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June 9, 2022
By flimauro, Clinton Ct, Connecticut
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flimauro, Clinton Ct, Connecticut
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Author's note:

This piece was done in my freshman English class.

It's the first day of college for Amelia. She is 20 years old. Amelia has this weird feeling about the college she is going to; she has this bad feeling that something is going to ruin her day. Amelia thought maybe this feeling was just a nervous feeling because she was alone this year. Amelia's best friends Anna and Ava didn't want to go to college this year. Anna and Ava have been best friends with Amelia since 2nd grade. So it was weird for Amelia to be starting school alone. Amelia has her first period and sits next to a boy sitting alone. Amelia thought maybe this would be a way she would make friends and talk to new people. This boy seemed full of energy, loud, and he seemed to be a jerk. Amelia knew she chose the wrong seat. Amelia couldn't wait for this class to end because this boy was just annoying her. Soon hours go by and it's dinner time and Amelia calls Anna. Amelia and Anna are talking about their day and Amelia tells Anna about the boy in her class today. Anna tells Amelia to not let the boy ruin her day and try to ignore him.

The next day Amelia sees this boy a lot and decides to ask him his name. She found out his name is Jackson. Many people don't like Jackson; they say he is rude. The rumor is that he has no friends. Amelia thinks it's impossible for Jackson to not have friends. So Amelia decides to get to know him and see for herself. Amelia talks to Jackson for a short time. She learns that Jackson is 22 years old. She also learned about his ring and how it was passed down to him through generations. Amelia thought the ring was big and weird-looking, but she didn't say anything. Everything people said about Jackson was right, he was kinda rude, and loud. Jackson made fun of other people behind their back, which Amelia didn't like. Jackson just thought he was better than everyone else. Everyday Amelia had to sit next to Jackson and every day she hated it even more. But as days go on Amelia notices Jackson being nice to her. But to only her.

A week later Amelia starts to think Jackson and her could be friends if only he could be a nice person all the time and to everyone. So Amelia gives Jackson a chance. Amelia and Jackson hang out after they have all their classes. They meet up at a bar named Joe's Bar and they just sit and talk. After some time Amelia notices an old man staring at them. The man approaches Amelia and Jackson and says “How are you still alive and look exactly the same?”. Jackson tells the man to leave them alone and that he must have him confused with someone else. Amelia thinks this man is crazy and since the two have been there a while, Amelia thinks that they should leave. Amelia and Jackson get up and leave. As they are leaving Amelia asks Jackson what that was about, Jackson stutters and says “I don't know”. When Jackson and Amelia were walking back to the car Amelia trips and scrapes her knee. Jackson asks Amelia if she is ok and then he sees a little blood. Amelia says she is fine and when she looks back up Jackson is turned with his back towards her. Amelia is confused about what Jackson is doing. Amelia asks Jackson “what are you doing?” Jackson with his back still towards Amelia's replies, “Sorry, I have something in my eye but I have to go now, bye.” Amelia thought that was strange but continued to head home.

It's the next day and at school, Jackson offers to cook something for Amelia since their evening was ruined by some weirdo. Jackson tells Amelia how he is a great cook and will cook her favorite food for dinner. Amelia says “yes” and how she can't wait to see if that is true. After school Amelia calls her two best friends Anna and Ava to tell them about what is happening with her and Jackson. Ava says Jackson might have a thing for her and Anna agrees too. Amelia tells them that they are crazy and that she might be his only friend. Amelia also tells them that he is a bit strange but he is nice to her. The three girls talk for a few more hours before Amelia gets ready for Jackson to come over. Jackson shows up at Amelia's house which is weird because Amelia never gave him her address. Amelia answers the door and asks how Jackson found her house. Jackson says that she told him. But Amelia was sure she didn't, then Jackson looked at her and asked, “Are you sure?'' Then Amelia thinks that she was wrong and might have given him her address. Jackson says “am I just going to stand out here all night.'' Amelia says “no come on in”. Jackson enters the house and Amelia shows him where all the ingredients he will need are. After some time of Jackson cooking, Amelia joins in by cutting up some food. As they are cooking, Jackson makes a joke, Jackson says, “is this our first date”? Amelia laughs and says “no”, while they are joking Amelia slips her hand and accidentally slices it. Jackson turns his back to Amelia once again. Amelia says “not a fan of blood I'm guessing?'' Jackson says “yes.'' Amelia says “this is small, I will go clean it up.” Amelia goes to wash her cut and when she returns she sees Jackson has cut up most of the food already. Amelia says “that was fast”. Then she joins him to finish cooking. Amelia and Jackson spend the next hour eating and talking. As Jackson is heading to leave he tries to kiss Amelia. Amelia stops Jackson and tells him that she isn't ready for a relationship right now. Jackson says “that's ok”, and that he will see her tomorrow at school. At school when Amelia sees Jackson, he immediately starts apologizing for trying to kiss her. Amelia tells him not to worry about it, it's not a big deal. They both head off to their classes and that was all they said to each other all day.
It's the next day and Amelia runs into Jackson and asks him some questions. Amelia asked if Jackson has any family. Jackson says “yes but my parents are out of town and my brother and I don’t get along well.” Amelia asks if Jackson lives with his brothers and Jackson says “yes.” Amelia says “well then I'll be over later to meet him.” Amelia gets Jackson's address and leaves to go to class.
Later that day Amelia arrives at Jackson's house. Jackson’s brother answers the door. “You must be Amelia, Jackson told me you would be coming by, my name is Alex.” “Nice to meet you, Alex,'' said Amelia. “Come inside Jackson went to go get dressed. Are you dating my brother,” added Alex. “No we are just friends,'' says Amelia. “I notice you have a very similar ring as Jackson.” Alex says” yes it's a family thing.”
Jackson enters the room, “hello Amelia I see you met my brother Alex.” “Yes I did,” says Amelia. They all sit on the couch and talk. Amelia thinks she might like Alex better than Jackson. He seems like a nice guy and a gentleman. Amelia and Alex get to know each other. Alex would make jokes and Amelia would laugh at them. Jackson's face showed that he was not having a good time. He didn’t like that Amelia was having a good time with his brother. He wanted Amelia to have a good time with him.
They continue to chat and it begins to get late. Amelia says that she should get home because she has school tomorrow. Alex says it was fun and hopes they can spend time together soon. Amelia agrees and leaves.

The next day in class Amelia sees Jackson. “You were very quiet last night,” says Amelia. “Yeah I just wasn’t having any fun and my brother is annoying.” “I think your brother is a nice guy and he was pretty funny.” You could see in Jackson's face that he hated that Amelia enjoyed spending time with Alex. “Maybe we can all hang out again soon.” says Amelia.

The next day Amelia, Ava, and Anna go to Joe’s bar. Amelia tells them about Jackson and what he tried to do. Anna and Ava laugh and say “we knew that he liked you”. She tells them how she kinda likes spending time with Alex more than Jackson. While the girls talk Amelia notices the same man who came up to her and Jackson. Amelia tells Anna and Ava she will be right back. Amelia goes up to the man and asks him how he knew her friend Jackson. The man says he used to live in Jackson's house. He knew him from an attack that happened when Jackson came to town. Amelia says she never heard about that. The man says “how could you? It was years ago in June 1953”. Ava and Anna are calling Amelia back. Amelia asked the old man one more question, if he was sure that it was really Jackson. The old man says yes I remember from his ring and his brother. Amelia heads back to her friends, clearly confused about what just happened. That night Amelia googles the attack and comes across an article with pictures. She zooms in on the picture and can see Jackson; she freaks and closes her computer. Amelia struggles with going to sleep after what she saw. So she opens her computer again and does some research. She reads about vampires and how they don't age and she remembers how weird Jackson was around blood. But she also thought vampires couldn't be in the sun. The ring he has must be something to help him walk in the daylight. This was terrifying Amelia. Amelia keeps reading, missing hours of sleep.
It was morning time and Amelia ran into Jackson. Amelia takes Jackson into a room and confronts him. “What are you”? Ask amelia. “What do you mean”, says Jackson.” I mean you haven't aged since 1953”. You hate blood and you have a massive ugly ring”. “Are you a vampire”? asks amelia. Jackson freaks and tells Amelia she can't tell anyone. Amelia leaves the room and tries to get away from him. Jackson tells Amelia that she can't tell anyone or he will hurt Anna and ava. Amelia asks how he knows about them; she never told him their names. Jackson responds with I know everything and if you dare tell anyone this secret I will ruin your life. Amelia asks if Alex is a vampire and Jackson says yes. Amelia tries all day to avoid Jackson but she sees him everywhere. Jackson sees that Amelia is avoiding him. “What happened”? We can't be friends anymore. Amelia responds with “You're a killer and I don't even like you”. Jackson says “well that's not very nice, and is that the best way to talk to me when I can easily snap your neck.” Amelia heads to her last class of the day hoping to not have to see Jackson for the rest of the day.

Later that day Alex is outside Amelia's house when she gets home. Amelia drives right by her house when she sees Alex on her porch. But Alex gets in front of her car. Alex tells her to stop and that he isn't going to hurt her. Amelia stops the car because she knows she will lose. Alex tells Amelia that he isn't going to hurt her. Alex explains to Amelia that she can continue to be friends with Jackson and that him being a vampire won't matter. Amelia tells Alex that Jackson has threatened to kill her friend and her. Alex says that he will make sure his brother behaves and that she can trust him. Amelia has this feeling that Alex is a good guy and that she can trust him. Alex leaves Amelia's house and Amelia goes inside and cleans herself up. Amelia thinks about Alex all night. Even though he is a vampire, Amelia finds herself wanting to be with him. Amelia doesn't know Alex that well but wants to.

The next day Amelia runs into Jackson on the way to class. She tells him that Alex was at her house and that she likes him a lot better than him. This obviously makes Jackson mad and was a stupid thing to say. Jackson was angry now and was definitely gonna kill his brother.
After school Jackson heads home and talks to Alex. They end up getting into a fight and Jackson leaves the house. With all his anger built up, Jackson walks by Amelia and sees that she was hanging out in her bedroom. He then walks all the way to Ava's house and sees her in the living room watching a show. He checks around to see if her parents are home. He hadn’t seen a sign of them being home. He sneaks through the back door and comes up to her and snaps her neck. He then runs to Anna's house and does the exact same thing. Jackson soon leaves their houses and arrives over at Ameilia’s. He knocks at her door and she opens the door saying, “ What do you want?” Jackson replies, “If I were you I would check up on your friends.'' Amelia starts to worry even though Alex said he would watch Jackson. Instead of running to her friend's house, she runs to Alex. She and Alex then go to both of her friend's houses to check on them. They both get there to see both of Amelia's friends dead. This crushes Amelia and Amelia yells at Alex. “You said you would watch him”. Saya Amelia. Alex says “ I had no idea he would do this, I promise you I won't let him touch you”. Amelia continues to avoid Jackson. That makes Jackson really angry, making him want to harm Amelia. Jackson threatens to hurt Amelia if she doesn't love him instead of his brother. Amelia tells Jackson she won't like him ever even if she lives forever. This gives Jackson a terrible idea.

Later that night Jackson feeds Amelia his blood and snaps her neck. Amelia wakes up with a massive headache. Amelia can't stand the sight of light. Alex stops by to check on Amelia to find out she is in transition. Alex explains what will happen now. She will have to feed on human blood to finish the transition or don't feed and die slowly. Amelia says that she can't do this and does not want to complete the transition. Alex says that he will help her. Amelia then decides she will complete the transition. Alex teaches Amelia how to feed when to stop and even gets her a daylight ring. Amelia and Alex fall in love as time goes on. They spend every day together working on Amelia. Amelia is still upset about her friends and what Jackson did. But she tries to forget all about him. Alex and Amelia move out of town to stay away from Jackson. But Jackson keeps following them. After many times of Jackson bothering them, Amelia rips Jackson's heart out of his chest and kills him. Alex is shocked that Amelia just did that but he doesn't care much now that he has the love of his life. Alex and Amelia leave Jackson's body right where Amelia killed him. They carry on with their life in California.

The end

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