm not dealing with you anymore. Being with you is pure hell." She opens the door and stalks out.
I open mine and go after her. I slam her against a wall and pin her by the shoulders. "You have no F*ING idea what hells like, you b****. You haven't been there. You haven't seen anything. I've been to hell you b****. I've died and gone there. I can tell you, life with me isn't NEARLY as bad as hell. But if you want hell, goddammit, I'll give you hell." My hand loosens on one of her shoulders, giving her the opportunity to free her arm, earning me a big punch in the side of the jaw. I growl in anger and raise my right hand, about the punch her lights out when a pair of arms wrenches me away from her.
I scream and head-butt whoever's restraining me. I feel the mass fall down and onto the concrete. I turn around, breath coming in shallow puffs. A guy with long black and red hair clutches his head, glaring up at me with yellow eyes. A demon. S***. I lunge forward, and pin him to the concrete, my knife already at his throat.
"Who the hell are you and why are you here?" I ask, pressing the knife to his throat. No blood comes out; instead, the knife just seems to slip across his neck.
"The name's Dheymore, sexy lady." He smirks, a German accent leaking from his perfectly shaped lips.
I slap him across the face. "Why the f*** are you here?"
"I'm here because I wanna be. Problem?"
"Yes, problem. You're a f*ing demon." Suddenly, I'm thrown to the ground as he easily gets up and dusts himself off.
"From the looks of it, you're a demon hunter. You're probably heading to Devil's Gate, yes?" I nod at him and stand up. He sighs. "I would advise not going there. Nothing but demons who will kill you. I won't kill you..." He smiles and tips my face up to his. "...Winchester. You're too pretty to die." He kisses my lips and walks away, suddenly disappearing.
I spit and wipe my lips. What the hell was that? I shake it away and look behind me at Dezriel. I sigh and rub my jaw.
"Get in the car before I slaughter you with my bare hands." I point at the car with my knife. She glares at me and crosses her arms, sitting in the passenger's seat.
Why did she punch me? Does she really hate me that much? I don't want her to hate me. I glance over at her and look away quickly. I start the engine up and drive out of the parking lot and down the road. After moments of silence, I finally speak.
My voice chokes on the words. "D-Dezriel? You don't... Hate me do you?" I ask.
It takes moments for her to reply. "No, I don't hate you. I just dislike you... Alot... At times."
"I know I'm heartless... I can't really help it. After my father told the stories of the multiple times he fell in love, and each time he lost them... I guess I gave up on caring for anybody other than my family. When he died, things got worse for me... I started... I uh... I got angry... I killed.... Alot of people." I blush and wipe the tears from my eyes. "I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing... I died. I killed myself." I glance over at her. "And Castiel saved me from hell. I'm scared, Dezriel. I'm scared of myself. I don't know what's wrong with me."
She looks at me and opens her mouth to say something but closes it. She reaches a hand out to me and wipes a tear from my face. Her hand drops down and on top of mine on the dash. She squeezes my hand and sighs.
"I'm sorry."
Two words. The two words that can mean so much and so little. Two words that I've heard too much in my life.
I burst tears.

Chapter 12
I hold her hand tightly as she cries. She really thought I hated her. I sigh and look at her.
“Stop the car.” She shakes her head and keeps crying. “Now.” I glare at her my hardest and sigh as she pulls over. Once she’s stopped, I get out and walk over to the driver’s side. Opening the door, I grab Jassie’s hand and pull her out of the car. She lets me wrap my arms around her, cradling her shaking body.
“I-I don’t know what’s happening to me, Dezriel.” She looks at me; her eyes bright green with tears. I hold her tightly and let her head rest on my shoulder.
“It’s okay, Jassie.” I say this even though I doubt myself. The demon that wages inside of her will be the death of her someday. Sam said I needed to protect her from the demon I side of her. How the hell will I accomplish that? I'm not psychic.. Just a stupid girl who can't find the angel isolated deep inside.
She shakes her head vigorously. "No... It's not. It'll never be okay.." She says through gritted teeth. I let her hair loose from the bun and smooth it down, running my fingers through the softness. It will be okay.. It has to be okay. Who's going to save the world? I sure as hell can't. Biting my lip, I hold her face in my palms and make sure she's looking at me.
"It. Will. Be. Okay." I say, wiping away her tears with the pads of my thumbs. She sniffles and leaans into my palms.
"You thi-" She starts, but I interupt, "I know so." A small smile twitches at her perfectly shaped lips.
"C'mon we need to go," she says, her voice back to the normal bossy tone, although it's a bit softer than before. I nod and obey the order, sitting back into the passanger seat. Jassie slides in gracefully and shuts the door, immediatly starting the engine.
Minutes and landscapes go by, grass turning into rocky terrains. Music blasts through the stereo, ACDC's famous song Highway To Hell, and swims through my brain. I shut it off and get a look from Jassie. Flushing, I turn it back on but not too loud. Don't get me wrong, I love it loud, excuse the perviness, but right now I want to think. I want to ask questions.. But I don't want to over use the boundries she has.
Sighing, I take a risk and look over at her, and turning in my seat to face her. "What was he like? Your father, I mean.." I blush, waiting to see the scowl. Her face scrunches up almost in a scowl, but then it softens.
"He.. He was good.. Wanted good to the world, but wasn't always the greatest person. Or I should say father. He pushed me, made me into the best hunter he could... He could cook the best burger in the state of Kansas. So good you'd drool just by getting a tiny whiff of it." She smiles weakly and laughs. "Loved his baby.. By baby I mean this girl," she pats the dash and laughs again. "But then... Then he died and Bobby raised me the rest of the way... Till I ran away that is..." I can hear her voice crack as she talks, her hands figiting at the wheel slightly.
I wait for her to say more, but she doesn't and raises the volume. Okay, I get it. She won't open up to me.. A little but not much. "So that demon... Dheymore?" I speak, pushing the image of his lips on hers away. "Do you believe him?" I ask, seeing a sign saying Devil's Gate in seventy miles.
Jass shrugs and looks over at me, looking away quickly and wiping her mouth once again. Hm? I shake my head of the oncoming thoughts. "Not sure what to believe," she says and sighs, chewing her lip.
I strain myself from staring at her and sigh, looking out the window. "Even though I'm a fast learner doesn't mean I'm ready for a s*** load of soul stealing demons," I state and run my fingers through my natural Mohawk, or as most people call it cow-licks. Jassie huffs and nods in agreement.
"You haven't even killed a demon yet... Gotta kill one before you go barging into it," She says and looks over at me, something clicking in her mind. "There's a computer in the back. Grab it and begin looking for crazy murders. Anything from heart ripped out to ghost sightings."
I nod and do as she says, grabbing the lap top and powering it up. "So justy crazy things?" She nods and yawns. "Maybe we should stop for the night? Find a cheap motel and sleep?" I shrug and smile weakly, "All up to you, driver." I hear her chuckly lightly.
"Found one!" I exclaim, grinning wildly. "Shoot then." Jassie smiles at me, seeming to like my excitement. I look over the site and sigh, "Um... A man was found "dead" on the side of the road," I say using my usual hand guestures, "but he suddenly got up and walked away."
She puffs out her lips and nods. "What do you think it might be?" She asks, making me suprised. She's asking me? I smile and shrug. "From what I learned at the few days at Bobby's and his books... It could be a demon taking over the corpse? Or... Maybe a ghost posessing the body? Or or! A zombie!" I grin at her. She shakes her head and smiles.
"Where's the location?" she asks and pulls onto the side of the road, turning to face me. "Um.. Not far from here. We actually passed it. It's in Cowley, like twenty miles from where we sit." She nods and speeds into the right lane. "We'll get there, get some sleep, and then you'll get your first kill," she tells me and I shut the computer.
Maybe she's getting used to the partner thing.. Don't get your hopes up Dez. I nod to myself and turn up the music, singing along to it.
Seconds turn into minutes and soon we're sitting at a diner, eating bacon cheese burgers with a side of pie. "So delicious.." I murmur, swallowing. Jassie nods in approval and throws her plates away, finished. "Hurry up. We need our sleep, well you need your sleep," she corrects herself. I nod and finish off my food, throwing my trash away.
"Lesbians..." I hear someone whisper and flush. "Can we hurry up and get out of here?" I ask, staying close to Jassie. She nods and we're in the car in seconds. "What was that about?" she asks, pulling from the parking lot. I shrug, "Well you said I need my sleep.." She nods and stops at a motel, grabbing her duffle bag of clothes.
I do the same and walk with her to the front as she grabs the key to our room. "Don't be too loud," the lady at the desk warns me and goes back to her computer. Blushing, I follow Jassie to the room. I watch her posture, high and confident. My eyes flick away and around the halls, scanning for an easy exit.
"You coming in?" Jassie asks, holding the door open. "Oh.. Sorry.. Yes." I walk in and sit down on the couch nervously. Two comments in only a few minutes... I shake it off and lay back as Jassie sits at the edge of the bed. "Something bothering you?" she asks, concen in her voice. I shake my head and roll onto my side, looking at her. "Nothing to worry about.."
Nodding, she changes inton a pair of shorts and a loose tank top, braless. God... I close my eyes and sigh, hearing her lay back on the bed. "Goodnight, Dez." she says almost too soft to where it's a whipser I can't hear it.
"Night, Jassie.." I say and soon hear the soft breathing, soothing me into sleep.

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