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The ending

July 18, 2021
By awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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opportunities don't come to you , you make them for yourself, BY yourself....

Author's note:

this is losely based on a Korean drama.

That’s how my world got twisted and universe got relaxed by his death… love’s death

Part 1 [a beginning to end]


We always walk by the roads, streets or buildings no matter how hard our day was, but we never show it clearly to a stranger on the same path as ours because who knows what they are going through or what chaos they caused……but without any expression of thoughts we just go our way because we know that our day and misery is coming towards its ending.

“Tumour……..your aunt have brain tumour ….Jihha….it began a while ago”

Sitting there in silence as the only noise I hear is the footsteps of people in the lobby of my office. I can hear that noise faintly but those horrifying words about my aunt’s diagnoses still lingers in my head as if someone is repeating them on a phone call. Lost in my thoughts, sorrows and pain I forgot that it’s the off time and that’s why I hear so many footsteps fading echo. That can’t be happening right? I can’t give up on my only family…that thought lingers in my head all the way back home…are we humans that miserable that we can’t control a single thing?

“Ah finally this day of nightmares ended….now what?” I asked from myself …the best companion in hard times is you. What’s this strange faint sound am I hearing?

“Go on….wish what you seek”………it stopped…wish…what I seek?

“What I seek? Ha! I SEEK THE END OF EVERY SINGLE BEGINNING!!!!!” I laughed is pain and shouted on top of my lungs. “That’s what I seek…”

“People like you please me”…….it’s the same voice

“Huh it’s not like I can get what I seek” I was about to get up…when I saw …him “yeah none human can provide what you seek! But lucky for you I am not even near to being a human!”……who is he?

“Ending…I am the ending of it all, I am something and someone that you seek!

Part 2 [meeting to be reminisced]

[Luka …..Obliteration]

They say that a human life can be either way too miserable or way too short, they either lives enough to experience the sorrow and pain that occurs due to my existence or they became an element to mark up my existence. Either way these humans are things that I control on the palm of my hand, I can be their ending and their destruction even if I want to or not. Yet still the people I hate the most are those who says that my cause of existence is also a new beginning. Beginning????? My existence? These words are the literal opposite of each other. What ends should stay finished like that…this way I don’t have to tolerate these mere being. Now, I sense a strong dishearten desperation…..should I whisper to laugh at this human’s misery?

*Go on….wish what you seek*

“What I seek? Ha! I SEEK THE END OF EVERY SINGLE BEGINNING!!!!!”…what’s that? A wish made by human for the end of all? A desperate one…. “Looks like it’s my time to find this being”

Sitting on a rooftop laughing like someone whose world got shocked by my existence, I stared at her while whispering things she kept delaying…“People like you please me” I said and within a few seconds she stood up to go  inside but then I stood before her as she stared at me in disbelieve…../who is he?/ yeah that’s normal to think, its confirmed now that she is just a mere human and nothing else…I told her who I am and she stared at me in a non-believing manner.

“Ah! Ending of all, I get it look Mr ending I must say your timing for the promotion of your new local show is great because you came at the right time to match my thoughts but right now my answer is no…for now do your drama club fundraising somewhere else.” She said in a very frustrated and joking manner as if she is teasing at something funny…yeah I can understand where this coming from is. She went towards the door to head inside but I decide to bomb her little bubble of disbelief

“Your aunt…isn’t she a declared cancer a patient today?” I said and looked in her eyes.

“How did you know…are you a…?” /is he a doctor or con-artist? /

“Is he a doctor or con-artist?”

/how did he know…it’s a coincidence lucky him…jerk/

“How did he know it’s a coincidence lucky him jerk”

/how, this is creepy/

“How this is creepy… are getting scared?”

“NO?!! NOT AT ALL” she said in a questionable tone…/i should call the police/ she slowly took out her phone…

“I should call the police”

I sighed and “screen locked, software corrupt, contacts delete, body freeze, and phone into two pieces now!” I saw it happening and her standing there in disbelief and terrified.

“Are you…..w-what are you? Con-artist or doctor?”


“Are you death? You aren’t normal human…not even a human I think”


Part three [en route for discourse]


“Ha! I am not a con-artist or a helpless human but the doctor…yeah you can say I am a doctor….but I don’t heal anyone…I let these annoying beings like you to meet their ending fast, even now if I want I can call your ending upon you in a split second before you can even blink your eyes. The only difference is that I don’t give exact deaths; I give a destructive or less harming ending based upon the choices that your species make so be careful about your next words”

“Next words? Ha! You know you are messing with the wrong person, you have no idea what I am capable of!” she said with a smirk and turns towards the door,  it showed clearly that she thought she won……but….

“Miss lawyer! Don’t you think you are giving a judgement with absolute no base at all?” she turned around stunned at my words

“Lawyer? How did you know… actually I don’t care about how you know or not but now that you are aware of it, be a sane human and leave!” she said as if she is threatening. 

“Human? You aren’t calling me a human right? Because I know everything about everyone also didn’t you become a lawyer in 2016? Only 4-5 years of law experience and that much of a confidence… are not even a prosecutor but you act like a judge, what a silly attitude!” …that was the last piece  and she finally gave in to the fact that I am not normal

“I am dreaming right? Ok no I possibly can’t but you…tell me how do you know all that stuff? How did you know about my graduation and stuff and what else do you already know?” she looked….amazed and terrified.

“What else I know? You became an orphan at the age of 12 and you were immediately taken to mental hospital due to sadness trauma and your aunt took care of you and it took you 3.5 months or full trauma recovery since you have a strong mentality and then your aunt raised you like her own daughter since she wasn’t married until last year January 11th.”

Her face colour’s changed as her next words came out in a stutter “y-you. I don’t know how you know that but it’s not enough of me to believe you so tell me something only I know”

“Hmm something only you know?” I asked while tilting my head to a left little.

“Ha you know nothing like that…you are just a stalker waiting for me to became a fool” she is saying as if she is trying to make her believe as if I am just a crazy human….

“You had a student you used to teach….didn’t you? Wasn’t she born on 23 September 2006? On 20 October 2013 her parents drove you home and that little girl was there….as soon as you got of the car and was waving the goodbyes, those goodbyes really did became your last farewell to them. You immediately reported the accident that’s why the mother survived but to this day she is in comma but every time you pay her visit, her condition seems to be better, that little girl died, and the father regained his consciousness 10 years ago…am I right?”

She literally looked fazed, dazzled and relaxed…. /why am I glad that he isn’t a stalker…if he really is an ending….what if….I asks him to become my….../

“What if I become your desired ending? Is that what you want?”

She nodded “become the happy ending I crave for my aunt and struck a deal with me to wish for what you desire….isn’t that what you came for….i will make the wish to meet your desires, and you give my aunt all my good choices influence, this way you get what you want and I will get what I want. So my aunt can have an easy and beautiful end!

Part 4 [a closure to agreement]


That’s the only way I….I can save the person who saved me. This being in front of me can help me to save my beloved. His wish is for me to wish the end of time, is he that tired of it all, nevertheless if that can help my aunt then I can cross any kind of limit that’s needed to be crossed….. He looks as if he is sad and tired of all but to think of it if he really brings the endings then all the things he saw ending must have been a torture like and now he is so used to it that, he became tired and want the ultimate end!

“If that can happen, I guarantee you that your desires will be my top wish…an ultimate end? You will have it but first my wish should be the one to reach completion. Tell me do you accept this deal?” I said although I am trembling inside I have to do this. He looked satisfied as his next words came upon….

“All your good choices credits to your aunt? You realize then all the misery will come to you and your end will be very much mis- “I DON’T CARE…. A miserable end you say? You shouldn’t worry about that because I assure you my life isn’t that grand to be protected but yes for me the only thing I want to protect is my….aunt and if I can take her pain upon myself I will gladly do that!”


She is…sad and miserable already, I pity her …..I shouldn’t, these humans aren’t worthy of any pity because these humans only think of their benefit… then why does she look genuine?

“Because I AM genuine!” she replied how she knew what I was thinking……

“You, How did you know what I was thinking?”………

“Oh…well I just thought that maybe you will be doubting me since you are not very on humanity side….so I just kind like thought maybe you might be thinking that I am not genuine as well because you facial expression looked like as if you are just thinking not so good about this” she said with a very relaxed look

“I will give that you, ok human the deal is tempting but your aunt’s happy end counts on health…not hers but yours! Now do you accept it?” I asked her while smirking.

“My end? I will gladly accept my ending”

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on Aug. 16 at 1:20 pm
awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
1 article 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
opportunities don't come to you , you make them for yourself, BY yourself....

@JustMe_Vaanya these are the first four chapters, the other eight chapters will be shortly up, since i am new to this site I really am trying to get to know how to work here but as far as your comment i will keep that in mind and thank you for the soon as the other parts will be uploaded you will be able to easily find them on my page<3

on Aug. 13 at 7:30 am
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"Una Vida, I have come to accept that I cant experience everything in life. But what I will, I'll experience deeply..."
-Shivya Nath

Hi... This is really nicely written! :) It would be helpful if you could just comment the order of the other pages too...

on Aug. 9 at 1:28 pm
awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
1 article 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
opportunities don't come to you , you make them for yourself, BY yourself....

To the person reading this , thank you for giving my work your time.....the rest parts will be on my page and you will easily find them there, sorry for the inconvenience but I don't know how to update your already published work here but still thank you for reading this as well<3