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March 18, 2015
By kempolivia, Dexter, Michigan
kempolivia, Dexter, Michigan
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My eyes slowly fall away from Finn Lavity’s, who has just opened the door for me. Forest green, and the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my entire life…
“Evie, you’re here!” shouts Macy from her living-room couch. Startled, I hop out of my daydream. She has her arm around Paul Raymond, her recent beau. Music blares in what I think is supposed to be the background, but it overpowers all sound in Macy’s house. She gives Paul a quick peck on the cheek before she gets up to greet me.


It's Evelyn's dream night. Her first party, a new dress, a gorgeous crush who's also there, a poular best friend. But when Macy does the unthinkable, and Evelyn runs into the woods, something attacks her, leaving her passed out. She wakes up in the Plant, where she overcomes her biggest obstacle. The Masked.

Olivia K.


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