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Teenage Dream

September 29, 2011
By DEROSSETT BRONZE, hampton, Virginia
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DEROSSETT BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”

Author's note: This article was inspired by the fact that when I was little I was bothered by the"popular" people.

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I open my eyes as light flows through the cracks into my room. I tried to will myself to sleep, but I had already awakened. I was having the most wonderful dream. It was about being popular, but sadly it was just a dream. I would have loved for it to be real but I knew that would never happen.

I got up, and pulled the warm and cozy blankets off me. I got my towel and went to go take a shower. The warm soothing water comforted me but still there was pain. When I got out of the shower I went back to my bed room and changed.

Slowly I slunk down the stairs to the kitchen. Breakfast was waiting for me on the table when I got there. The silky pancakes comforted me but still there was pain.

I grabbed my book bag and headed for the door, but before I could reach the handle my mom stopped me and said “try to make friends.” I told her that I was okay. I gave her a kiss and then walked out the door.

I almost hesitated to not go to school, but I knew I had to. You see there is a group of popular girls and boys at our school. These people make anyone feel bad when they can. Many kids like me were scored by these kids. Also if anyone talks to us they will be scorned too. So it is pretty hard to make friends for me.

I got off the bus and walked into the school. I sighed as I came in. Nobody even looked at me. It was like I blended into the lockers. Then I saw it, a group of popular people walking down the hall like a swarm of bees. Their leader Macy was in the front leading the pack. As the group walked down the hallway everyone scattered. Still dazed by their exaggerated glory, I forgot to hide myself. Still entranced the popular people walked right up to me. I tried to hide but it was too late. The teasing had begun.

Finally the bell rang and I could escape. When I walked into my classroom my heart was filled with sorrow. You never get used to ppeoplebullying you. Take it from me. I was bullied by those kids since 5th grade. I was about to cry when my friend Sam walked up to me. You could tell by her expression that she saw the people teasing me. “Why don’t you go and tell a teacher or any other adult?” she asked. But I did not have an answer for her.

At the end of the day I was glad to leave school. I have had enough of school today. When I got home I told my mom about my day. I failed to mention that I was bullied by the popular people. I guess I didn’t want to admit it to my mom yet.

After dinner I went to bed. I hoped I would have another dream like last night. But before I fell asleep I whispered “I hope this will change.”Then fell asleep.

Wow! I slept quickly. I slunk out of my Bed and got ready. I sleepily walked downstairs and got breakfast. When I got to school I knew something was off. My first hint was that ppeoplewere high fiving me and standing next to me. But that wasn’t all. I saw Macy coming up to me I tried to hide but people were surrounding me. I was too late Macy had already come. I was bracing myself for impact, but then something really weird happened. Macy came up to me and hugged me! “Am I in a dream?” I thought.
Then I was back in reality. I opened up my eyes and I was still in my room. I could not believe it. The dream was so real! “Maybe it was a sign.” I thought as I got out of bed. For the rest of the day I couldn’t get the dream out of my head until I went to biology. Our biology teacher said that he was going to be picking lab partners for all of us. I was very happy because I usually don’t have a partner because Sam is not in my class. But my happiness soon ended when he announced who our partners were. Macy! Out of every person I my whole class he picked Macy to be my partner!

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At the end of class I decided to talk to my teacher about my lab partner situation. But when I saw at least eight people including Macy get into a line behind the teacher’s desk I decided to ask the teacher later.
I have been sooo stressed that I have been getting lower grades in all my other classes. For example, in French class the other day my teacher told me to say what she had just said and without thinking I shouted out Macy! Everyone laughed at me. Sitting in the corner Macy just grinned.
Today I got up and was really nervous. I had biology today. As usual I got ready but I was so sick that I could not eat breakfast. That was probably a good idea because I did, I probably would have thrown up.
I was almost shaking when I walked into biology class today. Other people in my class must have recognized that I was shaking because they were chuckling under their breath. My teacher must have noticed too because he shot them a stern look. They stopped after that. I walked to my seat next to Macy. She was reluctant to give the seat up but after a while she finally broke. Today we were dissecting frogs. I like dissecting frogs but with Macy it was like scraping poop off a roof. We were actually silent for a while but then I broke the silence. “That is a nice shirt.” I replied but Macy did not respond. Then I tried something else… “How do you get your hair so pretty Macy?” this time Macy could not help it she had to talk. She started out talking slow but gradually the words came out faster and faster until they exploded. It was like I unleashed a monster. She really was not talking about me either she was just talking about herself. I felt just like a rag doll. She really did not care who she was talking to she just could not stop. We did almost did not finish dissecting frogs but I worked quickly to save our grade. We got a B but it looked like Macy was pretty happy with our grade.
At lunch I had just come through the line and I had my trey and I was going to go and sit next to Sam when Macy walked right up in front of me. She asked me if I wanted to sit next to her at her table. When she said that I knew I had to sit next to her. I sighed and followed her to the table. I sat down and started to eat. The people at her table talked just like Macy starting out slow and then get faster and faster. I did not want to say anything so I just kept quiet and ate my lunch. Then Macy brought up how I saved our grade in biology. I felt really happy because I felt appreciated and proud.
After lunch Sam came up to me and asked me why I did not sit next to her. I told her that I got bombarded into sitting next to me. Sam understood what happened and just left it at that.
After that I went to home, my mom had dinner on the table. I ate my food and then went to sleep. When I did go to sleep I wondered if I would have another dream.

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It has been a few days and the same thing has been happening. At lunch Macy invites me to sit at her table and I have to. Something weird happened today when I was at my locker I had the strange sense of dejvu. Then Macy came up to me and hugged me! Then I got it! It was just like my dream! How could that be?
I was starting to get really “creeped” out, how could my dream come true? That does not seem natural. Maybe I can see into the future with my dreams. No, that can’t be.
I thought about that all day. I was more distracted than ever before. I kept trying to think of a logical explanation for what had happened but there was none. It was scientifically impossible. When I went to sleep that night I was almost afraid that I would have another dream. But that night I did not have a dream and the next day I still didn’t have a dream. Four days have passed, not a single dream. Maybe it was just a coincidence.
Today I carried on my regular habits until after lunch Sam came up to me and said that I needed to start sitting next to her at lunch. I told her that I had to sit next to Macy or she will tease me. She said that I was spending more time with Macy and no time with Sam. She also told me I had to make a decision. Macy or Sam?
When I got home today I was very distraught. I do not know what to do. Sam was right; I was not spending much time with her. But if I stay with Macy I will not be bullied, I mean come on who bullies their own friend. I will be ignored by Macy and all her friends. Ugggggggg!!!!!!!! Why does my life have to be soo complicated!
The next day I still did not have my mind made up. I am sooo glad that it was a weekend! But sooner or later I will have to make up my mind though. I do not know if my mom could give me any good advice. I guess I could ask her.
I walked downstairs and saw my mom making pancakes in the kitchen. I took a deep breath started to talk to her. I started off telling her how Macy was so mean to me and then I went on to say how Sam comforted me when I was sad. Then I told her how Macy became my best friend and how I was spending less and less time with Sam. Finally I told her that I had to make a decision Macy or Sam.
Once I had told my whole problem we stood in silence for awhile then my mom broke the silence by saying “You have to listen to your heart and let the choice speak to you. Also you have to wait for your heart. It never answers so quickly.
For the past few days I have been waiting for my heart to tell me something, but it was like I had lost communication with my heart. One day I was sitting in my room and I got a call from Macy. When I saw that I knew what my decision was. I was sooo happy that I had made my decision. For the next few days I was soo excited to tell my decision. After all this time I have finally made up my mind. I can now really show my feelings. I ran downstairs to tell my mom the good news. I saw sitting on the sofa and I ran up and gave her a great big hug. She asked me why I was hugging her and I told her that I had made up my mind. My mom was overjoyed to hear the good news. But the happiness soon ended when my mom asked her how I was going to tell the other person my choice.
My happiness just blew away like a cold winter breeze. My mind was like a cold rock, and my brain had stopped working. I am just through with this. I tried to write out what I was going to say couldn’t be put on paper. I lay in my bed hoping that my wisdom would come back.
I came up to my mom today to as her for some advice. But when I told her that I couldn’t think of anything, you could tell by the face she made that she could not think of anything either. She said that was up to me, and she said if she said something then I wouldn’t learn anything. What does that even mean? Really now, my mom wouldn’t even help me. This is just perfect.
I wish my dad was here. He would know exactly the right words to say. Tears swelled in my eyes. I knew that could never be. My dad died in a car accident when I was a little girl. My mom was so devastated she hardly has enough money to go on.
Now is not the time to think about the past. That is behind me. Now I have to think about the future. Who knows, maybe my heart will tell me something again.
The words would just not come! I have gotten so far to be in a dead stop. My brain is clear. My thoughts were a jumbled and confusing mess. Sometimes I wonder what goes on up there.
Today my heart has really spoken to me. While I was doing my homework, there were four girls ice skating outside, and when I looked at them, they spelled something strange in the ice. They spelled the word “Truth”, and I knew what to do. I went to sleep that day feeling happy.
I woke up and I got ready, then I went to school. When I got to school I saw someone crying in the corner. She was hiding her face and I couldn’t see her. When I walked up to her she got up and started to run. Of course I followed her and when I picked up the pace, so did she. Then she ran into a room and shut the door. But when I opened the door she wasn’t in the room. I looked in every place in that room and she wasn’t there. It was like she vanished.
I jumped out of bed “Phew.” I was just dreaming. That dream was so realistic. It was like the whole Macy hugging me thing. Maybe something is sending me another sign. I hope not! I don’t want anyone to fear me or run away from me.
That dream really “creeped” me out. I know that it is going to happen though. The problem is I didn’t know who it was. Like my last dream it wasn’t very clear. I did not know who, how, why and when. But who is the question I would ask first.
I was dying to tell someone about the dream, but there was no one to tell. My mom didn’t listen, Sam wasn’t talking to me and Macy wouldn’t understand. I was truly alone.
I tried searching my thoughts for what the girl looked like. But every time I do that the dream gets more and more blurry. Finally I just gave up. There was nothing else I could do.
But then a thought came into my head. What if telling the truth would make things worse? Maybe the truth is not always the best thing. Maybe I am not the best friend for the both of them. What if they are better off without me?
Of course not! How could I even think that? The truth is always the best! I am a good person! They would be fine with me. I curse myself for even thinking that! I was outraged by my own self. My emotional line was twisted and confused.
Wow, I am so mad I curse myself. This has gone too far. I will not think about this for the rest of the day. I need rest from this madness.

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For the next few days I tried not to think about it but my thoughts slipped out of my head. My stomach was turned and it was like my mind was punishing me. My emotions were not concealed but let out everywhere I went. A dark cloud hovered above me. “Enough.”
I ran downstairs got my coat and ran to school, not even waiting for the bus. I threw open the doors when I came in. I saw her; I took a deep breath and walked straight up to her.
“So I can’t be your friend,” Macy said as I was telling her what happened. “No Macy, you just have to let Sam sit next to me and be my friend too,” I explained. “Oooohhhh,” Macy replied. Then I saw Sam. I ran up to her to tell her the good news. She was very excited to that and so was I. I grabbed her hand and pulled her over where Macy was to introduce her to Macy but Macy was gone. I looked all day and I couldn’t find her anywhere. The next day I was hoping to find her and I did. But it was not what I expected. When I walked into school I knew immediately what was happening. Macy was crying in the corner just like my dream. “What have I done?” I called out her name but Macy did not respond to my call. I called again, but again she did not respond. I walked up to her but she had already taken off.
The chase was on. I tried to catch up but I was not the fastest runner. She was going for the door. I knew what would happen if I did not stop her.
I used all of my remaining strength and bounded for the door. I could feel my heart pounding. I was catching up. I was pulling ahead. The door was in front of us. With my last effort, I leapt toward the door and landed face-first into it. The good thing was that Macy could not get into the room. My body ached and all my energy was depleted. I made an effort to get up but I couldn’t.
Macy wiped her face and stuck her hand out to pull me up. I leaned against the door for two reasons. One, I didn’t have the energy to stand and two, I didn’t want Macy to get into that horrible room.
She began to speak, “I thought you were my best friend.” “Don’t you sit next to tons of kids,“ I questioned. “Yes, but they were not my real friends, they were just there to be popular. I never really had any real friends,” she said. “I’m sorry. I never thought about it like that,” I replied. “No one does,” she said. “How about you, Sam and I sit by ourselves and not next to the popular people?” I said. “Great Idea Ashley,” Macy replied.
So for the next few days we sat by ourselves and it was great. It looked like Sam and Macy were starting to be friends. We even had a sleep-over at my house. My mom was delighted to see that I had friends again.
Then something terrible happened. A boy name Jason Anderson came and all three of us were entranced. He was the most handsome boy I had ever seen in my life. You could tell by Macy’s and Sam’s faces they liked him too. That day at lunch we were so love struck that we made fools of ourselves. It was like when we were around him we couldn’t think straight.
We all decided that no one should get him or we would be fighting for eternity, but we just couldn’t let him go. Even after we made that deal, all of us kept trying to impress him. One time he said he liked the color blue and the next day all three of us wore as much blue clothing as we could.
Today I realized that Jason was taking advantage of us. For example, today we had science homework and Jason didn’t do it. Macy just gave him her homework. I am starting to not like this guy.
Today, I went up to Jason and I asked him why he was taking advantage of us. “Because I can, “he said. “That is no reason,” I replied.
At lunch I told my friends what he said and they both said, “You just want him for yourself.” “No, that’s not true,” I said. But they wouldn’t listen to me. I guess I saw that coming. They were so entranced that they wouldn’t even look with their own eyes.

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how do you like the character Jason?

She looked like a wreck. Her hair taken down from her pony tail, her mascara was smeared from crying and her clothes were soaked in tears and snot. I patted her on the back to calm her down. In a half-whimper she said, “He picked her instead of me.” My heart was filled with sorrow. This boy has torn two friends apart so much they will barely even talk to each other. Today I was determined to find the truth and get evidence. But when I told my friends what I was going to do they got really angry at me. They started saying that I needed to stay out of it and that it was none of my business.
Over the past few days Sam and Macy had been avoiding me until the point that they wouldn’t even talk to me. Once again, I felt alone. Maybe I should leave Macy and Sam alone. Maybe that’s what’s best for them right now.
Today I had the most brilliant idea! I was going to get proof that Jason was taking advantage of the. I was going to hide a spy camera in my hat and get him to confess without him even knowing it.
So after school I asked my mom if we could go shopping for all the supplies I needed to carry out my plan. Everything had to be perfect. Once I had gotten the footage from my spy hat camera, I would have to keep it safe. I decided to put it in the safe in my room. No one can crack that code. Only I know the code.
I am not going to let anyone know I am doing this. Word here travels like a California wild fire and once you light the match, you can’t stop it. I don’t want anyone to know I am doing this. At the store, I tried to disguise myself so no one would recognize me. My mom thought it was weird creeping around, but considering my circumstances, she let it slide.
When we got to the store, there was a problem. I saw Macy’s and Sam’s cars in the parking lot. Then, when I actually went into the store, it was worse than I thought. Macy and Sam were not just in the store but worked in the store. I knew we couldn’t shop here because they would draw conclusions for what I was doing.
I decided to go for another store. I mean, there are tons to choose from. There is this new store that I think will have the stuff I need. While we were driving to the store, I made a list of everything we would need a cap with a hole in it and a video camera to put in the hole. Not much of a list, but it’s what I needed. When I got to the store, I pulled out my “list” and got shopping. It did not take long to find the hat, but it took a little longer to find a tiny camera. When I had finally found the supplies, we went home.
At home, I drew out my plan. I knew exactly what I was going to do, but somehow it had to go wrong.
I went to bed today thinking something was off, but who knows, maybe something will not happen.
Today my thoughts were all confusing. When I came into school, I knew something was off, but I did not know what it was. It was like the universe was incomplete. I put my stuff in my locker. My plan would be executed at lunch time. Then Sam ran right up to me. There was a sparkle in her eye. She was so happy she almost could not speak.
It started out as a squeak then it gradually got normal again. “Jason asked me out,” she joyfully exclaimed. My heart sank. I had not worked fast enough. I was going to have to save my friend somehow. Sam looked strangely at me. “Why are you not happy for me?” she questioned. “I am,” I lied, but I guess she bought it. Then she saw Jason and ran off.
Then I saw something terrible. Again, Macy was crying in the corner, but this time she let me come up to her. “Don’t be sad,” I said, but Macy would not listen. She was too busy drowning herself in tears.
I decided from that point I would devote myself to destroying Jason Anderson.

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please comment. this is my first every public book!!!:):):)

The next day Macy and I had a sleep-over together. I had got it into Macy’s head that Jason was bad and that we were going to help Sam. She was reluctant to help Sam, but I got her to snap.
When Macy got to our house, we started planning at once. We were still going through with my plan, but we were going to modify it just a little bit. We would have to execute our plan as soon as possible. We would want to get Sam out of this mayhem as soon as possible.
We both went to sleep satisfied with our plan. The next day we got up and happily went to school. With all the stuff in my locker, we were worry free. The day went smoothly, the lunch came. It was time to execute our plan. Macy met me at my locker. We got all our stuff ready. Macy got a necklace with a hidden camera and I got a cute hat with a camera in it.
We walked into the lunch room ready. I saw Jason over in the line scooping out the mush that the lunch lady calls “food.” We both walked right up to him. Just like before, I asked him why he kept taking advantage of us. Sure enough he gave me the same excuse, “because I can” he said with a smile on his face. I almost had to will myself not to show my joy when he said that. It looked like Macy was having the same problem as me. Once lunch was over, I was overjoyed. I have finally gotten evidence that Jason was not at all what he seemed.
He will regret his sour attitude now. I can’t wait to show Sam this. She will not believe her eyes. She will have to believe me once she sees this tape. As soon as we got the footage, Macy and I hid each tape in different places so if someone steals one tape, they will not steal the other one. Of course, Macy took her tape and I took mine. We did not tell anyone where we will hide them, not even ourselves. Of course, I knew exactly where Macy was going to hide it. She was going to hide it in her floor safe. I mean, no one can crack that code. You would have to pull the safe out of the floor to open it if you did not have the combination, so I know that tape is safe. The problem is, I don’t know where I should put my tape. I have a safe, but it is not as good as Macy’s safe. Maybe I need to think about it.
Maybe I could put it in the hidden compartment in my vent. Yeah! I’ll hide it there. No one will know that I hid it there. I mean, who would look there for a video tape. Just in case, I will put the motion sensors that Macy gave me from the store where she was working all around my room so if anyone tries to come into my room, I will know about it.
I went to bed tonight satisfied that no one was going to break into my house and steal the tape, but I had a hint of suspicion that something was going to happen.
Ara! Ara! Ara! Ara! I woke up. Someone has triggered my alarms. To my surprise, someone was standing in the middle of my room. I got up ready to fight. I did not know who it was, but I was not going to wait to find out. I sprang and landed on him. We rolled around for a while, and then he climbed on top of me and pinned me down. Then I saw his face. It was not surprising that it was Jason. I tried to move, but Jason pinned me down hard. “I’m only going to ask this once. Where is the tape?” he roared. “What tape,” I said trying to sound confused. “The tape you videotaped me on,” he exclaimed. I willed myself not to tell him where I put it. He kept asking me the same question about a thousand times, “where is the tape?” But I would not tell him. Just as I was about to give up and tell him, something weird happened. Something hard struck him on the back of the head. It was my mom! I have never been so happy to see her face. Jason made a face and then fell over. It looked like mom hit him with a metal pot or something. I bet it hurt.
I immediately got up and hugged my mom. Then I told her that we needed to call the police. Of course she agreed. We tied up Jason just in case he managed to wake up before the police came. Although I sincerely doubt it, there is always a chance. Better safe than sorry.
Three friends stood side-by-side as they watched Jason Anderson get put into the back of a police car. Sam, Macy and I stood in silence. Then I turned to Sam and said, “There is something you have to see.” “I know. You don’t have to show me any evidence. This is enough. Anyone who breaks into my friend’s house and pins her down so he can steal something from her shouldn’t be my boyfriend,” Sam said. “I’m sorry I put you guys through this. It will not happen again,” she said. “It’s OK Sam. We know that it was not your fault,” Macy said. All three of us smiled.
Jason is going to jail and the three friends are united like never before. My mom is even more happy than usual. I think she might be finally getting used to life without dad. This is truly the perfect ending. Also, Did I mention that it was my birthday?

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Wow!! This was a great book! Please check out my articles. :)

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' its not about winning fist place in the race, its about finishing the race.' don't forget who you are to me.

hey love your work! its cool to see all the other young writers here. pls check out my book, The Hope That Ran. it would be very appreciated!!! great job on story, very realistic and well written.

on May. 6 2013 at 2:04 pm
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" You had enough, but just don't give up" - Paradise Fears

Hey, I only had time to read the first chapter, but so far, I like it! Can't wait to read the rest of. I'll also read your other story after this one. And I'm sure it would be great! Keep up the good work!

on Mar. 21 2013 at 8:53 am
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That is a very good book so far i really enjoy it though

on Oct. 27 2011 at 4:16 pm
I can really feel the emotion and picture what's happening in your book. It's really good! :)

on Oct. 11 2011 at 5:17 am
carmensandiego BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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"Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you've never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth."

You're welcome!

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“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”

:):):):) I really appreciate it:):)

on Oct. 9 2011 at 11:31 am
carmensandiego BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you've never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth."

Amazing, as usaual! :)

on Oct. 6 2011 at 7:19 pm
DEROSSETT BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”

THanks! I think;)

on Oct. 6 2011 at 9:02 am
Awesome! Went from bullying to something like John Tucker Must Die.