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Vampires of Antell

December 9, 2010
By LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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Author's note: I wrote this in the beginning of sixth grade, its the only serious piece of writing i have finished.

“I thought I saw something”
“Well what was it” said Mincus to his brother shin. “Well we should get going less you want to find out what you saw. Just then a noise and a shadow where seen in the bushes. “Show yourself” said shin as he steadily drew his sword from his belt. Then a young woman stood up from the bushes, her hair red like fire that danced in the breeze.
“Hello” she said her voice smooth like silk, when the boys heard they where speechless because of her beauty. “I am Sydney, and who might you be” she said her smooth voice once more rolling off her tong.
“I am Mincus, and this is my brother shin we are twins of seventeen”
“What might you two be doing in the forest” said Sydney
“J-just traveling” said shin stuttering for a moment as he got a grip on himself.
“Why are your eyes so…so black” said Mincus stepping closer to get a better look. She turned her head to the side slightly but then turned it back to face him properly.
“I-I” she said her silken voice still beautiful even though she stuttered to find the right words. Then she suddenly coked her head as if someone had kicked her. Her black eyes now almost scared though before it seems the girls’ eyes had only one emotion……serenity.
“What” said Mincus cutting himself off because maybe he didn’t want to know the answer.
“Silence” she said and there was silence between them. “There is someone coming” she said as she pursed her lips as she thought of who or maybe what it could be. “No….not her” said Sydney her body now stiff almost stone as she tried to conceal her emotion. “Sydney” a voice came from the trees, as a young woman emerged into their view. “Oh how delightful it seems to me Sydney, that you have made some new friends” said the girl smiling her voice much more childlike than Sydney’s, though she seemed to say it as if she had an angle on which to use sarcasm. “Well, aren’t you going to introduce me” she said her voice ringing with a question.
“I’d be delighted” said Sydney her face now happy but her voice had no more than a hint of anger towards the question. “This is Mincus, and this is Shin” she said pointing to the two boys.
“Interesting names” said the girl her dark brown hair swayed in an almost frightening breeze. Her sky blue eyes where now revealed and they sparkled from light that escaped the tree branches. The light seemed to come from heaven because only an angle could look so beautiful, so fragile, and so unbelievably real.
“Shin, Mincus this is Artemis” she said her arm now adjusted to the direction of the girl. Then Artemis curtsied her white dress seemed to dance to the wind. “We best be on our way right boys” said Sydney with a hasty smile and a quick turn for the opposite direction.
“Wait, I believe I need to find the town of antell could you help me find it”
“How peculiar, that is where we are headed”
“right then, I don’t suppose I could join you three” she said her voice and facial expression to set on undeniable, which of course the boys said yes……could you blame them?
“The journey is far are you sure you are ready to come on this trip with us” said shin as he looked at Artemis’s light blue eyes. He felt if she asked to go she would be ready.
Boy’s conversation
“They are so beautiful” said Shin in a whisper to his brother as the girls talked in a whisper as well.
“Don’t get your hopes up brother, girls like them don’t usually like guys like us” said Mincus putting quite a damper on the situation.
“I’m just saying that what are to gorgeous girls doing in the middle of the forest and just happen to end up in our path, all I’m saying is that there could be something to them that we should know” said Shin putting a new suggestion out there.
Girl’s conversation
“Oh real smart Artemis asking to tag along now they really know something is up” said Sydney her eyes like a black hole, spitting out anger into her sentence.
“Why are u tagging along with them anyway, and why are you angry when I come….odd isn’t it” said Artemis a smirk flashing across her face, as her logic won their word fight.
“I sense something in the scruffy faced black haired boy named Mincus” she paused only for a moment to take a brief glance at him then turn her gaze back to Artemis.
“He is kind of cute” said Artemis studying the two boys and relocating her eyes to Sydney’s face.
“We are only the girls in the forest to them, and that’s all we will ever be if you know what’s good for you”
“Lay off the rules, just trying to have a little fun with the humans” she said her blue eyes almost hypnotic. She tried to hold her ground against the black hole that was Sydney’s eyes.
“Fine, Just the girls in the forest” she said her voice was toned differently now disappointed but happy, as her eyes sparkled like those of a child.
Why just the girls in the forest, Artemis thought to herself, what is she hiding?

Those thoughts were for another day, today is today and the journey to come was more important than Sydney’s strange rules thought Artemis to herself her subconscious blurred with more to think about but it all could wait…..Shin was walking her way.
“Before we leave we should scan the area to see how far we must go to get to our destination and we will stay here for the night” said Shin to the two girls, Sydney had appeared as if the wind had given her a light footed entrance. “Hey Artemis come with me to get some fire wood” Said Shin a half smile emerging on his tan face. “Oh and Sydney why don’t you go and assist Mincus in scoping out the territory”
“Sure…” said Sydney raising her eyebrows and turning to find Mincus. What are these boys trying to do, separate us? The answer to her question was unclear for now….but she would find the answer she was sure of it.
“Sydney, I think we should start over here, is that ok with you” he said pointing to a worn and raged trail, which was almost unable to see.
“Yes let us begin” said Sydney almost skipping to his side as they descended into the dense forest.
“Soooo” said Mincus his voice showing he was unsure of what to say.
“Why are you traveling in the first place” said Sydney, her question starting a conversation.
“Well me, and my brother didn’t like it were we lived so we packed up and left”
“As simple as that” said Sydney surprised
“As simple as that” said Mincus a half hearted laugh as he gazed at the sky in wondrous thought. “Where did you come from” Said Mincus his voice soft and calm as it harmonized with the birds’ song.
“Um same situation as you, I didn’t like home so I left, and it changed me” she said her heart about to burst, or perhaps it would stop beating all together.
“How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Walk on dead leaves and not make a sound”
“I-I I’m very, very graceful on my feet”
“Hmmm How interesting” His voice to Sydney as if he knew. This caused a panicked look on Sydney’s more than gorgeous face.
“What” said Mincus pausing for a moment to analyze her facial expression.
“There” she pointed standing on her tip toes in excitement. He turned his head slowly almost scared of what he might find. It was a tree not just any tree, the biggest tree he had ever seen.
“Let’s climb it”
“Sorry, but are you crazy” he said looking at the tree then back at Sydney.
“Why not?” she said her eyes gleaming in a way that he could not say no.
“You know this could kill me”
“hush, now you want to use your legs, and arms for support” she said propping her arms up between the two trunks of the tree. Her graceful movements like those of a spider spinning a web……like she had climbed this same tree 100 times before.
“Come on your not afraid of heights, are you?”
“I’m coming calm yourself” as he reached the area where Sydney was perched as if in perfect silence.
“Beautiful view isn’t it” said Mincus his hand clutching the tree for dear life. He was now almost certain what was going to happen next, he leaned close to her, but unsure he began to recoil to his past position. Then she swiftly kissed him and then reclined, the moment lasting for but one second.
“I-I” he couldn’t find the words, he was stupefied, he began to speak again……
“No” was the last thing he heard until his blurry sight was darkened by the setting sun.
He began to open his eyes and he heard
“He is not going to make it we must bite him”
“No I don’t want this for him”
“This is the only thing left for him Sydney” “we have to do the same for shin, because when Mincus wakes up, he would be in danger” said Artemis her tone angry, and scared, and so many other emotions unable for one person to hold.

Sydney leaned down to him and whispered in his ear, “I am so sorry” she said a tear running down her cheek from her expressionless eyes. It was either there was no emotion at all or too much emotion that if she showed it she would burst. She leaned closer and he closed his eyes again letting darkness rule. The pain burned through his skin his body went numb……as he heard his brother scream for mercy.
“They will be out for the next few hours” Said Artemis a trickle of blood coming from her now revealed fangs.
“Ok” said Sydney wiping the tear from her pail face. It hurt her more than it hurt them she would have done anything else than hear them scream in pain at her own accord. She thought to herself, how could she have forced this upon them both.
“This is going to be a long day” said Artemis her eyes glowing in unison with the moon.
“Yes, a long night is more like it” said Sydney gently stroking the palm of her hand against minuses angelic brown hair.
The moon shone bright as the moon rose higher into the sky.

The suns faded light brightened, and the sun began to rise. Hours passed. They awoke; he sat up strait, and suddenly felt not quite nauseous but something close. He looked around, but could not find her face.
“Its ok I’m here now” Said Sydney her silky smooth voice playing over, and over in his head.
“Where is my brother?” he said the words not coming out as he planned.
“Calm down, don’t strain yourself, he is ok Artemis is taking care of him” she said a smile on her face. “You should lay back down you don’t look so good” she said gently laying his head on his pillow. He hadn’t forgotten what had happened, a mere couple of hours ago. They kissed, and then he fell out of a tree, so they changed him and his brother into vampires it was as simple as that.
“AHHHHH” The pain coursed thru his body making it unable to breathe, if he even had the capability to breathe at all.
“They need blood now Sydney”
“I know”
“Where do we go?”
“Antell, that’s where we wanted to go in the first place”
“What if someone, you know a vampire notices us, I heard vampires down south are very hostile”
“Well one, or two vampire would go against 4, I don’t think so”
“What if there are more than us, what if the boys can’t control themselves?”
“We will hold them back then run like hell, always works against hostile vampires”
“Ha, funny and then what if there aren’t?”
“Then we choose an individual and go after them… you look like you could use a snack yourself”
“Are my eyes going white?”
“Yep, you practically look blind”
“We will leave when the sun is highest in the sky, about noon”
“Sounds like a plan, I’ll pack all we need…to look normal anyway”
As soon as they were ready they set off in search of their next meal. An open field lay wait for them, the grass waving in the wind. The town although small was, quite upbeat and loud on this particular date. The dirt road now turned to brick, and people came in crowds.
“What is going on” asked Shin, staring blankly at the stone columns of what seemed to be a church. A man seemed to over hear his question.
“Why it’s the anniversary of The Day of Light”
“Pardon me sir, but what exactly are you celebrating?” asked Artemis her mind incapable of knowing that she didn’t know.
“We are celebrating the day that the youngest member of the church killed the last of the vampires that lingered in the surrounding woods” said the man his voice and expression saying he was in a state of confusion.
As the man turned to walk away Sydney gently taped him on the shoulder.
“Yes” said the man still confused
“Is there a story that goes with your fairly infamous holiday?” said Sydney her stern black eyes fixed on the man
“I don’t remember, but at the church there is usually a story of the times of The Vampire Wars.
“Thank you sir” she said very formally spinning to disconnect eye contact. The man waited for a moment to answer any further question, and then slowly slipped away with the passing crowd.
“Do you suppose we should pay a visit to the church” said Mincus looking at everyone his eyes now turning distort with white but then returning to his original color.
“You two need blood” said Sydney looking closely at his eyes. “His pupils are dilating soon he won’t be able to control himself” her brain swam with inconceivable images of what could happen. They might die, or worse they would die and she would live. Her thoughts faded when Mincus tightly squeezed her hand. His face tensing as he clinched his jaw. His pupils fully dilated now, His body locked like a building collapsing inward. She clamped her hands to his arm to insure that he could not move. He wasn’t Mincus anymore he was a blood thirsty animal now regret for his actions his only will was to kill.
“come with me” she said to him softly leading him to a small dark ally. Walking casually making sure no one was looking.
“Be still” Said Sydney leaning against the wall of the lightless ally way, only her face peeked the corner of the wall. A man walked there way his mind wondered. Like a flash of lightning the man was down his neck broken, by one swift hit of Sydney’s hand. She leaned down grabbing the man’s caller, and dragging him into the darker part of the ally where Artemis and Shin had appeared. She paused to look up and then suddenly, and quite unexpectedly she bit him. Two streams of blood running down the man’s neck. She pulled away and gestured to the man as she licked her blood red lips. One by one they drank the blood their eyes returning to normal, their lips now red, they were done.
“I think the blood and corps will give us away” said Shin his spunky smile now returned to his handsome face.

Then a smoke a dim smoke come from deeper in the ally and the corps was gone
“All taken care of” said Sydney “Didn’t you know to get rid of the body you should burn it?” She said clapping the dirt off her hands “Now the blood is another matter”.

Smiles lit there ever so gorgeous faces. “These people are so blind, we aren’t that bad” said Artemis shrugging her shoulders
“Exactly…except for the fact that we eat them” said Shin his sarcasm always present to lighten the mood of four vampires.
“Maybe he knows where the church is” said Sydney walking up to a young man with a goatee.
“Excuse me sir” she said hoping to get his attention.
“Yes” he said smiling
“Where is the church?” She said back as the man pointed to a large building and tipped his black hat.
“Apparently it’s over there” said Artemis as they all looked at the huge worn stone building.

They walked in, the inside far more beautiful than the outer part of the church
“How nice to see new faces” a voice said from the doors of what they guessed was a chapel. The man came up to them, he was wearing a black suit.
“Who might you strapping young lads be?” he said to Shin and Mincus.
“I’m Mincus this is my brother Shin” said Mincus his voice very uneasy. Sydney grabbed his hand,
“Well I’m Sydney” she said shaking his hand with her free hand. “And this is Artemis” she said before Artemis could give her reply.
“Well I’m Collin” he said his eyes flickering to the side, though only for a fragment of a moment. This caught Artemis’s attention. She turned to face what he had seen. Three people lay wait against the beige walls of the church.
Collin’s eyes widened as he saw who it was.
“I have to go” he said rushing to the people.
“We must also leave, quickly now do not let them study your face” said Sydney pulling everyone to the door and flinging them into the town square.
“Who are they…Collin and the others I mean?” said Artemis almost angry. That was the only emotion that did not look good on her flawless face.
“What are you keeping from us” said Mincus his eyes yearning for an answer.
“We can’t talk here” she said trying to pull them onward.
“No we aren’t going without an answer” said Shin his face serious which to them seemed impossible.
“I used to know them; they were friends but not anymore. We were a group; they are the ones who changed me. They’re not good vampires like us. They can wipe out an entire town in a week. They kill for fun.” She said her black eyes telling what she had seen. “They don’t like other vamps in their territory”
“Ok so we need to leave, like right now” said Mincus trying to understand all he could.
“Let’s go” said Artemis as they all turned to the place they had entered.
They walked until they were in the middle of the clearing between the town and forest. They stopped and sat, the grass casting shadows against the dirt. It was silent and then…
“Hello” said a voice unfamiliar to them. They turned to face who or whatever it was speaking to them. It was a girl, maybe 15 or 16.
“I have seen you in town why are you leaving in such a hurry” said the girl her hair in a braded pony-tail. Her white dress whipping in the wind, her eyes set on them and nothing else.
“No reason” said Mincus taking lead in the conversation.
“Don’t you dare lie to me…Mincus” she said looking at him only.
“Who are you” said Shin standing up.
“The question is who are you vampires and what are you doing here?” she said making them all tremble.
“You can tell me or I can tell Collin” she said her face solid as stone.

“How do you know?” said Sydney standing forward in an impact ready position.
“You think I’m going to fight you” the girl said as one eyebrow rose.
“Well I don’t know it depends on why you’re here” said Sydney ready for anything.
“Silence you fool, I’m only here for him” said the girl pointing to Mincus. The girl knew something would happen she just never expected what would happen next.

Sydney heard these words and her heart felt like it exploded. Her once concealed emotions seeped through her once expressionless face. Tears rolled down her face and she clenched her jaw and bared her fangs. She fell to her knees’ and screamed, but that scream turned into a growl as she stood up. She locked eyesight with the girl. She then mouthed the very words the girl was scared to hear.
“I’m going to murder you” she mouthed the words so perfectly the girl could not have mistaken what she said. Sydney with an ever so evil grin on her face threw herself at the girl knocking her to the ground. Sydney raised her hand up to deliver the final blow. Then a light almost, like a light from the heavens shot between them and the earth was still. And a being appeared from the earth its figure black as the sky with no stars. This being held up its hands to either side of its body. It was holding its hands out to the girls. Sydney getting off her knees slowly held up her arm to the being. The girl did not move from her position, for she was frightened. As Sydney and the beings hands met she dropped to her knees once more. Her face blank, her eyes now full of color. The dark being became light, and a girl formed from the darkness. The world was lighter now. This girl this thing was not of human nature. This beings face more beautiful than that of Aphrodite’s. The strange being let go of Sydney’s hand, and turned to the girl.
It said “Sadie you know me, why do you fear me?” holding out its hand a flash of light emerged from it, hitting the one named Sadie. Then as soon as this being had entered it slowly slipped away. Mincus ran to Sydney’s side and dropped to his knees with her.
“Are you ok, what happened?” asked Mincus in a mixture of words.
“I understand” She said in a whisper.
“Understand what?” asked Mincus.
“Why we are here, why Vampires exist, Why we are this empty shell”
“Why then?” said Mincus anticipating her every word.
“We are the cycle, we are the balancers, we keep the world in line without us, and there would be too many people. Without vampires we would end up killing off everything that keeps us alive. We have kept the cycle going all this time. We are almost eternal so we don’t rule, and so we can’t be killed off.” As she said this she wiped the tears from Mincus’ eyes.

Shin and Artemis also heard this and they wept as well. The girl named Sadie got up. She walked slowly over to Sydney.
“What, have you come to insult, or brews me more than you already have?” said Sydney getting up and sliding Mincus behind her.
“Do you know who that was” she said almost insulted.
“No she spoke to you as someone who would know her or it”
“Her name is Jacquelyn, Queen of the fairies”
“How odd, No really what was she” said Sydney assuming that Sadie was lying.
“Do you, of all people doubt the mystifying power you have just witnessed?”
“I do not doubt the fact that she was a great being, but of the fairies, how absurd to believe such power is wielded by a race of such weak people.”
“Hold your tong, your race no stronger than ours. You know no strength, you now only the anger that rules you” Said Sadie calm, and certainly not afraid.
Sydney took a deep breath and spoke again “Let me guess you bring words of hatred, but these words instill darkness in you alone. Do you think that if there is no war amongst you that you are pure?”
“No when we act out of our ways we ask for forgiveness, that is what makes us the pure of heart, because we know when we are wrong.”
“As do I but I have no one to ask for forgiveness, that is why we act on will. Cause have no one to teach us the way of light”
“I…I am sorry. Jacquelyn told me my fate was set with you. I doubted that us of light mesh with you, the dwellers of the dark”
“Why would you help us, how could you help us?” said Sydney confused.
“I am supposed to lead you, guide you, and protect you of what is to come. That is all that she told me.”
“What is the harm, she is supposed to protect us, and she can’t betray her own kind” said Shin his hand reaching out to except her in.
“So Jacquelyn brings us peace”

“How nice, a reunion once more” said Collin a full smile on his face. The look of shock was in all their faces as Collin walked closer. “Sadie, how delighted I am to see your face” he said carefully tracing his palm on her jaw line.
“No, this reunion is most unpleasant” she said grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand away from her face.
“Fine if that is the way you feel” he said these words as he clinched his fists. He started to walk away. Then he turned and said, “I will come back, I will make certain of it, oh and she will be here next time” he said turning away and disappearing into thin air.
“What is this she he speaks of?” asked Mincus to Sadie, who was like a block of ice.
“Oh….My……God” said Sydney “I know who he speaks of” she said her body shaking in fear.
“This cannot be, for she was only myth, in my human time” said Sadie her fear showing though she tried to restrain herself.
“But in the story, she was said to be defeated and she was sealed away for all time. And that the only ones who could release her were the dwellers of night” she said her mind full of thoughts, and questions to be answered.
“So these dwellers of the night, they are us right?” asked Mincus.
“Maybe, but there are more powerful things than us that also share the night” she said analyzing every possible answer.
“Like what?” asked Shin, who had become interested with the conversation.
“You don’t even want to know” said Sydney laughing a little as she said it, though she knew it was no laughing matter. While these three where reminiscing about plausible creatures. Artemis was humming a tune, probably in Latin by the sound of it. And Sadie was just exploring, but staying very close.
“O my gosh, I know what it is, it is the creature that only comes out on the darkest night. And that’s today”.

All together Sadie, Artemis, Shin, And Mincus stared at her bewildered.
“And what might that be exactly” said Sadie raising an eyebrow.
“Ambrontialis, Very, very lethal. Ambronatialis is a type of serpent, lion, with wings. You probably have never heard of it because it only comes out to feed off of people’s souls.”
“Oh well if that’s the case then, how delightful” said Artemis her child like voice making it sound even more sarcastic.
“Are you serious?” said Mincus holding his breath.
And all shin could manage to say was “Oh Crap!”

Sydney shook her head at them and walked past not even looking to see if they were coming.
“It will be dark soon and we don’t want to find the wrong one on accident” said Sydney stepping lightly as if not even touching the ground. There was no talk till night struck. And the night shot the day out of the sky, and darkness brought company to the world.
“What do you mean the right one?” said Mincus to Sydney.
“The Ambrontialis, there are three of them known to still be alive. As I said earlier, that we didn’t want to meet the wrong one, there is a certain one Collin is after. The eldest Ambrontialis is what Collin is seeking. Its shiny main is its symbol. It will be difficult to even find it, let alone get it on our side.”
“Well, I guess we should go look for the thing that might kill us” said Sadie stunned, simply mortified at this new task we were forced to take up. Reluctantly they went north east in the direction the white sun rose. They passed dark fields and ghostly towns, were people slumbered peacefully. Sweet cool air rustled past them. Sydney stopped suddenly, taking in a deep breath.
“The scent, I don’t know how close, but it’s him all right.”
The moon now rose above still tree tops, but it was red, like blood. No stars occupied the black lifeless sky. The red moon shone on every one of their faces as they waited, holding their ground against what they knew was coming. A loud screech came from mere miles away, the sound was breathtaking and terrifying, it was the kind of thing that brought back all the bad things that have ever happened to you. It makes your emotions burst with hate and sorrow and pain for the people who love you, and who you love back. A low rumble in the bushes caught their attention. A deer leaped out, and proceeded to eat the grass on which it stood. And all of a sudden the sky lessened of its light and it was as if the whole world went dark. They turned to look, only to find huge expanded wings of the Ambrontialis blocking the bleeding moon. It looked them over, its green eyes ablaze. It barred its teeth almost in a grin, and it let out a cry that would have made your ears bleed, and your mind explode on impact. Eyes wide Mincus said, “I insist we run…now!” They all ran, so scared their feet barely touching ground.
“What are we going to do?” said Artemis asking for all of them. The ground vibrated with every step taken by the Ambrontialis.
“We…We have to fight it” said Sydney, “It’s the elder Ambrontialis, It’s the only way”. No one wanted to hear those words, although they all knew it was coming. In the blink of an eye Sydney stopped running, her feet sliding on loose dusty dirt. When she came to a halt, a cloud of dust fallowed her. The monstrous demon stopped to, confused of her decision, although it was still as happy at the thought of a Vampire supper. Seconds later, Mincus, Sadie, Artemis, and Shin Joined Sydney, standing on either side of her, they for the right moment. Now, a single star shined bright in the sky.
“She’s watching us you know, she’s the star” said Sadie, not taking her eyes off the beast. Even though she did not say who, they all knew it was Jacquelyn who was watching. How nice if her to get a front row seat to what might be there ultimate destruction.

The Ambrontialis bared its viper fangs that glistened with venom. It hunched its back, and growled deviously at them. And then a loud whistle came from the woods, and from them came Collin and his friends.
“Not yet, I want a good look of their faces when they die” Said Collin directly to the Ambron.
“Collin my dear, why can’t we take them out ourselves, we have no real need for this little kitten?” said the red headed girl to the left of Collin.
“Silence Katelyn, three against five really isn’t a fair match, but now we are even” Smiles harbored their beautifully evil faces, and then they became serious once more. Collin lifted his hand, and the Ambron lowered into a pouncing position. Then Collin flicked his hand, and the Ambron leaped its talons fully out stretched, ready to kill. The group split, running on either side of the beast, trying to fence it in. It saw the attack and countered back, sweeping its mammoth paws at them. It hit Artemis and Mincus, knocking them to the ground. In spite of the fatal blow they got to their feet once again ready to fight. Shin and Sadie, grabbed the Ambron’s huge tail, and pulled it back. It slid across the ground as they swept it aside. Its claws got grip of the soil, and it stood, and swept its mighty tail, flinging them effortlessly. They skidded on the ground, creating tunnels of dusty smoke. These actions had no affect on it whatsoever. Sydney in spite of herself, jumped upon the Ambron, taking hold of it glittery silver main and had not the slightest thought of letting go. It threw her side to side, and up and down, but it could not shake her solid grip. The others took the chance; they grabbed each of the Ambron’s four paws, and held it firmly to the ground. Sydney saw the opportunity and sheathed a sword she had been harboring. She held it in her hands as she stood on the Ambron’s back. Then she jumped, slicing down the monsters side as she fell to the ground. When she reached the ground, her blade was covered in silver Ambron blood. She had left a huge cut down the creature’s side, and she planned to make a lot more. She whipped the silver blood of her blade, and ran to the front of the monster. The others struggled to hold down the huge paws, but somehow they managed. It threw its head down trying to bite her; she came within inches of its fangs several times. She stood her ground, straight in front of it. It came down at her, like a great meteor, and she closed her eyes. She held up her sword, and felt a great weight on her arms. She let go of the swords hilt, and opened her eyes. Before her law the dead body of the Ambron, its lifeless eyes staring her down.
“NO!” said Collin fiercely, his whole being full of anger.
“Fine then…I’ll kill you myself!” he said holding up a sword. His eyes turned a ghastly shade of red. The earth rumbled and quaked beneath them. Then, it split, ripping earth and spitting ferocious magma. Then, he began to run towards them, and stopped short. He dropped to his knees and dropped his sword to his side. He looked to his chest to find three arrows stuck in his black evil heart. He looked up, and mouthed the word “how?” then; he fell forward, dead in his tracks. His friends wide eyed and opened mouthed, looked to the forest behind Sydney and her friends. A great light shot from the heavens, and a huge orb of sunlight sat in the far end of the field. A familiar girl stepped from the orb, and walked towards them. She stopped a few yards away, and held out her hand. Sydney, Mincus, Shin, Sadie, and Artemis Held Out there hands to Jacquelyn. Collins friends stood awed for a moment, and then they turned to step away. Then Jacquelyn held out her other hand and a ray of light shot from it, hitting them in the back. As soon as they had been there they were gone, and in their place ashes rained. Jacquelyn looked once more to them “Destruction has come to those who deserve it” said in a voice that sounded like a slow morning rain, or a birds song. “Let’s just hope that I never have to visit you five this way again”. And in a flash she was gone. The earth came together in the place where magma had begun to cool. Black became light, day streaked the sky, and all were peaceful once more.

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