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Double-A and the Author

December 11, 2014
By Isaac_Wright, Sandpoint, Idaho
Isaac_Wright, Sandpoint, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
Multiple exclamation points are a sure sign of a diseased mind.
-Terry Pratchett


Put a pencil to a piece of paper (or a finger to a keyboard as the case may be), and start running. Figuratively, of course. Actually running under these circumstances may result in broken laptop computers and/or pencil sized puncture wounds.

When you get up to speed a person appears; a character of your very own to nurture and to grow to whatever end you please, whether that is saving the day from all manner of evil, dying in a fiery explosion, or both. So you do so. The character develops his own personality; his own way of talking and thinking. Then, when you think you are in the clear and you want to slow to a comfortable jog, you must continue at your original speed. A story flowers around this person, and he demonstrates that he has a mind of his own. Writing is like this. If you are either very lucky or you put some work into it. This story is like that. Luck or hard work being responsible is up for debate. 


Double-A and the Author

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