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crossed love

January 27, 2011
By rosalind, buford, Georgia
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rosalind, Buford, Georgia
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its not done, still needs to be corrected. but heres some :)

Starting out my junior year as a new person in a new school is not always the greatest gift my parents could give me, but there they were telling me the “great news”. My mom is beautiful with her hazel blue eyes and her light brown skin. She is medium weight and 5.4”. My father is one of those men that at first sight you may mistake his strength and size for someone sulky. He has dark brown skin with sky blue eyes, his 5.9” and weighs around 300 pounds, which is mostly muscle. My mom, Catalina, had a huge smile on her face and my father, Alexander, looked at me with a curious face. They waited for my response which was a nod, but that was enough to get them in a great mood for the rest of the night. “Rosy, come eat dinner please.” My mother called out to me. “Ok, I’ll be there in a minute” Rosalind was my full name but it had many nicknames like Linda, Rosy or Rose. My home nickname was Rosy and my friends called me Rosie, which sounded the same when said but spelled differently. I was excited about tonight; my best friend, also my cousin, would be coming to pick me up for the dance at Paola’s place, and I would be spending the night at her place afterwards. My cousin Tatiana is one of the best girls ever she’s like my sister. Tonight was Paola’s 15 and she was throwing a huge party at her place. Paola is Tatiana’s friend. I had not yet told Tatiana about me moving to Buford but I’m sure she would love it. It was hard for us to see each other since we lived two hours away from each other but in a couple of days we would be neighbors which were the positive sides to moving. As I went towards the kitchen the smell of food hit me, my mom had made my favorite, enchiladas. “Wow, mom, my favorite! What’s the catch?” I always knew that my mom cooked my favorite food when she wanted me to do something or wanted me to be happy for big news. That was the case here. They wanted me to be happy because we were moving, which deep down I was. “No catch, Sweetie” she giggled and then served my dad. She was Hispanic as well as my dad. I had sky blue eyes like my dad and I was tall like him to, but those where the only traits from him. I had light brown skin and long, wavy black hair like mother; I had my mom’s full lips, straight nose and I was like her in character to. It was the fact that I was an only child, and as it goes only Children are supposed to be spoiled; I’m not that type of girl. If I wanted something I had to earn it like every other teenager. Buford high school is known to be the center of drama. That was my main reason for not wanting to go, but on the positive side I would be in school with Tatiana. Tatiana arrived at my place at exactly 7:30 so we would arrive at the party at 9:30 or close, depends on how fast she drove. Tatiana was 17 so she had gotten her drivers license already, I in the other hand would be getting my driver’s license 3months. My 17th birthday was October 12 six months from today and I would have to celebrate it with new people, unless my friends went all the way to Buford, which I highly doubted. I ran outside to catch her in a bear hug and leave before my parents told her what I wanted to tell her. “Hey I missed you so much! Okay, let’s go, I’m ready!” “Hey… okay, hey aunty and uncle I guess I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow” she said to them while I pushed her back inside. She was surprised and also curious at my enthusiasm to get her out of here, like my parents but they just smiled and waved. “What’s wrong with you?” She asked when the house and my parents were in here rearview mirror. “I have some news to tell you and I wanted to be the first one to tell you.” I giggled while she stared at me waiting for what was next. “I’m moving to Buford in two days!” I watched her face go from surprised to a huge grin; I knew she’d love the news. “Really, you’ll have lots of fun and I’ll introduce you to some of the people today that way you’ll already have friends.” She went on and on about my arrival and how excited she was to have me closer, she also added the fact that now she wouldn’t have to waste so much money on gas. “Rosie this is amazing. Oh I love my aunt and uncle they’re the best!”Tatiana said. Tatiana looked at me when I didn’t respond. “Aren’t you excited to be moving to Buford?” she asked me because I wasn’t as into the conversation and my cousin knew that if I wasn’t talking something was wrong. “Kind of but I already have my friends here, too. The only exciting thing is ill get to see you allot more” “You will meet new people trust me there’s some great people in Buford, Every girl will be jealous.” she Knew that was the part that worried me, because when girls where jealous there where fights. I wasn’t beautiful like she said but I was good looking, and I had a tendency to attract boys, little did I know that beauty could cost me my life. “You know I don’t like to be the center of attention” I complained. “Yes but you can’t help it, you’re gorgeous and attract attention.” Like that could make me feel better at this time, I wasn’t a week person but I didn’t like to fight. Fighting for me was only to be used in emergencies, not because some girl found out that her boyfriend liked me so she had to take it out on me kind of thing. My cousin was also gorgeous in her own way, and she was fun to be around but she didn’t like to be in a relationship because of her dad. My uncle, Tatiana’s dad, had been in jail for 3 years already and still needed 20 more, he was placed in there for rape. I wished he would be in there for life, which I know is wrong since he is family but he destroyed a girl’s life, he destroyed his, only little girl’s life. Tatiana was raped by her own dad at age 14 and left her marked for life, she’s getting better. She has guy friends and she’s around them now but she won’t date, before she wouldn’t get near a guy without having to scream and kick. I loved her for her attitude she never let anyone know that she was upset or sad about it, but I always knew that deep down she cried. “Will see, I don’t want to get in any fights this year” “You won’t, nobody will hate you you’re an amazing person they’ll love you” she loved me as much as I loved her and it wasn’t because we were cousins, we would have loved each other even if we weren’t related. We arrived at the party at 9:40 around the right time, and it looked like we were just on time. There weren’t a lot of cars here yet but it was all ready starting, my cousin looked at me for the first time since we left the house. “Wow I love your dress it’s beautiful and it fits you just right” I looked at what she was wearing; it was one of her usual things to wear jeans and a strapless shirt. She wouldn’t wear dresses because she knew she had the body, dresses show of your figure and that was the last thing she wanted but no matter what she wore she always looked beautiful. “You look beautiful, just like always” I missed the old Tatiana but I learned to love the new one just as much. “Thanks, now come on I want to introduce you to someone special” that was a huge surprise was she dating someone and forgot to mention it, or maybe she was talking to someone it didn’t matter because she looked happy. “Okay, who is it?” “You’ll see.” She was very happy and she wanted to show me the cause of that happiness, which made me even happier. Now that I was looking around I could see that Paola lived in fairly big house, looked like a four story building which was one floor more than mine. The party was mostly outside but you could see some people inside the house, couples and there privacy. My cousin headed right towards Paola but then caught sight of someone else and waved, I tried to see who she was waving at but there were too many people in their circle to notice. “Hey Paola happy birthday girl, your finally 15” she said it in a joking voice and Paola smiled. “Hey I’m glad you could come and I’m guessing this is Rosie?” “Yup she’s the girl that stole my heart, she’s going to move down here in two days! So I want to present her to some people, oh by the way I love your dress and you look amazing” Paola did look amazing with her light blue dress, the dress was big and beautiful. Paola smiled when my cousin gave her the news about me but then again she had to smile. I know when people like me and she wasn’t one of them, besides me, she was my cousins’ best friend and I’m sure she was thinking that with me here she wouldn’t spend much time with Tatiana anymore. I just hoped that there wouldn’t be a fight in the middle of her party having me involved. But of course Paola had to act excited about the news so she said “it will be a blast to have you here with us” and gave me a smile which I returned even though I wanted to tell her to stop lying. “Well I’ll see you on the dance floor, come on Rosie lets go” “Nice meeting you again” I told her with my most honest voice I could come up with at the time. She smiled, nodded and waved us goodbye. We were heading towards the group of people I saw earlier; there were three girls and six guys. My cousin waved at them and I waved as well, they all waved back and stared not at my cousin but at me wondering who I was, I guessed. One of the boys came over and gave Tatiana a hug, was that the guy she wanted to introduce me to, suddenly she stopped and faced me. “Rosie this is Jake my boyfriend” she threw me a sorry for not telling you earlier look which I returned with a smile. “Hey Rosie, Tatiana has told me so much about you I’m glad to finally meet you” he was kind and meant what he said besides he looked at my cousin with shining eyes that meant true love. “I’m glad to meet you to Jake, congratulations on the boyfriend girlfriend thing I hope I’m not too late on that.” “No you’re not, I just asked her out this morning and you’re the second one to know.” At least I was the second one, for the first time I wondered if Paola was the first but then I saw her face when Jake grabbed Tatiana’s hand. I was glad she wasn’t the first one to find out; a guy from the group came up and looked at the couple then looked at me. “I guess I beat you then at knowing” he smiled at me, he was the one who knew before me and I was okay with it. “Hey I’m mike, what’s your name?” he was interested I could tell but then my cousin interrupted and pointed at me. “She’s Rosie my all time favorite cousin, and she will be moving down here in two days!” She was proud to say it, I felt like telling her I could introduce myself but I kept my mouth shut, didn’t want to ruin her fun. Mike beat me anyways “can she talk or do you do all the talking for her?” he was joking and we all knew it so my cousin was joking back when she said that I couldn’t speak. “Hi I’m Rosie nice to meet you.” I threw him a smile which he returned. “Rosie like rose, well you’re extremely beautiful so that name fits you well.” My cousin rolled her eyes and walked off mumbling something to Jake which I understood as “oh here goes mike” or something. Even though I had heard that fraise before it didn’t stop me from blushing, embarrassing was little for what I felt at the time because almost every single person in the room was staring at me and mike. “Thank you” I managed to squeak out, which made mike smile. “Would you like to sit with us, I mean at my table?” first I wanted to see if my cousin would be sitting with him since I didn’t want to be without her. “Are Jake and Tatiana sitting with you?” he smiled and then nodded, which assured me. “Then yes I will be sitting with you.” He was glad I said sitting with you as opposed to sitting with ya’ll, but to me it was all the same. I got the feeling someone was staring at me, I knew lots of people were staring at me but this wasn’t the same stare. It was coming from Paola, did she like mike? This would be fun; Paola didn’t like me already because I would be moving over here, now she hated me. “Is it me or does Paola not like me?” I asked him, out of pure curiosity. “Oh ha she hates every girl that’s better than her.” he winked at me and laughed then he got serious, well what you would consider serious with him. “Well also because I’m talking to you, and people have said that she likes me.” That was it she liked him but he was flirting with me instead of her. “Oh great, I’m going to be new to this place in two days and already I have an enemy!” he laughed and told me not to worry about it. With that he grabbed my wrist and led me to the table where we would sit at. “Hey I was beginning to worry.” Tatiana was joking like always. That was one of the best things about my cousin. She was a playful person but when it came to something serious she got down to business. “Well I’m not a baby darling.” I giggled and gave her a hug before sitting down next to her. The table was set for ten people and was the nicest looking one here which worried me. “Is this where Paola will be sitting at?” “Yes maim her and her six escorts.” Escorts are the guys that dance with the birthday girl. “Who are the escorts?” I asked her. Mike looked at me and gave me a shy smile; I guessed he was one of the six. “Jake, mike, Alex, Oswauldo, Danzel, and DQ” well at least Paola had good taste. Mike, Jake and the guy named Alex where the cutest ones in the group, over all they were all cute. Paola came out of the house dressed in a black skirt with a light blue shirt, which was sleeveless and showed half her stomach. They would dance the surprise dance first. The surprise dance is the dance that the birthday girl chose but none of her guest knows what it will be. Jake got up and started to leave but then came back and gave Tatiana a kiss on the cheek before walking off to the dance floor. “Mind saving my seat?” mike asked me. “No I do not.” I put my hand on the seat to let him know that would save it for him, he laughed and walked off. As soon as the guys where on the right spots the music began; they moved side to side at the rhythm of the beat. It was a two step song; this dance was easy but beautiful. Paola walked to the middle where Alex stood and began to dance with him first. “Is that the honored escort?” I asked my cousin. “Yea, she chose her brother.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be brothers, it can be any guy. Most girls chose their boyfriend. After the dance a man’s voice spoke out and scared me. “There will be ladies passing out the food meanwhile my daughter and the gentleman change.” The food looked good; it was steak with orange rice and black beans. They also passed out two types of salsa, a red one and a green one. A couple of minutes after they had served the food the guy’s came out looking sharp in there black suits and light blue tie’s. Mike was missing from the group; I looked at each one of them and smiled. Mike stepped out of the house and walked over to the group, he looked amazing. He caught my sight and winked before throwing me a smile. They danced two other songs and took a break. My cousin waved at someone to come over, two girls walked over to us. One of them had curly black hair and the other had straight black hair, they matched with their white sleeveless shirt and black pants. They were very pretty; they sat down beside my cousin and smiled at us. “Hey” they said at the same time. “Hey girls, I would like ya’ll to meet my cousin Rosie.” I smiled and waved at them. “Rosie this is Alma and Ashley.” She told me. Alma was the one with curly hair and Ashley the one with straight hair. “Hi, nice to meet ya’ll.” I told them. “Same here, Tatiana has told us so much about you.” Alma said to me. “I hope there all good things.” I poked cookie and smiled at her. Cookie was my nickname for Tatiana. “When do I ever talk about you in a bad way?” she sounded offended but in a joking way. “Look there about to start the third dance.” We all got quite and looked up at the dance. When they where done Paola came over and asked if I could do her a favor, I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t want to be rude so I agreed to do it. “Thanks, please take this over to my mom. She is in the kitchen.” She handed me a pillow, on the pillow was a crown and her shoes. I walked over to the house and through the door. There were a lot of women changing for the dance I had to go through them to get to the kitchen. I had to say excuse me so many times but I finally made it to the kitchen. There was only one lady in there so I wouldn’t have to ask who Paola’s mom was.

“Excuse me are you Paola’s mom?” I did not think I had to ask but I did anyways. I did not think I would startle her but I did. She dropped the dish she was washing and I jumped forward. I caught the plate that she had dropped before it landed on the ground. I heard a noise coming from my dress. I got up and then looked down at my dress; my dress had ripped straight through the middle showing my stomach to the bottom of my knee. I turned bright red, I handed her the dish with one hand and covered up as much as I could with the other.
“Oh my, look at your dress.” Paola’s mom said to me. She gave me a sympathy look then took the dish from my hand.
“Its okay don’t worry I have some other clothes in the car.” Paola’s mom was pretty with her dark brown hair and light brown eyes. She was wearing a simple dress, but it did look nice on her.
“Okay, there’s a little bathroom around the corner so you can change in there.” She pointed towards a small door before the living room. “Know what where you saying my dear?”
“Oh right, your daughter told me to give you this.” I handed her the pillow with the crown and the shoes.
“Oh thank you.” I started walking off when she asked me a question. “I have never seen you around here, are you friends with Paola?” I had to stop and think about that one, since Paola didn’t like me that well.
“I came with my cousin, she’s Paola’s friend.” I told her.
“Who is your cousin?” I looked around, I wanted to leave so I could change but I didn’t want to be rude.
“Oh she is the sweetest girl ever.” She looked like she wanted to say more but I nodded and turned around. I walked out of the house and towards our table which was full by now, Paola saw me coming first. She started laughing and then the rest looked over at me. My cousin, Jake and mike where the only ones to get up and walk over to me, the rest stared and laughed.
“What happened?” they all asked at the same time.
“Nothing it was an accident. Let me get your keys I have some more clothes in the car.” I looked at Paola while she pointed and smiled, this wasn’t part of her plan but she was glad it happened.
“Are you sure you don’t want to just leave?” Tatiana asked me. I couldn’t leave, after this it was my turn to shine.
“No, I’m okay I just need to change.” She handed me the keys and then walked back with Jake.
“I’m glad that you’re not leaving!” mike told me in a soothing voice, he hugged me then walked over to the table. I was falling for this guy but I didn’t know how deep. I walked out to the car to get my clothes; mike was filling my every thought. It was weird to think about him these ways as if he owned my every move; I did not need that right now. I quickly grabbed the clothes and headed back inside to the little room in the corner. I walked in to find myself in a little pink bathroom, there was a sink and a toilet but that was it. I changed in to my jeans and white t-shirt that showed half my stomach. Then I grabbed my black vest and put that on to, I didn’t think I needed to take the heels off since they where black, matching my vest.
“This is great for the dance.”I told myself, I laughed and then grabbed my ripped dress and headed back to the car. Mike was leaning against the car looking very sexy with his half smile. He looked up and saw me walking down the steps, he looked up then down at me seeing what I had changed into. The jeans showed my curves and the shirt showed my stomach as well as my belly button pierced. Over all I looked great, the belly button piercing was a sign of love that me and my cousin did the sixth week after she had been raped. It meant allot to me and to her, she knew that we would always be connected but the piercing was a way to show it I guess.
“Wow, you look…” he caught himself trying to pick the right word. “I can’t even describe how you look right now.” He gave me a half smile then winked at me, he was sweet.
I took the time to look at what he was wearing; he had on a black Hollister shirt with blue jeans and polo’s. The shirt fit him tight showing off his biceps and rock hard stomach, the jeans where loose but not to loose.
“You look great to.” I complimented him. He looked down as if he had forgotten what he was wearing then smiled up at me.
“Oh, thank you.” while I was still staring at him the tip of my heel caught on the last step which sent me forward into mikes body. He caught me and straightened me up but did not let go of my arms. Instead he grabbed me by the waist and leaned in close to my ear “are you okay?” before I could answer Paola walked out from behind the house then saw us there like that. She turned bright red, I tried to move but mike shook his head and pulled me in tighter.
“I came to check on you mike when I didn’t see you coming back!” Paola looked down at his hands around my waist then back up to his face. She was mad and it showed when she screamed it out to him.
“Thanks but I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to do what I want!” Mike shot back. Her mouth dropped before she straightened up and thought of something outs to say. He was right though; mike was 18 and didn’t need a babysitter.
“I’m sorry, I also came out here to ask you to go dance with me.” She stretched out her arm but mike did not take it. Paola acted like if I was not there, like if mike didn’t have his arms around my waist.
“Sorry but I came to see if Rosie was okay and if she wanted to dance with me?” mike put it in a question form for me. Paola laughed and looked at me instead of asking what happened she just stood there and laughed.
“Well she changed so I guess that means she’s fine. Come on let’s dance.” She reached out again but this time I answered her. I wanted payback and this was my chance to make her mad.
“He said he doesn’t want to dance with you. He wants to dance with me!” that hit the spot, her face turned bright red.
“He was going to change his mind when you rudely interrupted.” She hit the spot right back. I felt like a fool, of course I didn’t know if what she said was true.
“No she was right; I want to dance with Rosie, Paola.” That was score one for me and one for her we where even at the moment but not for long. “Rosie would you like to dance with me?” I looked over at Paola then nodded; she said something under her breath then walked off. We walked back to the dance floor; I looked over at the table to see Paola whispering to Alma and Ashley. I was not looking for her but for my cousin whom I did not find; I looked around until I spotted her in jakes arms dancing. They looked perfect together, they where in the middle of the dance floor looking perfect in each other’s arms. Mike cleared his throat to get my attention when he had it he grabbed my hand and put it on his shoulder while my other hand was holding his. He put his arm around my waist and we started to move against the music.
“You’re a really good dancer.” I complimented him.
“Thank you, you are to.” mike complimented me back. He always had something nice to say. We danced all night until my cousin came over to ask me if I was ready to leave.
“I am” I told her.
“What you’re leaving me already?” mike asked me.
“Sorry but I need to get up early tomorrow and its two o’clock already.” I told him.
“Okay fine but when you move in I’m not going to let you go.” He meant what he said but I had no problem with that.
“Come on Rosie!” Tatiana was getting impatient so I hugged mike good bye. What Tatiana did next was a surprise to everyone except Jake; she walked over to Jake and kissed him. It wasn’t a kiss on the cheek or even a peck but a full on French kiss. She got back up and laughed then walked over to Paola.
“That was amazing.” Jake managed to gasp out. He was out of breath but he was smiling.
“Thank you Paola for inviting us, are you still going to the movies tomorrow with me Jake and mike?” well this news was interesting to me so I walked over to them.
“Yes I am, it’s only us right?” she wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going with them.
“Yup just us, unless you want to invite someone else?” I knew the response to that as soon as Tatiana said it.
“Nope just us!” Paola blurted.
“Hey do ya’ll mind if I come?” I was mostly just saying it to get on Paola’s nerves but then again I wanted to be with them to. My cousin looked back at me and smiled, “I can always just call my mom and tell her I’m staying another day.” I explained to her.
“Do you think she will be cool with that?” Tatiana asked me. Paola was about ready to explode but she didn’t say a word.
“Of course you know she would, EVERYONE loves me!” I made a huge deal about everyone loving me then winked at Paola.
“Yea you’re right, let’s go. We have other things to do before tomorrow. Thanks again Paola we had a lot of fun, we will both see you tomorrow.” Paola did not say another word instead she waved and headed back to the dance floor.
I turned around in time to se her approach mike, she wanted to dance with him but he looked about ready to leave. She turned and saw that I was looking; she turned back around and gave him a hug. While she was that close to him she decided to give him a kiss on the cheek, he turned in time to see me looking. He turned bright red before heading my way, I walked over to my cousin’s car and got in. the last thing saw was when Paola grabbed his hand and pulled him back.
“Did you have fun?” my cousin asked distracting me from my thoughts.
“Yes I did, by the way Jake is cute.” I laughed and she joined me.
“I thought you would be mad that I didn’t tell you. It was supposed to be a surprise when you got here.”
“No I’m not mad; he makes you happy so that makes me happy.” I told her the truth, no one had ever made her that happy not even me.
“Thank you, I love you so much you’re the best!” cookie looked over at me and I blew her a kiss. She laughed and I laughed with her. “Did you like mike?” even though she was my cousin I couldn’t think of how to phrase what I felt for mike, it was different. I felt something towards him that I had never felt before. He was cute but I knew that looks had nothing to do with what I felt for him, somehow he had caught my attention and now it seemed impossible to get him out of my head.
“Yes I like mike, I don’t know how much but I like him. I sure know that he caught my attention.” That was the best I could do to some it all up. It wasn’t enough and only I knew that, she probably would think I was crazy if I told her how I truly felt. Mike and I just met so there could not be love for him just yet. The just yet part worried me.
“Ya’ll two look cute together, and mike does that.” I stopped when she said that confused.
“What do you mean he does that?”
“Allot of girls like him, his attractive. So yea it wasn’t a surprise that he caught your attention to.” oh that’s what she meant by he does that. I knew that she would not understand what I was saying but then again I don’t think anyone would. I understood perfectly what I felt for him and deep down I was worried but every time I thought about him that feeling disappeared.
“You’re right. You would know if Paola liked him right?” I was pretty sure everyone knew that but I was also sure that my cousin could give me more information then the rest. I wanted to know how deep Paola was with mike, my cousin being her best friend would know that.
“Paola has liked him since he moved here. She claims to love him but I know better, she has a crush on him that’s it. When she finds the right guy she will look back and laugh.” Good that meant that I had a chance with mike if I found Paola a boyfriend. Fred was someone that anyone but me would fall for; he was my best guy friend.
“Well maybe I could get her that guy.” My cousin looked over at me; she looked confused and interested at the same time. “My best guy friend, His brother is also single if she doesn’t like Fred.”
“What’s Fred’s brother name?” cookie asked me.
“His name is Mack, His also sweet and cute. Maybe I could get one of them to start talking; we never know what could happen.”
“So you want to actually start talking to mike?” there was no point in hiding it from my cousin.
“I’m interested in him, and want him for myself.” She laughed when I said that but then she looked over at me and realized I was serious.
“Wow I never thought it was that serious.” I laughed then; it was her expression that made me laugh.
“You should have seen your face, and yes it is kind of serious at least for me.” I hoped mike liked me back; I really wanted to get to know him, even date him. We entered her neighborhood; it was beautiful, lined up with three story high buildings in each side. My porch faced out through the woods, well my soon to be porch. I looked over at my soon to be house and smiled what if my cousin and I slept over there to night, it would be fun.“Does my aunt have the keys to my soon to be house?” I looked over at Tatiana.
“No but I do.” She threw me a smile before going down the drive to my soon to be house. Great minds think alike. My aunt cam over when she saw the headlights, me and Tatiana got out and headed towards her. Tatiana body slammed me to the ground; we rolled around the yard in the dark. We giggled when my aunt told us to stop.
“Hey Rosie it’s so good to see you again.” My aunty, Carla, came over to me and gave me a bear hug.
“I missed you to aunty. Can you please call my mom and ask her if I can stay over tomorrow and leave around nine?” I knew that my aunty would agree to do it.
“Yes I will, now get some sleep.” We hugged her goodnight before heading up the stairs. When Tatiana opened the door I got a quick glimpse of what my cousin and aunt had done for me. There were two sleeping bags in the middle of the floor with a TV set and lots of treats. In the corner there was a bunch of movies.
“I thought she said goodnight not stay up and party until six in the morning.” My cousin laughed at me before plunging herself into her sleeping bag.
“What movie would you like to watch?” cookie asked me. She flipped through the movies; she looked up at me when I didn’t respond.
“I would like to talk first.”
“Okay, what’s up?” she knew what I was going to ask her, it was the same thing that I asked her every day. She never answered me truthfully; she always sweetened it, which was not what I wanted.
“How do you feel?” she stopped for a second and then breathed out.

It was something I never expected, she was the one thing I cared about the most and here I was making her suffer.
“You know you ask me this every time you come over.” She was not mad; she knew that I only asked because I cared.
“Yes I know, but you never actually tell me the truth. You know what I’m asking but at the end you sweeten everything that comes out your mouth. I want to know how you feel deep down.”
“I am very happy because you’re here and because I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever. Rosie nothing could change or erase what happened that night, no matter how hard I try it won’t go away.” This is what I worried about the most, I did not know if I was helping her by asking but there was only one way to find out. She took on a different tone when she went through and told me what was happening to her from the inside. “I sometimes dream about it at night and wake up screaming. My clothes stuck to my skin from the sweating, its one of the darkest dreams anyone could ever have. I witnessed it first hand and now it’s like I’m losing myself.”
“I see you getting better, you started dating and today you kissed Jake?” she did not hear me she was lost in that nightmare we all wish to escape but cant. It is funny how the good dreams never last but the bad ones do.
“It was a stormy night and my mother was out like always when my dad was drunk. I was huddled under the covers trying to ignore the loud thunder outside when there he was standing at my door. I remember asking him if he had come to say goodnight but he just threw his head back and laughed.” I had the chills running up my arms when she started telling me, she was quietly speaking. Her tone was sad and of a little girl instead of a 16 year old girl. “he came over and asked me to promise him something, I said yes daddy I will but I did not know, I did not know!” she screamed it out load before getting quite again. It was a sad cry; she did not want to have told her own dad that promise.
“Its okay, just stop Tatiana stop!” it was too late she was lost and I was slowly getting pulled into that horrible dream that hurt my cousin so badly. I cried with my cousin, I cried for the nightmare to end and for my cousin. She was suffering. I hated my uncle for that; he had destroyed my cousin’s life the person I cared about the most.
“He made me promise that no matter what I would not scream or make any noise, he said no matter what baby you can not speak ok. I agreed right away, he tested me by grabbing my hands and twisting them. I failed, I screamed out and that made him mad. I told you not to scream he yelled at me, but daddy it hurt me. It does not matter do not scream at all ok baby. Yes I tell him and to show him I close my lips real tight.” She started shaking back and forth while the tears rolled down her face. “He kissed me and I moved away from him, that made him angrier he grabbed my blanket and pushed it onto the floor leaving me there shivering. I cried for him to give it back but he wouldn’t instead he grabbed my shorts and tore them off as well.” This was it she was at the end of her nightmare but this was the scariest part. The part when you realized you would die or be eaten by beast.
“I’m here, I’m here!” I cried out loud hugging her closer to me. I knew she couldn’t hear me but I felt like conforming her that I was there for her.
“Once he had ripped away all my clothes he continued with his own. I closed my eyes and prepared for the screaming and kicking, I knew what he would do to me and I could not keep my promise. I kicked and screamed at him in the same instant he punched me in the stomach making me lose my breath. The only thing that I could feel right then was the burning pain and sickness of it all. If only my mother had not left me if only I was with her and not here in the house alone!” she screamed before opening her eyes, she was back to the present and far away from the past. She sank down next to my knee and cried in silence, I rubbed her hair and touched her cheek while I cried along with her.
“I’m so sorry, I did not want to hurt you I’m sorry!” she looked up at me and smiled; she tried to clean her face but gave up at the end.
“No its okay I feel better now I had never shared that with anyone before.” after the horrible thing he had done to her he went downstairs and called the police himself. He told them what he had done then he called my aunty, once my uncle had been taken my aunt called me and asked me to come over for a couple of weeks I agreed. It was summer and I had nothing better to do then to spend it with my cousin even though I did not know what she was like at the time.
“I’m glad that you feel better but I’m upset that I made you relive something so monstrous.” I had come over that same night after receiving my aunt’s call, my parents walked in with me and talked to my aunt. They found out what I was not meant to find out until the sixth week that I had stayed with them. I had cried every night with my cousin not knowing the reason for this sadness. There came the night that I could not cry any more.
“I hate the fact that you where here to see that and listen to that but I’m glad that it was you and not someone else.”
“Let’s get some sleep and hope that our eyes aren’t puffy in the morning.” I laughed and she joined me. We hugged each other once more and then closed our eyes to the night.
“Rosie, wake up!” I was startled.
“Cookie, why did you do that?”
“Im sorry I didn’t mean to scare you but we have to get going its two o’clock already.” Wow it was late, I had never slept so much but than again we did fall asleep late last night.
“What do we have to do?”
“Well we have to meet Jake at the mall at four and then head over to the movies.”
“Oh okay, is my aunt at work?”
“Yes she left, she left us a note saying that your mom was fine with you staying over today and that breakfast was in the microwave.”
“Good thing my mom agreed or we would have been in trouble.” We laughed and then quickly ran over to my auntie’s house. We ate breakfast and then I went to take a shower while Tatiana finished eating. “Oh man I forgot I don’t have any clothes.”
“Its okay, we are the same size so that’s not a problem. I also have a brand new braw and underwear that you can have.”
“Okay, thanks.” She handed me a jean skirt and a sparkly shirt. The shirt was really cute and small; it showed half my stomach revealing my belly button piercing. The skirt was not to long but not to short either making me look sexy. I laughed when she handed me pink sandals, she was wearing practically the same outfit except that her shirt was a sparkly blue matching her sandals.
“We look like twins!” Tatiana told me. We looked at each other in the mirror and headed out. We arrived at the mall around three thirty just in time. We walked in and the halls where filled with people. Some guys stopped and stared before they continued there way others came over and asked for our numbers. Tatiana’s response was that she had a boyfriend mine was that I did not give my number out to strangers. There was a group of girls that followed behind us and made weird noises, we mainly ignored them. We walked straight to the food court and sat at a big booth waiting for Jake and the rest.
“Why don’t they just leave us alone?” I whispered to my cousin after the group of girls sat right next to our table and continued to make noise. They all looked around twelve to thirteen years of age.
“I don’t know but there getting on my nerves.” My cousin was super nice but she did have a bad side. The girls started commenting on our clothes even though they were wearing shorter skirts. Right then one of the girls walked up to us, we waited for her to say something, and she didn’t. The little girl was wearing a blue jean skirt, it was a lot shorter then ours, and the shirt was red and fit her real tight emphasizing the size of her breast.
“Do you need something or are you just going to stand there?” I asked the little girl.
“Puta” The little girl did not know we spoke Spanish, I looked over at Tatiana she was mad.
“Nice try but we both speak Spanish, now you may want to go back to your little group of friends and leave before my cousin and I get involved.” I’m not the type that would cuss back unless there needed to be. I also did not like to fight. Even after my warning the girl did not leave, my cousin slowly got up and went over to the girl. Once she saw the girl would not move she grabbed her by the hand and led her back to the table.
“Let go off me now!”
“My cousin warned you and you did not listen now leave with your group of girls and look at yourself before you judge.” They all got up and started walking away yelling foul names at us. We really did not care they were all young and needed to grow up. Jake was just walking over to us and hearing all the names the girls called out to us. He threw us a confused look before coming over. “Little girls” I told him.
“Wow Tatiana you look amazing.” He gave her a hug and then a kiss.
“You do to Jake.” Tatiana complimented him back. Jake had on a pair of loose blue jeans and a black sweater. Not the stuff I would go for but hey he was my cousin’s boyfriend not mines. I got up and gave Jake a hug, after the hug I stood outside while Jake got in next to Tatiana.
“Wow look at that girl, she is beyond beautiful.” It was mike; I was surprised that I could recognize his voice. I turned around, and there he was standing there staring at me.
“Hey mike” he looked around then pointed at himself.
“Is this beautiful lady talking to me?” he looked around again as if it could not be real.
“No not you the hot guy over there with blue jeans and a dark blue shirt, he has beautiful black hair.” That was what mike was wearing, he looked great to.
“Oh darn I hate that guy!” he said then began to laugh, I joined him while Jake and my cousin rolled there eyes. I walked over and gave mike a hug, then went and sat down next to Jake. “Hey ya’ll two, wow Tatiana you look different.”
“You mean beautiful.” Jake corrected him.
“Well yea, if I said that you would have to punch me then.” We all laughed at that. Paola was taking a while to call my cousin; I wished she would not call at all. The guys went to get us some milkshakes while we waited.
“I don’t think she’s going to call.” I told them. Spoke to soon, my cousin’s phone vibrated on the table.
“Hey Paola we were just talking about you.” Tatiana said through the phone, she waited while Paola talked. Hopefully she could not come. “Oh okay, no that’s fine.” another pause. “Okay I will be there in a bit.” She said bye and then closed her phone. “Alex has to come to, so it’s all six of us.” Oh so her brother had to come along to.
“Is it because the parents told her to take her younger brother?” I guess many would think that I did not know because I was an only child but I did have friends with brothers. When I went out with them their parents would make them take their younger brothers so that they would not get into any trouble.
“No his not younger there twins, but he wanted to come along. I like Alex I don’t know why she doesn’t. He is cool to be around.” Tatiana told me.
“Oh I did not know they where twins, well I don’t know him so I’m not going to judge.” I told Tatiana.
“He is a good friend, but you know, she does not like it when he goes with us.” Mike told my cousin and Jake. Jake nodded and Tatiana stood up.
“Well I have to go pick them up, Rosie would you like to go with me or go with one of the guys?”
“Rosie you can ride with me.” Mike told me rather than asked me. I would not mind riding with mike, also because I did not want to be with Paola.
“Ok.” I told mike, my cousin nodded and headed out towards the front of the mall. I was walking out of the booth but bumped into a tall guy. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” I told the stranger who was looking down at me.
“It’s ok, no harm done um, what’s your name?” he had a deep voice; he looked around 17 to 18 years of age. He was very tall and had light brown skin; his red shirt hugged his body showing the muscles behind that shirt. He looked around mikes size. His hair was black and spiked up in every direction, his eyes where a greenish color, overall he was very cute.
“I’m Rosie and you?” mike was talking to Jake but he stopped when he noticed me talking to this guy. Mike looked like he knew him the way he glared at him.
“I’m Calvin, you have a very cute name.” he told me. At that moment Jake turned to leave and mike started coming towards me. “Hey mike, what are you doing here?” so Calvin and mike knew each other, I wonder if there in the same grade?
“I came here with Rosie, Jake and Tatiana where here to. What about you?” I did not miss the fact that he made it sound like him and I came here together, but I was not sure if Calvin had caught that.
“I came to chill with some friends, I’m glad I came to.” He looked at me and smiled, I did not know what he was talking about but mike seemed to know.
“Yea I guess, come on Rosie we have to get going.” He grabbed my hand and started pulling me along with him, I found that very rude so I took my hand back and stayed where I was at. I felt bad because I knew I had hurt mikes feelings but I could not be rude and leave Calvin talking like that. Calvin liked the fact that I took my hand back to.
“Well it was nice talking to you Calvin, bye.”
“Bye, wait can I have your number?” he was not an exception to my rule; he was a stranger after all.
“Sorry don’t hand my number out to people I don’t know well.”
“Okay, well I guess ill see you another day, bye.” He did not look offended or hurt so I walked over to mike. I had hurt mike and it showed in his face. I felt bad, I had flirted with mike and showed him that I cared about him the first day we met but he should understand that he can’t just pull me away like that.
“I’m so…” he interrupted me before I could finish apologizing.
“Don’t Rosie I’m the one who has to apologize.” He turned and faced me. “Im sorry, I just don’t like Calvin.”
“Oh okay, and don’t worry about it. Let’s just forget about that.” I hugged him and then took his hand. I was walking of to the exit when he pulled me back, once he had me in a hug he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. He left a tingling feeling where he had kissed me making me lose my thought. He laughed and then pulled me behind him towards the exit. “Thanks, now where’s your car?”
“Over there.” He pointed towards a red mustang, wow his car was amazing. He had on some nice looking rims with a black bird in the middle stretching out the bird’s wings.
“Wow, I want your car!” I was serious when I said that, but I also had my own car back home. My parents bought me a car for my 15 birthday even though I could not drive it yet. It was a red Porsche carrera, the prettiest car ever at least for me it was.
“Maybe in five years.” He joked, I stuck out my lip and made my sad puppy face. He laughed and then added “okay maybe a year.” I laughed at that and he did to.
“Okay deal, in a year you will give me your car.” He walked towards my side of the car and opened the door for me. I was not used to that sort of thing but it was sweet he was probably one out of ten guys who still did that. “Thank you.” I said to him. He walked in front of the car to get to his side. The inside of his car was shiny clean with leather seats and black car mats. He turned on the car; the engine quietly came to live. It was a beautiful car, I could not wait to get my drivers license and show him my car to.
“What type of music would you like to listen to?” mike asked me once we where both inside and settled.
“Um, any is fine.” I enjoyed any type of music no matter how loud or how sad it was. He put in a white Cede and pressed play. The first song that started to play was my favorite song; it was just the way you are by Bruno mars. “I love this song, it’s my favorite.”
“It’s a good song.” He agreed with me, my favorite part was coming on and I could not help but sing it. I tried to be quit but I was sure mike could hear me, I did not mind because I knew I could sing.
“Her lips, her lips I could kiss them all day if she let me. Her laugh, her laugh she hates but I think it’s so sexy. She’s so beautiful and I tell her every day.” I stopped when I heard mike laughing. “Sorry I got into it.” I laughed trying to be cool about it but I could feel myself blushing, why did I have to blush, it gave everything away.
“No its okay, you are a great singer. I was not laughing at the way you sing but just that you’re perfect at everything.” Did he really need to encourage the blushing? He looked over at me and saw that I was blushing; he placed his right hand on my check and cradled my face. “You are perfect at everything you do, you’re just perfect.”
“I doubt that, you know you’re the sweetest guy ever! How far is this place?” I looked down at the time; we had been on the road for thirty minutes already, not that I had noticed before.
“Excited to be away from me?” he was joking I could tell but his face showed a little seriousness.
“No it’s not that I like being with you it’s just the mall is far from Buford.” He looked better once I had told him that it was not him, I had asked the question out of interest.
“Oh okay, just a couple of minutes more. Rosie I…” he was having trouble telling me something. I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach; my body realized what he would say but my mind did not process it as fast. “I like you a lot. Since that first day I saw you I liked you, I know it’s soon but I don’t know what outs to say you’re always on my mind. I would understand if you don’t like me, I just don’t know what’s going on.” He was patient looking straight ahead. His cheeks where red, this was the first time that I had seen him nervous.
I did not know what to tell him, if I told him I felt the same then he would ask me out, but what if it ruined our friendship. I would love to be in a relationship with him but what if it did not turn out the right way.
“I like you to mike but I don’t know. We just met let me think about it okay?” he breathed out and nodded. He smiled at me and then he was back to the regular mike.
“We are here.” He announced.

The author's comments:
doesnt have cuss words but it will. :)

“There it is.” Mike told me pointing to a big red building. On the front it said Santa fee mall I had heard about it before but had never been here. He parked in front of a food court; he got out and went around the car to open my door. I had beaten him; I jumped out before he could give me a hand. He laughed at me and then grabbed my hand anyways. “I’m going to be the luckiest guy in the mall?”
“Why?” I could not believe that I had not seen that one coming. He was the sweetest guy and the most flirtatious one to at least around me he was. Even with all that information of him I did not see his response and most surprising was my response.
“I’m with the most beautiful girl ever.” My body responded before my mind could. I walked over to him wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. It did not matter that we were in the parking lot or that there were strangers staring at us, I was in his arms and that’s all that mattered. When our lips connected there was a spark, it was the most wonderful sensation ever. I did not want the kiss to end but unfortunately it did and not because mike or I pulled away but from a different reason. I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek, it threw m backwards making me and mike fall to the ground.
“You would be the one to lock your dirty lips with him as soon as you’re alone!” Paola screamed at me. I was still confused and rubbing my left cheek, mike was even more confused.
“Paola stop there’s nothing wrong with that!”Tatiana screamed at Paola. I got up in that instinct and felt furious, Paola had not right she was not mikes girlfriend. She had slammed her fist straight into my cheek; I could taste the blood inside my mouth.
“You have the nerve to hit me like that! You’re not his girlfriend!” she came at me again but this time I was aware of what was going on. I grabbed her left fist and twisted it; it took a lot of me to not throw my right into her face. “I’m going to let go but if you try again I will hit back.” My cousin came closer while mike got off the ground; I shook my head at both of them before they could get involved. I let go of her arm and stepped back waiting for her next move.
“Do you really think I’m scared of you?” Paola spit out furiously.
“No I never said…” I did not have to time to finish my sentence before her right fist swung at me again; I grabbed her fist and threw my right into her left cheek. She stumbled back a few steps and grabbed at her cheek. “I told you to stop. I don’t want to fight you.” She looked up at me; her eyes were filled with water preparing to spill over. She came at me again but this time mike was ready. He grabbed her hands and pulled her in close to him.
“Understand this! I’m not your boyfriend! I can go and kiss any girl I want. I don’t like you that way get that straight. Now get away from Rosie and calm your ass down!” mike let go of Paola’s arms and waited, Paola spit out a mouthful of blood then ran over to my cousin. Paola hugged Tatiana and began to cry. Tatiana pushed her away.
“You had not right to hit my cousin Paola. When you apologize I will talk to you again.” Tatiana told Paola. I hated myself for coming for bringing this entire thing out like that; if I wouldn’t have opened my mouth yesterday they would have all been fine right now. They would still be friends and still be happy with each other.
“I’m going to go. I will call my mom and tell her to come pick me up. That way you can stay.” I told my cousin, not really worried about the rest.
“No stay, we can go do something together. Or we can go eat and then ill take you back.” Tatiana told me.
“I don’t want any problems you know that, it’s better for me to leave.” I told her back.
“Please stay. I’m sorry for hitting you. It was the wrong thing to do and I’m sorry.” Paola spoke out from behind Tatiana. She sounded sincere, everyone made mistakes.
“I don’t know if I should stay but I do accept your apology.” I told Paola. Maybe one of these days we could become friends, I was not sure if today would be the day.
“Mike I’m sorry for doing this. I knew that you never liked me but I did not want to listen and now I’m sorry for my actions. Rosie thanks for accepting but please stay with us.” Paola sounded like a little girl in the edge of crying again, I could not tell if it was from me or from what mike had told her.
“Paola I like you but not the way you want I’m sorry. You are a good friend but that’s it and I do accept your apology. Rosie please stay with us!” well I guess another four hours would not hurt, especially since Paola sounded sincere about wanting me here.
“I will stay. Paola maybe we can start all over and become good friends.” I went over to Paola and gave her a hug; she returned it and then nodded.
“Well I don’t know about you guys but I really don’t want to watch a movie I’ve had enough action for today.” Tatiana told us all; I nodded in agreement and so did everyone else. “So lets all go order some food from little Tokyo and take it back to someone’s house.” I looked over at Tatiana she smiled at me witch made me think she knew what I was thinking. “I know where we could go.”
“Whose place?” mike and Paola asked Tatiana.
“Rosie’s place, there we can watch a movie until its time for Rosie to go back home.” Tatiana was definitely thinking the same way I did. “Rosie’s house is right next to mine so you can go with out directions. I have to go and get Alex and Jake there still waiting for us inside.” She was speaking to mike when she said he would not be needing directions giving him the go ahead for him to leave. I had also forgotten about Jake and Alex, with all the excitement I did not think about much.
“I will go with you.” Paola chirped up before my cousin could walk off. That left me and mike alone, I did not know if that was a good thing. I spit out another mouthful of blood, I did not know how deep my cut was so I walked over to mikes car and looked in the mirror. It wasn’t that bad the bleeding would soon be stopping. Mike moved closer and looked at the cut while I looked.
“It’s not bad.” I told him
“No its not, it shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” Mike said to me. I turned around; mike was a lot closer then what I had imagined. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in. “that was amazing, before the fighting I mean.” The kiss had been amazing, but was it right.
“It was something.” I told him. He looked down at me and frowned, he had taken it the wrong way. “No I mean it was amazing but I don’t know if it was right. We just met and already I feel like we have been together for ever. That kiss just made it a lot stronger.” I explained to him. That kiss had awakened stronger feelings that I did not know existed. He looked confused before he smiled his half smile again.
“You feel that way to?” mike asked me. I could tell from the kiss that he liked me but I did not know how much, now I knew and it made my stomach flutter. My face burned, he put his hand on my cheek and rubbed it. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, I like you a lot and even though we have seen each other for two days I want you to be my girl. What do you say?” he asked me. My emotions where thrown at me, first happiness second worry third scared and finally embarrassed, I did not know why I had felt some of them but the happiness over ruled the rest. It would have happened later on so why not start this relationship now.
“Yes I do want to be your girlfriend mike!” he gave me a hug then slowly he lifted my face up and kissed me on the lips gently. It wasn’t enough I wanted more, I threw my arms over his neck and pulled him in closer. A very quiet moan escaped his lips; it was very quiet that at first I thought it was my imagination. He parted my lips and the emotion from the first kiss came back, it was fierce, I wanted much more. There was a lot of throat clearing before I parted away from mike, my cousin, Paola, Alex, and Jake where all standing there watching us. I moved farther away from mike but he just pulled me back in, I turned bright red and looked down.
“Hello guys, we all ready to go?” mike asked them not sounding at all embarrassed. He lifted my face up and smiled at me. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about after all you’re my girlfriend now.” He whispered in my ear so that nobody else would hear.
“Umm yes we are, what’s going on with ya’ll two first before we leave, I think we have a right to know.” Tatiana asked me and mike. Tatiana would find out sooner or later so why not now. Mike was right there was nothing to be embarrassed about but I was because I was not used to people staring at my while kissing a guy.
“Rosie accepted to be my girlfriend!” mike told them and I nodded in agreement. I looked around at there faces, Paola did not look surprised; there was a hint of jealousy in her eyes. Tatiana was happy but not surprised, Jake and Alex where the only ones to be surprised. “Now can we move on with our lives?” mike joked. I poked mike in the stomach, gently but he jumped which made me laugh.
“Did it have to be mike?” Tatiana asked me, she was joking of course.
“Wow Tatiana I thought I was like your brother, I see I was wrong.” Mike told her, he shook his head pretending to be hurt. Tatiana came over and hugged him.
“Yea its okay, you’re like an annoying bug that won’t go away. Now your going to be even more annoying ha.” Tatiana and mike busted out laughing while the rest joined in.
“Let’s go get some food I’m starving!” I told them all while my stomach growled in agreement.
“Rosie you skipped lunch and went straight for dessert.” Tatiana joked. I turned bright red but laughed and so did everyone else. My stomach growled even louder which made us all laugh even more. “Okay well let’s go before Rosie faints on us.” Tatiana joked, even though it could have happened. I liked seeing us like this; joking around and having fun, I enjoyed being part of this group. Even if Paola and I weren’t the best of friends but we would be, sadly the years for me where short, and the years for them flew by without me. Not that I knew it then, right then I was happy to be part of their group, Happy to know that I would love these people.

Everyone in the car was quiet, even mike, who always talked was quiet. It felt like a longer drive going back home then it did going to the mall, maybe it was because me and mike were talking all the way there. I guess we all had something to be thinking about, I was now mike’s girlfriend and friends with Paola. I would not be going to school tomorrow which meant I wouldn’t get to say goodbye to my friends in person, which was a good thing since I didn’t want to cry. I would not being going to school because I would need to pack up and help out in putting everything up in our new house. Tatiana would be coming over when she got off school and my aunty would come over after work. My phone beeped again in my pocket, everyone except mike turned to see what the noise was.
“What was that?” mike asked no one in particular.
“My phone” I answered back. I took out my phone and saw that I had twenty unread messages. I ignored all of my friend’s text messages and opened the ones from my mom, I texted her back, this was our conversation:
Mom: when will you be back?
Me: I’m not sure, before 9 I think.
Mom: I need you back by eight that gives you two hours.
Me: okay that’s enough time. Why?
Mom: you’ll see when you get here. Are you having fun?
Me: you have no idea ha-ha. I started dating someone. 
Mom: and how is that?
Me: I’ll tell you all about it later… you’re not mad are you?
Mom: no I’m not mad. Have you said your goodbyes to your friends over here?
Me: no not yet, I’m not sure if I want to say goodbye to them in person.
Mom: okay well be back by eight please. Love you 
Me: I will, love you to
“Give me your number.” Paola told me interrupting my reading.
“Okay its 23-444-28” I gave her my number but I also saw mike and Alex enter it into their phones. “My mom wants me home by eight so that gives us two hours.” What could we do in two hours? We were arriving at my new house when I realized that Tatiana and I had not cleaned up our mess, and if I remember correctly my braw was on the floor by my sleeping bag.
“That’s not a lot of time, do you know why she wants you back so early? That’s your house right? Mike asked me
“I don’t know she didn’t really tell me she just said I would see and yes that is my house.” I replied. When he went down my drive way and turned off the car I jumped out and ran towards my house. Tatiana and I had left the door unlocked but as I turned the doorknob it wouldn’t budge, maybe my aunt had locked it up. The door had a small window, I looked threw it and sure enough right by my sleeping bag was my pink braw. “I’m going to go get the spare key from my aunt please do not look inside.” I yelled back at them, as I ran towards my aunt’s house I saw Alex peek in, of course they wouldn’t listen I only made them more curious.
“Hey Rosie, back so early?” my aunty asked me. She was sitting in the kitchen table eating some tacos when I came in. I was starving and the tacos looked really good. “Would you like one?” my aunty asked me after seeing me eyeing her food.
“Just one please, there was a fight and we decided to head back over to my place. Do you have the spare key aunty?”I told/asked her. She looked at me curiously but then she got up and went over to her room and came back with the key. I took one bite from the taco she had given me, it was delicious. “Gracias”
“De nada, who got in a fight” she asked me. My aunt was like my second mother so of course I would tell her.
“Well I kissed mike and Paola saw so then she got mad and punched me while mike and I were still kissing which sent mike and me to the ground.” I was out of breath so I stopped to breathe in.
“Wow so it was you and Paola fighting over mike?” she was amazed but not too surprised about it.
“Yea, when she tried to hit me again I grabbed her arms and wouldn’t let go until I told her to stop because I didn’t want to fight, when I let go of her arms she tried to hit me again. So I grabbed her hand before she could hit me and punched her in the mouth with my right hand. Then she cried and ran over to Tatiana but Tatiana pushed her away and told her that she shouldn’t have hit me in the first place. I felt bad and wanted to go home but Paola apologized and asked me to stay so I did. Then Tatiana had to go back inside the mall to get the other guys and Paola went with her leaving me and mike alone. Then mike asked me out and I said yes and here I am.” I rushed it all out of my mouth. Then I stuffed the rest of the taco inside my mouth, not lady like.
“Wow, well congratulations on the boyfriend girlfriend thing but be careful there are a lot of girls who would probably fight you over him.” Great even my aunt knew that other girls liked him.
“Well I’m his girlfriend and I don’t want to fight anyone! We can talk later I left Paola, mike and Alex outside waiting for me. My mom said I have to be home by eight.” I mumbled. I hugged her and then kissed her on the cheek before I turned for the door.
“Wait, is Tatiana taking you back?”
“Okay, love you. Say hi to the group for me please.”
“Okay I will” with that I ran back outside, when I looked over to my house I saw Paola blocking the view from the guys. I’m sure they had already seen what was inside but I was so happy that Paola was stopping them from seeing it again.
“Nice pink braw in there, who’s is it? Alex asked me. Mike and him where exchanging looks, when they made eye contact they smiled. I could have easily lied and said it was my cousins but that wouldn’t have been right.
“That’s none of your business Alex so shut up.” Paola shouted at her brother. Wow here I thought Paola and I would never get along but her she was defending me, or maybe it was for Tatiana. Well I would tell them it was mine; mike shouldn’t be laughing after that.
“It’s okay Paola I don’t mind. Ya’ll want to know whose it is, it’s mine.” I told them. Alex burst out laughing while mike turned bright red. That’s what he gets for looking in the first place; he looked over at Alex and punched him in the arm not to hard but hard enough to get Alex attention. “Don’t hit him; you would have been laughing to if it was Tatiana’s.” I walked past them and opened the door. Alex started laughing again while mike looked ashamed; Paola walked in and put the braw under my sleeping bag.
“I’m sorry, that wasn’t right and I apologize.” Mike told me. Alex nodded and walked in the house leaving me and mike outside. I wasn’t mad but I knew that if it was Tatiana’s he wouldn’t have cared.
“I’m not mad, just realize the fact that if it was Tatiana you would have laughed just like Alex. Now that you know it was mine your not to happy that Alex got a look at how big or small my breast are. That’s why you punched him.”I told mike
“Yea I admit that, I’m sorry next time I’ll think about what I do and say towards everyone.” he said. That was the type of mike that I was starting to like, a lot. I wrapped my arms around him; he slowly put his arms around me and hugged me tight. I looked up at him and smiled, I got on my tiptoes and tried to kiss him but I was too short, I frowned which made him laugh then he leaned down and met me halfway. It was a peck, not a French kiss but it was the right type of kiss. He unwound my hands, and replaced the hug with just us holding hands. “You’re the best thing that has happened to me in a while.”
“And you are mine” I told him back. The things he tells me are probably things that other guys would consider as being gay, but if they consider that then they haven’t been in love. Wait now that I think about it could it be possible that mike was really in love with me? Thinking about mike brought me back to the present or should I say past, well which ever back to the door way at my house in Buford. He tightened his grip on my hand and walked through the door.
“We grabbed a movie from the stack hope you don’t mind.” Paola told me as soon as I entered the house.
“Oh no that’s fine, what movie is it?” I asked her
“Case 39, every one of my friends who have seen it, have said it’s a great movie.” Paola told me excited to finally be watching the movie. I had never seen it since I wasn’t a big fan of scary movies but I had also heard that it was a great movie. I tightened my grip on mikes hand and he turned to look at my face, realizing that I was a little chicken and didn’t want to see the movie he leaned in close.
“I’m here for you when you get scared. This movie isn’t all that scary.” He whispered so only I could hear.
“Yea, but the smallest things scare me. I’m such a little girl when it comes to scary movies.” I told him back. Finally something against me that wasn’t positive, well actually there were a lot of things that weren’t right with me but only I knew. My nose was to small and so where my ear, my right breast is bigger than my left breast. My mom said it was because I was a righty but I don’t really know if that was true. My hair is wavy so I need to straighten it or put moose in order to get it the way I like it, small things but still meaningful.
“Don’t worry I’ll be here for you babe.” He told me. With that we grabbed a spot next to my sleeping bag and cuddled. He was laying down using my pillow while I laid my hand down on his stomach. I could feel his abs through the thin shirt he had on, I placed my hand over his abs and tangled one of my legs with his. I quickly took my leg back remembering I had a skirt on. “What’s wrong?” he asked me.
“I’m wearing a skirt.” I responded. He looked down at my skirt and then nodded. “I’m going to go change right quick. Can you pass me my bag please?” I asked mike. He handed me my bag and I got up, I picked up my braw before I left the living room and stuffed it in my bag. I picked a room and looked inside my bag for the shorts I had brought. I reached in and felt something square; it was my camera that I had gotten for my birthday last year. I will take pictures that way I remember my first time hanging out with them and I could show my parents who my new boyfriend was. I reached in again to find my blue soccer shorts. I didn’t know if I would be joining the girl’s soccer team at Buford, but I did know that I loved playing soccer.
“Can I come in?” I heard Paola yell through the closed door. I quickly took of my skirt and put my soccer shorts on.
“Yea you can come in” I yelled back. She opened the door and peeked in; when she saw I wasn’t naked she came in and closed the door behind her. “Hey what’s up?” I asked her a little shocked.
“Um… well I just wanted to apologize once again for you know… the fight.” She whispered it almost afraid I would turn down her apology.
“Oh… I told you that I forgive you.” I told her back glad it was just that and not another argument.
“Thanks. Can I ask you something?”
“No you cannot ask me anything. Ha-ha I’m just kidding. Yes you can ask me anything.” She laughed at my little joke, she loosened up just a tad bit but she was still worried about something.
“Do you believe in love at first sight?” that stopped me, did she want to know if there was still a chance with her and mike? Love is a very strong word, stronger then hatred but could I actually be in love with mike?
“Well I don’t know. May I ask why you asked me that?” I wanted to know what her motives where behind that question, well if she had motives I mean.
“I was just curious, when I saw mike I thought I was in love but he never looked at me the way I looked at him. Then you came along and he looked at you with the same eyes that I looked at him. That question ran through my mind and I just wanted to ask you that.”
“Oh okay. I never really came here to hurt you or do you any harm it just happened.”
“Thanks for telling me that, I swear that at first that’s all I could think about. You appeared and I lost mike, then I thought I had lost Tatiana to, even my brother seemed to like you more then he liked me but now I see. Your easy to like, well that is when we stop being jealous of your beauty.” Paola laughed after admitting to being jealous because I was pretty. She was very pretty to she just didn’t see that.
“Paola you’re very pretty it just happened the way it did and you’re a great person we just needed a little help from god to figure that one out.” I laughed and so did she.
“Thanks Rosie you’re a really great person to, I have your back. Don’t worry about me trying to go after mike anymore I realized that I would never have him.”
“I can solve that if you want. I have someone that you can meet. Well he lives in Marietta but he is a great guy and maybe he can come visit us sometimes.”
“I’m not really interested in anyone right now; I just want time to myself and time to hang out with my friends.”
“Okay I understand, when you change your mind let me know. Now let’s go watch that movie everyone’s talking about.” Paola nodded. We headed outside, the guys where having a conversation which stopped when Paola and I where insight. “What where you two talking about?” I asked them.
“It was a man talk sorry ladies” Alex responded. Mike grabbed my hand and pulled me down, almost on top of him, I moved over so that I could be on his side and not on top. “Are ya’ll ready to start the movie?” Alex asked no one in particular.
“Yes” we all chimed in. we heard to cars coming down the driveway, it was most likely Tatiana and Jake with our food.
“We might as well wait for them to.” I told Alex and the rest of the group.

When the food was passed out and the movie had started we all sat down quietly and watched the movie. Paola had screamed a couple of times and so had I. Tatiana had already seen the movie but then again she admitted to it being scary the second time to. The guys claimed that they were not scared. Every now and then mike would hold me closer even when I had not screamed making me aware that he had gotten scared.
“That was an okay movie.” I told everyone. I was full now from all the amazing food we had just eaten. “The food was great to.”
“I told you, but we need to all try auntie’s cooking it’s the best.”Tatiana told everyone speaking about my mom’s cooking. When she mentioned my mom I remembered I had to be home by eight. I took out my phone, the time read seven thirty.
“Tatiana I have to go in thirty minutes so let’s take pictures and then we need to go.” Tatiana nodded; we all got close together while I took pictures. Then I took a picture of them, Tatiana took my camera and told me to go stand by them. When the group pictures where done me and mike got together so that Tatiana could take some of us two alone. “Thanks” I told Tatiana after she took three pictures of us.
“No problem, you ready to go?”
“Yes just one more thing.” I grabbed all my things and put them in Tatiana’s trunk then I ran back towards mike. I pulled him in close then I looked up and puckered, he looked at the camera in my hand and then leaned down. I took two pictures of us like that then I finally turned the camera off.
“Are you sure my uncle is going to want to see that.” Tatiana told me. It would have to be her to kill the moment between me and mike. Mike was playing with my lower lip with his teeth when Tatiana spoke; he stopped then which irritated me a bit.
“I don’t know I guess I’ll find out.” I smiled at her and she winked at me playing along. “Okay well I guess I have to go, text me please.” I whispered to mike.
“Of course, see you in what one day.” Mike questioned me.
“Yup, in one day I’ll be moving to Buford. Oh great I’m going to be stuck here with you.” I was being sarcastic. Mike looked down at me and gave a sad puppy face, he looked adorable. His lower lip was just a tad bit out and his blue eyes where wide. I reached up and kissed him, he wound his arms around me.
“Come on Rosie its eight already.” Tatiana was whining beside the car.
“Okay I’m going. Bye I’ll see you in one day.” I told mike
“Okay babe, be good, I’m glad I met you.” Mike told me while everyone else listened.
“Come on love birds get a room.” Alex joked behind us. “Bye Rosie it was nice meeting you. See you in a few days.”
“It was nice meeting you to, bye Jake, bye Paola. See you all at school or something.” I yelled back since Jake and Paola where still on the doorsteps of my new house. I hugged mike one more time and then headed for the car.
“Bye babe, ill text you when I get home.” Mike told me.
“Okay, bye” mike went over and opened the door for me, I stepped in and he closed it behind me. Mike was a gentleman, old aged but he was the type of guy I liked. I waved while my cousin backed out the driveway. “Thanks for having me here Tatiana I had so much fun.”
“I did to, and I’m glad you had fun.” She told me back but then she shut her mouth. Something was wrong with her but when she felt like telling me she would. I looked out the window and began to hum with the music. After thirty minutes of silence Tatiana finally spoke up. “Rosie I did something.” I turned in my seat to face her.
“What did you do?” she was worrying me. The only other time she was this nervous was when she was telling me about her dad.
“I opened up to Jake… I don’t know”
“You told Jake what happened?”
“No, only you and my mom know. Me and Jake have always been connected and well we…”
“Cookie you’re confusing me.”
“We started dating but before that well we slept together, he has been the only guy who has touched me in any way since my… and it was beautiful but I didn’t know what to say or who to tell. I’m scared Rosie its weird, me and him are so close together it’s just so strange to me. I don’t want to get hurt Rosie but his like everything to me.”
“Cookie its okay, you love him and that’s noticeable. He loves you to so it’s not bad cookie, you have found the one who makes you feel complete. You need to trust in him, be together but be careful.”
“I thought you would scream at me for having sex without dating the guy or anything.”
“No of course not it was the right thing for you and it’s not called anything more than love cookie. You’re in love with the guy and he loves you. How did you feel?”
“I felt wonderful; I didn’t want to hurt him. I wanted it to happen and he would always remind me that we could stop but I didn’t want to. Then we laid there and he told me he loved me and that he wanted to be with me forever. That’s when we started dating and we have been so close, we haven’t even done it again it’s like the relationship isn’t about sex.”
“When love hits you it isn’t about sex it’s about being with the guy you love.” How could I explain to her if I had never been in love?
“You and mike look at each other the same way me and Jake do. Are you in love with mike?”
“I don’t know cookie it’s so new to me.” We were close to arriving at my place when I hear my phone beep. “How long has it been beeping?”
“I don’t know I wasn’t even paying attention.” Tatiana tells me concentrating on her driving since it was raining over here. I took out my phone and saw that I had twenty three unread text messages. I skipped my friend’s text and opened the ones from my mom. All five of her texts where asking me if I was on my way, I texted her back saying I was almost there. Then I read the rest of my messages. “Don’t tell me there all from mike?”
“No there from my mom, friends and I’m guessing this unknown number is mike.” When I opened the unknown numbers text all it said was hey. This was our conversation:
Me: hey who is this?
Unknown: don’t worry about that, take the next exit; park at a small restaurant called pace’s grill. Buy something then go back to your car and wait for a blue mustang to appear. Act normal.
Me: why? Who are you?
Unknown: just do as I say and no one gets hurt, now go and do as I say.
Me: okay we will do it but please don’t harm us.
Unknown: once you see the blue mustang follow it. Do not separate from the mustang it will take you home.
Tatiana came onto the small restaurant and she parked then I told her to get out and act normal. I got out of the car myself and walked over to her; I pointed at the restaurant and then patted my stomach. We laughed and acted normal, we bought the first thing on the menu then headed back to her car and we waited. A black suburban came up behind us and then parked right beside us, we could not see inside the windows where dark.
“Is that the person?” Tatiana asked me. When I turned around I saw a blue mustang drive straight thru without stopping.
“No leave now, the mustang just passed we need to follow it.” I told her back. Tatiana drove out of the parking lot and so did the black suburban. “There following us, Tatiana do not freak but drive faster catch up to the mustang.” The mustang took a sharp turn and faced us making Tatiana step on the break, an arm stuck out of the window and waved us on.
“The black car has stopped following us. The mustang is behind us now, what do we do next?”
“I don’t know, hold on I got a new text messages.” I opened up the new message and read the message from the unknown guy. “He said for us to go straight home and that he would be behind us making sure there was no more danger.” Tatiana relaxed a little after hearing me read the text message. Who was this guy and what was his interest in us for him to safe our lives.
“Okay” was all Tatiana could say. We drove straight home, when we arrived on my drive way my dad rushed outside and so did my mom. I wondered if my dad knew about this, did he send someone out to follow me? The blue mustang parked right behind us, but still no one got out.
“Rosie, Tatiana are ya’ll okay?” my mother cried. One thing I could not stand to see was my mother cry.

“We are fine mom, please don’t cry. Dad can I speak to you please?” I knew that this was something my dad would know. He nodded and told my mom to take Tatiana inside. “You placed that person in that car to follow me. Why?” my father looked down at me then back at the person in the car, he pointed his fingers towards the unknown person and motioned for that person to come forward.
“Your questions will be answered shortly; first I would like you to meet him.” My father told me. The door to the mustang opened and a tall muscular guy walked from behind it. The guy had black hair that was cut short; he was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. He was really cute and young, maybe 19 or 20 years old. He had dark brown eyes; he was staring at me intently. His expression was solid almost mad, his eyes where mesmerizing, I could stare at them all day but he was staring at me so hard that I lowered my gaze. “Carlos this is my daughter Rosalind, thank you for keeping her safe.”
“It is my job sir” Carlos spoke out. Carlos had a deep voice; it was the most beautiful voice I had heard.
“Yes but I still thank you deeply. Rosie this is Carlos I hired him to follow you.” My father told me. My eyes began to water, why would he do such a thing, I felt hurt my own father could not trust me.
“What have I done to have you not trust me like that? You don’t need Carlos to spy on me so he could tell you what I do, I tell ya’ll everything! Why did you do this?” I screamed at my dad. Carlos looked at me like if I was a spoiled brat but I could care less at this moment; my dad looked down at me and then turned away.
“It’s not that Rosie, he is here to protect you not spy on you. Last year I got myself into some trouble with a gang and ever since that they have been after me. There after my family to so I needed to get a guy who would follow you around to make sure you where safe! I can’t lose you or your mom.” My dad screamed out at me. I felt terrible this was the first time I had ever seen my dad cry and here I thought it was because he didn’t trust me.
“I’m sorry dad I didn’t know. How did you get involved with a gang?” I asked him. I went over to him and gave him a hug he returned it and then wiped his eyes.
“I was out shopping with your mom when I noticed a guy being beaten by three different guys; I could not just let them hit him so I helped him out. One of the guys pulled a gun on me but I grabbed mine faster than he did, I shot him and a couple of days later he died but it turned out to be the brother of a top gang member. Ever since then I have gotten threats, and today you where being chased by them when Carlos spotted them.” What my dad had just told me made me go numb. I was in danger of being killed by a gang and Carlos just saved not just me but my cousin as well.
“Carlos, thank you so much for saving my cousin and well me to. Dad what’s going to happen now?” I asked him almost in a whisper. Carlos nodded at my thank you but his eyes were still calling me a spoiled brat, which was not true I wasn’t like that at all.
“I don’t know Rosie, me and your mom need you to be brave and let Carlos do his job. We both need to know that you’re safe at all times.”
“Okay I just wish you would have told me earlier that way I know to listen to him right away instead of asking all those questions.”
“I know but I just didn’t want you to worry about it, I wanted you to be yourself. I’m sorry; we just love you and don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“I love ya’ll to and its okay don’t apologize, dad what’s all that sound?” inside the house there was a loud commotion.
“Go find out, Carlos would you like to stay a while?” deep down I wish he would stay, yes his attitude was obvious but he was cute. Carlos looked at me then nodded, was that an ‘I find you cute to’ or ‘maybe I should think about that one since I don’t want to be near a spoiled brat’ look. I did not know, I glared at him then walked inside the house. “She usually is sweet to everyone I guess it was just the scare.” My dad whispered to Carlos after he saw me glare at him. Carlos laughed once, that stopped me his laugh was musical. I stopped for a second before opening the door and seeing what all the commotion was.
“Rosie we will miss you!” thirty people screamed out at once. Wow this was a goodbye party that my parents had organized, weren’t they the best. The night passed on while I cried and laughed with my friends, I would miss them. The rest of the night I didn’t hear or see Carlos that was a good thing I think.

My mother woke me up at six o‘clock in the morning so that I could help her clean up and get everything going. Today was the day that I finally moved to Buford, last night had been a crazy night but I loved it. I got off bed and went to shower, when I got out of the shower I looked at myself in the mirror, my eyes were puffy from all the crying from last night but I had fun.
“Rosie, come help me pack your stuff please.” My mother called out, my dad had gone to get the big moving van from some company leaving my mom and me to pack up the rest of the stuff. As I looked outside the bathroom window I saw the blue mustang pull up on our drive way. I ran downstairs to open the door for Carlos my spy, it was something new to me since I never knew I was being watched but I got used to it and quick, especially since my spy was cute.
“I’ll be there in a minute mom.” As soon as I reached the door it rang out. I looked down at what I was wearing; I had on my gray sweatpants and a spaghetti shirt. I had to stop myself and thank about mike, you know my BOYFRIEND I screamed out the boyfriend part to myself. I still couldn’t help to be excited when I opened the door, when he saw it was me he glared at me that change my mood right away.
“Is your father here?” he asked me in a serious tone.
“No he is not!” I screamed at him. I did not know what was wrong with him but he hated me and that was obvious. “Anything else” I asked him imitating his serious voice. That made me laugh but he just stood there like a rock. He gave me the pitied look which made me mad in an instant. “Why do you hate me so much? I didn’t do anything to you so you have no right to be mad at me.”
“I’m not mad, your dad asked me to help ya’ll out with the heavy stuff. Can I come in?” Carlos asked me with the same tone. I did not expect that response. I nodded and moved to the side so he could get by; when he passed me I got a whiff of his colon it smelled wonderful. He turned around to face me then laughed; I was smiling and trying to smell his colon. My cheeks burned, stupid cheeks betrayed me again. “Where are the boxes?” he asked while he was still laughing at me.
“I don’t know figure it out.” I told him. I know I gave him an attitude but that only made him laugh harder, I turned and walked back to my room. I heard him following me, was he going to fallow me even in my own house. “Mom Carlos is here.” I told my mom as she came into view. She was on the tip of my bad finishing up the second box.
“Oh good, we need some strong arms to help us lift your stuff.” She said to me and Carlos which was right behind me. We didn’t need him with me and my mom we could both do the job maybe even me by myself. I know I know I was bluffing but hey I am pretty strong for a girl. I sat down on the floor and packed up my favorite books along with my secret box of stuff.
“Which one would you like me to take out Mrs. Salgado?” Carlos asked my mom being all polite. I looked at him in aw I couldn’t believe he just used his manners. Carlos looked straight at me and winked, he WINKED at me was this a joke to him.
“Can you please take out her drawer, Rosie help him please.” My mother pointed to my white drawer that matched my white bed. I nodded and got up but Carlos was already picking it up, wow he was strong. I hurried to the other side and picked it up with him, his veins popped up making him look so sexy. MIKE, MIKE, MIKE! I repeated in my head, this was not good.
“I can get it by myself no need to make you lose a nail.” Carlos laughed at me while we were out of my mom’s hearing.
“Ha-ha you’re so funny. You know I’m not one of those children who get what they want. And I don’t care about breaking a nail.” I defended myself.
“Sure you’re not; look around you Rosalind you got it all.”
“Yes I have a great mom and dad and yes I have a place to live but I’m not perfect and I’m not spoiled. I had to earn what I got, like my cell phone and other stuff and some were gifts for birthdays, Christmas and from friends. Don you get that kind of stuff to?” I asked him wanting to get the subject of me being a spoiled brat out.
“I never get gifts on Christmas because I’m always giving to my family were not lucky like you are to live in such a beautiful house. Pick up the pace wills yaw.” Carlos only told me to hurry because he didn’t want to talk about his family any more. Wow I never knew he was like that, but he didn’t know me either so he couldn’t judge me.
“Have you ever heard the term ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’?”
“Then don’t judge me Carlos because you don’t know me.” He smiled at that, finally I had won. My dad drove up in the big moving van, he waved at me and Carlos while we were just setting my drawer on the drive way.
“Hey kids, how are ya’ll? Thanks Carlos for coming over, we need all the help we can get.”
“No problem and I’m good thank you for asking. How are you Mr. Salgado?” Carlos asked my father. Again with the being polite thing, is he a two side kind of person? Maybe it was because we where around the same age so he didn’t need to be polite to me, whatever it was I didn’t like.
“Call me Alexander, you make me sound old with the other name and I’m good to.” My father laughed at the old part and so did Carlos.
“Okay Alexander, what outs you need me to get?” Carlos asked my dad. I went over and hugged my dad since he ignored me while they were talking and laughing.
“Hi dad, I could have gotten the drawer all by myself but Carlos insisted in helping.” I used my little girl voice. Two could play it that way; he thought I was spoiled I would give him spoiled. “Can I go sit in my room and watch TV please?” I asked in that sad girl voice. My dad could not resist that voice, Carlos looked over at me and I winked at him but all he did was smile.
“Sure but don’t you want to help us out?” my dad asked me.
“Um okay ill help you, but I need to be careful since I just got my nails done.” Score one for me. Carlos looked at me like if I transformed on him. Ha-ha I have the upper hand and that’s the way I like it.
“Rosie are you okay?” my father asked me. Great it had to be my father to ruin all the fun, well at least Carlos now knew that this was not the way I acted.
“Sorry I was daydreaming.” I smiled at my father and he smiled back. “I’ll go make breakfast. Carlos will you be staying for breakfast?”
“I uh…” Carlos did not finish answering because my dad interrupted him.
“Yes he will, and thank you sweetheart. Where is your mother?”
“She’s in my room packing up the last things.”
“Okay, Carlos please follow me and we will get all the heavy stuff.” My father told Carlos.
“Yes sir” was all Carlos said. What could I make for breakfast this morning? What if I made some pancakes and scrambled eggs that sounded delicious. I walked inside and hurried to the kitchen, all the stuff was mostly packed so I had to look threw boxes but I finally found what I needed. Carlos and my dad where in and out of the house loading up the van and my mom was busy packing everything when I finished making breakfast.
“Hey breakfast is ready.” I called out to my mom, father and Carlos. They walked shortly after and my dad brought another chair so that Carlos could sit down with us and eat.
“Wow Rosie this looks great, and I’m starving.” My father told me. He dug in without thinking twice; Carlos looked down at his food then back at me. Two for me zero for him, I know I love competing. We all ate quietly and then when we were finished we went back to work. Packing didn’t take much time since we had an extra hand, when we were done we got in the moving van and started to head toward our new home. Carlos was behind us in his blue mustang, always protecting us.
“Dad I want to do something for Carlos family.” I told my dad when we were driving toward Buford. My dad looked down at me confused, after hearing Carlos talk about his family I wanted to give them something.
“What would you like to give them?” my father asked me.
“I don’t know something small but meaningful.”
“Why do you want to do that Rosie?” my mother asked me.
“Well I want to thank him for protecting us, I know he gets paid for that but I want to do something extra for him and his family.”
“Rosie you are the sweetest daughter god could give us, and we will talk about that later when we are all situated. Besides Carlos’s family will be moving down to Buford, they will be in our house.” My mother told me. Wow that was some news, Carlos and his family would move in with us, this was not good at all. Yes we did have a fairly big house but how many people where in Carlos family, would I have to share a room?
“Really, How many are in Carlos family?” I asked them.
“There’s his mom and two of his sisters, that’s it I belief.” My father answered me. So we were going to be seven people in a three story high house, not bad I guess. There were eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, three living rooms, a movie theater, a gym, and two kitchens in our new home, not bad at all. We were arriving at my new home, I wondered if my aunt had cleaned up or if there was still our mess from Sunday. “Do you like the new house?”
“It’s very pretty; I love the view and the backyard pool” I told them. I would be having fun, it was the last couple of months for summer and I would not waist the time.
“I thought you would, they should be fixing up the pool room and some other rooms right now.” My father told me.
“So the pool will be ready by Saturday?” I asked him.
“Yes it should” he told me. My father parked the van and got out. “Were home” he announced. I was so tired from sitting down; I jumped down and stretched out my legs.
“Which one is my room?” I asked them. The bottom floor was the one with the gym and the movie room so I wanted one of those rooms.
“You can have the one by the gym; right next to your room is lizbeth’s room then Carlos’s room.” My father told me.
“Whose lizbeth” I asked him.
“That’s one of Carlos’s sisters.” He told me. I went to the back and picked out two boxes that had my name on them then I headed towards my new house. My father went ahead of me and opened the door then I went in and noticed that my aunt and cousin had cleaned up. There was a loud noise coming from downstairs I guessed that was the workers working on the rooms and pool. I walked right past the guys working on the rooms and headed towards my room, it was big and the room was blue with white lines thru the middle.
“I like the room” I said to myself since no one was around. I walked in and took a look around; there was a closet and a window looking out towards the pool. I would like my bed to be right beside the window and then the TV on the opposite wall. What we did for the next three hours was unpack and fix unpack and fix over and over again.
“Rosie, can you come help lizbeth with her stuff?” My father called out to me. So Carlos family had arrived already, time to meet his family.
“Yes, I’ll be up in just a second.” I called back up to him. I ran up the stairs and had to stop myself from crashing into a small girl carrying a big box. “Im so sorry, need some help?”
“I got this one but could you help me get the other one?” she asked me. She was very small but had wavy black hair down to her knees.
“Sure no problem, Are you lizbeth?” I asked her since I didn’t see anyone else in the area.
“Yes I am you must be Rosalind.” she said.
“You can call me Rosie, nice to meet you lizbeth.” I told her, it was finally nice to meet someone from Carlos’s family.
“Nice to meet you to Rosie, how old are you Rosie?” she asked me curiously.
“I’m sixteen and you?”
“I’m nineteen” she responded. That made me almost drop the box I was carrying, she was so small I thought she was fourteen or something but not nineteen. “Rosie I look small to you, you’re almost as tall as my brother.” Lizbeth had noticed at my reaction to her age. That made me laugh and she joined me.
“Lizbeth we are so going to get along just fine.” I told her. She nodded and then walked inside her room; she stopped at the doorway and looked around.
“You are very lucky to have both your parents and to live in a house this big and beautiful.” She whispered.
“This is your house to lizbeth…” I did not know what outs to say since well I didn’t really know what she meant about my parents. Lizbeth was facing towards the window in the far side she looked zoned out.
“Lizbeth can you…” Carlos started to say then stopped when lizbeth didn’t turn around. Carlos walked over to her and turned her around; lizbeth was crying silently not even noticing we were here. “Lizbeth!” Carlos screamed at her. Lizbeth looked around and then back up at her brother. “Go upstairs and get the rest of your stuff.” Carlos said in that same serious voice he carries. Carlos did not know how to be nice and kind, I was wrong.
“Sorry Carlos I was just thinking…” lizbeth started and then stopped. Carlos hugged her and then released her while pushing her softly towards the door. Carlos was nice he just didn’t show it much, he was something and something made him the serious guy I have so far known. Shortly after my cousin arrived, we finished at ten pm. I was so tired; I washed up and then fell asleep.

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this is the last one for now... im still writing the rest. not sure if i want to continue hope its good <3thanks

Waking up wasn’t the easiest thing for me especially since we had moved in just last night, I was so tired and so not ready for school. I got off my bed and headed for the bathroom; I quickly took a shower and then changed before heading up stairs.
“Good morning sweetie, ready for your first day at Buford?” my mother asked while she flipped a pancake over.
“I guess, is there cereal mom? I still need to hurry and go get my schedule before school starts.” I told her. Any other day I would stay and eat breakfast but not knowing my schedule meant I would be late to first period unless I got my schedule before then.
“No, sorry sweetie we haven’t really gone shopping. I will buy some today, now that you have reminded me.”
“Okay, well I have to go, I love you.” I heard my mother say it back when I was halfway out the door. Tatiana was in her car and ready to go when I reached her house, I climbed in and off we went. “I’m so nervous, what if I start my period or get marker all over my pants.” As I said this I looked down at my pants. At Buford everyone had to wear uniform so I was wearing a pair of khaki pants with a white shirt.
“Don’t worry, your stressing too much” cookie laughed at me. She was right as long as I had a positive attitude nothing could go wrong… sadly things did go wrong. We arrived at school, Buford high school is across the street from a clinic it has a long football field and the building is big for a school. Cookie parked and then started walking off to the main office entrance while I followed. “Are we going to the front office first?” I asked her since I didn’t know where she was really going.
“Yea, you need your schedule right?” Tatiana asked me. I nodded and looked around the school. There weren’t any students here yet but I could see one or two cars, probably from teachers or staff members. Tatiana walked through a door and then headed for another door that read front office.
“Hello Tatiana, how are you doing this morning?” a lady asked my cousin.
“Very good and you Mrs. Arnold?” cookie responded.
“I’m well thank you; hello what can I get for you dear?” Mrs. Arnold asked me.
“Hi I’m Rosalind, I was wondering if I can get my schedule.” I told Mrs. Arnold. Mrs. Arnold was an elderly woman with big glasses and a head full of white hair but she was a kind women.
“Ah Rosalind, welcome to our school we are very glad to have you. Ill print out your schedule and your locker combination, do you have an agenda?” Mrs. Arnold asked me. Tatiana sat down on one of the over sized couches and looked threw a yearbook while she waited for me to finish.
“Yes I have my agenda; I have the ten dollars for the locker as well.”
“Okay sweetie, here is your schedule and your locker number.” Mrs. Arnold handed me two pieces of paper while I handed her the ten dollars. “Let me get you your receipt and you will be ready.” Mrs. Arnold was the type of lady that at first sight you knew you would like her. Once I had my receipt and everything outs I headed for my locker, hopefully it was a top locker.
“Help me look for locker number 918 please.” I told Tatiana
“Yours is on top of Viviana that really sucks for you.” Cookie had stopped walking and was looking at me weird when she said this.
“Why? Who’s Viviana?” I asked her.
“She’s one of the most popular girls in 11th Grade but she’s such a b word.” cookie told me. Well she didn’t know me so maybe we could get along, I hoped we would but hoping wasn’t good enough back then.
“Here it is, well I hope me and her get along.”
“I do to well I’ll see you later, I’m going to go work out for a bit.” With that cookie walked away from me. Very little people started arriving; I hurried and tried to find Mrs. Arnold for chemistry.
“I’m sorry can you please tell me where Mrs. Arnold’s room is?” I asked a guy who was having trouble opening his locker. He turned and saw me then turned bright red, he had big square glasses and was wearing a white shirt tucked in to his pants; anyone could tell that he was a geek in this school. I hated to classify people like that because some of them were the nicest people you would ever meet.
“Um yea… it’s in the senior hallway, the third door on your left.” The guy whispered. “I’m going there right now if you would like to follow me.” He whispered/ asked me.
“That would be great thank you so much, what’s your name?” I asked him. He looked down as he walked down the hallway.
“I’m Juan” he answered me. He was so shy, he didn’t like talking to people and I didn’t know if it was because they made fun of him or because he chose to not speak.
“I’m Rosie, nice to meet you Juan. What grade are you in?” Juan was still looking down but at least he was talking. He turned into another hallway this one was a little bigger and had lockers covered in pictures. There were a couple of people here opening their lockers, no one paid attention to me or Juan.
“Nice to meet you to Rosie, I’m in 11th grade.” He answered me. He walked into a room; the room had desks facing the left side of the classroom. “Here is the room, you can…” Juan was in the middle of telling me this when someone covered my eyes.
“Cookie it’s not funny now let me go.” I told the person covering my eyes thinking it was my cousin.
“Cookie… I’m not cookie, but I can be your cookie if you want me to be.” A deep male voice said. He laughed at his little joke, and then he slowly removed his hand from my eyes. I turned and in front of me was Calvin the guy I had met at the mall.
“Oh it’s you… how are you?” I asked Calvin. Juan was blushing so hard while staring at the ground, I would never understand guys.
“You don’t sound too happy to see me again… I’m good and you?” Calvin laughed. Have you ever heard someone laugh and talk at the same time, yea Calvin had just done that and I was trying so hard not to laugh at him.
“It’s not that I just thought you were my cousin, I’m good thank you.”
“I saw you walking down the hall and decided to say hey, I’ll talk to you later. Good luck with Mrs. Arnold I hated her.” Calvin said to me. He gave me a quick hug then he left, I looked around and saw Juan sitting at the back row.
“Who sits there?” I pointed to a chair right beside his. He raised his head and looked over at the desk I was pointing at.
“No one, there’s some other empty chairs.” Juan said to me.
“Can I sit beside you?” I said to him. I was willing to rise up his self esteem, I know that if people see me talking to him I would be ranked as a loser but I didn’t care.
“Are you sure you want to sit beside me? You see me, so if you’re doing this to pity me or make a fool of me later safe it.”
“Wow, yea I see you and no I’m not doing it because of any of those two things. Your cool and you can’t let anyone judge you no matter what.” His words stung but then again he was saying the truth most people would do that, I’m not just any person.
“I’m sorry, and thanks. You can sit there if you would like.” He whispered. I sat right next to him and made small talk with him, people came in some talked to me others didn’t. First one to speak to me sat in front of me, his name was danzel and he was really sweet he even said hey to Juan. My day went by the same way until I got to lunch; I picked up some food and headed over to the entrance wondering where I would sit at.
“Hey Rosie come on, follow me.” Calvin said to me from behind. I followed along not wanting to look stupid for standing here all alone. He led me to a table in the back, it was mostly full, and I recognized danzel and another girl from chemistry. “Take a seat Rosie. You can sit next to me.”
“Thanks” I mumbled.
“Hey Rosie, do you know what page our homework was I forgot to write it down.” Danzel said to me. Danzel was tall muscular and cute, he had a rough edge to his body but he was really sweet and funny.
“Yea it was page 143-145.” I answered him.
“Thanks” danzel thanked me.
“Hey Rosie I’m Ben but you can call me big b.” Ben said to me. Ben was sitting next to danzel, he looked mean well not mean just a little scary, he was very built with blue eyes.
“Okay, it’s nice to meet you Ben.” I said to him.
“I’m Alex and this is my girlfriend Miriam aka Mimi.” A scary looking guy said to me. His girlfriend and he looked like complete opposites. While Alex had a bad boy look to him his girlfriend looked small and shy.
“Hey everyone it’s nice to meet you all.” I said to the ones who had spoken to me ignoring the ones who hadn’t.
“Hey mike what you doing over here on our side of the cafeteria?” Calvin asked mike. I had not seen mike approach the table, shoot I didn’t even know he had the same lunch as me since he had not texted me back.
“I came to see if Rosie would like to sit with me at my table.” Mike said to Calvin not missing a beat. Mike looked so cute like always he had on a white aero shirt with some black pants and some black polo’s.
“You can ask her tomorrow or something she’s with me today.” Calvin snarled back. I wasn’t with him, besides mike was my boyfriend. I got up and hugged mike, mike hugged me back.
“Do you want to sit with me and my friends?” mike asked me. It would be a slap in the face if I didn’t sit with Calvin but then again it would hurt mike.
“Um yea, I’m sorry Calvin, ill sit with your group another day.” I said to Calvin as I got my tray of food and walked over to mike. Mike leaned in and kissed me, I didn’t know if it was because he missed me or because he wanted to show Calvin that we were dating.
“That’s cool, see you around.” He said to me.
“Bye Rosie it was nice meeting you.” They all said before I turned to leave.
“Nice meeting all of ya’ll to, see ya’ll around.” I said to all of them. Mike led me to his table which was full and in the middle of the cafeteria.
“Hey everyone this is Rosie my girlfriend.” Mike announced. “Rosie this is viviana aka Vivi, Alexander, Carolina, Lindsey, Angel, Jade, David, Juan and DQ.” As soon as mike told me there names I forgot them ha-ha.
“Hey everyone it’s nice to meet you all.” I said to them. Lunch went by fast so did the rest of the day. It was

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