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The Life Series: Hope

February 23, 2011
By blueberrybird2_8 SILVER, Chiang Mai, Other
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blueberrybird2_8 SILVER, Chiang Mai, Other
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Author's note: I got the idea while I was walking and like JK Rowling the idea literaly plopped on my head. most of my characters are based off of me, certain parts of myself. They are also based off some people I know. I hope you all will enjoy.

Some say the Greek gods are myth, others say they are real. Greek mythology blended with Greek myths, but the Greek gods were not what we thought they were. They were people, powerful people. Able to do miraculous things, they were so powerful people believed them to be gods, giving them the name theós, god. Zeus was the chief god, but he called his family by a different name, Athánatos, in the common language translated as Immortals. Zeus in mythology as having many love affairs and it was true, but there was one child Zeus had that would change the world, Hercules. To the common people Hercules was called, Imítheoi or a demigod. Besides being stronger and faster than common people, Hercules was half immortal. This trait was carried from parent to child, but it was soon lost. The half immortals faded.
Until the mid 17th century, a boy was born to the Barnabas family, Atam. He was born with the gift of the gods, half immortality. How he knew remains a mystery, but at the age of sixteen, Atam was a learned young man, nearly as wise as the greatest scholars. At twenty he discovered a way to make himself purely immortal. By putting his soul into an object. The process was painful, but finally Atam had inserted his soul into a simple crystal. Atam suspected if this stone was ever destroyed it would kill him or worse, leaving him with no soul. He called this new discovery Zoí Mentagión, in the common language, Life Pendant. But being immortal came at a price for Atam, he watched his parents and friends die from age as he stayed young. Atam disappeared sometime during the 1900s, never to be heard from again. He just vanished.
2010. Another boy was born into the Adler family. The Adler’s were an age old family and possibly one of the richest families in America. They had arrived in America in the mid 1800s from Ireland during the Potato Famine. Victor Adler I worked hard and soon had a small business. It passed from father to son, from Victor to Victor until Victor VIII. This certain Victor was different from the others, he attended Harvard like his fathers, but he did not want the family business. He was never sure what he wanted to do actually, but at the age of twenty four Victor discovered he had the gift of the gods. Victor read books, checked everything he could about half immortals and came to Hercules. Hercules’s half immortality had faded through the generations and the gift was lost, until Atam was discovered. After Atam Barnabas, it was lost again. Until Victor. Victor hungered for the power his ancestors had, but he wasn’t satisfied being half immortal, he would die someday. Victor continued his research, but this time on Atam. Victor discovered a way to create for himself a Life Pendant and he was frozen at twenty five years old. But Victor was given another gift from his ancestors, extra gifts were rare for half immortals, but Victor was given the gift of the mind. He could read people’s minds, insert thoughts into their minds. Victor could control their minds. He longed for years for power. After fifty years of waiting he succeeded. Victor took over people’s minds, whole armies. Governments couldn’t control them. In one decade the population of the world went from nearly ninety billion people to 90 million. Try as they could, countries fell into Victor’s hands, common people tried to stand up and fight, but they did not stand a chance. Finally in nearly two centuries Victor had complete reign over the earth, he called himself and others like him, Immortalis.
Now, the year: 2200. Population: 15,000. Ridiculously low, we know. All fear Victor and his daugh-ters, Victoria and Vanessa, his personal assassins. But one group of people of a small population of 1000 has been formed by a mysterious man they call Driscoll Ardeshir. They say he is an Immortalis like Victor, but others say it’s just gossip. His second in command, Alec Ebner and his sister, Alice joined the Rebellion with Driscoll. Alec and Alice are said to be gifted as well, Alice gifted with sight, able to see the future. Hope seemed impossible to comprehend. Victor would keep killing anyone who was against him and others would commit suicide. Mankind is doomed. Victor turned every-thing upside down. In another Dark Age, instead of moving forwards we move backwards.

Assassins, daughters of an estranged man who literally owns the world. These are just two of many things the daughters of Victor Adler are called. Victoria and Vanessa are their father’s own spies; they could sneak up on a mouse and kill it before it even knew they were there, they were stealthy and were ordered by their father to do one thing: annihilate the Rebellion. The Rebellion was against anything Victor’s New Government did and they had been around for as long as well. Nearly 157 years. Victoria and Vanessa crept silently through the Black Forest of Germany looking for any sign of the Rebellion leaders: Alec and Alice Ebner and Driscoll Ardeshir, they were notified they were here. Both young faces were solemn and serious, entirely focused on their mission. Around their necks hanged dragon pendants, the gems had strange glow that seemed to come from the inside of it. Victoria’s deep purple eyes hold a history behind them as well as grief and coldness; they say windows are a window to the soul Victoria’s is no exception. She looks over to her sister and she sees her father’s harsh, cold blue eyes. She shook her head slightly remembering those were her sister’s eyes not her father’s. “Vanessa,” Victoria crept quietly to her sister, “do they have gifts?” Vanessa thought for a moment. Vanessa, like most Immortalis’s has a special gift; she can remember anything and see a memory just by touching an object. She answered Victoria after a moment of thinking, “They do. Alice Ebner can see the future; we’re not sure if she can see Immortalis’s futures or not, like Father.” Victoria pondered this, “Vanessa, have you ever wondered why we can’t use our gifts on others like us?” Vanessa smiled slightly, “We’re still not sure. Father only told us he couldn’t use his on one other Immortalis he knew.” More questions were coming into Victoria’s head, why did Father want the Rebels so bad? Why not kill them? Why keep them alive? A loud yell snapped Victoria out of her thoughts. “Where did it come from?” Vanessa asked suddenly excited. Victoria grabbed her sister’s hand and in less than a second they were outside a tent, they had teleported, Victoria’s gift. The twins hid quickly; although they were immortal they were not invincible. Angry voiced could be heard from inside, “Alec, it’s not that simple!” Victoria nodded to her sister, she was sure the Rebels were inside. Another man’s voice started talking loudly clearly frustrated, “Driscoll, we can’t just sit here. Alice saw it happen. It’s going to happen soon!” The sound of a fist connecting to a table was heard with a loud crash. There was silence for a moment until a slightly annoyed yet calm voice was heard, “I keep telling you two, my visions aren’t clear. I don’t know if it will happen tomorrow or in another hundred years! I. Don’t. KNOW!” The last syllable was loud it was unbelievable how a young woman could yell that loud. “Alice, calm yourself and don’t yell. You can probably yourself all the way at Olympia! Now let’s talk about this calmly.” Everyone took a deep breath and Driscoll started talking once again, “Alright, Alec we can’t risk going into war yet. Even though we’re already in a kind of war, but we can’t-” he paused for second and looked at the tent door, he signaled a soldier to look outside, “Anyway, we don’t have enough men to go into battle.” The twins barely heard what he said; Victoria caught the Rebel soldier from behind and slit his throat so fast he didn’t even get a chance to see her. She cleaned the sword and signaled for her sister to draw her’s. They positioned themselves in front of the tent and Victoria mouthed, “1. 2. 3”. On three they went into the tent, they killed every guard in nearly one smooth motion, their swords in their hands was lethal. Alice drew an arrow and fired at Victoria, but Victoria blocked it. “Don’t try that again.” She walked towards Alice and saw from the corner of her eye Vanessa was fighting was trying to disarm Alec but where was Driscoll? Alice made a quick move with her dagger, but Victoria smoothly avoided it. She blocked every move Alice made with her dagger. Victoria kicked her in the face knocking her out and checked for any extra weapons Alice may have on her. Vanessa by this time had also disarmed Alec; he had his hands held up in defeat, “Alright, alright. We give up.” Victoria walked over to him and looked into his eyes carefully; she briefly noticed a scar over his right eye. His dark blue eyes were staring down into her’s. “Why do you give up so easily?” She asked. Alec stood up straighter and for once Victoria felt a bit scared of someone, it was as if he could stare into her soul, “Why do you care? Wouldn’t it be easier if the Rebels just gave in without a fight?” Victoria smirked at him then reached for his pendant that was barely showing under his shirt. “A griffin.” She muttered and looked at it with curiosity, “Lord of land and sky.” She let the griffin fall back into his chest and turned back to her sister, “We should take them to Father.”
“What about Driscoll?”
Victoria’s fascination with Alec’s pendant let her forget about him. “Where would he go Ebner?” She held her sword to his throat, “Where would Driscoll Ardeshir go?” Alec gave a small laugh, “I don’t know. He never tells us.”
“Why wouldn’t he?”
“In case something like this happens.”
Victoria let her arm rest and turned him around to tie his hands behind his back. “Victoria, aren’t we going to look for him?” Vanessa asked imitating her sister and tied Alice’s hands behind her back. Victoria led them outside, “We will, but let’s take them to Father first.” Victoria grabbed Alec and Vanessa, who was holding an unconscious Alice and teleported to the New Government capitol, Olympus. They appeared in front of the large gates of Olympus, by this time Alice had awoken. Victor had told his daughters of their ancestor’s great city on top of Mount Olympus, in honor of them Victor named his capitol Olympus. Victor’s daughters led the Rebells through the village glaring at anyone who dared to look at the traitors in sympathy. At the main gate in the front of the palace was a large dragon. If not looked at closely some would think it was made of stone, but it’s big head quickly erected when it heard their footsteps. One look or glare is more like it, at Victoria and Vanessa it stood aside. Knowing who its masters were. The Ebners held their heads high, but deep inside they were terrified of what their fate would be.

The Rebels were led into the palace and into a large room that closely resembled the old chapel in the Palace of Versailles, which was now in ruins thanks to Victor. Dragon decorations littered the dark room. At the very end sat Victor in his massive throne. His face had not changed since he made his Life Pendant. Victor’s smirked as his two daughters entered with the Rebel leaders, “Alec! And Alice!” He got down from his pedestal and hugged his daughters and whispered in their ears, “Excellent job.” He looked at the prisoners, but the smirk soon came off. “WHERE IS ARDESHIR?” Victor turned to Victoria and Vanessa with a glare that could kill anyone on the spot. “I’m sorry Father, but it was Victoria. She didn’t want to go find him.” Vanessa pointed a finger to the eldest of them. Victor turned to Victoria who tried not to show a glimpse of fear, “Why didn’t you go find him Victoria? He is the reason there is a Rebellion.” Victoria lowered her head in shame. “Do NOT lower your head, you will face me when I speak to you!” Victor grabbed her chin so they looked eye to eye. The Ebners had never seen someone look so afraid of their own father, but Victoria was nearly shaking from fear. “You will find Ardeshir. Do I make myself clear?” Victoria didn’t answer, “DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?” Victor screamed to her face, “Yes, Father. Yes.” He released her chin and embraced her as if nothing had happened. “Take them away. Interrogate them if you must.” With a wave of his hand Victoria and Vanessa half dragged Alec and Alice away.
“Vanessa, take the girl. I’ll take her brother.” Victoria led Alec into one of the Interrogation Rooms. The room was plain white; there was no color what so ever besides the metal chairs and table. Victoria shoved Alec roughly into a chair and sat across the table from him. “You could be a tad bit gentler.” Alec muttered. Victoria ignored his comment and started her questioning. “Where is Ardeshir?”
“I told you, I don’t know. He never tells me or my sister where he goes. As far as we’re concerned he disappeared again.”
“You must at least have a hint on where he would go.”
“No, I don’t.”
They sat in silence glaring at each other. “Why am I still alive?” Alec asked suddenly. Victoria was slightly taken back, but kept her calm demeanor, “Because my father needs you.”
“Probably to find Ardeshir.”
“Why do you listen to Victor?”
Victoria glared at him, “He’s my father. It’s what a good daughter should do.”
“Is he a good father?”
“It didn’t seem like it back in his ‘throne’ room.”
“Shut up! Why are asking me these questions?”
He was quiet and looked down at his lap. Victoria glared at the top of his head. “Ardeshir told me and Alice something. Before you caught us.” Victoria leaned closer to him trying to catch his quiet words. “He said that if we are ever caught, like now, help will come.” Victoria looked at him in disbelief and surprising herself and Alec, she tackled him and had him pinned to the floor. “Tell me where he is!” She leaned down and whispered menacingly in his ear, “You want to know why I listen to my father? Because in one move he could have me killed. I may be good at defending myself, but my father is much better. Now tell me where Ardeshir is.” Alec shook his head. Victoria punched him across the jaw, “TELL ME WHERE HE IS!” Alec didn’t answer, he hadn’t moved an inch to attack her either. Victoria was enraged she hit him over and over again, until her back hand was as bruised and bloody as Alec’s face. “Why don’t you think hard. You have until tomorrow. If you don’t have answer for me by then, your little griffin around your neck is going to be cracked. Along with your sister’s.” With that said Victoria walked out and locked the door securely behind her and ordered two soldiers to stand guard.
Victoria and Vanessa sat in their room on Victor’s orders. “Did you get anything out of the Ebner girl?” Victoria asked her sister. “No. You?”
They sat in silence. Vanessa sighed and looked at Victoria, “Why do you think Father wants Ardeshir so badly?” Victoria shrugged, “I don’t know. The Ebner boy told me something when I was questioning him.”
“What was it?”
“Ardeshir told him and his sister that if they were ever caught, help will come.”
“The Rebellion wouldn’t risk it. How important are they?”
Victoria rose from her bed and headed towards the door. “Victoria, where are you going? Father said to stay in here.” Victoria ignored her sister and opened the door, “I’m going to ask Ebner if Ar-deshir is coming for him and his sister. I’m sure Father won’t mind.” Victoria walked out, closing the door behind her. Guards gave her a curious glance as she walked by them with her head held high. Victoria went down the steep stairs and to the Interrogation Rooms. She opened the door to Alec’s cell, “See you’ve figured it out.” Victoria glared at the blond haired man who sat smirking up at her. “Why? Why would you tell me that?”
“I don’t know. Maybe it was your oh so lovely face that convinced me.” He smirked when she started to turn the slightest bit red. “That still doesn’t answer my question, but I don’t have time for that. Now, when is Ardeshir coming for you and your sister?”
Alec raised his eyebrow his eyes teasing her, “Who said Dri is coming for us?”
“You said help will come.”
“Ah! But I didn’t say what kind of help.”
Victoria growled and slammed her fist on the wall. “Tell me! Is he coming for you?”
“Maybe, maybe not.”
“Stop playing with me!”
Alec opened his mouth to retort, but he shut it when Victoria held a dagger to his throat, “I hope this is enough to convince you.”
“I know why Victor wants Driscoll.”
Victoria’s interest was immediately, “Why would I want to know that?” Alec’s blue eyes shined with amusement, “Why do you always question me? Why not my sister? She is the one that can see the future you know.” Victoria took her dagger off his neck and sheathed it, “I think I will.” As she was about to walk out she paused and turned back to Alec, “Why are you giving me information.” He winked at her and rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes. Victoria huffed and locked the door. “Ailos! Open Alice Ebner’s cell!’ She barked to the man guarding the Ebner girl’s cell. Victoria marched in to see a frail little girl sitting in the corner. She barely looked like a young woman. “Get up!” Alice raised her head and smirked, “Hello Victoria. Alec sent you here, didn’t he?” Victoria stared at the girl, “You see the future right?” Alice nodded. “Tell me and I’ll convince my father to let you live.”
“Victor won’t let us live.”
“Then I’ll ask him to give you a painless execution. Tell me. What do you see in the future?”
“You heard most of it outside the tent.” Alice sighed then looked up at Victoria, her blue eyes were nearly white, “Victor dies. Yes Victoria your father dies.” Victoria sat down at the table and motioned for Alice to do the same, “Why do you tell me this?” Alice’s pale blue eyes reminded Victoria of her father’s, but they held more warmth. “You belong in that future. I am sure it is you who kills Victor.”
Victoria’s eyes widened and she rose up quickly, “That is treason! Your visions are not accurate! I would never kill my own father!”
“Victoria, think of what your father has done to you. Like Victor I have the gift of the mind. Back in our ancestor’s days we were Profí̱ti̱s Tou Myaloú, Seer of Minds. I can see your memories, your mother.”
Victoria’s eyes flashed, “Do NOT mention her!”
“You killed her.”
“She was a traitor. She never loved Father, she betrayed him. And me! And Vanessa!”
“You know tha-”
“SILENCE!” Alice immediately quieted, “You and your brother will be executed at sundown tomor-row! We will show you no mercy!”
The last Victoria heard when she exited the cell was Alice murmuring, “You will not listen to the truth. You are easily misguided and tricked, Victoria.” Victoria slammed the cell door and marched down the halls. The guards got out of her way as she continued to walk swiftly to Victor’s throne room. “Father!” Victor’s head came up when he heard Victoria’s loud voice, “Victoria, what are you doing here?”
“I have urgent news. I have reason to believe Ardeshir may attempt to free Alec and Alice Ebner.”
The end of Victor’s lips lifted slightly, “There is nothing to be afraid of Victoria. Even if Ardeshir at-tempted anything like that he wouldn’t succeed.”
“Aren’t at least a bit concerned?” Victoria was stunned her father didn’t even seem to care. “We have nothing to worry about. Now, tomorrow at sundown, the Ebners will be executed. Is that satisfactory with you Daughter?” Victoria nodded her head. “Good. Now go back to bed, I will alert you if anything is wrong.” Victoria kissed his daughter on the forehead and sent her off. Victoria walked slowly to her and her sister’s room and couldn’t help but think why her father wasn’t the least bit concerned.

It was quiet in Olympia. The large clock in the town square struck midnight. Soldiers marched through the town looking out for any mischief or anyone out past curfew. In the castle Victoria looked out from her window. She couldn’t sleep, Driscoll could come tonight. She shook her head, Driscoll wouldn’t try anything. Would he? A shake of her head once again. Victoria sneaked a look at her sleeping sister. Victoria dressed quickly and quietly went outside. She nodded to some of the passing guards who bowed in respect. It was too quiet. Victoria found herself looking around almost every second, it was far too quiet. She found herself at the top of one of the tallest guard towers. She could see all of Olympia from the top; she spotted a shadow or two of a citizen out late. She let it past this one time. Victoria found herself dozing off. “Intruder! Intruder!” Victoria woke up suddenly to the alarm bell ringing. She cursed and grabbed her swords; it had to be Driscoll. She rushed down from the tower. As she neared the main hall she nearly screamed when she saw the dead bodies of the guards. “Soldier!” She barked to a passing soldier, “What is it?” The man straightened and answered politely, “The prisoners have escaped.” Victoria cursed once again forgetting who she was with and ran to the main hall. “Alice, run!” Victoria heard someone yell. In front of her, just a few steps away was Driscoll. Alice noticed Victoria had just entered and ran for the door. Victoria teleported blocking her way, “You are NOT getting away!” Alice, who now had weapons, threw a dagger at her. Victoria easily avoided it. “Get Ardeshir!” Victoria yelled to anyone who was listening. Vanessa ran in and tried to grab Driscoll, but he had escaped. Victoria growled frustrated, but kept fighting Alice. There was no sign of Alec. “Where’s your brother? Ardeshir leave him behind?” Alice threw another dagger getting angrier and angrier. “I guess Alec doesn’t mean much to him as much as you.” Alice growled and punched Victoria. “Dri cares for the safety both of us.” Victoria was knocked out. No one had noticed. Alice glared Alec who had just entered. “Where have you been?” She snapped at her brother. “Alice, not now. What did you do to her?” Alec looked at the unconscious Victoria and rolled her eyes, “Just take her. Dri said if we must, take Victoria.” Her brother picked Victoria up and slung her over his shoulder, “Driscoll!” Driscoll took one more soldier down and ran to the main door. The Rebels and Victoria disappeared to the once quiet night. “Someone alert my father.” Vanessa said to no one in particular. When no one moved she yelled, “NOW! Didn’t you see those rebels took Victoria!” The soldiers quickly went to alert Victor. Vanessa stood at the large ornate doorway on the verge of tears, she prayed to any god that would listen, that Victoria would be alright.
As Victor was being alerted of his daughter being kidnapped, Alec, Alice, and Driscoll arrived at their camp. Alec set Victoria against a tree and tied her up. “Tie her feet up tight.” Driscoll muttered to Alec, “If her feet aren’t secured she can teleport. Don’t ask how I know that.” Alec nodded and tied the knot securely. Driscoll started a fire and the three sat around it in utter silence. “Driscoll, what are we going to do with the Adler girl?” Alec asked. “She can help us.”
“She can make sure we’re locked up for the rest of our lives and not to mention she’s an expert in lying. How do we know once we let her loose she’ll just teleport back to Olympia and alert Victor where we are?”
“Because she doesn’t know where we are Alec.”
Alec scowled, but was silent. Alice piped up putting a hand on Driscoll’s arm, “Alec’s right though. How do we know we can trust her? She is good at covering up. Plus Victor may be able to communicate with her mentally or she may even have a tracker on her.” Driscoll sighed, “Fine, we’ll just keep her tied up for now. Alec you watch her.” Alec looked at the much older man, “Why me?”
“You don’t trust her. I do. So you’re a much better candidate.” Driscoll smirked at Alec and lay down and closed his eyes. Alec looked at his sister for some help but she just shrugged and mimicked Driscoll, leaving Alec to watch Victoria.
Victoria felt closed in, all she could see was darkness. She woke up gasping, her head was throbbing painfully, she looked down to see her feet were tied up, hence the reason she felt closed in. Victoria looked around trying to make some sense of where she was. All around her were trees, trees, and more trees. A small grunt startled Victoria, she looked around to see Alec Ebner sleeping soundly. Careful not to make any loud noises, Victoria clawed at her bonds. In her back pocket she held a knife. It was small, but she could probably cut herself free. She was pressed up against a tree and could barely move, this proved getting to the dagger difficult. A sudden grunt and snort startled Victoria and she turned her head to Alec who was starting to rustle in his sleep. Her hands kept on grabbing for her back pocket; finally she had hold on her knife. Cutting and more cutting, finally her bonds were cut, now for the feet. Alec rustled again, mumbling something incoherent. Victoria glanced at him nervously and proceeded to cut her feet bonds. Victoria was concentrating so hard on cutting the rope she didn’t see Alec coming up behind her. All of the sudden he grabbed her arms causing her to drop the knife. “Let me go!” Victoria struggled against him, but Alec was much stronger. “Do you really think I’m that stupid?” Alec forced her back down mumbling under his breath, “Should have checked for any other weapons.” He had successfully tied her up again and set her against the same tree. “Now, I’ll try to be nice about this. Do you have any other weapons on you?” Victoria stuck up her chin and answered a quick no. Alec rolled his eyes and reached for her back pocket, “Don’t touch me!” Victoria snapped. “Can you not be quiet for at least a minute?” Alec snapped back. Victoria set her mouth in a fine line, but was silent. Alec finished searching her and sat across from her staring. Victoria avoided his gaze getting more and more annoyed as time went by. “Will you please stop staring?” She hissed. Alec smirked, but continued to stare. “Stop it!” Victoria hissed once more, “If I wasn’t tied up I would-” She let a frustrated groan and leaned her head back. “Why are you so angry?” Alec asked. “I’m tied up. And stuck in the middle of a forest! Why do you think I would be angry?” Victoria leaned her back once again and closed her eyes ignoring the blond man still staring at her. Alec looked over at his sister to see Driscoll’s arm around her waist. Scowling, Alec stood up and went over to the two. Nudging Driscoll he bent over, “Driscoll I know you and my sister like each other, but do you have to have your hands all over her?” Driscoll opened one eye and got up, “You’ll understand someday.” Alec shook his head, “Sorry Dri, but I just don’t believe in that. It’s kind of ridicules. Wake up Alice, that thing,” he nudged a thumb to Victoria, “is awake.” Driscoll nodded and shook Alice gently. Alec got some food from his bag and glanced at Victoria, “Are you hungry?” She stuck her chin up once again, “I would rather starve then eat peasant food.”
“Peasant food?” Alec was close to killing the spoiled brat. “This is not peasant food. It may not be what you’re used to, but it’s food.” Driscoll rested a hand on his shoulder keeping him from jumping up and choking her. “Victoria, please eat something.” Victoria glared at the leader, but nodded. Alec also glared at the older man, but started to prepare a fire. “Alec, get out of the way. I know how you cook, I’ll do it.” Alice shoved Alec away from the fire and started cooking some kind of soup. Victoria’s nose scrunched up with distaste. “What is that?” Alice answered calmly, “A bit of everything. No meat though.” Victoria’s nose scrunched up even more. The small group sat in silence.
“Well, I guess formal introductions are in order.” Driscoll announced happily, “I’m Driscoll Ar-”
“I know who you are.” Victoria interrupted, “You are Driscoll Ardeshir no special gift as far as we know. He,” She pointed her chin to Alec, “is Alec Ebner also no gift. And his sister Alice Ebner, she can see the future, she is also your…” She paused, “Your… what term do you use Ardeshir?” The Rebels eyebrows lifted slightly, it was first time they heard her say something not out of anger. Driscoll cleared his throat, “My…” he paused to think; even he didn’t know what to call what Alice was to him, “my interest.” Victoria nodded. “Alec, you can release her.” Driscoll motioned towards her hands. “What? But she’ll try to run! She tried it earlier today!” Alec protested, but was silenced by Driscoll’s cold glare. “Fine!” Alec walked to the purple eyed girl and cut the tight rope, “Better not try anything.” Victoria scowled in return rubbing her sore wrists. “What about my feet?” Victoria asked Alec. Alec groaned and cut her feet, “Better?” Victoria nodded curtly. Alice handed her some of the soup. They all ate in silence, Victoria finally spoke up, “Why are you keeping me alive? And released me?” The Rebels looked at her and the Ebner twins put their heads down quickly. Driscoll sighed and set his food down, “We need your help.”
“And you’re willing to trust me so easily?”
Victoria laughed sarcastically, “You know I can teleport. Yeah?”
“I know that you can’t teleport here because you don’t know where you are. Yeah?”
She narrowed her eyes, “Maybe. Well anyway, why do you need my help?”
“I think you know. Alice told you when she was interrogated by you.”
Another laugh from Victoria, “Kill Father, right?”
“So you believe that me, Victor Adler’s daughter, will kill him. My own father?”
Driscoll shrugged, “Yes.”
“Just because a girl said so?”
Driscoll was angry now, “First of all, Alice is not a girl. And second Alice has never been wrong.”
Victoria narrowed her eyes further at Driscoll, “Why should I believe you?” Driscoll sighed and looked down at his hands, “I was one of the first of our kind.” Victoria straightened her posture and looked straight at Driscoll, “You’re Atam? Atam Barnabas? But every book ever written said he dissapeared.”
“I came back. Only under a different name. I knew Victor when he was younger. During the 23rd century. Maybe I should start from the beginning.” Victoria nodded staring at Driscoll with respect, there was no longer any hate or anger blazing in her eyes. Driscoll took a deep breath and began his long story.

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