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August 19, 2013
By KTG23 SILVER, Willingboro, New Jersey
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KTG23 SILVER, Willingboro, New Jersey
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Author's note: This is not my first story. I made this for my friends' birthday. I don't write this genre, but I hope you guys like it.

Have you ever wanted to make just a fresh new start? Start life all from the beginning. A time where you didn't want anyone to know your past, or anyone to know that you were alive. It's not easy to do that you know, I tried. Somehow, somewhere, or even someone, will catch up with you whether you like it or not.

In my old school I was the queen. Can you believe it? Well believe it! I was a sophomore too! I worked my way up to the top and it wasn't easy. But, don't get me wrong I wasn't the mean girl of the school. I hung out with everybody. I mean, yea, I did have people I didn't like, but everyone has those people. Right? Anyway, I was the girl that everyone loved. I had a nice reputation, except I did like a lot of boys. I dated a lot of them too. The last boyfriend I had ruined everything for me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved him. I had major feelings for him. However, he ruined my whole reputation. Everyone started hating me after his rumors. I was laughed at and called names. I went from the top to the bottom of the ladder in no time. How could I go to a school where I am hated? From then on I vowed to stay friends with everyone. I don't need anyone to help me succeed. When it's time, that one boy will come to me and he will love me like no one else can. No this isn't a fairy tale, or about how I found that 'perfect guy'. Well it kind of is that kind of story. But, it's not one of those cheesy love stories. OK, maybe it is. Don't judge me, just listen!

After all the incidents that happened at school, we decided to move. Isn't that a coincidence? I wasn't even told that we were thinking about this. I just came home from school and my mom told me right away that we were moving. I am an only child, so I don't have to share with siblings or deal with them and no one else has to worry about all of this moving. I just turned fifteen and in my fifteen years alive, I have moved about seven times. That's quite a lot of moving. So, this was my eighth move. We lived in New Jersey for three years and we just moved to Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh to be exact. Our house was relatively big. Two floors, an attic, a great basement, and a giant backyard. But, more importantly, I had a new life!

My new school was called Pittsburgh high school. Very blunt, no special name or anything. This was where I could have a whole new reputation. We moved to our new house on a Sunday and my parents made me go to my new school right away. Now this is where the actual story begins.

“So, Ashley are you ready to start school?” My mom seemed excited by the fact that I had to start all over again for the eighth time. Secretly I was excited, but I had no idea why she was.

“Yes I am! For the eighth time.” I said with sarcasm in my voice.
We were driving to school even though it was only five minutes away. But, I am not taking a bus when I can be driven. She placed her right hand on my leg.

“Honey, I know you don't like all the moving.”

She was wrong.
“But, we have to live somehow. Your father has to change companies often. Sometimes sooner than later.”

My dad works in real estate and he is good at what he does. He moves where the markets are hot so we are constantly moving to different places. It's weird I know.

The car came to a stop and we had finally arrived at the school.

My mom looked at me with a big smile on her face. Her bright red lipstick always catches my attention. “Well, have fun sweetie. You have another chance.”

She was right, this was another chance for me. I opened the car door slowly and stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of the giant high school. Many stairs led up to the four doors of the school. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of teenagers crowded the school. Just like you see in the movies when a new girl comes to town. That new girl was me. I was expecting a welcome from random people. Sadly, I didn't receive any attention.

A loud school bell rang from inside. Everyone hanging outside started scrambling inside and I stood there with my flowery pink book bag on. I started walking up the stairs until I heard footsteps behind me. The person was running and they were running pretty fast by the sound of it. The idiot brushes past me and stumbles forward, still keeping his balance.

He turns his shoulder while he is sprinting and looks at me. “Sorry!” he says. Then he smiles and flies into the school.

“Why did he just smile at me?” I thought to myself. “Whatever”

I continue into the school. Inside there were four hallways. They all met at one huge circle on the floor. Inside the circle said, 'The Jaguars'. I was standing right on the edge of the circle. The school was quiet and felt empty. In the two hallways on my right and left lockers were empty and doors to classrooms were closing. The hallway directly in front of me was long and also empty.

A female voice startled me. “You must be Ashley!” I turned around and there was a lady dressed in a black suit. “We received a call about you”

“I didn't know what to say. “Yes, I have no idea where I am supposed to be.”

The woman looked down at her silver and gold watch. It had to be real gold.
“Right now you are supposed to be with Mrs. Harper. I'll lead you to her class. Right this way please. The woman walked down the hallway directly opposite of the front doors. We walked in silence until we reached the end of the hall. She faced me and pointed to the door behind her.

“This is Mrs. Harper’s room. Your first class is English. Have fun and make lots of friends.” She walked towards me and back down the hallway from which we came.

I was hesitant to open the door to the classroom. Afraid they would all stare at me as I walked in. Well, I can't turn back now. I wanted this new life and I got it. This is a gift, I told myself. I stood right in front of the brown, hardwood classroom door. On the window panel it said, 'English Department', and under that it said 'Mrs., Catherine Harper'. I placed my hand on the cold, bronze door knob. I rotated the knob slowly and pushed the door open slightly. I peeked my head in.

The first thing I saw were teenagers sitting in desks. Similar amounts of girls and boys, thankfully. I didn't want an English class full of guys. As I slowly pushed the door in, one by one the teens began looking at me. Some with confused stares and some with blank stares. I heard the teacher reading a passage from a book. She stopped once all the kids looked at me. I opened the door all the way. I saw a woman standing next to what was obviously her desk. She was wearing a black and white dress with flowers on it. She had slightly long brown hair and brown eyes. Her nails were done in a nice French manicure.

She closed the small book and placed it on her desk. She walked over to me with a smile.

“Come in, come in please! Class this is Ashley Hall. She is transferring from-.” She looked at me.

“Um I lived in New Jersey” I said. My voice is soft and light when I get nervous, so I don't think the class even heard me.

“Great! Well guys make sure you say hello to Ashley if you see her in the hall and help her out!”

She stood in front of me. “OK, so your desk is right there.” She points to a college type desk in the middle of the room. “Tyler is on your right and on your left is Stephanie. I suggest you talk to them. They are nice and sweet. Go on now.” She flashes me another bright smile. I glide to my desk and take a seat. No one was looking at me anymore, thank goodness.

Mrs. Harper went back to her desk and began to read the passage again. My desk was clear, I had no idea if I should have been taking notes. I didn’t have a book, so I couldn't follow along. So, I just sat there and listened.

I had no clue what Mrs. Harper was reading, but her voice was quite soothing. I had almost fallen asleep until I heard something. “Psst, Psst,” I heard. “Psst, Psst”. It took a minute before I realized they were trying to get MY attention.

“Hey Ashley” the voice whispered.

I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. Then someone lightly tapped my shoulder. I turned around in my desk trying not to make any noise. It was a boy. The same boy that had almost knocked me over outside. However, this boy seemed familiar, like I've seen him before. He had brown hair that had gel in it, and it swayed to the side. He had bright blue eyes, just like mine. His Hollister shirt was obviously too tight on him but, whatever, I liked it.

He gave me a slight wave. “Remember me Ash, from the overnight camp in New York?” he whispered.

That's where he was from! The camp I used to go to in New York. Last year was my last time attending. I've known him for eight years, although I would only see him during the summer. Last year a rumor went around that he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend, but I had to leave camp early because I got sick.

“Oh Jake! Hi!” I said some-what loudly by mistake.

“Shhhhh” he replied quietly. “Hi, I can't believe you are here. What a coincidence.”

“How is it a coincidence?” I questioned.

“Oh well I was thinking abou-...”

A deafening school bell drowned out the rest of his sentence. Then, Mrs. Harper called me.

“Ashley come here please. I have your schedule.”

“I looked back at Jake. “How about we talk after school and catch up!” I said excitedly to him.

“He started gathering his supplies. “Yea I have class anyway.” He said without looking at me. He left the room rather quickly.

I picked up my bag from the floor and walked to Mrs. Harper’s desk.

She had some type of reading glasses on. She was grading papers I believe.

“Yes Mrs. Harper, you said you have my schedule.”

She looked up at me. She reached for a piece of paper on the side of her desk.

“Yes here.” She handed me the paper and it had class times, teachers, and classrooms on it.

“Thank you!” I replied and I started to leave the room.

“And Ashley” she called as I was leaving. “I saw you talking to my nephew, Jake. He always talks about you. He's a good kid.” She continued to grade papers.

I left the classroom without saying a word. The rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking about Jake. I think I fell in love with him just thinking about him. He was the sweetest guy I ever met. Sweeter than any other boyfriend I've had. He was what I looked forward to when I went to camp. Something in me told me to ask him out. But, the other side told me that I was here to not get into a relationship. I was so confused I just needed to think about all of this.

The past couple weeks of school were great. I made many friends quickly and I was getting A's in most of my classes. Life was great. The only problem was that I didn't know what to do about Jake. He was hitting on me every day. To add insult to injury his locker was right next to mine! I liked him a lot! But, I couldn't date him. I gave up that life. However, it felt like he was the man of my dreams.

It was the last week of school before Christmas break. I think it was Wednesday. In the middle of the day it started snowing! It was the first time it had snowed for that whole month of December. School had just let out and there had must have been about half an inch of snow stuck to the ground. It was extremely cold, so I think the roads were frozen. I think I'll save my mom the trouble and I'll just walk home today.

I heard Jake call my name from behind me. My heart began to race and I got butterflies.

“Hey Ashley! Wait up!” He called. I stopped walking.

He appeared in front of me. “Hey! Wow can you believe it's actually snowing! It's only about a week from Christmas.

I couldn't take my eyes off of his muscles. “Um, yea it's something isn't it?” I smiled at him.

“He laughed a little. “Well, I wanted to ask you something Ashley. We have been talking a lot you know. We went to camp for a while and I really couldn't say it then. But, now that we go to the same school I thought this would be a good time. I actually lo-...”

A horn from a car screeched from behind him.

A man yelled out of the big blue truck. “JAKE! LET'S GO! YOU GOTTA GET HOME NOW!”

Jake had a depressed expression on his face.

“I'm sorry Jake but I'll call you tonight. OK?”

He gave me a fake smile, “Yea, uh OK cool.” He turns around and walks to the truck in the parking lot with his head down.

That was the last time everything was normal.

“So Jake, how was camp?”

I had just come home from overnight camp in New York. My Dad drove me home and my mom was making dinner in the kitchen.

“It was great and she was there this year again.”

She was cutting onions. She spoke without looking at me. “Who Ashley? The girl you always talk about.”

I sat down in the swivel chair that stands at the island counter in the middle of our kitchen. “Of course Ashley! Who else is there? She's sweet, pretty, funny, awesome, nice, I could go on forever.

She chuckled at me. “OK son, please don't. Where is your father?”

“Probably in the living room drinking beer and watching T.V.” My mood changed drastically when the subject changed to my dad. All he does is sit there watching football or something like that while my mom does all of the work. “He's just drunk all the time and doesn't do anything.”

“Don't talk about your father like that Jake!”

I went up to my room and ignored my dad's sinister look as I walked up the stairs. The rest of my summer was bad. All I did was sit in my room all day if I wasn't getting bossed around by my dad. I just couldn't wait for school to start.

It was Monday and school had been in session for a couple weeks now. We all had our schedules and lockers. I even received a couple quizzes and test. It was the start of another normal school year.

My first class was English with my aunt Mrs. Harper. I call her Mrs. Harper even though she is my aunt. The class had just started reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I was sitting in my desk right behind an empty one. Kyle had just been expelled for breaking this kid's nose at lunch. How do you already get expelled from school when school just started? Some kids just aren't very smart.

Mrs. Harper was reading the beginning passage from the book. We had to read it last night, but I couldn't focus with my dad yelling at my mom. Not only that, but I couldn't get any sleep either. I was about to fall asleep now.

Then I heard the classroom door creek open. I saw a small person peek their head in. Mrs. Harper had stopped reading with her calming voice. The door opened all the way and it was unbelievable. I couldn't believe my eyes. Ashley from summer camp was standing in the doorway. I didn't want to be a fool and wave to her, but I couldn't help myself from smiling.

Mrs. Harper put the book and her desk and rushed over to Ashley.

“Come in, come in please! Class this is Ashley Hall. She is transferring from-.” She looked at Ashley.

“Um I lived in New Jersey” she said. Her voice was soft and light just like it was when she introduced herself at camp. It must get light and sweet like that when she gets nervous.

“Great! Well guys make sure you say hello to Ashley if you see her in the hall and help her out!” Mrs. Harper said to everybody.

She then said some things to Ashley and pointed to the desk in front of me. Ashley with her small body and pretty blonde hair walked over to the desk. She didn't acknowledge me. I don't think she saw me in the first place.

She sat in her desk without any books or anything. She looked left and right at Stephanie and Tyler. I had to get her attention somehow. Well, she was right in front of me. I could just tap her.

“Pssst” I made a noise to see if she would turn around. She looked around the room but didn't look at me. “Hey Ashley” I whispered. I tapped her shoulder. She turned around and looked at me. I gave a slight wave.

“Oh Jake! Hi!” She said loudly.

“Shhhhh” I whispered. “Hi, I can't believe you are here. What a coincidence.”

She gave me a confused look, “How is it a coincidence?”

“Oh well I was thinking abou-...”

The stupid school bell cut me off. Then Mrs. Harper called her. She quickly turned around in her seat. The rest of the kids in the class gathered their belongings and started rushing for the door. First period was over.

“Ashley come here please. I have your schedule.”

“She looked back at me. “How about we talk after school and catch up!” She said with excitement.

I started to get my stuff together. “Yea I have class anyway.” I said without looking at her. I left the classroom. Every time I get the courage to say I actually love her something interrupts me. I'll never get to tell her.

School will be let out in a couple days. It was almost winter break. I needed to make my move now. School had just ended and it was snowing. It had to be at least an inch of snow. It wasn't snowing hard. It was snowing lightly so this was even better.

I walked outside the double front doors of the school. I searched around the whole front of the school. I couldn't find her. She was wearing blue jeans and a pink jacket. It was a winter jacket but that's like every other girl in the school. Then I saw her right in front of me. I recognized her book bag that conveniently had Ashley written on it.

I uncontrollably smiled and ran over to her. Her back was facing me, so I had to get in front of her. My heart was beating faster than ever and my stomach felt tingly.

“Hey Ashley! Wait up!” I called to her. She stopped walking.

I stood in front of her. Her blue eyes almost put me into a trance.

“Hey! Wow can you believe it's actually snowing! It's only about a week from Christmas.”

“Why would I start a conversation with that?” I thought to myself.

She wasn't looking at me at first then she stared straight at me. “Um, yea it's something isn't it?” She smiled at me. Her smile was beautiful.

I gave a little chuckle. “Well, I wanted to ask you something Ashley. We have been talking a lot you know. We went to camp for a while and I really couldn't say it then. But, now that we go to the same school I thought this would be a good time. I actually lo-...”

A horn from a familiar car screeched from behind me.

A man that sounded like my dad yelled out to me. “JAKE! LET'S GO! YOU GOTTA GET HOME NOW!”

“Again, another interruption!” I thought, angrier than ever.

“I'm sorry Jake, but I'll call you tonight. OK?” she said to me.

I gave her a fake smile hoping she wouldn't notice. “Yea, uh OK cool.” I answered.

I spun around and walked sadly toward the car. I hoped into my dad’s dark blue Chevy pickup truck.

My dad speeds off down the street without hesitation. “What are you doin talkin to that girl! You aint got no business talkin to women.”

“Dad the roads are icy stop speeding.” I said calmly to him. He raced around the corner and reaches the highway. His truck engine is extremely loud.

Highway 67 is usually crowded but because of the ice, today it was empty.

My dad went full speed down the clear highway. “You don't tell me what to do little boy.” He looked at me and said, “I don't need help from a brat who can't-......”

The truck swerved down the road. My dad turned the wheel in different directions trying to get the car under control. I felt sick to my stomach. The car spun, but my dad didn’t take his foot off of the pedal. The engine roared and I see a truck in front of us. It wasn't a truck like ours, it was much bigger. Our truck sped uncontrollably down the highway spinning wildly. I was dizzy but I saw three open bottles of beer and an empty whiskey bottle. I didn't see those in here this morning. I looked out the windshield afraid of how this was going to turn out. It didn't feel like the truck was moving. I looked out my window. We were in the air, upside down. I felt my body fall out of the seat and the seat belt tighten against my chest. I took one last glance out of the window and the truck I noticed wasn't a regular delivery truck. It was a tanker and we were headed straight for it. I held on to my seat hoping I'll see the light of another day. I felt a crushing blow of glass. It pierced my skin and I felt pain. Then a rush of burning hot air comes over me and I felt nothing.

When I arrived home my mom was getting her keys.

“Hi mom” I said to her.

“Oh Ashley you walked home?”

“Yea I didn't want to make you drive on those roads. Too dangerous.” I closed the door.

She stood right next to the stairs staring at me. She walked over to me. There is a little stand next to the door with mail and keys on it. She picked up her keys and looked at me.

“We have to meet your dad at the hospital. Your uncle is hurt.” She opened the door and headed for the car. She left the door open for me so I followed her and closed the door behind me.

My mom drove to the nearest hospital slowly and carefully. Apparently it is easier to get to the hospital if you take Highway 67, but there was some kind of accident. All the ways onto the highway were blocked off. So, the GPS told us to take some back roads. We reached the hospital and my mom rushed inside looking for my dad. I followed.

My mom ran to the front desk. A nurse in a pink and white, floral gown greeted us.

“Hello Miss how can I help you?” She said pleasantly.

“I'm looking for Frank Simmons room.” My mom said in a hurried tone.

“Down the hall room 11.” The nurse answered and pointed to the hallway to our right.

My mom sprinted with her small legs down the hall. I walked on her trail.

My dad was standing right outside the room when we arrived. My mom ran to him and they hugged.

“Is he OK?” she asked him.

“The doctors say he should be fine.” He replied. “They are checking for any more serious internal injuries. I told him to not get into that bar fight. The woman was not worth it.

I thought it was something more serious than a bar fight. A lot of stress and build up inside of me went away. Frank was like my uncle. He and my dad were best friends ever since the sixth grade.

As they were talking, I heard voices coming from down the hall. I heard sirens outside. Someone was going to be wheeled in. The voices down the hall got louder and closer. Then four doctors raced a stretcher around the corner. The doctors were speaking to each other across the person on the stretcher. It looked like a scene from a movie. I couldn't quite see the person on the stretcher. Not that I would know him anyway. I just got to this place. Then the person was wheeled by me and I immediately knew who he was. It was Jake.

I followed the stretcher all the way down the long corridor. The doctors wheeled it faster and faster. I followed them all the way to the room. When we finally arrived at the emergency room door. A nurse that was wheeling Jake stopped me from going in.

“I can't let you in Miss this is serious. Unless you are family you will just have to wait.” Another stretcher with a bigger guy rushed from behind me and burst through the emergency room doors. This person had a white sheet over them.

I tried to look to see what was wrong with him before the doors closed. But, I couldn't see him. “But, I have to see him what's going on!” I cried.

“Miss you will just have to wait. You can see him after the doctors are done. They will take good care of him.

Another stretcher is quickly wheeled past us and into the emergency room.

The nurse lightly grabs my hand and leads me to the front desk. I sit in a chair by the back window looking out into the sunset lit parking lot.

“I can't leave him. I will stay here until I get to see him.” I think to myself.

I slept in that hospital for hours. Then the same nurse that led me here came back seven hours later. It was around eleven o'clock at night.

“I found your parents. They were looking for you. They are with Mr. Simmons. However, Jake is ready to see you. He is a little tired and weak so be careful around him.

I nodded fearing the worse of what I was going to see, she led me down the hall and into an elevator. We waited and stepped in. She pressed button three and we sat in the elevator in silence. After about a minute we left the elevator and walked down another empty hallway. She led me to a closed door with the number 44 written on it.

She stepped to the side and gestured to the door. “He is right in here. Take all the time you need. She smiled at me and then left for the elevator.

I hesitated to open the door even though I wanted to run in there and cry into him. I feared the worse but I liked him a lot and I think he likes me too. But, at a time like this it wouldn't have been good to walk in there and tell him I love him. Or would it?

I reached for the brass door knob. It was cold but I ignored it. I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. The room had a giant window facing me. The night was actually pretty. There was a chair in the room with someone sitting in it. It was a woman. She was holding Jake's hand. She looked at me as I entered the room. She softly put Jake's hand on the bed and walked over to me.

“You must be Ashley.” She whispered. “Jake talks about you all the time. Oh look at me going on and embarrassing him. Did you come in here to see him? He's asleep but he is bound to wake up soon. I can leave you with him for a while.” She talked quickly with a quivering smile. She was scared I could tell.

She left the room and closed the door behind her. I walked over to Jake. He was wrapped in this linen cloth. I could see the burns on his face and down his right arm.

I gasped but covered my mouth. Then I began to talk. I couldn't stop and I didn’t want to.

“Jake, oh Jake. You are so sweet. On the first day of the camp you were so awesome. We had been partners in everything. I didn't want to let you go. When I transferred to this school hoping for a new start I didn't expect to see you. I got butterflies when I saw you behind me. Every time you wanted to say you liked me, you got interrupted and it was cute. Now I just wish it hadn't been you in that crash. Maybe if I had done something, said something, it might have been avoided.” I felt the tears build up in my eyes. “I don't want to lose you Jake. You were there for me every time I was down. Ashley's smile brightens the world. You used to always tell me that and it made me smile. The things I have to say to you now could go on forever.” I chuckled, “What do I look like talking to a sleeping person. Quite silly isn't it? I guess I have been wanting to say this to you for a while. I think you have been wanting to say the same thing.” I heard the beeping sound of his heart monitor in the background. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you Jake. More than you will ever know. My feelings are-..”

“Unexplainable” he finishes my sentence.

His hand reaches for mine and he holds on gently. “I know Ashley that's how I've felt for a long time.

I gave him a smile brighter than I ever have. “You heard all that?”

He tried to smile “Of course I did. I'm not dead.” He said softly.

“How are you? Are you going to be OK?” I questioned.

“It's painful but they say I have third degree burns. But, I can tough it out. I guess all that football training paid off huh?”

“That's horrible! I'm so sorry!”

“No need to be beautiful. The worst of it all is they say that I'm going to be.....”

“What Jake? What's wrong?”

He coughs hard a couple times. “They say that I'm am paralyzed from the waist down. I can't even feel my legs right now.”

I couldn't hold back the tears. “Oh my God Jake.”

“Before you say anything I just want to tell you something without any interruptions this time. Ashley.....-”

I heard the heart monitor change. It didn't sound the same as before. This time it was getting slower. His hand let go of mine and fell. Doctors rushed in and I stepped back.

“He's slipping doctor!” one doctor yelled.

“He’s in a coma!” another one yelled.

He walks through the door and throws down his briefcase. She looks at him and smiles. Even after ten years of marriage, just looking at him still gives her butterflies. She smiles at him and he says, “Your smile brightens the world.” Just as he leans in…

“Are you guys coming!?” Little Jake yells and runs in between them.

Sometimes life has its interruptions.

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Favorite Quote:
"I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these?"

Kevynnnnn! Love the story. The character sounds cool, too :P

Lateefah54 said...
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Captivating from page one. Great story about a teenage love, trials and triumphs. Wasn't expecting that ending but was glad it ended the way it did. Kudos, good job and I am officially your biggest fan!!! Keep up the good work!

on Aug. 29 2013 at 11:07 pm
keep it cool my brotha liking the book