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You Just Don't Know

August 13, 2011
By bigdreamer14, y ya need to know???, Louisiana
bigdreamer14, Y Ya Need To Know???, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
You can say that I'm a talented writer, but all I can do is write down my feelings on paper and form them into sentences with my own personal flavor.


Uh, hi. Um, my name is Alisa Willows. You can just call me Alley. The girl that you just met was Deliah. She's Sandra right-hand man. I mean GIRL. Definitely did not mean man. Oh man.
But uh, anyway, Sandra and I are best friends. Well, I think we still are. She's been acting pretty strange lately and avoiding me at all cost. Hey! I didn't DO anything.
At least, I don't THINK I did...


You Just Don't Know

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