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The Soldier of The Apocalypse

May 25, 2011
By TheHummingBird SILVER, placentia, California
TheHummingBird SILVER, Placentia, California
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"If the world was normal what would be the point of it?"


The world has been devastated by the nuclear war. All that remains is bands of rebels, thieves, and savages but for some reason a beautiful temptress has come to power with a horde of seemingly cloned soldiers at her disposal she has reigned over the torn land with a great wrath and there is no hope to stop her. Her young daughter is set to take the thrown one day and is very naive to her mother's sins. There's only one problem, a soldier from within the rankings, he's different, he's no clone, he thinks, and he seems to be the world's last hope to save the world and bring it back to glory as it once was.

Eric G.

The Soldier of The Apocalypse

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