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Someone Like You

March 8, 2012
By Samantha5918, St. Paul, Other
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Samantha5918, St. Paul, Other
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Author's note: I have always dreamed about falling in love. I never been loved or fell in love let alone with two people. I just really want to write about something I want to experience and show that a wrong choose can change everything...

Katie woke up the sunshine bursting through her curtains. She laid there thinking to herself what will today be like? Then she glanced at her clock 7:35. Well it wouldn’t be too great if she was late. She got out of her bed and got ready. She brushed her long straight brown hair; she looked in her mirror admiring her dark brown eyes. She pulled on a trendy little outfit and went downstairs into the kitchen and took down a box of cheerios and poured them into a bowl, she added some milk and sat down at the table. She sat their eating her cereal when she heard a knock at her door. She knew grabbed her purse and opened it to see her best friend Caroline. Caroline had light blonde hair that sometimes had curls and sometimes it was straight Caroline loved to change things up and be different.
“Katie hey, come on we have job interviews to get to!” Caroline said as she grabbed Katie’s arm pulling her out the door.
“Ok Caroline I’m coming” Katie said as she shut the door behind her and walked over to Caroline’s car. She sat into the passenger seat and Caroline got into the driver’s seat.
“Ok so where are we going first?” Caroline said as she started the car and drove out of the drive way.
Katie pulled out her cell phone to check her notes.
“Um well we only have one this morning and it’s at Stacy’s.” Katie said
“Ok, perfect” Caroline said. They dove for about 10 minutes and arrived at Stacy’s. It was a tall building in the middle of town. They walked in together to the front desk. They gave a secretary their name and information and the lady told them to wait in the chairs and the owner will interview you individually in a few minutes.
They had been looking for modeling career’s far a few weeks but no lock. Both Katie and Caroline had just finished school little while back and they both wanted to be models.
Just as Caroline and Katie sat down and started looking at some fashion magazines a woman came out looking for Katie. Katie stood up and walked in an office with the lady.
“Hello Miss Katie I am Stacy nice to meet you I am going to ask you a few questions to help me get to know you a bit better” Stacy said. Elena just smiled and nodded.
“Full name please”
“Katie Alexis Cross”
“How old are you?”
“Why should we pick you to be one of our Stacy models?”
“Well I will do whatever it takes to help put your Company further.”
There were a couple other questions but I could not remember them I was just totally zoned out. When we finished I walked out and sat next to Caroline.
“So how did it go?” Caroline asked eagerly.
“It went fine but I don’t think Stacy’s is the place for me” Katie said looking away.
“Ok well I am probably going to go in soon so are you going to leave or wait?” Caroline said
“I left my car at the club yesterday which is only next door so I think I will just go a grab a bite to eat” Katie said putting her phone in her pocket and standing up.
“Alright well I’ll see you later” Caroline replied.
Katie walked out into the parking lot and found her car; she sat in and started her car. She drove out of the parking lot and drove away. Katie was driving through the city when her car starting slowing down and eventually it stopped so she pulled to the side.
“What the hell?” She said to herself.
Then she looked at her gas monitor. That was it she was out of gas again! This wasn’t the first time this happened. She got out and slammed the door shut. She took off her jacket and just wore her cute little shorts and a tank top. She laid her jacket on the side of her car and jumped up and sat down on top of the bonnet of her car. Of course people bumped their horns put she was used to that. Whenever she went anywhere she always got attention from guys so she was used to it by now. She had dated many guys but none of them made her happy so she broke up with them. All she had to do was sit there and wait for some nice guy who felt bad for her to pull over and give her a ride. She had done this many times and she didn’t care. She took out her phone and wasn’t on it for a minute before a nice car pulled up in front of her. She slide off the car and walked in front of her car. Then when she looked at the car a guy tall and muscular with light brown short hair that was spiked up came out, she had to admit at least he was hot. The man walked up to Katie.
“Hi I’m Jake” the man said taking off his sunglasses
“So is there something wrong with your car or do you like slowing down traffic?” Jake said
“No my car ran out of gas and I was just waiting” Katie said
“Oh, well I’m heading out anyway so why don’t you let me give you a ride?” Jake says
“Sure, Thanks” Katie replied
Jake opens the car door for Katie and Katie sits in. Jake walks around to the other side and gets in. Jake starts the car and they drive off together.
“So are you from here or are you visiting?” Katie asked
“I just moved here not too long ago when I finished school and I got a job here” Jake replied
“Really I’m trying to find a job but I have lived here my whole life. So what do you do?” Katie asked
“I am a doctor, What about you?” Jake said
“I have been looking for a modeling job” Katie said
“Really?” Jake says as he looks at Katie. “You know what I can see you being a model.”
“Thanks” Katie said “Turn here”
They pulled up to Katie’s house.
“Thanks for the ride” Katie said as she got out of the car
“No problem” Jake replied
Jake pulled out of the driveway and Katie walked into her house. She dropped herself on couch, when her phone rang.
“Hello?” Katie said
“Katie! GUESS WHAT!!??” Caroline said
“What is it Caroline?”
“I got the job!”
“Really that’s great” Katie said trying to be happy for her but she couldn’t help but think why didn’t she get it? She was a prettier then Caroline.
“Oh, I’m sorry Katie maybe they were going to call you and let you know.” Caroline said feeling bad
“Yeah, maybe. So when do you start?” Katie said changing the subject
“Um in like a couple of days on Monday.” Caroline replied
“Great! Its fine I’m just going to keep looking I’m sure I’ll find something.” Katie said
“That’s the spirit!” Caroline said.
“Any way I have to go I got some stuff I have to do before I go back out for interviews” Katie said
“Ok bye” Caroline said.
Katie ran upstairs into her bed room and thought. What could she do to better her chances with interviews? Then she checked her list of interviews for this evening and it was called Salvatore modeling agency, and the owner was a guy and then it hit her. Every guy she has ever met has thought she was hot so all she had to do was look super good and maybe he will give her a chance. So she jumped in the shower and washed her hair and body. When she got out she checked her phone and a little over an hour to finish getting ready. She blow dried her hair and because it is naturally straight it already looked great. She put on a nice tight skirt and a nice shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror ‘Perfect’ she thought. She grabbed her purse and went downstairs and slipped on some heels. Just when she went outside getting ready to call herself a cab she saw her car in her driveway. How did it get there it was out of gas. She walked over to her car and seen a note and her keys on the hood. She picked up the keys and put them in her purse then she read the note:
Dear Katie,
You left your keys in my car so I brought your car home for you, your welcome. Do you want to meet me tonight at 9 at Brisket’s the Italian food place by the store?
P.S Don’t worry your gas tank is full.

Perfect she thought, she already looked great for her date and she had just enough time to make her interview and her date. She drove for awhile till she came to Salvatore modeling agency. She got out and walked into the very large building the inside looked like a castle made for a kind. All she could think was wow and how damn hard it would be to get these people to like you, maybe not even her looks would get her this one. But it didn’t matter she got ready for this interview and she was ready as she would ever be. Plus this agency pays a lot more then Caroline’s or any other. She walked up to the front desk and gave the lady her information. The lady instructed her to sit in the waiting room. She walked over to the chairs and sat down and waited. She was sitting there for probably 10 minutes before her name was called which she understood because there was like 50 other girl going in for interviews and some coming out crying but not one had a smile. Well she thought she’s domed. A lady took Elena down a beautiful long hall till they came to a office with some chairs on the outside.
“Wait right here Mr. Salvatore will be right with you” The lady said as she walked back down the hall.
Katie sat down once again in the chair and waited. She wasn’t there very long before the office door opened…
There stood this ruggedly handsome, hot, sexy guy in the doorway. Katie looked up into his deep bright blue eyes. She smiled.
“Why hello Ms. Katie” The man said.
Katie stood up “Hi” she was speechless. He was wearing black pants and a light blue shirt that really brought out his eyes. And he had really dark brown hair that came down on both side.
“You can come with me” He said after they stared into each other’s eyes.
Katie walked past him into a big office with a big desk at the back was just one big window showing the city.
“You can take a seat right here” He said as she escorted her to the leather chair in front of the desk.
Katie sat down in the chair as he walked behind the desk and sat into his chair. There was a name tag at the front of the desk. Written on it was Tyler Salvatore in big letters. Tyler, Katie thought. Tyler picked up some papers that where on his desk.
“Katie is it? What a pretty name” Tyler said
“Thanks” Katie said.
Katie just couldn’t quite staring into his eyes it’s like every time she looked into them she got lost, and he would look right back into hers. But then he would shake himself out and ask questions.
“Katie, what could you do for this agency that no one else could?” Tyler asked
“I defiantly can show a lot of personality when modeling. I do find I have a lot of beauty that I can also put in with it.” Katie said smiling just trying to impress because after see saw Tyler she defiantly wants this job now.
Tyler smiled at her answer as if he was proud. “Why should you represent our agency?” Tyler asked?
“I defiantly think I should represent your agency because I can really help with any type of project you give me and I can show everyone I am up for any challenge.” Katie said feeling confidant. She had practiced these questions many times before.
“How did you get into modeling?” Tyler asked
“When I was a little girl I would always dress up and but on make up and take pictures of myself trying to act like a model, and when I would see girls on covers of magazines I would always say to myself I want to be that girl. I just loved the fact that I could make a living off of being me.” Katie said
“Great, final question. Tell me about you.” Tyler said
“Well I grew up here with my parents an only child. When I turned 15 my parents died in a car crash and I moved in with my aunt till I was 17 and I finished school and I guess that’s it.” Katie said thinking about memories she never wanted to get into.
“Well, thank you Elena.” Tyler said as they both stood up and Tyler walked out by Katie.
“Don’t tell anyone I told you this but, out of everyone today you have been my favorite.” Tyler said with a smile.
“Well then I guess I should be happy seeing that almost every girl came out of your office crying” Katie said kind of flirting.
“Well what can I say I guess I’m a heart breaker? And not every girl has what it takes to make it in the fast life of a model.” Tyler said moving a bit closer to Katie.
“Thank you for your time” Katie said
“Thank you for coming it was great meeting you, Katie” Tyler said picking up Katie’s hand and kissing it.
“We will get back to you” Tyler finished.
Katie left Tyler’s office feeling kind of confidant. She had seen some really pretty girls come out of there not making it so she really didn’t know what to think. She got back in to her car ready for her date with Jake. This she knew was right. She liked Jake well at least the Jake she met for like 5 minutes. She drove till she came to Bristol’s restaurant. She got out of her car and walked inside. She saw Jake sitting a table waiting for her…

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