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The Power Weilder

January 7, 2011
By Kagra15 BRONZE, flint, Michigan
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Kagra15 BRONZE, Flint, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"You can take away everything that people hold close to them, but you really cant away their love"

Author's note: It was origionally inspired by my boyfriend, and a little of this and a little of that.

A teenage girl stands under an old oak tree watching all the other children play, well holding a black long case, she walks to the park everyday to wait to see if her friends are there. But no one ever comes. She walks home that night wondering why does everyday end this way. Her father and mother are no longer together, her father long gone since her birth and her mother working all the time at home. Her mother still finds time for her two sons and one daughter, even though the girl prefers to be alone a lot, the girl smiles for her mother who has lost and gand so much. The girl’s name is Lillian, she is 14, and has long brown hair, green eyes that sparkle when sunlight hits them, and pale white skin that seems to glow.
She hears a noise like a group of people walking her way, she turns the corner to see that it is, a group of teenage boys. She walks past them as fast as she can without looking suspicious. She is stopped by a tall boy around 15 or 16years old, he has pale skin and black short hair. “Hi there, you know you shouldn’t be out this late at night, a vampire might get cha.” He laughs.
“I’m not afraid of a mythical creature.” She whispers passing him.
“Hey I didn’t say you could leave yet.” The boy says as he grabs Lillian’s arm.
“I don’t take orders from you now release my arm.” She says glaring at him.
“And what if I don’t? What is a little girl like you going to do, huh?” He says with a smirk.
“I will be forced to hurt you.” She jerks away from him and out of his hold.
“But what if I’m not killable?” He says staring at her as his friends sneak up behind her. “What if I’m a scary vampire?” He says with a evil smile well raising his arms to look scary.
“Vampires aren’t real.” She replays‘. And then the boy’s friends grab a hold of Lillian’s arms. She screams but one puts his hand over her mouth. She bites the boy’s hand and he lets out a cry in pain and curses under his breath. “Let go!” She screams.
“Rusn lets get this over with so we can get out of here before someone hears her.” Says the boy who’s hand was bitten.
“Fine, lets just get a drink and go.” Rusn says disappointedly. He moves toward Lillian as he smiles showing his long white fangs. He leans in to bite her. She gets her left arm free from the boy holding it and punches in the face making him bleed.
“Don’t even think about it.” She says as she jerks at the other boy holding her right arm, but the boy has a hold to tight for her to break free from. “Let go, now!” She yells and punches the boy with her fist covered in Rusn’s blood. The boy curses and throws Lillian against the ally wall, she yelps in pain as she smacks her head against it and starts bleeding. Rusn stands up and walks over to her,
“You should not have done that.” He says angrily and holds her up against the wall by her shirt. “Now your goin to have to pay for it hun.” He says with a smirk as he raises her higher in the air.
“Let me go! Or. Or”
“Or what? Your going to hurt me again? You have some sharp teeth but from this distance you cant bite me, but I can bite you.” He says laughing a little, moving closer to her neck. He sniffs her and says, “ You smell like a good meal. haha.” She tries to fight back but he’s to strong for her. She closes her eyes thinking -I didn’t want to use it but I’m going to have to if I want to get out of here alive- She reaches for the black case on her back and pulls out a long silver sword and thrusts it at the now close Rusn and watches his surprised face turn to a painful look as blood gushes out of his wound and splatters over her and the ally wall. Lillian falls to the ground landing on her feet.
“I told you I would hurt you.” She turns her back to Rusn who is laying on the ground in pain. “Now I will tell you this much whoever or whatever you are. Take your friend and leave, or you will end up like him. What is your decision?” She asks as she stands there covered in blood and glaring at the group of male vampires, as she raises her sword as a threat. “I ask, what is your decision?” The vampires look at each other and run past her to Rusn, and grab him and then they vanish in thin air. “That’s what I thought.” She says as she leans against the wall and slides down it, putting way her sword. “I thought they didn’t exist.” She whispers to her self as she looks at the blood on her, “How am I supposed to explain this to my mom.” Lillian tries to stand put falls from the lose of blood. She tries again and stumbles to the ground and her vision starts to blur, as she sees a tall young man stand over her.
“Hm. That was very interesting girl. Now lets get you some help.” He says as he lifts her into his arms as she passes out.

She wakes up to nothing but darkness hours later, she is in a warm bed and sits up, “No, lay and rest. It is tiring work fighting a group of young male vampires. You know, that sword of yours saved your life.” Her eyes a just to the dark and she sees a young man sitting in an arm chair next to the bed she is laying in. He has short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is just staring at her with wondering eyes.
“Yea, well its not the weapon that’s important it’s the one using it.” She says as she sits up. “I can't rest long, I have to get home.” She says as she stands up next to the man.
“I wouldn’t try standing just yet, you have lost quiet a lot of blood. Rest till morning and I will take you home then.” He says as he appears in front of her. Forcing her to sit down. He looks at his hand now covered in almost dried blood. “You should get cleaned up. The bath room is down the hall.” He says as he helps Lillian up and pulls her toward a long dark hall.
“I doesn’t matter cause when I put my clothes back on I will have blood all over me again.” She says looking down. He stops at a room and tells her,
“I will get you something to ware so do not worry. And by the way I’m Aryan.”
“I’m Lillian.” She whispers. He pushes her into the room and walks away into the dark. Lillian feels around for a light switch and flicks on the light. She screams and falls against the wall. Aryan knocks on the door.
“ Are you alright Miss Lillian?” She looks at the reflection again and feels relieved.
“Yea, I’m fine thanks.” She turns on the shower and undresses and gets in. Well feeling the warm water on her skin washing away the blood of the vampire Rusn. She whispers to herself, “I guess what happened tonight really wasn’t a horrible dream.” She steps out of the shower and sees a towel and something hanging on the door. She reaches for the towel first and wraps it around her, she then reaches for what is on the door, it has a note on it.

Miss Lillian, .
I have found this old thing in the closest, I think it will fit you so I put it on the door. Don’t worry I didn’t peek. .
Aryan. .

She looks at it and sees its in a cover and she takes it out and it’s a long blue and black silk dress with sleeves that hang off the shoulders. “Uh? I don’t think something like this will look any good on someone like me.” She says out loud.
“Well the only way to know is to try it on.” Aryan says outside the room, leaning against the wall.
“You were listening?” She says blushing.
“Well you said it out load so I thought you wanted me to hear.” He says with a chuckle. “Come on at least try it on Miss Lillian.”
“Fine but I will look ridicules. “ She says slipping on the dress. Minutes later she walks out to now a nicely lit hall. She doesn’t see anyone so she heads to a nearby stair case. And she goes toward the reading room.
“So did it fit Miss Lillian?” He says as he appears behind her. She jumps behind a wall.
“I look ridicules.”
“I’ll be the judge of that.” He says with a smile pulling her out so he can see her. He blushes.
“See you think it looks funny on me too.” Lillian heads toward the stair case. Aryan grabs her arm,
“No you don’t, you look stunning. I just didn’t expect it to fit that well. Or to look so good.” He says shyly still blushing.
“Really?” She says as she looks it over. “Where did you get a thing like this anyway?”
“See I just moved here, my grandparents died so I was given this house. And I live here with my two older brothers, who are out right now. And it was in the closet that belonged to my grandmother. She made and collected dresses like this.” He says letting go of Lillian’s arm.
“Wait, two older brothers? Um, its like midnight, where could they be at a time like this?”
“Um ya see, me and my brothers are… um… well we’re….” He stuttered. “Vampires.”
“Vampires?” She asks with a surprised look on her face.
“Yes.” He says looking down.
“Why didn’t you kill me?” She says staring at him.
“Because, I don’t know I just got this feeling from you. And anyway, me and my brothers don’t drink from humans very often. We usually drink from animals we catch.” “You probably hate me and want to go home and never talk to me again. Don’t you?” He asks still looking down. Lillian lifts his chin.
“ Why would I hate you?” She starts to blush.
“Because of what I am.”
“I do not hate a kind because of a few bad ones.”
“You know your different. Any other human would probably start screaming and running.” He says with a smirk.
“Well I’m not any other human you know.”
“Yea.” He replies.
“Well, Well what do we have here?” Says a man standing behind Lillian.
“Yes it is very weird isn’t it brother?” Says another man sitting on the stair case.
“Hm. Interesting, she smells like she has vampire blood on her.” Says the man standing behind Lillian as he sniffs her. “Why is that Aryan?” He says looking at Aryan.
“Well you see Alexander… she was attacked by a group of young vampires and..” He stuttered.
“And you saved her?” Alexander said with a smirk.
“No, she used her sword and hurt the lead vampire and that scared the rest away.” He said as he looked at Alexander.
“Huh? This little girl hurt a lead vampire? Some how I don’t think that’s what happened.” The other brother said as he appeared next to Lillian as he played with a little of her hair.
“Um, really that is what happened.” She said shyly.
“Hm? So you speak. Aren’t you afraid we’ll eat you?” He said with a laugh.
“Leave her alone Crusan.” Aryan said to Crusan.
“No, I’m not afraid of any of you.” She said as she made eye contact with Crusan.
“Haven’t you ever heard not to make eye contact with a vampire. We can control your mind.” He said.
“Yes, and I am not that easily controlled.”
“I think I like this girl. Haha.” Crusan said to Alexander with a laugh.
“Yes she is very different. Hah” Alexander agreed with a laugh.
“Haha very funny. Now if you don’t mind I need to clean my sword before it stains.” Lillian said as she headed toward the stair case.
“Hah, so it is true you hurt the lead vampire. It was probably one of the weak ones. Haha.” Crusan said as he laughed.
“Miss Lillian, um I put your sword back in its case. Its in the reading room.” He says to her.
“Oh. Ok.” She says as she walks past the three vampire brothers. Alexander grabs her arm. He looks at it. “What?”
“Very interesting. Crusan look at this mark on her arm.” It was a birth mark she had sense she was born. It looked like a sword. “Weird don’t you think?”
“Hey! Its not weird it looks like any other kind of birthmark….” Lillian complained.
“What??” The brothers all said at the same time.
“This cant be a birth mark. If it was it would mean that you are the one who is supposed to have blood that gives the drinker great power.” Alexander said.
“So I’m different. How can my blood be any different than any other human.”
“I don’t know but we have to keep you safe from vampires or they will try to get the power. And especially Granfil.” Aryan said to his brothers.
“Granfil? Who’s that?” Lillian asked with a blank expression. They stared at her surprised, and then they looked at each other and started laughing.
“Are you serious women?” Crusan laughed as he pointed at Lillian.
“My name is not women… its Lillian.” She whispered looking at him. “And yes I am serious. Who is Granfil?” Crusan stopped laughing and pulled her to the reading room and sat her down. The others followed and sat down next to her as Crusan sat in front of her, all three of them were close to her at that moment which made her uncomfortable. “Um, why are you guys sitting so close?”
“Cause, its funny.” Alexander said chuckling a little.
“And you smell good.” Crusan said licking his lips and then they all laughed.
“And your… kinda…. different… “ Aryan said blushing a little. Alexander and Crusan looked at each other and moved over by Aryan and Crusan said, “Hey Alex I think someone here has a crush on a little human. Hahah.” They both laughed and moved over to Lillian.
“I think my bro there likes you. Wink wink.” Lillian rolled her eyes.
“Why do you have to pick on him?”
“Cause its our job. Even vampires have some things in common with humans ya know?” Crusan said.
“I know… Anyway back to the first question. Who is Granfil?” She asked again. And waited for an answer.
“Fine, Granfil is a master vampire. He is one of the most powerfulest vampire in the world. There are many like him, there are even powerful vampire families like our own. But if he were to get the Power than he would kill every human in the world and kill any vampire who gets in his way.” Alexander said with a serious expression.
“Oh I forgot to ask, did you happen to catch the name of the lead vampire?” Crusan asked.
“I didn’t but maybe Miss Lillian did.” Aryan said looking at Lillian.
“Um one, please don’t call me miss. And second I think I did, I believe his name was Rusn.” She said.
“Rusn?” They all said at the same time.
“Yes. Why? Do you know him?” She said confused.
“Rusn is the right hand man of Granfil. He is very powerful. And a little human girl like you was able to hurt him?” Alexander asked.
“Yes, I hurt him. But just because I’m human doesn’t mean I’m weak.” She said staring at them.
“Ok lets all calm down. Miss.. I mean Lillian, I think you should go to bed and tomorrow I will take you home.” Aryan said.
“No, WE will take you home tomorrow.” Crusan said as he and Alexander leaned on Aryan’s shoulder, smiling.
“Um, ok. If you want to.”
“Yup. Alexander escort the young lady to her room.” Crusan said.
“Very well.” He said as he pulled Lillian up the stairs. They got to the room and he sat her down on the bed. “Were you hurt in the fight? Ok that’s a stupid question. I can smell your blood. Lets see. Your hand is hurt and so is your head.” He said as he got some bandages and bandaged her hand.
“Thanks.” She whispered. Alexander sits down next to her.
“You know, you’re the first human that I’ve ever really met. And it turns out your special. And, my brother Aryan really likes you. That’s why he brought you here. So were going to protect you. Also, we’re going to have go see someone…. That none of us really like… the VHS. Vampire Hunters Society. They will need to know about this.”
“Yea, if you say so.”
“Well you better get some sleep.”
“Ok. Night.”
He chuckles, “Night.”

The Next Morning

“Wakey Wakey, Lillian.” A voice says to her.
“Five more minutes mommy.” Lillian moans.
“I’m not your mommy Miss Lillian. Its me Aryan.” He chuckles. She sits up right away. And looks around and sees the three boys from last night sitting on the bed laughing at her. “I guess your not a morning person are you Lillian?” She hides under the blankets trying to hide how she is embarrassed.
“Aw the little human is embarrassed, its so cute.” Crusan said well pulling the blanket up and sticking his head under it. “It must be embarrassing cause your as red as a cherry Lillian.” He said poking her head.
“Hey don’t do that!” She yells from surprise as she falls out of bed and knocks her head on the floor. “Owwww…. That’s why you cant scare me… “She says as she rubs her head. “That really hurt ya know.”
“Oh stop being a baby Lilly.” Crusan says well poking his head out from under the blankets. Lillian stands up and walks over to the window and stares out the thin cretins‘, well think.
“What you thinking about Lillian?” Aryan asked as he sat down by his brothers. She turned to look at them but fell down.
“I-I don-don’t fee-feel so g-goo-good…” Lillian passed out on the floor. Aryan and his brothers jumped over to her.
“Lillian? Lillian what’s wrong? Please wake up.” Aryan said as he picked her up and sat her on the bed. “Alex what’s wrong with her?” Alexander walks over to her and feels her head, as she breaths heavily.
“She’s got a high fever. But I don’t know why… I think instead of taking her home we should take her to the VHS now…” He said turning to Aryan.
“They might have a better idea of what’s wrong with her?” Aryan asked still looking at Lillian.
“Ok lets get ready to go Crusan… Aryan you t..”
“ No, I’m staying right here till we leave.” Aryan said as he looked at his brothers.
“Fine.” Crusan said as he exited the room with Alexander. Aryan pulled up a chair next to Lillian and sat down looking out the room. As he felt a tug on his shirt.
“Lillian your awake?”
“What’s go-going o-on?” She said with her eyes still closed.
“We’re going to take you to the VHS as soon as possible. Alexander and Crusan went to go pack some stuff.” He said as he stared at her.
“Why are you staring at me?” She said letting go of his shirt.
“How do you know I’m staring at you?”
“I know when someone’s staring at me… I know the fe-feeling.” She feel asleep again.
“Please don’t force your self to talk… your just going to run up the little energy you have left.” He said as his brothers re-entered the room with a back pack.
“How’s the human doing?” Crusan said with a low chuckle.
“What’s so funny Crusan? This is no laughing matter…” Aryan yield as he jumped up. He jumped to get his brother but was stopped by Lillian’s hand and she pulled him on the bed to stop him from fighting.
“Please don’t start fighting…” She breathed heavily. Crusan laughed.
“Well it looks like the human has enough energy for that but she wont be able to walk so one of us will have to carry her.” Crusan said closing his eyes with a sigh.
“N-no, I ca-can w-walk.” Lillian said as she tried to stand and slowly made her way to the door. “I’m not weak, I ca-can w-walk o-on my own.” Her eyes start to tear from the pain but she holds it in so she doesn’t look weak in front the vampires.
“No you cant… its taking everything you have to keep yourself up there, so how are you going to keep that way for a long time huh?” Crusan said staring at her.
“I’m not weak and I don’t need h-help… “ She walks to the stair case with the vampires fallowing close behind. As she falls down to her knees in pain. Using the last of her energy to keep from screaming, as she passes out and falls forward down the stair case. Crusan catches her arm before she can roll down the stair case.
“Stupid girl.” He whispers as he picks her up and puts her on his back. “I’ll carry her for a while…” He says as he exit’s through the front door with Lillian on his back.
“Alexander why do you think she’s sick?” Aryan asks.
“I’m not sure but it might be from that vampire you said she bit or it might even be from her powers awakening or both… The vampire hunters will know maybe…”
“I hope so…” Aryan said as he looked down. He thought to him self - How can a vampire love a human? Can it ever really work for them?” - He walked up to Crusan and looked at him.
“We will probably need to stop for a while in a bit.” He said staring at the sky.
“Yea.” Crusan said as he kept looking strait ahead of him. One hour later they stopped in a field that was away from any paths so they could go hunting.
“Come on Aryan, we’re going hunting.”
“But what about Lillian? We can’t leave her alone.”
“She’ll be fine.. We wont be gone that long now come.” Crusan said as he pulled Aryan behind him. Just as they got into the forest Lillian opened her eyes and was staring at the sky. She sat up and looked around at the dark and saw a figure in the meadow with her.
“Hello? Why is there a human girl all the way out here?” He said to him self as he moved closer to her until he was arms length to her. She tried moving back but she was to weak. “Don’t worry I’m not a vampire… I’m a vampire hunter. So I wont hurt you unless you’re a vampire.” He said pulling out a light to look at her better. “You don’t look all that good.” She just sat there staring at him. She fell backwards onto the ground and laid there just staring straight up. “Hey! Are you alright?” He said as he knelt down next to her to examine her.
“No… I do-don-don’t know wha-whats wrong with m-me…” She said trying to move.
“Well don’t move, I will call someone to come and help me take you somewhere you can be taken care of.” He said as he got out a walky-talky. “Hey I’m going to be bringing in someone I found out here. I think she needs some medical attention so I’ll be back in a bit, Over.”
“Ok. Over.”
“Lets get going.” He said.
“No. I’m waiting for my friends. They will get worried about m-me…” She said shivering.
“I will leave a note on your bag and they can head there ok?” She nodded yes. “Ok now lets get goin.” He said as he lifted her up into his arms and he started running through the forest.

“We’re here.” He said to the sleeping Lillian. And he walked to the big castle like building and walked in side. Then a flood of people rushed to him.
“Who is she Corin?”
“Where did you find her?”
“What’s wrong with her? Look she’s opening her eyes.” Lillian opened her eyes to see all the people looking at her. She freaked out and fell out of Corin’s arms and sat there staring at the ground in pain.
“Hey are you ok?” A tall man asked her. She stayed quiet trying to not scream in pain.
“She’s in pain, look at her face.” Another man younger than the other pointed at her. She looked down.
“I was tol-told by m-my fr-friends that I needed to get to the vampire hunter society. cause someone might be able to help and see what’s wrong… they said it might be the fault of a mark of mine….”She told them and showed them the mark on her arm.
“The Mark of the Power.” Corin said. Lillian passed out. Corin picked her up and headed toward the infirmary. “You need to help her.”
“P-please my friends are still out there… th-they are vampires but good ones…. Just ask them there names… there’s Aryan, Alexander, and Crusan….” She fell asleep again. The group stood at her bed and stared at her blankly.
“She has vampire friends? That’s not normal for a human girl.” Said a man standing at the door. The man was dressed in all black but looked like a teenager. He walked over to her and stared at her like he was looking at an interesting painting. “So who is she Corin?”
“I don’t know. I just found her in the forest covered up in a blanket.”
“Hm. Interesting. I would say we should go look for her friends and bring them to her. It is obvious that her friends were trying to help her so they must be good vamps. So lets go.” He said walking away putting his hands behind his head. Corin looked at Lillian and followed the man.

Hours Later

Lillian opened her eyes to see a boy sitting in a chair next to her bed with his eyes closed. His hand holding hers. She moved trying to see who it was but her vision is still fuzzy. “Ar-Aryan?” The boy moved right away as heard Lillian.
“Lillian? Your awake, that’s great.” He said letting go over her hand so he could leave the room. But a tug stopped him.
“Please don’t leave me alone.” She whispered. “Stay. Please?” She said trying to pull him close to her.
“Uh. Ok.” He said sitting on the bed staring at her as she kept her hand on his shirt. She kept her eyes closed as Aryan shifted his body on the bed until he was laying next to her.
“Why do you care what happens to me?”
“I don’t know, its just this feeling.” He said blushing and holding Lillian close to him. “If you were to die I don’t think I would be able to handle it…” Lillian laid there in his arms, trying to think of how a vampire can be in love with a human.
“Well well.. Looks like she’s feeling better.” Said the boy from last night as he walked in and Aryan jumped out of the bed.
“Um yea I think she is.. Haha.” Aryan said blushing and laughing unconterfably.
“So I guessed right… You do have a crush on her. Aryan-san.” The boy said leaning on Aryan’s shoulder. He moved over to Lillian and looked at her. “I don’t see what’s so special about this little human. She looks like anyoth-” He stared at her in surprise as her hair turned red and her eyes opened and stared at him.
“Wha-what ar-are you st-starin-staring a-at?” She said sitting up.
“Your hair and eyes just turned colors..” He said pulling on her hair to look at it.
“They did? I didn’t see.” She said blushing. “I have something to tell you Aryan…”
“Yes what is it Miss Lillian?” He said moving over too her.
“I found this out the day I was attacked by Rusan… it was why I was out late… My mom said I was adopted…. She said that my real family was murdered and I was almost killed… I belonged to a family that was well know to vampires and vampire hunters alike… I was not killed because no one knew I existed.. My mother and father decided that it would be best for me to not be known to anyone so.. They kept me a secret… that’s why I lived… no one knew I existed… but my father and two brothers taught me how to fight.. I asked them why but they never told me.. So that’s what needed to be known…” She said looking down. She got out of the bed. The boy tugged on her hair. “Ow let go of my hair.” She yelled at him. He tugged on it a little more playfully. Lillian turned around and jumped on him. Her eyes turned yellow as she stared at him.
“Hey that was uncalled for little girl.” He said with a chuckle.
“No it wasn’t you should have let go of my hair. I gave you a warning.” She said getting up and walking over to Aryan. “I’m sorry you have to deal with me.” She said looking down.
“No no do not apoilize, its kinda cool helping you out.” Aryan said.
“Your just saying that cause you got a crush on her. Isn’t that right Aryan-san.” Crusan said well grabbing a hold of Lillian’s arm.
“Let go Crusan… and stop teasing Aryan.” She said tugging away.
“Why should I little human? You cant hurt me.” He said laughing.
“Did you forget what I did to Rusan? I almost killed him… I’m pretty sure I can take you on.”
“You were lucky to have done that, you were able to tap into your power but you did that by accident.” He said with a smile.
“Just let go now.”
“Nope.” He made a mistake when he refused cause Lillian jumped on him and sent him flying to the floor. She stared at him with red eyes. She blushed realizing that she was on top of him and jumped off him. He laid there and laughed at her.
“I told you to let go.” She said blushing and walking over to Aryan. She pulled him through the door. “Aryan, if you liked me you could have just said so ya know?” She said quietly.
“I know, its just.. I don’t think you like me back.” He said looking down.
“What gave you that idea? I kinda.. Do like you..” She said blushing.
“Really?” He said as his brother Crusan ran out of the room and jumped on Lillian causing her to fall forward onto Aryan. “Ow.”
“Aryan you wanted closer to Lilly so I made her come closer.” He said with a childish giggle.
“Crusan!! I’m going to kill y-” He blushed realizing Lillian was on top of him passed out. “Crusan look what you did now she’s probably hurt you idiot!” He said kicking Crusan off her and picking her up and setting her against the wall. “Lillian? Wakey wakey Lillian.” He said shaking her a little.
“Don’t do that.. That kinda hurts…” She said staring at him. She laughed and stood up and faced Crusan. She hit him on the head and made him fall back to the ground. “Don’t do that again.. Its very rude and annoying. “
“Ouch.. So is hitting someone on the head human..” He said rubbing his head.
“As you would say, ‘stop being a baby’.” She said laughing and sticking her tongue out at him. He grumbled under his breath and walked over to Aryan.
“Better be careful she might hurt you to Ary…” He said with a grin.
“Yea well I think you’re the one that needs to be careful Crusan… she doesn’t like you all that much.. Haha.” Aryan said with a laugh.
“I think Crusan is ok… he just gets on my nervous a lot.. Reminds me of my brothers…” She said staring at them. She walked past Aryan to Corin. “Thank you, Corin.” She left back to her room.

The Next Day

Lillian woke to a dark room, she was alone. She thought she was alone but was not sure do to the fact she can not see well in the dark. She stepped out of the bed and walked through the darkened room. She tripped over someone who was lying on the floor and landed on top of him. “Aryan?” She squinted to try to see the person’s face better.
“Owwww.. Get off women.” The boy whispered angrily at her. He pushed her off him and sat up. “Your so blind.” He said rubbing his stomach in pain.
“I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Who are you and why are you lying on the floor?” She said sitting up and heading for the blinds.
“No don’t open them.. It hurts my eyes first thing after waking up.” He whispered. She opened them anyway. She turned back to the boy who was on the floor. She did not know the boy, he had long red hair pulled back into a ponytail and crystal blue eyes, he was wearing all black and next to him laid a magnificent sword. “I told you not to do that.” He jumped up and pushed her out of the way and knocked her to the ground. To the other side of the room so he could a just his vision to the light.
“Ouch… why does everyone keep knocking me down…” She said to her self, getting back up to her feet. She looked at the boy one last time and headed for the door. He jumped in front of her.
“Sorry bout that but I had to see the person who is so powerful… maybe I have the wrong room… cause your just a little girl.” He said looking Lillian over. He stared at him and walked over to her bed and grabbed her sword and sword case and headed back toward the door. She pushed the boy out of the way and headed for the nearest stair way. “Hey wait.” He ran after her but lost her after the third corridor. She hid in a room that was darkened as she peeked out the door to make sure the boy didn’t follow her. She leaned against the door in relief.
“Thank god.” She let out her once held breath and stared into the darkened room not knowing where she was. “Great, now I’m lost….” She whispered, she moved through the room trying not to hit anything until she came to a switch on the other side of the room. She flicked it on, she saw that she was not in a regular room. It was a small library, many books were scattered and torn everywhere and the walls looked as if though they had been burnt and the chairs and desks were burnt and throw everywhere. She picked up books that weren’t burnt and looked at them. This was a record room of some sort she thought to her self. “Hm… Why would someone harm these books… They look very interesting…” She mumbled to herself well pushing a table back up and setting the books in her arms on it. She picked up a chair that wasn’t burnt that badly and sat down on it and started flipping through the books. She couldn’t see the pages very well so she went to the window and pushed open the croutons to let the gorgeous sun shine in. She heard a click of a door behind her and she turned around to see the boy who had been casing her standing at the door staring at her.
“O-ok.. Stop run-running aw-away from me.. Your to fast for me…. I-I’m not going to hur-hurt you..” He huffed out. He walked over to her and grabbed her arm before she could run. “I sai-said to stop r-running ok?” She pulled away trying to get free. He sighed and pulled her close to him and held her so she couldn’t get free. “Now claim down.. Or I’m not going to let you go.” He said holding her tighter. She stopped moving and blushed.
“Happy now? Now let go… who ever you are.” She said calmly.
“Fine.” He let go of her and she went face first into the pile of books on the table.
“Ouch… that hurt you jerk..” She said pushing the books off her face. “What do you want anyway?”
“I was told by Corin to keep an eye on you… I hate this as much as you do… but deal with it.” He said staring at her.
“Fine… I guess I don’t have much of a choice do I? Anyway why does he want you to keep an eye on me anyway?” She said sitting back down and continued to read the book she was before he walked in.
“My name is , but that’s not important….” He said sitting down by the window with his eyes still on Lillian.
“Could you please stop staring at me.. Its creepy.”
She said with a shiver. He just kept looking at her back giving her the chills. “I said stop it you jerk.” She pushed herself out of her chair and smacked his head.
“Ouch, hey you mean little girl… don’t hit me…” He said rubbing his head.
“You were told to keep an eye on me.. Not to freak me out with your staring.” She said ignoring him. She took a couple of the books into her arms and headed for the door.
“Where you going?” He said angrily. Standing up almost immediately. She left the room and locked Akatsu in the room and ran down the hall and ran out of the building. She walked out into a beautiful garden, there was a pond and it was green a lushes. The trees and the flowers looked graceful together. She saw a bench and sat down on it continuing her reading. Akatsu broke down the door and started searching for Lillian. “Ah.. Of all people he sticks me with that girl…” He mumbled to himself. He walked out side and spotted Lillian reading on the bench. He walked over to her and grabbed her arm and pulled her back toward the building. “Now stop doing that..” He said more angry then the last time. He pushed open the door and throw Lillian on his shoulder so she couldn’t run away.
“Let go of me you weirdo! Let go. I wont run again I just wanted somewhere peaceful to read!” She yelled. She knocked him in the head with hers and she was knocked out. She woke up minutes later, she saw a boy standing over her and she was startled and punched him in the face.
“Owwww… what the hell women? What did you do that for?!” He yelled at her well rubbing his cheek.
“Your ugly face scared me to death.” She said with a smirk. She stood up and walked past him. He grabbed her ankle. “Let go!!”
“No I told you to stop running away.”
“I’m not going to run I need to get the books you so rudely made me leave outside.. You idiot.” She said kicking his hand off her ankle.
“Why do you have so much interest in those stupid books.” He said with a sigh.
“Their not stupid, every book holds a story and information that can help us with something.. And the books I was trying to read held some personal information… about.. My family.. So shut up you idiot.” She said angrily and ran down the hall and outside. It was dark out and hard to see. She felt her way to the bench and grabbed the books and just sat there staring at the pitch black darkness that was surrounded her. She felt a cold hand on her shoulder.
“Hey.. Why are you out her in the cold.” The man said. He moved to fast for her to think he was human and he sat down next to her. He pulled her close and held her close.
“Its me.. Aryan.” He said happily.
“Oh.. What are you doing out so late Aryan?” She said trying to keep hold of the books in her arms.
“Well I am a vampire remember? And I ran into Akatsu in the hall.. He said you ran out side and you seemed upset..” He said worriedly.
“Well he should know.. He’s the one who was acting like an idiot…” She said well turning her head away. He pushed her chin up so he could look at her eyes. She stared at the eyes she could not see. Then she felt something cold yet warm in some way and she realized she was being kissed. She kissed him back. She felt warm even though she was cold. He moved his lips and faced. away from hers.
“I-I’m sorry..” He said blushing.
“Its ok.. don’t apogilize” She said with a smile. He blushed at reaction. “I already told you.. I like you back.” She said hugging him. Just as he was about to hug her there was a noise. “What was that?” Lillian asked as she stood up dropping her books. She stared into the darkness and spotted a pair of red eyes.
“Lillian.. Get out of here now!” Aryan said pushing her to the ground just as she was about to be pounced on. “Run now!” Aryan yelled at her after being knocked to the ground. Lillian started toward the door but tripped over something black on the ground. She felt around to see if she could use it. Then she found what she’d tripped over, it was her case, for her sword. As she opened the case more red eyes appeared in the darkness. “Lillian?” She jumped to her feet as she wielded her long silver sword. The moon came out from behind the clouds that once suppressed it. She could now see the attackers, they were a group of young vampires. Three of them to be exact.
“Soooo, is that the girl that Master told us to get for him Arcad?” The vampire who was standing under the tree asked.
“I do not know. She does not look like the Power. She must just be someone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” The vampire who was standing on Aryan answered. “She smells different, but she can not be the one we’re looking for. I mean look at her, she’s to weak to protect even her little books.” He said laughing.
“I am not weak. I was just surprised… so don’t call me something if you have no idea who I am!” She yelled at them, lifting her sword she said, “Now you, Arcad. Get off my friend.” They vampire group looked at each other and laughed. Aryan squirmed underneath the vampire Arcad’s foot.
“Lillian get out of here now!!” Aryan yelled.
“No not with out you.” She said.
“Oh so your not going to leave? Well than let your death be swift. Cloud! Killer her.” The vampire under the tree said as he moved into the light of the moon. She recognized right away who he was. He was Rusn.
“Wait you’re here? God this day just keeps getting better and better.” She said angrily.
“Do I know you little girl?” Rusn said moving closer to Lillian.
“You should, Rusn.. I was the one who beat you up in the ally…” She said moving a little closer to Aryan. Rusn’s eyes got big as he remembered Lillian and that night.
“Cloud, Koramo.. Get her, she is the Power.. “ The vampire Cloud had long sliver hair and amber eyes. He was very tall and he wore black pants, a black shirt, and black shoe. Koramo had crimson hair and green eyes. As they moved closer to Lillian and pounced her. She was able to stab Cloud as he knocked her backwards and landed on her sword. His blood squirted out and ran down the sword and all over Lillian’s hands and face. Cloud’s long sliver hair fell over her face as he landed down next to her screaming in pain.
“Uh?” Lillian stared in horror as blood ran down her arms. She could smell the stench of Cloud’s blood everywhere around her. Koramo moved back to his fellow vampires. She stumbled to her feet. Her body started to feel different, -What’s going on?- she thought to herself. Her body started to glow. Her hair turned Crimson, her eyes turned sliver blue. Her sword transformed into a 5ft long one with a cross spread a crossed its handle.
“Guys!! Hurry up and catch her before she realizes what’s going on!!!” Rusn yelled. Lillian stood there not able to move. Staring at the once was shadows of the vampires. She could now see clearly what they all looked like, they all looked as if though they were moving in slow motion. She followed their movements closely as Koramo jumped in to grab her, she flipped over him, her feet first and sliced his back. Blood squirting out all over the garden floor and Lillian’s back. She walked forward with her hair flowing with her and dripping blood off. She flipped over another vampire but did not cut him. She kept moving toward the vampire standing on Aryan. The vampire realizing that she was coming for him leaped forward at her knocking her down to the ground. She showed no expression toward the vampire. Her eyes just kept staring at him as he leaned in toward her neck.
“Heh, I thought you would have killed me before I could move… guess not… Ugg!?” He spitted up blood as he stared at Lillian as she pushed her hand against his body, her hand was glowing like fire. Markings started to show up on her body as she did this. He fell over to his side twitching in pain. She slowly got to her feet and walked closer to Aryan who was trying to get up. But had suffered a broken arm and rib from the vampire who had pounced on him. She helped him up as her eyes turned light pink.
“A-are you alright Aryan-san?” She said blushing a little.
“Yea, but what matters is if your alright.” He said looking down at her as Cloud stood and the three vampires by him charged at Lillian and Aryan. Lillian helped Aryan to the bench just a few steps away and turned her back to the charging vampires behind her. She turned to slow and Cloud kicked her into the wall. Rusn walked over to Aryan who could not protect himself,
“What would you do if I would hurt your beloved Aryan?” He said smiling showing his teeth.
“I would kill you before you would ever do that.” She said standing to her feet. Blood ran out her lips and down her chin dripping to the ground.
“Well lets just see if what you say is true. Shall we?” He said rising his hand to his back and motioned for his vampire group to do the same, they all pulled out a long sword. They all stricken with all their strength at Aryan.
“No!!” She moved her hand towards Aryan and jumped in front of him. Taking the blows. She put up a small barrier up just before the swords hit her, but was struck on the arm. “Ahh!!” She fell to her knees. She thought to her self -I don’t think I can fight anymore. But you have to protect Aryan. Come on you weakling get up- She stumbled to her feet but feel backwards onto Aryan’s lap.
“Get away from them now!!!” Said a voice, that came from behind the group of vampires. A group of men stood behind the vampires with weapons at the ready. They out numbered the vampires. “Now I suggest you leave or else.” He said with an angry expression on his face. The vampires looked at Rusn who signaled for them to head out.
“Very well Alexander… we will leave for now, But we will be back.. Oh yes we will be back.. Hahahaha.” Rusn said as he vanished into the darkness. Alexander ran over to Aryan and Lillian.
“Guys are you ok?” He said picking up Lillian. She transformed back to her normal self. Her hair turned back to brown and her eyes back to green. She woke up and pushed herself away from Alexander.
“I’m fine please put me down.” She said huffing. He sat her down on the bench and looked over his brother. “Is he alright?” She said picking up her books. Her vision started to blur and she started to stumble.
“Yea he’ll be fin-” He saw she had passed out on the ground. Still holding her books. “Hey! Lillian?!” He yelled. “Crusin! We got to get these two to the infirmary!” He said grabbing a hold of Aryan and putting him on his back. Crusin watched Alexander take his brother in side. He looked down at Lillian who was now awake staring straight ahead well still lying on the ground.
“Come on Lilly. Lets get y-” He reached for her but stopped and picked up the book lying next to her. “’The Caramora Family history’?” He looked at her. “Your part of the Caramora family?” She nodded yes weakly. She grabbed a hold of the book and tugged on it but was to weak to take it back. “Ok anyway lets get you to the infirmary.” He lifted her onto his back and picked up her books and headed to the infirmary. Crusin lied her down on the bed and took a look at her, he spotted The Mark on her arm. She stared at him as he rubbed the mark. She flinched in pain. “Hm so you are hurt well it doesn’t look that bad so you’ll be fine. Go to sleep.” He said.

The dream realm

“Wake up Lillian… Please my daughter wake up.” A voice said that echoed. Lillian sat up to see she was in a dark meadow. She saw a women and man standing in the middle of it glowing, the stood together and stared at her with wondering eyes.. She stood up to see that she was standing on nothing but what looked like really clear thin glass, She walked slowly toward the angel like characters standing before her. She moved close enough to be able to se their faces. The man and the women looked just like Lillian in her Power state. She stared at them and then remember where she had seen them before. They were her died parents.
“M-mom? D-dad? What’s going on? Why are you here?” She said moving closer. The women looked at Lillian with caring eyes. Lillian knew that these people where her birth parents. Her glowing mother moved forward gracefully and hugged her daughter. Lillian closed her eyes and a tear rolled down her cheek. “Mom… Dad.. I know this is a dream… I saw you with my own eyes be killed… so why are you hear in the realm of dreams… with me?” She said looking up at her mother. The tear fell to the glass like ground and everything started to glow. Lillian started to fell something in her change, her hair turned into the Crimson color it had when she fought the vampires in the garden, her eyes turned its silver blue. Her sword appeared on her back its Power form. Marking started to form on her body and glowed. “Mom? Dad? What’s wrong with me? What am I?” She said staring at them. The looked at each other and her father spoke.
“We are the Maruans we took the form of you parents, but they are here with us. We must tell you what is happening.. And what your destiny is… young… Lillian Maria Caramora. You were born into this world so you can kill… Granfil..” The tall Maruans said. The other Maruan who looked like her mother said.
“I am sorry… but its your destiny to fight and kill him..”
“Granfil?” She said puzzled.
“Yes, Granfil.. Here take a look at this.” The tall one said pointing his long white finger at the universe behind him. The tip of his finger glow like nothing in the universe did, a glass wall appeared where his hand pointed. “This is called the Wall of Memories. This holds all the memories of this universe.. From the beginning of time to now and forever. This is Granfil and what he has done.. To this world.. And your family…” He said as pictures and moving pictures started to movie on screen and off screen she stared in horror at what Granfil did. Then it all stopped at an Image of a teenage boy. “This is Granfil.. He looks the same as the day his full pure vampire powers were awakened.” Sitting on the screen was an image of a teenage boy who looked about 17 or 18 years old. The boy had medium cut hair that spiked up in the front and back. His hair was the color of the moon. His eyes the color of blood shining in the sun. His skin glowed white.
“That’s Granfil? He isn’t what I would expect from a pure blooded vampire who kills human and vampires alike….” She said staring at the picture. She heard a noise, the glass floor started to crake she fell and woke up.

After Leaving the Dream Realm

“Mom!? Dad!? Ah?” She looked around puzzled. She was surrounded by a group of boys, she recognized Aryan in the bed next to her, and Alexander and Crusin, and Corin. But the others she didn’t recognize. “Hello? Um what happened?” She asked looking at her hands which was covered in bandages. The guys all moved to the side as a man walked in an headed for Lillian’s bed. He sat down on it and examined her.
“It looks as if your doing good… We were all in the hall till we heard a noise coming from in here. Apparently you were having a dream… hah.” He said smiling. He stood and walked over to Aryan.
“Is Aryan alright?” She said with a look of worry on her face. She moved out of her bed and stood next to Aryan’s bed staring at him.
“He’s fine. Thanks to you, if you hadn’t jumped in front of him then he would be dead.” He said with a serious face. He stood and leaned his head next to Lillian’s. “You saved him… Miss. Lillian Maria Caramora…” He walked past her and through the group who all moved around Aryan looking at him. Lillian glanced at the man and ran after him.
“Wait! How do you know who I am? Who are you?” She said grabbing a hold of the mans shirt.
“My name is not important but if you must know my name is Sam… I know you because the books you had were in my old room… I study there almost everyday.. But then someone burned it and all the books in it.. But the books showed them selves to you Miss Caramora..” He said, his tone imposed that he was disappointed. He walked closer to her and handed her a book that was dressed in black leather and had a silver family crest on it. “That is a book that no one knows about.. That is your family history.. That book holds information on all you family members.. Including you.. Its yours now.. Keep it safe and show no one it..” He said disappearing in thin air. She rose her hand to stop him but he was gone before she could react.
“Thank you… Sam…” She tucked the book away into her sweater and walked back into the room as everyone was leaving..
“We will be out here if you need us.. Ok?” Alexander said.
“Ok… thanks..” She walked over to Aryan’s bed and sat on it staring at him in the now dark room. She held his hand and her’s started to glow. “Ah?” She didn’t care she laid down on his blankets next to him still holding his hand as hers glow. She stared at him and she fell asleep then and there still holding his hand close to her.

The next day

Aryan woke up to see Lillian laying asleep next to him holding his hand. He spoke to her softly, “L-Lillian? Please wake up. I cant feel my hand anymore.” She slowly and tiredly opened her eyes. She blushed and jumped out of his bed and hit her head on the bed next to his.
“Ouch.. That hurt.. Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you Aryan-san..” She said standing up. She kept rubbing the back of her head. Aryan stared at her, she was whereing a black dress and had her hair down and falling around her face hiding her eyes. She was covered in bandages.
“Oh are you ok Lillian?” He said standing up but falling back down and his wound opened up again.
“Are you ok? Um.. Aryan.. You need to go hunting don’t you?” She said looking at him and helping him up and back into bed. “I know you do Aryan.. I’ll get your brothers to get you something..” She said after helping him in bed and was heading for the door.
“No.. I can do it myself.. I just don’t want to go with my brothers.. Um..” He stuttered. “But I guess I don’t have a choice…” He sighed and stood and walked to the door and called his brothers in and Akatsu. “Alexander, Crusin… were going hunting.. Akatsu, stay here with her and keep a close eye on her..” He said staring at her with a worried expression on his face.
“Ary-” She was still weak from the fight the night before and passed out.
“Lillian??” Aryan ran over to Lillian who was now passed out on the floor. He picked her up and put her on the bed. “Lillian? Wake up Lillian-san!” He yelled trying to get her to wake up.
“Aryan.. She needs to rest.. And probly needs to eat.” Crusin said pointing at her as her stomach growled.
“Ah!? Oh.. Well I will get her something when she wakes up… for now lets go hunting.” Aryan said looking up and walking out of the room after wrapping Lillian in a blanket and putting her on the bed.
She woke up minutes later and saw Akatsu laying in a chair staring at the ceiling bored out of his mind. He looks up at her and laughs, “ Well good morning Miss Lillian, Sir Aryan requested that I get you something to eat. So what do you want to eat?” Akatsu asked acting more mature and kinder than he usually did, he raised an eyebrow and put his hands on his hips as he waited for her to respond.
“H-huh? M-me?” She said pointing at herself confused. She jumped out of bed a little embarrassed. A hand pushed her back on to the bed. She looked up at Akatsu who had pushed her back and put up his finger up telling her to stay.
“No no, I was told to keep you in bed so don’t move well I get you something to eat.” He said walking out of the room and leaving her sitting alone on the bed. She leaned over to her pillow and pulled out the book contained her family history. She moved her fingers over the black leather and the family crest on the buckle. She looked around the room and slowly unbuckled the strap and opened the book that contained so much of her family history she wanted to know. She opened to the first page as it had the names of her entire family listed in tree form. As she was about to start reading Akatsu opened the door and walked in with a plate of food and a cup of juice. “I’m back… with your food…” He said as if though the deed annoyed him.
“You didn’t have to do that..” She said quickly slipping the strap back on the book and hiding it under her pillow.
“Yes I did…. I was told to..” He said placing the plate on her lap.
“Oh…” She ate the food in less than to minutes. Akatsu sat in the chair in the corner and watched her eat.
“I-I’m guessing you were hungry?” He said as she placed the plate down on the table.
“Y-yeah I guess I was.” She said blushing as she burped.
“Well I’ll be gone for a bit, I got combat practice..” He said as he headed for the door.
“C-can I come?” She said staring at him. He turned to look at her.
“Sure.. But you have to practice with the rest of the people… hehe.” He smirked and grabbed her arm pulling her with him towards the door.
“W-wait? B-but I can’t fight.”
“Its not real fighting.. Well today it is, I’ve seen what you can do, so at least try.” He said pulling her down the long corridor after locking the bed room up tight.
“Fine… but I’m not going to like it…” She said with a sigh. She followed him down the small long corridor, until they came upon two large steel doors that lead to a large court yard. As Lillian stepped out into the large courtyard there laid a large cement platform laying in the center of this beautifully decorated yard, with its large walls inclosing it, insuring that nothing got in or out. She looked to Akatsu, “Akatsu, where is everyone? I thought you said that it was time for training, didn’t you?” She looked at him, with a confused look on her face and noticed that he had a grin on his face.
“Yes I did say it was time for training, but I guess I was a little off, hehe, my bad.” He said with a chuckle.
“Don’t play around with me boy.” She scowled angrily at him.
“Do not call me boy, I’m at least a year older than you, maybe more. So if you are to address me call me Akatsu or dude or even man, but never call me boy.” He said shoving his
finger into her shoulder.

She stared at him with a smiling expression,
“I’m calling you what I wish, and your name is Akatsu or BOY!” She said with a loud laugh. She ran to a near by bench, and jumped on top of it and yelled to Akatsu, “AKATSU IS A BOY!!!” She laughed louder and watched at Akatsu’s face stroke with anger and he rushed to her at incredible speed and jumps on the bench causing it to fall backwards sending Lillian falling backwards. She landed with a “thud” on the ground and looked up at Akatsu who was staring at her with angry yet a laughing face,
“Told you not to call me Boy.” He walks over to her and held out his hand to help her up with. She stood without his help, cleaning her hands on her shirt. She grabbed her sword case and heads to the cement center and sits there. She takes out the book of her family history and begins to read, as akatsu walks up behind her. “What is this Lillian?” He reaches for the book and she pulls it under her shirt.
“You can not read that, it is very important and not ment for your eyes. Understand boy?” She stared at him blankly waiting for him to anweser.
“Fine fine I don’t wanna know anyway.” He said with a shrug. “And don’t call me boy!” He said with a angry tone. Staring at her with blazing angry eyes, he shrugged again and walked to sit next to her. He closed his eyes and started a relaxing ritual and was quiet.
“Ok…. Boy.. Hehe.” She giggled at making him angry. He tried his best to remain quiet, but it was hard to when he was being called the one thing he loathed to be called. He shock with anger. “Oh my bad, I didn’t mean to call you boy again, I will stop now.” She said with a shocked expression at how angry he had gotten at being called one word, boy.

About a hour later

They both sat there on the cement relaxing, Akatsu listening to music and Lillian reading the book she was given by Sam. Turning the page she came crossed a page listing the names of her family, but many were scratched out, leaving only the names and ages of death of her mother, father, two brothers, and another name, it looked like one she had never known, it was a male name, and was older than her father, the line leading to the name and information of that man was connected to her fathers and grandfathers.
“Hmm…. That is probably my uncle…” She said thinking out loud, she looked at the name and the page again.
Grandfather (Death: 69)of Daein Esponsa Caramora. (Death: 38/ Danvor Teromona Caramora, (Death: Unknown)
Daein Esponsa Caramora husband to Elizabeth Louise Caramora( Maiden name: Voskota).(Death: 35)
Daein and Elizabeth Caramora father and mother of - >the twins>Diekin Caramora (Death: 18)Tristian Caramora (Death: 18)/ Lillian Caramora.(unknown)___________

After Lillian’s name, nothing was printed or anything, the family history was to come next but Lillian was interrupted by the sound of the training garden door opening and hitting the side of the building as it swung open with a big whack. Lillian closed her book and stuffed it away in her sweater before looking up to see 6 teens and a middle aged man walk out of the open door and into the garden with a large chest, carrying practice equipment. The man stopped and stared at Lillian with sorrow filled eyes, obvious he had seen a lot of battles in his days as a vampire hunter. His eyes shoot to look at Akatsu who was listening to music, the man grunted and kicked the boy. Akatsu jumped up in alarm as his Cd player fell next to him.
“What!? Who?! Whe- Oh um hello master Danvor-san, um uh, sorry we had gotten here early and we got bored so, that is why I was not present-able when you showed up. M-my apologizes master.” Akatsu apologizes and bowed to the man dressed in all black clothes, as if though he was some sort of ninja.
His eyes jumped back to Lillian’s face as he moved a step closer to examine her. She stood straight up and stared at him with gleaming green eyes. “My apologizes as well Danvor-san. But I would like to join in on today’s battle training, I must learn to defend myself and fight the evil that lives within this world.” She remained still as Danvor’s eyes jumped to met her glimming gaze.
“Hm. Akatsu, what is this girl’s name?” His pale brown eyes slipping from Lillian’s face to Akatsu’s.
“Her name is Lillian, sir.” He said staring at the wall ahead of him so he would not met the stare of his teacher.
“What is her full name?” His eyes momentarily jumped back to Lillian who was now moving a little nervously.
“Sir, I do not know her full name, I don’t believe anyone does.” He quivered with nervousness.
“You girl, I mean, Lillian. What is your full name?” His pale eyes gazing into Lillian’s.
“M-my full name?” She stuttered nervously. She had never given her full name to anyone, now she had no choose but to do so. “It is Lillian Maria Caramora.” She said as her eyes turn from glimming green to freezing blue. Akatsu’s eyes jumped to look at Lillian who looked around as the group of boys that had come out with Danvor were lined up against the wall and talking.
“Y-your name is Lillian Maria Caramora??” He said with a shocked face.
“Y-yes and I would very much like it if you didn’t use my full name or even my last name… ever.” She said staring at Akatsu and Danvor with burning blue eyes.
“Very well Miss. Lillian.”
“Now sir. What is your full name?” She said staring at the man who had the same first name of her uncle Danvor Teromona Caramora. His eyes got wide with what she was asking of him.
“That is not important, I am only known as Danvor, I do not ever give my full name. So you may as well not ask for it. Now back to what we were about to cover today.” He stuck his hands into the smalls slants for pockets in his ninja like suit. He walked over to the group of boys as Akatsu and Lillian followed. “I would suggest that you go and put your book in your sword case miss Lillian.” He said tilting his back a little to look at her pale face, that was covered in bandages over the small cuts left from the fight nights before.
“Very well… sir.” She said staring at him blankly as her eyes returned to the gleaming green they were normally. She walked to her sword case as Danvor started talking to he’s students.
“Now, we have been practicing for a while now. So I have asked the experienced great fighters to join us for the tournament that will show us if you have learned anything, and all of you will be fighting each, they will not hurt you, but you may try to hurt them. Leader Derasavve has requested to watch, so he will be watching. As will everyone else in the castle of the vampire hunter society. Try your best, and treat it as if though its almost necessary to fight for your lives. Because someday, that is what you will be doing.”
Lillian walked back to the group and had hear what the Master had said. The man’s eyes looked even more filled with pain then they had been before. Danvor was not old, but it looked like the years of fighting the vampire had taken its toll on him. Would it look like this to all those who fought for the safety for those who knew so little about the vampires? Lillian didn’t know, but she would not care, she would fight for all its worth to destroy Granfil. And full fill her destiny.
“Now let us head off to lunch and then, the tournament will begin, so we will met at the far corner of the forest at 6:00pm, not later, you all must make it through the forest to the other side, we will have monsters in there, so do be careful my students.” He said with a sharp smile making the lines edged into his face look even more darker. He walked to the building and closed the door with a slam behind him.

“Akatsu? “ She turned to face him with saddened eyes. “Is there really going to be such monsters in the forest as we travel through it?” He moved his head slightly to look at her through the corner of his eyes.
“Yes.” He closed his eyes and walked over to the door opening it with a small creak and slipping into the now darkened corridors.
“I see..” She fell silent. A boy around 17 walked up to her as she leaned against the wall, clutching the case of her sword close to her chest as her heart beat with adrenalin.
“Are you afraid little girl?” The boy leaned down and looked Lillian right in the eyes. He had long black hair pulled back and tied with a leather string. His face was not edged at all, but was smooth and relaxed. His eyes were dark and crimson. “Well girl are you?” He stared at her with a smile on his face, showing his long white fangs.
“No I am not, and do not call me a little girl.” She said with a grunt at his teeth. As she turned her head to look at the ground to avoid eye contact with the vampire who was also a vampire hunter. He lifted her chin to look into her eyes.
“Are you afraid of me because I am a vampire?” He said with a grin. “And your skin is very soft and beautiful, such a shame there are so many cuts on it. How did that happen?” He said rubbing her cheek with his thumb.
“I was in a fight yesterday night with some vampires that had gotten in and attacked me and my friend. They did a great battening on me, but I managed to get a few of them wounded.” She said pushing his hand away from her face. “Please do not touch me like that.”
“Like what? Like this?” He said rubbing his thumb on her cheek, caressing it in his hand. She blushed.
“Y-yes like that, its weirding me out. Your probably one of the flirts of the class aren’t you?” She said pushing his hand away from her.
“You could say I’m one of them. I’m sure the others will come to you soon, they like a pretty pale girl like you. How is it weirding you out?” He said with a frown.
“I just don’t like being touched like that, its fairly creepy to me. Maybe other girls like it but I do not.” She said walking past him and heading to the door.
He grabbed a hold of her wrist pulling her back to him and forcing her close to his body and clamping his hand under her chin to make her look at him. “Does it really freak you out little girl?” He moved his face close to hers so she could feel his cool breath against her face.
“Yes it does, now let go of me or I will hurt you.” She said pushing her hands against his chest in a way to force his hands apart long enough for her to make her escape. But his arms were to strong.
“Why? You don’t like?” He said laughing a little.
“No I don’t, now let go.”
“She said let go Gregori.” Akatsu said appearing behind Gregori as he placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Stay out of it Akatsu. I’m just joking’ around.” He said letting his arms fall to his side releasing Lillian from his grip.
“Well that is not funny, Gregori.” Lillian said with clutched hands, her hands quavered in response to her anger. She wanted to grab her sword and beat the hell out of this man.
“Chill little girl, I was just playing around.”
“You want to play?” She said smiling. Akatsu’s eyes widened with surprise.
“Lillian? Are you thinking of fighting Gregori?”
“Maybe..” She said looking at Akatsu who was now moving to push Lillian towards the door.
“But he is the most experienced fighter here. Greater than me. He has almost a hundred years on his side.” He said staring at Lillian not trying to move her now.
“So? Then it will be good practice.” She said moving around Akatsu to Gregori. “So what about it?”
“Hm, not now, we have to go and get something to eat, and in a few hours we will have to go to the tournament and we need to be at full strength.” He said with a disturbed shrug.
“Fine.. But I do plan on getting you for touching me.” She said heading for the door.
“I look forward to it, Miss. Lillian.” He said bowing to her as she glanced over her shoulder at him. Akatsu followed close behind her as she entered the dark corridors of the castle.
As Akatsu closed the door behind him and turned to say something to Lillian, she had disappeared. “What? Oh come on, little girl, now Aryan will have my head.” He said with a husky voice as he ran down the hall searching.
Lillian opened the door to the room she and Aryan and his brothers were staying in. She sat down on the bed, placing the black case carefully next to her as she laid down head at the foot of the bed and feet on her pillow. “How did it start out waiting for Keyoni to being here for a tournament?.. It is so confusing to be here like this.” She said placing her arm over her eyes to shield them from the shadowed ceiling staring at her. “Hm, so the master’s name is Danvor… I wish he would have told me his full name, maybe his is my uncle. But it said he died years ago.” She sighed at the thought, she turned over on the bed and pushed her face into the soft blankets and quilts that lay on it. She moved her sword to the floor. She moved to the window and looked out the curtains that lay in front of it, the moon was full and shone on everything below it, making everything have deststressful shadows. The stars were staring at the land bellow it, the greenery was swaying back and forth with the cool breeze. This night, traveling through such a forest would be hard, but she could try to get Aryan to come with her to help her. Danvor had never said how they got there, just that they must be there by 6:00pm.
~Lillian~ The cool whisper came from behind her and she turned to the sound to see nothing but darkness as the clouds settled over the moon blocking all light.
“Hello?” She stared at the darkness with a scared expression on her face.
~Lillian~ ~help us~ The whisper came with a cool breeze that sent chills down her spine.
“H-hello?” She felt like screaming at the top of her lungs for help as a shadow creeped out from under the bed. As she stared at the figure moving closer she did not recognize it until she remembered seeing a picture of the teenage boy in her family history book, it was her brother Diekin, and there was another shadow, another form creeped forth, it looked just like the other, it must be Diekin’s twin Tristian. “B-brothers?” She stared at them and wanted to cry, she had never seen her brothers before, at least didn’t remember seeing them. Now they were just shadows, light reflecting off them, obviously they were using spirit separation to speak to her. “H-how are you here? Are you still alive?”
~Lillian it is us, yes your brothers, we have come to tell you. That you must do this tournament, and then return home. For Granfil will be targeting your adopted family. Little sister, you must protect them. They were friends of our family, and we asked them to take you in if anything should happen to us~ Diekin said with a sorrow filled whisper.
~Yes little sister, protect them, we are alive my dear sister, Granfil imprisoned us. He thought us to have the blood of the Power, but he was disappointed to find out it was not either of us. We are still alive and will be escaping soon, we will come to the castle of the Vampire Hunter’s Society. But until then, go and get your family, use a guards to protect them sister. Give your mother this.~ Tristian placed a small flower necklace into the palm of her hand, his spiritual hand was cold. ~give this to her, and she will know what to do, please sister, make sure to give this to them, they will be warded of being known by anyone of such vampirism as Granfil. They will forever be protected. But will have no memory of you, I’m sorry sister, I know you loved them, but they can not know you exist.~ He placed his cold hand on her shoulder and they both hugged her.
The both said ~We will see you soon little sister, good bye for now~
Lillian dropped to her knees, not realizing when she started crying, she held the necklace in her hand and holding it to her heart. “Brothers, please don’t leave me alone again.” She looked at the door as it swung open and hit the wall with a thud, Aryan, Alexander, and Crusian walked in and flicked on the light, shutting the door behind them. The spotted Lillian huddle in a ball against the window crying.
“Lillian?!” Aryan ran to her and swept her into his arms hugging her tightly. “What is wrong? Why are you crying?” He held her close shifting so that she could put her face on his chest to cry.
“T-they are alive Aryan. My big brothers are still alive.” Alexander and Crusian stared at Lillian and Aryan.
“That is not possible, they were killed when they were 18, the twins could not have survived. Unless, Granfil took them prisoner.” Alexander said sitting on the bed in front of Aryan and Lillian.
“They are alive, they used spiritual separation to talk to me. They are going to try to escape from the imprisonment they are in, and will come here. They said that Granfil will go after my adopted family. And that if I give my mother this and she puts it on then she and the rest of her family will be protected, that they won’t remember me.” She held up the flower necklace to show them and then stuffed it into her shirt to protect it. Aryan cradled her in his arms lovingly to try to help her feel more safe. “It is all my fault, my parents died, and my brothers were taken because of this Power I don’t even want.” “Well Granfil won’t be getting it, my family and friends have sacrificed to much, I will not allow them to have sacrificed everything to allow the thing they didn’t want to happen happen. This power will destroy Granfil.” She said standing up, she tried to stand strong, to look strong in front of the three vampire brothers. But she knew that they could tell her world had crumbled around her.
“Excuse me, Miss Lillian?” A loud knock came from the door as Akatsu pushed it open gently to poke his head in and looks around. “Ah, Aryan I see you have feed and returned.” He pushed the door open fully to bow to Aryan. Lillian stared at them glancing back and forth. “Excuse me, but me and miss Lillian must be heading to the forest no-”
“NO!” Aryan grabbing Lillian’s wrist forcing her body to hit against his, as he held her there protectively. “There are dangerous monsters in that forest, I forbid her to go in there alone.”
“I won’t be alone Aryan, I was thinking to ask you to escort me through the forest.”
“You can not to do that Miss Lillian. Danvor would not allow it. He sai-”
“He just said that we must make it through the forest and to the tournament by 6:00pm, he never said anything about not being able to be escorted through, or bringing along someone.” She said pushing Aryan back.
“I will take you through the forest and protect you. Why are you going anyway?” Aryan said through clutched teeth.
“I am to be in the tournament there.” She said looking up at Aryan. She moved her hand up to his tightened jaw, and moved over it trying to force him to relax. “Please, I must do this. It is something I really want to do, please don’t be so protective over me.” She said with a sorrow filled voice.
“Fine, but I will protect you until we get there, then the tournament is all you. But if you get badly hurt, you will be in it deep. Understand Lillian?” He said relaxing his jaw to look at her with protective eyes.
“Yes I understand, now we must head out. Allow me to change into something more suitable for fighting and such things.” She said pushing them out of the room. She closed the door and locked it Walking to the bed she grabbed her backpack and shuffled through it find some dusty jeans and a black cobra shirt. She changed into them and slowly put on her combat boots. She tied her hair back with a black leather tie and tied her knives to her leg for quick access if needed. She slung her backpack full of water over her shoulder and her sword on the other with care.
She walked out of the room with the flower necklace around her neck. “Lets get going.” She said heading down the dark corridor with Aryan and Akatsu right behind her.

The wolves jumped from branch to branch, stopping only momentarily to examine the area around them with their heightened senses. The female wolf Carina, known to others as Minnie, tailed close behind them. She masked her presents from them, she stayed in wolf form.
-What are they doing, why would they be out her like this? I mean really?- Minnie thought to herself. - Hm, I’ve never seen them like this, they are acting like pure beasts. Granfil must have gotten his mark on them. God they should have never gone alone when being so inexperienced. - She thought to her self angrily. The lead wolf, a black furred beast as big as a man with silver along his muzzle barked to the others. The one on the lead wolf’s right, a dirty brown colored fur with dark coal like eyes stayed silent for the entire wolf conversation. They transformed into their human forms, their spins creaked and cracked as it went from wolf to human, they fur slowly changed to skin and there wolf muzzles snapped back into the shape of a human jaw line and human facial features. Their hair feel back, the shape shifters usually let their hair grow long. The transformation was usually not so loud when bones formed to human’s. A sure sign that they were being controlled by someone who had no idea about the shape shifting methods.
“Trazer, tell me, where did you get the boy with the odd red hair?” The leader who was now a tall pale man with black short hair and white streaks in it, he had a scar on his chin where he must have been hurt in battle.
“I got him in the arm, I just didn’t expect to see him. We were looking for a girl, and he just showed up by surprise.” Said Trazer, his long brown hair pulled back to allow the moon light to shine on his black eyes. Making them look sinister.
“You are so weak and easily beaten or surprised.” The leader said with a hiss in his husky voice.
“Now, Vandor do not be mean to the boy, he is still young.” Said the fairly short man standing next to Vandor the leader. He put a restraining hand on his shoulder. “He still needs to learn my brother, do not be so harsh.”
“We are under direct orders by Granfil, to kill anyone we come across. And you boy did not kill that red haired freak.” He said his voice even more harsher than before.
“I-I apologies sir, please forgive my ignorance.” Trazer said bowing to his leader.
“Just be quiet and let us move on, I need to get the job done, then Granfil will release us from his control.” The man said as he leaped onto the tree branch ahead of him as he transformed back into his fearful wolf form he leapt into the darkened tree canapé ahead of him, disappearing from few. The others looked one another before following their leader into the darkness.
Minnie raced after them, keeping her distance so they still didn’t know she was following them.

Aryan, Akatsu and Lillian speed through the forest as quick as their feet would allow them, until they came across a freshly fallen tree. It had looked as if though large claws scratched right through it. Akatsu touched the claw marks with his good hand, “It looks as if though these are the same as the marks on my arm. There are teeth marks here that show that they are identical.” He said still kneeling by the tree and looked up at Aryan who was still holding her close to him.
“They do look the same, so the creatures must be near by. Let us be careful and hurry.”

The wolves had been traveling silently but, decided that it be best to stack an attack ahead of the three cell group. They sent Trazer to go and find out where would be the best possible place, being him as the best battle strategist of his group. Trazer knelt on a large tree branch hiding him from the few of the group below, his black eyes reflecting the light of the moon. He stayed quiet following the group and then he turned and left them to interpret the damaged tree he had taken down.

“We must hurry, they are closing in on us and they are purposely trying to stall us Aryan, lets go before Lillian gets caught in a cross fire.” Akatsu said, leaping over the fallen tree.
“I’m not about to allow someone to hurt her, so I agree lets get to the stadium quickly.” Aryan leaped over after him with Lillian in his arms and quietly sleeping. They continued their speedy descent into the thicker trees of the forest. “Are we nearing there yet?” Aryan asked unhappily.
“Yes, the trees become harder to nagavate through as you come closer to the stadium, it helps keep out normal humans.” Akatsu didn’t look back as he scanned the area around them.
“But anything else can?”
“Yes, but its still difficult for them, only the people who know exactly where it is can find it with ease.”
“So you know where we are going right?” Aryan eyed Akatsu suspiously.
“Of course, I’m that awesome.” Akatsu said with a wicked grin.

Trazer interpreted the damage he had done when something or someone plopped down behind him. He turned his body swiftly to find a female wolf standing behind him. She was staring at him with angry eyes. He could swear he had seen the wolf before, her eyes were a swirling sliver blue that stood out against her soft jet black fur. He stared at the female and she shifted to her human state with her spin creaking in response to her sudden change to human form. Her eyes remain the odd color of swirling slivery blue, her hair fell to shoulder length, she was hourglass shaped but still remained intimidating. She bared her canine teeth at him with the still angry glare in her eyes.
“Trazer! What are you doing here?!” She screamed at him with clenched fists.
“Do I know you?” He looked puzzlingly at her. She stared at him, releasing her fist to sway calmly at her side.
“You think you would remember your own sister.” She said looking away as if hurt by the fact that her brother who was now being controlled by evil without is willing party was surprising.
“S-ister?” He stared at her as if she was the most confusing person he’d ever met.
“Yes your sister you, you don’t remember me? Carina?” She stared at him as her anger rose. Her gaze fell from his face to his feet, feeling defeated, she walked up to him and still didn’t met his confused gaze. She lifted her hand and slapped him a crossed the cheek leaving a red mark. “You need to be stronger than the mind control Trazer, like I was, I am the only one left of our village not controlled by the monster, learn to control your self again brother. For now… good bye.” She walked away from him with tears gathering in her eyes, ~ I can not make the evil controlling him leave, but he himself is the only one..~ She ran to a tree and jumped up into it as she returned to her wolf state leaving Trazer to ponder of what she had told him.

Minnie ran through the trees with tears slowly running down her wolf cheeks as she made her way to warn the ones the wolf pack was after. She leaped out of the tree to perch on a small branch as she spotted the three cell group. She leaped from the tree branch to the ground and quietly shadow them.

Akatsu moved back to Aryan and whispered to him, “We’re being followed.” He stated.
“Yes I picked up the new sent a few moments ago. It smells human yet not.” Aryan said as he help Lillian closer to chest. The jet black wolf stared at them with warning glances of its silvery blue eyes.
“Hm, I’m guessing either that wolf has a lot of people around her or she is a morfer.” Aryan stared into the wolf’s eyes and saw the tears she had shed. “Why are you here miss?” The wolf shifted to her human for and again her features were stunning, she stayed still as she stared at them and cleaning the tears of sorrow from her cheeks.
“My name is Carina, most call me Minnie.” Her eyes fell to see the sleeping girl in the boy’s arms. “I assume you are Aryan am I right? And that must be Lillian.” She said taking a cautious step closer. “I have come to warn you of something terrible that will come upon you that you must watch for.” Aryan stayed his ground but kept his body ready to move should the woman try anything.
“And what may I ask you is that?” He asked with a suspious voice.
“There are wolves hunting you, they too are morfers, but they are under the control of the evil one know as Granfil, he is forcing them to do things that they would never do, one is my big brother, Trazer, he can not break the hold set on him. But I do not wish for either party to be harm…” She said looking down averting her gaze from their’s.
“I see… Well thank you for the warning.” He turned to leave but she run to grab his arm and pull him to a halt.
“Please let me come with you… I can not go home and I do not wish to allow my brother or any other of my village under His control to harm the innocent.” She kept her eyes from meeting his but he could tell she was holding back the tears that may soon fall.
“Very well, but I would suggest that you bring up the rear of this group. And keep your sense on high alert.” He started forward, as she choked down the sobs she felt knowing her brother had no control over himself anymore.

Trazer raced to met up with the small group of wolves. He for some reason wanted to go find the woman who called herself his sister, “Carina…” He ran her name and image through his memory, but he remember nothing of her.

As he ran it over and over in his mind he fell forward into a bushel of fur. He looked at the mass and it was his group leader and his angry stare gave away that he was going to beat him for it good, later. The leader transformed into his human form and toward over Trazer with an evil glare in his eyes.
“Why in all things living were you running that fast without looking where you were going Trazer boy?” Said his commander with a dry tone.
“Sorry s-sir I was thinking.” Trazer noted with a low voice
“What were you thinking of that caused you to run into me you little mutt?” His commander said with a lashing tone.
“Why are we hunting this man cub again?” Trazer asked looking into his commander‘s piercing gaze.
“Because it is what our master com-” He stopped midsentence and blinked confusly. “I’m not really sure…”
“From what little I am remember our kind hated the “master”, From what a she wolf told me, She was my sister, and “master” is just controlling us….” Trazer said with a loud voice staring at the small group with blazing eyes.
“I-I…. “ One stuttered. Pointing behind Trazer blankly, “Is that the she wolf that you spoke of?” Trazer turned to the direction the shape-shifter had directed and his gaze collided with Carina’s liquid silver-blue gaze.
“Yes, that is her. Carina..” He stepped toward the black mound of fur and she growled low at him.
“Don’t you dare use my name, I don’t want someone who abandoned our people and me to ever use my name.” She growled low her piercing eyes shifting between the group of male shifters, now in human form.
Shifting to her own human form she stalked toward her brother.
“Please sister, help us remember who and what we are…” Her brother pleaded with a whispered sorrow.
“It is not easy to do such a thing with Granfil.. As long as you accept him there, he will know and see and control nearly everything you do…” She said in a mater-of-fact tone.
“How?” Said the harsh voice of The commander.
“That I do not know, I can restore your memories, and such things, but you will have to keep Granfil at ease, do not let him have control, that is all I can do.” She said shaking her head.
“I have not read nearly enough about the vampire to know what to do to break his control completely, I only know how to free your minds as long as you have the will power to do so..” She said, stiffening a yawn. “You know gently men you have been going none stop for days, perhaps it would be best to rest for a while, then we can catch up with the girl’s group, yes?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.
Aryan step through another big group of brush, looming over Lillian to keep her from being hit by a branch. Akatsu stepped out after Aryan, his breath labored. “P-perhaps maybe we could take a break, and let Lillian walk around a bit so she can be ready for the fight, I mean its only a about half a mile away from here?”
Aryan looked at Akatsu blankly and nodded his head stiffly, “Of course, I should have thought about that before hand.” Setting Lillian on a near by fallen tree trunk, he spoke into her ear to coxes her to wake up, “Come on Lilly wakey wakey~” Lillian yawns in her sleep tiredly, her eye lids slowly open reviling the beautiful eyes hidden underneath. She stretched like a cat after a nap on the trunk, looking up at Aryan with a sleepy smile.
“We there yet?” She asks in a ginger voice.
“Not yet Lilly.. But we are about a half mile away from the stadium, it shouldn’t take long to get there… You might want to stretch and get warmed up, yeah?” He asked tossing her, her back pack. Looking around at her surroundings she caught the pack effortlessly. Picking through her pack she found a container of water and another, tossing one to Akatsu.
“Me and you can share one Aryan, I only brought two..” She shrugged casually sipping some water out of the container and cleaning off her lips onto her sleeve.
“Ok, just fine with me..” He said with a smirk and she tossed the container to him. He tilted his head back to take a small swig out of the container. He got caught up in her stare, not paying attention to the fact the water was drizzling down his chin. “H-huh?!” Flushing a deep ruby red he brushed the back of his hand over his chin.
“Nice one dude..” Akatsu said from the branch he was perched on watching the surrounding woodlands, a wide grin plastered across his face.
“Shut up..” Aryan replied hotly. Sitting on a boulder a little ways away from them.
Lillian looked up at the night time sky, and started walking away from the group when a noise caught her attention. The shifting of bodies inside of the nearby brush caught her eyes. Making her curious as she stalked slowly towards the brush, she jumped, as enormous eyes looked back at her from the shrubbery.

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