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Her last Wish (Chapters 10-13)

May 4, 2021
By Jasmineandsophie123, Davenport, Iowa
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Jasmineandsophie123, Davenport, Iowa
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My favorite quote is "Have courage and be kind" - Cinderella

Author's note:

This story is written by: Sophie, and Jasmine. 

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1499 May 3

Journal entry eight: Violet

I woke up this morning just as miserable as I did last night, dreading what is to come in the next few weeks. I got up, got dressed, and walked out of my room to see the absolutely fabulous face of my one true love. He asked me 

“Are you going to your harp lessons? Or do you want to go to the garden like usual?”  I looked up at Jay and thought about it for a minute then said 

“I’m going to the Harp lessons today.” then Jay said jokingly

“What? You never go to your Harp lessons, what changed?” I shrugged and started towards the stairs trying not to think about my future with that miserable dunce. When we got to my harp lessons, I kept staring off into space and not paying attention to anything my teacher was saying. Today was really rough, but when my lessons were over Jay did something that really made my day, he took me into the garden and he set up a whole picnic for me, he's so PERFECT! I thanked him and we sat down under the beautiful cherry tree, then he picked a daisy and gave it to me. It smelled amazing! And then I asked 

“Jay, this is so sweet of you, but why are you doing this for me?” Jay looked at me for a few seconds then said, 

“To be honest.” he paused “I Just wanted to see you smile again.” WHAT? My heart totally just skipped a beat! I felt my face turn red, he is in love with me! I'm positive.  Then I whispered underneath my breath

“Hahaha, you're so perfect.” Positive he didn't hear me, but he did stare at me for like 5 minutes straight, probably admiring my obvious beauty. The setting was perfect, he's perfect, I'm perfect, everything is perfect! Also, did I mention, he's really really perfect.

1499 May 4

Journal entry nine: Jay

When Violet came out of her room today she was wearing her hair in a bun, and a huge smile plastered on her face, per usual. As her escort or “bodyguard” as Violet likes to call it. I’ve been basically following her around all the time. Violet walked up to me and said.

“ Hey, do you smell desert?!” I shook my head no. She practically threw herself down the stairs in excitement toward the kitchen. I followed after her and came to a stop when I saw her go into the kitchen. I slowly opened the door and stepped inside. She saw me and exclaimed.

“Look! They have pastries!” She held one up and then stuffed it into her face. I laughed and then walked over to a platter of baked goods and sweets. Violet nudged me in the arm and with a mouth full of pastry she said.

"Want one?" I hesitated, we shouldn't be eating the deserts since it was probably for an event, I shook my head no, Violet smiled.

"I bet these are the deserts for my wedding." Her smile faded. I reached out and grabbed a pastry and stuffed it in my mouth. I nudged Violet in the arm. She looked at me and laughed, I laughed too but she probably couldn't hear it since my mouth was full with pastry. Violet grabbed more pastries, but as she reached for another pastry, a bag of flour fell and got all over my face. It was silent for a moment. I turned my head toward Violet and wiped the flour out of my eyes, I saw her start to laugh, I picked up a pastry.

"Hey, Violet." Violet covered her smile and said.

"Yes?" I smiled and then threw the pastry at her. She scoffed at me and yelled.

"Food fight!" Quickly I grabbed a handful of pasties and threw them at Violet, she did the same. I ran for cover behind the counter. It was fun, and kinda messy until I heard a voice yell

"Hey! Who is in the kitchen!" Violet and I exchanged glances and ran out of the kitchen as fast as we could with pastries in our hands. For some reason, we couldn't stop laughing. We stopped at the garden, Violet laughed

"I totally won that." I looked at her out of breath and said, 

"Yeah, sure you did." I wiped the rest of the flour off of my face. I looked over at Violet who was sitting down on a stone, she looked happier today. I walked over and sat down next to her. 

"Jay?" I looked over at her and answered.

"Yeah?" She sighed and looked up at the sky.

"Do you ever wish that you could just leave, and run away?" She looked over at me I shrugged my shoulders

"I don't think I really have anywhere to go. Anywhere to leave to" I paused, "if I did have somewhere to go I would." She looked at me and asked.

"You don't have a home you want to go back to?" I looked down at her, I smiled and looked back at the rose bush in front of us.

" I used to have a home. My home was my mother. I don't have a home anymore." The wind blew between us. It carried the subtle whispers of memories and loneliness. Then I heard Violet speak. 

"Jay." I looked over to meet Violet's eyes. She smiled at me.

"Anywhere can be your home. It just has to be the right people that are with you. She paused. “That's what makes a home." Her voice was warm and soft, her eyes were beautiful. I smiled, the wind stopped. 

1499 May 5 

Journal entry nine: Violet

3:30 am 

It's nighttime. I was supposed to be asleep but I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t even shut my eyes, I’m so tired of everything. My dreaded wedding day is always on my mind, well besides my beloved prince Jay. It’s getting to me, but I can’t lose my nerve now, I can figure out a way to get out of this mess, I always do. Anyways, I’m currently remaking my plan to ditch this place, because before I didn’t have Jay in my life, he’s so perfect. Oh my gosh wait, I just heard a loud thunk on my window, what is that? 

1499 May 5

Journal entry ten: Violet

4:00 am

I couldn’t believe my eyes! My heart began to race and I started to breathe heavily. A large man burst through my window, I screamed in terror as the man got closer to me. I heard a loud door slam, I spun my head around and saw Jay racing toward me, he pulled out his sword and stepped in front of me, guarding me against the man. He slashed his sword toward the bulky man. The man fell backward and out of the window. The man was gone. It was silent. Jay frantically looked down at me and asked. 

“Violet, are you okay? Are you hurt?” His voice was filled with concern. I looked up at him and nodded my head. He searched my eyes for a moment and then grabbed my hand and led me to a chair to sit down. I heard footsteps coming from the hall, and my Mother and Father came bursting into the room. 

“Violet! What’s going on!? Are you alright?!” Jay spun his head around and stood up and faced them and answered. 

“ Don’t worry the princess isn’t hurt, the intruder is gone now.” He looked down at me and smiled. My mother walked over and sat down next to me.

“Are you alright sweetheart?” I looked at her and nodded my head once again and said

“I-I’m okay.” My father sighed with relief and looked over to Jay and thanked him and said,

“Please escort Violet into the guest room at the end of the hall, so she may rest.” Jay nodded his head. He looked over at me and grabbed my hand to help me stand up, we walked out of the room. My Father was following behind us. He stopped Jay for a moment and told me to go inside the guest room. I don’t know what they talked about, but after that Jay stayed guard inside the guest room with me to keep watch for any other intruders. Okay, I know that this is irrelevant and everything, BUT not only did Jay save me, but he also held my hand the whole time, and watched over me as I slept! AAAAAAAA!!! 

1499 May 5 

Journal entry ten: Jay 

It was nighttime and quiet. I was trying to get some sleep but I couldn’t. Well, the floor wasn’t very comfortable at all and I could hear Violet talking to herself inside her room. I stood up and kicked my feet against the ground. I stopped, it wasn’t quiet anymore. I heard a deafening scream that echoed throughout the halls. I raced toward the door and burst through it, panic-filled me as I saw a man race toward Violet, I sprinted toward them and covered Violet, and quickly slashed my sword toward the man. He fell backward and out of the window. The danger was gone. I felt my heart fill with panic, my hands trembled as I turned around to look at Violet. She wasn’t hurt.

“Violet, are you okay? Are you hurt?” She looked up at me and nodded her head, but I knew that she wasn’t okay, her eyes were filled with terror. I guided her to a chair to sit down. Her parents came in after that. I’m just glad that I was able to act fast enough, if I hadn’t come in time, what would have happened? No- I don’t want to think about that. Her father thanked me and told me to escort Violet to the guest room to rest, Violet didn’t say a word as we walked out of her room and toward the guest room. As we reached the room the King stopped me and told Violet to go into the room. She looked up at me. Her eyes were cloudy and cold. Violet walked into the room, the Queen followed after her.  

“Jay.” I looked over to the King and nodded my head. He talked to me as if he was telling me a secret. 

“Listen,” He paused, “I need you to stay with Violet at all times, never leaving her side. This horrid event has made me even more concerned for Violet’s safety.” He stopped and continued.

“I am beyond grateful that you saved her in time, but I don’t know what I would do with myself if something like this happened again, and you weren’t there.” I felt my stomach turn, the very thought of anything like this happening again, was unimaginable. I nodded my head and looked at the King and said.

“Tell me, what do you want me to do?” The king looked around and sighed and answered.

“It sounds a little crazy but,” He paused and looked at me. “If you were to stay with Violet in her room, to watch over her as she slept, and of course sitting on the ground or a chair. Then if another intruder were to attack Violet again, you could be there right away, and Violet wouldn’t be in any danger.” I nodded my head in agreement, and thought to myself, and answered.

“Of course your majesty, but only if the princess is comfortable with it.” The king nodded and whispered to me.

“You have to promise me that Violet will never again be in any kind of danger ever again.” I looked at him, his expression was stern. I stood up straight and replied.

“Your majesty.” I paused, “as long as I am alive, no harm or distress will ever come to the princess. I promise you I will protect her with my life.” The king stood up straight and smirked, he nodded in all seriousness and then walked off. The sun would rise soon, but the night was far from over. 

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