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3AM Boohonkey

May 18, 2021
By verilovey, Tooele, Utah
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verilovey, Tooele, Utah
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Author's note:

I've been writing since I was very young but only recently started taking it seriously.

There she was, Elizabeth. The love of my life. She stood at a table, a warm cup of coffee sitting to the side in a dark brown cup. Playing on her phone as she patiently waited for her lover; but I just stood there and stared at her for a minute, admiring everything about her. The dress she’s wearing is tight on her small form but not tight enough to point out the curves of her body. The dark stripes going down it complementing her pale, doll-like skin. Her dark brown hair held small barely noticeable blonde spots at the bottom reminding me of the time she had long ombre hair. The darkness of the black brick wall making the remaining blonde show up just a bit more than usual. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she looked at something on her phone while pushing one side of her hair behind her ear. As soon as I finish admiring her I walk over to her, greeting her softly with a tap on her shoulder.

She seemed to jump at my touch “excuse me, ma’am, can you point me in the direction of the nearest phone booth?”I asked taking a step back so i wouldn’t continue to scare her. She let out a sigh of relief and pointed toward where the booth would be. Of course, I already knew where it was but I just needed an excuse to hear her beautiful voice. I voice I’d kill for. I thank her and start toward my destination, taking notice of her boyfriend walking up to her. “Oh, Elizabeth if only you knew how much better I am than he is,” I whispered to myself. Hearing I squeal come from behind me I look over my shoulder, it came from her. 

Down on one knee is her no-good boyfriend with a velvet box in hand, Elizabeth gave him a soft nod before leaping into his arms. A low growl rumbled from my throat as I quickened my pace, he had gone too far with my Elizabeth and he was not going to get away with it. For the following 2 years, I followed the little boy toy around, learned his schedule, even became ”friends” with him. His name was Chad, how basic, especially compared to a guy like me. I’ve found that the little shit had another fiance, Danica I think her name was. On the plus side, I’ve gotten closer with Elizabeth through this whole experience.

Today is the day before Chad’s wedding and as his best friend, it’s my job to give him a bachelor party, and trust me when I tell you. 

It was to die for…

Chad never made it to the wedding the next day, Elizabeth turned to me for comfort and I’ve had her in my arms ever since.

After a long night of partying and bad decisions, Adian woke up in his queen-sized bed, unnoticing of the figure next to him.  Swinging his legs over the side of the soft comforter he sat up, stretching. He acknowledges the weight change on his bed but didn’t bother to look over his shoulder. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he stood up walking to the kitchen. His penthouse apartment was quiet, it was always silent. Aiden looked around still not fully awake. 

Quietly he waited for the coffee to finish brewing. When he returned to his bedroom, he had a green coffee mug in his hands. As he took a sip and the coffee warmed his lips he finally took notice of a man. Sitting on the other side of the bed, the man ran his fingers through his luscious black hair. 

The man on the bed turned around and gave Adian a soft smile “good morning…..Adian, was it?” The man spoke his voice was low and ruff.  Adian nodded as he made eye contact with the brown-eyed stranger, a low chuckle left the man's lips ``I'm guessing you don’t remember me or what happened last night.” he stood up, facing the boy. Adian shook his head softly not taking his green eyes off the handsome stranger “who are you might I ask?”

Adian took note of the man's figure, he was very well built, his chest and arms held tattoos, his hair was down to his cheeks, despite him just waking up it still looked perfect (cartoon expectations be like). He had a nose piercing and two dermals under his right eye. Another nod from Adian as the dark-haired man walks closer. “My name is Jaebum, it’s nice to meet you sober Adian” he held out his hand for a handshake. Aidan held the mug in one hand and smiled awkwardly as they shook hands. “Nice to meet you too,” Adian said, moving his blonde hair out of his face. “Now I’m not one for a one-night stand, would you like to go out for breakfast” Jaebum sweetly said, not releasing the boy’s hand.

 A small smile formed on Adian’s lips with yet another nod as he set the mug on a close-by nightstand. The two got dressed and left, leaving the still full green mug where it sat. the new morning sun making the messy white covers on Adians bed look lighter. Everything was peaceful in the home.

A world of magic gods and goddesses alike, but there was one who never entered a home for fear she would melt. She was the snow goddess, the other gods and goddesses called her snowflake because she was more delicate than, well a snowflake. One wrong move and she would melt away in the palm of your hand, or at least that’s what everyone thought. So they never came around her, leaving a lonely snowflake in their tracks. Miss snowflake was stronger than she looked and that’s what others didn’t understand about the woman. What people forgot about the snow was as delicate as a single snowflake can be it can still form into a bitterly cold storm.

So as Christmas time neared the gods and goddesses partied like it would be their last Christmas in eternity. As they decked their hall with boughs of holly, hanging mistletoe in every doorway, and put up the tree the wind blew cold outside. They all forgot about the one component that made Christmas white. They forgot about little miss snowflake, who watched through every window seeing the families cuddled up and cozy. Parents tucking their children into bed for a goodnight’s sleep. On the outside a vicious storm was brewing. 

The lonely snowflake was no longer lonely. The lonely feeling she had boiled into anger and lady snow was ready to reign hell.

But our story doesn’t lie in the heavens, but down on earth where our savior dwells, a girl who’s just over 15. Her name was Veri. She believed in many gods rather than just one and everyone in her community judged her for it. Called her a freak and treated her like an outcast. Despite that, she always held her head up tall and smiled for the crowd. Christmas was one of her favorite holidays, it was a time where she could pray to the gods that brought such a joyous holiday to everyone.

Christmas eve, the day before Christmas. Veri woke up extra early to bake cookies for her neighbors and classmates. It was around 6:25 in the morning when the ebony-haired girl finished baking and packing up the sweet treats. She went up to her room and changed into some black leggings and a Rudolph Christmas sweater. Grabbing her backpack and the boxes of treats she walks out the door. In her home, she left two boxes of cookies for her sleeping parents. On the way to school, she had left a box of cookies on each neighbor’s doorstep.

Even though no humans ever really talked to Veri there was someone who visited her every winter, Lady snow. She knew that no one could understand Lady snow’s loneliness as she could, but over the years a feeling grew in the young girl. One that made it feel like her heart was swelling up in her chest, it made her heart race and never failed to bring a smile to her face. This winter however there was no snow and tomorrow was Christmas. That worried Veri, when she had finished setting the boxes of cookies on her classmate’s desk, no one had shown up yet. She went to the school gardens on the roof, when a little tree sat on top of a small hill of grass, still green from the fall. The ebony-haired girl kneeled under the tree and prayed to Lady snow, hoping that she would appear in front of her as she had the years before. Much to her own surprise, the one that had appeared wasn’t Lady Snow but a rounder woman with thin brown hair that was clipped into a bun on the back of her head and round kind green eyes, Mother Winter. 

Mother Winter was a much gentler, older goddess, as gentle as she was, she was still a strict caring mother who just wanted the best for her child. “Mother Winter” Veri stumbled back before bowing to the goddess “pardon me I was just trying to-” her sentence was cut short by a soft, amused laugh the came from Mother Winter’s frosty pink lips “You were trying to call for my snowflake, I’m aware, child”. The old goddess knelt where Veri did before inviting the young girl to sit beside her. Which she happily obliged; taking a seat next to the elder goddess she stared at her with eyes full of curiosity. Why would an elder come to her when she was calling for lady snow? Was something wrong with the snow goddess? So many thoughts running through the girl’s head she could hardly focus when Moter Winter began to speak.

Mother Winter sighed as she looked out at the starry sky “You’re most likely wondering why I came to you instead of my daughter,” she paused her sad eyes not even sparing a glance in the highschooler’s direction “Lady Snow is troubled. Her loneliness has turned to anger and I fear for both the human and god world” she said barely above a whisper. Just as she said that storm clouds start to swirl in the dark everflowing sky “You’re the only one she’ll listen to, Veri. You aren’t human, you’re a goddess born into the human world. Which goddess you are I cannot say” and with that Mother Winter was gone. What was she going to do? She wasn’t a goddess, she was just a girl that believed in them. It was a lot for the 15-year-old to comprehend.

There were so many thoughts running through the young girl’s head as she made her way back to her classroom. The sun would’ve been just peeking above the mountainside if it weren’t for the storm clouds. Once back in class Veri sat in her seat and pondered upon what Mother Winter was trying to get her to do by telling what she supposedly is. The snow had started to fall and it was pilling up quickly, it had only been about five minutes since it started and the government had already sent out an amber alert for families to stay in their homes or wherever they may be. The snow had already reached past the windows on the first floor. I can’t possibly be a goddess. Even if I was a goddess, what kind would I be? Goddess of cookies she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes and slammed her head on the desk. 

That’s when she got it. Veri dashed from her seat and back up the stairs to the gardens on the roof but instead of stopping she kept running. The girl felt a lump form in her throat as the ledge of the roof came closer and closer, the winds grew stronger and stronger with each step she took,  but she didn’t stop, she ran faster. Her Dark hair seemed to grow longer as she ran, flowing behind her like a river of black water. Her foot was now on the ledge and she closed her eyes, her feet never stopping. It didn’t feel like she fell but she flew. Opening her eyes she let out a surprised, breathless laugh as she kept running. Higher and high she went. 

She directed her bright blue eyes toward her feet seeing that a small sun formed under her every step. The once scared, disbelief feeling she had changed to determination and confidence. Looking straight ahead of her, she pushed her to run faster into the eye of the storm. She threw off her coat and let it blow away in the wind. She wasn’t cold at all, it felt as if the snow wasn’t touching her. She was as warm as a summer’s day. Soon enough she reached the eye of the storm, there she found Lady snow in an enraged state.

Lady snow’s eyes no longer help loneliness and longing but anger and a hunger for revenge. Veri couldn’t bear to see her friend in such a state. She slowly made her way to her friend, afraid to aggravate her further. “Lady Snow!” her heart began to race as the cold woman snapped her head in her direction. The teenage girl mustered up all her courage, screaming with all her might “You need to stop this!  You’re not alone! Not anymore!” tears welled up in her eyes. Lady Snow hummed to herself before a loud cackle erupted from her chest “You really think I’d fall for that Veri! You never loved me! You're the sun goddess!”. Veri’s eyes widened at her comment “you knew..” she mumbled

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