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Cop Car

April 14, 2014
By QueenBMVagabond, Charlottesville, Virginia
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QueenBMVagabond, Charlottesville, Virginia
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Author's note: This story is inspired by the song Cop Car by Keith Urban.

“You know, it never gets old being in here with you Ms. Klem. The quiet, the bullshit fact that I’m in here, and the sun that never seems to stop shining through your window..”

“This is detention, Hayz. We’re not here to chat, you’re here to do work. So do it.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was already done with the work but I the after school bus isn’t here yet. Plus, I don’t want to tell her I’m done, she’ll just give me more work to do. I just stared out the window and kept writing in my book.

I looked back at the door as it opened to see Lizzabeth walking in. She always stops by at this time to hand Ms. Klem one of the teacher’s work folders. She isn’t even a part of the student gov but they look at her as such. “Again with the detention, Hayz? That’s the third time this week.” Lizzabeth giggled, handing Ms. Klem the folder.

“Please, she’s supposed to be working. You can talk to her once you two leave the.” Ms. Klem’s voice sounded tiring as she spoke. I don’t blame her, having to watch over-grown children only to have a folder of work to do. Yeah, I’d be done too. Lizzabeth apologized and headed out the room, waving back at me as she left.

She can be really annoying most of the time. Lizzabeth is that kind of person that everyone likes because she’s just so cute and girly. Me though? I don’t hate her I just strongly dislike her. I sighed to myself and watched the clock’s hands slowly moved by. Without noise or my music it just seemed dead and alone in here.

I laid my head down on the desk and watched the people from track run around. The first hour of after school isn’t even close to being done and I feel like sleeping the whole day.

“Hmmm... Hayz, I’ll be right back I have to go pick up something from the office. Do not leave the room.”

“I’m not a freakin’ fourth grader, you know.”

“You sure do act like one.” She said as he left the room. I rolled my eyes kept looking out the window. The sun hide behind the clouds, “It looked as if it was going to rain. I hope it does. I love the rain.” I mumbled silently with a smile as I kept looking out the window.

“Hey Hayz. Wake up...”

I opened my eyes. The kids from track were now gone. Sitting up, I looked at Lizzabeth who smiled back at me. “What do you want?” I asked sighing as I tried to focus on staying awake.

“I walked past and saw you still sitting here. You just missed your bus, you know?” My eyes widen and I let out a huge disappointment sigh. I got up and put my notebook in my bag before walking to the door. “Where you going?” Lizzabeth asked. As if she had to asked.

“What do you think? I missed my bus so I’m walking home.”

“You live in the same neighborhood as I do. It’s too far to walk home. Why don’t I drive you?” I looked back at her. She stood there still sporting her bright ass smile.

I turned my head and mumbled, “Please don’t remind me.” I looked back at her and sighed. “I don’t need you to drive me, hon. I’m good.”

“Oh, stop being so stubborn all the time! I’m leaving anyways and it might rain soon so let me take you home.” She took my hand and literally pulled me down the hallway to the front of the school. Most of the people who were here had left so it was even quieter than before.

I pulled my hand away and folded my arms. “Really, if I get caught in the rain that’ll be fine with me. It happened before. The rain never bothered me.” Lizzabeth giggled and shook her head. She said something about how my hair would get messed up but I wasn’t listening. I was kind of distracted...

Lizzabeth had stopped and turned to me. “Hayz? Are you listening?” I popped my head up and gave her my attention. “I said if it’s cool, I don’t have to drive you home right away, right? I kind of want to go see this little gathering and I think you would love it too.” She smiled.

“I, wait, I don’t really know Lizzabeth. I don’t have to be home right away but I don’t know if I want to go to a gathering. Where is it?”

“Not that far. It’s in the county but it’s close.” Lizzabeth unlocked the car and got in, starting up. Her car king of threw me off. It didn’t really match the cute and high-end girl that is Lizzabeth. It seemed very standard but looked really cool. It was an older dark blue Chevrolet with the custom black and neon blue flames at the bottom. It looked really new by the way they took care of it. The bumper stickers read ‘420 Ju Bl’, ‘Can You Not’, ‘How do you even’, and ‘Let’s Play’ I want these stickers.

I got in the passenger seat and shut the door. “So, is this your brother’s car or what?”

“What? No, it’s mine.” She laughed and began driving out the parking lot. “I get that a lot, not even my own friends believe it’s my car.” Lizzabeth smiled and turned on her radio, putting the volume just a little bit low.

“I see. It’s kinda cool. I wouldn’t believe it’s your car either.” I chuckled and turned my head out the window. “So what’s this gathering about?”

She leaned back and waited at the stop light. “Well, it’s more of a mini concert. They call it a gathering. This awesome band I’ve been listening to is having a meet up at an open field. None of my friend are going because they don’t know about my internet things.”

“Just because I’m an Internet person doesn’t mean I’ll know the group.”

“That’s not what I was saying, love. I was saying you might like them.”

“Well, who are they?”

“A ground named Forgive Thy Sins.”

I smiled, “I didn’t know liked that kind of music.”

“They’re an indie band, Hayz. I knew what you were thinking. I like almost all kinds of music... All but rap.”

“Same here.” She took a turn down a dirt road and let down the windows. The smile on her face brighten as she drive off the road and onto an empty field. She pressed her foot on the gas pedal before zooming through the open grass. I can hear her yelling, laughing, she sounded like she felt completely alive. I couldn’t help but laugh with her while enjoying the ride for the time being.

We finally made it to the gathering as the sun started to fall. There were a lot of people which made me a little uncomfortable but I wouldn’t be completely alone. It looked like a local family picnic to say the least. Lizzabeth parked her truck with the other cars around the field and got out. Like a kid in a candy story, she took my hand and ran to two other people.

“Hey guys! This is my friend Hayz. You know, the girl from my school?”

“You talked about me?” I asked her, looking pretty confused that she would be bringing me up in conversations. Let alone call me her friend.

They both stood and smiled at me, “I’m Sam and this my by step-brother Jordan. Lizz told us a lot about you! You sound pretty cool.” She smiled and tilted her head, her expression changing. “Are you okay?” Sam asked.

I snapped back and blinked, “I-I’m sorry... Yeah, I’m fine. Just got a little distracted is all.” I pasted back the smile but the thoughts of what the f*** did Lizzabeth say kept running through my mind. She doesn’t even know me like that, what should he be talking about me fore?

Jordan looked to the stage they finished setting up. “I think they’re about to start, you guys. We should try to get to the front.” He mumbled. His voice was soft for the guy, he looked like he could be seventeen but maybe I’m wrong about that one. Sam and nodded and motioned up to follow through the already forming crowed. Lizzabeth grabbed my hand and ran through the group of people to meet with her friends. I kind of just followed along with her. She was pulling, by the way. The number of people in one place had my heart racing, I don’t do well in huge crowds like this. But I wasn’t alone. Lizzabeth was here with me and, for some reason, she never let go of my hand.

Though, I didn’t pay attention after looking up and seeing the stage lights and hearing the band play. I took a glance at Lizzabeth and she looked just as excited as when she rocketed through the open field. A small smile came to my face as I looked back at the band. They were amazing and it made me forget that I was even in a crowd. Closing my eyes, I let myself get sucked into the music and the cheering of the people us.

After the, well... Concert, really. After the concert we got to talk and take pictures with the group. It turns out they’re related to Sam so we were able to meet with them first. Later, we walked to Lizzabeth’s truck and just hung out. We talked about s*** and I got to know them a bit better. They’re some cool people, I guess if we hung out a little more they could become my friends. I don’t know. I was never easy with making friends.

“Hey guys,” Lizzabeth mumbles as she pulls out her phone. “I have to get home, my dad’s gonna kill me if I’m not home before in a few. I didn’t even tell me I was going here” She giggled unlocked her car.

“Cool, I remember last time we found out you came out here. God, he was pissed! I tried to hold back from laughing.” Jordan and I watched as the other two laughed with one another. It was a bit awkward, he didn’t really talked that much. Maybe he just had the same awkward feelings as I do? Sam came back went to unlock her car. “We’re heading out Jordan. It was cool meeting you, Hayz. I can see why Liz talks about you. You’re a pretty cool chick.” After Jordan waved at me she drove off, leaving me just a little bit puzzled again.

I still want to know why Lizzabeth even brought me up in conversation. “Hayz? What are you standing out there for?” She asked, giggling at me. I turned to her after putting on a small smile.

“Sorry, just thinking about this perfect open space.” I replied as I hopped in the passenger seat. She started up the truck and pulled on out, heading down the dirt road that led back to the the city. The windows and sunroof where down like before. I laid back, letting the wind breeze through wand watching the bright night sky as she drove. It wasn’t long until Lizzabeth turned on the radio to a country station.

Not really something I listen to but I never had a problem with it. The music and mood fit. But the question was in there. I want to ask her but what if it’s a weird question? Wait, it’s a weird thought know she was talking about me. I sat up but I couldn’t look at her, I just kept my eyes on start out the window.

“Lizzabeth. Can I ask you something?” I mumbled, just loud enough for her to hear me.


“Sam kept saying that you had talked about me at times. What for?”

Her face didn’t change. It was blank but more focus on driving. “Just stuff. I’ve said how I’ve been wanting to bring you to one of these meetups and to also meet Sam and Jordan. I’ve always seen you as a friend and I wanted you to meet my best friends. Not really the jerks at school.” She smiled.

She always saw me as a friend? But, I’ve made it clear I don’t want to be around her. Is that why she can’t get it through her head that I don’t want to be around her? She thinks I’m just playing around? I don’t want to be a dick but... I don’t know anymore.

“A friend... I see. Thanks for introducing me to them, by the way. They are cooler than those asses you around with at school.”

“Yeah, my dad hates it because he wants me to be the All-American Girl. Piss off, though! I hate that he think I have to be a total girl. It’s weird.” She starts ranting off but all I could do was smile and laugh. The words she used caught me off guard as I would never thought a pretty girl like her would cus. It was... Interesting watching her go off like that and finish it off with a smile.

Lizzabeth finally calmed down and turned the radio up a little. We didn’t talk to each other until we got back into the city. We just enjoy the ride.

When we pulled up a little bit away from her house she stopped the car, singing to herself. “So... I just thought about it... I’m kind of later than I thought.” She laughed. “I can park the truck slowly and walked with you back to your please.”

“You don’t need to walk with me, it’s right there.”

“I know... But I want to.” She crept her truck on her lot and got out. I did the same and stayed close to her. If there’s anyone I didn’t want to talk to, it’s her dad. He didn’t scare me, he just yells a lot. More than once, when he would come to school events and Lizzabeth was anywhere near my friends and I, he would pull her back and tell her to not talk to us. Like really, though? I might not like her daughter but that was some rude she and I told him that to his face. I’m more than sure he don’t like me.

We almost made it to the other side of the street until the fucker looked out the window, checking to see if Lizzabeth was home. He saw us too and quickly ran out the door. “What did I tell you about hanging around with her and where have you been?!” He yelled.

Lizzabeth stepped in front of me, knowing I was going to tell him off. “I had stayed after... Cheerleading was a little longer than I thought. I also drove Hayz home since she lives a couple of houses down.” She said, looking calm and collected. Completely different from me, I would have woke up some people and yelled at him to go back inside.

“Don’t lie to me, Liz. Your mother and I were worried and it’s almost two in the morning! Leave that ruff-rat in the street and get inside.”

“... The f*** did you just call me?” I asked, looking shocked and confused because who the hell says ‘ruff-rat’ anymore? Lizzabeth turned to me with a worried face but I didn’t pay it any mind.

“Hayz please. It’s late, we don’t need this.”

“No. Hell no, I’m not going to let some asshole of the preacher call me s*** and thinking he don’t get smacked for. I’m don’t hurt the elderly, but he’s asking for it.”

“DON’T FIGHT my father..."


“DON’T FIGHT my friend...” We were both quiet, staring back at Lizzabeth. She did sighed and turned to me. Holding both of my hands. “Hayz, I’m sorry about this but you should probably walk the rest of the way back.” The same smile back to her face but the worried look never really went away. I nod and looked back at her father, giving him a look before turning to go home. As I walked away I can hear them talk to each other but I couldn’t make out any words. He clearly knows how much he pisses me off.

I got to my house and opened the door. My mom was still up cleaning. She greeted me and I waved at her as I ran up to my room, locking the door. My room was in the front of the house so I can see Lizzabeth’s room from some houses down. Her room was dark for a while as I stared until the lights flickered on and I quickly laid down on my bed while closing the curtains.

“That asshole. Yelled at her for s***...” I mumbled, looking at the ceiling. It’s been an hour or so since I got to my room but I couldn’t stop thinking about the concert, her mentioning me to her friends, holding my hand every time... And the ride back home. It was nice. It made me wish my car wasn’t in the shop.

I held my hand with the other and sided. “She kept holding my hand... There really no reason for that... But there kind of was. For her, I guess...” I thought to myself as I closed my eyes, drifting off into sleep.

I woke up that morning kind of early. Well, really early. The sky was light blue and the stars hasn’t disappeared yet. Looking at the clock, it was only five in the morning. I sighed and turned to the window to try go back to sleep... But I wasn’t able to. I just laid there listening to the low music that played on my laptop until it was time for me to get up.

When it finally turned seven I slowly sat up, still not feeling completely awake. I moved throw my room like a zombie. Picking out clothes and s*** to get for school. I didn’t really think about eating anything... To be honest, I didn’t think about anything. The stuff I needed, the clothes I was going to wear, I didn’t have to think about it. My brain finally started to function when I heard my name being called as I waited for the bus.

“Hayz!” It was Lizzabeth. I rolled my eyes and sighed. She ran over with a huge smile on her face. “You don’t have to take the bus. I can drive you.”

“Wouldn’t you dad be pissed if you’re over here?”

“Well, he would. But he’s not here so he won’t know. I’m sorry about last night and every other time. That southern preacher heart, ya know? He just doesn’t know that you’ll not all that bad. Like I do.” She smiled a bit brighter this time. Just like a child. I stood there and blinked, soon smiling back and walking up to her.

“It’s fine. Not a lot of parents like me anyways.” I chuckled and took a moment before asking her a question. “So... You still up for carpooling?” A slight blush rose to the face as she giggled. Lizzabeth looked back at her house and motioned me to go with her to her truck. I followed and waited for to unlocked the door to hop in the passenger seat. Sunroof back, windows down, she flew off down the road like a race track.

Music played on low as we road, chatting with one another. She soon as we reached the school I could see my friends sitting at the back of the school like always. It never really hit me as to what they would say if they’d saw me with some chick that I’ve said I couldn’t stand. But, at the same time, it didn’t bother me.

She parked her car and waited a moment before getting out. I tried to follow her into the doors but Alex just had to call me over. I sighed and asked if she would wait for me since we have the same first class. She agreed and I went over to Alex, Brett, and Joel.

“What you guys?” I asked with a sigh in my tone.

“We waited for you after detention, remember? Where were you?” Alex sounded sad that I forgot. I feel really fucking bad now...

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to forget. I just got caught up with something. That’s all.”

“Something?” Brett got up and looked over to Lizzabeth. “You really could have just told us you ditched us to hand with her. I thought you hated her.”

“Excuse you! I honestly forgot. I had fallen asleep and missed the bus so she gave me a ride home since we live close. And I happened to not really want to ride a bus full of people so we carpooled. No need to be a b**** about it, guys.” I’m sure I’d raised at them. They are my best friends but I had a feeling Brett would say some s*** like that.

He sided and shook his head, walking away from me and into the school. “He’s just butthurt about yesterday that you didn’t show up to to chill with us. Don’t worry too much about it.” Joel laughed, following Brett into the school. I put my head down and sighed.

“Hayz... Brett will be okay.” Alex tilt my head up to hers. “You don’t have to worry but you should know that you shouldn’t play with Brett’s feelings like that.”

“Play? I wasn’t playing with anyone! I really did... Forget.”

“I know, but Brett feels like you left us for no reason. Come on. I’ll walk with you to class before heading off to mine.” I blinked and had a more sorry look on my face while staring down again. “Hayz?”

“I-I’m sorry, Alex. Since Lizzabeth and I have the same class, I wa going to walk with her.” She went silent but soon gave me another smile.

“It’s fine. Catch you at lunch then!” She waved and followed after the others. I didn’t move, I couldn’t move. I just stared at the ground before I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Lizzabeth. She looked worried and asked if I was fine. “Yeah. I just forgot something and I might have pissed Brett off.”

She gave me a little smile, “Everything will be alright. You have class with him soon, right? You guys can talk there.” Lizzabeth took my hand and led me inside. I just followed with the thought of hurting Brett and maybe the others as well. I didn’t mean to skip out on them. Honestly... I just forgot.

We walked into class and I went to seat at my desk near the window while Lizzabeth sat with her friends at the back. Class hasn’t started yet so I lay my head down and stare out the window like I always do, trying to drown out the sounds of everyone else in the room ‘til Ms. Klem walks in to start class.

I tried to sit through class and write or draw in my notebook but it was so hard. I wanted to write just a little short story like I always do. Work on a story until the end of the school day, by that time I’ve had a mini story to be proud of. But this time... Nothing. Nothing but yesterday night.

The drive to the country, the concert, the music, the people, the drive from the country... And Lizzabeth. Damn it. She’s a nice chick and all but I’m not trying to be her friend. I don’t think I’m trying to be her friend. I breathed slowly and sat up in my chair, laying my notebook on the desk and started writing. I don’t even remember what I was writing about, just that know that I didn’t get any work done.

Later I met up with Alex and we walked to lunch together. I wanted to talk to Brett but he wasn’t in Chemistry class so I’m hoping he might be in lunch. You don’t need a master’s degree to know that asshole is made at me for leaving them behind. We walked into the lunch room to sit at our normal table. Brett still wasn’t there.

“Hey Joel! Where’s Brett?” Alex asked as we sat down and he shrugged.

“He was in Trig and he seemed fine. Not sure where he is now.” I sighed and put my head down on the table. Alex rubbed my back, trying to tell me that he was fine. But I knew he was pissed at me.

“I told you don’t have to worry about it, Hayz. Brett will be fine. He can just emotional over nothing too many times. It’ll be okay.”

Picking my head by up, I gave Joel a cold stare. “No it won’t be okay. He’s so pissed off at me and I feel like I should say sorry but then again what for? Yeah, Lizzabeth asked to take me home, I missed the after school bus and could have rain that day. I’m not gonna pass that up! Plus, I really did forget that I was supposed to meet you guys so I went to Lizzabeth to a meetup in the countryside.” My heartbeat was racing. I felt like I was yelling, thank god I wasn’t.

Alex laughed and patted my head. “You don’t have to explain yourself to him. It’s not like you’re his or anything. Brett should just grow up sometimes.” She got out her laptop and went straight to Tumblr. “Here, calm yourself and have fun. Joel and I will finish our Jujun dual.”


“It’s Magic but with different roles.” Joel smiled and took out a board and cards. They really come to school with these things? I don’t even carry a bookbag.

The rest of the school day played out kind of well. Borning class, talking to friends, weird looks from Lizzabeth’s friends because I was hanging with her. They don’t like me very much. But I don’t like them very much so it works out. But I was worried. I didn’t see Brett anywhere for the rest of the day. It did make me sad, he might have skipped out on school. Damn it! What’s his f*ing problem?

I tried texting him the whole day but he never replied. Soon I kind of got my mind off it when Lizzabeth asked if I wanted to see shack her family bought out where the meetup was near. I was more than positive that I had nothing planned today, so I agreed and now I’m waiting out in her truck as she went to get her phone from the office. Might be a pretty princess but she could never stay off that phone.

She ran out the doors and up to the truck, opening the door and hopping in. “Sorry it took a little longer than I thought. There were a lot more phones in that box today.” She giggled. “You’ll love the place, it’s a bit small but it’s supposed to be an isolated shack near a lake and it has a bonfire. We’ve had it for years and my father just recently rebuild the place with his friends. It looks so much better now!”

“You’re really excited.” I asked, poking her cheek and laughing. She laughed with me and backed out the parking lot to drive off.

“Well, it’s a nice place and I wanna show it to you.” Lizzabeth smiled turned down the same road that lead to the county where we were last night. She kept on driving til she was she past GreenBear County. I’m more than sure she’s not even riding on roads anymore. Lizzabeth let down the windows a bit more and turned up her radio. More country music which I’ve grown to like all over again. After fourth grade I started listening to a lot more punk and alt that I forgot I used to love country music.

We drove for awhile that the sun was going to set and I was about to fall asleep with my hair blowing on out the window until she shocked me a little. I opened my eyes and fixed my hair. “Hm? Are we there yet?”

She giggled, “Yep! It’s down this lake. You see that light blue house down there pass the threes?” I stap up a little and nodded like a child. “Hold on to your seat, this trail is bumpy.” Lizzabeth smiled and took a turn on the grass and gravel, heading to the house. She parked outside of it and turned the truck off before she got out to unlock the door. I followed but looked around and kind of got lost in the perfect landscape until she got my attention again.

I walked inside and fell in love with the place. It was both traditional southern and modern decor and it felt so well. “It’s like a dream house...”

“My mother’s dream house, really. She came up with all of this and help my father put it together. She says she wants to live back here one day, but for now it’s just a vacation home.” She explained while walking to the double doors that lead to the back of the house. “But hey, this is what I really wanted to show you.” Lizzabeth walked out and motioned me to follow. I came outside to see an wide opened lake, two boats, more field, a dining area, and Lizzabeth sitting near the bonfire. I walked over to sit with her.

“It’s really nice out here. And you father build it all?”

“With help.” She smiled, “I texted him by the way. I told him I went out the shack for a bit and I might be home really late.”

I blinked, “You’re able to get away with that? I should text my mom something too. Maybe; I’m staying with a friend tonight and I’ll be back early.”

Lizzabeth nodded and soon leaned her head on my shoulder as she looked out into the lake. I tried my best but I could tell I was started to blush. Before she sat back up and turned back to me I was able to get calm again. “Yo! It’ll be cool to stay here tonight! We have some food that my father stocks in the freezer I can make. Steak’s easy for me and fast on the grill. How about it?”

She looked so hyped to make some steak. I laughed and agreed to having grilled steak. Lizzabeth jumped up and head back into the house. “This girl, I’ll tell ya...” I mumbled, chuckling to myself. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t deny that she’s cute and all but I’m not trying to fall for her. Not to be rude but I already have my ideal-girl and she’s not it. Yet I can’t really say no to her. I sighed to myself and looked down. There was a radio beside the logs so I turned to on. The sounds of Jerrod Niemann started filling my head.

“How you want your steak, Hayz?” She asked, bringing out a dishing tray with the steaks, species, what-nots. “You better say well done.” Lizzabeth smirked while looking back at me. I gave her a grin and stood to talk over.

“What if said... Under cook?”

“You’re crazy as f*** and ‘bout to leave this shack.” She laughed while preparing the grill and the steaks. I laughed with her and watched like she as my mom or something. I asked if she needed help but she insisted that I just relax and that she’s got it all. Not having to work? Not gonna argue with that.

I sat down at the picnic table just watching as she cook. Everyone song that came on I can hear her singing along with it. Cute little voice she has. I’m kind of jealous. In the middle of her cooking she lit up the bonfire and turned the music up. “All done! We should eat by the fire. But, I wanna change first. It’s a little warm to be wearing longs sleeves and s***.” Lizzabeth smiled and sat our plates on the table and ran inside, going up the stairs.

Not long after she came back out in a white Keith Urban shirt, shorts, and a pink thin jacket. She grabbed her plate came to sit with me. Again, I tried to high my blush. She looked perfect in that outfit! I might not be into her but GOD DAMN IT THOUGH! I held myself together as she joked and laughed with each other, listening to the music that I just getting to know and she knew every word too.

It was cool hearing her sing to be honest. And to be completely honest, I’ve been finding her less and less annoying. If she showed this side of her from the start we would have friends at the beginning!

We talked for awhile while we finished eating. Tyler Farr and Justin Moore played on the radio and everything felt so calm and peaceful. Different from back home, really. “Oh hey... Fireflies.” Lizzabeth’s voice became very child-like as she jumped up. “We should catch them! You ever went out and catch Fireflies before?”

“I grew up in the city, I’m surprised I know what they even are.” She laughed and took my hand, standing me up. “I don’t know, hon. I’m not all for catching bugs.”

“Aww, come on! It’s fun! I used to do it all the time with my cousins when I was little. You just catch him gently and let them go. Like you would a butterfly.” I looked at her with a puzzled look. “Just come on.” She laughed and ran over to a darker part of the field, I followed and watched as she showed me the Fireflies she caught before releasing them. I sighed and decided to just join in with her.

Soon after we were running around laughing and dancing around like idiots to her Brett Eldredge CD. We weren’t even chasing down Fireflies anymore. Lizzabeth jumped in the lake still clothed and motioned me to come in. By this time I was just lost in the music and wind to even give anything a second thought. I jumped in with her, hearing her laugh as water splashed on her.

That whole night was me not being me. I felt different from the depressed weird girl that I’ve been for years. And I liked it. I had a little bit too much fun that night.

The author's comments:
Listen to Blake Shelton's Doin' What She Likes while reading this.

The noise.

The STUPID f*ing noise.

It was beautiful, different, nice... But annoying.

The sound of music and smell of food fully got be to wake up. I took a long glance around the room, keeping my eyes away from the open window to my right. Does she always do that? I never liked being in the sun so I always kept my curtains closed. I moved the covers and stood from the bed before walking down to the kitchen. But then I saw a full body mirror showing everything that I was wearing that night.

An easter pink nightgown with blue shorts. My eyes widen in confusion. I don’t remember changing last night... Well... I don’t remember anything after going into the lake with Lizzabeth. “These must be her clothes.” Mumbling to myself, I can hear the T.V downstairs and her laughing along with it. I walked on down to see her in the kitchen cooking. The T.V was on some movie I don’t recall seeing before.

“Oh! Hayz, I was just about to wake you up. I thought because we might not be back in town til noon, I’ll make eggs and french toast for us. You’re plate’s at the table.” She said with a smile. I shuffled my way into the kitchen and sat at the table.

“You look a lot like a southern belle.”

Lizzabeth laughed and came to sit beside me with her plate. “Being a southern belle is in my family.” She giggled slightly but then went quiet, “Hayz? What’s up, why aren’t you eating?” I blinked and snapped back to earth.

“I-I’m sorry. There’s nothing wrong. I just got a little caught up in the smell.” I laughed it off. To tell the truth, I don’t remember why I spaced out or even what I was thinking about. It just happened. I picked up my fork and started eating. We started chatting about what we could do today and where we could go. She’s knows so many places out in the country and even suggested we head a little bit south of Virginia.

She looked over at me but not to me. Her smile faded to more a scared looked. “Oh shit...” Lizzabeth mumbled, “Get up, get up, get up. You need to hide.” She started running around, putting the plates in the sink and cleaning up.

I jumped up but wasn’t sure where to hide. But now I’m not sure why I need to hide. “What? Why? What’s wrong?” The door knob shook then a knock on the door. I got a little scared and hide in the first thing I saw; this big ottoman that sat in the middle of the living room. I lifted the top and stepped inside and closed hood. She opened the door and I can her dad walking in.

“Hey Liz. I just came to check up on ya. You didn’t call last night, I got just a bit worried.”

She laughed, “Worried about what? I’m just sitting here watching movies and eatin’ stuff, I’m okay.”

“I know, I know. It’s just you’re all the way out here by yourself...” It got real quiet. I laid in the ottoman trying to breathing down, though it was hard,. There wasn’t much air getting inside this thing. “Did you make food for two? A little bit much for a bitty girl like you.”

“I... Yeah, I didn’t eat anything last night, really. I got real hungry when I woke up.” Lizzabeth said. I can hear him walking around ask her questions about the backyard and the breakfast. Soon the footsteps that echoed on the wooden floor stopped. I held my breath just a bit.

I couldn’t hear anything. Like, they just stood there looking at each other or something. I wanted to jump out from the lack of air and complete silence. “You didn’t come all the way out here because of the fuss with that girl from across the street, right?”

“Dad... It’s not... I just wanted to get out here and take breath of fresh air. This is place and I know you said will be down here in a couple of weeks but I just wanted to ride down the roads and stay for the night.” Her voice filled with joy she tried to change the subject. I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this ottoman...

“I just want you to know that I really care about you and that people like her is the kind of people you really shouldn’t be around.”


“But I also know that you really don’t like that girls on your cheerleading team.”


“JUST... Just take this. Your mother and I chipped in and... Here. See you at home sweetie.” He mumbled before walking to the door and leaving. I can hear the front door shut but I was still wasn’t sure if I should come out. After a moment of silence, I lifted the top and sat up, taking in loads of fresh air.

Lizzabeth was standing in the middle of the kitchen looking down at a small box. I guess that’s the thing her father gave her. I moved over to her, “Lizzabeth?” She let out a sigh with the most dead look I’ve ever seen from knowing this chick. “Lizzabeth, are you cool?”

“I’m okay... I know my dad means well but he just forgets a lot of things...”


“These are tickets, Hayz. Tickets to a sign up tonight. It’s one of the worst events I would ever want to go to.” She sat down on the sofa as I followed, sitting with her. Lizzabeth opened the back and took out both the tickets and just stared at them. I took a look myself, of course.

My eyebrow rose in confusion, “The Lenet Event?” I asked. I’ve never heard of this event before. She nod her head slowly to my question. Holding both slips in her hand, she tears them apart.

“The Lenet Event is a pageant for cheerleaders and I hate it. I’ve hated it since I was little but I couldn’t tell my mom and dad that. It was fun when it was fun but, in a blink of an eye, it became a competition with the parents and then the people in the pageants were bitches.” Another hard sigh filled the air of the room. “I stopped going a couple of years ago.”

“I see... Strange, you seem like the chick who would be into that stuff.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was! I was only in it for the fun but when fun turned into depression and stress, I stopped.” She laughed, the only time she smiled in this conversation. Though, it wasn’t as bright as it’s always been. I don’t blame her.

Lizzabeth got up and threw the box with the torn papers inside. She turned back and smiled, coming to sit beside me again. “I should go and wash up... Do you have anything I can wear? Like, white shirt and blue... Dark blue jeans?” She laughs and walked with me upstairs.

Another hour went by as I took a bath and dressed. Lizzabeth waited downstairs for me, since we have nothing planed to do, we was just going to fix up the place and drive around for awhile. I could have just called it a day and told her to take me home but then what am I going to do for the rest of the day? Plus, my mom’s home and I’m not up for her asking why I wasn’t at school.

I waked to the living room, it was dim and silent. Nothing was on and Lizzabeth was out in the back yard on the boat. She looked back at me and smiled, waving for me to come over. I smiled back and ran up to the dock before getting on the boat.

“This leads out to another huge lake.” She says, “We can ride out there if you want. My father has a pontoon at the other lake.”

I giggled, “It’s fine. Just being here is great... Though, I wouldn’t mind riding out a bit further.” She smiled and came to sit beside me.

“Well, I wish I could drive this thing on out. Father hasn’t taught me how to steer his boat yet. Maybe I should have thought about that before bring up driving to the other lake.” Lizzabeth laughed as I nudged her, laughing alone with her. “Also, Hayz... I don’t know if my father would be back or anything. We should probably head out. Besides, I feel like heading to the mall.”

“The mall? I don’t know, I hate the mall...”

“How? There’s so many places to shop and hang out at. Coming to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at the mall.” She sighs as she lays her head on my shoulder.

“Because It’s not my thing. Malls have so many people there and it’s loud most of the time. I just like being home or at my friends house... Or a cafe.”

“You sound like a grandma.”

“Shut up.” She laughed again and it sounded really cute this time. Well, she has the cute little laugh that most bubbly people have... But it seemed different from her normal laugh. We spent a walk talking about nothing before finally driving away in her truck. I still had her clothes even though my clothes were clean to wear now. I just didn’t want to change, I guess... Maybe.

Again, she had the radio on and the windows down. She seems to like it that way and, if I lived out here, I would too. We were both having a meaningless conversation until I found myself singing along with her and the music. I don’t know most of these songs but because of her, I was able to remember the lyrics. Now if only I remember how the rest of the car ride to the mall went. All I can recall is just us singing and dicking around... And then the mall.

My mood might have dropped seeing our huge ass mall in front of me. In our town, we have two big malls and two other smaller ones. Still, there’s no need to make these malls more than one stories. It’s f*ing wide enough as it is! We don’t need three Best Buys in one mall and two more in the other!

She got out before me and started pulling me along right away. The only thing I can hope is that, as big as this mother fucker is, we won’t run into people we know.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure if we shopping or just hanging out. Lizzabeth went to every store that sold clothes, even the guys stores. I guess those plaid button-ups were a bit big after all. It took awhile before we started going into shops that seemed okay too my taste.

“How about this dress Hayz? Do you like it?” She asked, stepping out of the fitting room in an easter pink sun dress that came over her knees. It was cute but it made her look too childish or like she was about to go to church.

“It’s okay. What about something a little demmer, not so long, and won’t make you look like you’re four all over again?” Lizzabeth laughed and picked up a honey yellow dress from the rack before going back inside.

I sat there trying on boots and eating the snack we still had from being in this mall for about an hour or so. After a short time she walked back out and smiled, standing there. I wasn’t expecting her to look this... Um... Cute? The dress had dark green vines coming from the bottom and a couple of flowers. It fit her so well...


I blinked, “U-um, what?”

“Do you think I should get flip-flops or sandals with this dress?” She asked, sitting down beside me and held up the two opinions of shoes. I took a glance at them then back at her dress. Both the shoes where light brown, a wood kind of color, so they both would have worked.

Still, I smiled and pointed to the sandals. “These look it would go great with the dress.” Lizzabeth put them down and slipped her feet into the sandals and stood, walking around the small fitting area in the back of store. I couldn’t help myself from giggling. It was like shopping with an adorable child.

After she found her outfit and I found my boots, we choose to wear them out the store. We still went from store to store shopping and buying more snacks. When we got to sit down at a table we had five bag for each of us. Hers had mostly clothes while I had shoes and a, like, two video games that didn’t break the bank.

Everything seemed fine for awhile until I heard Lizzabeth’s name being called. But no one walked up. I bet he looked like ideas just turning our heads around to see who called Lizzabeth. When we struggled it off as nothing that person called out again but this time she finally walked up to us. It was Bridget, a girl from Lizzabeth’s group of friends.

"Lizz! How's it going? You wasn’t at practice yesterday...” She paused, glancing over at me before making a disgusting face. “Oh. What’s she doing here... With you?”

I looked over at Lizzabeth who was already flashing her smile. “Because I like hanging out with real people once in awhile.” She giggled, I almost spit up my drink from laughing inside. Before Lizzabeth came here, Bridget was the most liked her in school. My friends and I didn’t understand why as her personality is nothing like Lizzabeth’s. She’s just a bitch. I would call her a slut but those are just rumours.

She gave us both a weird look and smiled. “Lizzabeth, you know better than this. Think about what your father would say about using chilling it with a stoner.”

“The f did you call me?” A stoner? A mother thing stoner? I stood from my seat, thank god we weren’t around a lot of people. Just because my friends smoke doesn’t mean I do! The smile on her f*ed up face grew.

“Your influence on poor ol’ Lizz here is just horrible. We all know that her father hates you but we never knew Lizz would become friends with a dyke who smokes pot every day.”


“Hayz...” Lizzabeth smiled and stood up also. She grabbed her bags before turning to face Bridget. “I don’t know what your problem is with Hayz but she’s my friend, a cool chick and I rather not sit here and let you throw words out your mouth. Hayz, are you ready to go?” That smile. That f*ng smile, her expression never changed. I have to say it was kind of hot.

I snapped myself out of it and sighed, looking back at Bridget who was still giving Lizzabeth the stink-eye. “Yeah. I’m ready to leave. As if she wasn’t annoying in school, she had to show her face here.” I mumbled that last part but I think she heard it. Good. I wanted her to hear it. I grabbed my bags and started following Lizzabeth away from the food court and out the main doors.

“I’m sorry about that,” Lizzabeth whispered. “I’ve never really told my friends that the reason I’ve stop going to practice and staying after was to get away of them all. And to hang out with someone who’s a bit more real in life. More like you.”

“Real in life? I’m not fake but I’m not a person a preacher’s daughter to hang around.” I laughed, walking with her to her truck. We put the bags in the back and got in, driving away from the mall. As she keep driving I’ve noticed that we were leaving out the city again. At this point, I’m not complaining. Not sure if I really want to go home right now anyways. It wasn’t that long before came across a lake with a small boat on it. “Really though?” I asked, letting out a slight giggle.

She laughed as well when she nodded to my question. “It’s also my dad’s but I know how to work this one. Plus, we’re not really going anywhere. Just cruising for awhile since we’re still out.” Lizzabeth parks the truck near the lake and gets out, she looked overly excited to be honest. But I didn’t think twice about it. This girl was always overly excited about one thing or another.

I followed her to the dock as she helped me get in the boat. This wasn’t something I was used to, I’ve never done this when I was little. My parents thought it would be dangerous for my age and then we moved to the city. Holding both of my hands, we stood still on the boat until it was steady enough to sit down. Lizzabeth turned on the motor and we started drifting away from the dock.

Just looking around the sunset and the lake all looked beautiful. A dark purple shade and the orange-yellow sky fit the mood. W-wait, I’m sorry. What mood is this fitting exactly? It’s just two friends taking a cheeky like boat ride together... At sunset... On a perfect looking night. Did I really just...? Sighing, I just tried to let it pass my mind.

I looked down at my hand, Lizzabeth was still holding it and I wanted to move from her grip. But at the same time it didn’t really matter to me. Then again we’ve been like this just talking to one another without moving our hands. She just never let go of it and neither did I. We just kind of enjoyed the ride and the let it be. More to say, I just let it be.

On a night like this, I rather just forget that shit that Bridget said and get away from it. Get away from all of it. Not just Bridget but my friends too... Maybe just life. “I’m just tired of people telling me I shouldn’t be with...”


I blinked, no realizing I started talking out loud. “N-nothing... Just talking out loud. I think I was just singing to myself or something.” She laughs and leans against my shoulder. Out of complete silence she started singing, first mumbling but then it turned into full blown lyric. I smiled and started singing with her.

Coming to think of it, I don’t think it was really a bad thing having staying after school and riding home with her. I’m starting to become glad that I did.

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