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Time that Heals

May 25, 2011
By KairiL SILVER, Milpitas, California
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KairiL SILVER, Milpitas, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Run your fingers through my soul. For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine. and for one; just once, understand."-Anonymous

Author's note: In life, many things can change us forever. However, sometimes all we need is some time to heal.

This was always about meeting people throughout my life. That could have been a good or bad thing to start off with. Sometimes it changed my life because it was a life-long lesson that was learned. I guess that is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Even if it was good like getting a reward for something or they taught me new things that I haven’t figure out.
Or it was getting into a fight, but these things were not easy to forget as other people have said. These were the things that I always remember not matter how hard I try to forget something; it was always stuck in a piece of my mind. Sometimes I remembered things that other people don’t remember. I guess that is one of the skills I will always have or even trying to remember people’s name or face. However, it sometimes doesn’t even matter at all. However, books can also change your life in a way like one of my favorite books Of Mice and Men because it made me cry since it was a movie and book, but sad.
Things like major events happened or you lost one of your family members just know that this is something everyone shares. You need to know that other people understand what you have been through because they have too. Usually something big happens to a person and it changes their life. Often things can come from sadness, loneliness, sorrow, and happiness. A poem of Sadness:

The sadness that fades from sight
The tears falling down your face
All the moments fade away
The memories are forgotten quickly
I wonder the pain it has caused me
It might disappear someday
It still stays in my head
There are so much misery in pain
The pain stabbed me in the heart like a sword
I fell to the ground on my knees with sorrow

It was a regular Thursday afternoon on September 20. Natalie Winter sighed again as she took out her books from her locker. The cool breeze came through the doors of the classrooms. It was a hot day. Then the drops of sweat dripped down Natalie’s face as she walked into Math class.
As Natalie came in she saw the words “problem solving” on the board then she groaned. Natalie was a tall, skinny, and pretty girl. She had long black straight hair and light blue eyes. Natalie was 17 years old and she went to Riverside High school. She also lived in Miami, Florida and Math was her least favorite subject, but she was in Advance Placement class. I’ll survive thought Natalie.
She began to study the answers from the book. A voice talked about the question then Natalie jumped.
“Natalie?” asked Ms. Evans. Natalie paused to think what the question was, but gave up.
“I don’t know,” replied Natalie embarrassed. Ms. Evans asked the student sitting next to her.
“Isaac, do you know the answer?” asked Ms. Evans.
“40x,” answered Isaac. Natalie turned to look at him. He had short black hair spiked up. Isaac had brownish eyes and he was tall, but full of muscles. He had clean, straight, and bright white teeth. He wore a white collared shirt and khaki shorts.
His eyes met hers for a second. Natalie quickly stared at her paper afraid to look back at him. As soon as the bell rang for the next class Natalie ran out of the classroom, but fell and dropped her books. She saw a pair of Nike running shoes near her. A familiar voice came from above her.
“Hey Natalie, let me help you up,” said Isaac as his hand reached down. He pulled her up. The Isaac handed her the fallen books.
“Hi, I’m Isaac Bale,” said Isaac introducing himself.
“I’m Natalie,” said Natalie. “Natalie Winters.” Isaac nodded in approval.
“I guess your class is P.E too,” said Isaac.
“Let’s go then,” said Natalie dragging his arm. In P.E the coach decided to play basketball. Isaac was on the other team and made consistent shots. It was usually only Natalie getting the ball from Isaac. The rest of both teams just watched as if it was just a one-on-one game between Isaac and Natalie.
Whenever Natalie tried to steal the ball Isaac would run to the other side with so much speed. Isaac’s speed was so fast that it was all just a blur. I wonder why isn’t anyone looking so amazed about Isaac’s speed thought Natalie. Just then a couple of people had their mouths hanging open. Natalie’s hands turned into fists in anger.
Finally the bell rang to announce that school was over. Everyone walked out of the gym. The score of the game was 22-18 and of course the team that won was Isaac’s. When Natalie arrived at her locker she quickly put away her books and walked off. At the front of the school Natalie saw Isaac on the steps waiting for her. Instead she avoided his gaze and walked away. There was a pair of footsteps following her. Natalie turned around and saw Isaac again.
“You look upset,” said Isaac. “Is it because you lost?” Natalie was full of anger and walked a couple more steps. Just then Isaac reappeared right next to her.
“Natalie, I’m sorry,” said Isaac. “You are very good at basketball to tell you the truth.
“Apology accepted,” said Natalie. “You owe me a full explanation about everything.” Isaac took a breath and sighed.
“Natalie, now is not a good time to explain,” said Isaac calmly.
“Why won’t you tell me?” asked Natalie. “You don’t trust me do you?”
“You can’t face the truth and understand anything,” said Isaac as his face hardened like rock.
“You promise to tell me?” asked Natalie looking hurt.
“That depends when the time is right,” said Isaac. “You are so impossible.”
“Leave now, Isaac,” said Natalie with anger once more.
“Bye Natalie” was all he said. In minutes or seconds Isaac disappeared out of sight. Natalie walked home with her cheeks burning red like fire. The explanation of everything that happened was a blank spot in Natalie’s mind.

A few weeks later on October 5, 2010, Natalie heard her older sister Emi calling her from downstairs.
“Natalie, Zan’s brother Isaac is waiting for you on the sidewalk,’ said Emi. Oh great thought Natalie now he knows where I live.
“I am coming down,” said Natalie. As soon as Natalie came down Emi was holding the door open laughing.
“Bye Natalie,” said Emi. “I have to go and drive to college.”
“Bye Emi,” said Natalie. “Why are you laughing?”
“Isaac is very funny,” said Emi. “When you come home, make dinner.”
When Natalie walked towards the sidewalk Emi waved from the car to both of them then drove off. Isaac smiled as Natalie came closer.
“Are you still mad at me?” asked Isaac.
“Not anymore,” said Natalie returning a smile to him. “I have questions to ask you.”
“You may ask your questions,” said Isaac in a polite voice. Natalie paused to regain her thoughts. The silence lasted for a few minutes.
“Why are you here?” asked Natalie.
“I live somewhere in Miami, Florida too,” said Isaac. “The other is reason is secret.”
“Do you have any siblings?” asked Natalie. “How old are they?”
“I have a brother and a sister,” said Isaac. “Zan is 24 and Katherine is 26.” He paused then continued. “My brother Zan also goes to the same college as your sister, Harvard.”
“That’s why she knows you,” said Natalie. Isaac nodded.
“Where are your parents?” asked Natalie. Isaac opened his mouth, but no words came out.
“My father works at the hospital and my mother is dead,” said Isaac slowly. “She was dying of a special disease 2 years ago, but my father and I failed to save her.” Natalie slightly frowned, but then it dawned on her.
“I’m sorry I asked,” said Natalie silently.
“It’s okay, Natalie,” said Isaac. “I haven’t really quite gotten over it yet, but I can handle it.” Natalie slowly nodded.
“Cheer up,” said Isaac tapping her on the shoulder. “See you in math class.” He walked away to his locker. Math class had turned out to be a nightmare, but she sat next to Isaac who flashed his warm smile. At the end of school Natalie met up with Isaac at the front of the school.
“I’ll walk home with you,” said Isaac. As both of them walked further away from the school another senior stood on the sidewalk. His brown hair was neatly combed into place. His eyes were black with a bit of red. The senior smiled at Natalie in a crooked smile because of the scar near his mouth. He wore a black jacket and jeans.
Isaac’s muscles began to tighten. All of a sudden in quick movements Isaac carried Natalie in his arms and with his incredible speed. Something is not right thought Natalie.
“Who is that?” asked Natalie with a worried look on her face.
“I’ll tell you later,” said Isaac in a hurry. Just then Isaac stopped running. Natalie looked around at the place. The place they had stopped at was Clearwater Park. The mysterious senior reappeared in front of them once again.
“Get behind me right now,” said Isaac in angry voice. Natalie did as she was told and grabbed on to his waist.
“What do you want, Anathan?” asked Isaac trying to keep calm.
“I just wanted to talk to Ms. Natalie,” said Anathan in an innocent voice. Throughout the whole conversation Isaac didn’t relax his tightened muscles.
“She won’t ever be with you,” said Isaac. “She belongs to me.”
“Not when you leave her,” said Anathan with his crooked smile.
“You will not ever lay your hands on her,” said Isaac in an angering and threatening voice.
“We’ll see about that,” said Anathan. He quickly snapped his fingers and a dark portal leading to somewhere appeared. Just then Anathan stepped in and disappeared into the darkness. The wind blew the leaves towards their direction. Natalie looked at Isaac with curiosity. Isaac shook his head and carried her home.

A note was left on the table from Emi. It said:
Hey Natalie,
Stay away from Anathan for your own good. I will be with Zan so I will come home late. I am sorry to disappoint you. Still I think you should cook for Isaac and yourself. Stick with Isaac wherever you are. Try to be safe.
“Will you stay for dinner?” asked Natalie.
“Of course I will,” said Isaac. “Let me call my father so I can stay at your house. By the time Isaac was done with his phone call Natalie was finished making dinner.
“My father said that I can stay at your house as long as I can,” said Isaac. They had salad and salmon for dinner. It was quiet like an empty room.
“Thank you for the dinner, Natalie,” said Isaac. “I have to go home to get clothes; I promise I will come back.” Isaac disappeared in sudden movements. Then Natalie closed her eyes. Everyone’s conversations began to appear in her mind, but one specific conversation stood out to her.
“Is my little sister safe?” Emi asked Zan.
“My little brother won’t let anything happen to her,” said Zan. “She means too much to him.” Emi paused and sighed.
“I feel so guilty of not telling her about the truth, but she was too young to understand,” said Emi. “I guess she might be listening right now.” Zan put his hand on Emi’s shoulder.
“We did what was best for her, but she would have figured out anyways,” said Zan trying to comfort Emi. Emi began to cry with tears coming down her face. Zan held Emi to his chest. Natalie quickly opened her eyes. Did I really read Zan and Emi’s conversation? thought Natalie. Then she thought again and said, “I guess not.” All of a sudden Isaac reappeared with luggage.
“You can sleep on the floor of my room,” said Natalie.
“Okay,” said Isaac. After they both set up the sleeping bag Natalie patted the spot right next to her for Isaac to sit on her bed.
“Who is Anathan?” asked Natalie demanding. Isaac quickly rolled his eyes, but then Natalie stuck her tongue at him.
“He is Senior like us and he is after you,” said Isaac. Natalie suddenly turned pale white.
“Why me?” asked Natalie in a whisper.
“You’ll find out,” said Isaac quietly. “Just try to stay away from him.” Later Isaac put his arms around Natalie.
“I will always be there for you,” he whispered into Natalie’s ear.
“You promise?” asked Natalie.
“I will faithfully keep my oath,” laughed Isaac. Then they turned off the lights and went to sleep.

The next day after school Isaac and Natalie both went for a walk at the park, but Natalie called Emi just in case.
“You and Isaac have fun,” said Emi. “I guess you like him.”
“We are good friends,” said Natalie.
“Soon you will understand everything,” said Emi smiling. “Bye Natalie and be safe at all times.”
“I understand you,” said Natalie. “Bye Emi.” Finally the both quietly hung up. Isaac winked at Natalie as they started walking.
“So I get to ask some personal information,” said Isaac flashing his white teeth at her. Natalie groaned as she heard what he said.
“I give up,” she said in a dramatic voice. “What do you want to know?”
“Where are your parents?” asked Isaac.
“My parents live Massachusetts, but they told Emi to bring me with her to the house they bought her for college,” said Natalie.
“That is a little strange,” he said. “What kind of music do you like?”
“Rock is good, but I love classical like piano,” said Natalie. Isaac smiled at her words.
“What is your favorite color?” asked Isaac. “When is your Birthday?”
“I like any kind of blue,” said Natalie. “My birthday is October 16.”
“Just as I thought,” said Isaac.
“When is your birthday?” Natalie asked.
“My birthday is July 18,” he replied. All of a sudden Natalie tripped over a rock so it gave her a scrape. Isaac quickly frowned.
“Sit on the rock so I can fix it,” said Isaac. Natalie obediently did as she was told.
“I won’t hurt you,” said Isaac softly. He used his hands to make blue light and put it on Natalie’s leg. The wound quickly healed as if it had never there.
“Are you a vampire?” asked Natalie suspious. “Just like Edward Cullen in Twilight.”
“No Natalie, I am not a vampire,” said Isaac in a gentle voice. Natalie fell asleep in his arms. Isaac carried her back to the house and put her into bed.

Natalie opened her eyes in the morning. Her room had streamers and banners saying “Happy 18th Birthday, Natalie.” Then her eyes moved towards Isaac’s sleeping bag that was empty. She quickly got dressed. The voices were heard from upstairs. All of the sudden the voices stopped and the silence was like an empty house.
As Natalie got downstairs she saw a group of people. Downstairs was also decorated like upstairs too. There were about 7 people. Her eyes glanced over at a young adult with a white and blue collared shirt, but he looked tired at the same time. There was another girl that was tall and skinny like a model that wore a shirt matching with a nice plain pink skirt. Finally her eyes went over to her parents who were smiling. Zan wore a shirt that had blue and white stripes with khaki shorts.
Isaac introduced Natalie to three other people. The first person looked like Carlisle the doctor that looked like a movie star who was Dr. Tazern Bale known as Isaac’s father and the second person was Katherine Isaac’s sister who is a fashion designer. The last person is Zan Isaac’s brother the scientist and Emi’s boyfriend. She shook all of their hands and meanwhile Natalie also introduced her parents to Isaac and his family. They got along real easily and started a conversation about the weather and other grown up things.
Her parents praised her of growing taller and becoming much more beautiful. Natalie was very excited about her birthday. They ate cake and sang “Happy Birthday.” Her mom and dad gave her a new I-pod. Then Katherine gave her a pretty blue dress that she changed into. Dr. Bale gave her picture frame that had both families in it. Emi and Zan gave her a new Vaio laptop. Isaac and Natalie both went upstairs.
Before Natalie could say anything, Isaac quickly said “I don’t have your present with me right now.” Natalie slightly frowned. He held out his hand to her.
“Hold on to my hand and don’t open your eyes,” said Isaac with his warm smile. She grabbed on to his hand. They disappeared and reappeared in front of another house.
“Where am I?” asked Natalie surprised.
“This is my house,” said Isaac in a soft voice. He took her to his back yard and they both sat on a tree.
“As you know I am not normal,” he began.
“So this is the truth,” said Natalie rolling her eyes.
“I am very fast, plus I can teleport, and I have medical powers,” said Isaac continuing. “I can make people see what I want them to see including my mind and it could look normal to other people.”
“Why?” asked Natalie.
“There are some of our kinds out there,” he said.
“What are you?” asked Natalie.
“We are known as “The Talented Immortals”, said Isaac proudly. “We each have secret powers while others do not.”
“Why are you telling this to me?” asked Natalie.
“You are also a Talented Immortal that can see people’s conversations,” said Isaac.
“I was right,” said Natalie. Isaac then took out a black box and handed it to her. Inside was a pretty blue crescent moon necklace that had had diamonds with a star. Isaac took it out of the box and put it around Natalie’s neck. She gave him a big hug.
Then Isaac brought her to his room. His room had a big window that had view of the ocean and you could see the sunset. It was so beautiful like a painting. His neat bed was on the right side of his window. His shelf had CDs and books. There was also an I-pod on its dock on the shelf. A silver laptop stood out opened on his desk that had his email account, a word document for school, and also the Youtube web page.
“What song do you have?” asked Natalie as she turned on the I-pod. It played Winter Sonata.
“I like classical, but rock is okay,” said Isaac.
“I like your room,” said Natalie. “I wish I had your room.”
“You could always come back,” Isaac said invitingly. Isaac put an arm around her waist, but Natalie shook her head.
“Isaac, this is not Twilight,” she said. Isaac quickly dropped his arms in surrender. As they both walked downstairs there was a black grand piano. Isaac began to play her favorite song Love me by Yiruma. The tempo and notes of the music slowly flowed into Natalie’s ears like a river.
Isaac’s fingers on the piano played with such gracefulness. Natalie finally smiled as if it was a dream. Later on Isaac brought her to a room with cars parked in place.
“Why did you take me here?” asked Natalie.
“Emi never really drove to Harvard,” said Isaac. “She drove to our house then teleported with Zan to a place Katherine let him use and then drive to Harvard.” Natalie’s mouth opened with awe. This was one of the best birthdays Natalie ever had.

All of the sudden the days passed quickly like a book trying to finish its pages or even an hourglass pouring all of the sand to the bottom. Their graduation was on June 17. Many people in their class agreed that it was good year they had. Natalie met some of her friends that she only saw in some classes. They promised to keep in touch. After all the speeches all the seniors threw their graduation hat into the air.
Throughout the whole summer Natalie and Isaac spent their days at Isaac’s house and the beach. Natalie always dreamily looked at the ocean. As each day of summer past Isaac always had a stern and worried look on his face. Isaac also celebrated his 18th birthday. He looked more mature and very handsome.
“Isaac, what’s wrong?” asked Natalie looking worried.
“Nothing’s wrong, sweetheart,” said Isaac not trying to show his true feelings.
“I can’t read what you are thinking,” said Natalie.
“Everything is alright,” said Isaac holding her in his arms. An unexpected event happened in August. Emi and Zan decided to get married since they known each other for years already. The invitation said:
Please come to Emi and Zan’s wedding!
Date: August 22, 2010
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Where: The Lily Flower Church
This is a very special event so hope that everyone will make it for the soon to wed couple.
Natalie was Emi’s bridesmaid. She wore the pretty blue dress that Katherine gave her. Emi wore a pretty white dress for her wedding while Zan wore a black and white suit. Isaac wore a formal black and white suit just like his brother. Katherine wore a pink dress and Dr. Tazern also wore the same suit as Zan.
At the wedding there was lot of people waiting for this big event. Her mom was crying and her dad was comforting her. Everyone sat down as the ceremony began. Emi hung on to Zan’s arm as they walked down the aisle. Finally the priest read out of the same book for every wedding.
“Here today for a special ceremony of Emi’s and Zan’s wedding,” he began. “It is such great weather for this couple to get married. As long as you will live together each moment of your life. You will have a life long journey together in all of your days.” He coughed for a moment.
“Do you Zan Roger Bale take this lovely lady as your wife?” asked the priest.
“I do,” said Zan.
“Do you Emi Jeanette Winter take this handsome man as your husband?” asked the priest once more.
“I do,” said Emi passionately.
“Then you may kiss the bride,” said the priest. Zan kissed Emi on the lips and swung her around. Then they both quickly left. All that was left behind was flower petals that were thrown.

The next day Natalie was excited of receiving a letter. She curiously opened the envelope. Natalie screamed with excitement.
“I got accepted to Harvard University,” said Natalie showing Isaac.
“Congratulations for going to a good school and you will get a very good education,” said Isaac proud of Natalie, but in a bored tone.
“What college are you going to?” asked Natalie happily. “Are you also going to Harvard?”
“I am not in the mood to talk it,” snapped Isaac in the angriest tone. The tone of Isaac’s tone caught her by surprise. Just then Natalie broke down into tears. It was as if someone had just slapped her in the face. Finally Isaac put his face into his hands.
“Natalie, I am so sorry,” said Isaac almost in a whisper. “This is making me worry too much and now I hurt your feelings.” He pulled her close to his chest, but she pulled away a little bit. Her eyes were still red from crying and a little bit watery.
“Why would you, Isaac?” asked Natalie.
“I feel guiltier than I should,” said Isaac.
“Isaac, I’m not mad at you,” said Natalie softly. “Isaac?”
“Let’s just go to sleep,” said Isaac. “Tomorrow might be better.”
The next day was August 31st a Sunday. They brought sandwiches to the beach to eat. The sea seemed to bluer today thought Natalie. Isaac taught Natalie how to surf and it was really amazing. Late on in the afternoon the bad news came after they looked at the sunset. Then they began to walk on the sand.
“Natalie, I have to tell you something,” said Isaac looking pained while he said it.
“So this is what has been bothering you the whole summer,” said Natalie.
“Listen I have to leave today,” said Isaac.
“Why?” asked Natalie trembling. “Forever?”
“There are many people out there who need my help to cure the sick or injured,” said Isaac. “You remember when I healed your leg.” Natalie nodded.
“This is my specialty,” said Isaac. “I am not going to college because this was my career before I met you.”
“So you aren’t 18?” asked Natalie.
“My life has always been a mystery to people, but I am 18 like a normal person,” said Isaac. “I always was my father’s healer and I have done this for about three years already.”
“Why do you need to leave and is it forever?” asked Natalie worried.
“You are one of the few people in this universe that know what we are and what you also are,” said Isaac. “Anathan told you this once when we met him and I will come back for you after college because you have to grow up.”
“You’re leaving me for four years?” yelled Natalie. “How could you do this to me, Isaac?”
“I’m sorry Natalie I have to,” said Isaac in almost a whisper. “The other reasons are secrets.”
“Damn it,” said Natalie angrily. “You always keep secrets from me. You don’t trust me do you?”
“I am trying to keep you safe,” said Isaac. “I love you, Natalie. I knew this would hurt you.”
“You don’t care about me do you?” asked Natalie still screaming at him.
“You are everything to me,” said Isaac. “This is life and you need to understand what it is.”
“Isaac, you can’t leave me,” said Natalie calming down.
“I have to,” said Isaac. “Don’t go and look for me because I won’t let you. Just like I promised I will come back for you.” He held her face in his hands as he bent down and their lips touched. After a while he let go and turned around to look at Natalie one last time.
“Be safe and I love you,” said Isaac saying his last words.
“I love you, Isaac,” said Natalie in a whisper. Isaac quickly disappeared within a flash. The waves crashed against the rocks. Natalie quickly teleported back to her house and sat on the roof looking at the moon and star as she took out the necklace Isaac gave her. The house was empty like a funeral had just happened. Then she went to her room to lie against her pillow and began to cry. The tears just flowed and flowed like it was raining. The only thought that came from Isaac in her mind was “I love you, Natalie.”

Natalie drove to Isaac’s house then teleported to Harvard. That empty sorrow feeling kept tearing her heart. Harvard was a big school with a lot of people in it. You could easily get lost. She met all of her teachers in the classes. Not many people had paid attention to her, but she saw a handsome guy look at her once.
Just then she saw a familiar voice in her head. It had turned out to be Anathan the evil dude. There were also millions of voices that were talking about her the new girl or freshmen, but she blocked those thoughts out. She focused on his conversation
“Have you seen a new girl or freshmen?” asked Anathan.
“Yes, but I don’t know where she is so get out of my way,” said a blond sophomore boy.
“Do you know a girl named Natalie Winter?” he asked a guy that was her lab partner Ezi.
“Yes, Why?” questioned the Ezi.
“We are um… really good friends,” said Anathan.
“I am not telling you anything you demon,” said Ezi and walked off before Anathan could say anymore to Ezi. Natalie went home and stared at the picture Dr. Tazern had given her, but it made her cry again. Natalie cried almost everyday with all the emptiness and sorrow in her heart.
Her lab partner Ezi had turned out to be a really nice guy. He was tall and strong. His hair was light brown and had blue eyes. He was her only friend. They spent all their time together.
One day Ezi told her that he was a designer for technology. His hobbies were drawing and walking. Natalie told him about Isaac, her life, and everything. Ezi understood everything and didn’t interrupt her once. He told her that he had to go get his book from the classroom and to stay there.
A shadow of a figure came right around the corner. The person had turned out to be Anathan like she had suspected. That same crooked smile appeared on his face as he walked closer. Natalie tried to teleport, but he put fire around Natalie so she could not escape. The he went up to her and put his hands on her shoulder.
“Hello Natalie, you missed me?” asked Anathan smiling.
“What do you want, you jerk?” said Natalie trying to get free.
“So Isaac did leave you as I thought,” said Anathan stroking her cheek. “Now your heart belongs to me.”
“Go to Hell, you idiot,” said Natalie in an angry voice. All of a sudden her mind had a picture of only Anathan. She tried to make it disappear, but it kept coming back. Then Anathan put his lips to her neck then her cheek. She hit him, but it had not use.
“You will fall in love with me,” said Anathan with victory. When his lips were almost close to kissing her lips when a large amount of force had pushed him away. Ezi stood there with anger.
“Get away from Natalie,” said Ezi. Natalie didn’t see him so mad before.
“Or else what?” asked Anathan enjoying the game. Ezi did not reply, but just then an invisible hand was at Anathan throat.
“I can’t breathe at all,” groaned Anathan.
“Don’t ever get near her,” said Ezi. “Ever again.” He dropped Anathan who inhale and exhaled many times. He glared at Ezi for ruining his moment and threw fire at Ezi, but it hurt him instead.
Natalie looked at Ezi. All the things that happened were amazing. Finally the answer came to her mind. There was an explanation for the power and the fight.
“You are a Talented Immortal,” said Natalie looking surprised.
“You friend Isaac isn’t the only in this universe,” said Ezi nodding. “You are also one.”
“How did you know about me?” asked Natalie.
“Usually we can tell by people’s aura if they are a Talented Immortal,” said Ezi.
A few days later Anathan disappeared from the school. Isaac took Anathan to the cliff to fight because he was still keeping tabs on Natalie even though he was gone. Anathan threw fire at Isaac that burned, but he used his fist in to something glowing and it went into Anathan’s body. This was a secret power that was used for medical purposes on the heart and it was very dangerous to use to kill another immortal or heal a heart. The blue-lighted fist attacked his heart that sent destruction creatures that ate all of his energy and his immortality disappeared.
A bit of blood dripped from the side of Anathan’s mouth. Then he fell to the ground and didn’t move at all.
“I saved this move to kill you,” said Isaac with hatred. “Hope you will rot in Hell and suffering wherever you go, you Demon.” He picked up the dead body of Anathan and threw him into the ocean. The waves carried Anathan’s died body into the place he deserved to go. Isaac walked away with disgust as Anathan disappeared from Natalie’s mind.

Soon after the death of Anathan, Natalie teleported to the beach on a Saturday by herself. She sat on the sand and then wrote, “Isaac, I love you” in the sand. Natalie stared at the waves and the day Isaac left came back as if it were just yesterday in her mind. His face reappeared in the waves and showed all of the good memories they had. It was so long since Natalie had last smiled.
After all of the memories disappeared Natalie began to cry again like every other day in sorrow. This pain had hurt her too much to handle it. Then some of the words that Isaac had said appeared like “I will always be there for you” or “I love you, Natalie.” I should have not been so pushy and bossy then Isaac would still be here thought Natalie. Just then a phrase appeared from Isaac. It said: I did this for you to understand what life is like. I am sorry, but this was the right thing.
All of a sudden her mind brought her to a scene with a little boy and a little girl laughing about 9 years old. Natalie stood there watching, but they did not notice her.
“Hey Natalie, watch this,” said younger Isaac. He took out a bottle of water and dumped some out. He used his finger and made swirls with the water.
“That is so cool, Isaac,” said younger Natalie with her eyes shining. “I want to try.”
“Let me pour the water on your hands,” said younger Isaac. He held her hands and he helped her make swirls. They both laughed. Finally Emi and Zan came out to take them home. Before they went younger Natalie and Isaac turned around once last time.
“Hope we can play again sometime,” said younger Natalie smiling with joy.
“Don’t worry I come back again,” said younger Isaac returning the smile. “Then we will have even more fun.” Then the image faded from her mind. Natalie had managed to smile again. Everyday Natalie returned to the beach and it had cheered her up especially being with Ezi all the time. The water was bluer when Natalie was happy. Then it had occurred to her that four years had passed so fast and her graduation was coming soon.

Towards the day of the graduation Natalie brought Ezi to the beach they went to. Ezi fell in love with her from the day he saved her in her freshmen year. They walked up and down the beach while putting their feet in the water. They laughed about old times in college, but it made Natalie think a bit about Isaac. Ezi had been her closest friend in college who healed that sorrow and she became much more mature throughout the 4 years. Natalie had grew taller much more beautiful, but she didn’t whine or complain anymore.
Suddenly Ezi stopped talking. He put his hands the same way Isaac did four years ago to her face. Natalie never liked Ezi that way before. His lips moved forward, but Natalie’s finger pushed against his lips. It had reminded her of that sad memory, but it had finally healed.
“Ezi, you can’t do this,” said Natalie begging.
“I have to do this Natalie,” said Ezi with his warm smile like Isaac. “I have loved you for so long.”
“You were my closest friend,” said Natalie.
“Just once,” said Ezi. He leaned forwarded and kissed her softly on the lips. It was just like the way Isaac kissed and it brought back that day. Then he pulled back from her face.
“You shouldn’t have done that,” said Natalie.
“I am sorry I couldn’t help myself,” said Ezi.
“Just don’t do it again,” said Natalie calmly.
The Graduation was a very big thing. Many people’s parents came to watch their own kids get degrees and jobs. The gowns and cap were black with white. Everyone had to give a speech. They all threw their hats into the air. For a moment Natalie thought she saw her boyfriend Isaac. Soon after the graduation she ran to the beach near Isaac’s house and Ezi tagged along.
She saw Isaac walking around the beach and smiled when he looked up. Isaac wore a black suit with a black tie and white shirt just like the FBI. He looked very handsome. Natalie ran to his arms in joy and smiled as the wind softly blew her hair. He kissed her on the forehead. Then he pulled back her face from his.
“My Natalie, you have gotten so mature I didn’t even recognize you at all,” said Isaac.
“Isaac you came… you finally came for me,” said Natalie choking on her words. Just then Ezi walked over to Isaac.
“Hi Ezi, How’s it going?” said Isaac shaking his hand.
“Sorry for kissing Natalie,” said Ezi embarrassed.
“It’s okay because you healed the sorrow I gave her,” said Isaac. “You can be the best man at the wedding.
“Don’t blame yourself Isaac,” said Natalie. “I am glad you made me learned about what life is about.”

Isaac and Natalie’s wedding was like Emi’s all over again. Emi and Zan came plus a lot more people. Dr. Tazern smiled at Isaac and winked at Natalie. Her mom started to cry all over again.
“This is special day,” said the priest. “These two love birds had been through a lot of things including pain. They ended the pain with happiness. These two shall live forever.”
Ezi grinned at Isaac and Natalie and the stood in front to the priest.
“Do you Isaac Gary Bale take this lovely lady as your wife?” asked the priest.
“I do with all my heart,” said Isaac.
“Do you Natalie Rachel Winter take this fine man as your husband?” asked the priest.
“I do,” said Natalie.
“You may kiss the bride,” said the priest closing his book. Isaac kissed Natalie and they teleported out of the room. They reappeared at the beach.
“What happened to Anathan?” asked Natalie.
“I got rid of him,” said Isaac. “For good.” He took out necklace that had a blue clear liquid inside the tube.
“Drink this,” said Isaac. “It is Elixir of Life so you can stay young and immortal with me.” Natalie drank a little bit of the blue liquid and she smiled.
“How do you feel?” asked Isaac with joy.
“I feel so much younger,” said Natalie smiling
“This is our story that will last forever,” said Natalie. As both of the Talented Immortals disappeared for their honeymoon the moon and the stars had already changed into the same exact shape like on Natalie’s necklace.

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