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In Time Of Need

March 3, 2011
By XxSlaicxX SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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XxSlaicxX SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Giving up doesn't mean you're weak, sometimes it means your strong enough to let go.

Author's note: Thinking a lot about The Zombie Apocalypse

The author's comments:
I am improving on my vocab. and I love writing still and I would love if you guys rated and commented cause I'm thinking of getting My book published.

Chapter One

In the time of the Zombie Apocalypse, things happened, things that I couldn't understand. I believed in it, its just that, others didn't. People weren't ready, it was traumatizing for some, but for me and eight people, we were ready.

My name is Khare, I am 14 years of age, and female, and this is my story of me and my friends experiences with the Zombie Apocalypse.

Day One
It all started out with me alone in my house, my parents went to the grocery store. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard a rampage out on the streets.
"What the hell?!" I asked talking to myself, getting up to look out side the window.

I saw everyone raising hell, the world was ending right before my eyes. I saw, a couple of people that looked like I had seen them before, maybe from school get infected, so I grabbed the keys to my dads' silver Dodge Ram, and grabbed the pistol I stole from a near by gun rental store, in case this happened. So I took that and all the bullets I could fit in my little pouch across my waist and walked outside.
I walked on the porch and a few zombies came out running as if they were hammered cloths stained with other people's blood, killed them all, thats when I realized, I have a hell of an aim. I finally got to the truck and had to push a couple of human remains to get to it and got in and locked the door as fast as I could, then I started the truck, it made the sound as if it was on a commercial, and got into first gear.
"God damn, I hope I can drive a stick....." I said as I couldn't, mostly from watching my dad from driving, that wasn't much experience for a 14 year old girl.

I hit the gas of the truck and instantly went into second gear, I ran into some of the living dead as I did so, and as I swept them out of the way, blood splat ed on the windows, I clicked on the win shield wipers and they made a really irritating squeak as it made me able to see. I drove down the road to go pick up a couple of people. I drove down the road and was doing pretty well driving a stick and a couple of zombies came running for the truck as it was the only thing making noise at the moment, and they just ran into the side, not doing too much damage.

So I made it on one of my friends streets and I knew they were kicking ass cause I heard gun shots all around, and I honked the horn and saw Baylee Kelly, one of my best friends covered in blood from shooting all the zombies, she ran out to the truck as fast as she could and I unlocked her door and she got in.
"Dude, this, is.. Awesome!" She said with enthusiasm and excitement to her tone.

I laughed and put in a CD of The Used, track seven Blood on My Hands. We cranked it all the way up.
"Who else should we get?" I asked with a smile, I knew who she was going to say.

She looked at me kind of confused and then a big thump from the back of the truck, we pointed our guns, it was so crazy, we didn't expect to see Joey Leal.
"Joey!" We both yelled at the same time.
"Hurry the hell up its like hell out there!" He yelled at us to start the truck, his gun was going crazy shooting all the zombies.
"Damn, pushy much?" I asked to Baylee and laughed.
Baylee laughed and flew back out to the window that could let Joey in and put it down.

Joey hopped in the truck and Baylee put the little window up, I got into first gear and hit the gas and went into second gear, we were headed to someone's house we had no idea yet.
"So, Khare, how did you get your dads' truck?"He asked with curiosity.
"I just took the keys, my parents were with out a doubt dead so I took everything I needed." I said thinking of my little sister who went with them, I wanted to cry but I was too happy that I was with my friends and soon more will come.


So Joey, Baylee, and I head off to find a good friend Alyssa Wilson, we appeared at her house and I honked the horn. No response. So we all got our guns ready and we got out of the truck I took the keys out and locked the doors, just incase no survivors could steel it. So Joey went in front of us.
"Trying to be the hero I see..." I whispered to him.
He stood up as he was crouched down low to the ground, "Shut up." He said in a normal tone.

Baylee and I rolled our eyes, Joey kicked the door open and saw Alyssa under a table hiding. Joey put one finger over his lips, a sign to be quiet, she nodded her head. Joey and I entered the house and saw Alyssa's mom, Lisa eating her son Alex, I looked and Joey kicked me out so he could save the day, but I resisted and I went in front of Joey and shot Alyssa's mom in the head, she fell back backwards as it seemed like slow motion. Joey grabbed Alyssa out from under the table and tugged her to run. Baylee was out side by the truck guarding it, and I thought What a lazy ass, and I laughed out loud so I looked kind of stupid.
"Alyssa are you okay?" I asked and wondered if she had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or for short PTSD.
"Yeah I'm fine, I didn't expect for this to happen, at this time." She said then sighed,

I threw her a gun, loaded. She dropped it when I threw it to her, I sighed. I unlocked the truck and got in Alyssa got in and threw my little sisters toys out the window. I stopped the truck.
"Alyssa get out of the car now and go find my dead little sisters toys now!" I yelled at her and there was an awkward silence after I did.

Tears started to roll down my face, Joey came in the front seat and wiped my tears, I hit his hand out of my face, got my gun and got out of the car and saw all the toys that Alyssa had thrown out the door. I walked towards them and picked them all up, and when I bent back up, something had grabbed my face. Blood was dripping from the persons hands, and I knew this was the end of me till I heard a gun shot blood all over my hair, the red did go with me black hair but this was disgusting.
"Get in the damn truck, Khare." Joey had yelled at me as he waisted one of his bullets.

Joey threw me a wet washcloth that I put on my hair and washed all the disgusting chunks of brain and zombie blood off my head.


I got in the car and drove on to find a friend who could be some use. Ryan Kencke, he was fairly tall, and had a lisp, but he could take anything. So I parked in front of Ryan's' house and heard knock at the door.
"Took you long enough." He said sounding like a nerd with his lisp but we were used to it so we didn't laugh all that much but we did give him a hard time.
"Well...." I said kind of rude, but got his attention.

I unlocked the door and saw him get in with a lot of food and water the essentials. So we greeted him, and saw his mom dead on the ground, and thought Ryan must have killed her. I felt bad all of a sudden, like some sort of guilt, but the only thing was is that I knew there was nothing to be guilty about. It wasn't my fault, this happened for some odd reason, but I knew it was coming, But not what we were about to see.


We went to go find a few more friends but we had no luck lately, till we found our friends Hailey Jorgenson, and Tony Brafford kicking ass and taking names, who ever the zombies were. I ran into the zombies that were attacking them and Baylee scrolled down the window I leaned over her and talked to them out the window.
"So you getting in?" I asked smiling hoping they would say yes.
"Yeah, do we have a choice?" Tony said as he got in the back of the truck and gave Hailey a hand in.
Thats when I realized we were running out of room, we needed another car. Since Tony could drive a stick and an automatic we drove back to my place and saw that the other truck that my parents never used but worked perfectly fine was there. I handed Tony a key off the key ring that was put on there by my dad.

He started the truck and surprisingly there were barely any zombies there so the truck sounded great, I thought it would need a tune up but nope it was perfect till he said these words.
"We need gas!" Tony fairly yelled.
I sighed and said, "Dammit! Well we need the money."
"Well why don't we go to a gas station and steal the money." Said Baylee,
"Alright, Tony do you have enough to get to the gas station just up the road?!" I yelled.
"Yeah, I guess if it's not that far." Said Tony looking at the truck.
"Okay Tony come on, Joey get in with him." I said as a command, as I was in edge lately.
"Alright." Said Joey as he hopped in the other truck.

We headed off to the gas station, there was a silence, nothing to be heard.
"Hey guys lets have four people come-in and the other's stand guard." I whispered in the truck as Hailey and I were ready to go tell Tony and Joey that there coming with us.

Hailey and I hopped out of the car and went a few feet to Tony and Joey's ride. I opened the door with Hailey standing behind me looking the other direction.
"Hey guys your coming with Hailey and I in the store to take the money." I whispered loudly.

Joey got out of the car right after Tony did and heard a gun shot behind me, Hailey had just shot a zombie. I jumped.
"G-guys? Look...." Said Hailey pointing.
We all turned, the others got out of the car. Ryan got his damn buzz saw. I rolled my eyes. Ryan was being a show off. Ryan turned it on, it made a really irritating buzzing noise that gave me a headache. Everyone looked fierce, the zombies just stood there, everything was growing tense, and they ran towards us. We were shooting everyone of them, the sound of the guns echoed threw the whole block. We kept killing them and Ryan went right towards them with his buzz saw. It all seemed as if it was all slow motion. All the zombies were almost gone.

Till there was one left, Joey, Tony, Hailey and I went into the gas station to get some money for gas. We went in and smelled as if a million things had rotten and rot leaving a few rotten pieces of skin on the bones.
Tony hit the button to open the cash register, and there were maybe one hundred dollars in there. So we went back outside and fed the bills to the machine. I grabbed the gas hose and opened the car's gas tank and it drank it all.

Both of the trucks were filled and ready to go. We went to go find some more people, that we could use for our adventure.


We went to go find Tony's best friend Jimmy Robinette. He was a really funny guy, really tall, and so nice.

We appeared by his house, I honked the horn and he was just right there on the porch and he got up with his machine gun and got in the truck Tony and Joey were in, and of coarse they were blasting Bullet For My Valentine the whole time we were looking for one of Hailey's friends, Joy Wilson, she was nice, and random, she had dark brown hair and just an inch taller than me.

We were on our way to Joys' house and we saw her on the road, she didn't look too good.
"Joy!" Hailey had yelled to her.
"Hailey!" Joy had yelled back and she hugged her.

Hailey took her in our truck she and Hailey were sitting next to each other, talking about what happened Joy didn't want to tell us at the moment and she made us turn up the music and they talked it out so that they were the only ones who can hear each other.
We drove off to find some other friends. But we had no luck everyone we knew was gone.
It was starting to get dark, so we went to an opened field and slept in the, Joey and I were outside to stand guard while everyone else was sleeping, only a couple hours later the next two stood guard, so that Joey and I could have a chance to sleep. We all made it through the morning.

Chapter Two
Day Two

We all woke up around 9am, we didn't have much to eat, just some cereal, but at least it was food other than starving to death.

After we were done we went for a two hour drive to Cascade, Idaho. To see if it was safe to stay there.

During the two hour drive, the roads were blocked with parked and crashed cars covered in blood and the streets were covered in human remains.

We all gasped at the horrific site, that we just turned back to Boise, Idaho. It had seemed less disturbed there. So we drove for a while, and appeared back in Boise, it was a ghost town almost the only thing we could hear were the birds chirping, I started to wonder if I were a bird of I would be at peace, nothing to worry about, fly far, far, far away from this hell hole, always have the future to look forward to, not worry about.

Baylee was still enjoying this but the rest of us were done, we wanted to give up, but we wanted to keep living. We were all we had, we had no parents, no uncles, no aunts, nothing, just us. Thats all we were tired of the same routine over and over day by day and soon month by month. I stopped the car, and wanted to give up, we couldn't, we wanted to be the better future, not the future where we have to worry day by day about getting eaten. Feeling the pain of our loved ones, but, we knew we were going to get used to it, sadly we didn't.
"Khare, why did you stop the car?" Asked Baylee
"Huh? Oh! It's nothing." I said as I responded to her question.
So I continued to drive through the town and saw a crowd of the un-dead running for the two trucks. Tony and I smiled and laughed we were gonna see who can run over the most Zombies. I hit the gas and I was about to hit 100mph it was awesome. There was blood all over the windshield. I couldn't see and heard a crash in the back of the truck and saw a few zombies hopped in. Hailey was getting ready to shoot them all down, she opened the little window in the back and shot all of them. Baylee was getting out of the truck and got in the back and was standing up and shooting them all and Hailey had the same idea, So she did the same thing. And I kept driving on through the Woodstock of zombies and we all got out of the truck and saw how many zombies we had killed and laughed for a second, and heard a voice. We all turned with our guns pointed and saw Baylee's boyfriend Alex Sharrai, running towards her.
"Baylee!" He yelled to her.

She ran to him and Alex was kind of serious, but he was funny. We all put on our grossed out faces on and turned around.
"Hey you guys gonna finish up your make-out scene already?!" I yelled as everyone agreed.
All of us but Baylee, and Alex hopped in our assigned rides and slammed the doors one by one as if it was like a drum beat. So I started the car and the drum beat continued as Alex and Baylee got in and I and Tony got into first gear even though Tony was the first one to head out. I hit the gas and hit the clutch and got into second gear.

As we were on the road I turned on another CD of Atryeu and put it on the song My Fork in the Road. The fast beat of the song got to me and I was in no time in 5th gear and stopped and looked back and saw the black skid marks on the pavement rising up with grey smoke. I looked up in the sky and saw there was black smoke in the distance and when Tony caught up I didn't say anything I just pointed and he nodded.
We headed out to the city the light poles were knocked down and it had looked like a rampage blew through the whole city, it looked like it was a set in the movies. I couldn't get the thought out of my ming that, we may die in the near future. Cars and side walks were filled with human remains and blood, you couldn't see the pail gray of the dry pavement, as if it was never a color, but red was the only color I could see at the moment. Red, red, red everywhere, the color didn't seem to stop for miles or beyond the eye can see.

We slowed down in the streets and saw our gas tanks and they were almost empty we saw a small gas station up the street. Since we had the money we just put the bills in the machine and drank the truck gas. So we filled up the trucks and heard some moaning and we all turned our heads to the direction the soft moaning was coming from and it was a few zombies covered in blood, one had seemed to be wearing a green tattered suit, mixed in with some blood so it looked like Christmas colors and they walked slowly towards us, and the one in the green suit started running as fast as the living dead could and we got out our pistols and all shot it right in the head.
The gun shots echoed through out the entire city and we all looked at each other and ran into the full tanked trucks and went to the west side of the city and we stopped and saw the army of zombies go towards the blood filled gas station and I head a knock on my door and I looked out the window, and I saw a little girl, and when I blinked a zombie came running up and took the little girl and ate her. I grew wide eyed and I couldn't believe what I had just seen.

So we saw the last of the living dead leave and we continued our journey though the city.


We made our way through the life less city and heard a loud scream and then a gunshot. Another survivor? I had thought to myself. Tony was right next to me in his truck and I pointed and he knew what I was talking about that he just looked at me and hit the gas.
We made it towards the building and stopped. We had to have at least four people to stand by the trucks so that any survivor could not take them. So Tony, Hailey, Joey, Jimmy, and I got out to find maybe one of the last ten people on Earth.

Or hearts were racing, we opened the door and we heard cursing not too far away. So we walked the direction of the bad language and opened another door with a girl with dyed red hair, she was normally blond cause her roots were blond. She turned around and saw that we weren't dead, so she put her gun down.
"Nikita?" Joey and I asked simultaneously.
"Khare? Joey? What are you guys doing here?" She asked kind of confused but she kept a straight face.
"We all heard a scram an---"
"Oh, yeah that was me cussing my ass off." She said smiling that she wasn't alone in the world.

We all stood there for a while and heard some honking outside. We all ran outside and saw that there was the army of zombies there and we all ran into the trucks. Nikita went into the truck Joey, Tony, and Jimmy went in and we hit the gas and ran into maybe 100 of the living dead and got the hell out of there, and went on to our next adventure with two new people.

So we drove for about another hour and ended up in Meridian, Idaho and there was nothing there, no noises, no zombies, no blood, no rampage looking town. We thought it would be the best if we stayed here for the rest of the night there.

We went into a deserted house far from it all and saw there was everything there that we needed. So we cooked food that wasn't the best but it was food that we had to eat or starve to death. So we all ate and a couple hours later we all went to sleep and and made it through another day of our dream like adventure.

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