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Grand Theft Ignorance

February 15, 2011
By Grace, Jin Mei, Tiffanie C, Brooklyn, New York
Grace, Jin Mei, Tiffanie C, Brooklyn, New York
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Video games teach problem solving abilities, perseverance, pattern recognition, inductive reasoning, mapping,
memory, quick thinking, and reasoned judgments. Exercise helps maintain normal blood sugar level. But which one is better?
How can one balance exercising and playing video games in order to maintain a healthy life? Both are essential as part of an
every other day routine. In this story we focus on the positive and negative impacts of video games and exercising. We address these questions throughout the story. Before writing a short story,we gathered research online that talk about the conflicts between playing video games and exercising. We incorporated our research into our short story. This short story helps teenagers connect to the plot itself. Two siblings named John and Emily go through journeys that change their perspectives on video games and exercising.

Tags: Family

Grace, Jin Mei, Tiffanie C.

Grand Theft Ignorance

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