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Blood and Elements

June 19, 2011
By headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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Author's note: I hope people will enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Also, I would appreciate tips on how to improve my story!

The author's comments:
This chapter has a lot of details and is a bit slow, but the story starts to speed up in chapter 2.

The first thing I remember seeing in my new life was Sir Rei as he stroked my wet hair. I felt a shiver go throughout my body and Rei smiled kindly. I then felt warmth on my cold skin and looked down to see a warm object wrapped around my body. It was soft, dry, and deep red, aspiring to my love for the color. Rei’s soft skin brushed against mine as I looked to the side of my face to see his warm hand on my left cheek. I slowly set my hand over his and looked to him. I felt my muscles in my mouth move and I knew I had smiled back to him.
That image flew through my head as my eyes closed tightly together, but was gone when they reopened and my back hit the metal walls of the training facility. The best hunter smiled to me as his metal fists went back to his sides. I stood quickly with the thought of Sir Rei in my mind as I ran towards Fallen with a cry of anger as my foot hit his stomach. He fell backwards as I stood in victory that was short lived. A vine from the vegetated floor below my feet grabbed my wrists and pulled me back to the wall again. This time Fallen got up quickly and smiled at me again as I burned the vines he was controlling. I was about to attack Fallen with fire but the landscape around us disappeared and the regular metal room showed itself as our metal suits disappeared also. A door appeared a few feet from me as Hope, a very quiet and meek girl, scurried to Fallen and handed him a white letter. He smiled to her and her face blushed all over. “Thanks, Hope.” He said to her and she scurried away. I went over to Fallen as he turned the letter over. “It’s for you.” He said as he handed it towards me. I took the letter and opened it with a rip of its seal. Inside was a note from Sir Rei that instructed Fallen and I to go to his office. I looked up to the tall, green eyed and brown haired boy with a serious look.
“We are requested to see Sir Rei in his office immediately.” I informed Fallen who smiled. He followed me out of the metal room and into the changing area where I saw Hatred with his head against the lockers, eyes closed, blonde hair over face, and headphones in ears. I went over to him and sat on his lap, which he moved slightly from. I poked his cheek and his blue eyes showed. He took out his headphones and smiled to me.
“You two are done already?” Hatred asked me as he sat up. I stayed in his lap and smiled back to him.
“Well we’re done for now.” I replied and then held the letter to his face. “Sir Rei wants to see Fallen and I immediately.” Hatred gave me an odd smile that I knew he meant to say, ‘Sucks for you’.
“Darn. You always get the best partners.” Hatred said sarcastically with a snap of his fingers but still kept his odd smile. Fallen threw his shirt that he had just taken off into Hatred’s face and I quickly took the shirt off of him. I tossed it back to Fallen as I got off of Hatred who stood also.
“Shut up, boy.” Fallen hissed to Hatred who became angry and started to fight back.
Fallen smiled, “A male being with childish habits,” Fallen stated from the dictionary and Hatred flipped.
“Just because I don’t obsess to be the best hunter doesn’t mean I’m a child.” Hatred yelled back to Fallen as I went to my unlocked locker and took out my dress. I pulled my shirt over my head and replaced it with the dress made from bulletproof cloth at my mid-section. I then slid off my shorts and put on a pair of spandex so that when I sat down everyone could not see my underwear. I pulled my thin, blonde hair into a high ponytail and put on my black hand gloves. I untied my chucks and put on my black high heal boots that laced from the ankle to my mid-calf. I started listening into the conversation again as I shut my locker and sat on the bench near it. “Well you don’t need to point it out, jackass!” Hatred yelled but before Fallen could respond I flicked my wrist and threw the letter in a sideways spiral at Fallen’s neck. He caught and looked over to me as I stood up. I walked to him with a frown.
“Stop fighting and focus on our orders, Fallen,” I yelled to him and his eyes widened, “Get dressed.” I added and he quickly did so.
“Wha-cheew!” Hatred whispered and flicked his wrist towards Fallen to symbolize I was whipping him and that he was letting me do so. Fallen went quickly over to Hatred with rage and anger fueling his actions. I quickly went to his side and squeezed his wrist in my hand. I focused on my hand and Fallen gasped. He backed away and I let go. A small ring of a burn was on his wrist as I walked to the door that was the exit to the changing room. I opened it and Fallen walked out. I left with a scowl to Hatred and then followed Fallen to Sir Rei’s office. Fallen knocked and the door was opened by Sir Rei who let us inside. I sat in a soft chair next to the one Fallen was in and looked to Rei who was sitting in the seat on the other side of the desk in front of Fallen and I. The familiar deep red painted room, which made me feel at home, seemed to brighten when Rei nodded to Fallen and then smiled to me.
“Sorry for the delay, Sir,” Fallen apologized, “Love and I were practicing.” He gave a look over to me and then made a side glance to Rei that told me to elaborate.
I laughed lightly with a nod to Fallen. This is where I was glad for my quick ideas. “We need to keep up our stamina for missions, right?” I asked Rei who nodded.
“Good work.” He said and then put his hand together in a very professional way. “The whole team has a mission that just came in today and is urgent. Usually with an urgent mission I would only send the two of you, but this time I believe it is everyone’s best interest to bring the others along. This way they can see real action and the two of you can know how to work with people other than each other,” Rei opened a folder on his desk and read it quickly, “There have been two homicides in the same hour but they were thirty miles apart. The bodies show the marks of vampire attacks and so we have been asked to handle it.” Fallen stood and frowned to me.
“No offense, Sir, but I can do this job on my own. I don’t need the others help.” Fallen said as he looked directly to Rei with intensity.
Rei gave him a look of anger. “You are not leading this mission, Fallen, so it is not your place to speak.”
“What? But I’m the best hunter! I’m the one that always leads missions!” Fallen yelled, “No one is better than me! No one can replace me!”
Rei smiled in a twisted way I knew well. Whatever his answer to Fallen was would be a deep cut to Fallen’s self esteem. “Love is leading this mission, Fallen.”
“What!” Fallen yelled as he gave me a look of death.
“The people who need our help specifically asked for Love’s assistance. They said that you were ‘too aggressive and hazardous to the humans around the problem’. These people looked into our organization and read old reports of our accomplishments, which they then decided they wanted the best hunter for the job. They want Love,” Rei stood to show Fallen he was serious, “I had to request for you to go and negotiate a way to get you into this mission, Fallen. You better step up your game. If you don’t, Love will claim the name of the best hunter.” Rei said and Fallen stood in shock but came out of it within seconds. He gave me a look of jealousy and then quickly stormed out of the room in anger. I flinched when the door slammed and then stood. I took the folder off of Rei’s desk and held it against my chest with both hands. I smiled to Rei and he walked over to me. “These people really want you for this job, Love. Don’t disappoint me.” He said and I nodded. He kissed my lips and I closed my eyes. The kiss lasted a few moments but was gone when a knock came to the door. “Come in.” Rei said and a pilot came in.
“Sir, everyone needs to be ready in five minutes.” He informed us and Rei nodded. The man left and I smiled to Rei with confidence.
“I won’t let you down, Rei.” I whispered and then left the room. I walked through the halls of the ship while reading the information in the folder and went to the lounge area between the girl’s room and the boy’s room. Everyone looked up to me with a smile but Fallen who was missing. “Alright!” I announced in a strong, firm voice. “There is a new assignment.”
“Who’s going?” Hatred asked me as he sat up on the navy couch he was lying on before.
I smiled around the room. “Everyone,” I said kindly and they cheered, “We are leaving in five minutes so everyone needs to be packed and down at the docking station by then!” I looked around as the room quieted. “Go!” I persuaded and everyone ran to his or her room. I followed the girls and went to my bunk. I packed all of my cloths and then went to the bathroom to pack everything I needed from there. When I was done I set my medium sized pink suitcase with an ‘L’ on it and looked inside the room I had just left. The three other girls scrambled around the room and I helped them pack. Hope, the quiet 13-year-old girl, was done first, second was Yuri, the spunky but not too bright 14-year–old girl and third was the brainy 9-year-old girl, Crystal. I helped Crystal while Hope and Yuri checked to see if we had left anything important in our room or bathroom. When we had packed Crystal’s suitcase we all carried our own suitcase to the loading dock. The guys weren’t down there yet and we still had two minutes, so we laid each of our pink suitcases, with our initial on it, flat on the ground and sat on them. Crystal hugged my arm in a childish way and I brushed her hair.
“Love,” She asked me, “why are we all going on a mission? Usually it is only you, Fallen, and Hatred that are allowed to go.” I smiled and looked to the other girls.
“Well the people we are going to help specifically asked for all of us.” I replied without telling everything.
“But why is Fallen letting us go with him? He hates anyone helping him other than you.” Hope asked quietly.
“Well it was not Fallen’s place to choose…” I started to say but was interrupted when I saw the four guys coming towards us. The eight-year-old boy prodigy, Luther, scurried over to me and jumped into my lap with a hug. He giggled to me and I smiled.
“You’re leading us, Love?” He asked me with anticipation. I nodded and he smiled even broader. The 12-year-old boy, Force walked between Hatred, who was 17 just like me, and Fallen, who was almost 18. Fallen seemed even more angry with me when he saw me hugging Crystal and Luther like their mother.
“Get off of Love, you two!” Fallen ordered and Luther quickly stood. Crystal closed her eyes and hugged my neck as tightly as she could. “Stand up, Crystal!” He yelled and I stood. Luther had tears of fright in his eyes as he tightly held onto my left leg and hid his face against it. I set my left hand on his head for comfort as I held Crystal up with the other. I gave an angry look to Fallen but he did not back down. “Get off!” He demanded.
“Stop it, Fallen,” I ordered and he seemed even angrier, “You are terrifying them.”
“They should get a backbone if my voice scares them!” He argued and I became defensive.
“They are just kids, Fallen!” I yelled and everyone was astonished. None of the kids had seen me yell before. Only Fallen and Hatred had seen it before, “You are acting like a child,” I said and I stopped yelling but did not loose my stern tone, “If you don’t stop I will not hesitate to leave you here. The rest of us are very capable without you so you are not needed and if you upset the people we are helping you will not be able to go on any mission until you prove yourself again.” The door to the loading dock door opened and the pilot looked to me.
“We need to go.” He told me and I nodded.
“Thank you, sir.” I said kindly and then set down Crystal as Luther let go of my leg. I picked up my suitcase and everyone else did the same. They all followed me onto the space-plane to see we were on a plane with 4 rows of two seats. I opened the holding area for our suitcases and everyone came to me. I put in the suitcases and then relocked the holder. When I looked up I saw that everyone had sat down in the seats. In 4th row was Force and Yuri; in the 3rd row were Luther and Hope; in the 2nd row were Hatred and Crystal, and in the first row was Fallen with an empty seat next to him. I looked to Hatred and smiled. “Could you help the kids buckle up?” I requested and he nodded kindly. I went up to the pilot with my folder and opened it. “We are going to 20349 Grace Rd., Germantown, Maryland, United States.” I informed him and he put in the coordinates.
“Dulles or Boston airport?”
“Dulles.” I replied and he nodded. I went back to where everyone else was and buckled in. The pilot started the aircraft and went on the speaker.
“Ma’am…” He started. “I will be moving the seat now. Everyone, please pull up your feet.” We all did so and the seats moved so that we were all at a square table with the 4th row to my right, the 2nd row to my left, and the 3rd row across from me. I set the open folder on the table and looked around to everyone.
“There have been two homicides in Germantown, Maryland within the same hour, but the places were 30 miles apart. Both were made by the same group of vampires but not by the same vampire…”
“So how many vampires are we dealing with here?” Hatred asked me with curiosity.
I sighed and then looked to him. “It could be anywhere from two vampires to hundreds. That is what makes this mission so difficult, but we will find out the number within a day,” I said and then looked down to the folder, “The first person killed was a young woman named Rachel. She was only 16 when murdered on her brother’s birthday at about 6 pm last night. The second happened at almost 7 pm last night to a young girl named Veronica. She was outside playing ‘hide and seek’ with her neighbors and never came to find them. After a while they went looking for her and found her 14-year-old corpse behind her home. There were no witnesses to either attack but it is guessed that both vampires were young which made them go for young prey.” I held up two pictures to everyone and Crystal gasped. They were the photos of the two girls’ necks. “The families of both girls have come together and decided it was best to contact us so they went to our site,” I looked down to the folder but looked back to the group, “They have chosen me to lead this mission because they know these vampires are after girls about my age. I may have to be bait for the vampires that seem to enjoy a young girls’ murder.”
“But isn’t this really dangerous, Love?” Yuri asked me and I looked to my direct right, where she sat.
I nodded. “This will be dangerous, but that is why everyone is going to this.”
“Those vampires might kill you if you are going to be bait…” Force thought out loud and I smiled.
“If anything happens to me Hatred will be leader. Sir Rei has already made arrangements if I am killed.”
“This is crazy!” Fallen yelled as he stood. I looked up to him with curiosity. “They should not be trying to kill the second best hunter here!” I pulled on his hand and forced him to sit back down.
“The 7 of you were born to be Hunters, Fallen. I was created…so if I die they can just make a new hunter to replace me.” I informed him and everyone was silent. After time they had forgotten I was not a true Hunter and were now going through the process again to remind themselves that I am at the disposal of the company. A message came on from the pilot.
“We will be landing in one minute. Everyone’s seat will be moved back to position.” He informed us and I lifted my legs. He pressed a button and our seats went back into rows like before. We were all quiet during the landing but I looked over to Fallen when his hand gripped the armrest between us tightly. I gave him a questioning look and he sighed as he loosened his grip on the armrest.
“They shouldn’t be using you as bait.” He whispered and I looked to my legs. I set my hand over his but did not look to him.
“They own my life, Fall. If I can give my life to protect the 7 of you, then I will. I was not supposed to live again, but Sir Rei brought me back to life, so whatever he asks of me I will do.”
“Even if that means leaving us? We all are like family now that we have been together for so long.” He asked as he squeezed my hand in his.
“If it will help the rest of you for me to leave, then I will. All I am here for is to protect the seven of you and Sir Rei.” I said and then quickly let go of Fallen when the plane started to descend. I hated leaving our space-home for anything but had to a lot. The worst part of the whole thing was the arrival to and departure from an airport. When it had finished I stood and felt light headed so I quickly sat back down. Fallen held his hand out to me and I took it. When he stood I was pulled with him and we walked to the luggage holder. I opened it and everyone got out his or her suitcase. Everyone followed me off of the plane and through a long, cold, metal walkway that connected the plane door to the building. When we got through the door at the other end I led everyone through the airport to a ‘Fudreckers’. “What does everyone want?” I asked the group as they went around me. Fallen touched my arm and I looked to him.
“It will be hard for one person to remember all eight orders, so you take the girl’s orders and I will take the guy’s.” Fallen suggested and I nodded. Crystal, Hope, and Yuri ran straight to me and smiled.
“Crystal?” I asked her and she seemed happy.
“Just a regular cheeseburger.” Crystal replied.
“A bacon burger.” Hope whispered.
“A veggie burger.” Yuri announced to me and I went to the counter that was not horribly crowded since it was 10 pm. I ordered and then turned to see Fallen. He ordered right after me and the young man behind the counter looked to me oddly.
“All that food for the two of you?” He asked as he looked directly to me.
I laughed lightly. “No, we are in a group.” I said and handed him a red credit card. “I’ll pay for all of it.” I informed him and he shrugged. He rang up the food and we waited. The food came a few minutes later and I carried the three baskets of food to the girls. They flew to the toppings counter and then back to me. I handed each of them a thick paper cup and they ran to the soft-drink dispenser. I walked with the girls to a waiting area of five blue seats in a row against a wall across from five of the same seats near a gate. I sat across from Hope and Yuri as Crystal snuggled against my shoulder and ate quietly. I watched people go by and saw the boys. When they came over Luther quickly claimed the seat next to me and also laid his head on my shoulder. Hatred sat next to Hope as Fallen sat next to Yuri and Force sat next to Hatred. I felt my stomach hurting and knew the dense air on this planet was finally affecting me. I started digging through my suitcase and pulled out the credit card again. “I’ll be right back.” I whispered and stood. Everyone watched in curiosity and I turned back to them. “If anything happens Hatred and Fallen are in charge.” I informed them and then walked off. I went to a starbucks cart and ordered a vanilla bean late. I paid with the credit card and then walked over to a magazine store. I went to the back and found a book. While walking to the area of candy I suddenly felt sleepy and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes when I felt a man’s touch and a voice as my head throbbed. The first thing I saw was the face of a guy about my age that seemed concerned. I brushed a wisp of hair from my eyes and looked at him.
“Hey, are you okay?” He asked me as he helped me sit up. I nodded and slowly pulled myself to my feet. The handsome guy’s shaggy brown hair went over his beautiful brown with green speckle eyes as he bent down and picked up my book and drink from the white floor. I slid my hand across my face as I tried to wake up more. My body still wanted to sleep but I ignored it when I felt something wet on my forehead. I pulled away my hand and saw the deep red smeared on it. I turned to the guy and took my book and drink with a sigh.
“Thanks.” I whispered and then went over to the candy area, but he followed me.
“You should lie down. You just fainted so you have a good chance of doing it again.” He persuaded and I looked to him again.
“I will, but I first have to get something.” I said and his eyes widened.
“Your head’s bleeding,” He informed me and I sighed again, “I’ll go get a band-aid.” He offered and before I could refuse he had walked off. I ignored him and got a bag of gummy bears, smarties, sour patch kids, gummy worms, and jellybeans. I took my book and bags of candy to the counter but was shocked when the guy from before came up and set a small box of band-aids there also. “I’ll pay for your stuff.” He offered and then gently pushed on my shoulders to make me sit down on a ledge near the counter. “Sit right here.” He said and then ran back to the counter. He paid for my stuff with cash as I sat and drank some of my drink and he then came back to me with a bag of the stuff. He handed it to me and then took out the band-aids. “Where are you sitting? I will walk you there,” He said, “Then I can help you with this band-aid.”
I shook my head. “There’s no need. I can do it on my own.” I replied and he shook his head.
“You might faint and I just want to make sure you make it back to your family safely.” He said and then held his hand out to me. I hesitated to take it. “I won’t take no for an answer,” He informed me, “Come on.” I slowly took his hand and he walked next to me towards the group. “By the way my name is Damien.”
“My name is Love.” I whispered back and he smiled.
“So you won’t tell me your real name?” He asked with a sigh to show he felt stupid.
“No, that is my name.” I replied quietly and he looked back to me with curiosity. “It really is.” I whispered and then stopped before we would see the group. “This is my stop.”
“I am staying here.” I whispered and he smiled.
“Lets go to your seat.” He offered and I sighed. I did not want to, but he was being so nice to me so I nodded. He followed me over to where the group could see me. I smiled to them and Luther jumped out of his seat as he ran to me, but stopped when he saw my head.
“Love…your bleeding.” Luther whispered as tears came to his eyes. He thought I had been attacked. I smiled and kneeled down to him.
“Yea. I fell in a store and just got a scratch.” I whispered but stood quickly when Fallen came over.
“Who are you?” He asked Damien defensively.
“This is Damien,” I replied, “He helped me when I fell and just wanted to make sure I got back to you guys safely.” I walked to my seat between Crystal and Luther. Damien followed and gently put a band-aid on my cut. He smiled and then looked to Fallen like he was not scared.
“Love fainted a few minutes ago so she needs to lie down for a while.” Damien informed Fallen.
“Fainted…” Fallen repeated and then looked down to me with a slight sign of compassion. “Are you sick?”
I shook my head. “I just got a little light headed from the flight.” I answered and Fallen looked back to Damien with sternness.
“We can take care of her from here.” Fallen replied.
“Thank you for helping her.” Crystal added kindly and I smiled to her.
“You’re welcome.” Damien replied to her and then smiled to me. “See ya’ around, Love.” He said and then walked off. I opened my bag and took out the candy. I tossed the smarties to Hope, tossed the jellybeans to Yuri, tossed the gummy worms to Force, handed the sour patch kids to Luther, and handed the gummy bears to Crystal who was very happy to receive them.
“I thought you might want some treats since you have not been able to have any for a few years.” I whispered as I slid my book into my suitcase. I looked up to a clock and stood. “Come on, our driver is waiting for us.” I whispered and they all stood. Crystal took my hand in hers as we walked through halls of people. Everyone went through the crowd smoothly and we all went over to a man with a sign that said LVS. I smiled as set down my suitcase and put my hand out to the man. “You must be Mr. Samuel. It is nice to meet you.” I said and the man shook my hand with kindness.
“And you must be Loveless.” He said kindly and I nodded. “Follow me. I have a car waiting for us.” He said and we followed him outside to a large van. He opened the green door and I helped everyone in. “There is only room for seven in the back, so you can sit in the front.”
“Okay.” I replied and did so. The man drove us for a while and stopped in a neighborhood at a light blue home.
“This is it.” He told me and I smiled. We all filed out and went to the door of the house. A young girl of about eight or nine opened it. She looked up to everyone in surprise and slight fear. I knelt down to her eyes and smiled in a motherly way.
“Hello there.” I said sweetly. “What’s your name?”
“H-h-h-Hannah.” She stuttered.
“Hi Hannah. I’m Love.” I said kindly and I felt her fright diminish.
“Alright sweetie,” The man spoke to the girl, “Go to the kitchen.” He said and she did so. We followed her to the kitchen where two women sat at a table with a 19-year-old boy. One of the women stood and I quickly set down my luggage. I put out my hand with a smile. “Honey, this is the people we hired.” The man announced as I shook the woman’s hand.
“They aren’t people…” The young man at the table whispered under his breath and the other woman slapped his shoulder. “What!” He yelled in his defense.
“Don’t be rude!” She hissed.
“But they aren’t! They’re hunters so they aren’t humans!” He said and then looked at me. “I mean look at what they wear!”
“Peter!” The woman warned him.
I laughed quietly and everyone stopped. “It’s alright,” I assured the woman, “We are used to this.”
“I’m sorry.” She whispered and I shook my head.
“No need.” I replied and then opened the folder I had taken out of my luggage on the way here. “You must be Mrs. Kepner.” I said as I looked down at the name. “I am Loveless Hajji, the hunter you requested for this.”
“Thank you for coming at such short notice.”
I nodded and then turned to Fallen. “Can you get everyone situated in the basement? I have to go through some of the details.” I said and he nodded. Everyone followed Fallen downstairs except for Hatred. He walked over to me and took my suitcase like a gentleman. “Thanks.” I said sweetly.
He nodded. “If you feel light headed again just call for me and I’ll come up here.” He offered and I smiled.
“I will.” I whispered as he walked away. When the door closed I walked over to the table with my folder.
“You can sit.” Mrs. Samuel offered and I did so. Her husband sat next to her as I sat at the head of the table. They were to my right and Mrs. Kepner was to my left with her son. “Have you found out who did this?” Mrs. Samuel asked with concern.
“No, but we will know by tomorrow afternoon.” I replied and she nodded with sadness. I closed the folder and looked at the two mothers. “I want to assure all of you that we will do everything in our power to bring your daughters’ killers to justice,” I said with power, “But I first need to know a few things about your families…” I looked to Mrs. Kepner first. “When you daughter was murdered she was at your son’s birthday, correct?”
She nodded. “She had invited a few friends to Peter’s birthday and decided to just run around the area near the house at 6. She was gone playing with everyone but after a while her friends came back and asked if we had seen her…” The mother started crying and I looked away. “I’m sorry.” She whispered through tears.
I shook my head. “It is alright. Take all the time you need.” I replied and she took a deep breath.
“Well my husband went searching for her and he ran back a few minutes later. He was screaming for me to call 911, so I did. When the paramedics came to our home I led them to my husband and…saw her. She looked as if she was sleeping but she was very pail and blood was pooled around her. The paramedics told us it was a vampire attack so we immediately called you.” She whisper and I looked to her son.
“Peter, correct?” I asked and he nodded, “Were you playing with your sister before this?”
“No. She had been buggin’ me so I told her to go play with her friends and that was the last time I saw her.” He replied with a frown and no emotion.
“Could the vampire have been one of the children at the party?” I asked his mother.
“Oh no! We only had close friends there so I knew no one was the killer.” She said as she looked at me and I sighed. I opened the folder and took out the picture of her daughter’s neck. I looked up to her with concern.
“Your daughter was killed by a vampire of about 17.”
“How can you tell?”
I looked back to the picture. “The wounds are very deep and most young vampires are known to make this kind of wound. I am assuming it is a boy since most vampires kill people of the opposite gender.” I looked to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. “But your daughter was murdered while playing ‘hide and seek’?”
“Yes.” Mr. Samuel replied and I looked to him.
“Who found her?”
“I did,” Mrs. Samuel replied quietly, “I was outside chatting with a neighbor, whose kids were the ones playing with my daughter, when I heard a scream. I immediately knew it was my daughter, so I walked over to where I had heard the yell. It sounded like she had fallen and hurt herself but when I got to her she had already died.”
“Was there anyone else playing?”
“The neighbor’s children and our younger daughter Hannah were the only others playing.” She replied and I was surprised.
“Where is Hannah?”
“Hannah!” Mr. Samuel yelled and the girl came into the room. I smiled to her kindly and quickly shut the folder in front of me.
“Hey Hannah,” I said sweetly and she blushed, “Can I talk to you for a second?” I asked and she nodded. She came over and crawled into her mother’s lap. “Hannah, you were playing with your sister yesterday night, right?”
She nodded.
“Did you see anything odd while playing?”
“No.” She whispered and I smiled to her.
“Are you sure?”
“Well there was a guy I didn’t know that was talking to my sister.” She whispered and I was surprised.
“What color hair did he have?”
“Did you see his eyes?”
She nodded. “They were blue.”
“Blue…” I repeated and then looked back to her. “Were they blue like my eyes?” I asked her.
She nodded. “But a little lighter blue.”
“Do you remember what he was wearing?” I asked her and she shook her head. I quickly took three necklaces from my pocket on my skirt. I set them out in front of her. The closest to me was a small green gem with gold surrounding it, the middle one was just like the other but blue, and the last was the same but red. “Was he wearing one of these necklaces?” I asked her and she was quiet. She studied the necklaces and then pointed to the red one.
“He was wearing this one.” She whispered and I smiled. I put the necklaces back in my pocket and smiled to Hannah.
“Thanks Hannah.” I said kindly.
“Go watch TV.” Her mother said and Hannah did so. Everyone looked at me as I just stared at the table while thinking. I looked up to Mrs. Samuel and sadly.
“Your daughter was killed by a very powerful vampire,” I informed her, “Hannah made our search a lot easier. She just told me that your daughter was killed by a royal vampire.”
“So what does that mean?” Mr. Samuel asked me.
“That means this will not be an easy mission.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that one of the most powerful vampires in the world killed your daughter. They are the hardest to find and the most dangerous. That also means that a royal vampire also killed your daughter, Mrs. Kepner,” I stood, “We will start our mission tomorrow morning…” I informed them. “But Peter,” I looked to him, “I need you to show me where you found your sister.”
“He will meet you at our home tomorrow at eight.” His mother replied for him and he frowned but knew he had to do so. I nodded to them.
“Goodnight.” I whispered and then walked over to the stairs to the basement as the three adults repeated it back to me. I shut the door behind me and walked down to the group. They were in a sitting area watching TV and eating their treats. Crystal quickly looked up to me.
“Love!” She cheered and ran to me. I knelt down and picked her up. She hugged me as I looked to everyone else. Hatred moved on the couch so that I could sit with Crystal in my lap. Hatred, Fallen and Yuri were on the couch as everyone else sat on the floor. They all turned to me and turned off the TV.
“So?” Hatred asked me curiously.
“We are dealing with a royal vampire…mostly likely two of them but I’m not certain.” I replied quietly.
“How did you find that out?” Fallen asked me.
“One of the victim’s siblings saw the killer before hand and said he was wearing a royal necklace.” I replied and then looked down to Crystal. “We will start our work tomorrow, everyone.”
“But this is too dangerous for the kids, Love.” Hatred protested and I sighed.
“They will not be fighting with us, but they will help. We need them to help us.” I said and then looked to the kids on the ground with a smile. “Are you guys ready to go on a real mission?” I asked and they cheered a yes.

In the morning we all got up at 7. I then went into the sitting area with Hatred and Fallen. We discussed where everyone should be going today and who should be assigned to what. It ended up that Hatred, Hope, and Crystal would be going to the place where the two victims were being held; Fallen, Yuri, and Force would be going to the library to research on the vampires in the area and the two girls; Luther and I would be going to the murder sights to examine them. At 7:30 we all got ready and by 7:50 we all went our separate ways. Luther and I got the directions to Mrs. Kepner’s home and headed over there. I carried Luther on my hip and held him like he was my own. I pressed the white button in the middle of a small gold plate and then took a step back on the white porch. The black door opened and Mrs. Kepner smiled to me. She gasped in a girly way as she bent down to see Luther who smiled to her. “Well aren’t you just too cute!” She giggled and then looked up to me. “Is he your son?”
I smiled down to Luther who looked to the woman. “No, but I wish he was,” I replied kindly, “This is Luther. He is part of my team.”
She gave me a look of oddity. “Isn’t he a little young to be fighting vampires?”
I nodded. “He is a fighter in training.”
He perked up. “And today I’m Love’s assistant!” He said happily and I nodded.
“Mrs. Kepner, is your son ready?” I asked her and she sighed.
“I’m sorry. He’s running a bit late.”
“Could you show us to the spot please? We are on a tight schedule.”
“Okay.” She said. “Come on in.” She offered and I brought Luther inside. Mrs. Kepner went to a staircase and seemed angry. “Hurry up, Peter!” She yelled and then looked back to us. “Follow me.” She informed me and I did so. We were brought to another door in the home and let out through there. She led us to a small garden behind her home and stopped behind a rose bush. Mrs. Kepner was very quiet for a second and I set my hand on her shoulder as she looked back to me.
“We can handle it from here.” I whispered and she quietly nodded. Her footsteps were slow and seemed painful. I looked away from her and set down Luther. “Alright…” I started to say but stopped.
“Finally!” Mrs. Kepner yelled as the door opened before she got to it. Her son rolled his eyes and she got even madder. “Get over there.” She hissed and he slowly walked over to me like he did not care why I was here. I smiled to him and he seemed aggravated.
“Let’s get this done with, hunter.” He spat at me with a look of hatred and I sighed. I looked to Luther who quickly wrapped his arms around my leg. “What’s with the pipsqueak?”
I looked down to Luther and set my hand gently on his head. “It’s alright, Luther.” He slowly let go of me.
“Who is this human, Love?” Luther asked childishly.
“This is Peter Kepner, the brother of one of the victims.” I replied and then smiled to Peter. “Now Peter, where exactly was your sister?”
He walked a little ways behind the bush and pointed to the ground. “Right here. She was lying on her back with her arms and legs spread out.” I nodded to him and went to the spot. I took off my glove on my left hand and then brushed my hand across the grass where he was pointing. Luther sat at my side and waited for me to speak. “What are you doing?” Peter asked with an annoyance in his voice.
“Shhhhh!” I whispered and then kept on with my work. I gasped and stopped as I quickly pulled my hand close to my chest. I looked at my hand to see a tiny cut bleeding and sighed. Luther quickly stood with fright.
“You’re bleeding!” He gasped and I nodded.
“It’s alright, Luther.” I whispered and slowly pulled a small object from my hand. I lifted it and quickly put it between my lips. I licked the blood off of it and examined the shard of rock. “Luther, what color do you think that is?”
He watched it for a moment and then looked back to me. “Its red, ruby red.” I nodded and sighed. I slowly put the shard with my necklaces I had hidden on me as I then slid my black glove back on my hand. I thought for a moment and Peter became impatient.
“Hey…” He started to complain but I shushed his once again. I then heard a crackle of bending grass and quickly stood. In a split second I grabbed Peter’s shoulders and shoved him to the ground. We were on the ground with me on top of him.
“Luther! Duck!” I ordered and he dove to the ground as a bullet flew near him. I moved off of Peter and looked over to Luther as three more bullets flew by. He was crying badly. “Luther,” I whispered, “I’ll run the vampire off. When I am out of sight get Peter and his mother into their house. Protect them like I’ve taught you.”
“But Love,” He cried, “I’m scared!”
“Luther, be brave and strong. I will come back for you as soon as I can.” I whispered and then pulled a black gun from under my skirt. Both Peter and Luther were surprised to see it since they did not know I had a gun on me. Another bullet flew and I stood. I shot right at the person as I stood. “Drop the gun!” I ordered and heard the person move behind something. “Come out here!” I yelled and a man in all black flew out of a bush and sprinted towards me. I shot him right in the chest and he fell for a moment. I looked to Luther quickly. “Be brave.” I whispered and then sprinted past the vampire. He quickly got up and ran after me. I ran between houses until I got to an open field of wheat. I ran through it as three bullets where shot towards me and I made a quick turn to the left. I ran into a small forest and jumped over a fallen tree at the front of it. I heard the man following me so I quickly sped up and went to the opposite side of a tree. I put my back against it as I tried to catch my breath. I looked around the tree slightly but quickly turned back to where I had been as I heard a branch crack under the man’s feet. He laughed, as I made no sound. I heard him stop walking and load his gun.
“Come out, hunter!” He yelled, “You can run but you can’t hide!” He laughed and then was still. “You should have not gotten involved with this, hunter! You know too much now! If you had just minded your own business I would not have been sent to kill you!”
“How did you know where I was?” I asked quietly and he tried to listen to where my voice had come from.
“We had gotten a hint that the famous vampire hunters group was back and that you were investigating the two murders.” He said as he walked slowly.
“Who killed those two girls?” I yelled and made it so that my voice would echo from the wrong direction, which he moved that way. “I know both killings were by a royal vampire! Who was it?”
“Since you are going to die, hunter, I see no reason why you cannot know who you lost to,” He said as he moved further in the wrong direction, “The killers were our two princes. They both ran from their home on the same night and decided to get a snack.” He whispered and I gasped when something cut my left arm right below my shoulder and made a slit in that part of my dress. I quickly put my hand over my bleeding wound and saw the knife that had cut me hit a tree a few feet away. “Ha!” The vampire laughed, “And you thought you had tricked me, didn’t you, hunter!” His footsteps came close to me and I quickly took a special bullet from my pocket. I slid it into my gun and turned around so that I was not behind the tree. The vampire shot a few milliseconds before me but his bullet missed as mine went through the spot between his eyes. He fell to the ground in shock. Usually a bullet would not kill him, even if it did hit his head, but I had used a bullet deadly to vampires without him knowing. I put away my gun and felt my cut ache. It hurt to move my arm so I put my right hand over the cut and went over to the dead vampire. I broke the chain of his necklace, put it in my pocket, and started towards Luther. By the time I got to the house sirens of police cars filled the distance. I rang the doorbell and the door quickly flew open. Mrs. Kepner’s eyes widened as her hands quickly went over her mouth. Luther pushed past her as he cried. He did not see my wound as I quickly knelt to the ground and let him squeeze me tightly against him. His tears drenched my right shoulder as I took my right hand from my injury and put my arm around Luther to comfort him. Mrs. Kepner stared at me as her son joined her in the act. I knew I had blood all over my face and clothes, blood flowing down my arm that I could not feel anymore, and my hair was in shambles. I looked like a wreck but did not care; all I could think about was how scared I was when I thought I could have lost Luther to a vampire attack today. Police cars stopped all around us and I heard many policemen run up to the porch. One of them tapped me on the shoulder and I tried to stand but Luther squeezed me even tighter.
“Don’t leave me Love!” He begged as he cried and I looked to his face. I brushed his hair from his face like a mother would for her child.
“I’m not going anywhere without you, Luther,” I whispered and he just cried more. “Stay with Mrs. Kepner for a moment.” I suggested and he shook his head.
“No! I want to stay with you!” He cried and I looked to my arm. His eyes followed and he looked back to me with fright on his face.
“I cannot carry you, Luther…”
“But I…” He started to protest but Mrs. Kepner set her hand on his shoulder.
“I will carry you, Luther. We will go with the policemen and Loveless.” She suggested and he nodded. She picked him up and I slowly stood. I felt weak, but looked to Peter with concern.
“Are you alright?” I asked him kindly and he was shocked. He stood there and said nothing for a moment.
“U…u…yea.” He stuttered and I smiled to him.
“I’m glad.” I whispered and then turned to the chief officer who stared at my arm. “Sir, I am Loveless Hajji, the head hunter investigating this case. I was requested to come here to help solve the two recent vampire murders with the help of my team.”
He nodded. “I had suggested to Mrs. Kepner to request for your group’s help,” He seemed intrigued by me, “But when Mrs. Kepner called a few minutes ago to say that her son and two hunters had been attacked by another vampire I was astonished. What happened?”
I looked into his eyes strongly. “My helper, Mrs. Kepner’s son, and I were in the back of the home investigating the spot where Mrs. Kepner’s daughter was found yesterday when I heard someone. We all got down before the vampire shot at us, but then I shot the vampire and had him chase me, away from my assistant and Mrs. Kepner’s home…”
“Where’s the vampire? Did he get away?” The police chief asked me quickly.
“No, I killed him in the forest about half a mile away. He fought back but in the end I killed him.” I answered and the man turned to the others.
“Go to the forest and find that vampire!” He ordered and many cars left with many policemen in them. The chief looked at my arm again. “What gave you this wound?” He asked me curiously.
“I was cut by a hand knife the vampire had with him.” I replied and he looked at my arm. He lifted it and I felt something. I gasped and he quickly stopped touching it. “I think the muscle may have been cut.”
I nodded. “My whole arm feels numb when it is just at my side.” I replied and he sighed.
“We brought an ambulance just for this kind of thing,” He told me and I nodded, “Come on.” He ordered me but I did not move.
“My assistant must come with me. I am supposed to be watching him.” I insisted and he sighed.
“Isn’t there someone who can come get him?” The chief asked me with annoyance.
I shook my head. “My assistant will not leave with someone else. He has to stay with me at all times.” I assured the officer and he sighed.
“Alright, come on.” He said and Luther followed him. I walked but looked to Mrs. Kepner.
“Mrs. Kepner!” I called. “If my comrades come to get me tell them where to find me, please!”
“I will!” She replied with a wave. I went to the ambulance and saw Luther having trouble getting in. Even though I was injured I used my right hand to help him in. I then got in myself and two paramedics examined my arm as a young woman that was also a paramedic sat next to Luther and tried to make him feel better. I just laid and listened for a while until we got to the hospital. When we did I was strapped into the bed and pulled out of the ambulance by the men. They quickly rushed me down the hall as the young woman and Luther tried to keep up. I was pulled into a room where two nurses came in and did regular things like taking my temperature, checking my blood presser, and asking me questions. Luther came in while I had a thermometer in my ear. The young woman came to my side with him and smiled, but was surprised when the nurse by me gasped and looked at me with shock.
“You have a fever of 104!” She exclaimed and quickly looked to the nurse on the other side of me. “It may be from bacteria that got in the wound!”
She nodded. “We need to get a doctor!” She replied and they ran out. Luther held my hand in his tightly.
“Are you okay, Love?” He asked me and I smiled.
“Yea,” I said and then slightly squeezed his hand, “as long as you are okay then I am.”
He smiled to me but my attention was brought to the young woman. “Ma’am, we need to call someone to come watch Luther. Who should I contact?”
“First call Rei Hajji to inform him what has happened but then call Fallen Hajji. He will come to watch Luther.” I explained and she nodded. She quickly led Luther away and a doctor came into my room with the two nurses. One of the nurses put an IV into my arm as the other gave me a painful shot that I assumed was for tetanus. The doctor looked at my wound.
“We will have to go through immediate surgery. Your main artery has been slightly cut and you will die within the next hour if we do not fix it.” He told me as the nurse put another IV into my arm that was hooked to a bag of blood. The doctor put a clear piece of plastic that covered my nose and mouth. “Breath in deeply. This will put you to sleep so that we can start the surgery.” He told me and I nodded. I started breathing and after a few moments that’s all I focused on. Then I felt my eyes close and I went into a deep sleep.

I woke up and saw I still had two IV’s in my right arm and now had a large wrap of white bandages around my upper arm. I was lying in a white bed in a white room that had a wooden door that was ajar. I could see people moving past it and I sat up. I realized I was not in my regular clothes anymore and was now in a stupid gown. I saw my clothes on a chair in the room so I got out of the bed, shut the door quietly, and changed back into my clothes. Luckily they had been cleaned of blood and there was stitching on my dress where the cut had been. I pulled my blonde hair up into a high ponytail, slid my gloves on, and put on my long boots. I laced them up and then made sure that my bandage was not messed up. Only half of the wrapping was showing since the sleeve of my dress mainly covered it. I opened my door and walked through the white halls until I got to a desk. I asked how to get to the waiting room and was told to go through a set of doors. When I did I saw sunlight and the thing that had been on my mind since I had first encountered the vampire I killed, Luther. He was the first to notice me and jumped from his chair as tears went down his cheeks. I knelt to the ground and hugged him tightly as I stood. I closed my eyes and just assured myself that Luther was safe. When I opened my eyes I set him down and was surprised when I was ambushed with compassion. Crystal hugged my left leg, Hope hugged my waist with Yuri, and Force hugged my right arm. I smiled kindly as I looked down to them. When I was let go of by them Hatred came over and sighed with a shake of his head. Fallen joined at his side and just looked at me with relief.
“Risking your life for a Human…” Hatred said as he shook his head and then sighed.
“We got a report from Mrs. Kepner and her son about what happened,” Fallen informed me, “Sir Rei freaked when he found out, so we had to convince him that he did not need to pull us from the mission.”
“Sorry.” I whispered but then smiled to him. “But something good came out of this.”
“Really?” Hatred asked me. “What?”
“I know exactly who killed both girls.”
“Who?” Hatred asked but a tap on my shoulder diverted my attention. I turned to see a tall doctor in all white. His brown eyes seemed weakened from lack of sleep but I smiled.
“Ms. Hajji,” He started, “I was the doctor that fixed your arm.”
“Oh!” I said sweetly, “Thank you so much.”
He nodded. “All in a days work,” He said but then his face changed from happiness to one of concern, “But I was looking at your records and realized who you are. You were the child who…” I quickly interrupted.
“Um Sir!” I said, but he ignored it and kept on.
“You are the only human that has been changed into a hunter! Sir Rei Hajji saw you when you were only 6 because you were dying of a vampire attack. He changed your DNA to make it so that you had the invincible blood of a hunter that would let you live on. I was actually helping Rei. You were the first person to ever make it through the surgery, but…” He set his arm on my shoulder, “You realize whom you are fighting right now, correct?” He asked and then looked down to the floor but looked back to me, “Your brot…” He started to say but I took a step from him and looked away from everyone.
“I know, sir,” I whispered and then looked up to him, “Even though everything went wrong last time I was in this hospital I still must thank you,” I said, “thank you for all of your hard work,” I bowed and then smiled to the man. “I should be leaving,” I added and then walked out of the building. I sat on a black metal bench and waited. Everyone came outside after a moment and I stood. I smiled to them and then picked up Crystal who wanted me to hold her. “We should go back to the Samuel’s home.” I said and everyone followed me as I walked back to the home. We were all silent and I could tell everyone was curious. When we got to the house we were staying at, everyone followed me to the table in the kitchen where Mr. Samuel, Mrs. Samuel, Hannah Samuel, Peter Kepner, and Mrs. Kepner sat. Mrs. Kepner stood and walked over to me.
“Are you alright, Loveless?” She asked me with concern that I felt sorry she had.
I nodded. “I have to talk to Hannah.” I whispered and everyone moved from my way. I took a picture from my pocket, which held many things now, and set it on the table in front of Hannah. I smiled to Hannah as she looked up at me with confusion. “Hannah,” I started, “was this the boy you saw with your sister?” I asked as I pointed to the picture. It showed me standing between two boys, one older and one younger, a girl a year younger than me, a woman, and a man smiling. I pointed to the boy that was older and looked to Hannah.
“No.” She said bluntly and I moved my finger from the older boy and to the younger one.
“Does this boy look like the one you saw?” I asked and she looked up to me.
“Yea,” She started and then looked to everyone else, “But he was older and had black hair.”
I slid the picture in from of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. I pointed to the younger boy again. “The man that killed you daughter is named Yuki Sataru. He is the royal prince of the vampires and snuck out of his home with his older brother two nights ago. They both decided to go their own ways and find prey. Yuki Sataru chose to kill your daughter and,” I slid the picture in front of Mrs. Kepner and Peter, “his older brother, Kazuki Sataru, chose to kill your daughter,” I looked to the picture, “I know where to find them and I will go after them tonight.”
“But Loveless,” Mrs. Samuel said as she looked to me with sadness, “Why are you in a picture with two vampires?” She asked and I sighed.
“I…” I started to say but felt sick. “The other girl in that picture is also a vampire. They are my siblings.” I whispered and Peter stood. He quickly ran over to me and became outraged.
“Get out of here!” He yelled. “We don’t need the help of a vampire!” He screamed as I thought he was going to hit me. I quickly took a step closer to him.
“Don’t EVER call me a vampire!” I yelled louder than anyone had ever heard me yell, but I calmed down. “My whole family was attacked by vampires and we lost our parents because of it. But my siblings and I were forced to be experimented on to try to save us. I turned into a hunter like the doctors planned, but my siblings did not react to the treatment like I did and ended up becoming vampires.” I looked into Peter’s eyes and felt stronger. “Even though they are my siblings I will still hunt them. They killed two innocent girls just to get my attention and now they have it!” I said and then turned to the table again. “I will bring both killers to justice, don’t worry.”
“Love…” Crystal whispered but I could not look at her. I looked to Fallen bravely.
“I’m sorry, Fallen, but I cannot bring the rest of you with me. This is too dangerous.” I said and Peter moved as Fallen became angry.
“I’m stronger than you, Love! If you can handle this then I certainly can!”
“We’re going with you, Love, so don’t waste your breath on telling us not to.” Hatred said and I looked to all of them. They smiled but I did not feel better. I turned to the table.
“We will be back soon.” I said and then walked downstairs. The other 7 followed me and went to my suitcase. Fallen and Hatred also opened their suitcases and then stood with the others behind me. I examined the choices I had for weapons and decided. I threw a riffle and pocketknife to Hatred, handed Fallen the largest gun we had, and handed each of the children a pistol loaded with vampire bullets. I took a second pistol, 20 small knifes, and a sword Rei had made especially for me. I looked to them and smiled.

I had positioned all 5 kids at least a mile from the mansion with a radio that connected them to each other to tell if they saw a vampire. Their orders were to kill any vampire they saw. Hatred and Fallen had changed to full suits but I stayed in my regular black bulletproof dress. I turned to the two guys behind me and felt nervous for the first time. “H,” I started by calling Hatred with his code name, “F,” I added, “Cover behind me. You two will take on any vampires that I tell you to but if I tell you to not touch them then get out of the way. I will take those vampires into my own hands.”
“What’s the difference? They are all vampires.” Hatred commented and I frowned.
“I will kill my siblings. They are mine.” I spat back and he was shocked. I sighed. “I didn’t mean to be rude… I’m just nervous something will go wrong.” I admitted but quickly turned and loaded my gun as I pointed to a dark figure that flew and stopped on one of the two pillars on each side of the gate that led to the mansion. A laugh sounded from the animal as it jumped to the ground and stood a few feet from me. The familiar boy walked up to me and slid his index finger across my right cheekbone. He gave me a look that angered me.
“So you have finally come to join us, Hazuki?” He asked with a smile and I slapped his hand from me. He frowned to me and shook his head. “It is not a good idea for a pet to bite its master.”
“Like hell I’m your pet!” I yelled as I took a step closer to him. “Go tell my brothers I have come to arrest them for murder.”
He laughed. “So you found our gifts did you?” He asked me with a smile, “I told Kazuki that would get your attention. Regardless, he already knows you’re here.”
“Then why has he not come to face his death?” I asked and then put the end of my gun on his head. “Stop the games, Solomon!”
“He would like to speak with you,” He told me, “But you and your…friends must put away your weapons. If you do so our people will not kill you.”
“Yet.” I added and he laughed.
“You know us too well.” He laughed and then gave me a look of curiosity. “So?”
I did not take my eyes from Solomon. “H, F put away your weapons!” I ordered and they did so but not happily. I put my gun away and then looked to Solomon. He put out his hand to me and smiled.
“I won’t bite…” He said and then chuckled, “yet.” I walked past him and turned back to him.
“Get your ass in gear, vampire. I don’t have all night.” I spat to him and he walked ahead of me. Hatred and Fallen came on either side of me and we followed Solomon into the mansion. When the door opened I saw many familiar faces all smile to me in an evil way. But two in particular struck me hard. They both came over to me and stared. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” I retorted and my sister smiled to me.
“Have you come to join us?” She asked but then noticed the two men near me. “Oh! And you brought us treats! How nice of you!”
“Touch these two and I’ll blow you head off!” I threatened and she frowned. We then walked up a large staircase behind Solomon and went into the only room there. When I walked in with Hated, Fallen, and Solomon my brother walked over to me. His long fang-like teeth struck my heart but I ignored it. Solomon moved from in front of me as my brother came to me. I closed my eyes with regret and was shocked when I felt something warm on my forehead. I opened my eyes and realized my brother had kissed my head. He smiled to me the way he used to and I felt like I could not speak.
“Hazuki,” He whispered in a loving way, “Look at what measures I had to go to in order to meet up with you.” He said with a sigh and I gained my voice.
“There’s this thing called a phone.” I retorted.
“Please Hazuki…” He said and then reached to set his hand on my face but Fallen slapped it away. Kazuki started to go after Fallen but I quickly went in front of Fallen. “Keep your pets under control.” He told me and I nodded. He sighed and then looked away, but looked back to me after a moment. “Please reconsider my offer,” He said with love, “I don’t want to fight my twin sister.”
“Then you should have killed me a long time ago, Kazuki.” I hissed and he was angered. “My heart, body, and soul do not belong to your sister!”
“What are you talking about?”
I took a knife from my pocket and everyone froze. I squeezed the blade in my hands and closed my eyes as the pain rushed to me. I let go and then flattened my hand so that everyone could see my red blood. “This is my real blood, I am a hunter, Kazuki.” I whispered and then looked away from him. “I have to fight you.”
“Why! We are your family!” He yelled and then pushed my bloody hand away from him.
“I have to fight you,” I whispered and then looked to Kazuki, “Because I want to protect the ones I love.”
“Are you saying you don’t love your own family?” Kazuki yelled in disbelief.
I stood my ground proudly. “I do love my family.”
“Then why are you…” He started to protest.
“But my family died!” I yelled and he froze. I pulled my picture out of my pocket and showed it to him. “This was my family! Not you!” I yelled and then put the picture away. “And I now have people I love to protect!”
Kazuki grabbed my shoulders and hissed. “Are you telling me you are going to protect that bastard Rei even though he took you from us?”
I smiled to my brother as I took a royal vampire necklace from my pocket. I squeezed it in my blood-covered hand and it shattered. The shards pierced my hand and I put my hand out to my brother. He put his hand out to me with curiosity and I dropped the bloody shards into his hand. “That was your father’s stone.” I whispered and then looked up to Kazuki. “You took my parents so I took your father.” I hissed and then pulled out a second royal necklace. I shattered it also and then threw the shards in front of Solomon. “Your father tried to fight me to protect Kazuki and Yuki yesterday.” I said and then smiled.
“What are you saying, sister?” Kazuki asked me with a glare of annoyance.
“I’m telling you that I will NEVER take your offer so you should just let me kill you.” I said and took out my gun. I loaded it and shot, but Kazuki moved out of the way. I quickly turned around and ran. I threw the doors open as Hatred and Fallen followed me. They started down the stairs and I followed. The three of us shot at every side to kill every vampire that came at us. When we got to the bottom of the stairs I knew what to do. “Go to the right!” I yelled and they sprinted down the hall that as to the right of the staircase. I followed them and we went into a small room to get set up. Fallen and Hated loaded their guns. “I’ll go out first.” I whispered. “Go in different directions and kill as many vampires as you can. If you kill one make sure you get away with their necklace or they will be resurrected.” I loaded my own gun and then stood. “We need to get everyone out of here.”
“What! But we just got here!” Hatred protested and I nodded to him, but looked away.
“We don’t have enough people for this.” I whispered. “We need to kill as many vampires as possible but they will soon go after the 5 kids.”
I nodded to Fallen. “We are going to retreat in 20 minutes unless we are substantially winning. When 20 minutes is up go to the kids and bring as many as you can find back to the Samuel’s home. Once we are all there we have to leave and go back home.” I ordered as they both stood and nodded. “Good luck.” I whispered and then ran out of the room. I quickly started shooting at the 6 vampires coming after me. I killed all of them within one minute and grabbed their necklaces as I ran out of that hall. I went to the front of the house and sprinted out. Most of the vampires followed me outside and I quickly hid in a garden. In 9 minutes I had killed 32 vampires and had claimed their necklaces. When I saw both Fallen and Hatred outside fighting vampires I ran inside again. When I went inside three vampires stood in front of me. Two were older men and the other one was my younger sister. I quickly killed the two older men but it took me a few minutes to hit them. I then went after my sister who started to run. She went and stopped midway up the stairs with a gun. She shot at me twice and I threw two knives at her. One hit her chest and as she gasped with pain I sprinted to her. I pushed her onto the stairs and ripped off her necklace as I stabbed her throat. She screamed in pain and for a moment I saw my true sister in her. I felt tears running down my face and hugged her tightly against me. I looked to her face and she saw my tears. “I’m…” I stated to say but cried even harder. “I’m so sorry Airi.” I whispered and she also cried as her eyes started to close. I quickly kissed her forehead and hugged her to me. “I love you, sister.” I whispered and then her heart stopped. I brushed away my tears as I let go of her body and quickly focused. I ran down to the two dead vampires I had just killed and took their necklaces. I tied the three new gems to a rope I had on my gun that was very crowded now. My little brother ran into the mansion and looked at me. He saw the corpse of our sister on the stairs and became angry.
“You killed her!” He screamed and then sprinted after me. He shoved me to the ground and tried to bite my neck but I held him far enough from me that he could not. I turned over on my left so that I was on top of him. I grabbed his necklace before he could stop me and shot his stomach. He gasped and I started to cry again. I kissed his forehead like I used to when he was a baby.
“I’m so sorry, Yuki.” I whispered and he closed his eyes. I quickly put his stone with the others and ran up the staircase. I searched for any more vampires but could not find any so I felt better. We were winning. I opened the door to my brother’s room and slowly went in. I could not see any vampires so I walked around the room to make sure. But then a large black shadow attacked me out of nowhere and I was shocked. The being was on top of me and had my arms pinned down. The thing moved closer to me and its face went into an area of the room that was shinning with the moon’s light from a window. Kazuki smiled to me in the way he used to.
“You’ve killed them?” He asked and I could tell he was sad. “You killed Yuki and Airi?”
I looked away from him and closed my eyes. “No. I killed those monsters that have possessed my younger siblings and I will do the same to you.” I said as I looked back to him but I tensed when he moved closer to me.
“I don’t want to die, Sister. I want to live with you once again as siblings.” He whispered, grabbed my right wrist, took off my glove, pulled it to his lips, and I felt his warm breath against my wrist. I gasped and held my breath in fright. But when pain hit me I felt weak. My brother’s face came into view and then my eyes closed.
I woke up in my brother’s room and heard nothing. I sat up and felt pain on my whole body. I quickly lifted my wrist and saw that two small holes in my skin had healed. I started to cry and knew what was happening. I was going to turn into a vampire by tomorrow night and was going to be a royal. I lifted a cold piece of metal from my neck and saw the red gem looking back at me. I slowly stood and it was painful to move. I walked out of the room and realized that almost all the vampires of this house were now dead except for those that had gotten away like my brother. I slowly and painfully walked out of the mansion and started towards the Samuel’s house but only thought about how I could not leave with the hunters and go back to Sei. I was soon going to be a vampire and did not want to let the others see me, but I also knew if I wanted to have any chance of being saved I had to hurry and get to Sir Rei. I then moved as fast as my aching body would go and got to the Samuel’s home as the sun started to rise in the east. I put my glove back on my mark and hid my necklace behind my cloths. I knocked on the door of the house and Mr. Samuel opened it. He quickly turned back to the house.
“She’s here!” He yelled and then quickly let me in. I heard people running and when I got to the kitchen table everyone came in the room. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Mrs. Kepner, Peter Kepner, and Hannah Samuel sat at the table as the 7 hunters quickly came to me.
“Love!” Crystal cried and ran over to me. I quickly looked to her and felt my throat burn. I wanted to kill her for her blood and for vengeance as my scar on my wrist burned. I quickly took a step from her and she froze. She looked up to me with concern.
“Sorry Crystal, but I’m a little sore. I can’t carry you.” I partially lied and she seemed sad but understood. I looked to the table of people. “278 vampires were killed last night and the others ran far away.” I announced. “There will be no more attacks from them again.”
“So what happened to the two killers?” Peter asked me and I looked to my feet.
“I personally killed both of them.” I lied and they all seemed happy. I then looked to them. “We need to go.” I added. “Call us if anything else happens.” I then turned to Fallen and felt pain. “We need to hurry and go.” I whispered and he nodded. He showed me my suitcase and everyone else showed that they had their own.
“I already called the pilot.” Fallen told me and I nodded as Mr. Samuel stood.
“I will drive you.” He offered and we followed him to his car. I sat in the front and did not talk but listened to all the kids asking Hatred and Fallen about last night. When we got to the airport we went to the plane without a word. I put away all of the suitcases and then went to the pilot slowly and painfully.
“We are ready.” I whispered and he nodded.
“We will go once you are seated.” He told me and I went to my seat. I buckled and saw that everyone was already buckled. We took off and I felt sick but the sickness did not even come close to the pain in my wrist. I lay limply in my seat but was startled when Fallen set his hand on my shoulder.
“Hatred and I left an hour after we started the fight,” He informed me, “But when we were leaving we saw two of them get away.”
I sighed. “Alright.”
“Are you okay?” He asked me with concern and I looked to him with surprise. “You don’t really seem like yourself.”
“I’m just sore and tired,” I whispered, “Don’t worry.” I added and then we were quiet till we got home. I quickly gave everyone his or her suitcases and left. Yuri ran over to me when I got off of the plane with a smile.
“Love, how many vampires did you kill?” She asked and I felt my urge to kill her. I then felt light headed and slumped to the ground. My body needed blood badly. My brother had taken too much and I now was at a risk of dying right in front of everyone or killing one of them. Everyone stopped and quickly came over to me with concern. “Love!” Yuri cried in fright as she saw me looking like I was going to die. I looked to Hatred quickly.
“Go get Sir Rei.” I whispered to him and he ran off with Luther following him. Fallen came over to me and tried to set his hand on my shoulder but I slapped it away. “Back up!” I pleaded. “Please!” Everyone moved a few feet from me as Rei ran over to me. He knelt to my side and lifted my chin so that I would look at him.
“What’s wrong?” He asked me, “Are you alright?” I felt tears run down my cheek as I shook my head.
“I…I…” I cried between gasps of breath and knew I could not tell him by words so I quickly pulled my glove off of my right wrist. He froze as he saw the two wounds and tried to think of some other reason than the real one on why I would have these marks. I pulled my necklace from behind my cloths and burst into tears. Rei did not move or even breath. I looked to him and cried more. “I’m going to turn into a vampire!” I cried as I squeezed my hands into fists. “Kazuki…” I whispered and then slammed my hands on the ground, “I’m going to turn into one of those killers!”
Rei grabbed my wrist and examined it. “What do you want to do, Loveless?”
I looked to him and stopped crying with shock. I looked away from him with shame. “I don’t want to become a vampire,” I whispered, “Can you give me that surgery again?”
He nodded. “But you know what that means, right?”
I looked away from him and thought for a moment. When I looked back I nodded to Rei. “I want to live so that I can save Kazuki.” I whispered and Rei sighed. He put his hand on my necklace.
“Can I take it off?”
“No!” I gasped but calmed down, “It’s already taken my soul. Until I am made into a hunter I have to keep it on or I will die.” He nodded and looked to Fallen as Rei picked me up.
“Take care of the others,” Rei ordered, “I will come retrieve you all when this is over.” Rei carried me down to a room he used as a surgery room. He set me on a table and called in three men that helped him. One gave me a shot that was very painful, but after a moment I went to sleep and could not feel anything.

I woke up and felt like I was in an icebox. My teeth were chattering as I shook. I sat up in the large bed and I knew I was in Rei’s spare bedroom. I stood and walked out of the room. When I opened the door I saw Rei sitting at his desk and when he saw me he quickly stood. When he came over to me he set his hand on my forehead to find out I had a high fever. “You should take a shower,” He retorted, “It will help with your fever.” I nodded and went to the spare shower. I turned on the water and felt much better, but when I looked down I noticed my vampire necklace was still on. I tried to unclasp it but when I tried to take it off I felt sick. I knew it was still linked to my soul so I put it back on. When I came out of the shower I found that Rei had put out my dress, gloves, boots, and shorts out on my bed. I put on my cloths but unlike usual I left my hair down. I went back to Rei’s office but could not find him, so I left the room. When I went into the hallway outside of Rei’s room I heard noise coming from the other end of it. I slowly walked down there and stopped where I heard the noise. I looked up at the top of the door to see the sign for the training room. I went into the watching room above the training room and saw Rei sitting there with coffee. He smiled to me and I slowly walked over.
“So the necklace…” I whispered as I sat down next to him at the front row of the movie-like seats.
“That was the only thing I couldn’t figure out how to fix. You won’t turn into a vampire, but with that necklace your soul is still connected to them,” He sighed and I looked to him with curiosity, “Love, I don’t think you should fight vampires anymore.”
“What!” I gasped and he gave me a look of sorrow.
“You’re attached to them now, Love. If you fight them you will either freeze up or turn back into one of them and I can’t save you a third time.”
I sighed and looked away from him. “Have you told the others?” I asked and he shook his head. I looked down to the training room to see Hatred battling Fallen and Hatred was actually keeping up. I smiled to Rei. “It looks like the others will be just fine without me. Hatred has improved.”
Rei looked to me with a smirk. “He was not this good two days ago when you were attacked,” He looked to Hatred and then back to me, “He has been practicing nonstop since the surgery. He is doing this for you.”
I was shocked but knew it was true. “I don’t know what to do…”
“If I stay here I can be with people I love, but I have the feeling that Fallen and Hatred are too attached to me. But if I leave I will have to either live with humans or face the music and become a vampire, and with either of those choices I will hate living.” Rei held my hand in his gently and I looked to him.
“I want you to stay with me.” He whispered and then smiled. “It might sound childish of me to say that but I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”
I smiled to him. “That means a lot to me, Rei.”
He seemed to become even more serious but not in a bad way. “I love you, Loveless.”
“I know.” I whispered and then looked to my lap. “But I can’t let myself love you back, Rei. I don’t want to get you involved…”
“I know.” He repeated and then stood. “You should go let those two know you are okay. They have not stopped training since you left to get surgery. They need to rest.” He said and I nodded. I left the room and went to the locker room. I went to the door that lead to the training room and knocked. It was opened by Hatred who froze when he saw me. I smiled and his eyes immediately went to my hair and necklace. He was shocked to see a vampire standing before him that was not a vampire at all. Fallen walked over and stared at me also.
“Hey, I’ve got something to tell everyone,” I whispered, “Once you’re done training could you come down to the lounge area?”
“Uh…yea.” Hatred said and I nodded with a smile.
“Alright, see you soon.” I replied and then left. I went to the girl’s room and knocked but no one answered so I went to the lounge area. I knocked on the door and Yuri, who froze but quickly hugged me as she started to cry, opened it. I hugged her back as Crystal, Hope, Luther, and Force joined in on the hug. Once it was over we all went into the lounge area and I sat down on a couch. Crystal and Luther sat on either side of me. “I have to tell you all something, but we have to wait till Fallen and Hatred come here like I asked.”
“Love, why is your hair down? You never wear it down.” Yuri asked me curiously.
“And why are you still wearing that vampire necklace?” Force added as the door to the room opened. Fallen and Hatred walked in and sat down. I looked down to my lap but then to the group.
“What did you have to tell us?” Fallen asked me and I looked to him.
“I just wanted to clear up some things with all of you since you may not really understand what has happened,” I looked to Yuri, “The reason I am wearing my hair down in because it is customary for a vampire woman to wear her hair down.”
“But you’re not a vampire! You’re one of us!” Hatred protested with firmness.
I shook my head and then put my hand on my necklace and looked up to him. “I’m not a vampire anymore but I am connected to them by my necklace.”
“Then take it off.” Force replied and I sighed.
“If I take off this necklace I will immediately die.” I replied and he froze. “I did not get to Sir Rei fast enough for him to protect my soul from this necklace. It is now part of me weather I like it or not.”
“Love, what happened after we saw you that night? How did you go from fighting to being attacked?” Fallen asked with concern that I did not want to see.
“I…” I started to say but looked at my lap again, “I killed my two younger siblings while the two of you were outside fighting. After that I searched for any other vampires that may have been hiding in the mansion and went to my brother’s room.”
“You mean Kazuki Sataru?” Hope asked me and I nodded with a smile.
“Yes. He is my twin brother.” I announced and then went on. “He attacked me and before I could get away from him he had pinned me down.” I pulled off my glove and gently touched my wound. “Kazuki told me that he wanted to live as my sibling once again and then forcefully changed me into one of his own. But after that I don’t remember anything other than coming to the Samuel’s home.”
“So you’re better now, right?” Crystal asked as she set her hand on my wound and I looked to her. “You’re going to hunt with us.”
“I can’t…” I whispered and she stared at me.
“I have been ordered to never hunt again.” I replied and looked to the others. “I don’t have much time left…”
“What do you mean?” Luther asked me.
“There is a side effect to my treatments…” I whispered, “Every time I have the treatment my life span is divided in half.” Everyone was silent for a moment until Hope stood up with a gasp.
“That means you are only going to live to 19!” She gasped and everyone froze. I nodded to her and then sighed as I lifted my necklace in my view.
“Once I am 19 I will not die though,” I said and then looked to them, “I will claim a fate worse than death. I will become a royal vampire until I am murdered.” A knock at the door stopped our conversation as Rei walked in and gave me a look of shame.
“Loveless…” He said and I quickly stood. I walked over to him with concern.
“What is it?”
“There is a situation.”
I tensed my hands. “Tell me.”
“The families you helped in your last mission insist to talk to you.” He said and handed me a phone. I took it with curiosity and answered it.
“Loveless,” Mrs. Samuel said and then sniffled. She had been crying and I knew it.
“What’s the matter, Mrs. Samuel?”
“It’s Hannah!” She cried. “She was abducted last night and I just got news that Peter Kepner has gone missing also! The vampires are back!” She couldn’t talk anymore since she was almost hyperventilating.
“Mrs. Samuel, please clam down!” I pleaded as I felt pain in my wrist. I grabbed it as I tried not to let tears run down my face. I knew who this was. “I will come later today and find them. I know where they are.”
“Okay.” She cried and I hung up the phone. I handed it to Rei and tried to go past him but he grabbed my arm tightly and would not let me leave.
“You can’t go back to Earth, Loveless!” He ordered. “The others will go and deal with whatever problem there is.” He said and I quickly pushed his hand away. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail like I used to and put my hand out to Rei who was confused.
“I need my gun.” I demanded and he became angry.
“You’re not going back there, Loveless! Kazuki will turn you into one of his own!” He yelled and I was shocked when Crystal grabbed onto my leg. She was crying.
“Please don’t go, Love! I don’t want you to turn into a vampire! I want you to stay here with us!” She cried and I started to cry also. I knelt down to her side and brushed away her tears. I brushed mine away as I looked to her.
“My brother will not stop killing people until I become a vampire or I kill him. Two girls have already died because of this and I won’t let Kazuki take away the only children the Samuel’s and Mrs. Kepner have left! I can’t just stay here and let more people die because of me! I have to kill my brother!” I told her and then hugged Crystal and cried more. “I’m sorry, Crystal but I have to go. I have to save Hannah and Peter.” I let go of her and stood as I stopped crying. I looked to Rei. “I have to go.”
“But…” Rei started to say but Fallen stood quickly.
“I will go with Loveless and I will protect her from Kazuki Sataru. If I kill him before he takes Love then this will be over and she will be able to live safely with us here.” Fallen suggested, as he walked over to Rei.
“Fine.” Rei said sadly and then set his hand on my cheek. “When you come back to us, Loveless, I will try to save your life and make it so you can live your whole life as a hunter.” He said and I nodded. I walked out with Fallen and everyone just watched. Fallen followed me to a room only he, Rei, and I knew how to open. I typed in the code to the door and we went in. In the dim room was all the hunting equipment we owned. I grabbed three fully loaded guns and threw two of them to Fallen.

Mr. Samuel stopped his car in front of an empty field with a small dirt road in the middle of it. I got out and so did Fallen. “Thanks Mr. Samuel. We will bring Hannah back to you as soon as we can.” He nodded sadly to me as he stared at my red necklace but then drove off. I started up the small dirt road and Fallen followed at my side with curiosity.
“Where is this?” He asked me and I looked to him.
“This was my house as a child. This is the place where the vampires attacked my family.”
“So why are we here? And where’s the house?”
“At the end of this road is where Kazuki and Solomon are holding the two kids. I know Kazuki thinks the same way as me and if I had one of his people captured I would come here to meet him because we both are connected to this place and we both love here.” I replied quietly and then stopped walking. Fallen stopped and looked at me with curiosity. I set my hand on Fallen’s cheek and he was surprised. I walked so close to him that my chest was touching his and then gently kissed his lips. When I lifted my lips from his he just stared at me with shock and amazement but then he pulled me back to him. He kissed me for the first time and I did not want him to stop. I knew he had fallen in love with me a long time ago but now I realized I was falling for him also. When he stopped kissing me we both just looked at each other. I looked into his eyes with intensity. “Fallen,” I whispered and he looked at me in a questioning way, “If my brother turns me into a vampire I want you to shoot me and take my gem.” I said and his eyes widened with shock.
“I can’t do that, Loveless. I can’t shoot you.”
“If you feel anything for me, Fallen, anything at all… you have to save me from living as a killer. I never want to become a killer.” I whispered and then held his hand in mine gently. “Please.”
He kissed my lips lightly. “Okay.” He replied and I nodded. I started to walk again and so did he but we did not let go of each other’s hands. When we got to the house I knew so well I was surprised to see vines growing all over it. I let go of Fallen’s hand and went ahead of him. “First priority is to get the two kids out.” I whispered and he nodded. I opened the front door of the house and listened for a moment. “Solomon!” I yelled and listened for a moment but nothing responded. “Kazuki!” I yelled and did not hear anything so I looked to Fallen. “Stay close.” I whispered and then we slowly went up the creaky staircase. We slowly went to Kazuki and my old room door and I opened it. Kazuki was sitting on his old bed and smiled up to me. Without having my hand showing I held it out so that Fallen stopped. He knew to wait there where he could not be seen as I walked in. Solomon was standing in the middle of the room near Hannah and Peter who were tied by rope to Kazuki’s bed. I walked closer to the four people and Kazuki smiled.
“I’m glad you could join us, sister.” He said in a kind, brotherly way. I looked to Peter and Hannah who just stared at my red necklace. I looked away from their glare and back to Kazuki.
“What do you want in exchange for the two humans?” I asked with no emotion. “Name your price.”
Kazuki laughed lightly to me. “No prices, Hazuki, you just have to finally join us.”
“Or Kazuki could just do it the hard way again.” Solomon said with a smirk to me and I looked to him with a frown, but we both knew he had a point.
“I’ve already been changed back.”
“Then why do you still have the necklace I gave you?” Kazuki asked me and I looked down to the necklace.
“I didn’t get to Rei fast enough to get it off.” I retorted and Kazuki stood. He walked over to Hannah and knelt towards her. He put his hand out towards her and she flinched. “Don’t!” I yelled with fright that I would have to watch Hannah’s death.
“Then come to me, Hazuki.” Kazuki said as he stood. I walked over to him slowly and tensed as my eyes closed and turned my head when he set his hand on my face. “Give me your wrist.” He ordered and I hesitated.
“No…” Hannah whispered as she started to cry. I looked to her and winked when no one else was looking. I turned my head towards Kazuki and smiled to him. I set my hand over his and while he smiled back to me I slowly lifted my gun and shot Solomon in the arm. He screamed and I shoved Kazuki to the ground. I fought him and was having trouble keeping him on the ground.
“Fallen! Hurry!” I yelled as I struggled and he sprinted into the room. He went to Hannah and Peter and untied them. He then ran over to Solomon and tried to get his necklace, but Solomon jumped out the window behind him when Kazuki moved at amazing speed. Before I could do anything he grabbed me, stood with me, went closely behind me, had his left arm wrapped around my neck, and was using his right hand to pull my wrist to his mouth. He had even taken off my glove without me noticing. Fallen froze when he looked over and saw I was caught. I could tell he wanted to help me but he also knew he had to get the two humans away. “Go!” I ordered but he did not.
“Let go of Loveless!” Fallen hissed to Kazuki as he pointed his gun at him. Kazuki started to laugh and Fallen was shocked.
“Go ahead boy, shoot me!” Kazuki laughed, “But you will lose your beloved comrade too.”
“Go Fallen!” I yelled with concern.
“Yes, go Fallen,” Kazuki repeated, “Go tell your leader Rei Hajji that he has lost the woman he has fallen in love with to me.” I looked away from Fallen and closed my eyes. My mind went directly to thoughts of Crystal, Luther, Hope, Force, Yuri, and Hatred, but nearly cried when I thought of Rei. Kazuki moved closer to my wrist.
“No!” Hannah pleaded in a scream.
“Get her out of here, Fallen! I can’t let her see this!” I yelled as I tensed but then my instincts kicked in. All the sudden the only thing that was important to me was to live on. I slowly moved my left hand at the same speed as Kazuki moved to my wrist and as his teeth sunk into my wrist I pulled my trigged twice in a row. I quickly twisted my wrist that was hooked to his teeth and ripped his necklace off of his neck as I felt the pain of the large cut I had just made. He coughed twice and with both blood hit me. He started to go weak and I quickly helped him slowly lay on the ground. I knelt at his side and started to cry like I had wanted to for a while.
“Why?” Kazuki chocked as he coughed more blood. I looked to him with sadness.
“Because I cannot die at the hands of a vampire,” I whispered back and he looked to me anger and sadness, “I’m sorry, Kazuki.” I wiped tears away from my face and his eyes finally closed. I slumped to the ground and looked down to my knees to see a deep pool of blood forming around me and Fallen ran over to me. He looked at me and I looked at him.
“I…” He started to apologize but I shook my head.
“I would have done the same thing.” I whispered with a smile back to him and then saw Hannah come over to me with a shaken look.
“Your wrist…” She said as she shook.
“It’s alright, Hannah. He did not fully bite me so I am not going to become a vampire.” I reassured her.
“But you’re bleeding!” Peter protested.
I looked to him and smiled. “This is just a cut. He did not get to my main artery,” I looked down to my wrist happily, “And I won’t need stitches.” I replied and Fallen took out a cell phone. He called an ambulance and also requested for policemen. The chief showed up with Mrs. Kepner and the Samuel’s. With my wrist limply dripping at my side I brought Peter and Hannah to their families who immediately hugged them and were crying. I looked to Fallen who gently put his arm around my waist and came closer to me. I smiled to him and he seemed relieved and calmer now. “Can you talk to the chief for me?” I asked and he seemed confused.
“Sure, but aren’t you going to come with me?” He asked and I looked into his eyes.
“I have to get something before I leave.” I whispered and he nodded as he moved from me. I walked back into my old home and went back to my room. I went to my brother’s side and kissed his forehead. “I love you, brother.” I whispered and then picked up his necklace as I stood. I went over to my bed; I opened a shoebox that was covered in dust and took out the things in there. The first thing was a picture of my whole family in front of this house, the second was of my parent’s wedding, the third was a picture of Kazuki holding Yuki and me holding Airi when they were babies, the fourth was of me sitting in a chair and watching over my three siblings that were in three different hospital beds and covered with stuff the nurses had put on them, and the last picture was of Kazuki and my 1st birthday as we held each others hands with toothless smiles on our face covered in cake. I took the 5 pictures and left my house for the last time. I went out to Fallen who was talking with the chief of police and smiled. “Hello.” I said kindly.
“Fallen has told me that you got that wound while killing the last vampire here. The paramedics will bandage up the wound so that you can get back to your home quickly.” The chief said kindly and I nodded to him as I held my brother’s necklace and my pictures behind my back. I followed the chief to the ambulance and sat down inside of it. The woman that had helped Luther last time I was injured smiled at me. When she turned around to the other Paramedics to say something I slipped my brother’s necklace and the pictures in my pocket.
“Hello again.” She said kindly as another paramedic handed her some things. “Where is Luther?”
“He stayed home this time. I didn’t want to get him scared again.” I replied and she nodded. She cleaned my wrist and examined it.
“This is very deep,” She commented, “I will have to put some stitches in it.” She said and usually she would bring me to the hospital but was instructed to just heal me here. She gave me a shot and put 16 dissolvable stitches in my wound. She then put gauze on the spot and around my wrist and wrapped it with tape to keep it on. “Don’t get it wet for a week. By then the stitches will dissolve and you will be fine.” She explained to me and then I was free to go. I hopped out of the ambulance and went to Fallen who was waiting for me while talking to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Hannah, Peter, and Mrs. Kepner. I walked over slowly and Hannah ran over to me. She hugged me and then looked to my wrist.
“What did they do to your wrist?” She asked as I knelt to her side.
“I got a couple stitches, that’s all.” I replied and then gently brushed a hair from her face and behind her ear. She looked up to me with curiosity. “Did those two vampires harm you in any way?” I asked with concern.
“They just tied my hands up and told me to be quiet. They even gave me food,” She said and then curiously touched my necklace, “Your brother told me that he was going to have you kill me and Peter,” She looked up to my face, “But I knew he was lying. You would never kill us.”
I smiled and nodded to her. “I would never even dream of such a thing.” I assured her with a smile. I then stood and we walked over to her parents. “I’m sorry Mr. Samuel, Mrs. Samuel, and Mrs. Kepner. Because of me you almost lost Peter and Hannah.”
“But you risked your life to save them, Loveless. We could never be mad at you. We asked you to come here before so none of this is your fault.” Mrs. Kepner assured me and I smiled. “You have brought our families back together, Loveless, and we want you to go back to yours also. I’m sure they are worried about you and are missing you.” She commented and I smiled with a nod. We all went to Mr. Samuel’s large car and sat down. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel sat in the front; Hannah, Peter, and Mrs. Kepner sat in the first row; and Fallen and I sat in the back row. Fallen was by the window and I sat between him and an open seat. Fallen gently intertwined his fingers in mine as he held my hand with feeling. I laid my head on his shoulder and felt safe.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered to him and he turned his head to me with question.
“I asked you to do something you never wanted to do. I’m sorry I did that to you,” I replied, “But if anyone was to kill me I would want it to be you. I trust you.”
“I trust you too, Loveless.” He whispered back and then kissed my lips without making a noise. “I trust you with all of me. My body, heart, and soul.” He whispered and we then sat there for the rest of the way and enjoyed our time together. When we got to the airport we left the families for the last time and went to our plane. Fallen insisted that I sit down so I did. He went to the pilot and told him we were ready to go. Fallen then came back to me and sat next to me. He intertwined our fingers again and I rested my head back on his shoulder. I fell asleep after we lifted off and was woken by Fallen when we got back to the space shuttle we called home. When we got off of the plane I saw everyone running towards me. Yuri, Force, Hope, Luther, and Crystal hugged me as tight as they could as Hatred went over to Fallen. Hatred smiled and slapped Fallen’s shoulder.
“You did good.” Hatred said with kindness and Fallen smiled to him.
“Thanks.” Fallen replied as the kids let go of me and seemed to go crazy. They were all asking questions like they were going to die if their answer was not given right then. Fallen came over with anger and stood next to me. “She can’t answer all of you at once!” He yelled and they were quiet. Force raised his hand.
“Yes, Force?” I asked him kindly.
“Did you save those two kids?” He asked me with painful expectations.
“Yes. Peter and Hannah are perfectly fine.” I replied and Hope raised her hand. “Hope?”
“Who abducted them?”
“My brother Kazuki and another vampire named Solomon.” I responded as Yuri raised her hand. “Yuri?”
“Did your brother try to turn you into a vampire again?” She asked with anticipation.
“Yes, but he was not successful.”
“Then why is that bandage on your wrist?” Luther asked with nervousness.
I smiled. “When my brother was about to bite my wrist I shot him. He then left a large cut on my wrist but did not get to my main artery.” Crystal raised her hand. “Yes, Crystal?” I asked kindly.
“Are you going to stay with us forever now?” She asked with tears brimming her eyes she thought I was going to say no and was scared.
“Yes.” I replied and everyone froze. Not even Fallen knew that. “The only way to reverse my brother’s blood attack on me was to kill him. When I did that it made it so that I will not turn into a vampire at 19. I will be a hunter but will still have to wear this necklace,” I looked down to Crystal and smiled even more, “I will get to be with you forever now.” She quickly ran over and hugged my leg. I picked her up and she hugged me the regular way. “Fallen, can you take back my guns? I have to go to Sir Rei’s office.” I announced and he nodded. I put down Crystal, gave him my weapons, and walked down the Rei’s room. I knocked on the door and then walked in after a moment. Rei looked up from a paper he was reading and immediately stood when he realized I was there. He quickly walked over to me and hugged me with love. I hugged him back and laid my head on his chest. When we let go he held my hands and just looked at me with longing. I took the necklace in my pocket and handed it to Rei. “Kazuki is dead.” I replied and he smiled to me. “I now will not turn into a vampire when I’m 19.” I added and he hugged me again.
“I couldn’t be happier!” He laughed as he pulled me closer to him. “This is great!” He added but our happiness was stalled when the door to Rei’s room opened. Fallen stopped in mid-step when he saw Rei holding me so closely to him. I slowly moved from Rei and went over to Fallen. I took his hand in mine and led him over to Rei.
“Fallen has proved that he is the strongest hunter here and can become the best hunter in history. I think it would be a bad idea to even consider moving Fallen’s status. He deserves it,” I said and looked to Rei, “Don’t you agree, Sir Rei?”
He nodded. “Fallen, I must personally thank you for protecting Loveless today. It would be horrible to have lost my favorite patient to a vampire.” Rei said kindly but when I looked to Fallen he did not seem happy to be praised by the man he wanted to please so badly.
“Thank you sir.” Fallen replied, “But I was determined to keep Loveless safe and I was not going to let Kazuki Sataru kill her.”
“Good, good.” Sir Rei said and then looked to me.
“Am I allowed to train again?” I asked him and he was surprised. He looked down to my wrist.
“Not with an injury.”
“But after that?” I asked and he nodded. “We should go back to the others, goodbye Sir Rei.” I said and he smiled with a nod. I led Fallen out of the room with me and started towards our rooms but he stopped walking. I turn to him and he looked at me like he was trying to see into my soul. “What is it?” I asked curiously.
“Is there something going on between you and Sir Rei?” He asked and I shook my head. “Has he ever said anything inappropriate to you?”
I looked at Fallen to try to understand where this was coming from and finally realized he was jealous of my relationship with Rei. “Sir Rei has confessed feeling towards me but we both know nothing can or will happen between us. He is my savior and I am his experiment.”
“When did he confess to you?”
“A long time ago, but we both know nothing can come from it.” I replied and slightly squeezed his hand in mine. “Don’t worry so much.” I said with a smirk and then led him down towards the lounge area. When we went in Yuri smiled to Fallen.
“Hatred is in the training room and told me to tell you to go down there once you were back. He wants to show you something.” Yuri announced and Fallen looked to me with a sorry look.
“I’ll see you later.” He said and I nodded. He left and I went into the room as I shut the door. I sat on an empty red couch and Force stood from the floor. He had been down there playing some kind of game with Crystal and Luther as Yuri and Hope read books on a large black couch. Force sat next to me and smiled.
“Guess what, Love!” He said with enthusiasm.
“I finally got my element!” He cheered as he smiled and I was happy for him.
“Really! That’s great! So what’s your element?” I asked and he stood up. He put his palm on his right hand towards me and closed his eyes as large gust of cool wind went through my hair and he put down his hand. He smiled to me, hoping for my approval and I gave it to him. “You’re a wind controller!” I announced with glee, “That means you are connected to me since I am a fire controller!” I hugged Force and he hugged me back like I was his parent he so badly wanted to please.
“Yea! I got it this morning! I’m so excited!” He said with enjoyment. Luther looked at me with disappointment.
“Love, when will I get my element?” Luther asked in a sad, childish way. I smiled to him.
“Everyone usually gets their element around 12 or 13. Hope just got hers this year near her 13th birthday and Force got his two weeks before he is 13. Most likely you will get it around your 13th birthday. So you have about 5 years to go just like Crystal has 4 years to wait.”
“So now we have one wind controller, two water controllers, two earth controllers, and one fire controller, right?” Yuri asked me and I nodded.
“Yep. Both you and Fallen are earth controllers, Hatred and Hope are water controllers, I am a fire controller, and Force is a wind controller.” I replied and looked to Force. “You get to be the first wind controller in this home.”
He smiled. “That’s so cool!” He said giddily. “I get to be just like you!” He said and I was surprised. I did not know Force wanted to be like me. I was happy to know Force looked up to me and I felt important.

I laid on the large black couch in the lounge room in complete silence. Everyone was sleeping like I had been only an hour ago, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my real family. I had brought my five pictures with me and turned on the lamp by my head. I flipped over to my stomach, re-covered myself with a red blanket, and just looked at the first picture in the group that was of Kazuki and me holding our younger siblings when they were infants. I couldn’t believe I was still thinking about Kazuki. I had killed him more than two months before but could not get over it. The door to the room opening interrupted my thoughts and I looked up to see Hope watching me. “Something wrong, Hope?” I whispered in the silence. Hope shook her head and then cautiously shut the door. She came over to me and sat on the ground by me. “Why are you up? It’s 4 am.”
“I’m just a little nervous about tomorrow.” She replied and I smiled. I sat up and patted a spot next to me as I put my pictures in my lap. When she sat down I kindly shared my blanket with her.
“You shouldn’t be nervous about tomorrow.” I assured her and she sighed.
“But I don’t want to have to fight.” She said and then looked to my lap. “What are those pictures of?” She asked as she pointed to the top one.
“They are of my siblings when we were all human.” I explained and she was surprised. I handed the photos to her and she slowly flipped through them. She set the picture of my whole family between us on the blanket and pointed to me.
“That is you, right?” She asked and I nodded. She moved her finger to Kazuki. “And that is your twin brother Kazuki Sataru,” She moved her finger to my little brother, “and this is Yuki Sataru,” she moved her finger between my parents, “and those are your parents,” she moved to my sister, “and this is your sister.”
“Her name was Airi Sataru.” I explained and Hope nodded. “I wish the rest of you could have had a family. I think you would have all enjoyed it.”
Hope looked to me and then directed her glare to the blanket. “No one would have been able to help me or understand me where I used to live. This is where I belong and want to stay.” Hope looked up to me like a child trying to be assured that something was true. “We are all kind of like a family, right?”
“You think so?” I asked and she nodded. She pointed to my mother in the picture from before.
“You’re the mom of the family,” her finger moved to my father, “Fallen is the dad,” She pointed to a green spot beside my mother in the photo, “Hatred is like the uncle,” She pointed to a spot between my parents, “Yuri is like the oldest sister,” she went to Kazuki and me, “Force and I are like twins in many ways,” she moved to Airi and Yuki, “and that is Crystal and Luther.” Hope looked to my face with tenderness. “We are a hunter family.” She commented and I hugged Hope from the side.
“You’re very right, Hope.” I said with love. I looked to Hope as I let go of her. “I wish you, Force, Yuri, Crystal and Luther were my children. I would love to have such great children.”
“I wish you were my mom…” Hope said and I was shocked. Hope usually did not talk to me like this.
I gently kissed the Hope’s forehead and she blushed with embarrassment and confusion. “In my family we used to kiss someone on the forehead to tell the other person we loved them.” I explained and Hope quickly pecked a slight kiss on my forehead. I knew that was her quiet way of showing she loved me and I was happy. Hope yawned and I patted my lap. She laid her head on my legs and closed her eyes. I hummed a song I liked and after a while she went to sleep and since I felt better I fell asleep a few minutes later.
A few hours later Crystal, who came into the room with Yuri, told Hope and me to get up and get ready for the trip. Hope and I went to the room and she went into the bathroom. I already had my stuff packed in my pink suitcase with an ‘L’ on it and had out my uniform. I slipped into my dress, shorts, and boots by the time Hope came out of the bathroom. I went in the bathroom to get ready like usual. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, put on makeup, and put up my hair. I walked out of the bathroom to see Hope waiting by my suitcase with her own in her hand. When I picked up my suitcase we left and joined the others in the plane. I sat next to Fallen and Hope sat next to Luther, like usual. The pilot took off at the command of Sir Rei who sat next to him. Fallen gently intertwined our fingers and I looked to him to smile but was shocked when he leaned over and kissed me. When he moved from me I looked behind us to see that none of the other hunters had seen that, but when I looked up to the pilot with no fear I was stunned to see Sir Rei looking at me with confusion and anger on his face. I tried to pretend I did not notice Rei and pulled my legs onto my seat so that I was comfortable. I lay my head on Fallen shoulder and looked at our hands. I could feel Rei watching me for the rest of the flight but I ignored it. Luckily we only had a 20 minutes flight to the space station we were going to and when we landed everyone stood. I went over to Crystal and Luther. They both took my hands and I turned to Fallen who was unloading the suitcases. Crystal and Luther already had gotten theirs so I smiled at Fallen. “Can you get mine for me?” I asked in a sweet way and he nodded with a smile. He carried both of our suitcases as I led the two kids off the plane and into the station. Millions of people were in the large room but I knew where to go. I walked over to a table in the center of the room and smiled to the grouchy old man sitting there. “Hi,” I said nicely, “Hunter group 4 is now here.”
The man looked at me like I was stupid. “Of course you are.” He said with an annoyed role of his eyes and I became angry but ignored it. “Lets see…Sir Rei Hajji is your representative. Where is he?” The man asked like he wanted to die right there and I looked back to Rei.
“Yes he is here,” I replied to the man. “Sir Rei.” I announced and he quickly walked over to the table from the back of the group.
“I am Sir Rei hajji.”
“Fine.” The rude man said with another roll of his eyes as he looked to the paper on the table. “Loveless, Yuri, Hatred, and Fallen are in room 145. Luther, Crystal, Hope, and Force are in a conjoining room 147. Sir Rei Hajji, you are across the hall in room 146.” The man said and then handed Rei three keys. He handed two of them to me and I nodded.
“Come along.” I said and everyone followed my two followers and me. I led everyone to the elevator and we waited a moment until the empty room opened. We all filled it and I pushed the 2nd floor button. When we got off I led everyone down two halls until I got to our rooms. I stopped in front of 147 and let go of Luther and Crystal. I used a key to open the lock and pushed the door open widely. “Crystal, Luther, Force, and Hope. You four are in here.” I said and the four of them ran into the room to claim beds. I then went to the door to the right of that one and opened it. Fallen, Yuri, and Hatred went in. Right as I was going to go into our room a voice stopped me in mid step.
“Loveless,” Rei said and I turned to him.
“All of you can go eat anywhere you want. I will stay here, but once everyone is set for bed please come see me. I have to talk to you about tomorrow.” He said and I nodded. He went into his room and I went into mine. But, when I went in there the conjoining door flew open. Force went over to me with a frown.
“Crystal and Luther refuse to share the beds with Hope and me!” He complained and I sighed.
“Let’s go.” I said and he led me into his room. I went over to see Crystal and Luther lying across the two twin beds in the room. Hope was just standing quietly in the corner of the room so I went between the two beds. “Luther…Crystal…these beds are made for two people each. Both girls must be on one bed and both boys must be on the other bed.” I announced and the two kids moved. I looked to Hope and then to Force. They went to their beds and I walked back to the conjoining door. “Now I have made arrangements for dinner for all of us at Le Sabora. Everyone needs to be dressed in the best cloths they have and be ready in 30 minutes.” I went into my room and shut the door behind me. I looked to Yuri who stared at me with concern.
“Um…Love.” She whispered and I went to her.
“What’s the matter?” I asked with true concern.
“I don’t have anything dressy.” She said with a sad look and I smiled. I put my hand on her shoulder.
“Don’t worry. I have an extra dress with me. You can borrow it.” I offered and she smiled to me. I went over to my suitcase and opened it on the bed closest to the window where Yuri was. I took out a medium length light blue dress and handed it to Yuri. “See if that fits you.” I suggested and she went to the bathroom. I looked to the two guys sitting on the other bed. “Do you two have nice clothes?” I asked with a smile.
“Yea.” Hatred replied.
“We both have suits.” Fallen added and I nodded but my attention was drawn from them when Yuri came out of the bathroom. The dress looked beautiful on her. It went to her knees in a glittery light blue material that had a sequin covered v-neck at the top. “That looks great, Yuri.” I commented and she brightened. “You two can change in the bathroom,” I offered the guys, “I will change quickly out here.” They nodded and went to the bathroom with their suits. I pulled out my dress and slipped it on. Yuri sat on the bed and just watched me fix the dress to fit my body. It was black and red all over. The thin straps were made of black silk, the bust was a scrunched red silk, and the rest of it was black with red glitter on it. The dress was tight at my waist but after that it was very loose till it reached the floor. I slipped on a pair of red pumps so that my dress would not drag on the ground and handed Yuri a pair of white high heals. She slipped them on and then looked to me.
“What should I do with my hair?” She asked and I smiled. I went over and patted the bed. She sat in front of the mirror I had been looking into that was across from the bed and watched me put up her straight dark brown hair into a half ponytail. She looked beautiful and was happy. “Thanks, Love.” She said and I nodded. I looked to her for help after.
“What should I do with my hair?” I asked and she smiled as she studied me.
“Put it down. Very few people see you with your hair down.” She commented and I nodded. I let down my white blonde hair and shook it out. I then brushed it so that it lay straight at my sides and went down to the top of my dress. I looked into the mirror and felt beautiful but then realized I would be yelled at if I left this room. I sat down on my bed with a sigh as the bathroom door opened. Fallen and Hatred came out with slacks, nice shirts, sports coats, and expensive shoes. Neither wore a tie and made them seem casually fancy.
“We should go.” Hatred commented and I nodded.
“Go grab the others.” I replied and he went to the conjoining door. The four kids came in and I was happily surprised to see Luther in a tuxedo, Force in a suit, Hope in a light pink dress, and Crystal in a purple dress.
“Let’s go.” Yuri said and I looked away from her. “Love?” she asked me curiously and everyone stopped.
“Go ahead.” I replied and she froze.
“Aren’t you coming with us?”
I shook my head. “I can’t go out into a group of hunters with this necklace on and nothing to cover it.” I whispered and pulled my necklace so that I could see it.
“I’ll shoot anyone that breaths a word about it.” Fallen said with bravery as he walked over to me. He held his hand out to me and I slowly took it. We all left and I felt sick with anxiety, but Fallen’s gentle hold of my hand made me feel better. When we got to the restaurant we sat down at out large reserved table and ate. I split spaghetti with Crystal and we all had a good time. When we went back to our rooms it was already midnight. The kids were very tired and I felt bad to keep them up so late. When Hatred open the door to our room everyone went in but Fallen looked back to me when I did not go inside. “What is it?”
“I was requested to discuss tomorrow’s schedule with Sir Rei. I will be right back.” I said and he nodded but his face was filled with concern. I went over to Sir Rei’s room and knocked. Hatred closed the door to our room and Rei’s door opened. He was in jeans and a t-shirt that I had never seen him wear before. In fact I had never seen him wear jeans before. I smiled to him and he let me in. His room looked much like mine except there was only one bed, which I sat on as he requested. Rei sat next to me but seemed mad.
“Is something going on between you and Fallen?” Rei asked me bluntly and I was surprised.
“Then why was he holding your hand earlier and kissed you?” He asked and I did not know what to say.
“I don’t see anything wrong with him doing those kinds of things.” I replied and was shocked when Rei stood in almost a leap.
“He doesn’t love you like I do but he can kiss you! What the hell’s with that?” Rei yelled and I froze. He set his hand on my face and kissed me very strongly unlike before. He then pushed me over so that I was lying on his bed with him kissing me. “I love you more than he ever could! He’s just a kid!” Rei protested as he moved a few inches from me and I just froze.
“Rei…” I started to say but he sat up with anger. He stood and started pacing as he angrily pulled his fingers through his hair. “I really like you, Rei, but nothing can happen between us.”
“Why not!” He yelled as he stopped moving.
“I’m ten years younger than you and I am your patient.” I commented.
“So what will everyone else think?!” I finally raised my voice and he was slightly shocked. “Those kids look up to me like their mother! Hated and Yuri are like my siblings! And what will your colleagues think!”
“I don’t care about the others! I only care about you!” He yelled and went over to me, “Don’t you love me?”
“I do but I also have feelings for other men!” I yelled and he became outraged. He quickly came over to me but I pushed him away. I went over to the door of his room and looked back to his angry face. “Find me when you come to your senses!” I yelled and then left the room. I slammed his room and then quickly went over to my room. I knocked on the door and Yuri opened it. She seemed relieved to see me.
“The kids won’t sleep.” She groaned and I nodded. I went through the conjoining door and saw all four kids awake. I went over to Crystal and kissed her forehead.
“Goodnight, Crystal.” I whispered and then went to Luther to kiss his forehead. “Goodnight, Luther,” I went to Hope and kissed her kindly. “Goodnight, Hope,” I went to Force and kissed his forehead, “Goodnight, Force.” I said and then went to the conjoining door. “Sweet dreams.” I added and then left the room. I went and grabbed my suitcase from my bed and went to the bathroom. I changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. When I was done I left the bathroom and went to my bed. Fallen and Hatred were already half asleep in their bed and Yuri had her eyes closed. I lay down and went to sleep very quickly.

I was awoken by a knock at the room door. Hatred got up and opened the door as the three of us listened. Hatred turned to us with a weird look. “Sir Rei is demanding to see you, Love.” Hatred whispered and I sighed as I stood. When I passed Hatred he grabbed my arm. “I think he might be drunk.” He added and I nodded. I went to the door to see Rei leaning against the wall next to the door. He slowly moved his arm and set his hand on my cheek, which I quickly slapped away.
“Go to your room, Rei.” I ordered and he frowned.
“Don’t tell me what to do!” He hissed quietly. I knew he couldn’t be too drunk since he was being quiet even though he wanted to yell. He knew everyone was sleeping and knew that he had to whisper.
“Then do the mature thing and don’t come to yell at me in the middle of the night in a hall!” I retorted quietly. He started to walk towards me but I shut the door in his face without making a loud noise. I quickly locked and latched the door. “Go to your room!” I call quietly again and did not leave the door until I heard him go to his room a few minutes later. When he did I went back to my bed but Yuri, Hatred, and Fallen all stared at me with questions. “Sorry.” I whispered and sat down next to Yuri who stared at me.
“Why did Sir Rei yell at you in the middle of the night?” Yuri asked me and I looked to her in the darkness of the room.
“It’s nothing. I just made him angry earlier.”
“But why was he drunk?”
“He drinks when he is angry or depressed.” I replied blandly and then lay down. “We need to sleep. Tomorrow competition begins.” After a few moments we all went back to sleep but I could not keep Rei off of my mind. What would happen tomorrow?
I woke up to the sound of Yuri’s hair dryer and quickly got out of the bed. The guys were still sleeping so I went into the bathroom where Yuri was drying her hair and took a shower. I then changed into my uniform and blow-dried my hair also. When Yuri and I came out of the bathroom both of the guys were in the kids’ room helping them get ready. I went in there and Crystal ran over to me with a smile. I picked her up and she kissed my cheek. “Good morning, Love.” She said sweetly.
“Good morning.” I said and then looked around. Everyone was ready to go. “We should go down to the arena and get signed in.” I suggested and everyone nodded. I opened the door to the kids’ room to see Rei walking towards it. I wanted to stop moving but kept on walking and pretending nothing was wrong. When everyone was out of the room and in the hall I shut the door and turned to Force. “Are you ready for today?” I asked him and he brightened.
“Yea! I practiced all last night!” He bragged and I smiled to him with love.
“I’m sure you will be best in your group!” I assured and he smiled to me. I then led the group out of our hall and we followed the crowd to the large football stadium-like arena. I started down the stairs that went from the seats to the main area of the arena.
“Loveless!” A male voice yelled and I turned in the voice’s direction. My friend Oliver waved me over towards him and I walked across the isle of seats to where he was. “Hey!” He said cheerfully.
“Good to see you, Oliver. Sorry, but I have to go down to the registration table and sign my group in.” I said with an apologetic tone.
He smiled. “I already signed your group in and reserved all of you seats next to my group.” He said kindly and I gasped with delight.
“Oh thanks, Oliver.” I said sweetly and then called over the group. “We are already signed in and have seats.” I announced to the group and Rei quickly made his way towards me.
“I haven’t signed us in yet so how can we be signed in?” Rei said with anger and I looked to Oliver but the tall man that walked up beside Oliver diverted my attention.
“Calm down, Rei.” Sir Datashi said. He was the representative for Oliver’s group and a very skilled hunter of his time. “I signed it for you.”
“Datashi…!” Rei started to argue but stopped when Sir Datashi put his arm around my shoulders.
“I would do anything for the friends of Loveless since she is going to become my apprentice and claim my title as the most skilled fire controller when she is 20.”
“Thank you, Sir Datashi.” I replied and Sir Rei walked off in a storm of anger. I turned to my group and smiled. “Take a seat.” I offered and everyone sat down. Sir Datashi handed me a packet of paper and I looked up at him with question.
“That is the schedule for today.” He explained and I nodded with a smile. He left after that with Oliver following him. I looked to everyone with a smile.
“Okay, first up are evaluations for non-chosen’s. Crystal and Luther need to go down to the center area,” I announced, “Then the competitions will start at 12-13 year olds and go up from there.” I looked to Force and smiled. “That means you and Hope will be first.”
Force smiled to me bravely. “I’ve got this.” He assured me and I knew he could do this. The loud room of people talking became silent in an instant when the speakers turned on. We all quickly took seats if we did not already have them and a tall, thin woman stood in the middle of the arena. She stood with high heals that deeply sank into the mats covering the floor.
“Good morning!” She called in her mesmerizing voice of beauty. “Now, to cause less of a crowd, this year we will be taking evaluations by age,” She looked down to the clipboard in her hands, “all non-chosen hunters will come down first. But, each group must send a chosen hunter representative to lead the non-chosen hunter or hunters.” She said and I looked to Hatred and Fallen.
“Who should represent?” Hatred asked Fallen and I.
“I will.” I offered and both of the guys nodded. I hid my gem behind my uniform and took a hand of Crystal and Luther. I led them quietly to the middle of the arena and stood where I was told. 30 other representatives were in the middle of the arena so no one had much room since we had to all stand in a line. I pulled the kids in front of me so that they would not be squished and waited. The tall, thin woman with the microphone started at the end of the line and with the help of two other older hunters she examined the children to make sure they were growing well. When she got to us she smiled to me.
“Miss Loveless Hajji.” She said and I nodded.
“Crystal,” I said and she looked up to me, “Show our leader what you have been taught.” She nodded to me and looked to Luther like me, “Luther, do the same.” I added and he nodded to me. Both of the kids moved far from the line of hunters and faced each other. They both put up their fists like they were wrestlers and I nodded to them. They immediately started to fight in the way we had been practicing. Everyone watched in amazement as the two children fought each other like skilled teenage hunters would. I put my hand out towards them and within a millisecond they stopped fighting and bowed their head to the leader. She gasped with awe as other cheered. Crystal and Luther quickly ran over to me and attached to my legs. I smiled to the leader. “We are still working on their shyness.” I commented and she nodded.
“Your group has truly done the best possible. Keep up the good work.” She said and looked to the two kids on me with an assuring smile. She then moved on and once she was done I led the two kids up to our group. We then waited until 12-13 year olds were called down. Hope and Force left us and I was nervous. We all sat silently as all the kids that age went down and were signed in. Then they were put into groups of 2 to show off their fighting skills with an element. Hope was assigned to a girl at looked extremely strong and Force was paired with a boy a year older than him. Both of them won their first battle and went on to the semi-finals. That is when Force was taken out of the competition when he lost to a very powerful 13-year-old boy, but Hope kept on to the finals but got taken out when she lost her 5th battle. They both came back but did feel like they had accomplished something and I was glad for them. Next was Yuri and I could feel her nerves. When the leader called that all 14, 15, and 16 year olds come down to the middle of the arena I grabbed her hand and she looked to me.
“You’re going to do fine, Yuri. Don’t worry.” I whispered and she gave me a look of gratitude. She needed those words to be spoken to her right now and was glad they had come from me. She ended up placing 2nd in the earth category for her group. I got slightly nervous when I realized this was it. This was the first year I would have to fight a vampire in public. The leader called down all 17 and 18 hunters and I stood. I looked to Rei who sat a few rows away. Watch them. It’s your job. I mouthed to him and he frowned in response, but I understood why in a moment. Fallen took my hand in his and led me down to the center of the arena. He let go of my hand before anyone saw well and I went to Hatred. Everyone looked to the leader as the area silenced.
“All 17-year-old hunters to the right of the stage and all 18-year-olds to the left.” She announced and I followed the crowd past her to the right of the stage with Hatred but stopped in mid-step when the leader grabbed my arm. I turned to her and she just watched the others until they were all in their places except for me. She looked to the crowd and smiled. She let go of my arm and turned me to the crowd. “But, Loveless Hajji shall be an exception. As the best in her age, phenomenal teacher, and the hunter to have the highest slaying record this year, Loveless will be placed in the 18 group because it has been suggested that it is unfair.” The leader looked to me and smiled. She put her hand towards the 18’s group and I quickly went over there. The full attention of the arena was brought back to the leader who pointed to three large hunter men that were forcing a teenage boy in cuffs towards the leader. “Our vampire fighter has been chosen very diligently and has finally been brought to join us.” She announced and the boy’s handcuffs were taken off. The three men moved from the guy and the leader left the main part of the arena. I was the last person in the row and had to wait as the vampire started by fighting the first hunter. In about 30 minutes the vampire was placed to fight Fallen. The vampire was bruised in only one spot and had not lost to one person so far. Fallen fought very hard but the strong vampire ended up winning. I was stunned that the vampire was that strong and was not surprised when he did not lose to anyone after that. Finally it was my turn to fight the handsome killer and moved from the line. I went over to the vampire that stood in the core of the arena to see he was not sweating or breathing hard. I did expect that, but did not expect that when the bell was sounded he did not come towards me. Everyone froze and the arena fell silent. Everyone watched with curiosity as the vampire slowly walked over to me. He stopped only a few feet from me and kneeled on one knee. Like everyone I was confused when he bowed his head and then stood but kept his head bowed to me. The vampire was obviously mocking me so I grabbed him by the root of his dark black hair and pulled his head so that he was painfully looking at me. In anger I threw him to the ground.
“We are supposed to be fighting, vampire! What the hell are you doing?” I yelled in absolute anger that was also shown by the leader as she quickly came near us.
“Fight, vampire!” The leader yelled, “We are your enemy! Why aren’t you fighting?”
The vampire boy looked up to the leader and hissed, like everyone she was surprised since this vampire knew that the woman he was hissing at was the leader of his enemies. “This has nothing to do with you hunters!” The vampire hissed and then came closer to me. He bowed his head again and I became outraged.
“Fight!” I ordered and he looked up to me with surprised and I was confused with anger.
“I will not fight you.” He whispered and then stood straight. “I will not fight the royal princess of my people.” He replied in a firm but kind way.
“Princess!” The leader yelled with anger. “She is Loveless Hajji! She killed your beloved royal family!”
“Who is Loveless Hajji?” The boy asked as he looked to me. “You must be mistaken. This is Hazuki Sataru, the blood sister of our passed prince.” The boy walked towards me and with shock I did not attack him. He pulled the red gem that I had forgotten about from behind my uniform. “This is the royal necklace.”
I slapped his hand away as I could feel the gaze of anger from everyone around me. “I killed my brother to stop this damned royal family you worship! I am not a vampire! I am and always will be a slayer!” I hissed and then felt my body urge to kill him. I picked him off of the ground and threw him against a wall of the center of the arena. I quickly ran over to him as he slowly pulled himself to his feet. “Your prince never accomplished to make me into one of you,” I quickly picked the boy up by his shirt and felt my body burn. I let the anger of my soul go to my hands that held his shirt and it burst to flames. I smiled at the vampire as he froze in shock and I grabbed his blue necklace. “Stupid vampire.” I added and then pulled off his necklace. He screamed as the area fell dead silent and his burning body fell to the ground as he stopped breathing. I did not look to anyone in the arena and quickly went over to where I had last seen the leader. I tossed the necklace to her with a frown of heartache. I looked to her for just a moment and then quickly looked away. I walked out of the arena, as everyone stayed silent. I had gone through a door on the main level of the arena and from there I made my way to my room. I quickly went into the room and slowly sat on my bed. I looked at myself in the mirror across from me but only really saw the necklace around my neck. I started to cry and hated the feeling I had in my stomach. I missed Hazuki Sataru. I missed my family. But the thing that shocked me the most was I missed Kazuki. I wanted him to come sit with me. I wanted him to hug me and then kiss my forehead as he told me everything was okay. Should I have become a vampire and lived with Kazuki once again? I asked myself but was stopped from the thoughts when there was a knock on the door. I quickly brushed away my tears and went to the door. I did not open it. “Who is it?” I asked in a whisper.
“Love, it’s me…” Fallen said with a sad tone.
“Go back to the arena.” I ordered and he sighed. He rested his head on the wall beside the door with a light thud. He was silent for a moment.
“I’m not going anywhere, Love,” He informed me, “I won’t leave this door until I know you are okay.”
“I’m fine, Fallen! Go!”
“You were crying, weren’t you?” He asked and I was shocked. “I can hear it in your voice.” He commented and I was astonished. I unlocked the door but did not open it and then walked away from it. I went back to my bed and sat down. “Loveless?” He asked me curiously.
“It’s open.” I retorted and he opened the door. I looked to him and could not read his expression. He shut the door and then came over. He sat on the edge of wood in front of the mirror across from me and just looked at me.
“Did you lie to me, Loveless?” Fallen asked and I looked up to him with uncertainty, “Did Kazuki really make you into the princess of the vampires and you just didn’t tell me?” He asked and I looked away from him. He was just like the other hunters. They did not trust me because of this necklace I am forced to keep. My mind went to Kazuki and a tear ran down my cheek. I quickly brushed it away and looked to my necklace. “I need to know, Loveless.” Fallen urged and I looked to him. Another tear went down my face and I quickly brushed it away. I looked into the mirror behind Fallen.
“I think I made a mistake…” I whispered and he was confused. He gave me a look of confusion.
“A mistake? On what?” He asked and I looked to my reflection again.
“I think I made a mistake on choosing to stay a hunter for the second time.” I whispered and he froze. I slowly looked to my legs. I laughed lightly as a tear went down my cheek. “How did I think I could come back to the hunters with the symbol of my brother around my neck?” I asked myself and then looked to Fallen, “I don’t belong here anymore,” I added, “Kazuki was right. I should have become a vampire. Then I would be able to live with my siblings again and marry the guy I fell in love with a long time ago. I could have married Solomon and killed Rei Hajji like I was told to do.”
I looked to Fallen and he seemed mad. “So you are a vampire? You are the princess?”
I shook my head. “But I should be.”
“Then why did you come back here, Loveless!” He yelled as he stood and I was shocked. “If you wanted to be a vampire why did you come back to us and make me think I could have a chance with you!” He walked over to me angrily. “Did you want to give me false hope?”
I stood also and slowly put my hand on Fallen’s cheek. “When I told everyone I was going back to save Hannah and Peter I was planning on letting my brother turn me into a vampire, but…” I smiled slightly to him, “But when I kissed you before I realized that I did not want to leave without knowing how I really felt about you. And then when I saw how distraught you were over leaving me to die I didn’t want to go through with it.” I dropped my hand from Fallen and looked away. “But you are just like the others. You don’t believe me because of this thing on my neck.”
Fallen gently turned my head so that I was looking to him and sighed. “I was just scared you had told me you were not a vampire to protect my feelings. I didn’t want to be hurt and…” He whispered and then looked to me, “And I was scared to lose you. I didn’t want to lose you after realizing I love y…” He started to explain but we both froze when the door to the room swung open. Rei stopped in mid-step when he saw Fallen and I so close together, but not for long. He angrily came over to Fallen and pulled his right fist into the air. Before anyone could react I moved between Rei and Fallen as Rei’s fist came down for a blow. His knuckles went against my left cheek and threw my head to the side. I fell to the ground as Rei and Fallen realized I was the one that had been hit. I tasted iron in my mouth and knew I was bleeding. I sat up as Fallen picked Rei off the ground by his shirt collar and pinned him against the wall of the room. “You ass hole!” Fallen hissed in anger and I quickly got up.
“Fallen! Stop!” I yelled as I went over to him and veins started out of his hands. I quickly grabbed Fallen’s arm and he looked to me in shock. “Stop!” I yelled again and he dropped Rei. I looked to Fallen again and realized what I had just done. I had gone back to my childhood in my mind. When I was 5 my father came into my room I shared with Kazuki because he was angry about something Kazuki had done. When my father almost hit my brother I got between them and was hit instead. Like now, Kazuki pinned our father to the wall. He then started punching my father until I grabbed onto him and told him to stop. “S…” I started to say but tears poured down my face. “Stop…” I finally whispered and then quickly let go of Fallen.
“Loveless?” Fallen asked me and held his hand out towards me. When he did I immediately saw Kazuki as a child reaching towards me. I backed away from him and then quickly looked to Rei who was just watching.
“Get out of here.” I ordered and he stood to protest. He came over towards me in anger.
“I came here to check on you and saw this kid touching you when he shouldn’t even be near you!” Rei argued and I became outraged.
“Fallen is not a kid! He is older than me!” I protested and walked closer to him, “And what makes you think no one can touch me other than you! You don’t own me!”
“You and I both know why I came here!” He retorted in anger, “I’ve told you countless times that I have feelings towards you and I come in here to see you so close to another guy!”
“That’s because I…!” I started to yell but really put thought into it for a moment. “I have feelings for Fallen!”
“Loveless…” Fallen said with amazement but I did not look to him. I kept my eyes right on Rei.
“I have feelings for you too, Rei, but not for the ass you are acting like! Now get out of my room!” I yelled and with anger he finally left the room. I looked to Fallen and then looked away to the door as Oliver appeared there after Rei was out of sight. I quickly went over to Oliver who seemed very worried. “Oliver…” I started to say but stopped when his face changed from shock to anger.
“I heard everything, Loveless.” He explained and I looked to my feet with shame. “I’m not going to let you stay with that stupid Rei Hajji when he is beating you! I’ve told you before that you should leave that organization and come to the one I am in but this time I’m pleading you. As a friend, Loveless, I don’t want you to stay in a place where you are being hurt.” He said and I quickly looked to him.
“But!” I started to protest but he shook his head.
“I won’t tell Sir Datashi why you are going to come to out group if you make the right choice, but…” He set his hand on my cheek, “I have to tell him if you stay with Sir Hajji’s group,” He turned to leave but looked back to me, “The leader announced you as a ranking vampire in the 18s division so after the ceremony tonight we will all be leaving. I’ll give you time to recuperate but I expect an answer by tomorrow night.” He said and then walked away. I felt horrible and just wanted to die right there so I sat on the ground and put my head between my legs with my arms squeezing myself tightly. I heard Fallen slowly walk over to me and sit on the ground in front of me. He caressed my arm in a soothing way and I looked to him with sadness.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered and he seemed sad for me.
“It’s not your fault, Love, it’s Sir Rei’s fault.” He assured me and I nodded without really feeling like that was true. I slowly stood with the help of Fallen and he kissed me. I knew he was trying to cheer me up in any way possible but I could not see a good side to any of this. We then went down to the arena where they were giving out awards to the youngest group. We went over to our group’s area of seats and I sat next to Fallen and Yuri. Yuri hugged my arm with compassion as I got situated.
“The leader explained the situation to everyone and we all know you aren’t a vampire. Everyone is on your side.” She assured to me and I nodded. We all then focused our attention to the center of the arena. I then noticed that the fourth, third, and second place had already been given out and both Luther and Crystal were still left but I became hopeful when the leader laughed lightly as she was done with the second place spot.
“Well we believe it is only fair to claim two children as 1st place since they showed their skills off together. Please put your hands together for out two 1st place winners, Luther and Crystal Hajji!” She called and I shot from my chair like everyone else in the group. Everyone stood and clapped for Luther and Crystal but our group screamed at the top of our lungs.
“Yea! Go Luther! Go Crystal!” I hollered with Yuri and then kept hollering with glee as the two of them hugged each other and waved to the clapping crowd. We were then told to settle down and all the younger children were given spots to sit at the edge of the center area to wait for everyone else in their groups to go through this. Hope and Force then ran down to the center stage and waited with many other people.
“Fourth place for the 12 and 13s group goes to a new comer, Force Hajji!” The leader said and we cheered for Force quickly. Third place was given and it was not Hope, but then 2nd place came. “Second place is given to a very powerful girl, Hope Hajji!” The leader called and we cheered quickly for Hope also. First place was given to the girl that beat Hope and then they were all pulled to the side of the stage as Yuri stood.
“Good luck!” I whispered happily and she nodded. She then left the group and then went down to the center of the arena. Fourth and third place were called quickly and then came second place.
“Second place goes to the great Yuri Hajji!” The leader said and the three of us left hollered quickly for her. Once 1st place was given Hatred, Fallen, and I went down to the center stage. I was surprised when Oliver pushed his way through the group of us to get to my side. I looked to him but then looked to the leader in front of us. She first called the 17’s group. Fourth and third place were given and then I was anxious to hear Hatred’s name called. “Second place goes to Hatred Hajji!” The leader yelled and I was happy. Everyone in the group with me clapped but I did more than that.
“Go Hatred!” I yelled and Hatred smiled to me. Then the leader moved on as everyone settled down.
“First place is Oliver Datashi!” She called and Oliver quickly left my side and went over to her. I clapped for him but nothing more. I still felt odd with his glace to me that seemed to tell me to leave Sir Rei immediately. “Now we will be moving to the 18’s group!” The leader yelled. She called fourth place and then moved to third place. “Third place goes to Fallen Hajji!” She called and I felt happy for him.
“Go Fallen!” I yelled and he nodded towards me. The leader then moved onto second place and I was shocked. She did not call my name. Had I placed less than 4th because of that stupid vampire? Did the leaders still not believe me? Was I doing…? I started to think but stopped when the leader started to speak again.
“And by unanimous voting by our panel, first place for the 18s group goes to the youngest person in this group! I am proud to announce first place goes to Loveless Hajji!” She called and I was almost frozen stiff but quickly got over it when I realized I had to go to the stage. I went between the 2nd place winner who was to my right and Fallen to my left. The leader gently slid a ribbon with a gold metal on the end of it over my head and onto my neck. She smiled to me and mouthed congratulation before she moved on. We were moved to the side of the stage as the 19 and 20s hunters were awarded things. I ended up sitting at the end of the line of people and the only person next to me was Fallen. He smiled to me and lovingly took my hand in his. He then looked around us and after noticing the coast was clear he kissed me quickly. He then caressed the side of my hand with his thumb as we both looked to the ceremony. When the ceremony was finished I walked with Fallen to our room where we were supposed to meet the others, but I was surprised when Fallen quickly pulled me into the bathroom of our room and locked the door as he pushed me up against the inside part of it. Fallen then hugged me tightly as he started kissing all the skin that showed from the top of my uniform.
“Fallen…” I whispered to try to get him to stop but he just moved his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. The only time he moved his lips from mine was to gasp for breath when needed, but everything stopped when the door to the kids’ room opened. We both quickly got out of the bathroom and went to separate beds in our rooms so that we looked natural. Everyone else flooded into our rooms and started packing. Once I was done I went over to the kids’ room to see they were all packed and waiting on their beds for further instructions.
“Sit by me, Love!” Crystal called and I did so. When I got comfortable on the bed beside Hope, Crystal crawled into my lap like she was my own. I brushed her hair in a motherly way that she enjoyed.
“You all did very good today,” I praised, “each of you got a metal! We have never had a year where everyone in our group got a metal until today! I’m very proud of you guys since those metals were not easy to get. You all obviously showed great skill today and that is better than I could have ever asked for.” I said and they all smiled to each other with a sense of accomplishment. “Now how do you want to celebrate?” I asked and they all started to yell out ideas but stopped when there was a knock at their open door. We all turned to see Oliver and I felt my heart sink at his look. When the room was dead silent he walked over to me with a sigh.
“You all did very well today,” He said kindly to the kids. “Especially you, Crystal and Luther. That was the only time two people got first place.” He commented but froze when Sir Rei walked into the room. Oliver looked to Rei with hatred and anger, but then turned to me. He turned to go out but still looked at me. “Sir Datashi and I will be waiting for your call,” He announced to me, “Have a safe trip, Loveless.” He said and then left the room with a shove past Sir Rei who looked at me with anger but for the first time I gave the same look back to him. I then picked Crystal up and set her back into the bed. I stood and smiled towards the kids with my back to Rei.
“Alright you guys!” I said kindly. “How about we go get some ice cream before we leave to celebrate such a great year?” I asked and the four kids cheered with approval. A gentle hand was set on my shoulder and I turned to Fallen who was followed by Yuri and Hatred. I smiled up to him; “I thought it would be a good idea for us to get ice cream since we all placed this year.”
He nodded with approval but Rei’s anger made us all stop celebrating. “That’s too expensive. I don’t have enough money with me to get that.” He remarked and I felt anger boiling inside me. I gave a crude smile back to him and pulled out a credit card from my suitcase.
“These kids deserve a treat. I’ll pay for it.” I said rudely back and then kids cheered again. “Let’s go!” I called and everyone followed me except for Rei. I led them all to the ice cream stand in the food area outside of the entrance to the arena we had been in all day and near the place we ate last night. Everyone got his or her favorite flavors and then it was my turn. I went up and ordered a 1 scoop of cherry ice cream on a sugar cone. The man rang up the 8 cones and I paid for them with my credit card. We left the ice cream place and then went to our plane. Rei was already in the front seat next to the pilot and I went over to them as Fallen packed up everyone’s suitcases. I tapped the pilot’s shoulder so that he would turn to me. When he did I smiled and handed the ice cream cone in my hand to him. “I thought you might like this. It’s cherry.” I said and he smiled to me with gratitude.
“You know me too well.” He laughed and I nodded.
“We’re all ready.” I commented and he nodded. I glanced at Rei but turned away and went back to sit next to Fallen. The flight was short and filled with the sounds of the others talking and eating their ice cream. When we got to our space home we all went to our rooms and put down our stuff. Once I was done I called over Hope, Yuri, and Crystal. “I’ll go put your metals on display.” I offered and they smiled. They handed me their metals and I left. I went to the guys’ room and knocked on the door. Fallen answered and smiled to me. “Hey, I’m going to put up the metals. I’ll take up all of yours.” I said and the three other guys in the room brought theirs to me. Fallen took the three other metals and smiled to me.
“I’ll help you.” He offered and I smiled back to him.
That night we were all called down to dinner in the eating area near the training and locker rooms. We all sat down at the 10-person table and chatted until and angry Rei came into the room. He did not sit down in either of the two empty seats and quickly walked over to me. He shoved a cordless phone my way with anger. “It’s Oliver.”
I took the phone from Rei and put it to my ear. “Hello?” I asked and there was silence for a moment.
“Loveless? It’s Oliver.”
“It seems I did not need to tell Sir Datashi what happened today. He confronted me just a moment ago and demanded that I call you. Apparently he saw the whole thing from a bug he had placed on you earlier that day. He said he was concerned for your safety and wanted to make sure nothing was happening, but now he has threatening to call the leader and tell her everything. He also wants to speak to you but knew Sir Rei would not give the phone to you if he were on the line. I’m handing the phone off to him…” Oliver said and then the line was still.
“Good evening Sir Datashi.” I whispered and Rei tried to take the phone from me but I gave him a chilly glance and he stopped.
“I’m sorry Loveless but the leader needs to know what was done to you.” He said apologetically.
“Please Sir Datashi, is there anything I can do to change your mind?” I asked with concern and everyone at the table looked back to each other with confusion.
“If I know you are out of harms reach I will not breath a word.” He said and seemed a little happy about it. “I think you should come join my team, Loveless. Then I can look out for you and can finally make you into my true successor.”
“Is there any other option, Sir? Any way I can stay with my group?” I asked and everyone froze in the room. They all seemed to hold their breath.
“I’m sorry, Loveless, but as a hunter group leader and as a friend I can’t let you stay there,” He said sadly and then sighed, “We will come to your home tomorrow morning to retrieve you.”
“Yes. Thank you sir. I will see you tomorrow.” I whispered and then hung up the phone. I had to keep myself from throwing the piece of metal at Rei with anger and just looked to the phone.
“Loveless?” Crystal asked me sadly and I looked up to her sad face. “You’re leaving our group?” She asked and I could see tears brimming in her eyes.
“Crystal…” I started to say but Fallen stood and I looked to his angry face. He turned to Rei.
“She has to leave because of what you did today! Are you happy now, Sir Rei?” Fallen yelled in anger and I looked to Rei who stared at me with confusion. I looked to my feet and felt pain.
“Yes, Crystal. I will be leaving our group tomorrow as instructed by Sir Datashi.” I whispered and everyone became sad and angry.
“Why does he get to take you? That’s not right!” Force yelled as tears brimmed in his eyes too.
“Sir Datashi is threatening to separate all of us because of some things that have happened and the only way to make it so that our group stays together is for me to leave at his request. Otherwise Sir Rei will have his group license taken and we will all have to go to other groups,” I gave a quick look of anger towards Rei and then sighed. “Well let’s not think about that. It’s time to eat.” I said and everyone silently looked down to his or her plate. I looked to mine and the thought of eating made me sick. I just moved the food around my plate at waited for everyone to start thinking of something else, but that never happened so I stood. “I should go pack,” I whispered, “Excuse me.” I added and then left the room. I started down the hall but stopped when my name was called. I turned back around to see Rei running to me.
“What the hell do you mean you’re leaving?” He said angrily while gritting his teeth and trying not to scream.
“Sir Datashi somehow put a bug on my uniform when we saw him earlier because he was concerned that something wasn’t right between you and me. He could tell we were mad at each other and was worried for my safety. From the bug he saw everything that happened when you found me and Fallen today and with that he is insisting to take it to the leader because he thinks this is not a once occurring thing and is afraid you will hurt me more. He wants to get your license taken so that you cannot try to train me anymore, but I persuaded him into a deal so that Crystal, Luther, Force, Hope, Yuri, Hatred, and Fallen would not be affected by this too. I am to join Sir Datashi’s group tomorrow and then all charges he is planning to pursue against you will be dropped.” I said with a frown and he seemed stunned.
“There’s got to be a way around this…” He started to say but I shook my head.
“I want this,” I whispered and he froze all movement as I looked back to his face. I sighed and set my hands lightly on my hips, “I want to become stronger.”
“Thank you for everything, Sir Rei, but I want to go,” I lied without really knowing if that was what my heart wanted to say, “I want to become the best fire controller in the history of hunters. I want to protect people from Kazuki’s people. And,” I ignored the slight sound of Fallen and Hatred coming out of the room I had just left because they deserved to hear this too, “and I cannot let my feelings for you get in the way of my dreams. When I leave tomorrow I will forget the love I have for you, Hatred, Fallen, Yuri, Force, Hope, Crystal, and Luther and I expect you to do the same.”
“You know the other 7 will not forget your influence on their lives. Especially Luther and Crystal. They act as if you are their mother.”
“Then they should look at this as a growing experience. They have to learn to never become attached to anyone in this business because they could be gone before you even know it,” I looked away with regret, “Tell the other 7 I love them. I want them to know that, but don’t let them know that I am leaving to protect them because then they may feel that this is their fault when it is mine.”
“It’s not your fault, Loveless…”
“Yes it is,” I argued, “They have seen too much and I have become too close to them. This is my entire fault,” I whispered and then walked closer to Rei. I kissed him on the cheek, “Goodbye, Rei.” I whispered and then walked away. I could feel the three men watching every step I made and the short walk I took felt like eternity. I knew this was it. I would never see the three of them again in the way I do now. The next time we meet I knew we had to be nothing but competitors.

I woke up in a room by myself and felt sick to my stomach. I ignored my nausea and got out of bed. I went to my bathroom and turned on the faucet. I cupped my hands and let water fill in them. I then threw the water into my face and fully woke up by the icy bite of the water against my skin. I used a soft blue towel to dry my face off before brushing my teeth, putting on makeup, and brushing my hair. Once I was finished I went back into my room and to my closet. I slipped on my black leather mini-skirt; my new and better high heal leather boots, my spaghetti strap red tank top, and slipped on my black leather jacket I had come to love. I zipped up my jacket 2/3ds of the way and then packed an extra pair of clothes and pajamas along with my essentials into a bag that had my team’s symbol on it. I then left my room to see Oliver waiting for me in the hall. I smiled to him as I stopped. After I shut my door behind me he came over to me and gently brushed my now shorter and layered blonde hair that had fallen in my face on the right side. He set my hair gently behind my ear and smiled to me. He then kissed me passionately as I dropped my bag from my hand and wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me over and over until we stopped when someone snickered. I let go of Oliver and looked to the end of the small hall to see Sir Datashi with a smile on his face as he looked down to the little blushing girl next to him. I smiled kindly and went over to them. I knelt in front of the girl and she looked up to me. “Good morning, Rose.” I whispered sweetly to the 8-year-old girl that was as sweet as she could be.
“Hi.” She whispered as she blushed more but then scurried to me. I hugged her and she did the same to me. I stood with her on my hip and smiled to Sir Datashi.
“Good morning, Sir Datashi.”
“Good morning Hazuki.” He replied kindly as Oliver came to my side while holding my bag and his. “We are all ready.” He announced and the three of us then followed him to our plane. The 6 seats were in two rows of three behind the two seats up front. Datashi went to the front as I looked to the other three hunters. Julia had a kind smile on her young 10-year-old face; Hunter, the 13-year-old boy, was sitting while talking to Seth who was now 19-years-old. “Buckle up everyone.” Datashi requested and I set Rose between Julia and I in the first row of three seats as Oliver sat next to Seth who sat next to Hunter. Our ride took 45 minutes but that time seemed to fly for my speeding mind. When we got there I kept my body from shaking with anticipation as we walked through a sea of people towards the table. When we got there I looked around and gasped as I realized Rose had disappeared. I quickly went to Datashi.
“Sir, I think we lost Rose.” I said and he turned from the table and looked to me. “Should I look for her?” I asked and he nodded.
“Please do. We will wait here for you.” He replied and I quickly left. I walked through the sea of people while yelling Rose’s name. Finally I heard a young girl’s voice, but froze when I realized what the voice had said.
“Loveless! Loveless!” The girl’s voice yelled and I quickly turned around to see a nightmare. There stood the excited Crystal and Luther who were standing with a stunned Rei, Fallen, Hatred, Yuri, Force, and Hope. I couldn’t find the words to reply to Crystal before she ran to me as she wanted to hug me but she froze when another small body hugged my side instead of her. She and I both looked to a teary-eyed Rose. I gasped happily as I quickly picked up Rose and hugged her tightly to me.
“I thought I had lost you, Rose! Don’t scare me like that!” I said with relief as I kissed the teary-eyed girl on her cheek. She hugged me even tighter.
“I was so scared, Hazuki!” She whined as her tears went away. She felt safe once more, but her attention was diverted when she realized there were people watching us. “Who are these people?” She asked me curiously as she looked to the 8 people.
“This is hunter group 4,” I replied, “Their leader is Sir Rei Hajji who knows Datashi.”
“Hello.” She said quietly to the group and then gasped when she looked to Crystal and Luther who now stood together. I set her down and she went to them. “You’re Crystal and Luther Hajji! You won 1st last year right?” Rose asked with astonishment.
“Yea.” Crystal whispered with confusion. “But who are you and why are you with Loveless?”
“Loveless? Who’s that?” Rose asked and both of the girls seemed confused now.
“Loveless was my old name before I changed it, Rose. Crystal is referring to me.” I explained.
“Oh!” Rose said with kindness.
“Old name? What do you mean Loveless?” Crystal asked me with even more confusion than before.
I looked to Crystal and had to try not to cry. “I do not go by the name Loveless Hajji anymore, Miss Crystal. I changed my name to Hazuki Sataru Datashi.” I replied with regret and Crystal seemed almost paralyzed. She couldn’t believe this was true, but her attention was taken away with mine when a gentle hand was set on my shoulder. I turned to see Oliver and smiled.
“Hey. Sir was getting worried you had not found Rose so I came looking for you.” He explained and I nodded with a smile.
“I just found her,” I said and then looked to the group in front of me, “You remember Sir Hajji’s group don’t you?” I asked Oliver and he smiled.
“Hello everyone. It is good to see you again,” Oliver said kindly, “But we must be going. I’m sure we will see you tomorrow.” He said and then led Rose and me away. We were brought to our group and then went to our rooms. I was placed in the all-girls room with Julia and Rose and assigned to keep Rose with me at all times which she enjoyed even thought it was a punishment for her wandering off before.

I sat across from the nicest restaurant on the station at a small training area that had not been here last year. It was a thick matted area that was about the size of the restaurant adjacent to it with only a marble sitting area to one side of the square area. I watched Rose doing a routine she was going to use tomorrow while showing off her water controlling skills. She ran over to me and sat to my right as she tried to catch her breath. I handed her a water bottle I had bought just a moment before and then watched her drink. When she was done drinking she turned to me with a smile. “Can you work with me, Hazuki? Like you did at home?” She asked sweetly and I nodded.
“Sure.” I answered as she quickly hopped up. I stood also and fixed my uniform before joining her at the center of the square matted area. “One…two…three!” I announced and immediately she pulled her right arm up to the air and then swung her arm like she was a pitcher at a baseball game in the major leagues. The ball of deep blue water sped to me but I quickly moved my left hand in a circular motion like I was washing a car and a ring of fire went straight to the water ball. The small ring of fire went right around the water ball and nothing was left but steam that sizzled in the air. I pointed my right hand at Rose and fire burst from it in a straight blast like it was from a flamethrower. Rose quickly put up a shield of water and more steam formed. Rose then threw six water balls at me at incredible speed as I quickly put my right hand around a sword made of flames. I slashed the sword at all six water balls that burst in midair and I threw it a few inches from Rose’s face as she sprinted away and I made the sword disappear. I used my index finger on my right hand that pointed towards the ground to spin quickly in a small circle and watched a twisting band of flames form into a small tornado of fire that went to my knees. I lifted my hands towards the ceiling and the tornado grew to the size of Rose as it went at her. She quickly formed a circular shield of water around herself that made the tornado of fire turn into a cloud of steam in front of her. She pointed her hands towards a small man-made pond behind me and I dropped to the ground on my back as I pointed my hands to the wall of water coming towards me and turned it to steam with a wall of my own. I then stood and faced Rose who lunged towards me and threw ten water balls at me. I smiled as I focused on my right hand and tried to perform the new way to use fire in battle I had invented a month ago but had not fully perfected. A thick handle of flames formed in my palm as a whip of fire attached to it. I whipped the fire at the ten water balls and they burst to steam. I then whipped the ground right in front of Rose and she threw her hands into the air above her head to show she was surrendering. Immediately I made the fire whip disappear as a roar of cheers coming from around us shocked me. I froze like Rose did as we realized almost everyone here was now standing around us and had been watching our small battle. I looked through the crowd but my eyes stopped when I saw Fallen looking back to me, but I was pulled back from my thoughts when Rose hugged my leg with concern and nervousness from all the loud people. I brought her to the marble bench. “Sorry everyone. Shows over.” I announced and with sad faces everyone walked away except for Sir Hajji’s group that walked over to Rose and me.
“That was awesome!” Force exclaimed with happiness as he smiled to me.
“I’ve never seen someone make a whip from fire! That was so cool!” He added and I smiled back.
“I actually made that trick up. It is not a real way to use fire in a battle,” I announced and he still seemed impressed, “By the way Rose, this is Force Hajji.”
“How do you know Hazuki?” Rose asked with no anger intended or rudeness used.
“Uh…” Force said with slight nervousness. He didn’t understand why Rose did not know about this. I quickly stepped in and set my hand on Rose’s right shoulder. She turned to me with curiosity and I smiled lightly.
“Before Datashi and I recruited you this year I used to belong to Sir Rei Hajji’s group,” I explained, “But then Datashi offered to train me as his successor and when I accepted I came to your group.”
“Oh!” She said with surprise and then turned to the group in front of us, “then it is nice to meet all of you! You must be the people Oliver has spoken of. He told me that all of you won a metal last year.”
“We certainly did,” Sir Rei said as he looked to me in a sad way, “but we could not have done it without Miss Hazuki.” Rose looked to me with surprise.
“Do they know about the good news yet, Hazuki?” Rose asked me and I smiled as I shook my head.
“You can tell them if you would like.” I offered and she perked up as she turned to the group.
“Hazuki will be in the 20’s group this year!”
“The 20’s group?” Yuri exclaimed as she stared at me and I nodded.
I looked to Rei as I spoke, “Yes. I will be competing with a 20 year old male for the title and one of us will become the leader for all fire controllers tomorrow.”
“But you’re only 18! No one has ever been moved up two age groups in history!” Fallen yelled and before I could reply a warm hand was set on my shoulder. I looked up to my left to see Seth smiling back to me with Datashi at his side.
“Hazuki will be the first 18 year old to compete for the title and I have full confidence she will win,” Datashi said strongly as he looked to Rei but then smiled in a way I was not expecting as Fallen stepped in.
“Well hello, Fallen Hajji,” Seth said smoothly, “I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”
“What?” Fallen asked as he looked intensely back.
“You are competing for the title of earth controller, correct?”
“Well I am your competitor.”
“But you are only 18.” Fallen protested but Seth smiled as he looked down to me.
“Yes but Hazuki has been training me this whole year and now I will also be moving up an age group.” Seth said and I looked to him kindly, but then stood up. I turned to Oliver as he walked over to us with Julia and Hunter and he gently kissed me a hello. When he moved his lips from me I felt the stare of Fallen, Hatred, and Rei. I did not turn to them because of my sudden pain in my stomach. I turned to Datashi and smiled.
“We should go,” I suggested and he nodded as I turned to the group next to us, “good luck to all of you tomorrow.” I said formally and then walked off as everyone in my group followed.
That night I walked down the quiet hall that my room was in and turned a corner to see the ice machine I was looking for that sat next to a snack machine that had a man standing in front of it. The man turned and I was as shocked as he to see each other, “Hello Fallen Hajji.” I said in a respectful way and then went to the ice machine as he watched my every step.
“What are you doing up so early?” Fallen asked as he took a step towards me as I filled a small paper cup with ice. I then shut the ice machine and turned to him.
“I did not want to settle my stomach with warm soda.” I explained but froze when Fallen set his hand on my right cheek. I looked into his eyes with concern as he watched me with compassion.
“How have you been?” He asked curiously.
“Fine. And I hope that is the same for you.”
Fallen shook his head and his soft brown hair slightly moved side to side, “I have not been well,” he said and my eyes closed, as he got closer to me. He kissed me like he used to but I did not push him away. When his lips left mine I felt my face burning as I looked away, “I have missed you so much since you left.”
“Fallen,” I whispered, “I am dating Oliver now.”
His hand dropped from my face with shock and I felt cruel, “Why?”
“I like him a lot and he feels the same towards me.”
“I have to go Fallen. Goodnight.” I whispered and then quickly walked away from him.

My opponent that stood between me and the title of the best fire controller of all was finally revealed. He was a mid-sized guy of 20 with muscles the size of me, but he did not intimidate me. I knew he was slightly struck by the darkness hidden behind my necklace that only my opponents seemed to notice and his fright was more of an advantage than his muscular body. I knew the title was as good as mine now and I knew I had finally reached my goal. Everything I have done, everyone I have hurt, everyone I have killed; they would all finally be recognized as accomplishments leading to my true success. The arena fell silent when the bell rang to signify one of the four most important battles was starting. I felt a smirk creep onto my face without me wanting it to but I couldn’t hold back my excitement anymore. I changed my posture from an attacking position and to one of a regular person. “I will let you have the first blow.” I offered to my competitor and I knew he thought I was a fool, but he still took the advantage I was handing him. He sprinted at me with sheer weight and I quickly flew around him when he got near. Before anyone knew it I had the man on the floor with his face in the ground, but I did not finish the fight by leaving a scar on him that was the signal of victory in a fire controller battle. I took ten steps away and turned back to him as he got back up with anger across his face. It was an insult to not finish someone off in these types of battles but my intention from the beginning was to make him angry because the fight would be much more entertaining to me. The guy finally threw numerous fireballs at me and in response I did two back flips with ease to doge the fire, but while in my last flip I focused on my right hand and when my feet were firmly planted on the ground again I had a weapon in my hand no one, other than those watching me last night, had ever seen. It was obvious the man in front of me did not know what to make of the flames that formed a whip and without thinking he threw a few more fireballs at me. I smiled slightly and with a few flicks of my wrist I snapped the whip at the five fireballs. Everyone became speechless. No one had ever seen such a powerful way to use fire and seemed in awe of me. I frowned towards the man whose knees started to shake. “You are boring me, Sir. I think it would be best to end this before I become irritated with boredom,” I announced and the guy yelped when my whip slapped his right hand lightly, “Check,” I retorted and then felt the grin come back to my face as I pulled my whip back for a final blow, “And mate.” I finished with a strong flick of my wrist and a red mark went across the one I had just left of the man’s hand to form a small burn in the shape of an X. I opened my right hand and the whip disappeared. The man grabbed his hand and knelt to the ground on one knee with shock. I walked to him and stood only a few feet from him. I looked down to the sorry excuse for a competitor and sighed. “This battle is finished. You have lost.” I announced and the crowd cheered wildly. I smiled as the leader walked over to me with a spotlight following her. She came over and lightly hugged me with congratulations. When she turned to the crowd to our left everyone became silent. The leader took out a sterling silver chain necklace I had always wanted to see her hold towards me. I turned around and she put the chain around my neck. She clasped it in the back and then turned me to her. Her gentle hand touched the circle emblem that hung from the chain with the symbol made by the first hunters to exist in black ink that never faded for some reason. I smiled to her as she smiled to me and then held my right hand into the air.
“Today claims the new age of fire controllers! I am proud to introduce to you all our new leader of the fire fleet, Hazuki Sataru!” The leader said and the crowd cheered again. I was then allowed to go to my seat with my prize that felt chilling against my skin. I walked up a staircase and stopped when I got to the row my group was near. I was allowed past two groups and then went through the sitting area of Sir Rei’s group in an awkward silence, but quickly got to the cheering group of seven. Datashi hugged me like my father would have in this type of situation, which made me feel loved. Then Oliver quickly came over and squeezed me tightly to his body. He set one hand on my back and the other on the back of my head as he kissed me strongly. I felt the painful gaze of Hatred, Rei, and most importantly Fallen stab my back and slightly diminish my happiness. I sat down next to Datashi and Force, who stared deeply into my new necklace. Oliver was called to try to claim the title of the best wind controller as I settled down. The battle would not begin for a few minutes so Datashi got up and brought Seth with him to get food for the rest of us. Hunter and Rose talked while Julia read a book. I turned to Force and he shyly looked away for a moment, but his eyes came back to mine within a few moments.
“Congratulations, Lovele…I mean Hazuki.” He said quietly and I smiled to him with a nod.
“Thank you,” I said kindly back but then looked away from Force. I sighed and then looked back to his curious gaze, “I’m sorry I was not with you this year to help with your controlling.” I admitted sadly and meant it.
“It wasn’t like you had a choice, Hazuki,” He assured me sadly, “We all know you gave us up to help us.”
“Right,” I said as I remembered the day I left, “Did the two peeping toms rat me out? I knew they heard my discussion with Sir Rei.”
Force nodded quietly, “I’ve missed you, Hazuki. I had looked up to you as a mom before you had to leave.”
I stared down at the boy and felt pain strike my heart. I turned towards him more and wrapped my arms around him for comfort. I kissed the top of his head as he moved to set his head on my right shoulder, “I’ve missed you too, Force. I was really nervous to finally see all of you again today but I’m glad I have.”
“Me too.” He whispered but both of us froze when a woman’s scream echoed through all of our souls. Everyone burst into shock as we looked down to the arena. There lay the corpse of our leader that had just hugged me not more than a few moments before. A bullet had flown through the ceiling above us and into her heart. I quickly stood and let go of Force as many people ran to the leader, which soon included me. I shoved my way through the crowd of people and knelt at the leaders side. Her dim eyes looked up to me and slightly brightened for just a second. She was in the lap of Oliver as her hand grabbed mine that were in my lap as tears claimed my face and my whole conscience went to her.
“Hazuki…” She whispered in a painful gasp and I quickly grabbed her hand with my own.
“Don’t push yourself, leader! Just stay still.” I pleaded but she shook her head.
“Before I die I have to speak to you,” She whispered and I froze. I didn’t want to hear the truth from her. We all knew there was nothing we could give her to save her in time, but I didn’t want to hear her admit it. Her hand gripped mine tighter as the other hand took her necklace off that claimed her as leader, “Take this.” She whispered and tears poured faster from me.
“But that’s…” I started to protest.
“You will take my place as leader now, Hazuki Sataru. You are the only one who can protect my people from the vampires that have come to kill all of us. I knew they would come for revenge someday but never expected it would happen now, of all things. They are starting with me, but you must stop them before anyone else is slaughtered.” She whispered and then groaned before her eyes stopped moving. I threw my head to her chest and heard no pulse. I looked up to Oliver as he froze. He knew what I wanted to say. I stood and turned to the group around me and quickly held up the necklace that the leader hand given to me.
“Our leader has been murdered by brutal beasts known as vampires! She has told me that we will soon be under attack as she predicted to happen in the next couple of years but had no warning of it today,” I looked to the necklace like everyone and then clasped it onto my neck. It sat above my necklace that looked a lot like it, but with the difference of the symbol on the front of it. It was painted red to show its power and to now show my status, “We must avenge her death!” The crowd hollered in an angry agreement with my words. I turned to the council as the three other head controllers of each element came towards me. “Will you follow me?” I asked them and there was a silence.
“We shall follow your orders as given. If you were chosen by the leader to become her heir then we put our full faith in you,” The lead water controller announced and then seemed to back up his words with action, “All that disagree to follow our new Leader speak now!” He yelled as he turned to the people and all was silent, “Anyone?” He asked once and after a silent pause he turned to me. He knelt to one knee and bowed his head to me as everyone in the arena followed his example.
The head earth controller then looked to me, “What are your orders, Leader?” He asked me strongly and before I could speak my attention was taken to the screen that sat on the north wall of the arena that we typically did not use. A light flickered on there and then Solomon’s face appeared on the wall.
“Surrender to us now, Hunters, and we will kill you with less pain,” Solomon said rudely, “Your leader is dead and now you have no one to follow.”
“Who are you and why did you kill our leader!” The head of the earth controllers yelled to Solomon who smiled a fang filled smile towards us.
“My name is Solomon Ulrick. I am the right hand man of our proud prince,” Solomon said and then looked to me without seeing my necklaces, “Prince Kazuki has ordered the death of the Leader of the hunters.”
The head of the water controllers smiled back, “To stop our leader you would have to kill us all, Sir Solomon. If our leader is killed then we claim a new leader. Our dead leader already chose her successor so you cannot win unless we are all killed.”
Solomon smiled in an evil way, “That can be arranged, Sir.” He said but looked to me when I took a few steps towards the screen.
“Why have you killed our leader?” I demanded from Solomon, but he just smiled as the camera was turned from him and rested on a new face.
My brother smiled to me, “Hello to you too, sister.” He said to try to freak the crowd out but they already knew this. I felt in control but then realized the truth of the situation. If Kazuki was still alive then that meant I was still under his curse. I was going to turn into one of his people on my 19th birthday that was in only two days. I was going to become a vampire! I held back tears in the memory of my leader and frowned to my brother.
“As I asked before, Kazuki, why did you kill our leader?” I said in a hiss. He smiled and slouched in the wooden chair he sat in.
“She got in my way, that’s all,” He said, but then his smiled turned almost evil, “And I can’t die at the hands of a hunter.” He mocked my words from when I killed him.
“But I killed you!” I yelled, “I have your necklace as my own! I know I killed you!” I yelled in almost a hysteric way that my brother enjoyed.
“You are mistaken, sister. I disguised one of my followers to look just like me and capture those two humans you like so much. I made it look like I had died so that you and your leader would come off my trail and I could plan to kill your kind,” He said and then turned to his side, but turned to me again, “Now you do not have enough time left, sister. I will come for your retrieval in two days, Hazuki, and then you will help me kill all of the hunters,” He said and then waved his hand, “’Till then.” He added and the screen went black once more. I felt sick and wanted to crawl under a rock or stand behind a barrel of a loaded gun. I quickly shook those thoughts aside and thought of the people resting on my shoulders. I knew that I could not be saved from my fate, but for my leader I would do all in my power to save the rest of her people before I turned into a killer. I then turned to the three other element leaders and felt powerful.
“I need to know exactly where that transmission came from and need every group leader to get their students to their room and then meet back here.” I said and immediately when I stopped talking everyone started moving. I went to my room but was stopped by yelling in the hallway near my room. I quickly went down to see Rei Hajji and Datashi yelling at each other as their students stood behind them, but when I walked over the voices stopped. Crystal ran to me and threw her arms around my leg. I was sadly surprised, but also happy. She looked up to me and I saw tears on her face.
“This can’t be happening, Loveless!” She cried and I quickly knelt down beside her. I felt tears brimming in my eyes as I brushed her hair behind her ears.
“I’m sorry you had to see that, Crystal.”
“But Loveless…in two days it’s your 19th birthday!” She cried, “I don’t want to lose you for good! I can’t watch everyone fight you and end up murdering you!”
I quickly shook my head and she was confused, “You do not have to worry, Crystal. I will never harm any of my people. As the leader I will protect you all.”
“But when you turn into a vampire you will forget about us and we will have to fight!” She protested.
“I will find a way to fix this, Crystal. I will kill the leader before he kills me and if I cannot then I will…” I started to say but had to turn my head from her face. I could not tell her I would kill myself. I couldn’t watch her face change to hopelessness right now. I stood and looked to the two leaders who watched me, “Now what is this yelling about?” I demanded.
“Hazuki we…” Rei started to say, but I put up my hand. I frowned and shook my head.
“Never mind. We do not have time for you two to argue over things right now! I need both of you to work together so that we can save your students!” I looked to my feet, but then looked back, “I know I am short on time right now because of my birthday in just two days, but because of that I need you two even more. In memory of our last leader I want to protect all hunters from my brother and I will be very ill by tonight. Right now we need to make a plan to defeat my brother so that I can pass the title of leader onto someone else.”
“You can’t pass the title of leader, Hazuki. It just doesn’t work like that.” Datashi argued.
“If I don’t pass it on by tonight then you will not have a leader! By tonight I will become very sick and will not be able to lead everyone.” I said and the two men were finally silent. “Now bring your students to their rooms and go back to the arena,” I ordered and Rei walked past me with his group as Datashi went down the other part of the hall. I quickly grabbed Fallen’s shoulder and he stopped walking. Rei did not argue with me then and led the rest of the group away.
“Hazuki?” He asked me curiously and I quickly intertwined his fingers with mine.
“Come with me.” I requested and he did so. I led him down towards the arena, but stopped and went down an empty hall near it. I gently caressed his cheek and then closed my eyes as I stood on my toes and kissed his lips. When I stood normally Fallen just stared at me with shock, but quickly pushed me against the wall behind me and kissed me back. We kept on until my name was called from not too far away. I thought for a moment and realized that it was Rei’s voice. I quickly moved from behind Fallen and he followed me out of the hall. We were just about to leave the hall when Rei stopped to my right. I quickly turned to him and nodded a greeting, “Is everyone here?” I asked in a mature tone.
“Yea, but Hazuki,” He said and then set his hand on my right shoulder with care. I looked to him with curiosity, “I have made a new treatment for your illness.”
I looked into Rei’s eyes deeply, but quickly glanced away, “I don’t have time left, Rei,” I whispered but set my hand on his scruffy face, “Kazuki has won this battle,” I moved my hand from his cheek and to his hair, “But you have to win this war, Rei.”
Rei pulled my hand away and held it in his, “We have been fighting Kazuki for so long, Haz, and he has never lost. And now we are fighting! He is using everything against us! We can’t play this game anymore Haz…”
I smiled slightly and shook my head, “There is only one thing in the world we can use against him, Rei, and I know what to do to get it.”
“What is ‘it’?”
My smiled broadened, “Me.”

I woke up in my bed next to Rose and started coughing in an uncontrollable way. I quickly stood up, grabbed my papers in my lap, covered my mouth, and got out of the room with a key. I went down to the ice machine to see no one and was glad. I was coughing worse now and felt like I was burning the inside of my throat with every breath. I quickly opened the machine and threw six ice cubes into my mouth. The coldness numbed my pain as the water soothed the couching. Now I was coughing like I had allergies so I started back to my room. When I got close to the door I started coughing hysterically again and ran back to the machine like I was going to die. I stuck more ice cubes in my mouth, sat on the ground, leaned my back on the ice machine, and put my papers back into my lap. I re-read my plan and sighed between two coughs; what to do about my necklaces? My fire necklace would soon not have an owner and I had to choose the next heir for the leader of the hunters. The man I fought yesterday did not deserve to wear the fire necklace, but who did? He seemed the only candidate …but could Datashi take it back? Was that allowed? Would the leader allow…oh wait! I am the leader! I can allow it for now! But what to do with the leader necklace? Seth, Fallen, and Oliver seemed suitable men for the job but who would be the right choice? Seth is a beautiful earth controller, but is he smart enough? Oliver is smart enough but is not a powerful controller. Fallen is the best earth controller I have ever met and I always used to say he could become the best hunter in history, but if I was to have to fight him would his feelings get in the way of his judgment like when we saved Hannah and Peter from my fake brother and Solomon? Could he kill me? No…but what other choice do I have? He is a better choice than any other. I stuck three more ice cubes into my mouth and wrote down my final decisions. Datashi would become the lead fire controller again and Fallen would become the leader of the hunters. I looked down at my arms to see they were paler than usual. Now I looked as sick as I was. I looked like I was dieing of starvation because it was the truth. I had not eaten in a while because of my craving for fresh blood. I would not resort to killing for food and right now that is the only thing that would stop my symptoms, but I would be strong and hold out for my last two days of sanity. The only think that kept me going now was my two former groups of students that I wanted to call friends. I could not let them see me the way I am or the way I will become. When a cough caught my attention I stuck more ice in my mouth, but this time the ice only reduced the coughing. My burning throat flared up again and I groaned with agony. This was not helping as much anymore, but it was all I had. Ice was all I would allow myself now so that my cravings would not come back. Now my body is used to only getting water from ice so it did not fight me so much.
“Hazuki?” A quiet, curious voice whispered and I looked up from my papers. I smiled to Hope who looked at me with sympathy. She was in a pair of athletic shorts and a pink tank top that made her seem like a toothpick.
“What are you doing up so late, Hope?” I whispered back and then scooted to my left. She sat on my right, but turned herself so that she was looking directly at my side. I coughed three times.
“I couldn’t sleep. There’s just too much on my mind to rest for long.” She whispered back in a childish way.
I nodded with understanding, but was distracted when I coughed and it stung badly. I popped three ice cubes into my mouth so I could still talk, “Ah. I had trouble with that also.”
“Is that why you are in the hall?” She asked and I nodded, but then coughed, “But why are you at the ice machine?” She finally asked and I sighed.
“My coughing seems to reduce when I suck on ice so I just wanted to stay near the machine.” She did not reply to that and just stared at the ground. I knew she was worried about me, but for the first time I could not bring myself to tell her that I was going to be alright. I gently rubbed her shoulder and she looked up to me with curiosity, “Hope, can I ask you for a favor?”
She nodded quickly, “What is it?”
I kissed her forehead and then looked back to her face like she was my sister, “Could you help protect Luther and Crystal?”
“Of course.”
I smiled, but coughed once, “Thanks.” I whispered and then quickly stuck ice cubes in my mouth. I coughed once again, but this time I kept my mouth closed. I suddenly tasted iron in my mouth and felt myself needing to cough again. I kept my mouth shut, but after I coughed I started chocking on my own blood and coughed with my mouth open. I quickly put my hands over my mouth, but when Hope screamed loudly I knew blood had gone between my fingers and into her view. She hopped to her feet and sprinted away, but I could not go after her. I kept coughing and had trouble catching my breath. I let out a coughing gag and I finally saw the truth of the matter. Blood covered the floor in front of me, covered my hands, my clothes, and the ice that had flown out of my mouth and started melting on the carpet. I stared at the ice with horror and knew I was too weak to run from this, but my mind was taken from the blood when I heard people running. I looked up to see Rei, Fallen, and Hatred running towards me with Hope and the other kids not even two steps behind. Hatred reached me first and knelt down in front of me, but I quickly turned from him and coughed twice to my side. I finally felt the blood dripping off my face and started to cry. I was going to die if I did not give into my vampire temptations.
“Hazuki!” I heard someone yell and looked from the corner of my eye to see Datashi, Seth, Oliver, Hunter, Julia, and Rose running up behind the other group around me. Datashi pushed his way to me and shoved Hatred aside. He pulled his white shirt off over his head, put one hand behind my neck to support my head, and used the other hand to hold the white shirt to my mouth. I coughed over and over into the shirt and did not let go of it until it was covered in blood. I then dropped it below me and doubled over. I quickly squeezed my red gem as tears and blood dripped down my face.
“Please stop!” I cried and immediately I felt my throat stop bleeding and my necklace glow. I kept coughing, but no blood came out. Finally I sat up and saw Rei kneel in front of me. He wiped away my tears and blood from my face before he wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly. I cried into his shoulder as I squeezed his shirt in my hands. I wanted to die in his arms. I wanted this pain to end.
“Give her some room!” Datashi ordered to Rei, but when Rei started to get up I pulled him back with all the force I had. I pulled his body against mine again.
“Don’t leave me.” I pleaded in a whisper and he quickly hugged me again until I let go of his shirt and calmed down. Rei helped me stand after that and I realized he was covered in my blood, but I could not say something before Datashi took a hold of my shoulder.
“You need to clean up.” He said and I slowly nodded. Before I could protest, Seth picked me up like a child and walked away from the others. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest.
“Do you want me to stop walking? You look like you’re going to be sick again.” He whispered sadly to me but I shook my head.
“I’m alright.” I whispered and I could feel him tense. My lie did not help calm him.
I slowly collapsed onto my bed and curled into a ball. My room door was open and I saw people moving outside of it. Finally Fallen came in and I felt slightly better. He sat beside my head and gently brushed my hair with his fingers. I could feel his pain towards my agony and knew he wanted to help me. I slowly put my hand over his that lie near my face and held it, “Don’t get too worked up over this, okay?” I asked and he sighed.
“You were coughing up blood, Haz. How can I not worry about you?” He asked, “When Hope came into my room she was crying and all she could manage to say was ‘Hazuki and Blood’. And when I got to you I didn’t imagine seeing what I did. You were covered in your own blood and kept coughing it up. I was so scared I would watch you die right there.” He whispered and I just squeezed his hand tighter. I hated that I had scared him.
“I wish none of you had seen that.”
“If we hadn’t seen you, Haz, I know you wouldn’t have told us. It is just what you do. You don’t want anyone to know you are hurt or vulnerable.”
I smiled slightly, “You’re right,” I whispered but then looked up to Fallen’s face, “Fall, can you shut the door?” I asked in a whisper so he quickly got up. When he came back I slowly sat up and he sat beside me. I brushed my hand across his cheek and he closed his eyes as he put his hand over mine, “Fallen, I am going to choose you as the new leader tomorrow.”
His eyes flew open and darted to my own, “What?”
“You are the best person for the job, but,” I looked away from Fallen and sighed, “But when I turn into a vampire and we fight each other I need you to kill me.”
Fallen stood and moved away from me, “I can’t do that, Haz. I can’t kill you.”
I slowly and painfully put my hand over towards him and he slowly came back to me. He sat back down and I kissed his cheek, “But if we fight, Fall, I won’t remember you or any of the others. If you don’t kill me I might end up killing someone. I might kill someone I treasure,” I felt tears coming down my face as I looked into Fallen’s eyes, “Please, Fallen! I don’t want to hurt anyone!” I cried and he quickly hugged me. I felt shielded from the horror that would happen soon for just a moment in his arms and loved every second of it.
“As you wish, my love.” I whispered and kissed the crown of my head.

The sun started to rise on my last day of sanity and I was shaken by the thought. Everyone at the table stopped when they saw me cough twice and Rei ran over to me, “Are you okay?” He asked as I saw the other leaders and head controllers watching me.
I nodded, “I’m fine.” I whispered and he slowly went back to his seat. I sat at the head of a table filled with over 50 hunters and they all waited for my orders. I slowly stood and they all watched me weakly walk over to a whiteboard that I had written on last night. It held the words of my battle and how it would happen, “Is everyone clear on their jobs for this?” I asked quietly and there was a quiet pause for a few seconds.
One hand raised and I nodded towards the leader of group 36, “So all children will be placed by skill level, correct?” He asked in a respectful way and I nodded, “Then what will happen with the children under 12 that have not gained powers yet?”
I smiled weakly to the man, “That is a very good question,” I started as I slowly leaned against the white board, “The children under 12 will help with giving and receiving supplies for the older children and all of you.”
Another hand rose. It was from the leader of group 9 and I nodded to her, “Who will choose where the children will be placed exactly? And who will become the new leader?” She asked and I looked directly to her.
“The next leader will be chosen by me at this afternoon’s assembly in the arena. Then the new leader will specifically assign students to groups tomorrow.” I announced and then waited for another hand to rise, but none ever did, “Alright. Everyone should head back to their rooms and explain what will happen to the students. You are all dismissed.” Everyone stood simultaneously and walked out of the room in a line. The only people in the room were Rei and Datashi who walked over to me.
“You gave me a scare when you started coughing again.” Rei announced and I nodded.
“Sorry about that.” I whispered back.
“So I meant to ask you, Hazuki, who will be given the fire controller necklace?” Datashi asked and I put my fist towards him. He put his hand under mine and I dropped the necklace into it.
“You will be,” I replied, “My competitor was not ready for the necklace so I will leave the choosing up to you next year.”
“But who will become the new leader?” Datashi asked me curiously while clasping his necklace back on.
“You will see with everyone else.” I replied with a slight smiled and he smiled back with a sigh.
“Well we should go back to our rooms,” Datashi announced and put his arm around my waist to support my legs while I walked, “Good day, Rei.” He added and then led me away. We slowly walked down to our rooms to see Oliver, Seth, Hunter, Julia, and Rose sitting in the hall together. They stopped talking when we walked up and they quickly stood.
“You’re back?” Seth asked me and I nodded.
“I will go into more detail with the other group leaders when all of you are there.” I replied, but was surprised when Rose quickly ran over to me. She stopped a foot from me and looked to my eyes.
“Would it hurt if I hug you?” She asked shyly and I smiled as I lightly laughed.
“You don’t need to ask to hug me.” I laughed and she slowly hugged my waist. When she let go I knelt down and brushed her hair to the side, “Are you alright? You seem paranoid.” I asked as tears swelled into her eyes.
“I…I don’t want you to leave tonight Hazuki!” She cried and I hugged her. I gently stroked her hair as she cried into my shoulder. When she was done I smiled sadly to her.
“I want you to be brave and strong for me, okay?” I asked her and she nodded slowly. I looked up to the rest of the group, “That goes for all of you, alright?” I asked and they all slowly nodded. I stood then and turned to Datashi who was watching me, “I guess I will see you in an hour.” I announced and he nodded.
“I’ll go with you, Hazuki. You shouldn’t walk around by yourself while you are so sick.” Oliver said and I turned back to him.
“Alright.” I whispered and he came to my side. He wrapped his arm around my waist like Datashi had earlier and we walked away from the others. We went down to the eating area outside of the arena and sat on the marble seats around the training mat. I looked over to Oliver as he sat down, “You should probably eat.” I suggested and he nodded. When he stood he looked back to me with uncertainty.
“Do you want me to get you anything?” He asked quietly with concern as I shook my head.
“I can’t eat right now, but go ahead.” I replied and he walked off. I sat and watched many hunters walking, sitting, eating, and hanging out in front of me, but a group of little kids caught my attention. A little boy and girl were chasing each other and looked like twins. The boy ran as the girl laughed and followed him. When she caught him he started laughing as they wrested on the ground. A moment later an older girl and boy walked over to them and told them it was time to go. They were obviously the older siblings. The older siblings walked the two kids over to their parents and they all left. I pulled a picture of my jacket pocket and looked at it. It was of Fallen, Hatred, Yuri, Force, Joy, Luther, Crystal, and me in our training room about three years ago. Hope had told me last year that she wished we were a real family and in memory of that I found this picture and want to give it to her today. Then she will be able to remember me as the person I was and not the person I am right now. This mutant that is trying to consume my body would never do this for her, so I will do it before I lose control of myself and leave tonight. Oliver came back with food and I watched him eat a burger and batch of fries. When he was done I requested to go to Rei’s group’s room before we went back to our rooms in order for me to get ready for my leaving. When we got to the three doors I knocked on the younger children’s door but it was opened by Yuri who froze, “Hazuki!” She yelled with glee and gently hugged me. I was then led into the room as Oliver helped me stand. Everyone was in the room except for Rei so I smiled to them all.
“What are you doing here, Haz? Is something wrong?” Hatred asked me with concern but I shook my head. I looked to Oliver and he let go of me. I painfully stood on my own and looked around.
“I actually came to speak with Hope before the assembly.” I replied and Hope quickly came over to me. I gently pushed her hair from her face and kissed her forehead before smiling again, “Hope, I wanted to apologize for what you saw yesterday morning. I wish you did not have to see that.”
“You are sick, Hazuki.” She replied with understanding and I nodded, but then took out the picture without showing it to her.
“You know how last year you told me you thought of us all as a family?” I asked and she nodded. I slowly turned the picture to her, “Well I thought you would like to have this. It is of our family.” I announced and she froze. She took the picture slowly and then looked up to me as a tear ran down her cheek. She quickly hugged me and squeezed me like she would never let me go, but she did after a moment.
“Thank you, Hazuki.” She whispered and I smiled with a nod.
“Well I have to go get ready for the assembly and hope all of you are coming.” I said and then looked to Oliver. He quickly helped me stand and we left with a goodbye from everyone to me. We went down to my room and Julia helped me in. She brought me over to my bed and sat me down as Oliver went to his room. I went into my bag and took out my nice dress that I had worn when I had been here last year with my other group. It was black and red all over. The thin straps were made of black silk, the bust was a scrunched red silk, and the rest of it was black with red glitter on it. The dress was tight at my waist but after that it was very loose till it reached the floor. I slipped on a pair of red pumps like last time and slowly slumped onto my bed, but got up a minute later when Datashi knocked on the door. We all then went down to the arena where many people were already sitting down. I left my group then and felt sick to my stomach. This was my last hour of humanity. Rei’s group walked in then and Fallen came down to me even though Rei did not approve of it. When he came down I smiled and kissed his cheek. He held my hands in his and I knew everyone was watching us, but now I didn’t care. This was my last time with Fallen and I had to tell him something. I leaned into him so that no one saw my lips moving and it looked as if I was just telling him something quietly, “Fall, I have to tell you the truth before I go.” I whispered in a seductive way.
“Tell me.”
I took a long pause and then spoke, “I don’t love Oliver even though you thought I did.”
“Then you love Rei?” He asked but I didn’t let him see my smile. I pulled closer to him.
“I love you and only you,” I whispered and he froze in my grasp, “That is why I asked you to kill me when we are battle…I want to die at the hand of the one I love eternally. I want to die at your hands.” I said, but before he could reply the three other head controllers, who had brought Datashi with them, pulled me away. Fallen walked to my side like he was supposed to and I smiled to the filled arena, “Good afternoon, everyone!” I called and then looked around, “Because of my inability to be the leader of the hunters anymore, I have brought all of you here to introduce the hunter I believe will be most sufficient for the job,” I unclasped my necklace and took only a step forwards, but then turned so that I was facing Fallen. I re-clasped the necklace around him and turned to the crowd, “All hail your new leader, Fallen Hajji!” I called and everyone in the arena stood and clapped. I came back to Fallen’s side and smiled to the crowd, but was surprised when Fallen spoke.
“I love you too, Hazuki,” He whispered and it burned, “I will follow your wish.” He added and my heart sunk. I was happy he had accepted my feelings, but now my time was up. I looked up to a clock to see I was going to become a vampire in a mere 15 minutes.
“Alright, for precaution all children must be brought to their rooms along with their leaders. The vampires will be arriving in only 15 minutes.” I announced and immediately people started moving, but I felt tension from Fallen. I walked over to a chair to the side of the center of the arena and Fallen followed. He sat on the ground beside me and just watched me; “I know you have a knife and gun on you, Fall. Can I have them?”
I slightly smiled, “Before I lose my sanity I will try to kill Solomon and Kazuki. Then you will all be safe.”
He seemed taken back by that, “And then you will not turn to a vampire.”
I shook my head, “I am already too close to becoming one that it would not matter if I killed them. I will still turn into a monster, but then all of you will only have to fight me instead of Solomon, Kazuki, and me.” I replied and he finally handed me the weapons. I slid both weapons so that they could not be seen and then looked to see Rei’s group and Datashi’s group walking over to us. I slowly stood and looked to all of them as Crystal, Luther, and Rose ran over to me. They all hugged me and I hugged back. This was tearing my heart, but luckily they let go before I started crying. I looked over to the groups and opened my mouth to talk, but the screen behind me flashed. I looked up to see Kazuki smiling.
“Oh what a beautiful picture, Hazuki!” He laughed and I frowned up to him, “We are waiting.” He added and then the light went away. I turned back to the groups, but quickly turned away.
“Stay safe.” I whispered in a way so that they could hear it and then walked over to Fallen. He saw my tears coming to my face as I put my hand on his necklace, “You better keep your promise,” I choked out and he nodded sadly, “Keep everyone safe.” I whispered and then quickly walked up the stairs of the arena. I stopped at the top step, brushed my tears away, and went down to the loading dock to see only one door opened out of 6. Kazuki was leaning against the doorframe and smiled up to me when I walked over.
“Solomon!” He called and Solomon walked to his side. They walked over to me, but when Kazuki tried to hug me I jumped away. He frowned, “You won’t do that in a few minutes.” He said with anger and I frowned back, but then stood regularly. My brother smiled to me and I knew I only had about 45 seconds to kill them, “It’s time.” Kazuki said and I quickly changed my position to that of enjoyment and smiled to them.
“Hello, Brother.” I said happily and then walked over to Solomon. I pulled him towards me and kissed him. He quickly pulled me against him and kissed back, but right as I heard a ringing in my ear I shoved my dagger into his stomach. I had done it!

I woke up to see that I was in a large room that did not have much in it. To the right it had a full-length mirror and a small couch, in front of me was two doors and a TV with another couch, and to my left was a dresser and nightstand. I was lying in the middle of a king bed that was warm and welcoming. I looked up to my right and saw my brother’s sleeping face. Kazuki was asleep next to me in the bed and hugged me tightly. It was just like when we were with our parents. Love, hope, care, and joy. It was all we had till I was taken from my brother and fed incorrect information, but luckily my brother had saved me from my imprisonment and I now had my life together again. I was sheltered and loved by my brother, was dating Solomon, and was the princess of the new world. I could not ask for anything better except for my memories back. I wish I could remember before last week and after we were separated. That area of most of my life is just an empty space, but Kazuki says he had to take it to protect me so I will not tell him these feelings. I should not have them anyways. I am happy and should not think of the past.
Kazuki stirred and his eyes slowly opened. I smiled to him as he yawned, “Good morning, sleeping beauty.” He said with a smile back to me.
“Good morning, prince charming.” I giggled back and he sat up. He leaned to me and kissed my forehead like he used to. I then sat up and slipped out of bed with him following. I went to the door and he opened it, “Thanks.” I replied and then took his hand in mine. He was wearing a pair of black pants and a white shirt while I wore plaid shorts and a black tank top. We went down to the breakfast area and sat down. The maids gave me a banquet to share with Kazuki and then Solomon walked in. I quickly stood and hugged him. He kissed me and then sat at my side. We all ate and chatted.
“Hazuki, we will be leaving today in about 30 minutes, okay?” Solomon asked me and I nodded.
“What shall we be dong today? I can’t recall.” I replied kindly and Solomon smiled.
“There are two children that know too much about us. They know everything about Kazuki and me so we plan to terminate them.”
I nodded with a smile. “For humans that are too nosy there is only one way to deal with them, a silencing.” Kazuki explained to me and I agreed.
I slowly stood, “Well I shall go get ready for our flight.” I announced and then gracefully made my way to my room. I slipped on a small red dress I enjoyed and put on black flats. I went to my bathroom, got cleaned up, and put my black hair into a partial ponytail. A knock sounded to my door and I answered it. Kazuki smiled to me and took my hand in his. He led me down to our flight and I sat between him and Solomon. The flight took an hour, but once we were there time seemed to fly as we got into a car, drove to a beautiful hotel, and checked in. I was given my own room while Kazuki and Solomon shared a room across the hall. I was not in my room long when I realized the maids had forgotten to pack me one thing, drinks. I whisked to the guy’s room and knocked on the door. When Solomon answered he smiled, “I shall be going to a convenience store I saw a block away. I need a few things.”
“Should one of us come with you?” He asked and I quickly shook my head.
“I’ll be fine.” I replied and then walked to the elevator on my floor. I went to the main floor, went out the front door, and walked down a block to the 7-Eleven. When I went in I saw there were only six humans there. Two were behind the counter, three girls talked near a slurpie machine, and an older man was searching the chips isle. I gracefully walked to the machine the girls huddled around and smiled to them, “I’m sorry, could I get a drink?” I asked sweetly and they turned to me with surprise. The tallest girl had the darkest skin of all, wore tight jeans, and a cute top; the medium, chunky girl who was a moon color had on caprices and a short sleeve shirt; the last girl looked a caramel color made by a tanning booth, had a strapless shirt on, and a pair of dark, loose jeans. They all moved from my way and I picked up a cup and its matching lid. I popped the lid on, pulled down the handle for Coca-Cola, and watched the liquid fill my cup. When it was full I let go of the handle, took a straw, and started to take off the wrapper when one of the girls looked to me.
“Are you from New York? You have the accent.” The caramel colored girl asked and I turned to her.
“No, I’m actually from the next town over.” I replied sweetly and she looked to her friend with the cute top.
“You mean Kensington? That’s where I live,” She remarked and I nodded with a smile, “I’ve never seen you before though. Are you new?”
I shook my head and my black straight hair moved slightly, “I am actually here for a visit. I moved from Kensington when I was six and am back to check on my old house.”
“Oh? What’s your name? I know everyone who has lived in Kensington.”
“Hazuki Sataru,” I replied and she looked slightly confused, “I have a twin brother named Kazuki.”
She stared at me for a moment and then gasped, “You’re the girl that lost her parents in a robbery, right? I remember you and Kazuki! You were in my kindergarten class! But your hair was blond back then.”
I nodded with a broader smile, “Yea, Kazuki and I thought it would be a good time to come visit everyone… Actually we are thinking of moving back here.”
“Really!” She said happily, “Then you have to come visit our school tomorrow! Everyone would be so happy to see you two!” She said with a laugh.
“Sure. I just need to check with Kazuki.” I replied and she did a slight jump in the air as she cheered.
“Here’s my home number,” She said as she handed me one of her father’s business cards, “Call tonight when you check with Kazuki and I will call the school to tell them you two are coming to visit at lunch.” She said and I nodded with another smile.
“Alright,” I said and then stuck my straw in my drink, “Well I have to go but it was nice seeing you.” I replied and then gently walked my way to the cash register. A guy of my age stared at me for a moment and I was concerned why he was not ringing up my item. His shaggy brown hair just barely parted enough so that I could see his brown with green speckled eyes that were staring at mine while sending me odd messages, “How much is this drink?” I asked formally and he blinked twice before scanning the cup.
“You changed your hair color.” He stated and I tilted my head slightly to the right.
“Yes, but how did you know that? Are you from Kensington?” I asked as I put out three dollars to pay.
He took out my change, but kept it in his hand, “You don’t remember?”
“Remember what?”
He sighed with slight frustration, “It’s me, Damien,” He replied as he looked to me again, “I met you last year at the airport when you fainted in a store. I helped you reach your group of friends and you told me your name was Love.” He said and I felt like laughing, but did not see humor or untruthfulness in his eyes. He was serious. Had I met him in the time I do not remember anymore? And why did I say my name was love?
“I’m terribly sorry but I don’t remember anything about you or fainting and I do not recall the name Love. My name is Hazuki. Maybe you have mistaken me for someone else?” I asked and he just stared at me.
“How do you not remember? You were with a group of seven other kids and you seemed very happy.”
“I’m sorry but you must have me mistaken for someone else,” I replied and quickly took my drink as I walked to the door, “You can keep the change.” I added and then left. Damien…I wish I knew what you were talking about.

I put on a black dress that had a red and white design on the bottom right corner and then brushed my hair. I left my hotel room to see Kazuki in the hall waiting for me and smiled, “Good morning.” I said kindly and he nodded a reply. He took my hand in his and we went to the main floor. A cab driver waited for us outside and when we got in he drove us to Kensington High School. I slid out of the back seat and Kazuki followed. He took my hand in his again as we went inside and went to the front office. A woman at a desk stood and walked over to us.
“You must be Hazuki and Kazuki,” She announced and I nodded, “Shellie told us you would be coming at lunch and I’m glad you are right on time,” She placed a green sticker on the top part of my dress and another on the top of Kazuki’s shirt. The sticker announced us as ‘guests’ like it should and then the woman told us to follow her. She led us to a classroom door and knocked.
“Come in!” A man called and the woman opened the door. She urged for both of us to go in so Kazuki led me into the crowded room as the woman finally left us. Inside were about 30 teenagers of my age that stared at us with awe. Kazuki led me to the man that stood in the front of the room.
“Hello.” The teacher said and I went to Kazuki’s side.
“Hi!” I said cheerfully, “I am Hazuki Sataru and this is my brother Kazuki.” I announced and the teacher smiled directly to me.
“Yes, Shellie told me of your visit for today. It is nice to meet both of you,” The man said and I nodded, “Well since you two will be here for the rest of the day, the principal decided to have both of you follow two students to all of their classes in hopes that you will get a feel of the school,” the man looked to me again, “Hazuki, you will be with Shellie and,” He looked to Kazuki, “Kazuki, you will be with Peter Kepner.” Kazuki nodded and the teacher turned to the class. Two people stood and I noticed one was the girl from yesterday and the other was a boy that I assumed was Peter Kepner. I let go of Kazuki and went over to Shellie who patted an empty desk next to her. I sat down as she did and then noticed that Kazuki was given a seat between Peter Kepner and me. Kazuki put his hand over mine that lay on my desk and I smiled to him. We then listened to the teacher talk about literature, but I got an eerie feeling by the glare of Peter Kepner. I looked back to his gazing eyes and he gave me an odd look I could not read. It was the same look the boy named Damien gave me yesterday at the store, which led me to wonder if I knew this Peter Kepner. He did not look like anyone I remembered and had not been in my dreams of the time of my life I have forgotten like another man did. The bell rang and Shellie stood. I did also, but Kazuki did not let go of my hand. I knew he did not trust any of these humans and wanted to protect me.
“Come on, Hazuki. We should go get food.” Shellie said and I smiled with a nod. I turned to Kazuki.
“I’ll meet you after we eat, alright?” I asked sweetly and he looked up to Shellie with suspicion.
“You sure?”
“Yes. Go enjoy yourself.” I persuaded and then left with Shellie. Kazuki watched us walk away and so did Peter, which I knew Kazuki noticed too. Would something happen because of that?

I waited outside for Kazuki and was surprised when he came outside without Peter Kepner, “Hazuki, you know the boy who showed me around?” Kazuki asked when he walked up and I nodded, “He is one of the two humans we need to terminate. He knows who we are.” Kazuki said and I froze. But the Peter guy seemed nice, “He is fond of you, Hazuki, so I want you to go home with him today and get him to trust you. Once he does trust you, terminate him.” Kazuki ordered and I was concerned. Could I kill Peter Kepner?
“Alright.” I finally said and Kazuki kissed my cheek. He left and I sat back down on the bench I had been sitting on before. Peter Kepner came outside and seemed surprised to see me without Kazuki. I stood and walked over to him in a graceful way, “Hello, Peter.” I said and he seemed happy for me to speak to him.
“Hazuki I need to talk to you privately.” He said and I was shocked. I was going to say that to him.
“Alright. Shall we go to your home?” I asked and he nodded. I then followed him to a small black car and was asked to sit in the passengers’ seat. I did and Peter sat in the drivers’ seat. He pulled out of the school parking lot and started down the main road of the town.
“Hazuki, why are you with that guy? You told me last time you were here that you were going to kill him and your other brother. And where are Fallen and the others? Are you here to spy on Kazuki or…” He started to say but I put my hand up and he stopped.
“You are talking too quickly, Peter. I do not understand.” I said and he sighed.
“Alright, lets start with why you are with Kazuki Sataru. Are you hunting him?” Peter said as he turned to the right onto another road.
“Hunting Kazuki? Why would I hunt my own brother?” I asked him and he finally looked to me. His face turned to terror as he turned off the car in his driveway.
“Because you hate Kazuki! You hate all vampires! That’s why you went through your surgery to fight them! You want to protect us humans from the likes of those killers!” He yelled and I froze. A slight ringing sounded in my ears and I felt like I was going to be sick.
“I don’t understand what you are talking about,” I whispered and then looked away from his gaze, “Kazuki said you knew I was a vampire.”
Peter froze for a moment, but then his face changed to a smile. He started laughing, “I’m just kidding, Hazuki!” He laughed and then opened his door, “Let’s go inside.” He added and I got out of the car also. We went inside but I felt odd. Why did I want to cry and run? Peter shut the door of his home behind me and then led me to the kitchen of his home. He sat down at a table and I did also. Why did this home look so familiar? Peter stood and I was concerned, “I need to make a call, I’ll be right back.” He said and I nodded. He left the room and I just sat there quietly. I looked outside a window on the other side of the room and saw a garden. My eyes were drawn to a rose bush and I suddenly felt water on my face. I touched my cheeks and realized I was crying. I quickly brushed away my tears when Peter came back into the room. He sighed and looked to me. He walked out of the room again, came back, and walked to the back door of his home. I heard him lock the back door and I felt a shiver go through my body.
“I think I should go.” I said to Peter, but when I started to stand he pushed me back into my chair. I looked up to him with shock and he sighed again.
“I’m sorry, Hazuki, but you can’t leave.”
“Why not?” I demanded in a harsh tone and he sighed for a third time.
“I had to call Fallen. He is coming to get you.” Peter said and I felt my heart skip a beat. The name rang in my head like the low-pitched ringing I kept hearing and I quickly stood. I felt like I was going to throw up. Peter stood and before I could even think I had him pinned down on the floor of the room and was ready to drink his blood, “Don’t do this, Hazuki!” He demanded and I was shocked, “Even if you can’t remember your past I know you won’t kill me! I trust you, Hazuki!” His eyes flared with bravery, “You are not a vampire! You want to protect humans, not kill them! I know you are still a hunter and I know you can remember me!” He remarked and I pulled away from him. I stood up and squeezed my hands into fists.
“Don’t get near me again, Human.” I hissed and then ran to the front door. I unlocked it and ran out. I did not stop running until I got to my hotel room. I locked the door and fell onto my bed. I started crying and could not stop. I suddenly felt like I was missing something. I want to kill Kazuki. Something deep within my brain told me that I should not trust Kazuki and that he was going to kill someone. Someone I could not live without, but who was it? Fallen… the name rang in my head and I knew he was the one.
Kazuki knocked on my door and I was as quiet as I could be, “Open the door, Hazuki! I know you’re in there!” He yelled and I could feel the anger in his voice. I did not answer and kept writing on the papers I had found. Finally my ears stopped ringing and I did not feel sick anymore. I looked down to the two papers to see plans that seemed familiar. They showed how someone was going to kill Solomon, Kazuki, and the rest of my people but it also said something about revenge of a murder. Had Kazuki or Solomon killed someone this Fallen needed? Or were these plans of the hunters Peter had said I was one of. I finally stood and put the papers under my bed. I went to the door and opened it. Kazuki and Solomon watched me and I could tell they were mad, “Why…” Kazuki started to yell, but stopped when I put my hand up to his face. I felt anger rise in me.
“I want to leave.” I announced angrily.
“But those two humans are still alive.” Solomon protested and I felt a frown form on my face.
“Then you two stay here,” I said as I crossed my arms over my chest, “I’m leaving.” I said and then walked back into my room. I shut and locked the door before I quickly packed all of my things. I put the papers in my bra so that Kazuki could not find them and then left my room. I walked downstairs quickly before the two men could stop me and turned in my door key. I then found a taxi outside and requested a ride to the airport. I sat outside of the exit for arriving planes and just watched people walking. I then felt a chill through my body and looked to the doors of the exit. Out walked a group of two men and my eyes locked on them. I knew they were the people I was searching for, but I did not go to them. I saw them get into a large van and then got back into my taxi, “Follow that van.” I ordered and the man did so. When the van stopped at Peter’s home I stopped my car a block away. I paid for my two trips and then told the driver to leave. When he drove off I sat at a park across the street from Peter’s house and waited. When I heard the door open I turned to see the two guys come outside. The taller of the two made my heart race and I knew he was Fallen. They started talking outside and then the one that was not Fallen went back in. Fallen walked around the house and then ventured in my direction. I quickly got up and walked away and kept walking till I got to another park in the neighborhood, but when I sat down on a bench I froze when I heard a voice. I looked to my right and saw Fallen far away, but he had not called me. I looked to my left and gasped. I saw Solomon running towards me and quickly stood. I started walking in the direction of behind the bench, but stopped when I felt Solomon set his hand on me. I quickly pulled out the gun I had hidden under my dress and pointed it at Solomon who took a step back from me.
“Put down the gun, Hazuki. It’s just me.” Solomon said and I could feel Fallen watching us from behind a tree a few feet away.
“That is why I have the gun up, Solomon. Because it is just you.” I retorted and Solomon frowned.
“What is going on with you, Hazuki? You would never pull a gun on me. I’m your fiancé.” He said and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
“Then why does this feel right to do, Solomon?” I yelled and he was shocked, “I may not know everything yet, Solomon, but I do know my past I can’t remember had something to do with hating you and Kazuki!” I yelled and Solomon grabbed my hand that held the gun and my other hand. He threw the gun from me and squeezed both of my wrists.
“Stop it, Hazuki.” He ordered and I tried to pull from Solomon’s grasp.
“I won’t stop, Solomon! I know what I am!” I yelled and he froze. I used the chance and pulled away from his grasp, “I know I am not a true vampire!” I pulled the papers from my bra and held them in the air so he could not tell their contents, “You and Kazuki had killed someone I loved haven’t you! And you are going to try to kill all the hunters!” I felt Fallen freeze with shock also, “I demand to know the truth!” I yelled and Solomon smiled which startled me.
“Oh? And what makes you think I will tell you?” Solomon asked and I smiled back. I grabbed my necklace around my neck and pulled it slightly.
“If you don’t you will lose your precious princess,” I spat back and I felt Solomon tense, “Give me back my memory!” I yelled and Solomon paused, but then put his hand to my head. He closed his eyes and I heard a strong ringing in my ears. But then Solomon grabbed my arms again and tried to pull me back to him. Before I could even think I pulled another gun I had hidden by the other one and shot Solomon with a vampire bullet I had made. His grip weakened and he slumped to the ground. I felt sick suddenly and dropped to the ground, but was distracted by the pain when I heard someone running. I looked up to see Kazuki running at me and the ringing in my ears became worse. I quickly pulled the trigger of my gun again and saw the bullet hit Kazuki. I felt powerful, but then realized there was blood coming from my right shoulder. I looked from my blood and to my limp brother.
“You will die with me.” He hissed and then fell to the ground a few feet away. I felt weak as I limply fell to my side and all I saw was the pavement of the road I was on before everything disappeared.

I woke up and the first thing I saw was Fallen sleeping in a chair at the right side of the bed I was in. His head rested on his hand and his hair fell into his face. I gently used my weak right arm to brush his hair from his face and his eyes shot open. He sat up and grabbed my hand as I felt a hot rush course through me, “Where am I?” I whispered and Kazuki sighed with relief.
“You are at the hospital.”
“Why? I got shot so I should be dead.” I replied and he smiled in a way I felt better with.
“When you shot Kazuki he shot you a few seconds after with a vampire bullet, but when he died you turned back into a human and did not die.” He explained and I felt calmer, but then realized what he had said. I sat up with shock.
“I’m human now?” I whispered and he slowly nodded. I looked away from Fallen and felt tears brimming my eyes. Kazuki had won the war. After everything he had won. I can’t be with Rei, Fallen, or any of the others. I had been defeated. I turned back to Kazuki and felt my heart throbbing, “Fallen, you should erase my memories now that I am awake.”
“Erase your memories? Why on earth would I do that?” He asked and I looked to the door as it opened. Rei froze when he saw a tear trickle down my cheek.
“Fallen needs to know. You need to tell him.” I hissed to Rei and he looked away from me. He knew I was right.
“Fallen, when a hunter loses their powers they are to have their memories of vampires and us taken away,” Rei said and I looked to my hands in my lap. I was going to end up like I was before. Confused of who I was and why I was so emotional towards many people. I finally looked up to Rei and frowned.
“So where will I be sent? Europe? Africa? South America?” I asked and he looked back to me.
“Wherever you would like. Since you were the Leader for a short time you were given the power to choose.” He replied and I sighed.
“I don’t care. Just tell the head controllers to choose somewhere fast. If I am not moved right after my memories are erased I will be able to figure it out. I did when my memories of hunters were taken so who says I will not figure it out again?” I asked and then slowly stood. I grabbed my dress from a chair in the corner of the room and slipped it over my gown. I then untied the gown from under my dress and it fell away to show me as a regularly dressed girl. “Leave.” I demanded of Rei and he left with no complaints. I folded up my gown and set it on my bed before looking back to Fallen, “You should go also. It is your final decision on where I am relocated.” I said and Fallen stood. He walked around the bed and stood in front of me. His hand caressed my cheek and he kissed my lips. I quickly turned away from him and he seemed concerned.
“Why won’t you look at me?” He asked and I did not move when I answered.
“I don’t want to have to lose any more memories of you and if we do anything here there will be more to be taken from me.” I whispered, but he turned my head to him. He kissed me again and I was confused.
“I think the doctors are wrong. You are still a hunter.” He said and I shook my head.
“They say my powers are gone.”
“But you control them, Hazuki. They just said that because they could not figure out how to show your powers so they assumed you had lost them,” He held my hands in his and smiled, “Just try. Try for me.” He said and I sighed. I let go of his right hand and pointed my palm at a water cooler in my room. I closed my eyes and focused. Nothing came from me and I turned to him with slight anger.
“Nothing.” I retorted and he let go of my other hand. He came behind me and hugged me as he kissed my neck. I felt a hot flash through me.
“I believe in you, Hazuki,” He whispered, “You can do this.” He added and I closed my eyes. I focused on the hot flash I had felt and when I opened my eyes I saw steam and broken plastic where the cooler had been. I turned around to Fallen and kissed him. I then lay my head on his shoulder and felt safe, “You did it.” He said happily and I nodded as I pulled myself closer to him.
“I did it because of you,” I whispered, “I did it all because of you.” I looked to Fallen to see confusion.
I nodded, “I tried to figure out my lost memories because of your name and when I saw you I knew I had to figure out everything. I did it because of your hold on my heart. It surpassed what even my mind could not remember.” I whispered and he kissed me again. We kept kissing until Fallen slightly moved away. I looked to him curiously, “What is it?” I asked quietly and I felt him grab my left wrist with his right hand. He looked up to me and I saw hope flicker in his eyes.
“Will you marry me, Hazuki?” He whispered and I felt fire course through my veins. I looked down to my hand to see him slip a diamond ring on my 4th finger.
“Yes.” I whispered and he smiled. I kissed him again, but pulled away when the door opened. Datashi walked over to me with sadness as the three other lead controllers stood back with Rei, but Datashi was as surprised as me when Fallen stepped in front of me.
“Please move, Leader.” Datashi said sadly but Fallen did not back down.
“Hazuki has not lost her powers. She just turned that water over there into steam. She is still a fire controller,” Fallen protested and sternly looked to Datashi, “Hazuki is once again the leader of the fire controller and…” Fallen came to my side and held my left hand, “And she is going to be my wife.” Everyone froze at that point and I knew it was not because I had my powers back. We were too young to marry and the leader is not supposed to marry.
“But Leader,” The lead controller of water said, “You are not supposed to marry. It could divert your focus from your work.”
Fallen smiled slightly, “Then is there anything against having two leaders?” He asked and I was surprised, “Hazuki was chosen by our leader that passed away so she should be able to lead us, but I also cannot give up my title without a reason. This seems like a perfect solution.” Fallen said and the four leaders turned to each other with unsure faces. Then Datashi’s face turned to a smile and I knew he supported me.
“I agree,” Datashi announced, “And this way our people will not have a sole leader, but two very wise students as their leaders. Then we will not have an exact leadership like human countries have, we will have more than one person deciding everything. Also, who is better for the jobs than the first human-formed hunter that knows exactly what the vampires plan and our most skilled controller we have seen in centuries that is also very smart? I see no downside to this.”
“It will change the way our people have worked since the beginning of time.” The lead controller of wind argued.
“To achieve a better lifestyle you must allow for traditions to be broken. It is the only way to become stronger.” The lead controller of earth replied with a smile towards Fallen.
“True,” the lead controller of water said and then looked to the lead controller of wind, “Are you against this then?”
“No.” The man replied, but before he could continue I interrupted by taking a step forwards.
“Our people have a say in this. They should be the ones to choose, not just the four of you. Everyone should get to speak his or her mind. Even the students.” I said and they smiled to me. They all agreed and I felt better. I squeezed Fallen’s hand in mine for reassurance that I believed in what we were doing.

I lay under the sheets of my bed with Fallen and had my head rested on his shoulder. His arms were around me as my right arm lay over him. His body felt warm against mine as we just sat there and enjoyed the other’s company. Fallen then turned to me, “Everyone should have shown up by now. You should go see Rei’s group and Datashi’s group. I know all the students will want to see you as soon as they can.”
“I want to see them too,” I whispered and he smiled back, “Will you come with me?” I asked kindly and he nodded. He kissed my lips and then sat up. I got up after he had and went to our dresser and took out a little black dress that had a white belt at the waist. I straightened my dress, slipped on white flats, and pulled up my hair by the time Fallen came out of the bathroom dressed and ready. “Let’s go.” I said and he nodded. He took my hand in his and then followed me out of the room. We went down to the rooms Rei usually had and I knocked on the older kids’ door. I was surprised when no one answered so I went to the younger kids’ door and knocked. Force opened the door and saw me first. He immediately stopped and just stared, but I then noticed he had tears starting down his face. I let go of Fallen’s hand and quickly bent down to Force. I hugged him and he squeezed me tightly to him as he cried. I brushed his hair and soothed him with kind words. Finally he let go of me, but before I could get up Crystal and Luther were both on me, crying. I soothed them and finally walked into the room. Hope ran to me and we both squeezed each other tightly because I had become so close to her without even realizing. I then went to Yuri and hugged her kindly before moving to Hatred. He hugged me and lifted my feet off the ground with his height at his use. Hatred was the first to notice the ring on my left ring finger and he smiled.
“So you and Fallen are finally going to tie the knot?” Hatred asked with humor in his voice, “Many guys will be very angry about that.” He said and then laughed. I smiled back to him and felt happy.
“I’ve really missed all of you.” I said and got a nod from everyone.
“We should go see Rose. She will want to see you.” Fallen said and I nodded. I then left with Fallen and went down to the rooms Datashi usually had. I knocked on the girl’s door and Julia, who jumped into my arms, answered it. She cried and was quickly joined in the hugging and crying act by Rose. When they let go I knocked on the boy’s room and Seth answered it. He froze as he saw me with Fallen, Rose, and Julia but did not take any time to hug me with hope. I then hugged Hunter and he cried on my shoulder. Finally I went over to Oliver and hugged him. When we let go of each other he sighed, but smiled.
“Datashi told me everything. I’m happy for you,” Oliver looked out the door of the room and straight to my fiancé, “Fallen, if you hurt Hazuki in any way I will hunt you down.”
Fallen smiled back to Oliver, “No need to worry.” Fallen said and then came over to us, “We need to go to the arena. We’ll see you there.” Fallen said and then he led me away. We went to the arena to see people already coming in. Once everyone was there the four lead controllers looked up to the group and smiled.
“As you all came inside you were given a sheet of paper to write an anonymous answer for if you did or did not want to have two leaders. Now that the papers have been collected and counted I have been given the results,” The lead water controller announced and unfolded a piece of paper, “In all there were 6 no’s, 2 undecided, and 547 yes’s,” I felt Fallen squeeze my hand with anticipation, “Then I am proud to introduce you all to our two new leaders!” The man called and a roar of cheers burst in the surrounding crowd.

The author's comments:
This is sort of an additional chapter to wrap the story up.

I snuck my way into the room I was not supposed to go into and finally found Fallen. I quickly hugged him from behind before he noticed me and he jumped slightly. Fallen had on a tuxedo and I knew under the collar of his shirt was the necklace that symbolized he was the leader of the hunters that I had showing from above my dress collar. He laughed when he realized it was I, “Aren’t we not supposed to see each other before the wedding?” Fallen asked and I laughed back to him.
“Did you really think this wedding was going to go according to plan? Nothing we ever do goes according to plan, as we have made living proof,” I said as I set my hand on my enlarged stomach and he smiled, “Well I actually came in here to make sure you weren’t getting cold feet or anything.” I said sweetly and he kissed me.
“Don’t worry. I have wanted to do this for a long time so I’m not going to back out.” He said as he hugged me to him and I rested my head against his neck.
“Could you promise me something?” I whispered and he pulled me even closer to him.
“Never let me go again, okay? Even if I ask you like I did when we fought my brother, don’t let me go.” I whispered and felt a pinch at my heart.
His face muscles moved as he smile again, “I didn’t let you go then and will never even think of it. I love you more than my own life, Hazuki. And that is why we are going to do this today. To show everyone how we feel.”
I smiled also and moved one of his hands onto my stomach, “I love you too, Fallen. This is all because of you. My whole life and existence is because of you.” I whispered and he bent down to me. He kissed me deeply and I wanted to stay like that forever. I just want to stay in the arms of the man I love. I want to stay with Fallen for the rest of my life and starting today that will happen. It will now just be Fallen, our daughter, and me.

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