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Time in a Bottle

April 10, 2023
By ariannagold07, St. Petersburg, Florida
ariannagold07, St. Petersburg, Florida
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Time in a Bottle is a story about a teenaged girl who is trying to deal with the loss of her grandma. She constantly reminisced about the things her and her grandma did, and all the things they talked about, music being one of those things. Music was a big part of her grandmas life. 

After school one day while listening to music she is transported through a tunnel of colors and sounds, and lands in a new place, and time. She must figure out where she is, and how to get back home. But before she can go home, she needs to figure out what she was sent here to do. This touching story will open your mind about what is possible, and the strength of love for your family

Arianna G.

Time in a Bottle

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