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The Family with the Elements

September 22, 2015
By adorablekittens, Duqubue, Iowa
adorablekittens, Duqubue, Iowa
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There are four of us. Our family has 2 set of twins. I’m the oldest between me and my sister. My name is BloodRose, my twin sister’s name is Nightmare. Our younger brothers are also twins. Wolf he is the oldest between him and Coyote.  Our parents named us like that becuz they wanted us to stick out from the normal.  I’ll give you some back around on our family.  There are 6 of us. Me, Nightmare, Wolf, Coyote, and your parents Aria is our mother, and Belial is our father.  Our family is dark, creepy, we also have power over the elements. I have control over fire, my twin has power of water, Wolf is earth, Coyote is air. Our mother has power over minds, spirit and the thunder storms, our father has power over smoke and darkness.  We have wolves as pets. Naien is my wolf. Aishen is my sister’s. Ishen is Wolf’s. Coyotes is Coyo.  Our parents are Adara and Damian. We own a 3 acre land that our wolves run freely.  We are in high school me and Nightmare are juniors and Wolf and Coyote are sophomores. So, we’ll start off on our 1st day at our new school.


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The Family with the Elements

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