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Forget Me Not

August 13, 2011
By freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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She screamed as he wrapped his arms tightly around her windpipe, so that she had no air and no will left in her to scream or fight. And his undying strength could’ve killed her, if he willed it to take her. Or is it the other way around? Can’t remember though I do know most of his victims’ usually gave up and let his magic take the life out of them. I do literally mean that, he could’ve blasted her to smithereens. Not my story to tell or my right place to tell it. These memories aren’t mine, but someone else’s. I sort of hear them talking, telling their story after they die, or shortly before they die. I have visions, and visions suck though I don’t get them all the time, only when someone is about to die, or something bad has happened to them and they wish to share it as a way to make up with god, and save themselves from the Devil himself and the fury of hell itself. The worst part is, you hear it- and you’re the only one that can, and you have to listen to them mope around about how horrible their life was. Some of the people he takes are drugged up, and claim to see angels and flashing lights. I respect them, but only because they’re dead. But I don’t believe a damn thing that comes from them, not until it comes for me, too. I hated seeing her hang there stiff and unmoving in his arms. She reminded me of a ragdoll with strings, only he was controlling her, and I guess her him, in a way of his thirst. For one reason or another, which is unknown vampires’ are drawn to purebloods, Perhaps because of the feel of a life of a hopefully unwilling victim’s slipping away beneath their touch, or the magic that could be absorbed from them. She wasn’t a willing victim, until he made her willing. I know this because all of them fought before giving in so easily. His eyes flashed with a longing for her blood, pure witch blood a hunger I never saw in him before. Or maybe I did. I always saw him in ways she seemed to look past. I hated seeing her that way. I knew then that she was just another all too willing victim tricked by his looks, and his love. For as soon as they look into his eyes, it might as well be over for them. I respect them because they fought. And I know she tried. I remember her blood dripping down his front, from a deep wound to the face where her blade had purposefully cut him when she had unattached herself from his body and let the blade scratch him enough to draw blood. When you didn’t fight it was like falling on the knife he held. I knew this because I had been one of the one’s who’d nearly fallen on it. That was the end of my vision, of a girl a barely knew. The girl’s voice screamed in my head, “No, no, make it stop! Please.” People who pleaded, I think are just scared of knowing the truth. And she just couldn’t believe it was actually happening, now.

No one understands me. No one understands me at all. There were so many things I wanted at the time, that it all made sense to me. First I wanted revenge, thirsted for it. I wanted to get back at the ones who’d done me wrong. He is a good for nothing trickster with his looks and his love. I bumped into one of my ex -boyfriends old friends, but I didn’t see Day anywhere. His friend one I don’t remember ever meeting, picked me up in his arms and carried me. He dropped me just as soon as he’d gotten his hold on me. We were in a different room now, one I didn’t recognize at all. I don’t remember much, but I do remember hearing him whisper, “It’ll all be over in a minute,” and “I promise it won’t hurt.” His teeth flashed, for a second, I thought it’d be the end of me.

“What’s taking you so long?” someone yelled from another nearby room. I was pretty sure his voice sounded familiar, like maybe I’d heard it before. Just as I was beginning to make the connection, he entered the room I was in a few seconds later. That was when he first saw me, “Dinah, why did you come here?” he questioned me with wonder. “You invited me I got your invitation in the mail.” I said in a rush, to avoid becoming a vampire’s breakfast. “I didn’t send you that,” he told me with a kind of truth in his eyes. “You shouldn’t be here, we are blood thirsty creatures. Leave now or you’re going to get hurt. And if you do, there will be absolutely nothing I can do about it.” He said in a serious voice.
“You still love me,” I said moving my eyebrows up and down at him. “But_” “You hurt them! Why? Why did you? They cried. Cried for me but you just had to finish them off!” I spat. “Dinah, Dinah calm down. You’re in pain. I get it I’m in pain, too.
I’m sorry. “Please, I need to know. So we can move past this.” I pleaded with him. “One of these days I will explain everything to you, even if you don’t understand it. I promise.” “How about right here, right now.” I pointed out. “No, I need you to trust me it’s not a good idea to talk about it now. It wasn’t me.” He started to explain, then, though very little. “That invitation_ it was for people who wanted to come to the party. You never should’ve got one.” He told me. “I want to know, I said again. I want to know for my sake. Think of it as a release.”
“Very well, Luke, come here.” He ordered. Luke’s eyes met mine, as if to pull me into a spell. “No, he began but it seemed to me that as soon as he had begun speaking he lost his will to object, as his voice was drowned out. Day lifted his hand to the one he called Luke’s throat. Luke dry heaved as if something was being taken from him. I watched as two leeches fell from Day’s body, and crawled up Luke’s arm and attached to him. Luke tried with desperation to pull Day’s hands from his throat, but couldn’t almost as if they had glued themselves to him like power thirsty, leeches. Day’s hands removed themselves from Luke’s throat, the two leeches unattached themselves from Luke and crawled up Day’s arms and dissolved into his skin becoming a part of him again. He then fell to the floor in his weakened state. “Day, I could hear his thoughts loud and clear.” I told him. “Whose, Luke’s?” he asked. “Yeah, him,” I confirmed. “You’re not supposed to be able to do that,” he said. “You’re only human. Humans can’t and shouldn’t be able to do what you just did. On a more important subject, what did he say?” he asked me. “He didn’t say anything. I just picked up on a memory of his.” I told him. “What was the memory about?” he said in a rush interrupting me. “You just interrupted me. Let me finish. He sounded paranoid.” I informed Day. “What was the memory about?” He pressed again. “A girl- one he knew. Only I’ve seen her before.” I let slip. His look iced over with anger so he wouldn’t even look at me. I’ve had them since the other night; same girl.” I emphasized. He still hadn’t moved. “Day you’re scaring me. What’s wrong? Do you think she could be real?” I asked him. He gave me the silent treatment for a moment, and still didn’t say anything. I hadn’t seen him so bothered by anything in his life, before now. Then he finally spoke. “Is this girl you keep seeing alive or dead?” He asked me. “Well I only see visions of dead people’s lives. But- I paused for a moment, my visions can be wrong. Last night might’ve been one of those times.” I reassured him. Silence again He shifted slightly, and then spoke. “I know she is. She’s my creator.” He looked relieved. And I finally felt like I could breathe again. He sighed again. “What’s wrong?” I asked him again. “My powers aren’t rightfully mine.” He told me. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You ask too many questions,” he informed me. “I know,” I said, “but so do you. Questioning me about something I barely just discovered!” I retorted. I thought he was mad at me, because when I said that he grabbed my arm hard, and wouldn’t let go. I felt a release of some sort flow from him to me. He was just fulfilling his promise to the girl. “Let go!” I yelled. He whispered something barely audible for me to hear, “Forget me not.” Then he dropped my hand. “One more thing you should know,” he continued, “I am dangerous and I feed on power, not blood. But all I did was charm him to keep him from killing you. I also mind wiped him so he wouldn’t remember anything. It’s best you stay away from me.” And then he was gone. You’ll thank me later his thoughts whispered through my mind.
Thank him for what?” I wondered to myself. I would find out soon enough.

He grew nearer near enough for me to touch his sweat beading skin. I guess you could say I loved him, and I guess you could say I didn’t. No, I didn’t love him. Something about those eyes, the way they could draw you in when you entered a room. My thoughts scrambled to try to find something else, anything else a memory to cling to. This memory wasn’t mine for keeps. Him, him, him was all that was going through my head, now. Why was I thinking of him so much? I didn’t know what to think other than him. I couldn’t think for myself. Something about him tore me away from my own thoughts and memories. I walked up to him, almost like I wasn’t even myself anymore, like it wasn’t me doing the walking. Immediately I felt a sharp tug at my left wrist. Then all of a sudden, my whole body jerked forward knocking my feet out from under me. I knew then- well, I just had a feeling in my gut that I was being hunted. I knew that me falling on my ass let’s face it- it was all a part of his plan and only gave him a reason and some motive to walk over to help me up. Only for something in return, something I didn’t want to give and would regret losing if I did. They always want something. I know he thirsted for something. Either my pure blood or the magic in my blood, but I didn’t know which. The invisible force still tugged at my skin, as what felt like little teeth bit into my arm pricking me like pins. But I knew it was only my own nervousness, and his magic force working against mine. When two magic’s worked against another, the other’s less powerful magic could be absorbed from the weaker one; But only if the other person touched the other on the skin. This I knew. And I hoped that I could break his power grip on me. A girl could hope, right? Oh, s***! My mind said in a panic. “Don’t meet his eyes! Don’t meet his eyes!" I thought to myself, or more screamed it. I knew if I did it would be all over for me. Several others before me told me that they felt their will power leave them when they did look at him in the eyes. My eyes met his, because I knew I couldn’t hold out on his charm for much longer. I knew he was working his charm on me. He whispered, “Relax, through my mind in his soothing voice though I know it is all a part of his charm. My power’s that are inked and concealed in my skin fell away from his, almost as if I was forfeiting a fight that hadn’t even started. I met his eyes, and I put my arms about him and he me. That is when I knew it was the end nothing but a trick, his charm. It was the ending of something but also the beginning of something else, something new. He pulled me toward him with one last tug and sunk his teeth into me with desperation. A taste he had longed for surrounding him. I’m not sure when I knew my humanity was gone, but I felt something leave me. Perhaps that’s when I knew it was gone because I felt it; something awoke within me something that had been long sleeping, long waiting. Now awakened, he just wanted to give me a final push.

I felt ear splitting pain as my powers became unusable. What was the word they used for it? Oh yeah, bound. I hoped he would let me go, and if he didn’t I would hope for my end. And not the buttered up side of the end, either. I didn’t want to see this side of myself, and I also didn’t want anyone else to see me like this either.
But he did, let me go, and when he did I was a weak witch with a hint of his aura, and no more powers for he had taken them from me. When the magic is gone, the tattoos begin to fade, which is what they started to do now. A witch shouldn’t ever lose her tattoos for any reason; especially if those before you had previously warned you of the danger. The tattoos then began to wrap themselves around his new more powerful body and inking themselves in his skin they left me forever. A witch could be disowned for something like this and no longer would they even be called a witch.

I awoke when a cold hand brushed my face, almost as if the girl was reaching for me, as if to give me something. I felt a quick burn shoot up both of my arms and down my neck. Use them well. She told me. I shot wide awake at the sound of her voice. I looked around my room and noticed two things. First things first, my window was open and I didn’t open it, and secondly, There was someone wandering around just outside my window. I got out of bed and throwing off all my covers, I headed to the bathroom. And I don’t know why but the first thing I did was strip off all my clothes. It was then that I noticed what she was talking about. There were tattoos that ran up both of my arms and up the back of my neck, where they stopped thank God. After standing there looking at myself in the mirror for several minutes, I hastily got redressed remembering that I hadn’t even shut my window. So I went to shut my window, until the thought struck me to jump out it. So I jumped out my window after debating for a few minutes why. A few seconds later, I hit the ground landing on rustling leaves. The girl from the memories voice came then: The tattoos will become whatever you think of them as, they will take shape of any weapon you choose.” Her voice stopped. But I wasn’t listening, and didn’t care what she said. I knew my life was going to be hell now. I followed close behind the shadowed figure mimicking his every step.
After a few minutes of walking, I parted ways with him, and decided to hide behind a nearby bush. It was there where I watched him wondering what he was going to do next, and the more I watched him the more I saw. As I watched him, something emerged from the ground before him. I could see it was a girl, and she screamed, making me jump aback. When I did, a twig snapped under my foot. The shadowed figure looked around its eyes coming to rest on the bush I was hiding behind. I began to frantically sweat. I could feel its eyes bore into me, from where I was hiding. His voice seemed louder when he spoke because of the recent quietness. “I know you’re in there, he yelled. I can feel your heart beating. Show yourself!” Since I knew I couldn’t hide the fact that I was there any longer, I slowly came out from behind the bush. He just laughed, until he saw the tattoos. I turned my head away before he could question me, just long enough to see the girl that had emerged from the ground only seconds earlier from the corner of my eye. He turned to her as if to cue her to hold on, and then he turned to me. “Go back inside. You don’t have to see this.” He told me like I was just any other person. That is until he remembered the tattoos. When I just stood there frozen to that one spot, I guess he didn’t like that because within a few minutes he was charging in my direction. A few seconds later, he had grabbed me in a choke- hold. “Stop!” the girl yelled. Let her go, please she inserted. This is between you and me. He obediently let go of my throat to laugh at her. “You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re protecting a human when you aren’t even technically one yourself? Oh this is too good.” He said mockingly. She stood her ground no matter how much he had just mocked her. “Go home. I know you want her but I’m not going to let you have her. If I do, you’ll kill her.” She said, in an ordering kind of way. It was then that I heard his thoughts, “What if I want to?” With that, he vanished into thin air. She let out a breath, as if she’d been holding it. She looked at me for an instant then said, “Come, come with me. This is no place for you.” I knew she was right, and especially at this time of night. So I followed her.

“I’m sorry about him,” she told me; he thought you were someone else.” She sounded apologetic. “I recognize you. But who are you? I’ve seen you before.”
She didn’t answer me; she didn’t say anything for a few minutes.
“I was separated from you at birth we were like two energies sharing one body and my energy drifted else-where after you’re mother gave birth to you.” “So you’ve been living apart from me on the other side of the globe living someone else’s life?” I questioned her. “Yes, that is right.” She clarified.
“Did you make him let go of me? I know he wouldn’t do that on his own, especially with how much he wanted to kill me.” I asked with fascination. “Yes and no. Yes because I saw truth in him, and no because a vampire’s magic can be more powerful than a witches’ but only if he charms you. Dinah, she looked at me. Never let a vampire look at you in the eyes, and never look at him if he gets a power grip on you, he can use you.” The charm can only be broken with a mirror, or powers like mine. Always trust yourself. I will come to you if ever you shall need me.” She told me.
“How did you know he wasn’t really going to kill me?” I asked. “I can see things through people’s own eyes, the way they wish them to be. For instance, I saw that he didn’t really want to kill you. All I did was give him one final push in the right direction.” She said answering my question.
“Did you send me that memory? Was that you before_” “Yes, and yes. I was stupid and selfish in my youth. But, I don’t regret that now. You’re the only one who can destroy him, like your mother wasn’t capable of. Use your knowledge and don’t ever take it for granted. I was in love and I thought I knew enough. Only in turn to find out I didn’t know nearly anything about the man I’d fallen in love with. That’s how I became what I am.” She told me. “What are you? Who are you? I’ve seen you before.” “I’m a vampire one who was force changed in her youth by the man she fell in love with. It could happen to you too, but I’m here to warn you stay away from your father.” “Okay, I can’t promise you that I will. I love Day, and I will not part with him!” I yelled at her. “I said the same thing, too. The ones closest to you are the hardest to judge, especially when it comes to family.”
“Who are you?” I asked her, and what do you know of Day?” “I know a lot about Day, she said answering my second question first. And I know a lot about you.”
She emphasized. “I know you went to a club, out of selfishness and want for revenge. I know you met him there. I know you changed him. “Who the hell are you to claim you know so much about me?” I shot at her like a metal bullet.
“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you who I was,” she pointed out.

“Well tell me, but first tell me how you know of Day.” “I am his creator, but I am also your other half.” “Do you mean that if I continue on like this, I’ll become like you? Are you sort of my future self, a warning?” “Yes you will, and Yes, I am. But not if you don’t look a vampire in the eyes, and if you don’t get captured by your father, and when he offers to change you, which he will don’t let him.” “My father isn’t dead, is he?” I asked. “No, he isn’t he’s hiding. He fled the night your mother was killed. And I don’t know where he is. But he’ll return when Day does. Watch your back Dinah, don’t trust. There is a vampire after you. I don’t know who, or else I would tell you.” Trust yourself is all she’d said. Someone is after you was the second thing. But just how did she know as much as she claimed to? Then she disappeared just as he had. Then the thought occurred to me, Could she really be my other half? She spoke then, but I interrupted her. “You, you ordered Day to touch me. So you could pass on your powers to someone else.” I spat. She just smiled, from a distance and I wanted to smack it from her face.

My father Alex, he never got along with my ex-boyfriend, Day. He broke my heart when he had torn our family apart. So I left him when I had first felt a change in him. I was pregnant with his kids, twins, but he had taken them from me, with his own two hands. So I left him to himself, not knowing who he was or what he’d become. Where had he gone? Why was he so late coming home? I didn’t know the answer to either question. He had come home late that night, his eyes red with a hunger, a thirst I had never seen in him before. I’m sure you know what happened next… “Why did you come for me, Day? Why is it my blood you want?” I yelled. He surprised me by answering me. “I don’t want your blood. I want theirs’!” he hissed. In a panic, I ran for my Daughters’ old room which hadn’t been touched since they had died, only to find he had beaten me there. I couldn’t see his face that well, though I knew who it was the moment he spoke. “He should’ve let me finish you off, so I could’ve finished what he wouldn’t.” He spat. That was when I met his eyes, like the girl had warned me not to. “No!” Day yelled. His voice seemed distant to me. I tried to pull my head away so I could look at my ex one more time, but I couldn’t manage it. He was the vampire that was after me. All the pieces started to fall together. He was a lure into a trap I may not be able to escape from. I finally managed to break his hold on me, for a moment but I knew that’s only because he’d let me. He wanted me to see the look on Day’s face. I looked over at Day only to see him floating by an invisible force of power Luke had absorbed from the girl the night he had acquitted her powers. I looked at day only long enough to see him go flying through the air. He made me pull my head away from Day. He took me then, and I don’t know why. Perhaps to get even with Day, Or maybe to kill me like he’d originally planned. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t almost as if my will power had been turned to an all -time low. So eventually, I gave up. I knew he’d find me…eventually.

“Where are you taking me? Put me down, or I’m going to slap you silly.” I yelled. With that, he dropped me, for the moment I thought nothing. Then the thought struck me to run. And I was going to until he said,” Don’t even think about running. Don’t think it, and certainly don’t do it. I would kill you right now but your dad would like to speak to you first.” He informed me. I followed him instead of running like I originally planned to. “Why, why what does he want with me? And where’s my boyfriend?” I said frantically. “Calm down. He’s with your father.” “What? Do you really think I’d ever trust my dad to be alone with him?” In a panic, as he watched me now I pulled a dagger concealed in my boot, and put it to his throat. “Don’t fight me because if I press even the slightest bit you could die.” I told him. He smiled and started to laugh. “What you think this is funny?” I asked him. In the next few minutes I felt myself lose my own grip on the dagger. My control became his, and the dagger slowly slipped from my hand when pulled by his forces of power. The dagger then went flying into a nearby tree, which split it in two. “Now, do you want to try that again?” At that moment, I noticed he had taken a hold of me. “No, but can I have my dagger back, In case I need to fight or something? I told him. Please,” I inserted. Though I was really thinking: If you kill me right now, I’d like to think I’d be okay, I mean, the only main concern for me would be whether or not I’d have to leave Day alone again. Hell, I’d already lost everything, and losing my family had technically made me bat s*** crazy. Drive me to drink crazy. He knew I probably wouldn’t try that again, so he dislodged the dagger from the split tree, and it flew to his hand. He didn’t hand it to me, he held onto it instead. “Why won’t you give it to me?” I asked. “You just tried to take my throat out with it. I can’t take any more chances.” “But I said I wasn’t going to do that again!” I pouted, quickly growing angrier by the minute. “Dinah, don’t push it. I don’t want to hurt you more than I need to, before I need to.” “Why when you’re just going to hurt me anyway?” I questioned him. All he did was give me a look that made goose bumps rise on my skin which made me regret what I had just said. Just then we arrived, and I recognized the place he’d taken me.

The place my mother was killed kind of like I feared they would do to me now. I saw him then, my father, who I hadn’t seen since Day had left and come back.
“What do you want with us?” I directed at him. I remember thinking: I have to kill him, or at least make a deal with him; But what could he possibly want other than me?” I didn’t know but I had to compromise, fight for what is rightfully mine; even if there was a chance that I would/could lose it. I would bet my humanity for a vampire life, since I knew that was the only thing he wanted. For any human, though I am not one, technically one, it means nothing until it’s gone. I usually just take things as they come, but I couldn’t take this the way it was or would be handed to me. I am not much of a fighter being half witch, but I had to fight this time. “Dad, tell me what it is you want,” I pleaded. I’ll make a deal with you, but promise me you’ll leave me alone with Day, Luke, and Trisha so I can talk to them first." “Very Well,” he said. Bring them in. And now we’ll leave you to yourself.” And he turned to leave without even looking back at me.

I looked around the room for a few minutes, trying to gather my thoughts. I had questions for each and every one of them. “Day,” I said. He looked at me snapping himself out of his thoughts. “Day,” I began again. Why did you kill them? You never answered me. You can tell me anything you want to.” I promised looking at him longing to know why. “I-I he stammered. I had never seen him struggle so hard to find his voice. “I-I he stammered again as his eyes fell on Luke. Luke was looking at him intensely now. I saw the sweat that was beginning to bead on his brow with nervousness. He continued, finding his voice again. “After you kicked me out, I bumped into my old friend, he motioned to Luke. I looked into his eyes and- he charmed me into killing them, and took over my body. He made it look like it was me; I was the one who killed them and not him. He also touched me, and I felt a release. He’s the one who gave me the powers of the girl- the one he killed. That is why I freaked out and ran off, because you were seeing his thoughts as mine. I just didn’t want you to think it was me. So I passed them onto you, fulfilling the girl’s dying wishes for a new body.” He finally informed me, no longer holding out on me. He didn’t say anymore because he had finished his explanation. Then all of a sudden there was a choking, gasping sound from Day’s throat, as he clutched it trying to catch his breath that he couldn’t seem to manage to let out. All of a sudden in the next few moments’ I saw as something silver flashed through the air and stuck itself underneath his ribcage, barely missing his heart. It was the knife- my knife the one Luke had taken from me earlier. He was then dragged by the invisible force of Luke’s magic which now held him against the wall in magic bounds or handcuffs that somehow attached to the wall by air at least that is what it seemed. “Luke you framed daikus by making him look like he killed them- my kids.” He interrupted me to answer me. “Yes, I did,” but you ruined my plan when you caught me in your house, but that’s okay Day and I made a deal, didn’t we Day?” He looked at my ex for a minute then turned his head away as if not waiting for Day to answer him. So he answered for him. “You see Dinah, he signed himself over to me,” he’s in my debt and so he let me draw his blood as an oath to your father.” He stopped, as he waited for me to say something, and I did.

“I don’t believe you,” I spat, and said nothing more for a while. Then I finally spoke again. “You were outside my house about to kill the girl,” I reasoned with him. Trish stepped out from the shadows she had been hiding in and she was so quiet that I had forgotten she was even there. I continued speaking,” You were mad that I caught you so you tried to take me, when the girl stopped you and ruined everything.” I answered for him and his eyes looked angry with how much I’d already figured out. I mean, I knew he was glad that Day was out of his way, but that didn’t mean I was stupid and unable to take care of myself, either. “You lied, Trisha, I said, noticing her for the first time. You knew Luke was after me. You sent me your tattoos through Luke who passed them onto to Day through touch, who in turn passed them onto me. Did you ever think that maybe I didn’t want them? I don’t want the power of the flame. And more importantly I don’t want you to take over my body.” I stated that as a fact. Just then without meaning to, the tattoos unraveled themselves from my body and picked up the girl who claimed to be Trisha and wrapped around her like chains. “These chains will take the life out of her, and eventually she won’t even have a soul!” I screamed. She’s not even Trisha, I am. “
Luke wanted to interrupt me, and Day just looked confused from in the other corner across the room. “What do you mean?” Day directed the question toward me. “She has claimed to be my other half, I explained, hoping he would bear with me. And you gave me her tattoos that are actually a gateway to my body. Bet you didn’t know that.” I emphasized the last word. “What do you mean? Did she tell you this?” Well, no, but I have my suspicions.” I reasoned with him. I have her tattoo’s which means, Day, I looked at him and continued, “That you gave them to me to try and revive her Trisha, who happens to be my evil other half, who is intent on destroying me. I told him. Bet you didn’t know that either. So I am stuck like this probably forever.”
The tattoos then unraveled themselves dropping the girl, who didn’t run. The tattoos then re inked themselves in my skin. She laughed as soon as she was free.
“What is so funny?” I asked her, she didn’t answer me just looked at me instead.
“Nothing,” she said, it’s nothing.” She informed me. I knew then that it was a distraction, but it was too late to think but not to act. In a blur she ran at me, and it seemed she had disappeared from the room. But I knew she hadn’t cause I could sense her aura. She attacked me, and was on me and we were fighting. I lost. Then she vanished just as she had that night outside my house. I was fighting against her, using my body. I was on the floor, and I screamed in pain as I felt invisible fingers prick my skin making every part of me sting. Then in an instant the pain stopped. And then I was blasted across the room by a power of a girl I barely knew, a power that somehow was a part of me, that I somehow had come by. “No!” Day yelled. She had taken over my body just like I predicted she would.
I could hear distant voices in my mind and they weren’t a voice that belonged to me or her.
“Let me out of here you bastard!” The voice yelled. I couldn’t even remember who I was anymore. The whole room was spinning, and my vision was blurry and I couldn’t see anything. I don’t remember anything else, and I’m not sure if I want to. I remember waking without my face or my other half. All I pretty much remember is waking up after that, everything is blank. How it all started with the touch of his hand which contained her gifts, my other half. Me.

I opened my eyes, and scooted up on the hospital pillows. He entered the room, Day did. “What happened? Why do I feel like every bone in my body has been shattered? And why am I so sleepy?” I asked. “You were thrown into a wall, and your bones were nearly crushed on impact. They gave you pain meds, to help you sleep.” He answered me. “Luke would like to talk to you.” He informed me as he headed toward the door. “Oh, and she’s no longer a part of you a different person, living a different life, though you’ll still hear her voice.” He said as he somewhat explained. “No, I just thought you told me she was gone.” I asked confused. “She is, but only in part. She’s still a part of you; she’s just not living outside your body as a different person.” He clarified. I got up and headed toward the bedside mirror and peered through it. I saw myself then for the first time, and I didn’t want to see myself the way I was seeing her now; but this was real. This was actually happening. The girl had been right. Even if she had to invade my body just to prove her point. I looked and what I saw I didn’t approve of at all.
I screamed, “DAADDY!” I started to cry. Day wrapped his arms around me. Then all of a sudden I weakly began running frantically toward the dresser in search for my witch blade with hardly a hope that I would even be called one, now. I finally found it. “What did you do to me?? Why did you let him do it?? Answer me, or I will kill you I can’t even love you, I don’t.” I said frantically and sternly. Just then, I felt a presence behind me so I turned to look on instinct to see Luke. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t. “I did this to you,” he informed me, and I have to say you taste kind of sweet.” He informed me again. “Dinah did you even bother to look at the mark on his neck? Tell me was it you that gave it to him? He hinted, averting all attention from himself. “You’re sick!” I spit in his direction. “Show me the mark now.” I said with a hint of calmness in my voice, that I was going to try to keep. He then took the scarf from around his neck. I just gasped in utter shock by him.
"Dinah," I couldn't look at him-wouldn't.

I walked over to the mirror again once more and looked at myself; the tears welled in my sea blue eyes. Why would he lie to me? We never kept secrets. I thought to myself.
I looked at my reflection again in the mirror taking in what I had just seen.
“I’m not mad at you.” I told him. He sounded shocked. “You’re not?” He asked puzzled. “No, I’m not,” I said, But- I paused I can’t be with you, not this way. I’m sorry. It ends now. And remember that I’ll always love you in a way; just not the way you want me to. Apparently you didn’t like the old me. And you know it is firbidden to have a forbidden ark on your neck, and keeping it a secret?" I stated that as what sounded like a fact. I looked in the mirror again, and whispered, “Forget me not.” The same words he had used that night. There was a sudden wind that whipped my face making my hair blow everywhere. I then disappeared in a flash of light just as she had that night, too. And I never saw him again. Though I whispered, "This is the only way I can be."

I know I will still be a part of her, and she a part of me but in a way I’m glad that’s over maybe it’s what was best for him. Maybe it was what was best for me; too at least I’d like to think of it that way. The day I said enough is enough. It simply had to be enough. I lost it all gave it all up for him, I guess you could say. Then I was set free, from him and myself. The End.

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on Jan. 13 2012 at 6:49 pm
freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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"You know?"

Thanks, that means a lot I have only been writing for 3 years. Maybe I can read one of yours?

on Jan. 4 2012 at 2:47 pm
Courtster103 BRONZE, Walla Walla, Washington
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I really think this book should get published if it hasn't already

on Nov. 26 2011 at 4:52 pm
freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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I will have a new book up soon, and it's better than this one.

on Nov. 26 2011 at 4:23 pm
freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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"You know?"

I will improve this book and then delete this one, and put up a new better one!