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Life of the young

May 20, 2011
By IDKXmere13 SILVER, old forge, Pennsylvania
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IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: This was all inspired by a song my friend was singing a few years back and i've been working on it ever since. There's going to be a lot of chapters as well this isn't the only one

If you asked Jessica Marie Loneson where she would be in ten years she would have given you a completely different story then what actually would happen. Ten years ago today January 9th 2010 around six am Jessica was rolling out of bed like every normal morning. She slowly pulled herself out of bed and walked over to wake Ashleigh up. Ashleigh is Jessica’s roommate for the last three years since Jessica went to boarding school. Jessica is now a sophomore, She about five foot five has long blonde hair and aqua eyes. “Ash Get up!” “Jess it’s too early.” “Come on Ash I want to stop for some coffee.” “Fine I’m coming!” Jessica strolled into the bathroom brushed her hair and used her other hand to dig through the bathroom drawer for a clip. She clipped her hair then did her make up really fast. “ Ash are you getting ready?” Ashleigh walked into the bathroom leaned against the door. “Yes Jess I am ready just need the bathroom to finish up.” “Ok, it’s all yours.” Jessica went over to her dresser and dug out her uniform. She pulled on her collared shirt buttoned it then slid on her vest. She went over to the closet and pulled out a pair of flats and knee highs. “Jessica are we set to go.” “Yah just let me grab my books.” Jessica grabbed her books and they headed for the door. They hopped in Jessica’s Jeep and drove to twenty-four hour Jitter. “Jess get in line I’ll get a table.” “Ok what do you want?” “Just get me a vanilla bean Frappuccino.” “Can I help you?” “Um, yes may I have a vanilla bean Frappuccino and an espresso please?” “Rob, Vanilla bean Frap and an espresso for the lady!” “Ok!” Ashleigh hopped by Jessica in line as she was talking about an upcoming science test she lost Jessica’s attention. “Jess” “Yah?” “What or who are you staring at?” “Dirty blonde guy four customers behind us talking to the guy in the blue hoodie.” “Here’s your order.” “Thank you.” As the girls were walking by the guy Jessica was staring at Ashleigh purposely bumped Jessica’s arm and the coffee spilled all over the guy’s blue shirt. “OH MY GOD! I am so sorry!” “It’s ok. Hi I’m Jack.” Ashleigh walked over to the table to answer her phone that was ringing. “I’m Jessica.” “Nice to meet you Jessica. So do you have a boyfriend?” “No I don’t.” “Well how about dinner and a movie tonight?” “Um sure sounds great.” “I’ll pick you up at six Jessica.” “Ok Jack.” Jack hands Jessica the phone. “Here put your number in.” “Jessica types her number in and hands back the phone. Ashleigh came running back with a terrified expression on her face and pulls Jessica’s arm to leave. “Come on Jess we have to go NOW!” “Bye Jack I’ll see you tonight.”

Jessica sat at her desk all day starring at her watch slowly ticking. Her finger nails tapping along the edge of the table, Ashleigh glancing at her from across the room. “Miss Loneson what are your thoughts?” “The topic we are discussing hasn’t given me much thought sir sorry I’m still thinking.” “Very well Miss Loneson.” If anyone could weasel out of a question given by the teacher it was Jessica, Ashleigh just rolled her eyes. Then finally the ending bell rang. Jessica grabbed her purse off the floor and rushed to her locker. “Jess wait up I can’t walk that fast!” Ashleigh screamed from down the hall. Jessica slowed down her footsteps but did not completely stop. Jessica slid the lock 2... 4...19 then slid the lock down. Jessica unloaded the books from her right arm and slid them in her locker. She ran her fingers across the wall of her locker and from under her picture fell out a tiny folded piece of paper. By this point Ashleigh was trying to talk to Jessica. “Jess are you listening to me?” “Ashleigh I will talk to you at the dorms!” “Fine Jessica I will talk to you then!” Jessica just stared at the tiny note in her hands and then slowly slid her nail across the side and broke the seal. She slowly unfolded the note and slid it in her math binder. She took her math book and placed it in her arms, she slammed the locker shut. Jessica slowly walked back to the dorms. She lifted the cover of her math binder and took out the note she didn’t have the strength to read it so she just held it there. She dug through her purse for the keys then slid them into the lock of her dorm room door.

“Ashleigh I’m back!” “Ok Jess I’ll be out in a second.” Jessica slowly slid her books on her desk and took the note and sat on the living room couch. Ashleigh walked out of her room with her hair in a messy bun and dressed in a robe. “Tossing around in the sheets much Ashleigh?” “Oh shut up Jess!” Then behind her slowly walks out Mark in his shorts and messy hair sliding on his t shirt. “Hey Jess!” “Mark didn’t know it was you.” “Ash I got to get to my next class.” “Ok, Bye Mark.” Ashleigh goes to let Mark out and Jessica lifts her knees to her chest. “Ok Jess what did you want to show me?” “Here.” Jessica passes Ashleigh the note. Jessica knew exactly what it was before she even opened the seal. Ashleigh read the note then slowly slid back into the couch. The note was from one of Ashleigh’s lovers one that she actually was considering telling them she was in love in looking for commitment. He was one of Jessica’s best friends that Ashleigh just happened to start seeing. It was his last remarks he was pronounced dead by the examiner yesterday afternoon. He hung himself over spring break at his parent’s house from his old tree house. It was his last words to the world that he trusted Jessica to handle with care. The letter she never wanted to even think about let alone have it in her own hands. She didn’t have to heart to read the letter so she just tucked it in her jewelry box

She went to the bathroom to get ready. Her phone started buzzing on the porcelain counter top so she answered it. “Hello?” “Hey Jess its Jack.” “Hi Jack.” “Is it ok if we head out a little earlier tonight like an hour?” “Yes of course its fine.” “I’ll be ready in 20 minutes then we can leave.” “Great see you soon!” Jessica headed to her closet and pulled out a polo, tank top, knee highs, a plaid skirt, and a pair of flats. She slipped on her tank top then her polo her skirt followed and the knee highs after that. She was about to slid on her flats when there was a knock on the door. “Coming!”

She reached for the door. “Jack! Sorry I just need five more minutes.” “Ok.” “Be right back.” Jessica slid on her shoes then went to grab her clip off her vanity. She gently tugged back her blonde hair into the clip. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. “Jack I’m ready.” “Ok let’s go.” Jack linked his fingers threw her hand and they left. “So where are we going?” “A party, does that sound good?” “It sounds perfect!” “Great now let’s go!” “Jack reached for the handle then opened the door. He walked around and slowly sat in his seat then started the car. “You look really pretty Jessica.” “Thank you.”
They got to the party and their hands were linked again. They slowly walked into the house. “Jess do you want a drink.” “Yes please.” “I will be right back don’t move.” “Ok Jack I won’t.” Jessica slowly looked around the room kids were dance and none of them could stand up straight. “See I told you I would be right back.” “Yah I know you did.” Jessica took a sip of her drink then had a weird expression on her face. “They probably spiked it I’m sorry I’ll go get you some water.” “No it’s fine I’m just cold.” “Here take my jacket.” “Thank you.” “Well do you want to go dance?” “Yah” The night went on and on and Jessica got tired so she sat on the couch. “Hey are you ok?” “Yah couldn’t have been better.” Then Jack leaned in and kissed her the sparks flew the night was moving slowly by the second. What was a slow lingering kiss gradually turned into a make out session.

They slowly walked up the stairs still lips connected Jack’s room was the third one on your right. She jumped into his arms and then Jack carried her down the hallway. “Wait give me your sock.” “Here, but why?” “So nobody will disturb us.” They linked their lips back together and walked into them room. Jack laid Jessica on the bed and was on all fours on top of her. Jack leaned in and kissed her then she reached up and started to undo his shirt. Their bodies slowly building up heat heavy breath after heavy breath. He pulled his shirt off and threw it across the room. He reached his arms behind her back unsnapped her bra. Then they shared their passionate night. Jessica woke up to find Jack asleep in the bed and a broken condom on the floor. She slid on her knee highs and skirt, then she slowly slide on her tank top. She grabbed the closet phone to the bed which happened to be Jack’s phone. He got a text which she accidently opened it was from Lucas one of Jack’s frat brothers. The text message read: hey jack, I slid the bet money under your door you were right you tapped her by eight. Jessica grabbed her purse, and threw her jewelry and clip in it. She grabbed her shoes and polo and headed out of his bedroom. She ran down the stairs into the kitchen where all the frat brothers were sitting. “Which one of you is Lucas?” She asked in a tone. Lucas stood up from the table. “For those of you who participated in the bet that Jack would tap me you have a lot of nerve!” “Oh and for Lucas!” The Jessica took her hand and slapped him across the face. “Oh and give this to Jack for me!” Then Jessica left the frat house and headed to her apartment. Jack walked down the steps half asleep and into the kitchen. “Wow man what happened to your face?” “The chick you slept with got the text I sent you and had a fit!” “Oh she left you this note.” Jack leaned against the wall and read the note.
Dear Jack,
I just found out I’m just part of some part of a bet I am no real interest in your life! A little information in case you didn’t know the condom broke. I’m sure Lucas will tell you I had a hissy fit at him! I hope you will at least not try and do this to anyone else. You fooled with my heart I’m done!

The one you lost, Jessica
Jack stood up straight held up his fist and punched it into the wall. He crumbled the note on the ground stomped on it then went up to his bedroom. He slammed the door loudly behind him then sat on his bed. He took his hands and ran them through his hair pulling it through process. He laid back and then screamed as loud as he could manage.

Jessica got to her apartment Threw her purse and keys on the table then ran into her room and slammed the door. A few minutes later there was a knock on her bedroom door. “Jessica, are you ok?” “No!” “Ashleigh Jack made a bet he’d sleep with me!” “OMG that ass!!” “Will you please read Brad’s suicide note with me?”

Dear Jessica,

As you can see I left you with my last words to the world. I’m really sorry I killed myself and left you in life, as a best friend my promise was to be there for you forever and I broke that promise. The corner probably pronounced me dead a few days ago. Tell Ashleigh it wasn’t her fault and that I will always love her. She will forever be in my heart. Jessica after you read this will you go to author’s life. You know the section where you told me you had your first kiss in right? Well in that section is a fake copy of my favorite book. Once you open that book you will see it is completely hollow. There will be a box inside the book I want you to give the box to Ashleigh and take the pink paper for yourself and give the red one to Ashleigh.

Love, Brad
“Ashleigh I am going to go to the book store.” “Ok Jessica I’ll drive you there.” They got to the book store and Jessica walked back to the teenage drama section. She gazed through the shelves and found his favorite book. She opened it and took the box and the papers then went back to the car. Her phone started vibrating she looked at the screen Jack was calling her but she sent him to voice mail. “Here Ashleigh.” Jessica handed her the box and paper. She slid into the passenger seat and Ashleigh opened the box. She looked at Jessica with her mouth wide open. “OMG Jessica I think it was supposed to be an engagement ring!” “What?” Ashleigh opened up her letter.

Dear Ashleigh my love,
I will forever have you in my heart. The box you received is indeed an engagement ring. I was going to give it to you but I couldn’t handle you saying no with my already struggling emotions. I would like you to keep it as a token of my ever living love. I always have loved you Ashleigh!

Love, Brad

Jessica started to drive back to the apartment Ashleigh laid her head and her hands and cried. Jessica’s note was folded up in her pocket burning Jessica inside.

They got to the apartment a few hours later and Jessica wasn’t feeling too great. She headed in the door and ran to the bathroom. Ashleigh trailed behind her still crying she held Jessica’s hair up and Jessica puked for fifteen minutes. “Jess, are you ok?” “I don’t know. I’m going to head to the drug store.” “Ok.” Jessica hopped in the car and headed for the drug store. She walked through the doors and headed down the aisle. She got to the end and found a pregnancy test. She went to the checkout, paid, then left. She got to the apartment and went to take the pregnancy test. She stood in the bathroom with her hands pressing against the cool counter top with time feeling like it wasn’t even moving. A few minutes went by then she picked up the stick. Her jaw dropped the stick fell out of her hands and to the floor. She ran out of the bathroom and threw herself on the bed and started crying. Ashleigh walked in a few minutes later and asked her what was wrong. “Ashleigh I’m pregnant!” “What!?!?” Before Jessica could answer there was a knock at the door. Ashleigh pushed herself off the bed and walked over to the door. All Jessica could hear was a male voice saying her name and Ashleigh letting out a sigh. “Jess, it’s for you.” Jessica walked over to the door tears running in her eyes and her mascara trailing down her face. “Jack!”

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