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Secret Locker

June 25, 2011
By allstarnative BRONZE, Fraser, Michigan
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allstarnative BRONZE, Fraser, Michigan
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Author's note: I love this book you will never know who it is till the end

Secret Locker
By: Helen Mary Hamlett


Helen Hamlett………… (1) Transport (2) Strong sense of Hearing (3) Force Fields (4) Power of Volcano

Luke Lamourayi………… (1) Fly (2) Strong sense of Hearing (3) Power of Volcano

Jaide Areeyel………… (1) Read Minds (2) Move objects with her mind (3) Power of Sonic Waves

Kailen Vamello………… (1) Super Strong (2) Power Of Healing (3) Power of Sonic Waves

Izabeala EiaMills ………… (1) Night Vision and body heat vision (2) Commu- nication with Animals (3) Power Of Water

Meaigan Pastellea………… (1) Invisibility (2) Water Laser Eye Vision (3) Power Of Water

Alexa Tureen-Davie………… (1) power of light (2) the power to shrink and grow

Jaycee Tureen-Davie………… (1) power of light (2) can see 2 minutes into the future


Chapter 1

Ever since I was at the age of six, I was training. Training to get better. Training to be ready. Training for who I was going to be. I am or will have to be a leader. I am part of an old Mystic Star Tribe. Each and every one is born with a star and a mate. You are born with the eye color of your parents but at the age of six you gain your own eye color.
Your mate will have the same eye color as you. Your mate is the person you will marry there is no other option. My mate is Luke Lamourayi. We both have the same red colored eyes. If you are wondering where our star is, its in outer space just as any other star but we keep a piece of it in our necklace. It looks like a crystal like stone. As soon as you learn to control your power you and the star are one. My team and I have finally made it to 2nd class training.
There are six class levels. The closer you get to class level one the higher you are. There is a class level zero but that pretty much all the parents. In our race the parent only have one kid. I see my parent once every month. That because we train in boarding schools. Now we are packing up. The different levels come with different schools.

5~6… Jay Minnie
4~3… Levi Levelz
2~1… Mega Towers
0… Mystic

I remember when I could not wait to become a Levi, now I moving on to Mega. As I finish packing up everything, I look up to find Luke at the door. “Are you ready the bus is here”, he says with a smile. It the last school we have to move to. “Yes, I’m ready”, I grab his arm. I transport us both to front of the bus.
It took my team and I four years to move to Levi, and now five years to move to Mega Towers. We are all around fifteen now. “It took you guys forever”, Jaide said. I could see her Mystic star glowing purple and her eyes. It must be because she trying to read my mind. “Kailen please tell Jaide to stop reading my mind. She should ask first….Nobody wants her knowing all their secrets.” Kailen throws his bag in the bottom of the bus and look at Jaide. “Jaide stop, everyone knows when you trying to read their mind your eyes start glowing and your Mystic Star.”
I look around for Meaigan but I don’t see him. “Izabeala where is Meaigan we know you can only see him when he goes invisible”, I say to her. Everyone turns and looks toward her. “He is right here”, she grabs his arm. He comes back from invisibility state of being. Turns out he was right next to her. “By the way she can only see if I want her to. If I don not want her to see me she can’t unless she uses her heat vision on me”, he says smiling.
We put all our bags on the bus and then we all aboard. I really did not get any sleep last night. I was to busy thinking about how the school would look. “Sleepy Helen”, Jaide looks at me with a smirk on her face. “Please stop reading my mind it rude and I hate it. It an invasion of privacy and you would not like it if I could do it to you”, I say in voice that I don’t normally use. Kailen looks over to me. “Lease you don’t have to deal with it all day. I don’t have one secret she does not know about. She knows my whole life from when I was born to this day.”
At that second I dosed off for who knows how long. When we get in the 1st class we all will have to marry our mate. Luke and I married, sometimes I believe in the tradition of an arrange married but it works some how.
Humans believe in the tradition of falling in love with whom you choose but for us it’s like we were made for each other. Jaide Areeyel & Kailen Vamello will be married. Izabeala EiaMills & Meaigan Pastellea together forever. In our tradition we both combine last name, like mine would be Helen Hamlett-Lamourayi. The girl last name first and the boys follows after. The baby gets the father’s last name.
I open my eyes for a second and look at my sidekick. We left at 9:00am now it 1:37am, past midnight. I turn to find the and our group consoler (Ms. Annie-Lower) talking. “…is it true that some class student is missing”, Ms. Annie-Lower asks him. “Yes…but only 3”.

Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning, and the statement about the kids in the 1st class missing at Mega Tower echoed in my head. I turn to look at Luke and he looked a little spooked if you at me. “What wrong”, I asked him. He looked around like someone could be listening. He whispered it very softly that not the average human or a Mystic without sonic hearing could hardly catch a word.

“…last night I had a dream that someone keep saying…that 1st class students were missing and something about a lock…I don’t really remember but it was weird.” I look at him surprisingly. I did not think he could hear all that in his sleep. “It wasn’t a dream because I was up and I heard it to, just not the part about the lock …” I stopped because we heard people getting up.
I did not even notice that we were already here and the bus had stopped. I stood up and so did Luke. I was by the window so he walked out of the row first.. I wonder why we really train sometimes. I asked my parents billions of time but all they could say is to get better, to get ready, and to become who you are. They say that every time I asked but one day they told me I will soon uncover the truth.
“What wrong with you guys, you look spaced out”, Meaigan asked. You know secrets are one thing that Jaide could not resist. She had to know everything and everything that goes with. “I bet you I can find out”, she says while her eyes start glowing. I can’t do any thing about her trying to read my mind but I can push something aside. I can make something in my head seem more important.
“Why are you guys worried about that it’s not like we are in the top 1st class sure some kids went missing but only 3”, she said it like it was nothing. It’s a lot more to it than she thinks.
She really does not know what going on in this school or the secret about this school and what about the lock or what ever he meant. That has to be some thing about that? Everyone nods in agreement and no one even looks like they care.
I grab Luke’s hand and transport the both of us off the bus. I kina of mad and when Luke and I get mad our eyes glow red and our hair flames up along with the fist heating up and turning red. “Helen calm down its ok they don’t always have to agree with us”, he said grabbing my hand. That sometimes calmed me down but since we have the power of volcano it’s hard to calm down once we get heated”, I him in the eyes. “…that not the point.”, I let go of the anger I was carrying. “…then what is Helen…what the point you getting at”, now he in a little bit of a rage. “…we are the group leaders they need to consider what we think…all I want them to do is be on the watch. I don’t want them to let their guard down just yet.”, I say fully calmed down. “…me either and if they are not going to stay on the watch then we will have to keep en eye on every-one. Everyone is now off the bus and ready to go in the school. “Hi guys we heard a lot about you. I’m Alexa Tureen-Davie and this is Jaycee Tureen-Davie. We are in the top 1st class and you Mystic Student helpers or Mega, what ever you want to call it…”, I look at the girl she had golden hair up in a high ponytail.
My parents both had gold eyes but they had black hair with gold high-lights. The boy or Jaycee had long hair for a guy but not to long. It stopped in the middle of his neck. They both had on a pair of light blue jeans and a white shirt. “…we will have to get to know each other so our first stop will be the Panel Nazment it almost like a gym you can say…”, I looked back to see the atmosphere. They had a very tall big black bar gate around the school. The grass was cut neatly and we had a range of different color flowers growing around the school.
I look at the outside of the school. It’s a brown color brick school. It looks like a castle almost. Levi Levelz was smaller. I turn back to find that we were heading into the school and Jaide’s eyes were glowing and her Mystic star. I start to inch toward her to see what she was reading on them. “Helen…what are you doing”, Luke whisper over to me. I stop and reply, “…talking to Jaide to she what she now knows about them”, I see Luke turn back to listen to what ever Jaycee was saying. I start back to walking over to her from across were I once stood.
I see her short brown hair with a purple high-light. Kailen hag short brown hair but he had fade and it was spiky at the top with purple edges. They both had on black basket ball shorts and a bright yellow shirt with black on black Jordan’s. “They are good, clean we can say and plus a little too much of a goodie-2-shoes if you ask me.” She knew what I was going to ask her. “Thanks Jaide”, I rotate to walk back next to Luke. “Are they good?”, reply to him with a nod and a hush tone yes.
“Come on in guys this is the Panel Nazment so we can see your powers”, Jaycee said while guiding us all in. It was an all most all white room with padded wall and a black gym floor. “…this room is water proof, fire proof, mostly damage proof, melting, and sound proof”, Jaycee finishes his statement. “So who are the group leaders?”, Alexa asked. Luke looked at me and then we both took a couple steps up proudly showing we are the group leaders.
“Introduce yourselves to us and then show your powers”, Alexa left us to talk. I looked at Luke short jet black hair with the Mohawk style and red streak at the top. His hair complimented my with my long jet black hair with red ends. My hair is naturally curly (small curls) but I typically wear it straight.
“My name is Helen Hamlett”, I looked towards Luke. “…and my name is Luke Lamourayi”, we both look toward them. “Your powers?”, Jaycee said with a mystified look on his face. I teleported behind them, “where she…” Luke pointed behind them, and they kind of jumped out of their skin.
I transported back next to Luke and he smiled. “I have the power to create a force field and a strong sense of hearing”, after I finished what I was saying Luke took off into the air leaving a red line of laser light behind him. Any time your powers were in uses you eyes and mystic star will glow. “I can fly and we both have the power of volcano and I also have a strong sense of hearing”, Luke said while returning to the surface. He gave me a side shoulder hug and we returned back to the line. “Blondie’s it’s your turn…step on up”, she was referring to Izabeala and Meaigan.
They both had blonde curly hair. Izabeala hair was almost as long as mine but she had big curls. Meaigan had big curls too but his hair was longish-short making it look like waves. They both had light blue undertones added to their blonde hair. “I’m Meaigan Pastellea and this is Izabeala EiaMills…” Izabeala does a little curtsy with her mango colored dress.
She had a blue jean jacket over it with white flats. I had on a striped long sleeve black and white shirt to match the one Luke had on. I had on all black skinny jeans and so did Luke. I have on black flats and Luke has on white on black Nikes. “…and I have the power of invisibility …” he went invisible but was still talking.
You could kind of tell where he was because Izabeala was looking towards him. “…and water laser eye vision and the power of water”, I can see him know.
I think his is going to demonstrate his water laser eye vision, he closes his eyes. I remember the last time he did it, the whole science room was flooded and was shut down for 2 weeks for water damage.
Mr. Thena-LaBrona was so mad but the kids weren’t complaining. No science class for two weeks that was the best. He opens his eye, it’s like an endless water fall coming out of his eyes. He closed his eyes quickly and I surprised he could control it this time. It problem made it better that the room was water proof because the water or h20 (you can call it) ran right off and dried up. I have not seen this one yet. I think it’s a water ball if I’m not mistaken.
He throws it to Izabeala and she catches it.. “I also have the control of water too, we both can freeze it. If we want to…”, at that a solid piece of ice drops out of her hand. “…I also have night vision and I can communicate with animals.”, she said smiling at us because we know what she’s doing.
She did it even when she was little, a dove appears flying through the upper window at the panel Nazment, “that’s cool”, Alexa comes out and says. Jaide garbs Kailen and pull in to the front while Meaigan and Izabeala return to the line.
“We both have the power of sonic waves.”, they do their regular whistle trick but, then it echo creating waves in the face infront of the Tureen- Davie, or as you can say Jaycee and Alexa. “…I am also super strong and have the power of healing others and myself…Luke can you…”
Luke shot just enough of lava or fire, I couldn’t tell, to give him a bad burn on his left arm. He was always healing bird when he was younger but when we were in the 4th class he took it a step further. He took his right arm and puts it over, but not touching the burn. You can see a purple array of light coming form his hand. Within 5 seconds the burn is gone.
“I can read minds and move a thing with my mind like Meaigan is thinking about lunch right now”, she turned to look at him. “Very rude, but true,” Meaigan said. “Okay what about you guys”, Luke looks at them. The stand up from the white table they have been sitting on. She has on blue jeans and he has on shorts that are black. They both have on teal color shirts but with different designs. My group tries to compliment each other mates color choices.
“We both have the power of light and I can shrink and grow.” Alexa says while growing small and then back to her normal size. “I can see 2 minutes into the future”, that’s pretty cool I thought to myself.
“Well you guys have a free day but we don’t, we have 30 minutes till we have to be in class”, Alexa said. “You guys have to be in class at 11:30 am”, Luke asked. “No we have to start classes at 9:00am but today 2 new groups were coming in…so we had to give some what of a tour, plus you have to meet you our 1st class helper you can ask us anything or if you just need help come to us”, Jaycee finished what he said.
They started to walk toward the door and we all followed them. I really got bored with them so I kind of tuned out. To me this to me this school look likes an old manchine. But the out side looks like a castle. It has red carpet thought the hallways. They have black lockers running down the 1st floor hall ways. We walked up the stairs case and I can feel the cherry wood railings running though my have as I inch towards the top. I notice a change of carpet color from a dark red to a navy blue on the 3rd floor. “…the 2nd class stays on the 3rd floor. Red carpet is learning/training or study area and blue carpet is living area. You and your mates have the same class schedule and your lockers are right next to each other and I will give the boys your schedule tomorrow morning. Today is a free day for you guys. Here are your rooms: Jaide, Izabeala, and Helen this room and across the hall Meaigan, Luke, and Kailen. Dinner is at 6:00pm and we have assigned seat so see me”, Alexa finally finished. She looks at her greenish colored watch for the time. “We have to go, see you later…”, Jaycee said trailing off pulling Alexa by his side.
I turned to look in our room and I saw three queen sized bed. I also saw a flat screen TV and a balcony. The room was a royal red and black color but had the sketch out of gold.
I moved over to the boy’s room and it was pretty much the same thing but the colors were different. The room was a royal blue and a sky blue and also sketch out of gold. “…Helen, there is a walk-in closet over here and a personal bathroom too”, I walk back over to my room. The closet is separated in three different sections. “…they must have delivered our bags because their in here too”, Izabeala finished.
“Hey do you guys like the school”, I look up to find Rebecca. She has her hair on fire and her eyes are glowing orange and her mystic star. She has the power of the sun and the power to help grow plants but she can’t control them. “Yeah…so much better than Levi Levelz”, Jaide says as she folds her arms. “…so Jaide do you and Kailen want to come with me and Matt…we were thinking we could show you guys around”, Jaide is unpacking with her mind. “Yeah, let’s go”, Jaide get up to leave.
Jaide took the middle bed and I took the one to the left of her next to the walk-in-closet. Izabeala took the one to the right of Jaide next to the bathroom. In between Jaide and my bed is the path to the balcony door. Infront of the flat screen is a sitting area with two gold bean bags with a red fuzzy carpet over the black carpet.
“Helen let go explore”, I hear Luke say so I transport over to the boys room. They don’t have a balcony but they have the same gold bean bags but over a light sky blue fuzzy carpet over the navy carpet. I see he picked the bed to the far left and Meaigan took the middle. Kailen pick the bed next to Meaigan. Today is probable going to be kind of a new day. A day for me to wake up and notice who I am

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thankz i will be posting more hope-fully

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wow, you have great imagery in your book, in just the summary. It's wonderful!!!!!!