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The Diary Of Brandi Diller

February 10, 2011
By JorgjiNikopulli, Boston, Massachusetts
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JorgjiNikopulli, Boston, Massachusetts
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Author's note: I decided to write a book that had short 'chapters' and was really easy to read and engaging. I want whoever is reading this to get into the book and feel like they're actually in the main characters shoes.

The author's comments:
This just starts off where Brandi finds herself madly in love at first sight.

July 16th, 2010 (3:02 AM) Dear Diary, Tonight was magical. Diary, I am still shocked about what happened just an hour earlier. It was around 2 AM and I couldn’t sleep. The night was warm and humid. Crickets were chirping, which was making my head hurt. Everything seemed too loud. This night wasn’t just my night. Then I heard someone tapping quietly at the cabin window which was right beside my bed. A guy, around the age of seventeen with big brown eyes and kind of chubby cheeks stood there waiting anxiously. It seemed to me like I have seen this face before. But I’m not sure. It was love at first sight diary! He kept looking at me, his eyes sparking in the moonlight that was shining in. “Brandi! Come outside!” this time I decided to go. I put my purple rabbit slippers on and I tucked the teddy that was in my arms under the covers. “I cant sleep.” I told myself this time. “Might as well take a walk or something. I walked toward the cabin door, (which wasn’t really a door but a blue tarp covering the entrance) and this amazingly beautiful guy stood there, at 2AM holding a single purple lilac in his hand. I walked toward him, confused about how to approach him, and then I was almost face to face with him. He was a little taller than me and 2x my weight, but he wasn’t fat. He had really light skin, really short brown hair, and his ears were pierced. His teeth were perfect. He had thick full lips and irresistible brown eyes that you can just get lost into. When I was really close to him, he held his hand out and gave me the lilac. He held my hand for a while. I smelled the flower, taking in the fresh fragrance, but it was masked by his scent of axe if I’m not mistaken. “Your smell can’t compare.” I managed to get out, looking at his lips the whole time, he smiled a little like he knew I wasn’t staring into his eyes but at his lips. I was shaking all over. “Let’s go somewhere alone.” he looked at my lips when he said that. I looked down suddenly and he was holding my hand, which I hadn’t noticed. A skunk moved quickly behind him. I didn’t reply, but smiled and we stared walking hand in hand toward a line of trees. He took a shortcut to where there was no road anymore. Not that I knew where we were going. Through all the bushes, he still held my hand which I thought was sweet of him. I looked up at the sky, where there was finally no more trees above us. The moon was full tonight. I looked at my surroundings now wondering where the trees had gone, and fireflies filled this place that could compare almost to heaven. Purple lilacs similar to the one he gave me filled the ground around me. From the corner of my eye, I saw him looking at me, probably to see my reaction, and he wasn’t disappointed, my jaw dropped to the ground. We walked to the middle of the meadow and we laid down on the ground. We looked at the stars above us and the fireflies flew above our faces and one landed on top of his nose. We both laughed and the firefly flew away. He was STILL holding my hand. We kept laughing. And then I looked into his eyes. He looked back. Suddenly, the laughing stopped. Still on the ground, we moved closer to each other and his pushed his lips against mines. It all moved very slowly, like one of those intense movie type of kisses. He then got on top of me, now French kissing me. I could see him smiling in between our kisses. At this moment I was in love and I knew it for sure. He then took my face in his hands and he looked at me for a second, as if he was checking if this was real. He then smiled at me once more. I love the way he smiles, it seems to fill me up inside. In the background noises, we heard someone walking and the fireflies started to disappear from around us. I threw half my clothes on as quickly as I could and we both walked quickly to the trees where we had come from. We got to the cabin in five minutes, beating our record of ten last time. He held my hand all the way back. When we were in front of the cabin, he went in there with me to tuck me in, I felt like a kid now waiting anxiously to be tucked in. “Be careful not to wake the others.” I said, tiptoeing carefully to the bed near the window where he was standing minutes earlier, waiting to take me away. He opened the sheets and took teddy out and handed him to me. I lay in the bed and he gave me a short sweet kiss on my lips. “I love you baby, have a goodnight.” he said, still whispering. “Goodnight, I love you too.” I said back. I counted every step he took he was still half clothed. He looked back through the doorway and blew me a kiss and I smiled. And with that he was gone. I fell into a restless short deep sleep.

The author's comments:
Pay attention to this part, its important to the rest of the book!!!


Dear Diary,

I can’t sleep too many thoughts are in my head. I woke up minutes earlier to the sound of voices outside my cabin. I got up to see what was going on. Diary, to my surprise I saw the camp counselor talking to him. The counselor was blond with hair up to her shoulders was talking to him and making motions with her hands like she was upset or something. I was hiding behind a blue tarp that was covering the door, looking through a small opening in it. I felt like the camp counselor knew I was there like she can just sense me, that or I was paranoid. Her eyes seemed to look toward the darkness in my direction. I held my breath. I looked through the tarp once more and she looked back at him her hand on his shoulder. “Don’t do anything stupid…” was one thing I heard her say to him, or to me like I was meant to hear or something. She walked back into the darkness. I looked up in the sky and saw the stars fading, the morning was coming. I looked back to where he had been standing, and he walked slowly toward my cabin. If I wasn’t looking at him coming I wouldn’t have known he was walking because with every step he took, it was like he was walking on air. This might be how angels walk.

As he moved swiftly to the cabin, my heart started to race and beat a mile a minute. My hands and fragile legs were shaking all on their own. My breathing slowed down. I tried to calm myself down before he can see me. Before I knew it, there was a hand reaching in the cabin toward me, he grabbed my hand and took me outside. He said nothing, he just looked into my eyes and held me closer to him. He moved in slowly and kissed my cheek. He grabbed my hand slowly once more and for the first time I heard him get out a full sentence, saying the words that I hoped to hear. “Brandi, I love you. I haven’t known you for long but when I stare in your beautiful green eyes I feel like I belong with you forever. I feel like an angel was picked from the heavens to be here with me.” I stared back at him and I couldn’t get a word out. I just looked blindly into his dark brown sparking eyes. He smiled a smile I had recognized but didn’t know where it came from. Its like I have known him for years.

(5:11 AM)
Dear Diary,

We held hands and walked back towards the meadow. The sun was creeping over the trees and the stars were fading in the background. The smell of fresh flowers filled the air and filled my nose. The flowers looked even more beautiful now that the sun was staring to shine on them. He turned and faced me and we stopped walking. “Brandi, would you like to lay on the grass with me and watch the sunset? Better yet, lets go over there by that old tree stump, I have something to show you.” “Sure, I would go anywhere, even to hell if it was with you.” And he smiled and held my hand to lead the way. That was the first time I had ever spoken to him, the first time I wasn’t trembling when I saw him. I guess I feel safe with him. I trust him already.

He took me over to a cliff, where a waterfall was flowing quickly. This place was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. “Brandi, come over here,” he said to me. “This tree stump has been here for years, awkwardly its shaped like a heart.” “I can see that..” I replied. He flashed his white smile. I sat next to him on the tree sump and looked over the horizon to see the sunrise. He had a sharpie in his hand and he held my right hand as he wrote with his left. He wouldn’t let me look into he was done. “There, Trebor + Brandi Forever.” There was a heart around our names. I was always wondering what his name was, but now I know. Its Trebor, a unique name if you ask me. “Awww, I love you Trebor.” (I put emphasis on Trebor). He moved closer and close to me. “Not as much as I love you.” He kept moving closer to me and he French kissed me. Now this, I liked. After a few minutes, we stopped and we turned and looked at the sunrise. I rested my head on his shoulder and his hand was still intertwined in mines. This moment felt right, like I do belong with him forever. Thank you mom for sending me to this place, where I have found my prince charming! Haha. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 6:01AM. It felt like I had only been with him for five minutes. Times flies when I’m with him I guess. He looked toward me. “Baby, the sunrise is so beautiful, but not as beautiful as you.” I looked back to him and chuckled. “What? I mean it! Oh and what’s the date today?” He almost whispered this. “Monday, July 19th, 2010. Why?” I asked puzzled. “Because today is our date, I love you Brandi, will you be my girlfriend?” He was turned around all the way and his hands still held mines. “Yes. How could I say no when I already love you so much?” I answered back almost shocked. He smiled his smile and kissed me slowly but sweetly, next he grabbed the sharpie once more and wrote our date, 7/18/2010. I don’t think this moment could get any better.

Jay walked me back to my cabin, every few seconds, he looked toward me (I could tell by my amazing peripheral vision). When he took me to my cabin, he made sure to give me a kiss before he went to where the boys cabins were located (somewhere far away from here). He told me to hold my hand out and he dropped a necklace in in. It was silver, a heart and it had diamonds all on it. It was beautiful. “Baby, thank you so much but you know I cant take this! And what is this even for?” I said to him, not daring to look into his eyes because I knew I would start to turn as red as a tomato. “Well, first, its our anniversary. Second, I love you. Third, you’re my girlfriend. So why cant I give you things?” he answered in his calm tone. “How did you know I was going to say yes?” “I was just hoping you would, and this is my great-great-great grandmothers, I want you to take good care of it, it means a lot to my family.” My jaw dropped to the floor. He kissed my forehead (weird) and he walked always. He turned around once and said, “I love you and I will see you when I can.” I blew him a kiss goodbye….

(10:05 AM)

Dear Diary,

Today was kind of harsh. The only thing that I enjoyed about my day was the early morning when I was with him. I had to do all these rock climbing exercises that I did not enjoy. Miss Cross made us also do laps around the whole camp today, for no reason at all but to torture us! Miss Cross is a manly looking. Tall muscular lady with medium hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. If someone didn’t tell me that she was a female, I would have never guessed. I don’t know why but this woman gives me the creeps! Diary, I don’t know what I would do sometimes, without Trebor being here. If I went to this camp without meeting him, then I would BEG to go back to what I call home. Life is just great.
Diary, be right back, Trebor just texted me saying that he wanted to see me back at the tree stump where we were earlier this morning. Be back as soon as possible to burst out all the details about what happens. AHHH IM SO NERVOUS! (The good kind of nervous!)


Dear Diary,

OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I was with Treb for like almost an hour. We were sitting on the tree stump kissing when he just stopped and he looked at me. “Brandi, I saw how miserable you are here, and that Miss Cross is nothing but unfair. Run away with me to somewhere where we can be together forever?” he asked. And with a slight nod and smile, I said yes. I love him and he’s the only reason I stayed here this long (a week Haha). Trebor said that he would text me around 10 or 11 PM and tell me where to meet him. “Have all your stuff ready around that time baby,” he said to me. Those were his exact words. He walked me to the cabin after all this happened (usual routine by now). What I love about Treb is that he’s not allowed to be seen here on this all girls camp. He told me he sneaks out of the boys camp just across the waterfall everyday to see me. Trebor also told me that he didn’t just come up to any cabin at random, he said he saw me when we were coming in from the boats. He said he had to have me. How cute! Oh diary, I cant wait until later to run away with the one I love….

Trebor just texted me and he said to meet him by the Oceanside so that we can take a boat off of this island. He said he had a friend that can help him get a boat and keep quiet about this. He didn’t bore me with every last detail (thank god). I got up off my bed and turned my iPod off and I put it in the back pocket of my jeans and went outside with one suitcase. I didn’t leave a note or anything because I didn’t want anyone to know any details as to why I wasn’t asleep in my bed the next morning. I put on my left shoe first and then my right one not really in a rush since he might start to think that I am eager, even though I am. Diary, sometimes I think its crazy, I don’t know his real name and I already had sex with him and I plan to run away with this angel tonight. But I guess that’s what love can do to you!

I walked along the meadow one last time and I passed by our tree stump and took one last peek at it. Tonight, the night was sort of chilly, but the fireflies were still out, guiding my way through the manmade path. I took a small leap across a rain puddle that was in front of my path. It had rained a little about an hour ago. I looked across the waterfall and there was an ocean and a small boat there beside a lonely tree. And him with Miss Cross! “were busted” I thought to myself. But I couldn’t abandon him now. I walked across a bridge that took me down to the ocean. I saw him talking to Miss Cross like nothing was wrong…


Miss cross looked at me and grinned her toothless grin. She grabbed my suitcase and put it on the boat without any difficulty. The boat was medium sized, cozy enough to fit at least 4 people. It had a name scrolled against the side of it, in old faded font, it read. “S.S. Anne”. The boat was white and it had a single blue stripe around it. The orange life vests were on top of the seats, ready for us to put on. (I’m guessing Miss cross and Trebor are big on safety, couldn’t blame them.) I glanced at Miss Cross and smiled a fake smile because she pretty much still creeped me out and I didn’t want to see ungrateful. I grabbed his hand steadily and cautiously dragged him to the boat. He lifted me up onto the boat first and then got himself in. Miss Cross seemed to be peeking across the distance in the dark, almost repetitively. I was watching her every move, I mean I trusted her because Trebor did, but probably not as much as him. She looked worried now like as if she had just seen a ghost. She gave me the impression that she was rushing us in the boat now. And that she was doing I saw it. “Hurry up Treb, get in the boat, you guys should be on your way as soon as possible.” she spoke quietly to us and looked around furiously. Miss Cross then got us all secure with our life vests and got in the water and pushed the boat a little. She got soaked. The boat did need someone to man the oars, and Trebor did that. He didn’t want me to lift a muscle at all. Miss Cross was now pushing even faster and the water was at her neck, and right behind her was the blonde haired lady that I saw talking to Trebor and some other people I didn’t recognize. A tall African american male that was with her ran to the water and grabbed Miss Cross. He was screaming “What do you think your doing??!!” and the blonde haired lady looked gloomy just looking back at us and dropping the clipboard that she carried with her all the time. Trebor put all his force in moving the boat away and he looked at my frightened face. “It’s going to be okay baby, trust me.” he spoke quietly since he had to focus on getting away. I kept looking back at the lady that looked like she lost her family, like she was more sad then pissed off. A frown lit my face and blocked away my fear.

Dear Diary,

We were long gone from the rest of the camp counselors and now both of us were all alone. The ocean was calm tonight, and the water was dark and warm to the touch. (I had put my hand in to test out the water earlier). I opened the safety kit from under the boat seat and took out two very large flashlights. The only thing I could see was the sparkling of the moon against the ocean water. I turned on the flashlight I had in my hand and I put it next to me and when it was on it sort of blinded me because of how much light it gave off. I flashed it in his face by mistake. “Ouch Brandi you trying to blind me?” he said covering his eyes. I nodded with a smirk on my face. Haha. The boat was moving by itself now the slow currents were pushing us in the right direction so his hands were free. Diary, this scene reminds me if when Edward was taking Bella to Isle Esme. Calm and sweet. It relaxed me. Treb took out the map and I handed him a flashlight. He looked at it once and said, “Were right on course.” he said. He moved closer to me and when we were face to face, the only sound I could hear is the sound of his heart, beating faster and faster. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” he said. Then Trebor kissed me and moved me closer to him. The boat rocked a little. Two minutes later, he got off of me and we started to just talk, that’s the least we could do. Out of nowhere, he told me about how he doesn’t have a family, and by that he means that he’s a foster child like me. “My parents left me on the doorstep of a stranger. My parents hated me from the moment that they laid eyes on me.” he said sincerely to me. “But I just out that I have two sisters, I found a copy of my birth certificate in the camp records.” Trebor looked down at his feet when he said this. He told me that he hasn’t told anyone any of this but that he trusted me with his life so he just wanted to tell me what he was keeping inside. “I trust you so much baby.” I told him. Through the next couple of hours, I found myself intertwined with him telling him my own life story.
I feel like I can never get bored talking to him and that I can pour my heart out to him and be as corny as I want to and he would still love me. Its crazy, you know, how I could love someone so much without even knowing him for a long time. I guess Romeo and Juliet weren’t that crazy after all…I didn’t realize that after the long talk, I found myself drifting asleep. The waves on the boat calmed me a little too much.


The boat rocked back and forth and awoke me from a short but deep sleep. When I opened my eyes, I looked up and Trebor’s arms were wrapped around me. He was looking across the distance and he couldn’t tell I was awake because he was too busy lost in his own calm world. Trebor then looked down carefully at me, like he felt I was looking up at him. “Hello beautiful, how did you sleep?” he asked me. “Great since you were keeping me warm. But of course I would have enjoyed having some more time talking to you.” I responded. He smiled his familiar smile. “hey baby, were near Boston, we will be there in let me see..” he looked at his blue watch. “around 1:15AM.” he looked out at the horizon, I came in closer to him and watched with him. The city was kind of dark, but lights still filled the streets and parks around the airport. Planes were taking off ahead and a bright CITGO sign flashed. Not counting the sound of airplane engines, it was quite calm and quiet. Trebor was looking at me from the corner of his eye. I could tell because I looked back at him. He pretended not to notice that I saw him catch a glimpse of me. It was cute Haha. Trebor then turned to me and asked “your still wearing the necklace I gave you Brandi?” confusion was in his voice. “of course, I will never take it off as long as I live.” he came in closer to me not saying anything but just holding my face in his hands. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and looked back at my face. “You have no idea how much that means to me…” he whispered in my ear.

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