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As The Blood Drips

December 21, 2010
By BaileyB PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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BaileyB PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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As The Blood Drips By: Bailey B. My name is Brittany Rebecca Spencer, I am now 18 years old and this is my story. The car came to a silent stop on the side of the dirt road, my breathing feels heavy and everyone is silent. If someone made a sound you could scare them away. My heart was thumping hard in my chest and it was racing. All you can hear is the Elk Calling, funnest and an exhilarating experience. As we listen quietly you could only hear faint noises. We got back in the car because the elk were not close enough to hear the calls, we drove for a couple minutes and tried again still nothing. You have to go on the right day, but on the bright-side there were many of porcupines to go take a towel and get some quills from the strange animals that waddle around by the road. We got many quills and kept looking for more there were a lot of porcupines but not too many. We would drive on the dirt road looking for as many of them as we could find, then as we were driving along we looked beyond the barbed wire fence, we saw something move and we found it was a baby deer. “Hey Skye, look at the deer, wait is it gonna try and jump???” I said to Skye who was sitting right next to me. We kept an eye on the deer as it thought of what to do. “Where is it’s mom?” asked my dad, right when he said that and we looked back up the deer jumped and got stuck in the fence I was the only one who thought it wasn’t funny, I thought it was sad, painful, and I just wanted to help the baby find it’s way to the mom across the road. It finally untangled itself from the fence and made its way far away from the fence. Then my dad continued to drive along the road not expecting to find anything at the Mormon Flats campsite, but we went anyway just to see if anyone was at the popular site. We were pulling up and we all had our fixed on a white fixture in the distance. As we pulled closer we kept our eyes on the big white, well what looked like 4th of July float. The thing in the distance got closer and closer as we pulled up next yo it we found it was a car, wait not a car a float! It was the shape of a quiet little bunny rabbit! We were in awe as the we saw the little banner at the top, it said a phone number: 1-800-444-KIDS. That was the weirdest thing of all time! As we pulled into a parking spot we looked ahead at the camp ground. We looked in awe at the abandoned campground, we saw something moving by the tent. it turned out there was a skunk eating the food by the tent. We were with the parents, but they were to wimpy to go check out the scene. Andrew and I were both anxious to get out of the car. “Come on Skye! What’s the worst thing that can happen?” She agreed that nothing honestly that bad can happen at Mormon Flats. All the kids got out of the car and that parents stayed in it. We walk up to the camp site not knowing what we are stepping on because the light from the car was so dim, we knew this place was abandoned. We finally get closer to the camp site to know that the fire was very dim only lit by the hot coals, too warm though. We look on the ground and there are hundreds of branches for the fire and the tent, the tent, what to say about the tent. It was torn to shreds. We try to investigate the tent, but we try not to get close to the rabid animal scavenging for the food from the rejected from the people, who seem to be no where in sight! The day is gone we are following a path of darkness only lit by the faint light from a cellular device, which is quite faint. We walk silently and quietly, trying not to get noticed by any huge animals out for the hunt, especially this late at night. We try not to step on any branches to scare anyone else but you know it would be fun...... We look on the table to see bottles and bottles of alcohol on the tables. As we got closer to the faint coals we hear the thumping of our hearts as they seem to pound through our chests. We get closer and closer to what used to be the tent. We finally get to the torn apart tent, to find nothing. We hear something across the river, over the bridge. We run back to the car to grab the last flashlight that we could find. We are such B.A. teens that we go to investigate the scene. We run across the bridge, slowly encounter the deep woods. I hear a scream from up ahead it was the youngest of everyone, little amanda she’s only 7 years old not knowing what to find. I sprint to her side, to find what might have scared her so badly. As I gaze down in front of her, we both feel short of breath and our eyes grow wider. “Jake! Go back to the car and tell the parents to go get help! Tell them to get the police and we will be fine! Skye and I will take care of everyone!” He ran back as fast as he could, which is pretty fast.... He’s a football player.... (YUM)Anyways, what we find you would think you would ever find at a place called Mormon Flats. The women lying on the ground trying to get up and run, but it’s already too late she has blood pouring out of her body. With her last breaths she whispers a faint message that you can barely hear... When it finally goes through my mind, I know what she says as her eyes suddenly just stare at the blank sky, she was gone. “What did she say?” Said Jake, it kind of sounded like he was scare. Who would think my big bad boyfriend..... Scared But then again, I was too. “Run.” The simple but gravely sound poured from my mouth. “That’s what she said” As I stood there in shock, Jake came back. I turned to him with tears running down my face knowing something bad was coming. It looked like I was wrong by saying ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen?’ Man do I feel stupid. I look at the people I didn’t want anything to happen to all around me. This was the one place we all got together with all the good times. Singing to the guitar around the camp flickering fire, scary stories, and the night of everything I ever wanted. But this night is the worst! We are sitting here in the middle of the beautiful meadow, looking down at the beautiful, Mid 20’s, dead body that lay in front of us on the cold barren ground. We are waiting for the worst, for the people, no not people, the monsters who did this to her to come out from the deep brush around us to come and slaughter us. Yeah, what an amazing night, Right? Just sitting here waiting to die a horrific death. All of a sudden we hear it, the worst is about to come. We look silently at the brush where the sound is coming from. I am holding onto Jake’s arm standing behind him with the tears going down my cheeks. They finally stop because I know it’s the time to be strong for Amanda, The dead woman on the ground, for everyone. I see the blood thirsty men, and women. There is at least five of them, I have no idea how this happened to the people I have loved, hated, then loved again. I waited as they finally got closer. Then I noticed how two of them left. They got in a car and sped away. That was the most confusing thing I have ever seen. In that moment I caught one of the woman’s eyes, she was gorgeous, but hideous at the same time. I was staying strong waiting but then in the deepness of night there was a gun shot in the distant. Across the meadow. It was the weirdest thing we looked and the monsters were..... Gone. We looked all around noticing this was the perfect time to get back to the camp. We sprinted, Jake had Amanda on his back and me hand in hand with him. Then there was Ethan who was Skye’s boyfriend, kind of just had her holding his hand and her being the brave one. I was so thankful for having Jake be there for me. I loved him and if this was our last night together I would be the saddest girl in the whole world, But then again I would be dead so.... As I thought about this being the last night i let go of his hand, fell to my knees and broke down. I couldn’t help it, this might be the last night we would ever have. We haven’t done so many things together. I needed him alive with me, with everyone. We finally got ahold of the situation and got back to the camp site. The fire was Blazing! It was full chaos, with me and Amanda crying, Skye being the man of the relationship, and Jake trying to find a way out of here. The parents left in the car, We were abandoned with the killers trying to find us. Right then we hear it a person walking on the dirt road behind us. I was hesitant to turn around to see my life come to an end. I finally turned to see a faint figure in the dark distance. It was the outline of a body. We couldn’t see as well as in the meadow because a cloud went in front of the full moon. Knowing you’re gonna die in the next 10 minutes is a pretty bad feeling I found out. Jake was standing in front of me trying to protect me from anything that came for us. The figure was slowly, but surely coming towards us. I was scared out of my mind and I’m pretty sure it’s coming to the end. The end of everything and everything I’ve ever known. Jake and I would never know what it was like to do everything that we wanted... We wanted all the same things.... We wanted to travel, see the world... I mean come on ROAD TRIP! Those are the best. But we would never be able to do that. Oh my god, what am I thinking! I can’t just give up on living! I have to keep fighting! Keep the dream alive! Wow. I am pretty inspiring.... Just thinking this I should have just said it out loud so I could make everyone feel strong, so they can keep fighting! I feel better knowing what i am trying to do, I’m not gonna hide behind him anymore. I am gonna fight with everyone here I am not gonna leave anyone here to die! The figure came closer, it didn’t seem to have anything to kill us with. But these days you never know it could be a vampire ;). As it came closer and closer it started to get clearer and clearer. We found that this was no monster this was our friend. “Oh my god! Meghan! What are you doing here?” It was our friend that lived in the neighborhood that we drove through to get here. “I saw you guys driving, I knew you would be coming here so I rode my bike all the way to the farm thats like a mile away then the tire popped... So I started walking.” She heaved through her mouth as she was painting. “Jeremy Ranch is about 4 and a half miles from here! You rode that whole way?” Skye said as Ethan still hid behind her. “Yeah! I am pretty satisfied with myself! What happened to you guys? It looks like you saw a ghost!” She laughed. “You shouldn’t have come. There are murderers here, we don’t know where they went, they hid.” I said as I sobbed. I looked back at Meghan to see her as white as the paper I write on. She was totally speechless and as scared as I was when I found out about this from the dead women. We were just standing there so I looked at the ground, looked back up and she was crying with one little drop sliding down her porcelain cheek. I comforted her with a hug, When I finally looked over her shoulder at what was behind her that made me jump and almost scream but no one would hear me. I jumped back with Meghan right behind me because i dragged her back everyone was standing there in shock. As white as ghosts. They floated right over to us. The killers. Meghan wasn’t breathing she was scared. They would whisper to each other as if they were making a plan. I looked at what they were wearing. The blood covered their graceful bodies as they seemed to fly over to us. We were hesitant to say anything back to the people, monsters, things. They were anything but people. We awaited a horrible death, waiting, waiting, waiting. I finally looked back up. They were no where, they were gone once again. I can’t take this anymore. I wanted to run, run as far as I can. All I wanted was to have never come here. We shouldn’t have come. All I can think about is nothing except for everything at once. Everything meant that all the little things started to pop in my head. All the little things started to matter. Like in that one movie.... what was it? Zombieland! That guy figured out to love the little things! Anyways, we decide we should probably try and get out of here. We start walking up the dirt road but then, out of no where, there was a wall of flames in front of us. The killers wouldn’t let us leave. They were smart. We turn around, there they are once again, waiting a knife in the person in front’s hand. I catch my breath, thinking how do they keep scaring me, I mean know whats gonna happen! But still, I shouldn’t keep jumping, I should just be prepared when they just pop up out of no where. I mean its like “Oh, hey there I’m just a killer with a knife trying to freak you out with my group of killers and my knife because I don’t feel like killing you yet, I’m just here to freak you out!” I laugh and everyone stares at me like a freak. I stop because this is no time for laughing even though it’s pretty funny. I try to put on a straight face biting my lip. I thought I should have said it out loud once again. But we looked up this time they were just walking over to us like real human beings. They walked over to me, probably because I was the one who laughed... I was like ‘Great..’ “What is so funny about us?” He had a husky, almost british voice. I stood there looking down. He was right next to me, whispering into my ear. I wouldn’t say anything to me because I was still in shock from them being so close. “ANSWER ME!” He yelled at me, I started to cry being so scared, I mean who wouldn’t? “I thought of something funny” I sobbed, everyone started to giggle, of course they did I’m just a kid! I stopped crying and looked at him with a look of hate. If looks could kill he would be dead. I thought hard about this because then I could kill all of them..... With my mind! How cool would that be? I thought about a lot of things at once but, this one was the most vibrant! He looked at me with a blinding white smile... He was kinda hot. I shook that off... ‘YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND BRITT!’ I thought to myself as I bit my lip again. I still hated this man. I wanted him to die, with his breathtaking good looks. I looked at my boyfriend, I think he knew what I was thinking. But he didn’t understand the hate I felt for this man. I looked back into his eyes as one of the women came up to him. She pulled him down to her size so she could whisper something into his ear. I glared at him the way he did to me after the man smiled at me. “What?” he whispered. I sighed at him and rolled my eyes. He knew we were jealous at each other. We would get over it in the next like five seconds. We were kinda ridiculous like that. That’s just how our relationship was. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I closed my eyes, waiting for everything to just go back. If anything happened I would never forgive myself. I opened my eyes to see everything, hopefully to see everything that has gone back to when we I told Skye there was nothing to be scared of. I wanted to protect little Amanda with my life. I didn’t want to lose her, she is just too young to be going through this. I looked to see if everyone was still her because the killers disappeared once again. I looked around noticing something was wrong. Someone was gone. Who was it though? It wasn’t Amanda, she was still holding my hand as tight as she could. It wasn’t Skye or Jake or Meghan. Who was gone? Ethan.... He wasn’t here, all of a sudden Skye went into a panic screaming his name. But there wouldn’t be an answer. He was probably gone by now, it’s been about ten minutes until he went missing and the killers left. Skye was crying, wanting him to come back alright. But we all knew what happened to him. I treated Amanda like any nice sister! I wanted everyone to be here, even Amanda knew what happened to Ethan we all knew each other since we were little! Well except Ethan he moved here like 2 months ago. Good place to move? I bet he was like thinking to himself how he wanted to go back to where ever he moved from. A couple hours passed since we got here not everyone is still here but most were. We waited a never-ending wait. We smelt death all around us. Waiting for the parents to come back with help, but they would have been back by now. I was probably the only one who thought about that now instead of Ethan. “I’m sick of waiting!” Yelled Skye, “Why don’t you just come and kill the rest of us like you were planning on doing the whole time!” “Stop Skye, I don’t want them to come back!” Amanda sobbed while Skye kept on screaming. “SKYE THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Just look you have all of us still. If you want to die and have Amanda be killed then keep screaming! But we don’t wanna die so if you want to go walk into the meadow, I bet they are there. So if you don’t want anymore of us to leave you stop!” I yelled at Skye, she finally stopped. While I was yelling at Skye, I looked back and didn’t find Amanda sitting on the log behind me. I started to feel a sudden shock in the pit of my stomach. I looked back at Meghan she had Amanda. Holding her while she silently wept into her lap. SHe just wanted to get out of here. I turn back to Skye, but she disappeared. I thought she wanted to stay here, well with us at least. I turn around in a complete circle, I look farther into the distance to find her in the arms of the killers trying to get away. I didn’t want to believe it so I closed my eyes for three seconds and opened again to find all of the killers and Skye gone. I sobbed quietly into my hands which now covered my face. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “They took her, they just took her.” I sobbed. “Who? Who did they take?” He looked around then two seconds later he knew. She was my best friend and now she’s gone. They were picking us off one by one. I looked at the scenery around me making sure they weren’t coming back for another one of us. They weren’t coming back just yet. But now there were only four of us, there used to be eight, now half of that. I lost myself in my thoughts thinking about everything. We had to make a plan to get out of here all together. I whispered to Jake, and we slowly but surely, we made a plan. We went back to the campsite. The skunk was gone it found everything it wanting. The smell here was hideous as we got closer to the tents. The ripped one had just enough of what we need. We got fabric, since we were all wearing jeans, except Amanda, we tied the fabric through each of the belt loops on each set of pants. I tied another full piece around my loops so i could tie it around Amanda’s little waist. I thought this was a way for us to stay together. We looked at each other and smiled. We were all gonna get out of here together. So we could tell our story. I was so happy! I looked over grabbed Jake and kissed him, he kissed me back. Amanda still thought boys were gross, so she shut her eyes and said ‘EW.’ We thought it was cute. We stopped after she said that, he left his arm around my waist. We waited for the next part of the plan that we made. If there was another part we all forgot it. We were all just to happy to remember. How were we gonna get out of here? All the questions started to go through my head once again. We looked where the fire wall was. We saw that it died out. Jake put Amanda on his back, and we just sprinted for the dirt road. We felt that this was the best idea we had all night. just sprint. We got to the top of the hill and felt pretty satisfied, because we were getting closer to the farm that had the other people on it. We ran until we saw them once again. They were here. “You thought you could get away from us?” He laughed. “You guys need some serious help.” Meghan said. That was the type of person she was. She was just a straight up type. She told the truth. To everyone, straight to their face. She didn’t care, she laughed. They laughed too, they probably knew that. I bet a ton of people have already told them that. I waited, we waited, they waited. “What do you want from us?” I finally said. “You know what we want?” The leader said smiling.... So hot... “I honestly really don’t” I said with a faint smile on my face. He knew I was stronger then him. Not in like muscles, but in my heart with what believed. He would never have love. “I want you, blood, answers.” He said simply licking his lips. No way was I gonna be with him, let him kill me. “You know you can get blood from a hospital, you can get answers from a professional, and you can never have me.” I said with a grin, I was speaking my truth. He laughed like he knew. I was waiting for him to say something back. He just turned around and walked away with his crew. We turned and started running back to the farm. He was faster though he caught hold of Meghan by the leg pulled her back which pulled us all back. Stupid idea. Now he had her by her hair holding her down. He started another fire behind him some how. He wanted us to see everything. But what did he expect us to do when he walked away? He was the smartest out of all of them. All of the monsters. The word gave me shivers. I hadn’t thought it in awhile. We didn’t want any of to be hurt or killed anymore. He cut the fabric from her belt. we fell to the ground next to her. She wasn’t crying, she was scared, but not crying. She knew what was going to happen to her. Here. She would take her last breath, her final look at the world, and her last words. Next, the worst came. I tucked Amanda’s face deep into my sweater so she wouldn’t be able to see. It was a cruel death that she didn’t deserve. I felt hate, wrath, rue. I wanted them to die a death uncalled for. I felt strong enough to fight back. I would never say that to them of course. “Why the hell would you kill people that don’t deserve it?” I asked trying to tame the rage I felt inside. “It is not that you ask why they don’t deserve it but why they do.” He said with a little smirk on his face. He came closer and closer. I knew Jake was upset, but not upset enough to punch him. He punched the man square in the jaw. “Jake!” I screamed, I knew what was coming next. I started to sob, trying to hold it back still holding Amanda in my arms. “You shouldn’t have done that, Jake.” He said with blood dripping from his lip. He grabbed Jake faster than I could blink. I flinched, Jake didn’t, I cried. “Jake! No please don’t!” I cried. “Britt, I love you.” His last words hit my harder than a bullet to the chest. I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried in my life. I never wanted anything like this to happen. “You are a monster! You don’t even get the privilege to be called a human. If you were, you wouldn’t have done that.” I screamed as the blood dripped from the knife, as the blood dripped from his lip, as the tears fell from my eyes. I knew I was next and then Amanda. I never wanted this. The bodies lay in front of his feet. Meghan looked peaceful but scared. Jake seemed to be angry and sad. I felt hate, wrath, rage. They would never see college, graduation, or even the police to come and pick this monster up. In a body bag. I wasn’t gonna let him get away with this he deserved to die. Die a horrible death, that only stories and rumors will come to. He deserves everything that is coming for him. Actually, he deserves worse. I wanted to kill him. Make him suffer the way that I am. Losing your friends is never easy to watch, to have going on in your life. Its like death eating you up from the inside out. Its a horrific feeling, especially to have you see them die right in front of you. No one should ever have to go through that. No one. End of story. This is cruel, torture, and what ever else you want to call it. I knew what I had to do, what was coming for me. Amanda was little and afraid. She nuzzled me, holding onto me like she didn’t want me to let go of her. I would never do that. I could never feel the things I do now. I can never wish anything on anybody like i wish upon the man smiling in front of me. Amanda. Me. The cult (I guess you can call it that since they are looking for blood.) We were the only ones left. Whenever the parents got back with help we would be alive but for now it doesn’t look like they are coming back. I just don’t want to admit it to myself. I wanted everything to rewind. Go back to before we even went elk calling. Go back to the happy. Turn the clocks back. We would all be alive. We could be doing something, I wouldn’t even care if it was illegal as long as we were all alive. But time travel isn’t real. Amanda and I will be the only ones to tell the story remember the night. Have nightmares. I open my eyes and notice that I was back in the Interrogation room. The flashback was so vivid. Now you know I lived. We lived. Amanda was in the other room, she’s 9 years old now. This day was the worst of my life. I’m 18 years old and I can take care of Amanda by myself now. “What happened next Ms. Spencer?” Asked the FBI agent. I tried to remember, since I tried to erase that night from my mind. “The man came after Amanda.” I stopped and took a deep breath it was hard to remember this horrible night. “I took the knife from him. I don’t even remember how fast my reflexes were. It was hard but I did. I got it. “I grabbed him by his hair and slashed him in the side, deep. So he could suffer like I did.” I tried to hold back the tears. I tried to start again and finish but they cut me off. “You should go to jail for man slaughter, but it was self defense. You didn’t know what to do.” He said. “I did worse to the rest of them I sliced and diced them. I killed them. I took Amanda’s hand and started walking but then the man, The leader, said something I don’t know exactly what he said but he laughed. We walked down the dirt road to the farm. We found the man and his wife dead and called you. We found our parents. They were killed to. But you know that. You probably saw their bodies.” I said holding back the tears and grinding my teeth, my jaw tightened. “How many of them were there?” He said in an almost understanding kind of way. Like he went through this before. “You know it was two years ago it’s hard to remember but there were six of them. I think.” I said with an almost positive voice. “Six? We found five of the ‘cults’ bodies. There were six? Are you positive?” He asked thinking I was unsure of myself. “There were six, I can’t believe it. There is one that was still alive when we left. The Leader.” I said scared and almost shuddering. “Thats what he said. He said he was gonna find me. You have to find him. He’s going to find us. He’s smart and fast. He’s gonna find us and kill me and Amanda.” They walked out the room. A women brought my sister in. She saw the look on my face. I was worried. “What’s wrong Britt?” She asked, she was sipping hot chocolate from a mug. They were always so good to her and me. We were alone no one to call. No family that would want to be apart of this. Especially if the killer was still out there. We were on our own. How was I supposed to tell Amanda? “Hey girly! I have to tell you some bad news. Really bad. You remember that night at Mormon Flats when our friends were killed?” I asked trying not to freak her out. “Mhmm.” She mumbled. “They never found his body when they went back for them, he’s still out there. He’s looking for us.” I said. She looked at me. Fright in her eyes. I knew she was thinking about the night now. I didn’t want to tell her but I had to. We had to get out of the state. We couldn’t stay in Utah anymore. How was I supposed to have enough money to move Amanda and me? This couldn’t be happening! But how hasn’t he found us yet? I mean it’s been two whole years! The FBI had to do something to help us. “Amanda we have to move. We can’t stay in Utah anymore. I don’t even know if we can stay in this country. Because he won’t stop until he finds us.” She looked at me. I knew the look in her eyes. She was strong but scared like I was two years ago. She knew we can’t give up. I wait silently for the agents to come back in the dull, gray room to tell us what we had to do to stay alive, to get away. I knew this man, he wanted blood. My blood. Amanda’s blood. She was still little, she didn’t know what to do. Our parents were gone I’m all she has left. It seemed like seconds, minutes, hours, days until the agents finally walked into the barren room where me and Amanda were rocking back and forth in the chair. He looked at us with a kind of shock. They haven’t been looking for the man. They don’t even know what he looks like. Who knows where he could be. “We are gonna try and put you in a top secret where-about that we will only know until you get there and then we will tell you. No one will know your real identities except us of course. We will change the way you look to help and you won’t be able to talk about where you are from.” Said the tall, slender agent. I looked at Amanda knowing it was for the best. “We have to get out of the country. You don’t know this man. He will look until he finds us.” I said. “Already got it covered.” He answered in a witty kind of tone. “You can’t bring everything. You have to give me your phones, credit cards, everything. He can track most things. We will get you started with your makeovers.” They wanted so much from us. I didn’t know how we were going to survive on the little cash I had. It could take years for us to find him. This moment is one of those times you just wanted to get lost in music. Never come out of the daze it gives you lyric after lyric. I waited as they slowly cut and dyed my hair. It was dark, almost black. I didn’t know what they were gonna give me throughout the process. They gave me clothes, accessories, and too much. Stuff that I could only dream of having. The expensive clothes that now lay in my new bag. I didn’t know what was coming, but all I did was wait. They gave me a sophisticated look, I couldn’t wait to see Amanda. I saw her as she strolled out from behind the turns of the hallway. I almost couldn’t recognize her. She was so different. She was a beach blonde. She has always been beautiful with her dark hair. But now she was the most gorgeous human being 9-year-old. She ran into my arms with her beachy look. I was so happy they would never even tell it was us. We had our new clothes, new everything. We didn’t even go back to the house, the house that was haunted by my past. The house was my parents they left it for me. What am I talking about it was everything I ever dreamed for! It was the ranch area that I loved the most. But I didn’t even know if I would ever see it again but the animals were gonna be fine. The FBI hired somebody to stay there for us. We walked onto the Jet. Amanda had never been on one. She was excited but kinda fearful at the same time. We felt like it was days before we finally landed. They told us to keep our new identities (which were only new last names but still hard stuff!) They said to always keep passports because we would be traveling a lot. It was forever before they finally told us where our new home was. Milan, Italy. Enough said. The gorgeous streets of the town filled my view as they took us to our new PENTHOUSE! Apparently they found out how much I was into fashion. Never underestimate the power of the FBI. They got me a job at one of the biggest modeling agencies in the whole world! I still just couldn’t believe that we were in the Fashion Capital of the world! I had to put Amanda into school. Thank god I didn’t put her in Spanish all these years. Instead, I put her in Italian, it always seemed like such a beautiful language. How did I know it would come in handy one day? I couldn’t think as I took Amanda around the streets of Milan. This place was just so beautiful. The simplicity of the beauty is remarkable. I was in complete awe as I took Amanda to her new school and as I walked into my brand new modeling agency job. I was completely focused on my first day, I got to design a real outfit that a supermodel was going to wear on the runway! I was invited to everything! Runways, designing circles, and even just to hang out with designers and the owners of the company! I was actually fitting in with people from around the world and the top designers in the world. I feel pretty satisfied right now, like you have no idea! I got home after a long day of designing, I got home to see Amanda’s smiling face peering over the railing of the stairs. She needed help with her homework no doubt. She waited as I finally got settled in the house before she finally sat down with her homework as I helped her. When we were finally done she looked up at me with loving eyes and asked, “Do you think he’ll find us?” As I almost started to cry I answered, “No baby. He won’t we are safe.” I grabbed her in my arms and hugged her non-stop for like twenty minutes, until I finally looked down at her and she was asleep. I had to carry her to her bed which was on the other side of the whole penthouse! It was exhausting but I still had work to figure out. Making designs is no easy subject! Sitting in this big empty house... It was not fun it always feels like The Leader was gonna pop out and stab me in the back where ever I turned! I was walking around to find inspiration, when I walked to the balcony. I looked down to see the always busy street and the man. The man was just sitting there staring up at my home. I couldn’t tell if it was the leader. But I guess we would find out pretty soon.... I ran back into the house locked everything just to be sure. The doors, the windows, just about everything.... I even closed all the blinds! Just to make sure that man, killer, monster could not get into my new home. I probably wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight which was really gonna kill me in the morning, but I would try. I stayed up most of the night designing... I had enough designs to cover the floor and the walls. Not all of them were great but I felt accomplished. I waited for the day to end but it had just started. Started over again. Once again I was scared to go out into the world because I didn’t know what was going to happen. Anything could happen to anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. I tried to get ahold of the agent from the FBI to tell him I might have seen the leader. But of course he didn’t answer hopefully he was doing something important like trying to find the man that wants my blood! But no big deal, it’s not like I’m dying at the moment, or getting followed by some kind of whack-job.... I waited and waited looking out the window to the lively streets of Milan. The music playing in background was Sirius XM Hits 1 and I just didn’t want to move from what was now my perch in the penthouse. I didn’t ever change the channel even when a horrible song came on. I hadn’t had sleep in days. I didn’t know how much longer I could go without sleep. The sleepless hours had been contributing to my job though. I had to have had a promotion coming sometime in the next few days. I had everything turned in on time, I had to have helped with 3 photo shoots, and more. It sounded like I was thinking back to High School. Turning in homework, helping others out with their jobs... Well he was right all along. My boyfriend used to call me cinderella because I would help everyone and still get my work done. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about him. He has been gone for around two years right around last month, when I went to go talk to the FBI about that night.... I could never get that night over again. I could never make time go back. I could never have my friends, family, and boyfriend back. I couldn’t take it anymore, I went over to the radio, turned it off, and turned on the TV. I had to get my mind off of the night. It turned onto one of those Trident Layers gum commercials. I thought I would never want to get payed in gum because of how stupid that is! I watched dozens of shows including 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Flash Forward, America’s Next Top Model, and more. I was so bored that night. “Why are you up right now Britt?” I heard from behind, it was Amanda. “I never went to bed.” I answered in a kinda tired tone. She looked at me like I was crazy. “Why would you ever do that?” She asked acting like I was ridiculous for doing something like that. “I just never can sleep. I’m sorry but why are you up so early Amanda?” I asked because it was three in the morning. She just shrugged, got a cold, glass of water, and went to bed. I watched as she shuffled her way down the dark hall back to her room. I turned off the television, so that I could possibly try and go to sleep, but with those curious eyes looking up to me from the streets below, they would probably haunt my dreams. I just wanted him to be dead. Why couldn’t he be dead? Answers rushed through my mind as I lay in my bed, staring at the blank ceiling above me. Just wanting it to go back again and again. I replayed that night in flash-forward in my mind. Taking it all back might be a mistake because of where I am now, but then again best decision in my life because I would still have my friends. If I could rewind, go back to that night, I would make everything alright. The sun was up, I didn’t have to try anymore. I would be at work and forget it.... Hopefully. I got to work and all of a sudden I was surrounded by designers, assistance, and cameras. They knew. Someone told the paparazzi about my little shindig at the campsite that night. Now that I lived in Milan I was almost famous. After this got out I would be. I didn’t want to be the center of attention I just wanted everything to go away, except for Amanda. I wanted to drop everything and walk away right now. Then right as I though that someone came on the little announcement thing. It told me to go to the President’s office. Great now I’m in trouble. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After I got out of his office I felt really calm. He just wanted me to take the day off because of what everyone just found out. Now everyone knew where I was and who I really was. I was calm of course, until I got to the front of the building. They waited outside for me. The president had a car waiting for me outside with a body guard! I was now freaking out a little. Now everyone would know my name. Brittany Spencer. Everyone would know. I would be one of those stories that people would wait weeks for the next magazine about me would come out. I was gonna be one of those kind of Celebrities. Like Pheobe Prince, the girl that was bullied to death. I would hide away in my home till morning. No worries for me. I had a big, strong man watching out for me outside of my home. I didn’t have to worry anymore, I could go out into the world with my sister and explore. The few months I’ve been here and I still haven’t explored necessarily. I walked out the door to tell the guy what we were doing for the day. He smiled at me. We walked out the doors of the building and were swarmed but we just floated to the car like nothing was stopping us. we drove to the elementary school where Amanda goes to school to pick her up. I got her out of school and we gave the driver directions to downtown Verona. Sense we saw Letters To Juliet we wanted to go here. The amazing streets of Verona were different from the streets in Milan. Milan had fashion history, but Verona had history of love and just plain history. We were roaming the streets of love. I was also thinking about everything, like Jake and how I wanted him to be here with him. We would have the best time. Ha. I just thought we would technically be parents raising Amanda. We would be young guardians too. He went to far with killing Jake. He was my everything.... I had to get out of town. I loved roaming the streets, writing letters to “Juliet”, having Amanda to my self but all of these things brought me back to my friends. I turned the corner looking down at my hands as I walked away from the letters to Juliet. BAM! I walked into somebody. “Oh! Mi dispiace tanto!” He said to me. You know me, I don’t speak very well in Italian. “Aw man, It’s my fault! Sorry I don’t speak Italian.” I said with all the blood rushing to my cheeks. What were the odds of me running into a gorgeous man, here? Out of all places! “That’s okay I can speak english.” He said with his beautiful accent. (YUM) He wouldn’t take his eyes off of me. I just peered at the ground blushing looking up ever so often. “Again I’m sorry... I have to go.” I said as I started to walk to the limo. He walked after me. “Wait, do you wanna go out with me some time?” He said with his dazzling smile... “Um.... Amanda can you wait in the car?” I said as her smile went away and she glared at me as she got into the car. “We just met..... I don’t even know your name...” “Cappi.... It’s Italian for Lucky. I guess my name is true, I think I just met the most beautiful girl in all of Italy.” He said as he held my hand... “So will you go out with me?” “Ha yes.” It was a simple as that. I was the one lost in his gorgeous gaze, with those gorgeous eyes, his breathtaking smile, or his bright personality. Is this crazy? We just met! “Wait, here’s my number, call me.” “Arrivederci il mio amore.” He smiled. I smiled, I turned to get into the Limo, to leave and just to make it all dramatic I turn back to him, smiled and drove away. We went to the hotel in Verona. Right when we walked into the room my phone began to ring. I looked at the number and it was his. I could just tell. I got excited and didn’t know what to do! “Ciao!” I said trying to stay calm. “Ciao, is this Brittany?” He said in that yummy accent. “Mhmm, Is this Cappi?” I said getting happier by the second every time he spoke was like beautiful music to my ears. “Si, I mean yes. Would you like to meet at Ristorante? It is a very nice restaurant. You will know where it is. Oh, and at eight-ish." He said in his fantastic accent that was the music to my ears. "Of course that will be great. Okay, see you there.” I said starting to panic. “Arrivederchi il mi amore.” He said for the second time... I hung up the phone, rushed into the front room of the hotel room that we were staying in to find my wallet so I could buy a new outfit. I didn’t bring like any clothes! That was a stupid mistake! I took Amanda to the stores everywhere to find a simple but elegant outfit for my date... When we finally got home I had to get ready in two hours which was barely enough time! I had to do so much in that little amount of time. I got ready in the perfect amount of time for the clock to strike 10 minutes till. I got there on time. To see his smiling face, glittering teeth, shining eyes. He sat me down at the table at the elegant, Italian restaurant. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A couple hours later I got home and found myself in a trance. I couldn’t get the night out of my mind! It was perfect. I knew he was the one. The mythical person didn’t seem real to me anymore, until now. He was my soul-mate! Ha! You wouldn’t think that this would happen after one night. But, it can. It happened for me and it can most likely happen for anyone. He called me later that day because we got home late! We got to my doorstep at like 2 a.m.! Best night ever.... He said he missed me. I was in love after a day of meeting him. Call me crazy. I honestly wouldn’t care if you did. He said he loved me, which he didn’t think was crazy either. I didn’t run from this, but said it back. He wanted me, and only me. No one else could get in our way. He said he wanted to go out again tonight. I, of course, said yes and he said Amanda should come too. Best idea, he loves kids... Guy of my dreams. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 MONTHS LATER He proposed! He wants to get married! He already moved in with us. He said he wanted to, I didn’t care as long as he was close to me. I love to feel his arms around me. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I said as he put the ring on and I kissed him. The sparks flew as I kissed him. Fireworks. They go off every time he kissed me. I was so excited! We were in a restaurant, when he asked. All eyes on us, when I said yes there was applauding! I was so excited..... No one could take this away. We decided to have a summer wedding in Venice. Not the one in California but here in Italy of course. We would also move into a real house somewhere in the country so we could have a ranch and hopefully kids. I was ready for the wedding! I was gonna design my dress, his tux, and the whole wedding. I would have some help, but not too much. I don’t even care if it’s small! I just want to marry Cappi! I said this to myself everyday form now till the wedding. I just want him to be all mine, no one else could have him now. The ring was beautiful, huge diamond! I don’t care if he’s rich, I wanted him for him. I didn’t care if the ring was only a gold band, or if it was the biggest diamond in the world. He’s now mine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We said our vows and our ‘I-do’s’ now, its just time for us! And Amanda... I love her to death she is growing just to much she is now like 12 years! Almost a teenager... Ah the teenage years..... We are taking her every where in Europe! We are taking 2 months off from work and going every where, from Venice to France. We have the money to do what ever we want! I never thought I could be the one in the magazines, the one with all the money, and the one with the best man in the world..... I was in the tabloids a lot now. I had to tell Cappi about the murderer who was looking for me. Hardest thing to tell someone ever, but he said he would protect me. :) He was my everything now. I tried to forget about my old life, which made me remember everything. Which was horrible but, you have seen what I have been through so this wasn’t that tough. But I didn’t care.... We were now in Paris. The city of love.... Best place in the world.... I think it is quite magnificent.... Beautiful! This was unfortunately our last stop on the trip, it has been 2 months. And it has been 3 years since I lived in Utah... It seemed like a life time ago.... I didn’t care anymore about that life. I just lived in the moment! That’s how life is supposed to be. We were adventuring around the beautiful place of love. The streets were even full of love! The only thing I missed about the US was the 4 of July. Fireworks! I loved those way to much. We had three more days left in Paris then we would fly back home to the countryside in Italy. We kinda lived in the middle of no where. But we had everything we needed. Well the only things we really needed was laptops for work, food, and electricity. But we had all of that on the ranch somehow we got everything out here. Don’t even ask how hard it was to get all of this done in the time we were engaged and the two months on vacation. I had no idea how these guys did it but they did. Anyway, back to Paris. It was beautiful here, our hotel was right by the Eiffel Tower, and Cappi was taking us to the restaurant at the top on our last day, which was two days away. We had to savor every single minute left here! From the croissants to the sight-seeing. We had barely any time to sleep with our schedule! We didn’t care, we were running on adrenaline. The amazing feelings of adrenaline could blow your mind. The last two days went by faster than a blink of an eye. We were on the plane the second after we woke up today. I didn’t mind. “That trip was amazing! I can’t believe I’m married, have the best husband, and....” He looked at me as I held my pause for dramatic effect. “And.....?” He said glancing at me as the airline person poured him some of his drink. “And... We are about to have a family!” I said with an excited look on my face. “I’m pregnant!” I said even more excited. “What! No! you better not be lying!” He said as he hugged me and kissed me. I think he was even more excited than me. All I ever wanted was to have kids. It’s finally happening. Amanda was listening in and came to join in on the celebration! We were sitting on our jet dancing! This was a dream come true... Once we landed we got into our car to drive the hour drive to our beautiful new house. Amanda and I haven’t even seen the house. But it was going to be amazing no matter what. We finally pulled up to our new house. What? House? No, it was a palace, plenty of room for everyone! The movers were still moving stuff in but they were almost done. We were too tired and so we just decided to stop celebrating and just walk on in. I walked in, to see Him.... The murderer he was dressed as a mover.... To be Continued.....

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on Nov. 27 2020 at 2:56 am
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

is this saying calling the church a cult?

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"If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die"

I like the story plot, but the summary could be more exciting to the reader. It didn't really catch my attention the way that the story did