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A Different Kind of Circle

December 17, 2018
By VanessaRenner, North Pole, Alaska
VanessaRenner, North Pole, Alaska
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In a forest, much farther away from where you and I live, there lived a herd of deer. This deer herd would travel occasionally, but it wouldn’t usually be that far of a travel, or a necessarily grand adventure. With each and every passing day, they’d do the same thing. The same field of grass was always fresh with dew, or covered by a thick cloak of fog hugging the ground. Clear, crisp water came from the streams, and each creature could see the different shades of browns and grays perfectly through the bubbling, flowing water.
Amongst this herd, there lived a rather young doe. She had white freckles spotting her hide and cheeks, even stretching out to her legs. Amongst these white freckles, though, little yellow dots took part in her light brown, almost tan, hair. The yellow dots looked like daisies amongst a field of dry grass in a calm day. This is hence, where her name came from. Daisy. She wasn’t quite like a calm day, though, more like a jumpy, bouncy bunny in the Cervidae family. Her hooves often moved much faster than the other deer’s, and she found herself getting scolded for bouncing past the buck much too often. Daisy wouldn’t mind that much, though, she’d just keep bouncing along, looking everywhere, as if in a slow rush to take everything in. That brings us to where we are today, in the mind of the doe.


A Different Kind of Circle

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