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The Fool Of The Desert

November 22, 2016
By BlueSpectacles, Mashpee, Massachusetts
BlueSpectacles, Mashpee, Massachusetts
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"I'm too pretty to die!" -Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age: Inquisition


Jatayu Sampati lives in a world where some of the population has the power of control. Control of the four elements, the weather, invisibility, and much more. She is stolen from her mother because she is one of these Demihumans, and that means she must be separated like wheat from the chaff, prepared for endless ghettoes and movement.
One foggy evening she meets an eccentric dragon girl, who frees her from her cage of sorrow. But she is not quite as bound to her morals as Jatayu.
What will happen when these two allies clash?

KatieBeth C.

The Fool Of The Desert

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