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Two sides and One Body

September 27, 2018
By RandomHuman, Greenwood, Arkansas
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RandomHuman, Greenwood, Arkansas
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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~ Nicholas Flamel

Author's note:

I know of someone who has split personalities. I have met Nixon and he was such a polite man, even though Aaron is a girl, but I loved meeting him. Nixon was so interesting and as well as polite. I never knew about Damien though until a certain day happened... He never said anything that harmed me, but he's said that others are scared of him. I wasn't since I was more worried about Aaron and Nixon since she told me that he was made up of her insecurities and depression. The idea of personifying them popped into my head when I had to write this and when I met Damien happened yesterday so I decided to do that as a story.

The author's comments:


Nixon stood back as he watched Aaron talking to her friends, only to notice that something was off. There was a dark aura around her as her friends looked unsure about how she was acting in such a strange way. Something was wrong and the brunette didn’t like it. Even though he was just her gentleman side, he wanted to protect her and that was it. Once the small female had left her friends was when the aura became ominous, and Nixon knew who it was Damien. All that man ever did was cause her to suffer! Damien had a sly smirk painted across his face as he continued to taunt her about all the things that bring her down to her lowest, the things that cause her to feel like a trapped animal inside a cage. That foul man… The tall male marched his way over to Aaron in a few strides before pulling Damien off of her.

“You can’t just keep tormenting her Damien, she’s the reason why we exist! You know what will happen if you keep this up, and that is something I refuse to let you get away. Humans were not born to be perfect and you know this. We’re here to protect her!” Nixon barked as he grabbed the slightly shorter male by the collar of his shirt, his green eyes glaring at him.

“Aaron is just a fraile human who fears such a thing as insecurity and intense fear over something ridiculous! I was made out of those elements and that is why I am here,” Damien reminded the brunette. A chuckle escaped between his lips once Nixon’s last comment had processed through his mind, making his chuckle form into a laughter like the unhinged man he was in this body.

The brunette was about to say something until his green orbs glanced over at the small female. All she was doing was just sitting there with a cold look in her eyes as she stared off at nothing. Aaron was numb, and anything that walk past her or a simple butterfly that flew by didn't faze her at the slightest. Everything was just off like someone had flicked a switch. No...he can’t continue this argument with the dark green eyed male any longer. If he did then Aaron might stay numb for a long while or do something unspeakable, and he can not let that happen. Nixon grumbled under his breath as he let go of the Silver haired male before giving him a shove.

“I still don’t see why you were created in the first place? You are just an abomination to her, and I’m sure she feels the same way as well.” Nixon spoke in a nonchalant way and not caring if his words angered the male. Green orbs went from his usual bright and cheery self to a threatening look in his eyes, “If I catch you anywhere near her then you won’t see the light of day again.” All those words were laced with venom as he meant it, and if words were a weapon...then you know what would happen to Damien.

The silver haired male just tsked at the gentleman's words before turning his back to the two and disappeared, leaving a trail of smoke behind like a magician making his assistance disappear. Nixon looked back around only to be greeted with a smiling young woman, thank goodness… He straightened his black tie up a little as it had become a tad crooked before leaning over to place a gentle kiss on Aaron's forehead. A wave of warmth spread throughout his body and Aaron’s as well. Her joy had returned at last.

“I promise to protect you as long as I'm here, m’lady.” Nixon promised. The brunette leaned away from Aaron and took his place by her side with his arms clasped together behind his back, his signature smile still there. When he first arrived, he felt like he has known her his entire life. He might not get to come out to say hello from time to time, but that didn’t bother him. All that really mattered to him was that she as happy and safe...

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