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An Archangel From Heaven and A Dark Knight From Hell

December 31, 2010
By Azrael BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Azrael BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Favorite Quote:
"To lie to him was to ruin him..." Schuyler Van Alen on Jack Force from the Blue Bloods Series by Melissa De La Cruz.

Author's note: I actually thought about this while I was watching Spongebob. Soon, I began work on it and this happened.

Belinda woke up with a startled gasp, and knew she had a scrape around her neck and arm.

“Sheesh, my visions always have to involve me.” she muttered under her breath, as she threw the covers.

The clock read 3:00 am, and Belinda was frustrated as she walked towards her bathroom. In the dark of the night, she washed her cuts.

“Why is it always at this time that it happens?” she asked herself.

She closed her eyes and went back to her vision. It was in shadowy detail and all she could make out was an apartment and two people-a girl and boy talking. Then out of nowhere, a crash was heard and the boy threw his arm protectively around the girl. Belinda brought herself back and shook her head. She placed on her shoes and fixed her hair.

“I need a walk,” she grumbled as she climbed out her window and down the fence, surrounded with flowers of all types.

She slowly jumped down; making sure that her parents window was closed and crossed the street. She passed Livingston High School-the high school she will be attending in a few hours.

“Here I’ll be locked up, not using my motorcycle.” Belinda began pouting.

She passed her mom’s bookstore where she helped over the summer to earn some cash to buy her motorcycle. She then walked pass the cobblestone pathway where it led directly to the park. Belinda paused immediately and could’ve sworn that she saw two figures jumping over the roof.

“Get a grip, that can’t happen.” she angrily muttered to herself as she walked closer to the park.

She took the path that was much more darker, due to its beauty with its cobblestone pathway and the archway that blocked some of the moon’s light.

“Why are you here again?” Alexander asked his brother.

“I decided to tag along to see if we could pick up any last night hikers.” Alister laughed.

“I told you I don’t hunt humans. Alexander growled.

“Look, there’s my snack right there.” Alister climbed off the tree and pointed to a silhouette of a girl walking.

“Don’t you dare hurt her, I won’t let you.” Alexander charged towards Alister and knocked him down.

Alexander then immediately rushed to the girl’s side.

“Hi, I’m Alexander.” he introduced smoothly.

“I’m Belinda,” she slowly replied.

Alexander then realized that Belinda was shivering. He took off his jacket and handed it over to her. She slowly took it and looked at Alexander.

“Aren’t you the mayor’s daughter?” Alexander asked out of curiosity to also ignore tension.

“I wish I wasn’t.” Belinda replied.

“Why is that?” Alexander asked curiously.

“Let’s just say I have political issues.” Belinda giggled.

“Do you go to the local high school?” Alexander had to ask.

“I am about to, starting tomorrow. The new girl is what you can call me.” Belinda joked.

Alexander laughed at her comment.

“Well then I’ll be glad to give you a tour of our school tomorrow.” Alexander offered.

“Thank you, I would like that.” Belinda smiled.

“Well I got to go, my brother is getting impatient.” Alexander began to walk off.

“What about your jacket?” Belinda asked.

“You can have it, I have tons more. Bye.” Alexander was gone.

Belinda shrugged then went back home to ignore getting caught by her mom.

Belinda walked down the stairs and into the dining room to see her family starting their breakfast.

“Good morning Bells,” Mr. Kallieo greeted his stepdaughter.

“And not a good one indeed.” Belinda muttered.

“Belinda, be nice.” Mrs. Kallieo scowled.

“Whatever, but I got to go.” Belinda was almost out the room when her older stepsister, Yolanda walked in.

“Sheesh, wouldn’t it bother for you to wear something....nice?” Yolanda sneered.

“I don’t wanna look like you, a preppy princess.” Belinda shot.

“Well, at least I have more class than you.” Yolanda scoffed.

“I doubt that, you have no boyfriends, no real friends and your best friend is a car.” Belinda glared at Yolanda who began cussing and shouting at her before Nathaniel walked in.

“Nathaniel, please come and join us for breakfast and Yolanda, you too.” Mrs. Kallieo cheerfully called out.

Yolanda angrily sat down in her seat and Nathaniel stood by Belinda’s side before he hesitated to sit. Belinda was suddenly struck with curiosity.

“Where’s Matt?” she asked worried.

“He’s in the back, talking with Jaslin.” Mrs. Kallieo replied.

“Okay, then I have to go.” Belinda was then interrupted.

“Where are you going?” Mr. Kallieo asked.

“Like you care,” Belinda snarled, glaring at her stepdad.

“I will not tolerate that you speak to me like that.” Mr. Kallieo stood up.

Belinda began to become defensive. Her mom instantly knew what was going to happen and stood between them. She then turned to face Belinda.

“Belinda, please calm down.” she pleaded.

“Why should I? I can’t see why you chose him to love.” Belinda began to shake as her anger was ready to explode.

“Please calm down, please.” Mrs. Kallieo pleaded.

Belinda turned and instantly punched the wall behind her. She could hear Yolanda and Nathaniel gasp, and her stepdad mutter something. She knew her mom was starting to tear up, but she couldn’t control herself.
Belinda released her grip and drywall came off. She walked out of the room, out of the house, climbed onto her sleek black motorcycle and rode to school.

When she arrived at school, all eyes were on her as she climbed off her motorcycle. She began making her way to the office when a voice piped up.

“Welcome to Livingston High,”

Great, another preppy princess. Belinda turned around to face a girl with bright hazel eyes and brown hair.

“Thank you,” Belinda tried hard not to get involved in another anger surge.

“Oh, well I’m Ashlynn Carmollate. I am head cheerleader and school president of this school.” she proudly admitted.

“Well, that’s nice to know.” Belinda tried to hide her annoyed expression.

“Next month is tryouts for the cheerleading squad, and are you going to try out?” Ashlynn asked in a blurry of words.

“I’ll think about it.” Belinda was frustrated.

She’s so charismatic, I wonder if she ever annoys anyone. Belinda managed a fake smile.

“Oh well, I would like if you sat with me and my friends during lunch. It’ll be like a mini-party!” Ashlynn squealed.

“Belinda,” a familiar voice called out.

Ashlynn’s mouth dropped opened to see Alexander walk up. Belinda giggled slightly at her reaction before she smiled at Alexander.

“Hey Alexander,” Belinda smiled.

“I’m keeping my promise and taking you on a tour of our school.” Alexander wrapped an arm around her.

“Oh yeah, the promise.” Belinda turned towards Ashlynn who was recuperating from her shock just as Alexander shot her a smile.

“I’ll see you later,” Ashlynn ran to her friends who also were in shock.

“I can guess that mostly all the girls like you.” Belinda suggested.

“Mostly? All of the girls like me, they see me at first glance and instantly try to flirt with me or ask me out.” Alexander pointed out, looking down at Belinda, expecting her to blush.

“Well sorry to rain on your parade, but I don’t like you.” Belinda looked back at him, smiling.

“Hmm, I wonder why. Maybe I should try harder.” Alexander stopped in front of a building, with a door that said OFFICE.

“So this is the office?” Belinda asked.

“Pretty much it is, but this is your stop. I’ll see you if you have any classes with me. Bye.” Alexander walked away and turned a corner before Belinda walked in.

The office was amazement to Belinda. There were beautiful portraits everywhere, at least two on each wall. Across from each other were two desks, one was a middle aged red head and the other was a young silver-blonde.

“Hi and welcome to Livingston High. Do you need something?” the young silver-blonde asked.

“Yes, I’m here for my schedule.” Belinda walked up to her.

“You must be Belinda Kallieo, the mayor’s new daughter.” the silver-blonde cheerfully began to look for Belinda’s schedule.

Belinda then saw that the silver-blonde’s name was Mrs. Neferti. She then saw that Mrs. Neferti was frowning and going through a stack multiple times.

“I can’t seem to find yours.” she pointed out.

“Oh, I go under my real last name.” Belinda remembered.

“Oh and what is your real last name?” Mrs. Neferti asked.

“It’s Roseblood, Belinda Roseblood.” Belinda answered.

“Well, here we go! I found your name, but remember to get all of your teacher’s names signed onto this schedule and bring it back afterschool.” Mrs. Neferti informed Belinda who was nodding in agreement.

Belinda left the office and began looking for her first class Biology with Mr. Evans, her own uncle in room H31. She instantly found the classroom and when she walked in, all eyes focused on her. Alexander instantly saw her and waved. Belinda waved back and headed towards her uncle.

“Hi Uncle, I mean Mr. Evans.” she corrected her own mistake.

“Nice to see you here Belinda, I wonder why your mother didn’t tell me you were coming here.” he eyed her suspiciously.

“She got remarried and I need you to sign this.” Belinda handed her uncle the slip.

“Hmm, find a place to sit and get this at the end of class.” Mr. Evans turned his attention to the board after he placed the paper down.

Belinda looked at the classroom and saw two empty desks. One was beside Ashlynn and the other by Alexander, who motioned for her to sit. She walked and sat by him then they began to talk silently.

“You forgot about your promise you liar.” Belinda teased.

“I know, but during lunch I’ll get the chance to show you.” Alexander smirked.

“You love trying to impress me, don’t you?” Belinda mocked, satisfied that she had a new friendship with Alexander.

“Not as much as teasing you, your reactions are so weird.” Alexander tried to hide his curiosity with a smile.

“Yeah, most people don’t get that especially when they’re barely meeting me.” Belinda revealed as she tried hard not to focus on Alexander.

“I wonder why Ashlynn looks so mad right now.” Alexander nodded his head towards Ashlynn’s direction.

Belinda turned and saw Ashlynn scowl at her, but she waved at her to avoid any rivalry. Ashlynn then mouthed to her ‘during lunch, tell me everything between you two.’ Belinda laughed silently as Alexander looked at her suspiciously.

“What’s so funny?” Alexander asked.

“Ashlynn expects me tot ell her if there’s anything happening between us, but you’re going to finish the tour.” Belinda giggled silently.

“Oh, but I’m still surprise that you don’t find me attractive.” Alexander joked.

“Haha, like it’s ever going to happen.” Belinda laughed.

“Please, you may never know.” Alexander whispered so low Belinda barely heard him.

They went silent as Mr. Evans began a new topic discussing about a project.

“Now this project is due in two weeks. You will be working with the partner sitting next to you, and you two will be studying on the project on which I have assign you. Belinda, have you learned at your other school about the Grecian Gods?” Mr. Evans looked at her.

“Yes, we were already moving on from the subject, but yes I have.” Belinda replied admitting too much.

“Did you do the project?” Mr. Evans asked, getting impatient.

“No, we worked on essays and took a field trip.” Belinda replied, staring coldly at her uncle.

“Well then, I still want you to work on this project with Alexander. You two will be assigned Aphrodite and Ares.” Mr. Evans picked up a stack of papers and began passing them around as he told everyone who they get.

“Oh look, what a coincidence....we get the lovebirds.” Alexander laughed.

“Great,” Belinda rolled her eyes, trying not to smile.

“I know right, high school is a pain.” Alexander added with a sigh.

“How is that?” Belinda questioned, full of curiosity filling up in her.

“You’ll know soon what I mean as soon as you’re settled in.” Alexander reached around Belinda to grab their assignments on what to do.

He studied the pages then smiled at Belinda.

“Since you already learned about this subject, do you have any books on Grecian mythology.” Alexander asked.

“Yes, almost half of my bookshelf full.” Belinda replied almost joking.

“Then, can I go to your house today afterschool.” Alexander questioned, hopeful for a ‘yes’ from her.

“Sure, but I hope you didn’t bring a car today.” Belinda answered.

“Why?” Alexander asked, wondering why she was asking.

“I rode my motorcycle today,” Belinda blushed, holding up her backpack to show a helmet attached to it.

“Wow, new here and you ride like a daredevil.” Alexander muttered, glad he finally could see that Belinda was quite different.

“What is that suppose to be, a compliment?” Belinda teased.

“I don’t know, what do you think?” Alexander teased back.

“Well then, thank you for the compliment.” Belinda laughed as the bell rang.

“I’ll wait for you.” Alexander told Belinda as they walked to Mr. Evans desk.

“Why?” Belinda asked in bewilderment.

“I have physical education with you next.” Alexander answered with a smile.

“Well then, let’s go.” Belinda replied as she and Alexander walked out.

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Azrael BRONZE said...
on Jun. 16 2011 at 5:43 pm
Azrael BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
2 articles 0 photos 25 comments

Favorite Quote:
"To lie to him was to ruin him..." Schuyler Van Alen on Jack Force from the Blue Bloods Series by Melissa De La Cruz.

yea i like writing stories about many things and ill try 2 find it and i promise 2 read and comment on it

wildbee said...
on Jun. 16 2011 at 9:32 am
wildbee, Baltimore, Maryland
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I love my boyfriend and i'll do anything to be with him

ou like writing archangel books i see i have a archangel in my book called KILLER LYCANS