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The Curse of Judy G.

December 13, 2010
By BeatrisA SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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BeatrisA SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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This is an introduction where Joanne the main character and narrator describes all the four J's including herself.

Hello, my name is Joanne Johnson. I’m the leader of the four J’s of Miami High School; the four J’s are just a group we all made on our free time. The group includes Jessica, Jennifer, Jeannel and of course mwah (Me). Jessica is the drama queen of the group, her favorite color is green and she loves to PART-AYY! Ha-ha, while Jennifer on the other hand is quieter then Jessica is. Jennifer is the tall one of the group and knows how to become very feisty when she needs to. She’s my doll faced wonder, and I adore her to death as I adore the other two girls. Jeannel is a weirdo and sometimes can be a pain in the neck when she wants to. She’s the chick that makes me laugh until I need a change of underwear. Jeannel and I have our struggles with each other but we still love each other until the world shall end to pieces. She’s my cupcake. I on the other hand am different from the rest of the girls. I have my own experiences on life and always am myself. I may look like a total brat but don’t let that fool you because I’m sweet and innocent once you know me a little more.

It was 7th period, social studies. Ms.Morrone the pushover was substituting again…

“Settle down class” Ms. Morrone called out as no one listened. You see Ms.Morrone is a pushover and whenever she substitutes it’s a signal for everyone not to listen and but socialize. Ms.Morrone had this vibrant brown curly hair and teeth whiter then a crayon. She always wore bright colors representing her mood and loved to smile, even though she was so gorgeous it was sad to know nobody ever listened to her.

Then, as Ms.Morrone had gotten tired of waiting for everybody’s attention she finally screamed out. “AYOO CLASS, BE QUIET!”

Then almost like magic all eyes were on her and only her. Ms.Morrone begun to speak and as soon as the word Halloween left her mouth the class was yelling and cheering once more.

“LISTEN UP!” she screamed out and continued on what she was saying. “As I was saying Halloween is coming up which means it will fulfill two years as Judy Gaby died. She was an innocent girl and our star cheerleader, but nobody knows what caused her death. I just want you all to be prepared this Halloween and please do NOT do anything stupid as calling out for Judy’s spirit” Ms.Morrone told the class in a tone that made it seem like she was telling you to be stupid and call out for her.

As she finished speaking and the class grew louder then ever she vanished into thin air. Nobody really bothered to care as you could see they continued to blabber about their conversations. In any class no matter the situation I would always be the one to listen to the teacher. In this case as the teacher had been gone I just lay my head down on the desk and waited for someone to call my name.

“JOANNE!” someone screamed out behind me, I looked back and no one was to be seen calling me.

“JOANNE!” I heard someone screaming out again but this time when I looked back I saw exactly who it was. It was Jennifer Martinez.

I got out of my seat and walked toward her; as soon as I got to her she looked at me and started to open her mouth.

“Girl what are we going to do this Halloween, I’m free all day and still don’t got any plans.” Jennifer spoke with a whine.

I looked at her and answered with a smirk “Hmm, why don’t we have a slumber party at my place? My dad just got me a new odyssey game and we could call out for Judy G. oooooh.”

As soon as I finished I could see by the look on Jennifer’s face that she was about to signal the Jessica and Jeannel. She took out purple Blackberry out of her desk and texted Jessica; the text read “YO Jessica get yourself and Jeannel’s self over here pronto.” In a moment of seconds, you would see Jessica and Jeannel standing right beside Jennifer and me trying to catch their breaths.

“Took you long enough” Jennifer spoke with a girl.

“You wanted us to come so what is the situation?” Jessica asked with a slight illness of tone in her voice.

“Joanne had thought of a great idea on what we could plan to do this Halloween. We could have a SLEEPOVER, and play her new odyssey game to reveal the mysteries on Judy G.’s death. *DUN THUN THUUUN* Jennifer told the girls and winked at them as if they planned something mysterious themselves.

Jessica and Jeannel looked at each other then back at us and said “sounds like a plan, let’s go for it.”

“Great, now we got to plan it all out. Figure out the time and such” Jeannel spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“Umm, well we could have an all-nighter. Last one to fall asleep get’s murdered by the ghost of Judy G. AHH” I said with a snicker.

“Very funny Joanne, but alright then we meet up at Joanne’s house at 6 on Halloween night? Comprendo” Jessica replied.

I my phone out of my bag and checked the time to make sure the bell wasn’t about to ring and as I did someone grabbed me by the shoulder.

“Joanne, come here I need you” a mysterious voice spoke out to me.

I looked back and saw that the mysterious voice was none other then Sid the math genious of the school. Sid and I were close friends in grade school, he helped me in math and I helped him in social studies but we barely spoke so it was odd of him to need me all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Sid as I got him to let go of my shoulder.

“No it’s not a big deal. I, uh, just, uh, needed, hmm.” Sid stuttered.

I looked at my phone and saw that the bell would ring in exactly five minutes and I had to go talk to the girls before it did.

“Listen Sid I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I got to go, sorry” I spoke innocently.

As I walked towards the girls I saw that they were huddled up which worried me.

“Hey girls” I said joyfully.

Suddenly as soon as they heard my voice Jessica, Jennifer and Jeannel sat down on the chairs as if nothing had went on while I was away.

“Hey” all three girls answered back cautiously.

As I was going to say something else the bell rang for 8th period.

“Bye Joanne, see you after school” Jennifer told me as her and the rest of the girls separated to their next classes. Mine was study hall, how fun.

When school had been over Jeannel, Jessica, and Jennifer walked over to my house to discuss more about Judy G. As soon as we got to my house my mom came out with my little brother Ricky.

“Hi Mrs. Johnson” all three girls said at once.

“Hello girls are you all here for my delicious cookies?” my mom asked the girls as they walked in the house and hung their jackets on the hangers.

“Mmm, cookies” Jennifer exclaimed with hunger.

“Help yourself to whatever you can swallow” my mom replied as she handed a plate full of chocolate chip cookies to me.

“Mom, we are going to go upstairs and discuss about the sleepover that I’m hopefully allowed to have Halloween night?” I asked my mom suspiciously.

“Sure honey, no one will be home so it’s a perfect night to have friends over” my mom replied back with a kiss.

As I finished speaking with my mom Jeannel screamed out, “Let’s go and research Judy G. before time runs out”

“Guys I’ll meet you guys in ten minutes I got to um… use the bathroom” Jennifer screamed out to us in a hesitant tone.

Then I noticed both Jessica and Jeannel giving a glance out to Jennifer as she began to ‘run to the bathroom.’ As I was about to run upstairs I noticed that the girls had already beat me there so I ran in my room and locked the door behind me.

As I walked towards my bed I heard footsteps approaching my room. I looked at the girls and asked them if they heard that, they just looked at me like I was crazy and smiled at each other. Then before I knew it the footsteps seized and I got my mind focused on reality.

Jeannel fell to the ground and began to shiver uncontrollably which caused me to worry. Jessica walked over to Jeannel.

“What’s wrong sugar?” Jessica whispered to Jeannel as she wrapped her arms around her, trying to keep her warm.

“Is it just me or is it cold in here?” Jeannel asked trying to maintain warmth from Jessica’s hug.

As soon as she said that I ran to the thermostat and checked the temperature. 43 degrees Fahrenheit is what it read.

“That’s funny” I said nervously speaking to myself.

I quickly began to run to my room as I remembered the strange hearing of footsteps coming towards my room, and that the thermostat was right beside my door. While running I stumbled over Ricky’s skateboard and fell to my knees. I quickly got up and as I approached my door I looked in the hall mirror to see a mysterious figure standing behind me.

It was a girl with curly brown hair containing several color ribbons attached to her hair, wearing my school’s cheerleading outfit. She looked to wear something similar as what Judy wore last time she was seen at the Fall Football game. Then I noticed something that almost looked like tears forming in her eyes but they weren’t tears, in fact it was blood forming.

“Judy G.” I whispered cautiously.

I quickly closed my eyes and looked at the mirror remembering the good times the four J’s had with Judy before her death. The laughs we shared, the people we met, but it’s all behind us now because from there on I knew I had to run. I quickly opened the door of my room and walked in as nothing happened in the hall. I noticed that Jennifer was back in the room with the rest of the girls. I walked towards the window smiling at everyone trying not to cause any attention.

“Joanne, where’s the laptop?” Jeannel asked.

I noticed she wasn’t cold anymore which made me very suspicious.

“Umm, it’s under the bed” I answered back.

“Alright thank you sweetie” she replied with a smile.

Jeannel reached under the bed and retrieved the laptop. She quickly opened it up and searched up Mysteries of Judy G.’s Death on GOOGLE and found one website which read; Judy G. was a young student at Miami High School located in NYC when something mysterious happened to her. She died but nobody knows the whereabouts on her death or what caused it. Judy G. may be dead but some people say that her spirit is strong enough to come to the real world, but be cautious when you try doing that because she can kill you. Once she comes out the only way she can be put back to her grave is when she does what she meant to do for two years. Nothing and no one may stop her, don’t mess up her plan or else you will be the one to suffer for it as well.

“So should we continue on with the plan?” asked Jeannel

“Sure, why not. We just got to be very careful about it and not mess with her plan.” I spoke in a confident tone.

“As soon as we bring her out we leave her that’s the plan. Alright” Jessica told us.

“What time is it Joanne?” Jennifer asked me as she got up to see the time on the laptop.

“Its 6:46” I answered back.

“Wow, time goes by quick don’t it?” Jennifer replied back as she walked over to the door.

“Well, time for us to get home” Jessica spoke as she signaled with her eyes for the girls to get ready and leave.

“Hmm” I thought to myself “Something very fishy is going on, and I don’t like it.” “Well let me walk you guys to the corner alright?” I asked the girls.

“Sure” they each replied back with a grin.

As we left the room I heard the sound of something falling, I quickly ran into the room and scanned it. Nothing was changed, or touched.

“How strange” I whispered scarcely to myself.

I ran down the stairs and as I was about to leave my mom said that she was going to leave for a couple of hours for a meeting at the toy store and to not forget the keys.

“Yeah, yeah, mom I won’t get locked out like last time. Ricky will make sure of it, NOW WON’T YOU RICKY?” I screamed out towards his room.

There was no answer so I just ran out of the house and followed the girls to the corner of the block.

“Bye sexy sisters!” I said in a singing song voice.

“Bye love” Jessica answered back with a hug.

“Bye baby” Jennifer and Jeannel both answered as they each gave me a great big bear hug.

As I began to run past all the Halloween decorated houses I felt a chill in my heart and began to sneeze.
“Creepy” I said as I remembered that article I read last week on ghosts and how when you sneeze that means there’s a spirit near.
As I began to run home I felt something chasing me and whispering to me; Jeannel shall die, don’t mess with the balance of what shall happen. After that I begun to remember that when you reveal Judy G. not to mess up with her path on what she came to do or you will suffer as well.
“It’s JEANNEL!” I thought out loud.
As I reached my house I begun to look for my keys and remembered that I left them in the house. I didn’t know what to do but, then I noticed that the voice had gotten louder this time and more fierce which caused my heart to beat quicker and quicker with fear. I begun to bang on the door and scream for someone to open up. I started to tear and fell to the floor until hoping that I wouldn’t die out here in the cold. Then like a miracle Ricky finally opened the door. I ran to hug him tight but he had already left to his room.
“What a jerk-a-holic” I said to myself.
I ran up the stairs towards my room then as I reached the last step I felt sleepy and dizzy so once I got to my room I fell fast asleep on my bed with my school clothes on. I hoped I wouldn’t dream about Judy G. or be awoken by any mysterious noises. My hope ended up biting me in the butt since I was awoken in the middle of the night by a mysterious sound coming from the bathroom.

They were footsteps coming toward me it sounded as an S.O.S; I quickly got up and ran to Ricky’s room. As I collided in with the cabinets in the hall I somehow managed to not have one scratch on my body. As I approached Ricky’s room I tip-toed to his bed which was on the other side of the room. I sat down beside his bed and begun to push him awake.
“Ricky, wake up! Wake up!” I yelled but he wouldn’t wake up so I had an urge to just fall asleep on the floor until morning would arrive. I slept nice and peacefully until I felt a pull.

I woke up and saw that I was being pulled down the stairs by Jessica. I didn’t want to get hurt by the stairs so I screamed out “JESSICA!” She looked at me and I could tell just by the look on her face that something was wrong. She suddenly stopped pulling; I got up and walked her downstairs to the living room couch. I looked at her and asked her and asked her what was wrong.
She looked down on the floor and replied “it’s Jeannel, she almost died yesterday night” as she finished I could see that tears were forming in her eyes about to burst.
I grabbed her hands and hugged her.
“It’s alright” I said to her as I reached for a tissue to wipe her tears away.
“Well listen is she alright? What and how did it all happen?” I asked with curiosity.
She looked down on the floor and answered back trying to control herself from crying even harder, “Sh-h-h-e-e-e was walking home with me last night to pick up her jacket that she left at my house and as we were walking home something was walking behind us but we looked and there was nothing there. Then out of nowhere there was a big gush of wind that pushed her to the ground and her hair was caught in the fence so she almost got her head chopped off of her body, I don’t know how it happened but before it did she said she heard someone saying Jeannel, Jeannel, Soon I will be free and soon you will be gone from this world, prepare!”
“OMG” I said as I remembered I heard a voice telling me Jeannel will die.
I explained to Jessica about the freak moment I had last night when all three girls left and she looked at me with a blank expression on her face.

“What does this mean?” I said.

“It means Judy G. is after our precious Jeannel Brown” Jessica answered.
“Well is she going to still come to my slumber party?” I asked.
“Yeah, the doctor’s say she wasn’t badly injured she’s coming out tomorrow so we can still have the party.” Jessica answered back.
“That’s good news” I said
“Alright I got to head out home and get some sleep, good morning sweet thang” Jessica said with a wink.
“Bye doll face” I replied with a smooch.

Once Jessica left it felt the day went by quicker then normal. It was ordinary too; nothing new went on but having the thought of Judy G. went through my mind all day long. I couldn’t understand what Judy G. wanted from Jeannel. Why Jeannel? It was all a blur on how and why.

Then it hit me, Jeannel was the closest blood relative of Judy G. I remembered her family tree which she did in third grade that had Judy G listed as her cousin. I grabbed the phone off the line and quickly dialed Jessica’s number.

“Hello?” Jessica said with a groan.
“Jess, call Jennifer we got to talk it’s an S.O.S.” I said with a terrified sound in my voice.
“Alright, hold up though” she answered back sounding more interested then before.
“Heeeeey my amazing J girls, what’s popping?” Jennifer answered the phone sounding as if she was drunk off something.
“Jennifer, Jessica alright I got some news to tell you guys” I said with a serious tone. Listen I’ve just realized what Judy G. wants from our precious Jeannel, Jeannel is the only closest blood relative of Judy G, which means she will probably come to this world to kill her. Also since we are Jeannel’s friends we are interfering with Judy’s plan and she is going to make us suffer in the process. So tomorrow we got to be careful that Judy G. won’t kill Jeannel, or else we will pay for that, okay you guys?”
There was no answer it sounded as if both girls were dead on me so it caused me to scream “AHHHHHHH!”
At once the both girls replied back “OKAY!”
“Alright then tomorrow we meet at 6 and if anything goes on with Judy G. we grab Jeannel, put her in a body bag and send her off to the grave. Jessica bring your cross necklace so we can get rid of Judy G.’s spirit once and for all alright?” I asked.
“Okay sweetie, good night sisters from other misters” Jessica told me and Jennifer.
“Good night girls” Jennifer replied back.
“Love you all” I answered back as soon as Jessica hung up.

As I hung up the phone, I felt like passing out there on the floor from the sleepiness of the day. I crawled up the stairs and to my bed, grabbed my blanket and fell asleep. What a surprise that the time was 6:00 a.m when I fell asleep. *DINGG DINGG* my alarm clock had the most annoying noise ever which caused me to grab my baseball bat and hit my own head instead of the alarm clock itself.
Man did I feel dumb; with a bruised head I got up and saw that my room was a mess. “Funny” I said because I remembered that before going to bed my room was clean. I looked around to see if anyone was there but nothing was to be seen but a bunch of clothes on the floor. Hold up, there on the wall read “JEANNEL WILL DIE. YOU WILL NOT WIN!” I looked to my left and saw that the odyssey game was all torn up. “Great no way to play the game now” I said with a groan. I got up and took my laptop from under my bed. I opened the laptop and as soon as it turned on I searched up Family Tree of the Brown family. Out of my surprise I found her. Judy Gaby Harris was in fact Jeannel’s cousin. I knew it was true.
“Jeannel is in danger” I whispered scarcely.

I got out of my warm fuzzy pink bed and walked to my slippers. I put my baby pink slippers on and ran downstairs to the kitchen to make sure all the food for the party was there. Luckily the chips, the dip, drinks and candy out were in the cupboards nice and safe.

“PARTY” I screamed, and walked over to get some breakfast.

I made myself egg and bacon with toasted break and orange juice.

“MMM” I spoke with a delighted tone.

As I finished my meal I ran upstairs and remembered that the odyssey game was needed to be fixed. I walked to my desk, got the tape and sat on the floor to where the odyssey game was lying. I cut up three big pieces of tape and began taping up the game. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was home alone.

“Home alone on a Halloween day and night, what a surprise” I groaned.

With nothing to do being home alone I walked over to my bed and sat down thinking of an idea.

“TV!” I yelled.

I leaned forward to get my remote and watched TV until 6 p.m. finally arrived. I got up from my bed and ran downstairs to wait for the girl’s arrival. *DIIIINGGG DONNGGG*

“Coming” I yelled out as I ran to get the door.
As I opened the door I was attacked by hugs from my 3 favorite girls in the whole world.

“JEANNEL, JESSICA, JENNIFER!” I yelled as I hugged them all
“JOANNE HUNNY!” the three girls replied back as they walked in the house hanging there designer jackets on the hangers and throwing their sleeping bags on the couch.

“Alright guys well girls let’s start the party!” Jessica yelled out.

“We got the whole house to ourselves until 6 a.m” I told the girls with excitement.

I didn’t tell them anything about what happened this morning; the good thing was that my odyssey game wasn’t badly ruined and easy to fix.
“Let’s start with the odyssey game then on to the makeup and pillow fights” Jeannel said.

“Sure” I answered back, as begun to walk upstairs and retrieve the game.

The game was lying on the floor as where I last left it; I kneeled down to grab it and walked out of my room. On my way back I felt a breeze, I quickly ran downstairs and opened the game.

“Alright, who’s the bravest one to go first?” I asked.

“Jessica!” Jennifer and Jeannel replied.

“Alright so Jessica you begin, ask Judy G. how she died” I said.
“This is all a lie it won’t work” Jessica answered.

“Let’s all try it out then. Hey who knows, maybe it will work.” Jeannel begged.
“Alright, alright I will” Jessica said with a grin.

Jessica set up the board and got the eye out of the box. We all placed one finger on the center of the eye and Jessica begun the game.

“Judy G. if you hear me bring me a sign” Jessica asked.

There was no sign, no nothing. We waited and waited and waited; 15 minutes passed and still nothing. We all began to think that it was all a joke so we started to laugh. Jeannel got up and got her stereo out of her bag turned it on and the party began.

“PUMP UP THE PARTY NOW!” she yelled out.

We all jumped on our feet and started to dance our hearts out. The fun didn’t exactly last long, after a while of dancing and having fun the lights went out. All girls screamed and quickly huddled up on the couch, and then an eerie noise filled the room.

“What is that? Are we going to die?” various questions filled the girls brains as they all whispered simultaneously.

“Girls, girls relax I’m sure the power will go back on soon” I said trying to calm the girls down.

As I suspected the power went back on and there was a shadow in the window.

“AHHH!” Jeannel screamed out.

“JEANNEL!” all girls screamed as they saw that Jeannel was nowhere to be seen.

“Jeannel is no longer here, her spirit is no longer alive” a strange voice spoke out of nowhere.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Isn’t it obvious Joanne? It’s Judy Gaby little one, I’ve come to relive my past” Judy G. answered back.

“Where is she?” all girls asked at once.

“Look girls we got to find her before she is gone forever” Jennifer answered.

As I was about to say something the lights went out and there was another scream for help. As the lights went back on both Jennifer and Jessica were gone.

“Jennifer? Jessica? Where are you guys?” I spoke as began to hear noises and a strange chill filled my heart once more.

“Guys, don’t play with me I’m getting scared here” I said with a frightened sound in my voice.

I looked out the window but no one was there, all I could see was rain and lighting, I could only hear thunder. As I sat down on the floor I heard static and the light bulb went out, I began to cry and looked down on the floor. As the lightning was going on I saw a shadow of someone. The figure had looked just the like the one I saw in the mirror the other day; I looked up at the window and saw a girl about 16 years of age with blood coming out not from her eyes but her mouth. She looked almost like Judy G the last day she was seen. The girl was coming closer, I quickly ran to the kitchen and out the sliding doors.


I looked to my left and saw the girl coming closer; she was carrying a knife in one hand and a pom-pom in the other.

“God where did she come from” I ran inside soaking wet crying harder then ever and finally I couldn’t stand it anymore I got to my knees and crawled under the living room couch. As I got closer I heard footsteps rushing to the house, coming closer and closer. I peeked out and saw her coming closer. I quickly hurried under the couch and Judy was coming. She kneeled down and pulled out her arm trying to grab me and get me out, I kept crawling farther under the couch but it was no use, I had no more room to crawl to.

“No, please, no!” I squealed helplessly.

I closed my eyes and wished it all to be a dream, I opened my eyes but it was all very much real.


The lights randomly flickered back on and all I could hear was the voices of my three best friends saying “Joanne, honey where are you?”
Then I heard them laughing saying “Baby it was all a joke, Jeannel is alright.”

I got out from under the couch and kept repeating the same words “She will be back, she will be back, and she will be back.”

The girls didn’t know what to do with me so they called my mom. As soon my mom arrived home nothing changed. Nobody knew what was wrong or what to do with me. Until the very next day I was sent to a Rehab center, I was in shock of the whole incident that it caused my brain to go blurry. They say it was a joke but I know what I saw and what I saw was absolutely no joke. It was very much real and terrifying. They thought that I gone nuts but it didn’t end there.

The night after the incident I saw Judy G. sitting on my chair whispering to me in my sleep “Jeannel will be dead.”

The next day Jeannel died. Nobody knows how but I do, nobody believes me. I don’t care it’s there loss, all that I know is Judy G. is not gone for good. She’s still there…

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