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Autumn Falls

December 15, 2011
By chels096, Kingsport, Tennessee
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chels096, Kingsport, Tennessee
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"Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm"

Author's note: I got inspiration from all of the 'mythical creature' type books. With the interesting, intriguing characters that really leave you wanting to know more about them. I hope that people will really enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

The author's comments:
It may be long, but i tried my best to add as little pages to this chapter as I could. This story is not finished, so I will be adding more chapters soon. thanks for taking the time to read my story. (:

I caught myself before I nearly slipped and crashed on the white-tiled floor and onto a pile of slung open textbooks that I had let slip from my hands.

“I hate mondays.” I muttered under my breath. I groaned and smoothed out my shirt. I glanced around quickly -- making sure no one had noticed.

I sighed with relief. Thankfully, everyone had entered the classrooms and the hallways were empty. I was safe from humiliation. Safe from a few bruises too.

A Monday. A horrible, horrible Monday. I’m not gonna go into detail, but let’s just say that I’m probably the unluckiest person to walk these halls.

Halls that reeked with bleach, mixed with a few hundreds of perfumes that some girls had sprayed. The swirl of those scents really didn’t complement anything. Bright neon-colored flyers lined along the dark blue walls.. Taped over other flyers and covering chess-club invites. The word ‘Wolverines’ was plastered across the wall at the end of the hallway in a dark blue colored. Outlined with a yellow-y gold.

High-School was the epitome of drama and disaster.

The cheerleaders dominated the school, with their blue and gold uniforms and their loud bubble-gum chewing that never ceased to annoy me. Their high pitched squeaky voiced bounced off the walls when they laughed and giggled at whatever the hot muscly jocks were saying.

The football players never failed to humiliate the rest of the students, whomever they thought wasn’t good enough. Shoving other kids into lockers and tossing backpacks down the stairwells. Sticking a gob of gum in some dude’s hair. Tripping a freshman in gym....

This was the greatest four years of my life, according to my parents.

And being a Junior meant I was growing closer to that graduation that I eagerly welcomed with open arms.

I rolled my eyes and bent down to pick up my textbooks, one by one.

School will be the death of me, I thought to myself.

Juggling a backpack and two textbooks in my arms, I attempted to make my way down to Mrs. Russell’s classroom. I smoothed down my hair as much as possible.

To make this year somewhat easier I had Keri and Tamera on my side. My best friends since elementary.

They brightened days like these -- with their cheery moods and bubbly personalities. On the other hand, it sometimes grew annoying.

I pushed open the classroom door, and Mrs. Russell was in the middle of explaining a exam that was due sometime next week. She faced the blackboard so hopefully she didn’t acknowledge my entrance. I quickly scurried over to my empty seat and sat down. I peeked over at Keri’s open textbook and searched for the page that we were supposed to be on. I flipped page after page till I finally found it.

Relief washed over me.

“Now, students, I want you to do pages 156 through 167. Please get started. Questions?” Mrs Russell turned to face us.

Her beady, strict eyes focused on me. “Sidney Wallace.” She said. “Nice to see that you’ve made it to class.” And looked away. She focused her cringe-inducing gaze onto someone else and smiled warmly. It didn’t suit her.

Mrs. Margaret Russell spent most of her time frowning and scolding during and after school hours. Her eyes looked exceptionally large behind her thick glasses. Her hair looked different today. She usually kept it pulled up into a bun. Today, it was pulled back into a braid that hung down her back.

Mrs. Russell wasn’t the nicest teacher in this school. Unless we had a lot of homework.

She paced back and forth in front of her wooden desk. “Before we start, I’d like to introduce everyone to Luke Moretti.” She said and smiled again.

New student, huh? That’s sort of a big deal around here. We usually don’t see any new students that are new in town. I’m glad to see that we are actually located on a map, considering how small our town is.

Automatically, I looked over to my right, and there he sat. His eyes were focused on the teacher and all of the students turned to look right at him.

Luke looked over at me and smiled kindly.

His were eyes a pretty liquid hazel. His hair a chocolatey brown, mixed with a tinge of bronze. Luke’s eyes flickered away and he turned his head towards Mrs. Russell.

Honestly, Mr. Moretti was quite attractive.

There wasn’t that many guys in this school that I fancied. Most of them were either jerks or taken. But this guy, this guy here was...beautiful. Just that.


The shape of his face was so perfect. His prominent jawline, and his sculpted nose was hard to ignore. And his eyes were so bright. No, not just how the light shone on them. It was the brightness of the color of his eyes. Like they glowed subtly from within.

A lovely gold sheen mixed with a swirl of green laced with a tinge of brown.

I tried not to smile at him. That could be weird. But smiling was polite, how could that be weird? Shut up, Sidney. I thought.

I looked away. This was growing a bit awkward. Did he notice me staring at him?

Mrs. Russell began to speak, “He’s new in Maple Falls, and I would appreciate it if you would make him feel welcome.” She glared at us expectantly.

A male voice spoke up. “Sup?” And the boy reached over as if he was going to give Luke a high-five.

A few girls giggled under their breaths in the quiet classroom.

Luke looked over at the guy. His expression perplexed.

The guy, who is on the football team, smiled widely. “Welcome to our town. It’s pretty boring here. It’s named after maple syrup.” He joked, his laughter came out in loud guffaws. I rolled my eyes.

Luke smiled and nodded positively. “Good to know.” He smirked.

Mrs Russell seemed to grow annoyed and tapped her infamous red-orange ruler against the desk. “After class, is what I meant.” She protested. “Get started on your work.”

Eek. I didn’t want to see a fight so early this morning. But I know a few who’d like to see that. I grabbed my pencil and tried to pull a bouquet of concentration out of the clouds of frustration that hung light in the air.

Right before I finished with my last page, I stole a glance at that new guy.

His eyes intensely were focused on a book he had pulled out from his bag. The spine of it was worn and the pages were ragged, where he had dog-eared some of the pages.

Luke must like to read. I liked that.

I tried to study his expression as his eyebrows moved, showing his emotion as his eyes scanned the page slowly. They pulled together in concentration and raised in surprise.

I was staring again.

Keri poked me with her pencil. I whirled around and looked at her.

“What?” I whispered.

She pointed towards Luke with her yellow pencil. “Ask him to the dance.” She spoke softly and smiled eagerly.

I shook my head and smiled a little. “No.” I mouthed. “I’m not going.”

Keri rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Whatever.” She said, barely loud enough for me to hear. She doodled smiley faces on a piece of scrap paper.

I glanced up at the clock and hurried to finish my work.

Afterwards, I made my way through the crowded hallway and passed by a few of the cheerleaders.

One of them stood with one hand on her hip and she said, “Did you see him? My God, he’s adorable.” She gawked. “And he’s quiet. That’s hot. But he can’t be too quiet, cause that’s weird. What do you think?” The long haired blonde asked her curly haired blonde friend.

She contemplated that. “I would totally date that. I mean, I wouldn’t take him from you or anything....” The girl looked away.

Mallory’s eyes quickly flickered to the girl. She raised an eyebrow and shifted her weight onto one foot. “I’d hope not. ‘Cause honestly, if I were him I wouldn’t pick you.” She looked her up and down. Mallory reached over to gently place her hand on the girl’s shoulder, as if she felt sympathy for her. “Sorry.”

The girl looked at Mallory with sadness in her eyes and looked away. “Did you see his eyes? I’ve never seen a color like that.” She went on.

I drew a breath and escaped to my locker. I shoved my things into the small space and took out a few papers that were due for next period.

Come to think of it, the girl was right. I haven’t seen eyes like Luke’s before. They were different. They were a swirl of deep greens, and speckle-y browns and shimmering golds. The thought sent me into a dream-like reverie.

The author's comments:
Trying to keep the chapters as short as I can, since it's online. The pages are way longer on the document. :P Anyways, thanks for reading.

Maple Falls was a town that I had lived in all my life, and to see a flock of girls go bananas over a new boy -- who is cute by the way -- and act like he’s some celebrity was absurd to me. I just don’t see why.

Maybe I was just jealous.

Or, it was just that all these girls were really starting to aggravate me.

I’m sure Luke doesn’t want all that attention -- unless he’s a giant douche and loves having all these girls clamoring over him throughout the day.

No, correction, every second.

There really wasn’t a reason for me to be griping and groaning on about it. I don’t blame those girls, because I would be right there drooling over him while he flexed those arms of his...but I’m not. So. End of story.

At Lunch, I sat beside Tamera and Jonah.

They were discussing the dance that was going to be on Saturday. Tamera seemed to be a little pissed since her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend was in charge of the decorating the gym and all.

Her mouth turned up in disgust. “I just don’t think she’ll do a good job. I mean, that’s just my opinion.” She crossed her arms. “But I might be wrong. She’ll probably do an amazing job. Hasn’t she been the one over the decorating for the past three dances? Maybe Drew will be helping her.” Her eyes narrowed and she scoffed. Tamera stuck her nose up in the air. “I don’t care, anyways.”

This girl was my best friend.

Tamera turned to Jonah. “Who are you taking to the dance? Anybody special?” She nudged him in the arm.

“I dunno.” Jonah munched on an apple. “Mallory asked me. But I don’t think I’ll go. Since I’m going to that bonfire with Tyler....” He chewed. “She’s hot though, so i’m not sure.” He turned to me. “Should I go?”

“You asking me?” I asked.

He looked around awkwardly. “Uh....yeah.” and smirked

Jonah has had a crush on Mallory Harper since Freshman year. And she’d liked him too. Until she got distracted by Chance, the quarterback.

Mallory asked him, didn’t she? Well that must mean that her and Chance are no longer talking. What a surprise.

“I think you should go to the dance with her. She’s pretty, and you two have liked each other for a while.” I said casually along with a shrug.

Jonah craned his neck in hopes of grasping a glance of Mallory in her Cheerleading uniform. I followed his gaze and I saw her. That was the girl that said she was asking Luke to the dance, wasn’t it?

Mallory was smiling, her long blonde hair curled into elegant ringlets around her tanned face. She was beautiful. And I think she’s well aware. Just look at how she carries herself. Her attitude and all that.

Mallory was talking to another girl, whispering and eyeing Luke Moretti as he went to sit at a table in the corner by himself. She was going to pounce, and I saw it in her expression.

I swallowed and turned back around. I picked up my sandwich and tried not to tear it into halves.

That varsity cheerleader, that Mallory chick was going to go to that dance with my best friend. He deserved it. Jonah’s been waiting for so long to go with her. And I think it’s about time that it happens.

I was beginning to grow angry.

Poor Jonah. He starts to really like the girl and she goes and screws that up by asking out the new guy. How pathetic. Cruel, even.

I glanced up at Jonah from under my lashes and saw him smiling as he waved in her direction. I didn’t really want to see what -- who -- Mallory was looking at. Something tells me that it isn’t Jonah.

I wouldn’t be able to handle Jonah with a broken heart. Or a shattered ego.

Shortly after hearing him talk on and on about the dance and how he was going to ask her out that night, I quickly decided that it was time for me to intervene.

I was going to march right up to her after my last class and find out what’s going on. Even if it isn’t my place to.

He’s still my best friend.

As the last bell rang, I gathered my things from my locker and stormed off to try and find Mallory in this jammed up hallway.

Tamera tugged at my sleeve at an attempt to get my attention. I stopped in my tracks and looked at her.

“What?” I asked, Not meaning it to sound as harsh as it had.

She blinked, having not expected that tone from me. “Sorry,” She stammered. “I was going to ask you if you were going to Haven’s Bay tonight...”

I wiped a hand across my forehead and sighed. “Um.” I thought about that for a second. “I forgot about it. I’m sorry. Er, yeah I’ll try to.” I told her.

Tamera’s face lightened up and she smiled. “Good. I’ll call you later and we’ll figure out a time. Sound good?” She started to inch away, growing excited.

I nodded and gave her a thumbs up.

Then I continued with my search for Mallory. Who I remembered was a varsity cheerleader. Wouldn’t she be in the Gym for practice?

I didn’t care. I was still gonna find that girl.

Whilst making my way through the bustling jam of guys and girls trying to get through to the tight-packed doors, I peered inside a few classrooms. I was going to find her, unless I would have to scrounge up her number from Jonah.

This was starting to get old. And I was about to give up.

In honesty was it really worth it finding Mallory and meddling in her business by asking if she was going with Jonah? Because I don’t think she deserves any of my time.

She may be a varsity cheerleader and all, but it doesn’t change that she’s human. Mallory is just like me. But prettier. And skinnier. And popular. That isn’t the point but you get what I mean.

I’m just saying that what with her being a cheerleader; captain of the varsity squad doesn’t make her a ‘celebrity’ and I shouldn’t be scared of that twit.

I’m not scared of her. I’m scared for Jonah.

Just when I almost headed for the Gym, I caught a glimpse of her standing in the open doorway of a Spanish class. She stood there with a hand on her bony hip and she twirled her blonde curls with her finger. Mallory was talking to someone and I didn’t see who it was until I pushed forward trying to get closer to her.

A dark-haired boy. Someone who I didn’t quite recognize all too well.

Luke Moretti.

Well this wasn’t a surprise. I had expected this more than I had expected her talking to Jonah. Which was minuscule.

I approached her with a not-genuine smile. I’d hoped that it looked obvious that I wasn’t pleased with this scene that I saw before my eyes.

She was laughing. Why was she laughing?

“I know, right?” Mallory grinned. “I totally agree.”

I tried to repress the urge to roll my eyes and trip her in those gaudy sparkly heels that she wore.

Luke was smirking. “It’s not really my favorite, but I can tolerate it.” He nodded.

I interrupted their apparent flirt-fest with my loud ‘ahem’. They both turned and looked at me.

Mallory’s mouth turned up in disgust. “Can I help you?” Smug. That girl was smug. Why? Just because she can do a few backflips? My dog can do that.

And they do look quite a bit alike as well. I wanted to burst out into laughter. I don’t know why I’m so funny. Whew.

I began picturing images of my head of Mallory that wasn’t so nice.

With a deep sigh I clenched my fists and tried to calmly respond to her question.

“In fact, I was just going to ask a question. But since you had to be so hateful about it, ” I spat. “You wipe that sour look off your face before I find someone to do it for you.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Luke’s eyes widen. He coughed, in which I heard a bit of a snicker that he tried to hide.

I was surprised at how that flowed off my tongue. Wow. That was relieving. I should do that more often. I reached up to cover my mouth as if I had felt sorry for saying it.

Which, hah, why should I be?

Mallory raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. “I’m going to ignore what you just said. Just because I’m not in the mood for a stupid fight. What’s your question, Sidney?” She sounded even more annoyed.

Behind her words I heard a girl that was too much of a wuss to take off those diamond earrings and pop a few punches.

What had gotten into me? I’d turned into a drama queen. Who was this girl that was trying to start a fight with Mallory Harper? Sheesh. I’ve gone crazy.

“What are you doing in here, anyway? You don’t have spanish...” Mallory quickly interjected.

I looked at Luke again and he had a very faint smile on his face. I didn’t want to smile. I wanted to be serious.

My eyebrows pulled together. “I just wanted to ask you something...” I looked at her seriously.

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