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How to Brutally Murder a Bird That Mocks

March 6, 2017
By jdwhite5500, Boise, Idaho
jdwhite5500, Boise, Idaho
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How to Brutally Murder a Bird That Mocks is a parody of To Kill a Mockingbird, full of references to the source material and to pop culture. It tells the story of a family of finches as they meet characters along the way that both help and hurt the community. Atticus Finch is the fearless leader and researcher of the group. He is the father of Jem and Scout. Jem is the eldest son and the leader-to-be of the group, as he finds opportunities to make decisions that may cost them their lives. Scout Finch is the youngest son in the family who wants to be heard, but Jem won't let him.

They meet characters along the way including Dill the Pickle and Tom Robin the Robin. The readers are also introduced to Bob Owl and his adopted mockingbird daughter Mayellacopter. Mayellacopter is a boy-crazed teenage girl who has a pet anvil, as naming inanimate objects as pets was a norm of the culture. However, what she didn't know was that her anvil was a government artifact that was sent to her to protect. After she accidentally breaks the anvil, she is put on trial to be killed. Can Atticus, Jem and Scout save the day and fight against the evil bird government?

Meet the Head Bird, the leader of the bird government. As he is an irrational leader, he still wants what is best for the people of the Honeycomb. However, as the Head Bird is away, his second-in-command is both power and war crazed, complete with his own self-destruct button and bird-war button. What will happen to the finches? Can they protect Mayellacopter?

Go Fix a Man That Watches (Part II) continues where Part I left off as New Stork City is on the rise and the finches are on the run to save the day once again. However, contention arises and the birds discover their true loyalties as secrets tear them apart.

Both parts serve as a metaphor about the growing society, but also expresses ideas of working together for the common good. It shows power-crazy individuals who want themselves to be benefited, but the story also shows the meaning of sacrifice and protecting those you love.


How to Brutally Murder a Bird That Mocks

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