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February 6, 2011
By Andrea Williams BRONZE, Avondale Estates, Georgia
Andrea Williams BRONZE, Avondale Estates, Georgia
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Emma Dawson was raped after her junior year... That was a year ago, and now she's forced to live with her father due to her "destructive behavior". She was okay with the idea... until she realized that her rapist would be living under the same roof. Now, she has to learn to live with the very person that took her life before, listen to his ultimatum, and do exactly what he wants her to do.
In that, she loses herself, begins to see herself as nothing, someone who will never be worthy. This changes when she runs into some of her old friends, her past resurfacing. As it does, her lies fall apart, secrets start to come out, and she realizes that if she start telling the truth, she'll risk completely losing the one person she used to love: herself.

Andrea W.


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