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Memoirs of a Showstopper

November 10, 2011
By dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
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Andy Simons (born with the "uptight name" Miranda) has spent six years aspiring to be an actress, after that fateful day as an eight year old when Andy revealed to her parents that she did not want to be a doctor anymore. Talk about a letdown, but they're not the only ones disappointed- Andy has lived in the shadows of her popular, smart, athletic older brother and sister (aka the twins) and her track star best friends. But when Andy’s deadline of quitting her seemingly hopeless dreams of being an actress draws closer, Andy finds herself at her crazy-fortune-teller-neighbor's house, who reveals that fame is near. This was the encounter that led to the first audition- the start of an emotional journey that surprises the average town of Forlin, New Hampshire; only her past lined with setbacks could prepare her for the vendettas, hope, disappointment and the true meaning of bad press she will encounter. Can she find the confidence to follow her dreams?

Jen S.

Memoirs of a Showstopper

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