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the consequences of what we did

February 12, 2011
By johnjohn123 SILVER, st.helens, Oregon
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johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
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Bree, Peter, Savannah, Emma, Todd, Devon, Rachel, Ellen, Jared, Rose.

They are all dead.

All murdered.

I remember when life was so much simpler, filled with parties, laughter, joy. When all you had to worry about was what you were going to wear, and how your grades were. How much money we had in the bank (we were all rich), and what parties we were going to go to.

But I learned that quickly life changes and mine changed dramatically.

We were eating lunch in the cafeteria, in our senior year of high school, when our friend came and asked us the question that would change our lives forever.

“So you guys going to the party?”

Todd mcgreaver, the jock who all the girls loved, with his curly brown hair and brilliant green eyes, to them he was hot, cool, and well a football star.

“Of course we`re going, right john?”

Bree Hawks, the curly hair love of my life. She was cute, smart, great cook, rich, and we agreed on just about everything. Also she was second in nationals in ice skating She was the perfect girl for me.

Before I could even answer, Rose Clearwater came in with a tray in her hands (not that she would eat any of it) and answered of me.

“Of course you’re coming it’s suppose to be the best party of the year, silly.”

Rose was the best looking person in are school. She was tall, had golden blond hair that went down to her waist, and smoky blue eyes. She was also the head cheerleader, the richest person besides Emma, and of course she was dating Todd. So she was probably the most powerful person in the room.

“Not to worry Rose we`re coming.” I answered

“Well then we`ll like need three or four cars, unless we aren’t going with each other.”

Jared said has he walked in with Rachel.

Jared Sexton was the smart laic of the group, with his dirty blond hair, and hazel eyes. He always got straight A`s, and le us cheat off him when we needed too. I`m not sure how he got into are got into are group, but he did and I grew to like it.

“Well we can’t take my car someone like rammed into it.”

Rachel Yang. The girlfriend of Jared. She was Korean, but couldn’t speak a word of it. Her parents loved her, and let her get away with anything. Even if she took mushrooms, I don’t think her parents would care.

“Well we can always take my car.” Devon said as he sat down with Emma, Ellen and Savannah.

Devon Bones was the leader you could say- even though, we all said we didn’t have one, we were all equal. But we all knew that Devon and Rose were the leaders. Devon was African American. He was the tallest, strongest, and he was the captain of the basketball team. When he was captain they never lost a mach. So if you put it all together he was the natural leader.

“I don’t see why we`re going, I mean we all hate mike.” Ellen said.

Ellen Sperl. She had strawberry blond hair, and blazing green eyes. She was the best soccer player on her team. (Also her dad was the mayor of the town.)

“Don’t you think we should forgive him?”

Emma Weeks. She was the richest person in are group, she also had the most head the most hart, shed always say “forgive and forget, just forgive and forget.”

“Em you have a great heart and everything, but no. I’m not going to forgive a person how put my boyfriend in a coma.”

There was silence to that. We all knew what happened a year ago.

Mike use to be a part of are gang, but after a while he started getting a little crazy (later we found out he was taking drugs,) saying how we should make him the leader and stuff like that. After a while we decided to kick him out, we voted and Eric (Ellen’s boyfriend) was going to tell him. After he told him, he just disappeared for a couple of days. Then in a middle of changing classes, Mike came up with a gun and shot Eric in the back.

Then of course it started to get crazy, kids running everywhere, not knowing what was happening.

And then came the lockdown and the rest of kids who were still out of the classrooms rushed in them, until there was about no one in the halls left. That’s when Peter, Rose, Todd and I heard the screaming, from down the hall. We looked at each other, dropped are books and ran. We saw Ellen over Eric –who wasn’t moving-and screaming for help. That’s when Rose pulled out her cell and dilled 911, as Peter ran over to Eric.

“What are you doing?” asked Todd.

“Calling the police you idiot,” Rose answered.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” We all froze, and slowly turned around.

It was mike.

“Drop your phone,” Mike told rose, she dropped it and he said, “I don’t know why you don’t what to date me, we’d be the perfect couple. You remember that one time I tried to kiss you and you slapped me. Well that’s not going to happen again.”

“Your sick mike, you’re really sick.”

“You think I`m sick now? Well you`ll see just how sick I can be.” Then he raised the gun, and then Rose lost her courage, the color drained from her face, and she took a step back.

“Think about what you’re doing, mike, don’t throw away your life.” Peter said his eyes worried.

“It`s to late for that Peter.”

“Ok,” I yelled “Well put you back in the group, we`ll make you the leader!” I saw him lower the gun just a bit, and that’s when it happened.

In a flash Todd jumped on him and threw him to the ground, Peter ran forward to help and I pulled out my cell to call 911. Then I hared a bang, I wiped around and saw Todd moaning on the ground, clutching his arm. And I saw a red spot expanding on his t-shirt.

I also saw the gun laying on the ground and mike unconscious next to it.

Since then we learned that Eric was shot in the spine and will be in a coma the rest of his life, and mike was until a week ago on house arrest.

“So um John when’s your next archery torment?” Savannah asked nervously.

Savannah Hill. She was quiet almost all the time almost all the time, and when she did talk it was usually to break up argument. She was also emo though didn’t cut herself she just used rubber bands when she got nervous. She was also the best fencing person the school has ever had. And her hair is almost always in braids.

“Um, three days after the party.” I answered.

“I don’t see way you do that stupid thing; I mean it’s a complete waist of time.” Said Peter Doyle as he walked in and sat down.

Peter was the best track person in are school, and had been for years. He has been with half the girls in are school, and longest relationship was with Savannah and they had been together for a month. “Well anyways sorry I`m late, but riddle held me up again, saying and I quote: you need to stop disrupting the class, just because you’re a track star doesn’t mean you can show off. “And all I did was drop my pencil!” That got us all laughing and as we were laughing Emma said bewting berths’,

“He just doesn’t like you because you beat his son in track.”

“Hey stop laughing, it not funny!” Peter half yelled as he was laughing.

Jared took some deep breaths and said, “So really how are we going to get to the party?”

“Well we should take my BMW; it can hold six of us.” Said Todd.

“And my Mercedes, which can hold four. Emma said.

“Well that leaves one person out, so I just won’t go.” Ellen said.

“Oh no, your going.” I said “Bree and I with take my convertible.

I saw Ellen whisper something under her berth, with her head held down.

“Well how about we meet hear say um Eight o’clock?” asked Rose.

“Yeah, that works.” We all said.

Then the bell rang.

“Come on, we better get going.” Devon said.

“Come on we need to go.” Wined Rachel

“No we need to wait for Em, besides we all know that the party doesn’t really start until nine anyways.” I argued back as I was started to get annoyed.

“Ok, look we give Em five more minutes then we`re going. We`ll just have to take my car all right?” Rose asked as she walked over with Todd.

“What?” I asked in disbelief, as Rachel just stared at her.

“Yeah, well if we want any Jell-O shots we`ll need to get going.” I starred at rose for a few seconds and then I started to laugh, and in the end we were all laughing. (Who said laughing wasn’t contagious.) We didn’t even see Emma drive up.

“Um, what’s so funny?” She asked as she got out of her car.

“Nothin, what took you so long?” Devon asked.

“Sorry my mom held me up, giving me the talk. You know don’t have sex, don’t do drugs, poor your own drink, things like that.”

“I don’t see why your mom gives you the talk, your like the only person I know who doesn’t drink beer or wine or anything, besides pop at parties and you don’t do drugs, and I’m pretty sure you don’t sleep around.” Todd said.

“Yeah well, after Jasper, my parents have been a little overly protective and no defiantly not.”

“It’s not just your parents, its all of ours, and I don’t blame them, I mean after a kid gets hit by a car it can creep them out.” Bree said.


Jasper (Emma’s brother) stared the group. He wanted to start a group of Rich kids all if them being good at something weather it was sports, or being smart, or being able to get anything they wanted, things like that.

He didn’t care what people called it, whether they called it a group, a club, a gang, he really didn’t care.

But he knew He didn’t want a leader , he knew that there would be some natural leaders, and he knew that he couldn’t do anything about that. But he didn’t want some people to be better then others or more powerful then others you could say.

A year after (or four years ago) he started the group, they decided to go to a party of one of his friends were having. They started having some beer and on his sixth one he walked into the road and got hit by a car.

He died in the hospital a week later.


“Well come on, let’s go.” Peter said.

We got in the three cars and took off. About five minutes later my cell phone started to ring, and Bree answered and put it on speaker.

“Hello?” she asked.


“What Devon?”

“Ok, do you know where we’re going? Because Todd forgo being the idiot he is, and Emma doesn’t know, so do you or john know?”

“Yeah, it`s on the top of the hill in the outskirts of town, on 724 mountain side drive.”

“Ok, I know that’s not where he lives.” Devon said annoyed.

“Well Paul’s parents are out of town for the weekend, and since not many people live up there. So you know, it`s easy for them to drink and stuff.”

“Oh, so do you know how long it will take to get there?”

“Let me ask.” She covered the phone with her hand and asked me, and then she giggled, and uncovered the phone and answered, “Yeah he said it should take about half an hour.”

“K, see you there.”

“Ok, see you.” She hang up the phone, flung her curly hair around her head, and then we started to talk. About our date on Sunday after church, about school tests, about anything that came to mind.

About half way up the mountain is when it happened.

I saw Todd’s BMW swerve around the road, as I saw I black shape go over Todd`s car and I heard I lot of sharp loud bangs as it went over his car.

Bree screamed as I slammed in the brakes, and I saw Bree`s hair fly. While adrenaline ran throw me. Emma turned sharply so as not to hit me and Todd. Then she pulled to the side of the road.

I was painting hard and Bree was rubbing her neck. She turned to me and asked,”what was that?”

“I have on idea, but let’s find out if everybody is all right.”That’s when I noticed the sharp stinging pain in my wrist, and I started to rub it as I turned off the car and got outside.

I saw everybody get out of Todd`s and Emma`s cars as Todd, Devon, and Rose walked over to the back of the car. Todd took I step back, rose clamped her hand over her mouth and Devon just starred.

The rest of us looked at each other looked at each other and we walked over to see what it was.

Then we knew what scarred them. I froze and couldn`t take my eyes off of it.

“Oh my god.” I whispered.

“What are we going to do?” Savannah asked nervously.

“I have no idea.” Todd said.

It was a man.

“Is he dead?” Savannah asked. Devon got down on his knees, and felt the guys neck. “He’s dead,” He said as he stood up. “We should call the police,” Jared said. “Yeah right, do you want to get arrested? Cause I don’t.” “Well, then what are we going to do?” Bree asked. “I mean we can`t just leave him here.” “This is all your fault!” Ellen burst out suddenly and angrily, glaring at Devon. “My fault?” Devon asked his voice a little louder then hers. “None of this would have happened if you just listened to me in the first place.” She screamed. “Oh, so you knew this would happen,” he yelled back at her. “I didn’t know what would happen,” she said, and then she screamed, “Which is why we shouldn’t have come! I told you something bad would happen, but you didn’t believe me and now look were we are!” “Why you-“ “Stop it!” Rachel yelled, and then she lowered her voice and said “This isn`t going to help us, we can’t fight with each other.” They stopped arguing. So what are we going to do?” Peter asked, his eyes were darting left to right, and the color was drained from his face, I started to get more nervous. Then we all turned are eyes to Jared. “What?” he asked. “Well, you are the smartest of all of us.” Rose said “Well, that makes me a little uneasy.” He said. “Look do you have any ideas or not,” Asked Todd. “Look for once in my life, I don’t, I really don’t.” “damn it ,” Devon said “Well, do any of you have any ideas?” “I do.” Emma mumbled. “Great, I`d love to hear it.” Devon said sarcastically. “Well we could just take him to a hospital.” “Oh, yeah that’s so brilliant. I, we would get arrested!” Todd yelled at her. “He`s wearing all black. They know we wouldn’t have seen him! It’s his own fault for not being careful!” “Police don’t care about that stuff, I would get arrested!” “Well, what are we going to do then?” “What if we just leave him here?” Rose murmured quietly. I froze, and thought about it for a second. I liked the idea, but I knew we couldn’t do that. “That’s a horrible idea. Rose, we can’t just leave him, I mean come on. You know that’s a horrible thing to do.” I said, before anyone could really grasp the idea. “No, it’s not. He’s dead anyways it wouldn’t matter. If we just leave him, our lives will go back to normal, no one would know it was us who hit him.” “Our lives wouldn’t go back to normal; whatever we do our lives won’t go back to normal I know that, and you know that,” Ellen insisted. “Well we have to do something.” Bree said. “Well we could- never mind, it was a bad idea” Todd began. “Todd, what is it?” asked Devon. After a pause which seemed to go on forever Todd told us what he was thinking. “Well we could just get rid of him.” Dead silence, I could practically hear my hart beating. It was about I minute until someone said something, “what!” Bree cried,” that’s a horrible idea! How could- that’s just- what!” I wanted to say something about how we couldn’t do that, and I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, then Jared said what I was thinking, “Todd how could you even think that?” “Look, I don’t want to get arrested , do you?” Todd asked angrily. “No, I don’t.” Jared said quietly, while looking at the ground. “Exactly, are you guys with me or not?” “I`m with you.” Devon said “we get rid of the body and every thing goes back to normal.” “Well I`m not with it at all,” Emma declared. “And nether am I,” Ellen said “Well do you want to lose your scholarship to Harvard?” “No,” Emma said quietly. But Ellen would not give up, “What if the guy has a family?” “Well, let’s find out.” Said Peter. He got to the ground and, slowly and carefully he put his hand inside the guy’s pants pocket, my heart started to beat faster and faster. Then he took his out of the guy’s pocket, and I saw that he was holding a wallet. He stood up slowly, opened the wallet, and started to throw credit cards on the ground. With every credit card my heart would beat faster, and I could feel the color drain from my face, and with each card I got more and more nervous. “Here” Peter announced, and I knew he found the guys driver license. “His name is Nicolas Poland,” he paused for a couple of seconds, and asked “Does that sound familiar to you?” I thought about it for a second and said, “Yes, but I can’t remember where though.” “I know,” Savannah said. After a pause, “Well?” Devon asked. “He was on the news around the time Jasper died, that’s probably why you guys don’t remember, well his daughter was kidnapped eight years before, and the night Jasper died they found her body. And three days later, (At least this is what the police said), a guy came into their house, to like get money and s**t, and the wife walked in on him. The guy stabbed her to death with a pair of kitchen scissors.” There was dead silence, you could hear the breeze blow, the smallest noise, noises you never thought you could hear. It seemed like forever until someone finally broke the silence. “Wow,” Peter said. I jumped and it didn’t seem like I was the only one. After a pause he asked, “Well are we going to get rid of the guy or not?” “Yeah,” Devon said “We are, help me-“ that’s when I heard a soft rumble, “What is that?” he asked. I saw Rachel’s eyes get wide, and the color that was left from her face was gone. And I knew what she was going to say before a single word uttered her lips. “It’s a car.” She said with horror.

We looked at each other with horror for a second, when Rose took control.”Ellen go pop the trunk,” she said loud and fast, as Ellen ran to the front of the truck, rose turned to Bree and said, “Bree, there’s a blanket in the back seat of the car, go get it. Rachel, look and tell me when you see the car coming around the bean.” As she finished telling Rachel what to do, Bree came back with the blanket. Then she turned to us boys, “Todd, Devon, pick up the guy in the trunk. Bree then you put the blanket over the guy. Whoever is coming, they may look in the trunk and we don’t want them to see the guy.” They just starred at her blankly. “Do it you lazy idiots!” That woke up and started to do what she told them to do. “John, grab a hold of Peter. And Jared, punch him, as hard as you can.” “What!” Peter yelled at her. “Jared, John just do it!” She screamed at us. I grabbed a hold of Peter, under the armpits and around the head, as hard as I could, and even though he struggled I wouldn’t let go. When Jared through the first punch, even I could feel it, and that was going through Peter! He did it again, and again, until Pete was yelling in pain, he fell to the ground, moaning and clutching his stomach. “I see the car!” Rachel yelled over her shoulder, but I still couldn’t see the car. This all happened in less then a minute. The car pulled into view right as Devon, shut the trunk door, and Peter crawled, toward it, so he could lean against it. I thought it was enough, but Rose didn’t apparently. She ran toward him, knelt down by him and asked, “Peter are you all right?” I heard, a car door slam, but I didn’t dare look to see how it was. I just kept my eyes on Peter and Rose. “No I’m not all right, “Peter yelled at her (well actually it was more like a moan), “You just-“ “What’s the matter?” I knew that voice anywhere. I turned around and saw Jenny Willows, standing in front of her boyfriend’s new, silver bug. Her bright red hair hanging loosely around her shoulders and her forest green eyes looking at Peter worriedly. “Is everything ok?” I forgot how much I hated that voice, that little kid voice when she pretends to care. “He got a really bad stomach ach on the way here,” Rose explained. I was amazed at how well Rose played her character, her eyes were perfect, not showing a hint of worry, her face looked beautiful, but showing a little worry, like she was worried about Peter. I don’t think that Jenny believed her whole heartedly and Rose saw it too. She crossed her arms and I could see a little smile on her lips, then she asked, “So where’s your boyfriend, I mean isn’t that his car?” the question hardly came out of her mouth when Jenny answered in a hurry. “Evan got the flu, and since my car is being a b**ch, he let me use his.” She’s such a bad liar. “Look, we better get Peter to a hospital.” Devon said “Yeah we should.” Jared agreed, “Come on Peter.” Jared grabbed a hold of Peter and started to help him to Todd’s car. “Come, on, lets go,” Bree said, as she started to head for the car. “Yeah, lets go,” I agreed, “Oh, it was good to see you again, Jen.” I turned and started to head for my car, when Jenny called out. “Yeah, have a good- what’s this?” I turned around right as I her kneeling down and grabbed something off the ground. Even though it was to dark to see it, I knew what it was. “Is this- never mind.” “Come, on, Bree,” I say as start to pick up the pace. Once we got in the car and stated to go, I turned to Bree and said, “She knows!” “You don’t know that.” “I saw her pick up the guys driving license!” “She`ll just think that someone before us left it there.” “But you don’t know that. I mean she may be dumb, but she’s not that dumb.” “No, you right. She`s smart, but lets hope that’s what she thinks.” “Yeah, lets hope.” But I knew in my heart that she knew something was up. I turned around to face the road. As we were driving down the mountain, I realized something. So I had Bree put my phone on speaker and she dilled Devon’s number. It rang three times before he answered. “Hello?” “Devon.” I say. “What is it John?” He sounded annoyed but also worried. “I was just wondering, were are you thinking about dumping the body?” “Well we were thinking about dumping him in the river.” “Ok,” I say with a sigh. “So were are we going to do it?” “I still say we just leave him on the side of the road.” Someone said in the back round. “No, we already decided.” Yelled Devon, then he said, “I was thinking we could just dump him in at the docks.” “Um, ok, so we`ll see you there.” “K, bye.” “Bye,” I hung up the phone and let out sigh. Nether of us said a word till we got to the docks. ~ As we got out of the car I stared at the docks. The docks were deserted and I felt a soft breeze blowing. It was pitch black out and the only light we had was a flashlight Emma found in her car. We all looked at each other for a minute, and then we stepped onto the dock. The dock squeaked a lot as we walked onto it, and though I would never admit it. I was terrified. “Are you sire we should be doing this? What if we get caught?” Rachel asked. “We wont get caught , if you shut up.” Grunted Todd, because Devon, Peter and him were caring Nicolas. “Come on, lets get him to the end of the dock. It’ll be the best place to dump him.” As we got nearer we all started to get more and more nervous. Once we got to the edge of the dock, they lowered him to the ground, and got ready to dump him in when soothing stopped them. “Oh, my god.” We turned slowly and saw Jenny walk out of the showdowns of the night. “What have you done?” She didn’t yell it, didn’t scream it, she just said it. And she didn’t look scared or angry, she looked stunned. “Jenny, please don’t say anything, please. “Emma`s voice was desperate and even a worm would be able to see how scared she was. Her hands were outstretched as if to protect herself from Jenny. “What did you do?” “Todd hit the guy with his car on the ay up to the party. And this was the only way how we could think of , of getting rid of the body, without anybody knowing.” Jared explained, and apparently he didn`t think it was enough, “look if you don’t tell I’ll do all your homework for the rest of the year.” I was amazed Jared was doing this. He never used his brains to get something, never. She let out a long sigh before she said anything. “Look, I wont tell,” that was a sigh of relief to everybody, “But only because my parents don’t know I was going to that party. We better get rid of that body, like fast. If People see four nice cars in the parking lot at this hour, their going to wonder.” “Come on, lets do this.” Peter said, Peter, and Todd got to their knees and rolled him off into the dark water. As he hit the water it made a louder splash the I thought it would, and all I could think about was his body sinking down into the cold black bottom of the river. “We better get going.” Rose finally said. I nodded, turned, put my arm around Bree`s shoulder, and we walked back to the car, knowing our lives will never be the same again.

I woke with a start, hearing my cell phone ring. I grabbed it from my bed stand and answered it. “Hello?” I could still hear the sleepiness in my voice. “John, turn on your T.V. to the news!” “Rose,” I say, looking at the wrist watch that I forgot to take off last night. “You realize it’s like five in the morning, right?” I said sarcastically. “Then go on your computer and look, do something. John, you have to trust me, this is bad.” I could hear the urgency in her voice; So I decided to trust her. “Ok, fine, but you owe me for this.” I say as I get out of my warm and safe bed, and walk over to my desk, “what channel?” I ask as I turn on my desk light and open up my laptop. “Channel six.” I went to goggle and typed up channel six news, “Are you there?” “All most,” I said as I clicked on the site. “Oh, my God.” I whispered it, but I wanted to scream it. “What are we going to do?” “I don’t know, s**t I’m getting another call, I think its Todd, sorry I have to go.” “K,” and I hung up the phone, still staring at the screen. I clicked the button of the screen that let you listen to the news cast. “Two fishermen found him earlier yesterday morning in the water by the docks. An autopsy has declared that he probably fell off the dock drunk, and drowned not being able to swim. But they are still investigating what happened. We have yet to find out the name of the man.” “How terrible Sarah. Now on brighter news we`re going to have a wonderful week ahead of us.” Said another news reporter. I exited the window, and just stared at the screen for a minute. How can they act as if nothing happened? How can they just go by? Day and day not caring about that guy, they`ll probable forget about him in a week. I thought to myself. “I should call Bree,” I whispered to myself. I made a grab for my phone, but before I could pick it up, it started to ring. ”John, he wasn’t dead, we pushed him in the water the guy wasn’t dead! He drowned because of us!” “Bree I know, just calm down, everything will be all right.” Even I could hear I was lying. “Calm Down, how can you tell me to calm down?” She was half crying, half yelling,” How can you tell me that? John our fingerprints are on him! What if they look for fingerprints? We could- john.” “Oh, my God…… I never thought of that.” “John, what are we going to do?” I took a deep breath and thought for a second. “I don’t know, but let’s get everybody together.”

I stopped my car, and looked out at the river, waiting for everyone to show up. I looked down at my watch and sighed it was 12:15. “Finally,” I say to myself as I see a car drive up and park by mine. “Hey,” I say as I get out of my car and walk over to Savannah. She returned my “hey” with a half smile that disappeared as soon as it came. Looking down I saw that her wrists were bright red. “Savannah, Savannah,” I whisper to myself.

“Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Never let it fade away. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Save it for a rainy day, for love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night-“

“What’s that song you`re singing?” I ask savannah and she stopped abruptly turned to me ,and said:

“It`s called ‘Catch a falling star’” and if she thought that that wasn’t enough information she went on.”My mom use to sing it to me, to get me to bed and I liked it so you know I learned it.”

“Oh, well you have a good voice.”

“Thanks. Here comes another person,” I turned and sure another there was another car driving up.

“What are you doing here?” I ask as Jenny got out of her car.

“I’m here because Savannah invited me.”

I turned to Savannah. “You invited her? Why?”

“Because I thought she needed to be here. She’s a part of this now. Along with the ride.”

“Fine, what ever.” I left them and walked to the edge of the cliff, I felt the saltwater that sprayed on my face, and waited for the others to show up.


“We have to do something.” Devon said 15 minutes later.

“Such as,” Rachel asked. “I mean we can`t do anything about it. Unless you’re suggesting that we go and steal the body, and burn it, which would be impossible,” she said sarcastically

“What he means is that we need a system, a plan, something to tell the cops if they come and start poking around.” Rose said as she pulled her hair into a ponytail.

“But would that work? Our DNA are on the guy and we can`t hide that.” I say as I push myself up and sit on Bree`s hood.

“What do you mean our DNA is on that guy?” Todd asked.

“You were bleeding.” Jenny said quietly.


“Don`t you remember you were bleeding, that actually why I decided to follow you guys. It didn`t make since that you were bleeding but Peter was acting all sick.”

“Ok. But I still don`t think it`s going to work, if our DNA is on the guy, we aren’t going to be able to say that we weren’t there.

“Look, it has to work, if it doesn’t we`re all dead,” Devon said. “But we do need a good believable story, they have to by it… any ideas?”

“We could say that we were driving along to the party when we saw the guy drinking and walking onto the road, so we pulled over helped the guy, took the bottle and went on our way to the party.” We all turned and starred, stunned to hear savannah talk so much.

“Vannah, that’s the most I think I ever heard you say at one time before,” Ellen said.

“And I think that Idea would work,” Peter said. “All we need to do is say that after that we went to the party, and that’s why we didn`t help him more.”

“So it seems as if we all agree to this,” Rachel said. “So do you mind if I leave? You see I have a massage and I have 15 minutes to get there.”

“Yeah you can go,” Rose said with a laugh. “Just don`t do the guy, ok?”

“Don`t worry I won`t.” Rachel called over her shoulder as she walked to her car.

“I hate her,” Emma said as she watched Rachel drive off. “How can she just go on with her life, act as if nothing as happened? We killed a man and in less then two weeks she goes on with her life? Her heart is cold as winter as dark as night.”

“How can you say that?” Jared asked. “She`s your best friend.”

“Still she doesn’t show any remorse about anything at all. All she worries about is herself, and what she looks like. She doesn’t even worry about grades!

There was silence until finally Bree spoke up. “Of course she worries about other people…and her grades. But do you know how hard it is for her? If you remember she didn`t start out like us. We all got in the group as soon as we joined high school, but she didn`t. she started at the bottom of the food chain and worked her way up to the top.

“Face it, to us she was different; we grew up with Whites, Hispanics and African
American, but not Asians.”

“Yeah, but don`t forget we all had to work our way up, we just started in like 3rd grade.” Todd said.

“Yeah Todd’s right. We all went through what she went through.” I put in, but though I wouldn’t admit it, I thought Bree was right.

“Well not really, not as much as her anyways. “Emma`s brother started the group, so you were obviously in,” Bree said turning to Emma. “And we were her friends, so it wasn`t hard for us to the top. And she does feel remorse; she just doesn’t show it like we do.

“Not to mention that she an only child, so she never had to worry about anyone but herself.”

“Yeah, fine, whatever. Well I better be going anyways. My parents are holding a surprise birthday party for Ruth.” She took one last glance at all of us and started to walk toward her car.

“Yeah, we better get going,” I say. “Don`t wanna look too suspicious.” I say with I half laugh.

“Yeah we better,” Devon and Peter said together.

“Come, on. I`ll drive you home Jar-bear.” Ellen said with a sigh to Jared.

“Thanks,” Jared said with a half smile.

I started walking toward my car, but stopped as I opened my door. I turned around and stared at my friends who were getting into their cars.

Rose with her ruby red lipstick, Jared with his new glasses, Peter in his brand new Michael Jordan shoes, Savannah with her rubber bands, Ellen in her Hollister coat, and Devon with his shiny car, Jenny with her diamond earrings and Bree with pure gold locket.

We are so dead if anyone finds out.

Three years later “Um, John?” “What?” I ask annoyed. “You know I have to study for finals.” “John, Jenny`s dead.” “What!” I yell, jumping out of my chair and almost dropping my cell phone, “What do you mean she`s dead, Bree?” “I mean she`s dead, like dead, dead. They found her body in an alleyway; the police think she was pushed off the building.” “Bree how could this happen? Do you think-“ “Don`t be ridiculous John, no one knows but us. And even if they do know, they would call the police, not kill Jenny.” “Yeah I guess your right. But still kinda weird coincidence don`t you think?” Bree didn`t answer for a moment, and then she must have decided to change the subject because the next thing she said was. “Look, when are you coming home?” I took a deep sigh and answered. “I`ll be home in less then a week. Ok?” “K, just get here for the funeral.” “Don`t worry I will,” I said a quick goodbye and slowly sat on my bed again. I heard the door creek open. I jumped up off my bed, staring at the door. Lance said (my roommate) as walked into the room. “Hey,” he stopped, looked at me for a second, and said “Jesse, man, it looks like your ready to jump out of your skin. Or like you`ve seen a ghost.” He added. “Yeah well one of my friends just died, so I imagine I look like that.” Lance`s color drained from his face and he slowly sat down on the bed, looking at me. “Oh man, I`m sorry. Ho- how did she . . . um, what was the guy`s name?” “It was a girl, and her name was Jenny, but she wasn`t really my friend. She was more of my acquaintance.” He looked at me with sad eyes, but I could also see that he was confused, so I went on explaining: “We were kinda pushed together.” I sighed, not knowing what too say without giving too much information, so I decided to not tell him anything, “Look it`s to hard to explain, ok?” “Yeah, sure, whatever.” He sat there for a moment, not saying anything. But then he asked the question, that I knew he would. “So, how did she die?” I took a deep breath and said, “She was pushed off a building. They found her body in a alleyway.” “Wow,” he whispered to himself softly. “Sorry about that man.” “Yeah,” I say softly, though I really wanted to scream. “Look do you mind if you leave me alone for a while? I have to get packed and study for a test.” “Yeah, sure, see you man.” He got up and slowly walked to the door, throwing one last glance at me as the door was closing. “Shit,” I say to myself as I got up and started pacing the small room. “What are we going to do?” “I`m sorry Jenny, I’m so sorry,” Emma whispered as she laid a single white rose by Jenny`s urn. She pushed a single strand of hair behind her ear, and slowly walked back over to the rest of us. I felt a hand go through mine and I looked at Bree`s sad eyes. The wind was blowing through her hair and her black strap dress around. Her hair was in a half-braid. The day was dark and cloudy though it was still 90 degrees and there was an electric feeling in the air. “Touchy day for a funeral,” Todd mentioned as he walked over, clutching Rose`s hand. He was wearing a black suit, but without the tie, and sunglasses that hid his eyes completely. “Don`t be mean,” I say, “And look we need to talk” I advised quietly. “Talk about what? Cause there`s nothing to talk abut?” Devon declared, glaring at all of us. He was wearing a black shirt that showed his muscles and black jeans. We were all silent. None of us were brave enough to speak up. Except for one person and that’s when she decided to speak up. “What do you mean there`s nothing to talk about? A girl is dead Devon, in case you haven’t noticed,” Savannah said angrily. She was wearing a dark purple dress and her hair was in a wispy bun with chopsticks through it. “Says the emo girl, who won`t get anywhere in life.” Savannah took a step back in alarm. ”Hey, don`t talk to her like that!” Peter demanded angrily. “Look I`m going down to my grave with this, and if that means I have to get someone out of the way to do it, I will!” “Devon listen to yourself!” Rose almost yelled, her hand was out of Todd`s and with her blond hair, blue eyes and strapless dress, she looked a bit evil. She took a step toward Devon and went on. “Devon what happened to ‘we`re all in this together,’ what happened to that?” “Look, b, I already told you, I am not going to get caught, don`t you understand that?” “Don`t talk to my girlfriend like that!” Todd fully out yelled at Devon. But it really didn`t matter, as he said that Rose took a step forward and slapped Devon across the face.

“Why you-“Devon flat out yelled.

“HEY!! WHAT`S GOING ON HERE!!” Jenny`s brother, Lance, yelled at us, as he walked over. “This is my sister’s funeral and you’re yelling at each other? What is wrong with you guys?” Lance had bright green eyes like his sister, but he had dark brown hair which was not at all like Jenny`s hair. He was also wearing his army uniform, which made him look pale. Actually he kind of looked evil with it on. “All you care about is that stupid group you`re all in. That she was in. It`s pathetic!”

“Hey, don`t yell at us like that man.” Todd said, “Look we`re sorry about your loss, but don`t blame us. You were in our group also, you know we don`t do that. We`d never even -”

“Don`t talk to me like that. You know I don`t give a damn.”

“Look, you were one of the first people in the group, Lance. You were in your senior year when we got there, so you know how you the group works. You know we would never kill anyone or even pretend, so don`t accuse us of killing her, or think we have anything to do with it.” Rachel said. Her hair was in curls and she was wearing a black U-neck sort dress with a gather at the chest, and flat back shoes.

“Look I don`t belong to that stupid little group now! So back off!”


Lance use to belong to the group; actually he was Andrew`s (Emma`s brother`s) best friend. But after Andrew was hit by the car, he became really transparent. It was like he just didn`t care about anything. He stopped hanging out with the rest of the group and he started smoking weed. But his parents couldn`t prove that he was, because they couldn`t find the weed. But after he hit a kid while driving his car (the kid only had a broken arm and leg) and the cops found him, they also found the weed. So his parents put him in a support group and made him get off the weed.

But after the kid’s parents sued them, they put Lance in boot camp, and then he went into the army, and never had any contact again with anyone in the group until now.


“What is your problem, today?” Jared asked.


you need to back off of us dude. There’s no reason to act like this, we didn`t do anything to her.” Peter said.

“No reason? You guys invited her into the group, and so far none of you ever had any success with out getting someone killed or in a coma.” Lance yelled. Then all of a sudden Ellen burst into tears and ran off crying. “That was uncalled for Lance. Totally uncalled for.” Emma said, and started to walk after Ellen, along with Savannah.

“You have a huge problem. Just because your sister died, doesn’t mean you can bring up memories like that.” I said to him as I turn and grabbed Bree`s hand. “Come on; let’s go get something to eat.”

We walked over to my car and as we were driving Bree said something that I will never forget, “Something bad is going to happen I just know it. And I don’t think we will ever see Lance again.”

“To Jen,” I say raising my beer, and taking a huge drink, “To Jen,” everyone echoed as they lifted up their drinks.

We -or at least the six of us who didn’t run off- are sitting in a loud noisy bar filled with people watching the basketball game. And I have to admit I`m half watching the game, while the others start to talk about the few memories that we have of her.( But of course none of us have any memories really meant to be shared, none of us ever really hanged out, until three years ago at least but then we all went off to collage.)

The Lakers are winning. I hate the Lakers.

After about 40 minutes of this, I start to get bored and I decide to leave to leave the bar and maybe go to Seth’s house. I stand up and stretch, then I let out a yawn. “Were you going?” asked Rachel, who was just sitting there with her legs on the table, looking at me. I hate her, I don’t care that what anyone says, she is just plain annoying, she never gives you any room. “I`m going to go over to Seth`s house… is that okay with?” I added that last part to annoy her, just like she annoys me.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” she answered, sounding a bit taken back. Good. She should sound taken back.

I grab my backpack from the shoulder of my chair and start to walk over to the door when Emma yelled over her shoulder, “Be safe Peter.” I didn`t answer her.

I don`t like her either… she has no guts at all. She can`t stand pain….. That’s probably way she drank three martinis in the forty minutes we`ve been here. Though she is hot, but really that can just get boring, not to mention she wants to stay abstinent until she gets married. Come on, who wants to do that!

Jenny was ok, at least she had guts, and she defiantly didn`t want to stay abstinent. “See you Pete,” someone else called back to me, though I didn`t bother to see who it was, it really didn’t matter to me.

I open the bar door and step outside into the mall. I hear a yell come from the inside the door and I wonder which team scored.

Most of the shops in the mall were closed and the place was almost totally deserted. It was kind of creepy.

I start walking through the mall to get to the parking lot and I start to wonder if I should drive. I think about it for a minute and decide I`m not too drunk to drive.

I open the doors and feel a cold burst of wind as I walk outside into the lonely night. I start to walk forward, and as I walk I deiced to go look at the water. I walk over to the ledge and lean over it.

“Wow,” I say to myself as I look down. Down in those dark, murky, deep waters. I take a deep breath, turn and start to walk ounce again.

I got closer to the door, but stopped; when I heard the door open and close. I turn and expect to see Devon, or Todd, or at least someone I know. It wasn`t any of them, actually I don’t know why I expected to see someone I knew, I mean come on! This is a big mall after all, and I know there was a lot of people there, the bar there could support my fact. But it was still weird seeing a person wearing a black jacket with the hood up. I start to laugh. Maybe it’s a axe murder

I start to laugh to myself more thinking about what I just thought to myself. Why would a murder come here of all places. I start to laugh even more.

I start to hear footsteps coming toward me…. Fast footsteps.

I turn just in time too see a hand reach into the pocket of the man`s jacket.

I`m running to the door, not stopping to look behind me. BANG.

I feel a piercing, sharp pain run through my leg and up to my head. I crumple to the ground.

“What the-! What do you want?!” The person is holding me to the railing, and I can feels like I`m going to fall any minute. “Do you want money?” There was no answer. “Tell me what you want! Let me go!” I swing my head at the guy, at the person. I felt contact and the person let go of me, staggering backward, just a step, just enough for me to struggle out of the guy`s grip.

I take a step, and fall to the ground feeling as if I hundred bees just stung me at the same time. I look at my leg, taking full consent of my injure. There was a pool of blood were I was laying and blood was still oozing out of my leg from were the bullet had hit it. The hands came out of no were.

I`m flying through the air I think to myself. But I know for real that I`m about to hit the water under the bridge. I was so stupid. I wish I could have seen Savannah one last time. She was the one I loved, since sixth grade. I wish I could have told her that.

I know I hit the water when all I could feel was cold. Like a thousand knives shot through me. That’s how I felt.

Swim, I thought to myself. All you have to do is swim up. I couldn`t. I was already out of air.

That’s when I knew I was going to die.

I always thought that I would see my life flash before me right before I die. But I didn`t, I didn`t even see Savannah. All I saw was that man we killed, how he looked when we pushed him into the water. His pale skin that had no color. His eyes that were glazed over. And his touch that felt as cold as ice.

That’s when I started doing something I hadn`t done since third grade. I started praying. I even forgot the prayer until right now.

Thank you lord for another day,
The chance to learn, the chance to play.
Now as I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Please, guard me Jesus through the night,
And keep me safe till mornings light.
But if should I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
And should I live for other days,
I pray that God will guide my ways.
But Lord, please be with me through the night
and keep me 'til the morning light


I let the darkness go around me and swallow me up, with the night.

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