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Once This. Now That.

May 7, 2012
By Puerto-Rican.Ninja, Sabattus, Maine
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Puerto-Rican.Ninja, Sabattus, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"You may only be one person, But it only take son to make a difference"-Katherine Palmisano

Author's note: I hope people get out of this book that dont be afraid to use your imagination.

Its January 13th, and she was ready for spring. She walks down stairs scratching her eyes forcing herself awake. She looks up with hazy eyes and see’s her mother at the table reading the paper. She walks over while scuffing her feet across the floor, and acting like she was the frank-in-stein monster. She get’s to the table and looks at her mom.
“ Morning?” her mother says concernedly.
“ Mmmmm…” Rain says in response.
“ Have another bad dream hun?” her mother asks.
“ Kinda…. But this one was a little confusing” she says.
“ Do you want to tell me about it?” her mother asks with an eyebrow raised.
“ Well, I was running through the woods and I look to my left and I was running next to wolfs. I look forward and there was a herd of elk in front of me. Then the next thing I know, I’m on top of an elk bitting it and eating it. I might be listen to much Heavy Metal music. I don’t know.” she says while shaking her head.
Rain sits at the table and puts her head down and you can hear the echo of her head hitting the wooden table.
“ Well, today you start out at North Ridge High School so please, don’t get into a fight. I don’t want to get a phone call after 10 minutes school starts to come pick up my child for being suspended.”She says with a questioning face. Her mother stands up and kisses her on the forehead and walks into her room just down from the kitchen and then heads to the shower to get ready for work.

“ Oh, Rain! Sense its your first day you can take your car to school, and you don’t need me with you this time. Please don’t drive fast in the car again, or I’ll have to beat you with a rolling pin, your uncle re-built that car for you after you crashed it. Keys are on top of the Micro-” she then hears the scratching of the floor from the chair and sees Rain run up the stairs to her room. Her mother chuckles.

Rain is up in her room looking for the perfect first day out-fit. She looks at the clock and it reads 7:10 a.m. And she has to be at school by 7:45. The school is about 10 minutes drive from her house. She franticly looks through her clothes looking and finds her ripped skinny jeans and the pin that is attached to it that says “Not Listening” with a pair of headphones on it. She chuckles and continues looking for a shirt. She finds her white tank top with a low V neck and that has gold rhinestones on it. She smiles and rushes to the bathroom right across the hall and on her way out grabs her fake leather jacket.

She gets out of the bathroom and looks at the clock it reads 7:25, she has quickly speeds up next to her and keeps at her speed. She looks up and sees a eight-teen wheeler heading their way. She looks over at them and sees an outline of the driver, its a male, and slams on her brake just as the wheeler gets so close to the hummer that it would destroy the hummer. The driver stomps on the gas and switches into her lane and is quickly out of sight.
“ What the -” she begins to yell.

She arrives at the school, and pulls into the parking lot for students. She has her music going to the song “Waking The Demon”from Bullet For My Valentine. She pulls up to an empty spot in the back of the lot and shuts the car off. She looks out the window and see’s a lot of people starring at her car.
Are they expecting a guy to step out of the car? Or something.... She opens the door and puts one leg out at a time and grabs he bag and slips it over her shoulder and takes the keys out of the ignition and continues to step out of her car. She moves the keys to her other hand, stands up and shuts the door, and she locks the door then. She turns and puts the key into her pocket and begins to walk to the front doors.
She sees people starring at her as she walks on by nodding her head at them. Obviously they have a starring problem she says to herself. She reaches the front doors and heads straight to the office.
She approached the office and asked the secretary who she needed to talk to about her classes and what was required. She was escorted to the main office and was accompanied by the same secretary. This secretary had long blonde hair with bright blue eyes, and was very pale skinned. Not to mention that she looked sickly thin. Rain had never seen someone so pale and that skinny and have a smile on their face before. She looked happy. She shook her head. The secretary opens the door and tell’s Rain to sit and wait for the principle to come in. Rain sat in the closest chair to the door and waited. She starts to tap her feet and drum on her knees. She couldn't believe that she had to be in a school were people are probably talking about her, but in the back of her mind she knew that it was going to happen her first day.

Rain was in his office for a good 5 minutes and was relieved to hear that he will let her go to class. As the principle shows rain the door she thanks him for all his help. She stood there for a minute then goes to turn and runs into someone.
"watch were your going!" she says
She sighs and looks up to see a boy. She immediately started to stutter and try to apologize.
"I'm sorry, i guess i should be yelling at myself for being such a klutz."
"Oh its fine, all the new people here doing something embarrassing their first day" he says with a grin.
Rain stiffens thinking, is it that obvious that I'm new?
“So whats your name?” the boy ask
"Rain..." she says as she shakes her head a little, and fixes her bag over her shoulder again.
"Rain Feritez.. Im from Alaska."
"Spencer.. Spencer Watter.. from Here" he says with a smile.
Bell rings.
"well i guess ill see you around" Rain says while slipping around him and heading to her first class.
"Hey whats your name again?..." Rain calls back but he's already to far for him to hear her.
She walks round three right turns and one left turn and was finally at her class. She walks in and sits at a desk by the back room.
Chemistry class. Oh what joy. she thought to her self.

The bell rings and they all take there seats. Rain decides to sit in the back of the room due to not really loving the class. She takes out her laptop and goes on to Skype, her friend was on from Alaska. She messaged her saying
Wow.. this school is a bore. Theres nothing but grass, trees, busy roads, and nosy people. I miss Alaska. Alaska wasn’t this bad.
Well, maybe you just have to let it grow? on you ha ha

The bell finally rings and Rain is off to her next class.
She is walking down this long stair chase and it feel like it will never end. She looks down just for a second and runs into another person. She instantly looks up to find another guy. His blue eyes just matched his jaw line and the way he looked at her gave her the chills.
“Im sorry ma’am, i wasn’t looking were i was going, the names Xavior Smith, and yours is?”
“Rain Feritez. Im looking for the.. US History class. I cant seem to find it.”
“well, i guess i would have to show you the way Rain. You could get lost in this school.”he says with a grin.
“ well thank you, Xavior Smith i would love to be accompanied.” She says smiling.
They walk together and he leeds her right to the class. He turns to greet her good bye at the door and when she’s about to go into the class he says
“i hope to run into you more often Rain Feritez.” and she looks down and looks back up but he’s not there. She looks out of the door both right and left and he’s no where in sight. she catches her breath and continues to class.

She sits at her table as the teacher introduces himself to the class. You hear clashing in the hall, then see the door open. A boy walks in. It was the guy Rain bumped into early. What was his name − Spencer.
He was laughing and he realized he interrupted the classes focus. He neatened his shirt and through his bag over his back and waved to the teacher.
“Good Morning Mr. Watters, it was kinda of you to finally join us. Now please take a seat.”Teacher says calmly.
He walks and looks for an empty seat. See’s Rain’s Back to him and sits next to her. The chair squeaks.
“well, it’s nice to see you again Rain Feritez. But without frustration.” he says chuckling.
“ well its nice to see you too Spencer. Its Spencer right? Spencer Watters?”
“yes, yes it is. don’t worry i wont tell anyone if you call me by some other name. Ill save you from the embarrassment.”
“well i appreciate the generosity but ill have to pass. I have already made to much of a fool of my self to hide now.”
“ well i guess you can deal with the embarrassment” he say while getting up to move to a different table.
“wait, fine. what do i have to do to stay out of the embarrassment function?”
“ Well, theres a lot you could do.” he says as he sits back down. Resting his head on is fist.
“ like what?...” she says asking worried.
“one you could be my partner for the class project, or two you could have dinner with me tonight.. it’s your choice.”
“well, I’m new here and you don’t know much about me so i guess i would choose the class project.”
“well, i never.”
“what?” she say’s with a chuckle.
“i have never been turned down so harshly. I think i might die right here, right now.” he says as he grabs his chest where his heart is and slowly try’s to slip to the ground.
“ok fine, I choose both. I do need a partner and i wouldn’t mind going out for a night. It beats being home.”
“ Ok, perfect ill pick you up at 7:00.”
She looks at the board and see’s that the teach has assigned a fairly large project due before summer vacation. She inhales, then exhales. She begins to work on the project.
The bell rings and everyone is out of the room in a flash but Rain. She takes her sweet old time. Then she hears a knock on the door. She turns around to see this girl with Blonde hair. About her height, green eyes and creamy colored skin. She looks at Rain and says
“ Wheres Mr. Boltch”
“i believe he went to the teacher lounge.” Rain says worried what to say.
“ well if you see him before i do, tell him Alexis Rosier is looking for him. He knows who i am.” She says as she turns and struts out the door.
Rain is left there with a message to which she didn’t understand why she was in charge of it. She finishes packing her things up and heads to her next class.

Rain is over-whelmed with everything. From the move, to the new school, new classes, new friends, and even the boys. Rain walks to her locker and grabs her bag in frustration and processed to the bus. She then hears someone call her name. She turns around and its Spencer.
“hey” he says.
“so, what are you doing?”
“getting on the bus to go home...?”
“ no, your going in my truck and we are going to go on that date”
“ i got homework tonight, and i got some things to do at home ya know.”
“ thats such a load of bull. I know your free Rain. Come on. I promise you wont regret it” he says with a grin while attempting the puppy dog face.
I chuckle due to it being funny and how hard he is trying so i finally agree and say
“ok sweet, i’ll bring you home and we can head off together to Future.”
“whats Future?”
“its a club.”
“oh. i knew that.” I say as making myself look like an idiot.
“its cool. Not a lot of people are familiar with it.”
“oh, so pretty much this is like a secret date?” I say rolling my eyes turning back to the bus.
“No. No. Nothing like that at all. Just we could talk more and just hang with out interruptions. Yah know?”
“ Oh, ok.” i say
‘ cool, so leads head to your house” as he makes a clicking sound with his mouth, and does a gun imitation with his hands.
I cant help but chuckle.

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