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Alpha's: The Apprentice

January 26, 2012
By AlphaCentral, St. Louis, Missouri
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AlphaCentral, St. Louis, Missouri
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"If God gave me this disease of purpose, then I thank him for giving me time," Sam Harris, 24 Hours

Author's note: I was inspired to write this after reading Erin Hunters, Warriors

Claws flung everywhere, the painful screams of fear echoed through the air. “Kill these half breeds!” a loud commanding voice said, “Show them who rightfuly owns this area!” Then a large cracking sound filled the air. Every living thing seemed to stop. Then out of nowhere a tree came toppling down, crushing some of the wolves flouding the area. The area it which was a battefeild moments ago became a graveyard for those who died.
Back at a camp a few sprints away, the mournful sound of death echoed through the earth. Sobbing mothers morned for there lost pups. Hoping for there return and Battleweary alpha’s sat quietly, sad for the loss of friends and family. Then a large bark roared over all the others. “Today will be remembered,” said the loud voice, “I, Alphamoon, Alpha wolf of EarthClan call upon our mighty ancestors to protect us theses following days and help us defeat this new threat of FireClan, a betrayer of our code and our loyalty.” Chatting of agreement went throughout the clan members, they then looked back to there leader for Alphamoon’s final decision.
“That is all” Alphamoon said quietly then turned towards his den with a sarrowful look. But was met by a soft bark from the camp entrence. The Sad father didn’t bother looking, but after a second bark he turned towards the camp entrence. Then the great Alpha ran towards the entrence, and saw what he had heard. “Swiftflower!” he announced as he raced towards the pregnant she-wolf. Alphamoon touched noses and gently rubbed his fur against his mate. Tears grew in Alphamoons face before he said, “I thought I lost you!”

Sam slowly lifted his head, looked around, then got up. He walked over to his food dish looking for a snack, nothing. Then Sam heard a familiar noise from outside. Sam darted outside the flap to meet this noise. “Hunter! My small friend” Sam barked playfully, “I see the tiny jokes cary on, you big lump!” Hunter replied licking his paw. The small brown and white cat looked at Sam then shook his head, “What?” barked Sam quieriosly. Then Hunter turned, jumped of the fence and landed a few paws legths away. “So hows life with the old lady?” meowed Hunter, “Getting worse everyday! I’ll probloly get bored to death before she starves me!” Sam replied. Hunter let out a little laugh and then hopped onto the fence and said his farewell then dissapeared.

But just as Hunter dissapeared something caught his eye, something was moving in the forest. Sam then took a closer look, the outline of a small pup appeared running from something. Sam shook his head in disbaleif, but something was chasing the pup and it was heading for him. Sam didn’t have the time to react before a large force through Sam on his back. The force continued attacking Sam, but then Sam played dead and the force left his body. Just after Sam leaped on his attacker, claws ready for anything…

Sam heard a load “ouf!” from his attacker. Sam let the fury drain out when he saw his attacker… a she-wolf! Around Sams age, the she-wolf looked at Sam, “Wow, you deffinently don’t belong here! You’re a wolf!” For the next few hours she told Sam about the four clans: EarthClan, FireClan, WaterClan, and AirClan. And how they fought and lived free from humans and there hurtful ways. She also told Sam her name was Blueleaf. It took a while but finally Sam agreed to come with Blueleaf to her camp. Sam was surprised when she first said this to Sam because that ment she was going to bring a pet into a wild wolves camp!

Near the camp entrence Blueleaf said to wait there. Sam obeyed her order and waited nere the camp entrence lost on the thoughts of being a free wolf. Then a comforting voice came from inside the camp saying, “All right come on in!” Blueleaf was waiting inside the camp with what seemed like hundreds of eyes staring at him. Sam swallowed hard as he noticed a large grey and white wolf standing on a large rock in the middle of the camp. “Step forward pet!” the wolf said in a stern but proud voice, so Sam obeyed his command stepping forward towards the rock.
“You are stronger then I thought pet! What is your name?” Sam thought about what the clan wolf would say if he told them his name was “Sam” so he replied, “Silver…sir…,” Blueleaf made a funny face but soon relized what he was doing. The grey wolf then barked, “Well then “Silver” prove to me that you have what it takes to be a part of my Clan! Ivypaw attack this wolf!” Sam then saw a medium sized black with streaks of purple wolf leap out of the crowd and race towards Sam. Sam prepared his shoulders and raced towards Ivypaw, the two met in mid air, balencing them selves with only there hind legs. Sam barked and clawed into Ivypaws thick fur while Ivypaw tried dessperetly to bite Sams shoulder. But Sam made a quick move falling to the ground and clawing at Ivypaws belly. Ivypaw let out a shreak of pain and backed away, Sam got into a attacking position ready for everything. Then a loud voice roared over the Clan wolves murmering to each other. “Very impressive Silver…but I still have one thing to ask you,” the grey wolf barked, “Will you join my clan and protect it with you life even when it means death? To give up your pet life and accept the life of a clan wolf?” Sam thought for a moment then turned to look at Ivypaw then back at the grey wolf towering before him, “I do,” Sam replied with a soft tone. “Then by the powers givin to me by SkyClan, I, Alphamoon pronouce you, until protectorhood, Silverpaw and for your mentor I choose Spottedclaw!” Alphamoon turned to the brown and white she-wolf and said, “Do you, Spottedclaw accept this apprentice as your apprentice?” Spottedclaw gave a little knod and walked over to where Silverpaw was sitting, “Hello, Silverpaw…I am Spottedclaw, your mentor,” barked Spottedclaw, “Training starts tommarrow but for now I will show you around the camp.”
Spottedclaw showed Silverpaw around the camp, showing him all the dens like the Protector den, Mother den, Gatherer den, Apprentice den, and Leader den. Then Spottedclaw left Silverpaw in the middle of the camp. Just then Silverpaw noticed Ivypaw scrambling over to the Gatherer den, Silverpaw joined him and asked him what he was doing. Ivypaw gave a grunt and told him, “Going to get some medicine for my clawed belly, no thanks to you!” Sam knew Ivypaw was right in that he had clawed Ivypaws belly siverialy and gave a soft, “sorry,” to the apprentice then walked away. Ivypaw glanced back at Silverpaw then said, “Its ok, I’ll get over it…” then hurried up to Silverpaw heading for the Apprentice den, “Besides, a true protector feels no pain!” Ivypaw barked bravely. Silverpaw then headed into the apprentice den where two apprentices where already sleeping, Ivypaw must have noticed because he then said, “That’s Chromepaw on the left and Leafpaw on the right.” Silverpaw knodded at Ivypaw then turned to a small leave nest and plopped down right in the middle of it. The nest was very conforting and sent Silverpaw into a very longed sleep…

Silverpaw woke to the sound of Ivypaw screaming at him, “Silverpaw! We have training! Get up you fat lump!” Silverpaw then remembered he had training today and shot the tiredness right out of him leaping our of his nest and landing next to Ivypaw. Ivypaw then led Silverpaw to a clearing surrownded by trees on the east side of the camp. Ivypaw and Silverpaw then sat down staring at a large Oak tree towering above them. Then a friendly voice sounded from behind the tree and out came Spottedclaw, “I hope you boys got enough sleep lastnight,” Spottedclaw said, “We have a big day ahead of us!” Then another voice came from behind them, an unfamiliar voice to Silverpaw. Silverpaw turned around to see a massive orange and white staring at the three wolves. Ivypaw greeted his mentor with the two breifly rubbing there head gently against eachother. Then Silverpaw turned to Spottedclaw rubbed her head against his, her fur was so soft he almost forgot to rub back. Then after Spottedclaw pulled away Ivypaw wispered to Silverpaw, “That’s my mentor Fireclaw.”
Silverpaw knodded at his friend as Fireclaw began to speek, “Welcome apprentices! To your first day of training, Spottedclaw and I will teach you everything we had been tought when we where apprentices and we expect you to do the same when you receive your apprentices!” Ivypaw and Silverpaw both knodded at the massive Wolf as he leaped onto a tree stump laying near by.
Spottedclaw then brushed past Silverpaw leaping on the stump to, “Well…introduse yourselves apprentices,” Spottedclaw said with her fragile voice. Both apprentices looked at there mentors and said, “Im Ivypaw,” barked Ivypaw, “And I’m Silverpaw,” speeking in a sturdy voice. “Well then Ivypaw and Silverpaw, I’m Fireclaw and she is Spottedclaw, any questions?” Both apprentices shook there heads, then Fireclaw announced that there first part of training was to cetch a squirrel. Ivypaw dashed into the woods without saying a word while Silverpaw stoood for a second, am I going to be able to catch a squirrel? Silverpaw thought then raced into the woods.
The smells of prey and other dogs filled Silverpaws nose, but finally he picked up the scent on something very familiar, a squirrel. Silverpaw had seen squirrels in his pet life but had never caught one, Silverpaw froze as he saw one sitting on a branch eating a nut. Silverpaw dropped down low to the ground and slowly crawled to where the squirrel was. The squirrel showed no sines of knowing Silverpaw was there, but just before he was about to leap and grab the squirrel he heard terrifying yowl. Silverpaw raced over to where he heard thought the yowl came from. Silverpaws ears where ready for the slitest noise, then he heard the yowl again and Silverpaw knew where it was coming from. He raced over to a ledge and looked down, there at the bottom of the ledge lied Spottedclaw. “Spottedclaw!” Silverpaw let out a terrified yowl as he reached her, but as he got nearer he noticed that she was just lying there, like nothing was wrong with her. Silverpaw skidded to a stop near her, “Whats wrong?” he announced, “Where you attacked?” Spottedclaw looked at her swollen belly then back at Silverpaw. Silverpaw looked confused but realized that Spottedclaw ment she was pregnant and the pups where on there way! “But I thought…,” Silverpaws voice trailed away when he heard a russling in the bushes, Silverpaw turned to see a large white wolf appear from the bushes carrying some medicine. The white wolf turned to look at Silverpaw and said, “Who are you and what have you done to my wife?” Silverpaw looked puzzled but then answered, “Your wife is MY mentor and I came to see that everything was alright!” The massive wolf must have realized he was telling the truth because he then said, “Well if you speek the truth then help me with her,” The wolf’s eye met with Silverpaws so Silverpaw agreed to help.
Then Spottedclaw gave out another terrifying yowl, The massive wolf then said, “Look apprentice you got to help me and your not helping just standing there,” He looked Silverpaw in the eye, “Can you go get some large blue flowers and some water, pick the flowers and soak them in water! NOW GO!” Silverpaw dashed of into the woods, realizing his mentor was having pups and there was no time to waste.
Silverpaw heard the sound of rushing water and turned to see a river flowing along side the banks on the camp. Silverpaw looked around until he saw a single blue flower blowing in the breeze. Silverpaw swam across the river out of EarthClan territory to get it, once he was there he picked the flower and soaked it in water. Silverpaw then dashed into the woods to where he had come from, Spottedclaws side. Silverpaw came bursting through the bushes, the massive wolf raised hi head and looked straight at Silverpaw dropping the flower at his paws. Spottedclaw was curled up on the grass looking at something next to her stomach. Silverpaw walked over with suspician to see what Spottedclaw was looking at, and in a tight bundle lied one little pup lieing down drinking milk from its mother’s belly. Silverpaw looked in amazment, “She’s beautiful…” barked Spottedclaw looking at her pup. Then the massive wolf walked over and touched noses with his wife then licking his daughters head gently, Spottedclaw then started to lick her pup with long gentle strokes in an attemp to get the blood of her. Silverpaw then realized the pups fur was white like snow and had small grey stripes along her back, Silverpaw was still staring when the massive wolf walked in front of Silverpaw. “Thank you for your help apprentice,” he announced, “Silverpaw.” The wolf looked at Silverpaw, “Thank you, Silverpaw, for all your help,” Silverpaw looked at his mentor then back to the massive wolf. The wolf looked at Silverpaw then flung something at him, a squirrel! Silverpaw picked up the squirrel then headed back into the woods leaving Spottedclaws new family to rest. On the way back to the camp Silverpaw thought to himself about how great of a day it was and was rewarded with something he needed! At the camp entrence Ivypaw appeared rushing out of the bushes with a squirrel dangling between his jaws, Ivypaw and Silverpaw both set there in front of Fireclaw as he rewarded by saying, “You may eat your cetch, you deserved it.”
Ivypaw and Silverpaw where both enthusiastic about eating there cetch because of the long day. So Ivypaw and Silverpaw both picked up there cetch and headed into the apprentice den, laying down in there nest’s when Chromepaw and leafpaw came walking in arguing at eachother. “I caught more food then you!” barked Chromepaw, “And im the better hunter!” Leafpaw then barked, “You wish you oversized squirrel!” Chromepaw left out a long sigh knowing that there was no point in trying to argue anymore so he layed down in his nest and quickely fell asleep. Then leafpaw layed down and looked at the two apprentices staring at her. “What?” she asked as she curled up in her nest, “Havent you to seen someone argue before?” Silverpaw and Ivypaw looked at eachother sharing confusing looks. Then Ivypaw curled up next to Silverpaw and fell into a deep sleep, Silverpaw soon followed Ivypaw into a deep sleep too.

Silverpaw woke to smell of smoke racing through his lungs. Coughing wildly he raced over and woke Ivypaw. “Fire!” Silverpaw srceamed as Ivypaw lifted his head still half asleep, but Ivypaw’s sleepyness quickly went away as he to smelled the smoke, “Quick! Wake everyone up!” ordered Ivypaw. Silverpaw raced out of the den towards the leader den where Alphamoon and his pregnant wife where sleeping. “Alphamoon!” cried Silverpaw, “Fire!” Alphamoon raced his head to sniff the air and quickly got up, waking his wife up too. “Silverpaw, go wake up the Mothers!” Silverpaw knodded and raced over to the mother’s den, he could smell the fresh scent of warm milk as he entered, “Wake up! Fire!” He screamed, waking up the mothers and there pups, “Get out of here!” The mothers didn’t question Silverpaw and raced out holding there pup in there jaws. Silverpaw met Ivypaw in the middle of the camp and watched as his Clan mates raced out of the camp, Silverpaw could see clear now, the alpha’s den had caught on fire and only four alpha’s made it out.

Ivypaw and Silverpaw qiuckly got out following the last of the other wolves. Then a mother’s cry came from across the sleepy pack, “Wheres my son? Smallpup!” Silverpaw and Ivypaw raised there heads and looked into the fire reaching hirer then the tree’s. He then stared at a small white pup scrambling across the clearing of the camp screaming for its mother. Ivypaw looked at Silverpaw, Silverpaw then looked forward and dashed towards the little pup with Ivypaw following. Right when Silverpaw leaped into the fire he heard a familiar voice, “No!” it was Spottedclaw! But Silverpaw just heard the voice and didn’t pay any attention to turn around. He had his eyes fixed on the pup lost in oblivion. Silverpaw leaped out of the fire grabbing Smallpup with his jaws landing on his back so the pup wouldn’t be hert. Silverpaw then saw the exit, with Spottedclaw, Ivypaw and Frostflower looking with large round eyes right at Silverpaw. Silverpaw then dashed through the flames protecting Smallpup the whole time.

Silverpaw leaped out of the flames skidding to a stop next to Spottedclaw. Frostflower grabed Small pup and licked his head, “Thank you, Silverpaw” she barked looking straight into his eyes. The she-wolf then walked away to Fireclaw where they both sat down licking there pup. Silverpaw fell onto his side, saying he felt sick, Ivypaw looked at him with huge eyes, but not at his face but his side. Silverpaw closed his eye, breathing slowly.

Silverpaw woke the next day but in a weird den, not his den. He lifted his but was pushed back down by a soft but firm paw, “You need to rest,” a voice barked, “Your side was badly burnt.” Then a she-wolf appeared looking into Silverpaw’s eyes, “You woke be in apprentice training for a while, Silverpaw,” said the wolf. Silverpaw lifted his head, “But!” he was met by the she-wolfs paw again forcing him to stay down. Then Silverpaw felt tired again and slowly fell asleep.

Silverpaw woke up in his nest, he looked around then walked over to where sun rays where shining through a hole in the wall, Silverpaw layed down not taking his eye of the huge burnt gash on his side. Silverpaw went to lick it when Morningstripe, the medicine wolf, walked in, “I wouldn’t do that, it will hurt more,”Silverpaw then lowered his head to the hard earth. “How long till I get to train?” Silverpaw asked, “Never…” she replied. Silverpaw looked at the medicine wolf, “What!” barked Silverpaw, “I’m going to stay a apprentice forever?” Silverpaw stared at Morningstripe. “That’s not what I ment….here ill show you,” Morningstripe led Silverpaw out of the den into the clearing where all the clan wolves were sitting in front of Alphamoon. Silverpaw sat down next to Ivypaw near the front of the crowd, “Ah, now that we are all here, lets begin,” Alphamoon announced, “Ivypaw and Silverpaw, step forward.” Silverpaw and Ivypaw both stepped forward towards Alphamoon.

“Good,” barked Alphamoon, “Silverpaw and Ivypaw, you have showed this clan great courage, in a time of sadness, and have the honor of rescuing a young pup.” Ivypaws eyes widend. “And it is my honor to welcome you into our clan, not as apprentice’s, but as Alphas,” Alphamoon glared at the apprentices, “Silverpaw and Ivypaw, do you accept to follow our code and protect our clan?” Both knodded at there leader, “Well then, by the power givin to me as leader of EarthClan I am proud to annouce Ivypaw as Ivyclaw, and Silverpaw as Silverclaw, Congradulations.” Ivyclaw looked at Silverclaw, “Can you believe it?” he barked, “We are Alpha’s now!” Silverclaw knodded at his friend, “Yes,” Silverclaw annouced, “We are Alpha’s.”

It had been five full moons since Silverclaw and Ivyclaw became Alphas, since then they had protected the clan with all there heart and spirit. But winter was coming and, “Winter is a season for death,” As Spottedclaw would say.

Silverclaw looked around, nothing. Silverclaw then sniffed the air, still nothing. “Ivyclaw,” Silverclaw barked, “Where are you?” Silverclaw then saw a black figure move through the trees, “Ivyclaw!!” Silverclaw raced towards his friend, “Where were you?” Ivypaw looked at his paws then barked, “Oh, no where…” Silverclaw looked at his friend, “Your hiding something.” Ivypaw looked at his friend with soft eyes, “No I am not!” then raced towards the camp.

Silverclaw watched as Ivyclaw sprinted into the Alpha den. Silverclaw watched then followed Ivyclaw into the den, where all the other Alpha’s were already sleeping. “Ivyclaw?” Silverclaw asked his motionless friend. Ivyclaw didn’t answer, instead turned away from Silverclaw. Silverclaw then layed down next to his friend, looking out the entrence of the camp, then shortly after falling into a deep sleep.

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