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December 7, 2010
By Madeline PLATINUM, Lake View Terrace, California
Madeline PLATINUM, Lake View Terrace, California
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If you always see the positive, you'll never see the negative.


Rogan, abandoned at birth, along with his closest friend Myta, also orphaned are sent of a quest to find the Sword of the Sun, which will save the kingdom. Neither of them ever knew who their birth parents are. But when Myta's parents are killed in a tragic incident, Rogan seeks the help of the king. instead of getting the help he wants he is sent on a dangerous journey.

Madeline H.


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on Sep. 25 2020 at 6:58 am
merphyljoangel, Vadakara, Other
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Its kind of fun to do the impossible - Walt disney

The storyline is great but the decision was taken too easily as if he were trying to decide what to eat that night .