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Falling Stars

June 16, 2016
By wintersgirl16, Yuba City, California
wintersgirl16, Yuba City, California
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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack."


    I had only just entered the cramped kitchen when a voice I didn't recognize at first quipped from somewhere to my right, "Nice day, isn't it?"

   Alarmed by the unforeseen guest, I dropped the small chest and it crashed to the floor, spilling its contents everywhere. The rattling of dozens of rusty nails sounded loudly like a clap of thunder, tinkering noisily against one another, some spiraling in different corners of the room. Several hit my foot, but I hardly felt a thing as I stared into Dan's crimson eyes, which had impulsively flickered to the nails scattered all around my feet.


Falling Stars

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