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March 12, 2019
By hellooooo, Hamilton, Montana
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hellooooo, Hamilton, Montana
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Every day I wonder, everything happens for a reason right? Every question leads to an answer. But if you really think about it, every answer leads on to another question. Most of my school doesn’t really notice me. Have you been the new kid and everyone thinks you're smarter than normal people? Most people call me weird and annoying. Hi. I’m Gracie. I’m in high school. I just moved here from Texas. I may like horses, but I know I’m smart. But listen to this story and see if this has a reason.

I lived in Texas my entire life. I was born in Texas and raised in Texas. Everyone I know and love live in Texas. I started school here in Montana last year. I already knew that it’s gonna be hard to fit in here. I’ve already met the one person that calls me names. Olivia Smith. The most popular girl in the school. Everyone drew their attention right to her as she walked in the door. I came in right after everyone stopped and stared at me.

Now I’m not going to brag, but my life hasn’t been that bad. Well, until now. I think i might have caught one gentleman’s eye. COnner Smith. He’s so cute. The only problem is that Conner is Olivia’s brother. So he’s going be hard to get.

My family teases me when they say I’m a nerd, but when everyone else calls me a nerd, it just hurts my feelings. They call me know it all and brainiac. Like I said, I know I’m smart, but I don’t like it when they say I think I’m smarter than everyone else. I know i’m not. There’s always someone who is smarter than me.

My problem with all of this was that it was my first day and I was already being teased. But I didn’t let it bother me when I was in front of them. That night I cried. I’ve never been teased before so I didn’t know what to do. My life changed that night. I didn’t talk at all that night, my parents were worried because I usually talk at the dinner table. But that night I didn’t. My parents came up to my room and asked what my problem was. I didn’t say anything.

I came to school the next day. Most kids didn’t know me but I pretty much had every class with Olivia. Then I had four of my classes with Conner. Everybody thought that she was just being mean because it was my second day. But I tried not to let it get to me. It wasn't that bad after Conner told her to stop.

After that I met a girl. She’s actually is my best friend. Her name is Lila. She’s cool. One day she told me who she liked. And guess who it was, Conner. But instead of saying I liked him to we just sat there at talked about him. Pretty much every girl I talk to they always talk about Conner, and how he’s so cute and so sweet.

Then about two weeks later Conner and I finally talked. He said he was tired about how he was sorry about the way Olivia treated me on the first day of school. I told him about the time that she left notes in my locker. He got mad. I calmed him down and we just talked to each other all night. I got his phone number and he got mine. The next day we texted each other. Then about nine at night he called me. For the first time ever. I literally freaked out. I answered it and tried to talk, but it was hard.

He asked me out. I told him ya. We talked for an hour than i made up some excuse to get of the phone. Right after I had to text Lila and tell her what just happened. That was a mistake. She started crying and posted on Snapchat that I was a jerk and no one should hang out with me. My life was ruined. At school everyone looked at me weird. It was my luck that pretty much every person in the entire school.

I finally decided that I would break up Conner. And I did, every night we talked so I decided to just say that we couldn’t be together anymore. He looked devastated. I started crying, he looked like he was gonna cry, and finally I said we can still be friends. He said that he would like that and that’s how my night went. The next day I ran up to Lila and told her that I broke up with Connor. She hugged me and told me that I didn’t have to that. She said that she would eventually get over it.

But because I dumped him she continued to like him. It was so awkward talking to Connor. All we said to each other was hello or hi. I didn’t like it. But Lila started hanging out again. Everything went well after that. And finally Oliva stopped bullying me. My favorite teacher was my 3rd period teacher. Mr. Smith. And more family to the Smith’s.

But that brings me back to my question. Everything happens for a reason. But what reason is there to have my life fall apart at least twice and then come back together. That I don’t know. Hopefully someone someday can answer that question.

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