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A Globe and Time

November 5, 2013
By Stefi324, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Stefi324, Fairfield, Connecticut
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"Don't worry about those who talk behind your back they are behind you for a reason"

Life was great in Middletown, especially at the age of six I lived a perfect life with my loving parents, behind my white picket fence. I loved the warm coloring of our kitchen it was caramel it reminded me of autumn, my favorite season. I’d sit on a stool at the kitchen counter by the kitchen window, which looks out at our big back yard. I liked to watch the sycamore trees sway with the wind. I liked to build a snowman on a snow days. Life didn’t get much better than that at the age of six. But when I turned seven the perfect life I lived started to fade and I had to put away my crayons and grow up faster than anyone ever expected.

I’ll never be able to forget although I’d love to forget the lady that tried to take me away; her name was Scarlet. She was this friendly looking woman she was in her sixty’s pretty but very grey, her grey hair was wavy and just below her shoulders, and her eyes glistened green. Her face wasn’t as worn as her hair but you could definitely see she was up in years. Thinking about that day still makes me cringe; the thought of Scarlet makes me cringe even harder, when I looked at her it reminded me of when there was just one missing puzzle piece, i couldn’t place what it was nothing with her quite matched up.

“You have three days to say goodbye and pack her things, she will be put into an orphanage where she will get the proper care.” Scarlet warned my parents.

“No one can ever take better care of Ashling than us!” My father grunted

“Do you really think it’s wise to argue Peter?” My mother winced as Scarlett’s remarks

“Besides it wouldn’t be your fault if” …

“If what Scarlett” my mother snarled

“Oh I don’t know if you had an accident, I mean… You wouldn’t intentionally harm anyone especially the ones you love, aren’t I right Joelle?” “Who are you anyway,” I pouted and crossed my arms. “I’m a friend” Scarlett smirked. Envy filled her forest green eyes. “You have three days and once they are up I’m taking Ashling to the orphanage no matter what.” Scarlet got into her car and drove away silently my parents nudged me inside. I sat in the kitchen with my crayons and coloring book while my parents were talking in there room, which seemed to be forever.

Once they finally came out my mom gave me this beautiful snow globe of NYC at night with all of the lights. She told me to think of something that makes me happy and to close my eyes and shake the globe precisely three times. So I shook it precisely three times with my eyes squeezed ever so tight; day dreaming about my favorite game candy land and then I opened my eyes. Inside the snow globe that was once NYC was candy land but filled with life, princess Lolly flying around and ice princess Frostine waving at the ginger bread men walking the colorful stones and Lord Licorice up to no good. I looked up at mom in disbelief my mom had the prettiest blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes and what topped it off was her warm smile. She went to warn me.“Ashling” “Yes Mama” I said on auto pilot not even realizing she was trying to talk to me. “Look at me” I was so fascinated by the globe I put it in my lap as I looked up at my mom and the boxes filled with my things. I felt tears drip down my nose; I grasped my mommy for what might be one of the last times.

“Mommy why are you letting that lady Scarlet take me, mommy please take me away with you lets hide. Please don’t let her take me. I’ll never see you again I love you so much. Oh Mommy!” My tears soaked through her shirt.

“That’s not so simple you won’t be safe there, trust me sweetie I wish but there is no way but what if…” she darted into the kitchen to talk to my dad, I tried to ease drop on their conversation but the walls were too thick, and they were intentionally keeping their voices down; every now and then I caught a word but never a complete sentence so I looked at the globe in awe wondering where she even bought this. The kitchen door swung open and my mom pointed her finger at my things in the room like my dolls and cloths and anything you could imagine in a little girl room. They all zapped into one tiny jewelry box.

“One day Ashling you will be able to do that too.” My jaw dropped as my dad couldn’t contain his giggling. Speechless I went along with it in seconds the interior of my house was zapped down to the last crumb. Everyone thinks their mommy is special but mine really is how did she do that! I thought to myself about to giggle. And she even said I’ll be able to do it…How?

She clapped her hands and suddenly we weren’t home; Purple haze hung over us on this dirt road, we stood on. We were outside of a beaten up school house and a white paneled church like in the 1600s.“Where are we?” I murmured. “Home.” My dad sighed with relief.

I kissed 2003 goodbye I grew up in the 1600s and went to handmade wooden paneled house in poverty I left my upper middle class suburban home. It was definitely wasn’t glamorous but; it was indeed an improvement, it meant I got to stay with my family. I was now seventeen and when I turned ten I could zap things just like my mom did the day we left home. She taught me to never mess with water the only way you could be stronger than it is if you were the last and only female witch. It was part of a prophecy that the last female witch will get blessed with all of the powers of the past witches. My mom told me I was born into a mystical family that all my ancestors were witches and wizards on both of my parents’ sides. She told me she knew that woman Scarlett that came to take me very well, she thought she was disguised well enough but my mom and dad knew instantly. My mother told me she was a half witch that only her father’s side held powers, she had three other sisters that were half witch just like her and they all were fine with the fact that they were only half. But Scarlett was the youngest and spoiled rotten and that was the one thing that no one could just hand to her. She let it eat away at her she needed to be a complete witch so she can feel like nothing is better than her. Her sisters left her in disgust they all live separate lives and are in contact with one and other but not with Scarlet. We were the only ones left Scarlett and her sisters and my parents and I are the only witches and wizards left. That’s why I’m so valuable to Scarlet my powers once I turn 18 will be the strongest they will ever be and she wants them.

Through the years I was always afraid someone would think I was a witch or my parents were, because in this era the witch trials were going on. When I was about fifteen they drowned a girl who was about 22 who was supposedly using black magic, she only lived 4 doors down, and it was scary. But the witch trails are why we live here we were “safe” here because Scarlett would never come looking here, she is too much of coward and since she’d never subject herself to that fear she must not even consider us wanting too. So she’d never find us here she probably thinks that were in another realm or planet but that is just too easy. She may even think we are dead. But I doubt she stopped looking she made her purpose in life to get whatever it is she wanted and I was the only thing in her way of that.

My room was a retro 2000 theme since I could use magic and whenever someone came to the door or we left for the day we’d just snap our fingers and our houses interior was a typical 1600s décor if that’s what you wish to call it. “Knock, Knock my dad said as he pushed open my door, “yup” I looked up from my laptop as he made his way to the edge of my bed to sit down, so I spun around on my bungee circle chair to face him.

“What’s up dad?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Sorry for what?” my forehead creased in confusion

“I’m sorry that you didn’t get this life he motioned at my room at the lantern lights I had around the rim of my room and all the posters of the celebrities I love and my lava lamps.”

“But I got the best of both dad, and most importantly I got to stay with mommy and you.”

“I know I’m just sorry how much your life got altered because of us”


“Don’t speak sweetie I got this, I wanted you to see if you’re interested in this,” he whipped out a brochure of NYU in the year of 2014.

“You’re going to let me go back?... wa wa wait I thought we were here to stay away from their can’t she find me that’s a huge risk one that we have been hiding from for basically ¾ of my life have you lost it.”

“Haha I haven’t quite lost it yet, and I’m shocked living in the 1600s hasn’t made me lose it yet. But sweetheart are you really living life if you don’t take a life changing risk.”

He patted me on the knees and as he walked out he said “Don’t let my trouble go to waste look at the pamphlets I handed to ya won’t ya?”

“Yeah alright dad.” When my door shut I started flipping through the brochures noticing, girls and boys my age that dress like me but only when I’m in my room but they were outside not worried of being drowned or burned or even hung to death. Because someone would accuse them of being a witch and everything this school offered to teach and the beautiful campus I could see myself there but it was so risky. For two weeks I kept going back and forth with myself on what I wanted I truly wanted to go but, but then again life is risk.
“So”, one morning at breakfast my mom smiled at me
“What have you decided are you going to go?”
“I don’t know mom are you both serious.”
“At first I was completely against it, I agreed with you why are we even here then you know?”
“Yeah exactly”
“But then your father said then why are we living? We’re hiding we’ve already lived our glory days you shouldn’t have to hid from yours.”
“I guess so.” I got up from the table and went back to my room to fill out an application. Later that week I zapped myself a printed copy and handed it to my dad he zapped it to the mail in America during current time. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening I never thought I’d leave here, so I just never let it get me down. But now that I get to live the life I should have.

I stood in our living room that was unlike every living room at the time with its brown leather couches and 42’’ TV. My parents gave me sparkly purple luggage and new cloths I packed my lights and lamps and bean bag pillows with my magic into these smaller bags. My dad smiled from ear to ear and tears built up in his eyes but not one dripped down, I’d always knew he was proud but not this much. My mom on the other hand was balling her eyes out,“Oh you can’t let our baby leave Peter she’s so young she’s got so much to learn. I’m going to have an empty nest.”
“You never stop learning no matter how old you are, you and I still have so much to learn, but I believe she knows very well how to take care of herself.” He was so proud his as he spoke he was beaming. I grinned and my mother whipped the tears that were dripping down her checks and she smiled at me and gave me a hug

“I’ve never had as much faith in anyone else then I have in you, I have more faith in you than I had in myself at your age.”
“I love you” I pulled both of my parents in for a hug I knew that it wasn’t our last even though I was going about 4,000 years into the future.

“Goodbye sweetheart” next thing I knew my mom zapped me to the NYU campus it was so beautiful and in the city and full of life. Teenagers my age dressed like me in public! The recreation building had a banner hanging welcome class of 2018. I didn’t believe this was happening I went to the dorm building I was assigned to and there was a lady handing out dorm keys, “Hi I’m Ashling. I said enthusiastically the lady handing out keys scrolled down her clip board, “room 32 it’s the first on the right on the 3rd floor. Your roomates name is Charolette she should be here later tonight.” She smiled and handed me my key, “Thank you” I exclaimed. I hoped on and elevator with my new shinny purple luggage. Once I got off the elevator I unlocked the door the room was only a tad smaller than my room at home. It had a bunk bed draws and a desk. I set up my lava lamps I zapped two bean bag chairs in a purple and lime green ones. As soon as I finished organizing I zapped all or my stuff out of my bag and where I pictured it in the room. I took my beloved snow globe off of my desk and zapped a little matching night stand near the bottom bunk I lied down on my purple bed and shut my eyes with the snow globe in my hand and shook it three times think of my parents I saw them in the 1600s. They were okay they seemed a little unsettled but that’s just because I wasn’t there.

I heard someone put a key into the key whole I quickly shook the globe, “Hi I’m Charlotte.” “Hi Charlotte I’m Ashling I saved you half of the draws. I said quite flustered I was hoping she’d except me She had flawless wazy locks of golden brown hair and forest green eyes she was wearing red lip-gloss that brought out her light brown sweater shirt underneath she wore a pair of light ripped up blue jeans with tan converse. She started unpacking while I placed my snow globe that looked like NYC again. “Whoa when I came in I could have sworn your snow globe was of a representation of the 1600s not NYC.” She looked at me skeptically “Psh, no it was always NYC” I said apprehensively. “Can I see it she snatched it off the table and closed her eyes, she started to shake it one… two I went to snatch it from her three it was too late the room swirled around and her golden brown hair turned grey I looked at my hair which was the same and then back at her, “SCARLETT!” I let out with a shriek. Her hair was grey her forest green eyes charlotte was the woman, the one I’ve been hiding from I felt sick. The room was spinning and flashing before my eyes. I couldn’t do anything.

I crashed to onto the middle of the street back in the 1600s. Witch Scarlett cried this girl she seemed defenseless to anyone who’d walk by. She’s a witch she pointed at me and cried someone help me from this terrible witch. A crowd of people with all sorts of weapons and protection swarmed around me. Soon my hands were tied up and I was being walked to the court house ginning Scarlett followed behind.

This was my two greatest fears being put together being found by Scarlet and being accused of being a witch in the 1600s I was helpless. I was then placed in front of the judge never did anyone get ruling in their favor so nobody got a second chance at life here when they were accused of being a witch. The judge said my trail would be tomorrow they locked me in a cell with a ball and chain rapped around my leg. When the commotion died down Scarlet stood in front of my cell “I’ve been waiting for this day from the second you were conceived, once you and your mother are dead I will be the last female witch alive meaning I’ll get the amount of power of all female witches combine. “What about your sisters?” I questioned. “I killed them, they were in my way and it’s not like they ever loved me.” The gleam in her I eyes gave me chills.

As she walked away cackling night fell I was restless I couldn’t sleep whenever my eyes shut my fear got to me more; so despite my tiredness I lied awake on the cellar floor. In the morning these two men came and walked me up to the edge of the bridge once I got there, I saw they had my mother chained up too. Tears flooded down her face when she saw me, “We should have never let you go tears ran in streaks down her face I should of trusted my instincts.” “It isn’t your fault I felt tears uncontrollably dripping down my checks, water was the one thing witches magic isn’t powerful to work against it would take all female witches powers to beat water. The town’s people held my dad back. But he didn’t seem to upset I didn’t understand. I know he loves us and we are his only family. Scarlet stood next to him smirking and giggling to her-self he nodded at me I looked at him puzzled, he had a plan before I could think any more about it I watched my father’s fingers snap as I was flying off the edge. But something strange happened I wasn’t drowning in the ocean I was in this glass, almost like fish bowl in the dark. A puff of purple smoke popped and my mom fell flat below me. I could hear Scarlet cackling again, “Ahaha yes I am the greatest; I’m the greatest witch there ever was! Haha” “WITCH !” cried the towns people, soon I could see the inside of my father’s satchel I was in the globe. He took the globe out and we could see what was happening. Without any hesitation she strapped on a ball and chain to her foot and pushed her-self off the edge.
Thinking she had all of the female witches power but she didn’t. She let her selfishness drown her the way she killed her sisters and her attempt at killing us. My mother snapped her fingers and we were back in my house the house I was supposed to grow up in .I was seven again I got to start a new or go back to the what could have been. No one ever really gets a chance to start over I guess I’m lucky in a way I have seen elven more years than any other 7 year old and I’m at witch, which was cool and I planned on keeping that one to myself and using it to my advantage.

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